Big Brother Episode 29 Recap: The House Finally Flips


After weeks and weeks (and weeks) of Amanda running the Big Brother 15 house, that all changed on Sunday night at the hands of the unlikeliest of players.

But first.

The episode picks up with the Head of Household competition in progress. We get to check in with what people are thinking. Amanda knows she or McCrae have to win. Andy reminds us he is no longer working with Amanda and McCrae. And GinaMarie says even though she needed a new alliance, she’s still not sure who much she can trust The Exterminators.

GinaMarie and Andy run neck and neck throughout the whole game, but in the end, GinaMarie wins the battle and becomes the new Head of Household. Judd and Spencer finished last so they will have to wear the chicken suits.

Amanda immediately starts on Elissa and starts on GinaMarie on who she should nominate this week. And that of course is Elissa. But Amanda has no idea that GinaMarie and The Exterminators have only two targets this week and one of them isn’t Elissa.

While The Exterminators are celebrating in the storage room, Amanda is saying that GinaMarie is going to put up Elissa and probably Judd. And there isn’t a question in her mind. Amanda is in for a surprise. But she knows GinaMarie is easily influenced so she says she knows she has to stay on GM 24/7. Oh and of course she has to throw in a quick Elissa death treat because she can’t control her aggression.

Judd is thrilled to be a chicken

Judd and Spencer are called to the Diary Room together to get their chicken suits. And they’re some pretty serious chicken suits. They have to wear them non-stop for 48 hours. And GM makes the best jab by calling Judd a chicken nugget.

During GinaMarie’s HOH room reveal, Amanda and Elissa are making underhanded jabs at each other and as GM points out, they “look like they’re going to beat the plastic out of each other.” A little later, Amanda comes in to harass Elissa some more. Elissa says that Jessie was a 10 and Amanda goes completely nuts once again and says things most people would say to another human being.

The houseguests take a break from the tears and “bullying” for a luxury competition. The HGs leave the HOH room to find the house filled with balloons. Among the balloons is a chance to win $10,000. And only one person can win. So they all get to popping and in the end, Spencer walks away with the prize.

GinaMarie starts holding her pre-nominations meeting and when it’s Amanda’s turn, she shares with GM what she’d do. And it’s the same plan she always has: nominate Elissa and Judd.

So with “the most biggest” eviction yet in her sights, GinaMarie sticks to her plan and nominates Amanda and McCrae.



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  1. Theres supposed to be a petition circulating on facebook to have amanda
    removed from the game. Fans have gone through the BB rule book and
    pointed out sections amanda has broken. They are also targeting the
    producers alison.

    The article “Amanda Zuckerman debacle threatens CBS standards and fans petition for removal (Video)” at examiner

      • Ya the article says she is leaving thursday so cbs isn’t kicking her out. The petition is at 15,931 signatures and its only been up a week

      • no one cares about petitions online, doesnt mean anything, you need to get advertisers to drop the show, then CBS listens

    • I doubt it But if they can prove she broke rules it may garner her a Penalty Nom. If CBS feels pressured which I doubt that too.

      • The application is a heck of a lot different than the rule book. I can guarantee that the rule book for BB is copyright and sealed tight. Out of the thousands of people that apply and the ones that are short-listed, I can bet that MOST of them turn BB down because of commitments with family or work or that they don’t agree with the rules in the rule book. Most of them probably fail the psychological testing.

      • This group was given a waiver on testing. No one was deemed psychologically fit for Reality TV.

  2. I’m glad McCranda got nominated, but GMs speech was terrible. It was painful to watch her struggle with basic English words. Hopefully, it was nerves and not indicative of her intelligence.

    • I will not respond to jabs at possible learning disabilities or the like. Ur post was not by any means demeaning or making fun of GM. Just want posters to know that I do not go along with laughing at a person that may be disabled in a certain area of their life.

      • Does GM have a learning disability? If so, she should spend less time criticizing others and more time trying to find ways to overcome that disability. I don’t feel sorry for her ignorant butt.

      • I was about to say the same thing…. she’s obviously rough around the edges and I’m not sure her life growing up would fit into a comfortable or posh category…… this is a show and she’s not a professional speaker nor has she ever tried to portray herself as such…. she was making arguably the biggest move in the game thus far and she stumbled over her words…… she’s far from perfect but I’m hoping that once she gets to see the playback she’ll be the person that grows the most from this season…..which is much more than we’ll ever see from Demanda, I doubt she’ll ever learn how much of a nasty bully she truly is.

