Big Brother 15 Episode 32 Recap: The Exterminators Stay In Power


The Exterminators held on to the power in tonight’s episode of Big Brother 15 and got to continue their plan to the final four. But will it last through this week’s power of veto?

The episode picks up right after the eviction of Amanda’s eviction in the double eviction. GinaMarie is celebrating in the Diary Room. Spencer is thanking everyone for overlooking him for so long and allowing him to cast by.

And right away we’ve got Andy trying to frame Elissa for voting out Amanda when it was really him. And it didn’t really work. McCrae knows it was Andy. He can see it on his face. But the house wants Elissa up. So when McCrae won Head of Household moments later, he put up Elissa and since Judd won the Power of Veto, Elissa was sent out second.

The next HOH happened later in the night. And it was a weird hybrid of a memory/puzzle game called “Pixel This.” Andy gets knocked out first. Then Judd. So it’s down to Spencer and GinaMarie. In the end, it’s Spencer who wins the Head of Household competition for the first time this season.


And Spencer gets to hand out “gifts” to the competition losers. GinaMarie and McCrae have to be tied together for 24 hours. Andy gets the chance to play for $5,000. And Judd gets to do exercises for 24 hours.

So McCrae and GinaMarie have to spend every second together, including sleeping together. Amanda is going to love this when she hears about it. And Judd has to do whatever exercises the drill sergeant says and he never knows when it’s going to happen.

It’s time for Andy’s gift. He gets to smash three piggy banks out of several and gets to keep what money he gets out of the pigs he choses. He only ends up with $94.83.


Spencer makes the nominations we all knew he was going to make: GinaMarie and McCrae. Of course McCrae is the target, but Spencer has tried his best to make him think he’s not. But McCrae sort of knows that Andy, Spencer and Judd are working together. He doesn’t realize that GinaMarie is also in on it.


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  1. Just as I tought, I check the schedule in my TIVO, and for the 18th, Survivor Premiere is 8h to 9h30, and BB Finale is 9h30 to 11h. Just like last year.

  2. I didn’t get to see it tonight. Did McRae s say anything in the diary room about knowing it was Andy that voted out Amanda? Also did Elissa try to convince McRae not to put her up? Or try to convince Judd to use the veto on her?

    • Yes on all fronts. McCrae said he “saw it in Andy’s eyes” but he went along with what the house wanted. Elissa begged him not to, but Andy kept interrupting with “stop lying, Elissa!” and she pleaded with Judd to use the POV on her, to no avail.

    • Yes, McCrea pretty much know Andy is the rat.
      Yes, Elissa tried to convince McCrea not to put her up.
      Yes, Elissa tried very hard to convince Judd to save her.

  3. It’s offical. McCrae just took over Britney as the worst and dumbest houseguest of all time on my list. He knows Andy worked against him… but oh well. I will put up the only other person who tried to help. I am so sick of this season’s HOH tagline… “I have to do what the house wants.” Worst season ever!

    • There isn’t a HG in the house that doesn’t know that Elissa iis a better person than they can or will ever be. Just when you think this bunch can’t get any worse, McCrea, GM, Andy, Spencer and Judd show us they can. What a bunch of losers!!

  4. These people are so full of themselves it is not even funny! But on the other hand, it is kind of amusing watching grown ass people acting like immature, idiotic dumb asses. Obviously they have no care as to what their family and friends think about their behaviour

  5. Just checked on the Live Feeds (since im paying for it) on there about 2 minutes…..please why are those 3 CLOWNS sitting there bashing Elissa…..what the what…..there has got to be something else to talk about…. FYI….andy (intentionally didn’t capitalize) is going to faint, cry, something when Elissa wins AFP!!!

    • Sadly, it has been that way ever since Thursday night. They have nothing else to say except to bash on Elissa and her son and step kids. Its absolutely shameful. They are keeping her in that House by their own choice. That is all they ever talk about :(

  6. Seriously CBS!! Andy and Spencer put a pill in Mc”’s food without him knowing about it? Granted it was an Advil, but what if he would have eaten it and was allergic to it? As he was on the floor in anaphylactic shock they would probably be high fiving each other that they got another hg out of the house without even having to vote! Somewhere in the BB rulebook it must say it is ok to adulterate other peoples food. Sorry but i think that is outrageous

    • Andy said tonight he will kill himself it Elissa gets AFP. What do you say America? Want to rid the world of Andy?
      Vote Elissa for AFP!

