Big Brother 12 Houseguests Are Inside – The Game Has Begun

And they’re off! Under the cover of darkness 13 strangers entered the Big Brother house last night and began their journey toward a half million dollars! They might be strangers now, but by the time we see them on Thursday night’s Big Brother 12 premiere we’ll know them as our BB12 Houseguests!

Andrew was the first to enter the house (and he looks pretty darn proud about it) with Annie, Kathy, and Enzo not far behind. You’ll recall from previous seasons that the HGs are sent inside in small groups with the earlier the better as the best beds are quickly taken. We’ll be able to see all of these events on Thursday’s show but other than a few leaks here and there I’m not expecting too much more info on what the HGs are up to until then. Are you excited?!

While we wait for things to get started you can watch all of the HGs interviews using your Big Brother Live Feed free trial in the Big Brother section of SuperPass. Chelsia (BB9) did a pretty awesome job hosting these interviews so they’re definitely worth checking out once you get signed up and logged in.

There are only 4 days left to get the sale price on the live feeds! After Wednesday night the price will jump back up for the exact same feeds. Plus, if we all band together and get our feeds from the links on this site then Janelle (BB6 & BB7) along with Chelsia (BB9) will stop by our site and have a free webchat with everyone. No kidding, I’m totally serious. We won last year so let’s do it again this season! Big, big thanks to everyone who is helping us win. You guys rock!

Update: A new Big Brother 12 picture has been released from within the house! Looks like the new HGs are getting cozy by the poolside. Take a look for yourself!

Update 2: This might be the first Big Brother spoiler of the season. Speculation on who is the first HoH.


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  1. holy sheet!!!!!

    thats 11 minutes ago!!!

    those lucky folks haha.

    wish i could be watching. so when we see them enter the house, they filmed that 5 days ago at 5 in the morning? dang


  2. OHH, okay i just read. prolly should have done that instead of skimming and scanning.

  3. Haha, that’s okay. Yeah, I was fast asleep when those Hamsters scurried in to the house late last night.

  4. yea normally im never on the computer this early, i found out only cause im following u guys on twitter, have ur tweets sent to my phone.

  5. @Cyn: The live feeds go active immediately following the West coast broadcast of the BB12 premiere. From now until 9PM PT on 7/8/10 you’ll only be able to watch the Flashback feeds from BB11 & BB10.

    But keep in mind that if you want until Thursday to sign up for the live feeds then the price will have gone up from $10/month to $15/month since that sale price ends on Wednesday.

  6. So a question for anybody… Who do you think the BB12 Sabotuer is? I think it will be Brendon since he is one of the “better” looking people in the house and they said it is a male.

  7. I’ve heard discussion that it could be Ragan since he’s the smarty-pants of the group. I could see that happening, but I haven’t seen enough of these folks yet to make a good guess. Can’t wait to find out though!

  8. Yes, Ragan is a poet and college professor. I could see that and nobody would suspect him because he looks so innocent.

  9. I was on superpass since last year and was told that I do not have to
    resign up for big brother again.

    Will we be able to see the first few days on flashback when the feeds come up?

  10. Matt welcome back for another sumer,
    I hope we make it for many more summer’s
    I am glad to be back with old firend’s

  11. I think if your paying for the feeds, that you should be able to watch them when they go into the house.
    By the time we are able to see the feeds, so much has already happened and we’ve missed it.

  12. Man oh man; I am glad this is about to start! Hey everyone,I have stayed updated on some of the guest from BB11. A lot of changes for many of them.Especially Michelle.She is faboulous looking.I thought she was lovely just the way she wa but she has had a lot of work done on her since BB11 and she looks like a new person.also keeping up with Jeff and Jordan. Looking forward to all you guys remarks on BB12. , and My own.Have a good day every one.Happy 4th. of July. Thel

  13. I think that’s a bunch of crap, now they’re saying the 14th HG backed out, down to 13 & one of them is the saboteur. They knew that all along.

  14. Did they really say it was a definitely a male that was the saboteur or was that just taken out of text?

  15. @Dani: add to the disrespect, the fact there are but 12 chairs around the table…. Personally, I am not buying into the “orthodox jew” explanation/theory

  16. @ Lee Mn: If I was you, I’d cancel THIS account w/Real Player and then set up a NEW one. This way, you’ll save some money! (don’t feel dumb… I did the same mistake a few years ago.)

  17. btw Britney wasn’t one of the five entering in the picture with Enzo and Annie its Kathy if you zoom in you could see her face kinda well lol ;) !

  18. @Andrew & @mimi3: Thanks for catching that. I saw blonde and went immediately to Britney. I’ll give that a quick update.

  19. I can’t wait for BB12 to start on Thursday. My cams will be up and ready to rock and roll. I hope the new house guests are exciting.

  20. Matt. There’s speculation on who the first HOH is! But I won’t say who because it’s not confirmed or anything, it’s only speculation.