    • I think it was both actually. You could see her hand shaking. She gets confused with big words on a normal day but I think the nomination ceremony was very nerve wrecking for her.

    • Some people just have trouble with public speaking, and on the spot (kind of) like that. Not a big deal.

    • I disagree. She skipped over one word, but other then that it was the best speech of the year.

  3. LeeArmie – > only way to see tonights show is Fri. when they do the back to back episodes. If you don’t want to wait til then – watch Big Brother After Dark tonight at midnight EST. Adjust for your time zone or check TV listings. Direct TV ch. 273. Joan

  4. Thank you God…someone finally put up these two…I have been so annoyed with the fact that “evil” was reigning.

  5. Amanda & GM discussing both her & McCrae staying. I gotta understand something. Why would Gina Marie put up McCrae & Amanda only to have “both” of them removed from the block?? She evidently wants one of them out of the house. Has that possibility/realism not crossed Mc or Amandas mind???

  6. Amanda is a bully and sets a bad example every time she opens her mouth with the vile she keeps putting out..I can only hope Ellysa wins that would put the icing on the cake…if not judd would be my next pick to win! Anyways it made my night seeing Mcrandas faces tonight…best show so far!

  7. Soooo. . . .
    Contrary to ALL the negative Amanda posts, apparently she has just been signed to a fairly lucrative tv contract, as the “NEW ” face of a major national brand on tv!
    TMZ is reporting she has signed a multi million dollar deal to play the trash in febreeze commercials


  8. Amanda is up in HOH begging GM again to put Elissa up. She said,..”She’s a threat to you, She’s mean to me, She has bullied every body, the house will be more peaceful with out Elissa”. lol .OMG ! this woman really needs professional help big time asap.

    • She told GM, that the most glorious moment of her life would be to tape a goodbye message for Elissa.

    • Exactly, only someone mentally ill can go back and forth like that. Have seen it on the live feeds.

    • There is really something wrong with Amanda. She has no concept of reality or how her behavior appears to others.

      • I think those meds she take are screwing her up big time. She takes Adderall and Xanax I’m not sure if those are good combinations. She needs help.

      • Some of the personality that she exhibits, I’ve seen it on kids. Like..”I don’t like her, so don’t talk to her”, or I’ll treat her bad, so I want you all to treat her bad”.I mean they’re kids. But she’s 29 yo for heaven sake.

      • not that u could have missed it (for 2 months +) but have u taken a really good look at her body? There is no way she only 28.. no way

      • I don’t think Amanda cares that she is behaving like someone who needs medical care ASAP. She is irrational when it comes to Elissa.

      • She’s been coming, lying to ppl all her life, starting with her own family. It’s her “normal” reality. Hopefully, a Glimmer of light will surface when she views footage…but, seriously doubt it.I leave the Medical diagnosis up to professionals, but believe she has several diagnosis. She reminds Me of CaseyAnthony

      • Yea with the guys outside and loosing it, she just left and they are quiet, now talking to McCrae. Now gone to the fish tank, don’t know what is going on.

    • She wants all the guys to go upstairs & tell GM that they “all” want Elissa out. It appears that they (the guys) are not inclined to follow Amanda up to the HOH. GM is gonna get mad if Amanda & McCrae don’t give her space and they pressure her. They need to give it a rest.

  9. I cannot wait to see Julie quiz Amanda about her behavior in the BB House. It should be as good as Aaryn’s.

  10. Amanda and McCare face was priceless I mean I couldn’t stop laughing she was threating Elissa all week saying she going on the block Elissa got the last laugh like people always say what’s goes around comes around I can’t wait to see Amanda walk out that door Thursday but Candice Helen and Jessie is going to be so happy seeing her walk through that door

  11. I hope they show Amanda going in the jury house. They need to have a 30 min. show on Fridays showing the jury house.

    • I want to see Aaryn’s reception in jury, as someone else said its filled with old enemies and betrayed friends.

  12. Glad McCrae did not follow Amanda when she left to guys in the yard to go upstairs. Big Brother After Dark might be interesting tonight for a change.