      • YES!!!! Vote Elissa for AFP and get to see Andy do himself in and Spencer really make an ass of himself as he drops his pants. What a finale treat!!

      • Julie Chen says Elissa you are AFP. Elissa says shut up, shut up, thank you America. Cut to the audience next choice, Andy will slit his throat, Spencer will poop on stage and kill himself. They chant so shut up and do it already.

  7. I don’t care who wins. When this is over quite a few of them will have to live with not having jobs, being thought of as racists, anti-Semites and just mean and nasty people. Elissa, who they all hate so much will go back to her nice life and family. The others will have to face the music from people who have seen every mean thing they have said and done. I hope they can live with themselves when they see the episodes. The nice people (however few there were) will be fine.

  8. I think people should call mcdumbs pizza place and.order hundreds and.hundreds of fake pizzas on his behalf ruin his chance to get his job back

  9. I could barely watch the BB edit tonight. Why is Andy getting a good edit? On the live feeds and BBAD Andy is Elissa this Elissa that, the “Obessions of constant Elissa bashing” and I hate her and her family, scares me. I can not do the feeds anymore, until he is removed. Sorry everyone, for now I am tapped out, and sick. So, I look forward to reading all of the posts here.
    I want to put this out into the universe. I hope that an unknown mercenary takes out Andy when he is released back in to the real world. I want the hate monger in solitary confinement for crimes against humanity. Andy is not playing BB. Andy has disturbed agenda.Not only is he fixated on a Elissa and her family, he pouncing on the other female hgs i.e. Candice and Jessie seen to be his other choice. It doesn’t even stop there. No woman is immune from his pure deep seated hate of a gender.
    I am requesting justice. He would not see, hear or have any human contact. He needs to be broken. Elissa and her family, especially her children need to be safe. I would never let a child be in his custody as teacher, especially female.

    • On BBAD tonight Andy pleaded with America not to vote Elissa as America’s favorite player. He said if he gets it he will kill himself. I know Andy is a liar, but I think we should call his bluff (:>)
      Anyway, Andy seems obsesses with this. He wants to win AFP and he thinks Elissa is all that is keeping him from winning it. He doesn’t realize he is the least liked of all of the house guests.
      No matter. Everyone please vote for Elissa for AFP. This is how we can respond to the constant bashing of Elissa and her family.

      • I want that to be in the edit. I have heard Andy repeat almost daily, the I will kill myself and slit my throat if Elissa is AFP. I will be vigilant to vote Elissa as the AFP. So, far the voting is not open yet…am I correct? Spencer is no better with poop on the stage if that happens, he also claimed he would kill himself. I have to say I am good with both of their choice to off them selves. I do know it is just a con, and an insult/the audacity to make use suicide statement as a plateform as BB game play is disturbing… to those whose are truly considering and or attempted suicide, the trauma family friends or perhaps to anyone who has known someone who did pass away from suicide is unfathomable.

      • I am not sure when the voting opens. I assume after the final 2 are determined. I just hope CBS allows enough time and the right camera angles for us to get a look on Andy’s face when Elissa’s name is announced. But, it will not be effective if he wins so I am rooting for him to get evicted soon.

      • Andy’s constant complaining about being broke is nauseating…he is not employed for obvious reasons IMO.

      • So his solution to his problem is to bash Elissa and her family?

        I know these people are all jealous of Elissa because she has money. Its pathetic really. But look at the ambition of these people. Is it any wonder they are all broke. McCrae mentioned tonight he earns $136 every two weeks from his pizza delivery job. I think he could do better than that if he tried.

      • ;it really ticked me off that andy put down her step son for being taught to make his own money if he wanted things. They trashed the boy on the feeds for having ambition and his own internet biz. What jerks they are. I cannot watch the feeds anymore. I look at the recaps and that is enough for me. They all just sit around and bully Elissa. It is really disturbing. This is our future. Scary as hell.

  10. I really cannot stand listening to Andy anymore. HIs voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. He is so full of himself too. I wish BB would dole out a punishment to Andy where he has to keep his mouth shut for 48 hours.

  11. Has voting started for AFP yet? I couldn’t find anything on CBS’ site. Have any of you written CBS to request the bashing stop? If so, can you please post where to write? If Spencer’s railroad company can ask that he stop giving them a shout-out, I’m hoping if enough of us write to ask that the incessant, unnecessary bashing be stopped, that they might listen to us.

