Big Brother 15: Week 11 Veto Plans Of Deception

McCrae having a smoke

Later today the Power of Veto Ceremony will take place in the Big Brother house. Knowing who won the Veto on Saturday makes it obvious what is going to happen, but some HGs dream for the impossible and that’s keeping things interesting ahead of today’s meeting.

Since late last night the Exterminators have been working on a plan to get McCrae to use the Veto, but not on himself as everyone expects. Andy and Spencer concocted a plan to have GM offer to throw the next HoH competition in exchange for McCrae saving her and then the house allegedly voting out Judd when he goes up as the renom. Of course their real plan would be to vote out McCrae.

Crazy, right? McCrae would agree with you. After Spencer and Andy came up with this plan (Flashback to 11:55PM BBT 9/8) Andy went and shared it with GM. She agreed it was worth a shot.

Andy proposes this plan to McCrae suggesting it was something she came to him and offered. McCrae is very hesitant and suspicious of such a bizarre idea. After a long discussion McCrae continues to push back on the idea, but surprisingly the guys aren’t giving up.

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GinaMarie and Andy review the situation in the backyard (Flashback to 1:06AM BBT) with ideas on how she can work McCrae to do it. Andy suggests McCrae is really considering the idea so GM plans to talk to McCrae.

Jump to 1:44AM BBT to find McCrae and GM talking in the backyard about their plan. McCrae keeps saying he’s not crazy about the idea and it’s pretty obvious that he’s not interested. None the less, GM continues to work the idea.

Meanwhile, upstairs Spencer and Andy agree that they want Judd to leave this week over GM if this plan doesn’t work. Heck, Spencer even says if they could get McCrae to do this then he’d think about keeping McCrae and still voting out Judd. Hah!

Considering there’s little to no chance that this will work prepare to say goodbye to Judd. Again. When the Power of Veto ceremony is held today McCrae will use the Veto on himself. Judd will go up as the renom and then head to Jury during the surprise eviction.

Do you think the Exterminators ever had a chance of convincing McCrae of using the Veto on someone else? What would you have said to him to try and get him to follow this ridiculous plan? We’ll keep you updated on the spoilers later today.


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  1. BB history question: has anyone on the block ever used the POV to save the person on the block with them? I mean, I can see it if its for a showmance, but not in a situation like this with no established alliance backing you up.
    Anyone that uses the POV to save the person they’re on the block with deserves to be evicted on that idiocy alone.

  2. haaaa Mcrae would never fall for that idea! Spencer and Andy are dumb to waste their time trying otherwise.

    • I KNOW!!! GM should definitely be going home!! Judd should be playing the “we’re all guys we should stick together” card. In the begining the women were voting out all the ‘strong guys’ !! HA! It greatly amuses me that all the women were trying to get the men out, and now the final 5 is 4 men, 1 woman!! Guess that didn’t work out so well, huh women?? lol

    • Judd deserves to be evicted again because of the way he treated Elissa not once, but twice! He is still blaming her for his first eviction when Jessie already told him it was Aaryn, Helen and Amanda who planned his eviction but, dumbass Judd does not have enough brain cells to figure that out to this day! I hope Judd gets evicted again on Wednesday because he deserves to be booted out again. And still, he would not have a clue that Andy and Spencer booted him out!

      • only because the lying swnake andy convinced everyone elissa was the span of heell instead of himself

    • Marcellas did not use the veto on the person next to him. He just simply did not use the veto. Dr. Will evicted him right after that. And then won the season.

  3. Mc didn’t use the POV on Amanda! Why would these idiots even try this on him to lose even more of his trust. Worse alliance ever!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth…. if he wasn’t willing to try to save Amanda WTH would they think they could convince him to use it on GM…. just shows their level of stupidity once again I guess…

      • They are just trying to get McCrae in a mental place where he wouldn’t honor a final 2 deal with GM. Andy rat face was telling him it was her idea and then she pushes it. He’s probably already there. I’d say in his mind he takes spencer to final 2 if he’s in position to do so.

    • he crys any time anyone sugest putting him up i wih they could see him 4 who he is and get rid of him

  4. Judd’s fault!! If he would have save Elissa him her and macrae could have worked together and made final three then got him out. Duh she was trying to tell him that. Sorry Judd I guess she wasn’t as dumb as you thought !! I like him best out if all but it was his poor choice that got him back to this spot. I hop GM and Abdy are final two and she wins it!! Then Elissa get AFP lol .

    • I don’t want Andy in final 2…He doesn’t deserve one d~#m*d dime and second place wins $50,000.00…Andy the Lying, crying, snake, rat , useless waste of a human being, doesn’t deserve anything but a kick in the butt out the door!

      • I want to kick his twisted horrid rat face every time he makes some idiot expression which is almost every time we see his mug.

      • This IS ‘Big Brother’ though and although it is morally wrong, it is game for him. He is still in it and not EVEN appearing to be targeted. I don’t like him at all but I bet he wins it all. Ughh!!