  13. Its plain that Spencer & Andy will ditch the EXTs first opportunity. But GM said that she had her doubts about trusting em and we know she can’t. Just so yall know I have made 666 comments and this one is 667…Whew gotta get off 666 lol

    • Spencer and Andy KNOW that GM and Elissa have both played a better Game than they have!! They don’t stand a chance at the end up against GM and Elissa. Naturally the wimps want them Gone!

  14. ??? Does McCrae think that Andy & Spencer are gonna vote to keep one or the other of him & Amanda?? I am listening to a confusing conversation

  15. Andy is blasting GM & Elissa to McCrae. ” Elissa just does not conform to what we want”. We should have kept Helen.

    • It’s totally his M.O. he’s keeping on McC’s good side just in case he wins HOH so he’s once again aligned with whoever is residing upstairs for the week…… can’t stand his game play.

    • It’s really baffles me how these HGs expect everyone to do what they want. As if everyone is playing for them to win $500K. I really can’t stand Andy and I want him gone ASAP.

  16. Amanda said just as much racial stuff as aaryn so Julie better let her have it in her interview too.

      • True. But if I was Elissa I would just stop talking to everyone about Amanda. Obviously there are a bunch of wussie men on the house who do not want to take sides. Elissa should save her talking for Thursday night when she speaks with her vote to evict Amanda. Even her good-bye message should be nice and silky which would piss Amanda off.

  17. I don’t get why Amanda is saying Elissa is bullying her what is her definition of bullying anyone who doesn’t agree with her ? She is the definition bully in my opinion

    • Amanda says Elissa walks around thinking she is better than everyone else. But it is Amanda who thinks she is better than everyone else. Why else would she expect everyone to do as she says? Why would she think that Andy and Spencer were automatically going to be there to protect her and McCrae? Look at the way she talks about GM.

      Amanda is a spolied little brat who thinks everyone show bow to her greatness. But at the same time, she is afraid of losing control. This is why she goes off every now and then. I won’t say she needs help, but she definitely needs to have a more honest perspective of herself.

  18. Amanda Zuckerman Surreal Estate Co.

    “I can sell or lease your home or property whether you own it or not, or even if you never did!
    For top dollar and in the shortest period of time!

    . . .
    And if NOT it’s TOTALLY Elissa’s fault.

    1 666 666 6
    Ext. 666

  19. A line we missed tonite…Judd to Amanda “Why don’t u make her a friendship bracelet?? lmao

    • That was funny, as was GM saying that Amanda and Elissa were going to beat the plastic out of each other.

      • GM for President that was priceless
        I will be surprised if a network does NOT pursue a Realty show with her called “Keepin’ it Real” Staten Island, with GM

    • And spencer asking Amanda if she was a megabitch in high school when she said she felt like she was back in high school.

      • That was priceless but I think Amanda missed it because the fumes coming out of her ears made her hard of hearing!

    • Oh they showed that and it was great when Andy & Spencer laughed. But at that point in time I really think the two of them were on the verge of begging Dr.Phil to come in the house and calm those two women down!

      Fave moment of the night: ”…and Elissa you are safe!” (Oh boy that was great). Now I can’t say I want Elissa to win, but I am enjoying the moment she’s having in the hear and now.

  20. I am watching some BBAD from Saturday into Sunday. Amanda was actually making cogent and logical points. Elissa was MVP and got Nick taken down. Yes we all hate Amanda because of what she’s said and done and the hypocrisy of it all. But she was making good points.

    • Yes, Elissa was MVP and also on the block. She put Nick up when she asked him if he was going to vote to save her. He did not answer so she took that as a no and put him up. But Elissa had no vote. It was Amanda who orchestrated Nick’s departure then the whole Moving Company thing came to light. Amanda was as much to blame for Nick leaving as Elissa.

      The rest of her argument was just nonsense. In fact she even made a point that proved exactly why GM had to put them up and vote one of them out. Amanda said if they stay, that’s two votes and that is enough to evict. Yup! Which means McCranda controls who goes and who stays. Why would anyone want to give them. That kind of power? Then Amanda argued, if you keep them, they would be targets again next week!! Are you kidding? If they are going to be targets next week, then why not get them out this week. If one of them wins HOH the rest of the house may not get the chance again.

      Noting Amanda said made sense and some of it was just dishonest. Amanda acted like she didn;t try to kill Elissa last week to get her to put GM on the block. Forget about what Elissa did 6 weeks ago, Amanda tried to evict GM just a few days ago.