    • If Spencer company asked to stop his shout outs that must mean they do not want to be associated with him. What company would not want from free publicity unless its negative?

      • Exactly! I’m hoping he will lose his job too! I know that’s a terrible thing to hope for, but these a-holes need to have some accountability for their vileness. I read that about his company on one of the other sites.

      • Well, I won’t wish any harm to any of them but at the same time whatever happens to them is their own doing. They should realize they are on TV and what they say can and will be held against them in the court of public opinion. My sense is that these people think America is like them and that America finds them likeable. But the audience that watches BB is not the same audience that watches Real World.

  12. No wonder Spencer won. Because of an easy peasy puzzle. Those are the only things he wins. This and that dinosaur egg puzzle. Only highlight was Judd’s sergeant punishment.

    • I thought Judd’s anger during the competition was funny, with the puzzle piece of Aaryn’s hair. First shouting “It doesn’t fit any —-ing way!” and then at the end “Oh ok I see.”

  13. This is not meant to offend at all, so I hope it comes out the right way. I would be willing to bet $ that every gay/lesbian organization would be fighting mad, suing, etc if the hate Andy has directed to Elissa was directed to him, as the gay man. I know there have been homophobic remarks, but nothing remotely close to the hatred, anger & violence he has spewed. Honestly, I hope Elissa’s husband kicks him as hard as he can below the belt! That would make great tv, & yes, I do realize that is violent!

    • I understand what you mean. I saw an interview with Elissa’s husband online. He seems like a very nice, down to earth guy. I am betting he has too much class to kick Andy in the balls. But I would like it if he at least confronted Andy about the things he said about his wife and children. Andy would wilt, as he should.

      Me, I have no class. If Andy said that about my wife and kids I would definitely adjust his teeth for him. I’d be doing him a favor too.

      • I don’t think that shows you have no class. It shows you would/will not tolerate someone speaking of your loved ones that way! As a female, if I had to listen to those weasels talk about my loved ones, I’d punch them in the face! I didn’t want to portray myself as a violent person! Haha!

  14. Wow. Just read the comments on the CBS BB 15 HOH blog site. To say a lot of people HATE And is an understatement! GM too! I can’t wait for Spencer to write his blog so I can read what people think of him. LOL

    Anyway, what’s the deal with the BB 15 Vega Party? I keep reading comments from people saying it was cancelled. Does anyone have the facts or a link about it?

  15. What gets me is Paula Dean says something a million years ago and loses all her TV shows. Stores pull her stuff shelves and she is Nice… While these disgusting people get to sit in there acting this way and saying they are ..being vile human beings and are in the running for 500,000 dollars ??? Really CBS??? Now it’s not because my favorite person left and I’m mad. This is about nasty people getting rewarded . I’m in awe that this has been able to continue . Their families have to be so horrified.

  16. Please answer this…is your remote broke ….this isn’t 1961 there is more than three networks on the television. if you don’t like it turn it…not everyone is perfect…maybe it will give them insight about themselves that they don’t see on a daily basis. ..almost like a mirror without it you wouldn’t know you had egg on your face…so if you don’t like what your watching turn it…or stop complaining

    • I understand what you’re saying. Yes we can turn our channels and yes we don’t have to watch live feeds or read what on here (just as you can stop reading if you don’t like the complaining no one is making you); but that still doesn’t change what is going on.
      If everyone turned a blind eye to all the anger, hate and ignorance out there it wont go away, it could get worse. In this day and age with all effort being made in the schools and elsewhere to educate our children about how this type of behavior is wrong to have a television show allow this to continue and then reward these people for this kind of behavior is plain and simply wrong.
      Parents can talk to their children, teachers can talk to our children but it’s the friends who really have our kids ears. All it takes is for one or two to think this is cool and funny and it can take off from there like wildfire. It’s time the entertainment industry takes responsibility for the things it puts out there. I know some people who work very hard to teach their kids what’s good and what’s wrong only to have their hard work undermined by the filth that this world has begun to accept.

      • Ok maybe in your bubble. ..but it isn’t what you hide from your children but how you should parent them so they have the knowledge to make the right decisions and not turn out like one of these hg…parent parent parent…do YOUR JOB…

  17. I take back my comment about Andy from last week – after watching this episode he was just too over the top with the lying and slimy. He needs to go.

  18. Will somebody please give Spencer some other shirts to ware. Anyone else tired of the same T-shirt and sweatshirt? Is that all he brought?

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