    • I think Judd and McCrae shoulda kept Elissa then they all could of teamed up and had a strong 3 person alliance!! It would be 3 strong players working together!

      • That was the plan. Judd went behind Elissa back with the exterminator alliance. Judd and McCrae were to afraid to go against Andy and Spencer. Spencer should been evicted eons ago. His willingness to go as the pawn solidified his game.

      • His willingness to be pawn was basically his game strategy. LOL If he couldn’t of been used as a pawn, he probably woulda been gone a LONG time ago!! Get in where you fit in, I guess !!

    • Judd is the ultimate dumbass! Imagine Jessie fills him on who evicted him first time out and when Elissa was pleading with him—-he just ignores her! Too bad Elissa did not put Judd up on the block when she won HOH! Judd is just plain double dumb! He has not learned anything from his first eviction despite, being given all the info by Jessie! He is still blaming Elissa! Would relish Judd being sent home on Wednesday. Still rooting for Andy to be sent home next on Thursday! If Andy and Judd gets evicted this week—-that would be awesome!

  5. I don’t think Mc is that crazy to give up the POV. He knows he has a good chance to win HOH. Then, he will put up Andy and Spencer. He can beat GM in a comp. final 3 is Mc, GM and Spencer. Mc wins it all.

    • Spencer also made a F2 deal with GM. Don’t know for sure if he meant it, but he told her he was playing for 2nd place no matter who he went with. He told her they may have the best chance since no one was going to beat Andy.

  6. Does McCrae remind anyone else of Ian? Started out as a ‘loser,’ found a really beautiful girl to have a showmance with, he realizes she slows his game down and after she gets evicted he starts playing the game hard and really thinking.

      • ..and I wouldn’t call either Amanda or a Ashley a really beautiful girl. Ashley was a nice girl, but nothing special. Plus she looked and acted like she was a dope fiend. Amanda has no redeeming qualities. She’s a 100% butterface (big nose, masculine jaw, and crazy fake brows), and the body is just as fake as her personality.

    • Ian seemed to favor McCrae during POV. According to what the others said on the live feeds he was definitely rooting for him.

  7. The power of veto was introduced in season 3. When won, it could be used to remove someone off the block, but if you won it while on the block, you could not use it to save yourself. I believe that it also didn’t keep the veto winner from being a renom. The golden power of veto was started later that same season. I can’t recall which veto Marcelous won. But if it was the first veto, he couldn’t remove himself. I want to say it was the Golden power though.

  8. When I told my 16 year old daughter the plan of the veto, she laughed the entire 12 minute ride to school. I could have sworn I heard her say complete idiot, with a choice word, but I can’t prove it because she was laughing so hard!!!!

  9. seriously? you really think that dumb idea would a worked? lmao mccray was whipped by amanda but not to the point a brain damage that hed use the pov on someone else instead a himself He cant possibly be THAT stupid can he

  10. Strike my last statement I didn’t realize second gets 50000 and wouldn’t want Andy being second lol. Hope he is out next!!!

  11. The worst thing about the final five is that the pizza boy can play the game without Amanda and can win competitions. So he probably gets to the final 2 and wins. Which means that Amanda takes control of his winnings and tells him how to spend it…

    • Exactly, which is why I wanted Judd and Elissa in the F2, Which is NOT happening now. To be BB fans they sure do not know how to play the game.

      • Believe me you would want Judd in the final if you have heard what he has said about Elissa and his actions of the last week. I was rooting for Judd myself, but not now. He has completely disappointed me.

    • That would only be true if he and Amanda got married in real life. We don’t know if that’s going to happen.

  12. The veto is like the idol on survivor. It’s the only thing that guaranties your safety for that weeks vote. McRae is not that stupid. At least I don’t think he is.

  13. So stupid! Wasn’t it GM that told McCrae when he and Amanda were on the block together; that if it was her, she’d use to POV to save herself, rather than the other person? Didn’t she say that is the stupidest mistake you can make in this game? LOL. Well GM, he’s taking your advice, and won’t be using the veto on YOU!

  14. Now I’m convinced some of these people have brain damage. lol They are looney tunes if they think for one minute McCrae would fall for something that ridiculous. At this point I actually want McCrae to win over any of these other people. Unreal.

    However, now that they’ve tried to pull this stunt McCrae knows where he stands in the house. Make no mistake about it. They can lie to his face all they want but he knows the truth and will fight like H E double hockey sticks to win the next HOH! rofl

    • lol I think we are on the same page as I want McCrrae to win at this point. I just worry because the Exterminators have been given good edits on the weekly shows. People who join sites, watch BBAD, have live feeds know the truth, but what about those that don’t?

  15. Its pure speculation & a guess on my part but I bet if the truth was known that Andy has been fired/suspended from his teaching gig. There is no way a school would condone that kind of public behavior from a teacher. I have no doubt that the school has been bombarded with calls /mails that express their views. He is no better to receive the gift of unemployment than the others.