      • Great points and all very true! Amanda has a VERY selective memory (and also horrible taste in clothes, or lack there of)

      • Well said. Not only that the only reason Amanda worked with Elissa is because she was MVP. Had she not ever had MVP I’m sure Elissa wold have been gone by now. They used Elissa and now that she’s able to play the game the way she wants, she’s a problem and a trouble maker. Amanda is delusional.

      • If you’re playing the game, your arguments don’t need to be logical. They need to be convincing. Why would you put into someone’s mind the argument that would hurt your gameplay when you can omit it and give your positive spin on it instead?

        That’s playing the game, and it’s smart.

      • No I get it. But if Elissa had never put Nick up and had put say – someone else – on the block, Nick would never have been exposed to danger. Elissa may have left and boom, Nick could still be there for all we know. I am just saying some of what Amanda said was logical. Elissa could be seen as the catalyst for Nick leaving.

  21. Great show tonight although I thought the again edited out too much of the conversations with Amanda. Elissa’s comments about Jessie were edited and made to look like Elissa just said Jessie is the only 10 in the house out of the clear blue sky. That was actually part of a longer conversation where Elissa was saying how much she liked Jessie.

    But they did show the two DR comments by Judd and GM who both said Amanda was full of it for claiming Elissa was the bad guy in this house when it was Amanda who was harassing her for days. Good for them.

    But the looks on Amanda’s face when GM won the HOH and Elissa ran up to her all excited and hugged her and then when Elissa’s key was pulled were priceless. Amanda was clueless right up until that point., even smiling prior to the ceremony as if she just knew Elissa was going up on the block.

    The cannot wait to see Amanda’s 35+ year old butt going out the front door of the BB house!

    • Yep they edited that big time.. They put the last part first when the comments on Jessee were first & was what made Amanda mad and go into her tirade

      • However, they did show Amanda starting with Elissa as soon as she came into the LR where Elissa already was. But they did edit that scene big time.

  22. Tonight was the most exciting night all season! I knew GM would have what it takes to take down the evil duo! Go GM!

  23. YEP.. Think Spencer is ready to ditch Andy & try for a final 2 with GM. Seems that Andy spilled a lot of info in a conversation with Spencer & McCrae as to his double dealings & how he managed to get away with being a snitch. I think that he made a major mistake… we will see

    • I sure hope so…people need to finally start not trusting him amd allowing him to play all sides!

  24. Was anyone else disgusted when Andy and Spencer just sat there while Amanda bullied Elissa. I know they don’t care for Elissa, but come on guys, not saying anything is just as bad as the person who is bullying.

    • Andy had actually said a couple times: ”You both need to…” (then Elissa would interrupt and say ”we both?” or ”us two?” She doesn’t understand that her smirking all the time is antagonizing to Amanda. At the same time Amanda doesn’t seem to get it that bullying people around is only ”ok” from the perspective of the bully – everyone else will want revenge.

    • True. But I think they see Elissa as more than just an innocent victim. They feel she has antagonized Amanda (smirking, smiling, talking about her when she’s not around…etc). I would probably emphasize the same thing the guys are trying to emphasize –> BOTH women need to be the bigger person without constantly being locked in a relationship of loving to hate each other.

      • However, they don’t say that to Amanda, they patronize her and then tell Elissa that Elissa need to be the bigger person. If they’re going to call one out then they should do the other. For example last night, Andy was in the rooms other Amanda telling her she’s right for acting the way she does towards Elissa and when Elissa confronted him about it, his excuse was he was just saying that so that to get Amanda to stop talking about it and so that she doesn’t get upset. BS, Andy is a punk and always takes Amanda’s side. I’m so tired of all of there’s HGs talking trash about one person, but then allows another to bully and be mean to that person and not stand up for what’s right.

        Also, so what Elissa laughs at Amanda, it’s better than going off the deep end the way Amanda does and calling people nasty names and talking about other people’s family members. Amanda came into the LR as started with Elissa. They’re all guilty of talking about one another behind each person’spassword back – Andy and Spncer does it all of the time and Andy says some. Dry disgusting things himself. He said yesterday that he wanted to punch Elissa in her face – they’re a bunch of hypocrites.

