Big Brother Live Feed Discount Expires – Only 2 Days Left

We’re just 3 2 days away from the Big Brother 12 premiere and with that big event comes the end of another event: the Big Brother Live Feed Early-Bird rate.

The folks who offer up the BB Feeds, RealNetworks, currently have a discount rate running where you get a month free when you sign-up for the Season Pass. That deal expires on July 7th at midnight and then the price goes from $10/month to $15/month to watch the whole season from start to finish.

If you’re new to Big Brother or you’ve just never gone for the live feeds in the past then now is your time to give it a try at no risk with the free trial. Signing up now will land you a 3-month pass to the 24/7 uncensored live feeds which will take you all the way through the full season of Big Brother 12. You wont’ miss a thing and you’ll get it at the best price you’re going to see all season.

Along with being able to see the true game going on in the Big Brother house, and not what CBS decides to recut and broadcast (in often completely misleading ways), you’ll be able to grab $30 of free mp3s over the course of your season pass to the Big Brother feeds. (Monthly mp3 downloads are only available to US residents.) So $30 to watch the full season of Big Brother online at anytime, plus $30 of free music that you were already going to buy through iTunes anyway makes it a wash and you the smartest Big Brother fan amongst your friends!

If you were thinking about holding out for a coupon later in the season then keep in mind that RealNetworks released zero discounts last season once the show premiered. Wait until after July 7th and you’ll be paying $15/month instead of $10/month. It’s your money, your choice. And yeah, I already signed up.

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  1. I don’t understand this offer. It says you get a month free plus $30 credit with Itunes? Then I signed up and it says its a 3 day trial? I’m confused….

  2. @Heather: The 3-day free trial is a tester period where you can make sure it works on your system and that you like it (neither of which should be an issue). If you decide to keep the live feeds then you pay after that.

    The free month is part of the overall deal. You’ll pay $30 for 3-months under the sale. If you wait for Thursday the price will be $15/month which would cost $45 for 3 months and $30 for 2 months. So comparing $30 for 3 months now versus $30 for 2 months later is where you get a free month in the lower price.

    The $30 of free mp3s over that 3-months is through Real’s musicstore, Rhapsody, not iTunes. If you wait until Thursday you’ll get $10 of music each month still, but you’ll be paying $15/month for the service so it’s no longer a wash in cost to music value in return.

  3. Will I be able to see the aired episodes as well as the live feeds if I decide to purchase?

  4. @Michelle: The aired episodes will be available for free on each week. You won’t have to get the feeds to watch those.

  5. I just signed up for the 3 month subscription….can’t wait for it to start again! Just wanted to be sure – I definitely do not need to install Real Player software to watch the 4 camera live feed, correct? I want to be sure I can watch all four feeds live without Real Player software installed. Thanks!

  6. @Jeff: You got it. You’ll be able to watch everything live, quadcam included, straight through your web browser. Enjoy!

  7. I cant beleive this is going to be 2010 season of BB and they still havent added 1 new camera to the live feeds.
    I love the show and the feeds. But Every watcher of the feeds knows that a lot can be missed when very often the 4 cameras just show 2 different angles ofo the same location which is annoying.

  8. @blueeyenick: Yeah, it can be annoying when they double up on views, but that doesn’t always happen. Let’s hope for lots of excitement with this bunch so there’s no shortage of cam views!

  9. @Jd: No, sorry you will not be able to watch your feeds on the iPhone. The feeds will be delivered using Flash supported browsers this year and the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have declined to support Flash.

  10. @Josh: RealNetworks has stated that they do not have licensing to support mobile distribution of the live feeds. However, I’ve taken note of the new Android 2.2 release which is said to support Flash…

  11. Do I have to manually cancel service when Big Brother ends? Is it a pain to cancel?

  12. @Tiffany: The live feeds are an ongoing subscription based service since the overall SuperPass service provides more than just the Big Brother feed. The subscription will continue to renew until you tell them otherwise. I’ve never had trouble ending my subscription when.

  13. Matt, so do I still click on my real player icon on my desk top to watch the live feeds or do I go to the live feeds through the big brother network website?

  14. I am on the superpass website after i just bought the live feeds and I am trying to figure out if its working correctly. Is there any way to tell its working before the feeds go live? Also what time do the live feeds start?

  15. Also I don’t have cbs so I bought the live feed. I still want to watch the shows as they come on. Will they be offered online for viewing the same time as it is aired on television

  16. The shows should be online on the CBS site later the night of the show or for sure the next morning.

  17. Rachel and Brendon are up on the block with Andrew being eyed for next week

  18. I just signed up for this but it’s either just showing all cameras same view/same person or different views of the same people. It says I can switch from room to room, but it doesn’t work, when I click on a room of them sleeping, it just goes back to a different view of what I’m watching. If this is all I’m getting, I’m not paying past the free trial. I thought I could switch rooms to watch different people if the people I am watching were boring.

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