    • I think the problem is that he isn’t a full time employee of the school. He applies to teach a class, but has to sign up every semester to be considered for the job. So I don’t know if there is a real job to lose. And the other job he mentioned was at a restaurant where they treat you bad on purpose. That’s their schtick.

      • Yeah But do think that any credible school is gonna want him to be a member of their faculty ?? Would u hire him????

      • Not to take anything away from community colleges, but that is where he works. Its not like Harvard or Yale are banging down his door as it is. And no, I wouldn’t hire him, but mainly because he is a speech teacher who doesn’t speak particularly well.

  16. IMO there has been too much DR interference this season and wonder who really came up with this plan. This is the worst season ever and while DR has always been involved to a certain extent they have been way too involved this season. One example of DR interference was when Elissa was called into the DR and came right out and went straight to Amanda saying she wanted to work with her. I could list many others as well, but what really bothers me is the kind edits given to some of these idiots on the 3 weekly shows. For people who only watch those shows they wouldn’t know that Spencer is a vile, disgusting pig. GM is every bit a racist as Aaryn and possibly worse after hearing what she said about Elissa’s son. She continues to disgust me. Andy is a rat and bashes Elissa every day right along with Spencer, Judd and GM. Judd who I thought I liked at one time calls Elissa a cu** and has turned into a whiner about every thing. He gave up on the POV and didn’t like the fact that Ian seemed to be rooting for McCrae and didn’t care for Judd. He was throwing everything around and having a temper tantrum. McCrae disappointed me with his Amanda hookup because I thought he might be a good player. From what I have heard on the live feeds I think of all of them he has said the least, but none are innocent. I really hope that McCrae doesn’t fall for this stupid idea. I think of any of those that are left I would want McCrae to win. He is probably the only one left who I could stomach getting the win. If he goes along with this idea and the 4 exterminators are left and 3 of them go to F3 I could care who wins. None deserve it and my hope is that they would be booed at the final. I rather the money go to a worthwhile charity instead of any of the exterminators. As it is one of them as a minimum is going to get $50,000 and if McCrae falls for this two will go to the end.

  17. This is off topic, but the After Party was canceled before this season started due to lack of funds. Ian told the HGs that during the POV comp. According to some of Rachel’s tweets she is throwing one of her own and has said that so far none of the F5 and some of the other cast members will not be invited. GM’s Nick is going and I wonder how GM will feel when she finds that out?

    • I don’t blame Rachel. I would not want to associate with any of em except Candice Howard Elissa & Jessee. Even Helen would be far down on the list. She has every right to feel the way she does.

      • On Rachel’s Facebook or on her twitter she said her and Brendan were hosting the after party I thought it was the one by CBS. I would love to be a fly on that wall. Oops no Pune intended

      • It’s a private party in an LA Club. If you want the detail they are on Rachel’s twitter. Could be on facebook too.

      • It will be such a hoot when only a handfull of people are aloud to come. I wonder how they are going to choose who comes?

    • By that time, she will find out she lost her job. She might not be in the mood for any party.

    • The After Party in Vegas was cancelled because CBS was not going to spend any additional money on these losers, or endorse their behavior in the house. Good for CBS. Can’t wait for the players to find out. This is usually a big reward for them.

    • Well, McCrae is the guy who nominated Elissa, you know, the only person in the house who also voted to keep Amanda. The guy evicted his only true ally. So yeah, I’d say McCrae is stuck on stupid. Mine as well give it a shot.

  18. What a stupid suggestion by Andy & Spencer!! Not too surprise however b/c neither Spencer or Andy are the FLUFFIEST pillows on the bed (if you know what I mean)??? I personally think they should vote Andy’s butt out!!!! Seriously he is the most Obnoxious, Mean Spirited, Lying, Floater there ever has been in Big Brother history!!! So SICK of seeing him cry as he votes people out or immediately whine an excuse when he is called out on ANYTHING!!! He truly is PATHETIC!!!! I wish McCrae kept Elissa & put up Andy’s ass…ESPECIALLY since HE KNEW ANDY WAS LYING!!!! What a stupid move!!! I can’t wait for Andy to go….He doesn’t deserve to be there. They should switch him for Howard!!! At least Howard had something called MORALS and was LOYAL and HONEST – 3 thinks Andy has NO idea about inside or probably outside the house!

  19. It has been said that McCrae didn’t want Elissa to win because she doesn’t need the money. Look on his face when she wins AP. PS I have also heard that she was donating any money to charity

  20. J U Double Dumb. How stupid do you have to be to be blindsided by your alliance not once but twice in the same season……when you had the info given to you about the first blindside? You trust Andy when you know he was up McCranda’s butt crack all season? You trust GM and Spencer……Really? J U Double Dumb, you deserve to be evicted again, and this time when you get to the jury house i hope Aaryn(can’t stand her), Elissa and Jessie stomp a hole in your dumb behind. Smh

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