      • Some good points as always Sah. I think you said it best though when you described it as ”Elissa’s behaviour is better than what Amanda has done”. (which I agree). But can we both also agree that NEITHER of these women (plus the men who have just sat there and watched) are innocent? All have demonstrated very poor social skills and wouldn’t make most people’s ”Friends” list.

      • True indeed. It’s very disturbing to see Adults (and I use that term lightly) act in such a disturbing behavior. I do understand they’re playing a game but their behavior is beyond “game,” IMO it’s who they truly are in real life and that’s scary.

      • I agree there’s definitely some truth in there (despite it being a fake environment with purposely planted dynamics)… Keep up the good work Sah! :)

      • To quote Elisss “don’t get it twisted”, Amanda repeatedly attacks her and she defends herself, she is not fighting.

        Amanda has been a stupid bitch to Elissa so the fact that Elissa is alive pisses her off, that is Amanda’s problem not Elissa.

        Elissa is a bigger and better person than Amanda. She has yet to say anything to Amanda about th fact that she is a monster in a she monster’s clothing.

        And in what world is complimenting Jessie, provoking Amanda? I don’t understand. Elissa thinks Jessie was the only 10, since Amanda thinks her opinion is worthless why does it matter? Only to an insane person, Amanda, is that an attack.

      • She’s also the only person in the house who’s used the n-word. But let’s give her a free pass too!

      • Did I say she was a good person, or did I say she was the only one who showed some guts? I think this whole group is pretty awful and I don’t condone any of that racist junk. How about if we stick to what I said?

  25. You guys think this nomination ceremony was the best part? Lol…wait til Amanda walks out the house and get booed. Hahaha…priceless! I can’t wait!! We all saw what happen to Aaryn, jus imagine Amanda’s exit. Lol

  26. Really you guys,as bad as it is what Amanda is saying Elissa is just as bad. Amanda may be loud and aggressive but Elissa is just horrible and mean but in a very passive way. The things she has said to and about other houseguests is horrible.
    When Amanda leaves and we all know she will, who’s left that has actually been playing the game. There’s not one person there that deserves to win this now. They all got dragged along and saved many times by different people and now they’re the ones left. You may not like Amanda,nor do I sometimes, or some of the things she does but at least she played and played hard. She got a number of people saved in her little group that now have turned on her. I know that’s the game but this is going to be the most boring bunch of people left ever. We can always hope that Spencer will create and name yet another alliance, I wonder if this group has the record for the number of alliances created named and then had it fall apart.

    • I agree Karen. At this point in time we really are just dealing with different types of bad behaviour. Elissa antagonizes and talks about Amanda. Amanda bullies and threatens Elissa. Round and round. And it’s surprising that so many people have forgotten the level of disappointment we have with Spencer and GM. I really don’t know what to say about this season other than I hope next year is better… Hoping for McCrae & Judd in the finals only because they’ve not really done the same things the rest have.

      • This entire season has been an exhibition of bad behavior on all fronts, from all corners, and of all dimensions and degrees.
        Selection of a winner (or loser), for that matter will be akin to going to a federal supermax prison and selecting the most profane and violent!

        Really just have watch and scratch your head!

        Great insights tho!

      • Thanks Cdn! I really find the level of hatred the house guests have (well not all of them, just some of them) is mind boggling. It really takes something deep inside to be broken and hurt in order to have the amount of racist, elitist, sexist and homophobic things said this season. But who are we left with in the house? Amanda, Spencer, GM, and Elissa (Aaryn only just left). Chances are we’ll be rewarding one of these people with 1/2 million dollars, hard to imagine.

      • She is far from decent. The only decent person left is Andy. It’s amazing that once Amanda is gone this week, Andy is the only person left who has actually played the game. And yet, because he’s the only person playing the game, he’s labelled a rat.

      • Andy is far from decent. He has made some very nasty statements himself towards Elissa and other HGs. Just yesterday he said he wanted to punch Elissa in the face and called her and c*^t.

      • I certainly do not believe I am better than anyone reading/writing in this forum, or the TV viewing public, but REALLY??
        Look at how low we are all stooping to understand, rationalize or defend that prior to this “Reality Frenzy” we would have certainly dismissed as silly!
        . . .so this is entertainment? Omg, remember when we used to laugh at people hooked on WWF?
        Now that’s progress. . .too damn funny


      • Again well said! But before I bend too much in that direction, I too must take a step back and remind myself that neither am I free from blemish nor character weakness, so I’m an imperfect person marvelling at imperfect people who are on a show for entertainment purposes.