    But you should check it out. :)

  21. I am very anxious to see how this season is going to play out. I think the guys will form some kind of jock alliance and try to evict the girls one by one. I think Hayden is the mole!

  22. without seeing anything yet, i think my favorite this year is Monet. I usually always pick the good ppl who last for a while (thats what she said)

    Natalie/Kevin season 11. that rhymed

  23. Does anyone know if CBS will air episodes on line the day after tv airing? I do not have cable currently,only internet.

  24. Watching The Price is Right and they had two BB commercials about the Sabo. Both of which had the Sabo in them. Ragan is my guess for the Sabo now because of these commercials and the fact nobody would assume him.

  25. Roxie, from previous article, Thank you for info on Sabo.

    BG, yes it’s me from Fandom. Good to see you. I can’t wait to chat with old friends.

    I can’t wait to make new BB peeps too.

    I had no idea they would be going in so early. Thurs. can’t come fast enough, the boss, I mean the wife and I are looking forward to it. This mole thing should be fun if they don’t get voted out early, and they find good things to sabatage.

    Happy day after 4th. to all.

  26. I never knew the houseguest were inside before the first show. I always just assumed when they start airing the show once they are there. I know BB after dark starts Thursday night. Is anyone getting the live feed now or are we all shut out until Thursday? Do they normally go inside several days before the show starts?

  27. @Bruce: The Live Feeds aren’t turned on yet, but if you wait until Thursday to sign-up for them then you’re going to pay $15/month instead of $10/month due to the current preseason live feeds sale which ends at 11:59PM on Wednesday. Something to consider on the timing to save yourself a some bucks this summer.

    And yes, the HGs always enter 4-5 days before the show kicks off so CBS can get things running and have enough footage for that first night’s show.

    @Jill: I’m not sure how quickly CBS releases their episodes to the website, but I’d imagine it’d be soon after.

  28. @Matt
    Thanks for the update and info. I always like the BB after dark, at least until late when there are not enough people left for dramma. Always thought the first night was the best because of early conflict and the occasional too many cameras melt down. I’m worried if I go with the 24/7 feed, I won’t ever leave the computer.

  29. Okay, I’m BB fan have watched every episode.. would someone explaine the live feeds to me. You sign up for the free month do you have to pay first? Is it just a catch?? Is this where you come to watch (live) .I’ve never done it before and am considering it now.

  30. @Bruce: Do like a lot of hard-corers do; sleep when the house is asleep! hahahahaha (’tis true tho’)

  31. @Sheila: The live feeds are the live, uncensored view straight in to the Big Brother house where you can watch the HGs around the clock without any video editing like you get when CBS recuts things to make a show.

    The free month of feeds is a value deal on the pricing. Sign up now and you’ll get 3 months for the price of 2. The current sale price is $30 for 3 months. Starting Thursday the sale ends so you can pay $15/month to get 3 months or 2 months for $30. So comparing $30 for 2 months on Thursday vs $30 for 3 months today is where you effectively get 1 month free.

    The live feeds are a lot of fun and I consider them a critical element to understanding what’s really going on in the Big Brother game since CBS is often less than totally honest about what’s happening.

  32. @Bruce: That’s always a risk with something so fun to watch like this! The good thing is that no one can watch the live feeds allll the time so we work to keep the latest events updated here on the site. Then you can watch when you can and visit the site to see what you missed when you can’t.

  33. @Lance: It’s suspected that the first HoH comp has already taken place. We’ll know more in just a couple of days.

  34. Hi, Matt and all my BB friends, old and new! Last year, I posted as laleman64; however, when things got heated over the Chima ouster, I began posting with my first name. So excited for BB12 to begin! Although I have reviewed all the new houseguest videos, I sure wish I could watch live feeds already. As of today, my opinions (based strictly on pre-season videos) are as follows.

    Among the guys, Hayden and Lane were the least interesting to me. As a high school teacher, I saw too much immaturity in Hayden’s interviews and Lane was not vibrant enough to keep my attenti9on. There is definitely no shortage of looks or ego this season amonth boys or girls, though. So far, again based solely on pre-season videos, I like Brenden and Matt.

    For the girls, I like Kristen and Monet with kathy not far behind. Britney first said she wasn’t looking for any opps after BB12 ends then later said she was in it for the opps. Plus, she doesn’t like “old people” on the show, which immediately makes me roll my eyes. Annie is the same way, and although Rachel is a grad chem student, she has book smarts and physical smarts with no common sense so far. I do like Kathy a lot, but I have a feeling this group may divide by age range – young “look at me I’m beautiful” HGs vs. mature “yeh, but I’m cute and wise” HGs. Kathy may get the ax early from the young ones just because she is older.

    Hope this season is a heckuva lot more respectful, on the show and on this site, than last year. Here’s to another great summer! Landing gear up, Matt!

  35. how is this right… we have missed the first 4 days of hampster watch? first pool party, first everything… anyone else disappointed?

  36. CBS should allow us who paid for the cams to watch what is going on in the house. We have missed 4 days of the game!

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