      • McC is a vile, disgusting man. She keeps using the c word when describing Elissa. All Elissa has done is not play Amanda’ s game. She in no way antagonized Amanda. She may have said some things about her, but that was after Amanda’s non-stop verbal abuse. So glad she is being evicted.

      • Wow really philly what show have you been watching, Elissa is one of the most passive aggressive hateful people I’ve ever seen on this show. She says hateful and awful things to and about people and then goes whining and crying that people are picking on her. As just one example she said some awful and hurtful things to Amanda the night of McCrae’s birthday party and that was long before Amanda starting doing any of this to her. So just because you don’t like Amanda please don’t cherry pick and claim that Elissa has “in no way antagonized Amanda” that is just so not true. Elissa may not be yelling and screaming like Amanda but at least you know where Amanda stands, Elissa does her nastiness in secret most times which in my book is far worse.

      • Judd’s said disparaging comments about women before, and McCrae both supports Amanda’s crazy, offensive behavior (as long as it doesn’t affect his game) and spews some offensive things himself.

        I’m not a fan of Elissa but she’s at least on par with Judd and McCrae if not less offensive than the latter.

      • Oh that could be. I have to admit I haven’t been watching the live feeds (moreso getting updates on here and from friends who have live feeds). What has McCrae & Judd said that is comparable to the comments of Elissa?

      • Judd & McCrae & Spenser called Candice names repeatedly… And nope she didn’t do anything to them..they just followed Aaryn, GM, & Amanda. My question is what should Elissa do…she just laughs at Amanda’s ignorance. What else do folks want….

      • Which names? (Not doubting, just that people who don’t like them have only referred to them doing ”something” but nobody has named anything specific which makes me a bit suspicious)… The other house guests have videos on youtube and whatnot showing what they’ve said/done, but I haven’t really seen any on McCrae & Judd that has shown a behavioural pattern similar to the others in the house.

      • Judd & Spenser repeatedly called Candice Black B#@##. McCrae has went along with all of Amanda’s mess….and until he thought it would be a problem for his game NEVER tried to stop her. Excuse me but maybe some will call Elissa “stuck up” but I call her smart, classy, and refuses to be intimidated…. She irks Amanda because she refuse to stoop to her level.

      • OMG I can’t stop laughing seriously smart and classy.
        Your definition of smart and classy is obviously not mine.
        The only thing that she has done that has been in any way smart is most times not all, when she has made her terrible remarks about people she does it with only an audience of 1 or 2 so she can deny deny deny. Just because you’re not making sexist racist remarks doesn’t mean you’re not saying terrible disgusting things to and about people.
        Frankly saying all these horrible things to an audience of only 1 or 2 is far more destructive because then people as a whole are unclear where you stand or what you stand for if anything.

        And McCrae is vile and disgusting because he didn’t stop Amanda, seriously, it’s not his job nor is it up to him to stop Amanda.

      • I seriously believe that something has been misunderstood or misinterpreted in the game play contractual agreement, simply because it does not make sense that an adult would make some of these comments on live TV?
        Could they mistakenly think some of this banter is being edited?


      • It really varies on how people would actually make their comments, because as flies of the wall, we can’t be sure if it’s in the context with the complete intent of hurting people. Others have been very clear and on point with Judd and McCrae, doesn’t seem like the type of guys who harass women.

  27. What really kills me is Amanda really thinks she is the hero and the only one willing to stand up to the “evil bully” Elissa. And don’t get me wrong, Elissa is very annoying, but aside from making fun of Amanda in her dominatrix outfit on McCrae’s birthday, Elissa hasn’t been mean to Amanda. But to be honest, Amanda can look very attractive sometimes, but that swimsuit was not flattering at all.

    On a different but related topic, all season I was trying to think of who Elissa sounded like. Then it hit me. When Anne Hathaway hosts Saturday Night Live and does her Katie Holmes impression, Elissa sounds just like that with her breathy pauses.

    • Did you miss the part where Elissa spent 3 hours telling anyone who would listen how Amanda is a terrible person for having a miscarriage right before the show, that she should have been home in grief instead of playing the game. When all Amanda had said was that her period was late, she had a positive pregnancy test (which may have been a false positive), and then had her period 3 days later.

      Elissa completely skewed the story. She does this all the time. She did it to Aaryn for weeks. She’ll fixate on a person and then twist around one small thing that they said to make her look like a horrible person. Elissa is playing an extremely personal game. And for this, she’s going to get America’s Favorite Player.

  28. Way to go GM, may Amanda go home and get over self. Talk about Being a bully I hope young are not watching this and don’t learn from her. Best BB was tonight . LOL

  29. Gina Marie made a very good point that nobody has had the balls to put up McCrae and Amanda up until now! She also said Amanda was crazy! So very true. Amanda continually harassing Elissa showed only her desperation! Her bravado about being happy, feeling safe and secure and being sure Elissa and Judd being nominated does not jive with her facial expressions! Obviously, she thought otherwise, because her facial expressions show that she does not have any confidence in what she is saying herself! So, she is deluding herself! I will be very happy if Amanda gets sent to the jury house this week! It will be a treat for Jessie, Candice, Aaryn and Helen. I hope they tape Amanda going into the jury house and show us the reactions of the other evicted house guests!

    • To be fair, Elissa had the balls; she just cared more about getting out the person most able and willing to send her home.

      The others, not so much.

    • Elissa was the first one with balls. She wanted Aaryn out, which was the better move because Aaryn was better at comps.

      • Not only that but Elissa tried for 4 weeks straight to get her out beginning when Amanda was first nominated as MVP choice, but the others didnt back her. So when she Gina,ky was in power she showed she had balls.

      • That is subject to debate. I think putting up McCrae and Amanda on the block is still the best move last week. Since, Amanda got off, if Elissa still wanted Aaryn on the block, she could have put up Aaryn as the renom and it would have been McCrae and Aaryn on the block! That would have given you more flexibility depending on who you want out!

      • Problem is, McCranda has the support of their 3AM alliance so there’s a greater probability she won’t get her intended outcome with her post-Veto nominations. Dismantling the alliance is the best way to weaken Amanda’s weeks-long dominance in the house before she is shown the door.

  30. oh omg They are gonna shower in the HOH.. Gotta go….McCraes skinny ass & her fat ass just ain’t what I wanna take to dreamville tonite….outta of the HOH

    • She needs to cover that back side of hers up at all times. Between the cottage cheese thighs and her yeast infection, I find myself reaching for the Mylanta several times a show.

      • only 28 (???) and all that cellulite and that stomach roll….yea right I think Elissa is 27 so that should tell u something..

      • Really fly! Seriously!! You go on and on about how horrible Amanda is and then not once but twice throw in a fat joke. Wow! I see now why you like Elissa she doesn’t appear to have any tolerance for anyone over a size 0 either!!

  31. Amanda asked GM to use her HOH room w/ McCrazy? How bold? Amanda brings an unsanitary element to the house! Please BB;do not reward this behavior!

    • No not bold GM already told her the night of the nominations that they could have the room for one night like she had given it to them before. I know you don’t like Amanda but don’t start making stuff up to try and push your point further for how bad Amanda is.

    • Just saw that too… How stupid can he be? As a “super fan” like he claims to be he should know that to win POV and not use it on yourself just guarantees you a trip out the door.

      • take another look Are u gonna believe somebody that is answering/ or talking to their own post??? Just look…

      • Early on BBAD GM was talking about how Mcrae was thinking about using the veto on Amanda if GM was to put up Elissa or Judd. He reasoning was that he thinks he can beat Judd and Elissa. It’s not a for sure thing. I think he was just thinking about it. At this point Mcranda is trying to do anything to save themselves.

      • Spencer said he won’t let McCrae make such a stupid move. They are all talking about how it would be the dumbest move in BB history, although I think Brendan did the same thing to save Rachel, didn’t he?

      • Yep, Brendon did use the Veto he won as a nominee on Rachel. However, he redeemed his game when he won against Lawon the right to be brought back into the house pre-Jury.

    • Well, he’s going home. And he deserves it, too, if he uses the pov on that useless troll. Uh oh, my ugly side is coming out…

    • Amandals making no sense but why is GM not telling her what’s really going on in the house.
      Amanda is telling GM is she doesn’t put up Elissa the whole house will be gunning for her. The truth is, and Amanda refuses to accept it, is the whole house wants her or McCrae out.
      She is also using the Nick thing and Evlissa evicting Aaryn while she was trying to save Aaryn. But she wanted to save Aaryn by having GM go home!!!
      GM is trying to explain to Amanda that she and McCrae are together and everyone else is alone and that when it gets to final 4 Amanda and McCrae will take each other. Amanda’s reply is, but that later not now! The problem is there are only a few people left and they are 2 votes!!!
      Honestly I do not understand how GM is keeping her cool. I would tell her that she is wrong about the rest of the house and that they are all behind GM and want McCranda broken up, including Andy.

      • I think GM, just like the others have been bullied by Amanda so much that it is just not worth it to hear all the ranting and raving that will follow by upsetting her. They know she is leaving, so it’s just not worth the trouble to get her hysterical when they know she is leaving anyway. I am personally tired of it.

  32. I could of swore something told GM that Skank wanted elissa to put up Gm when skank won pov and took mcdumb off the block last week

    • I know that you hate Amanda but using hurtful words (like skank) to describe her, that makes you mean which is what you go after Amanda for.

  33. Amanda only makes sense in her mind. First she says Elissa and Judd are working together. Then she says Judd wants Elissa to go up as the replacement nomination.

      • Yes, but the point I was making is she is contradicting herself.

        She is also lying to GM and telling her she wanted to take GM along with Aaryn to the final 5. Um, we have it on tape. She wanted Elissa to put up GM instead of Andy last week so they could vote GM out and save Andy.
        Didn’t Aaryn tell GM not to trust Amanda and McCrae and to get them out? I thought she also told her to work with Elissa. I could be mistaken. I can’t follow all of the tomfoolery.

    • You have to remember she tells people what they want to hear. When you tell that many lies, you begin to get them mixed up. You forget who you told what lie to.

    • It would be one thing I Amanda looked like she was playing GM, but I think she actually believes what she is saying. Her arguments are dumb and her ego is getting in the way of the facts. Amanda thinks everyone in the house except GM is after Elissa this week.

    • I always wonder what is going on in McCrae’s head when he just sits there saying nothing. I used to think he was contemplative, but now I think there is only an “Out of Order” sign hanging inside his cranium.

  34. Can not tell you how supremely disappointed I am in McCrae. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was still playing and interested in winning, but his tearful DR session after the nomination was the icing on the cake. He cares more about a meaningless “showmance” with an irrational bully then he does in winning Big Brother. How pathetic.

    • The worst part about McCrae is that he doesn’t care that everyone thinks Amanda has his balls in a jar next to her bed. His apathy, even about his own pride, is what he is made of now.

  35. Thought of AMANDA just reminded me of a childhood movie, BAD SEED. That little girl was an evil brat struck by lightening in the end. Guess GM’ s nom hit AMANDA like a BOLT.

  36. GM just turned Amanda’s arguments around on her with McCrae. Amanda said everyone hates Elissa and wants her out. So GM told McCrae, everyone hates Elissa and no one will work with her – and she will be the target next week, not me. HAHA. Amanda is learning she is not as smart as she thinks she is.

  37. Amanda’s problem is that she is not as smart as Elissa. Amanda has absolutely no clue what is going on in the house. She doesn’t know who is working with whom and she has not idea how the rest of the house feels about her. Elissa on the other hand has a very good grasp of where everyone is and she knows she is a target of certain people. Her comments about never being voted out were bravado and button pushing.
    Amanda says GMs moves make no sense. Well they don’t if you believe Andy and Spencer are with your alliance and not against you. But she refuses to believe these people would want her out. That is her mistake and it is why she will go home Thursday. And good riddance.

  38. WELL AMANDA just let Judd know that Andy is a rat & a weasel She has spilled her guts and helped them to decide get McCrae out the door next…ANDYS GAME IS OVER AS WELL

    • She pulling a Jessie? That’s funny. Maybe she wants McCrae out next so they can be in the jury house together. Amanda would be crazy enough to do something like that. I hope Judd or Elissa wins HOH so she can have her wish. Actually, make it Judd. I want Elissa to be HOH when Andy goes home. Then GM can remove Spencer.

      After that I don’t care who wins.

  39. Kudos to GM for making the move to get Amanda out…now could someone please get her an English tutor!!!

  40. GM’s key has a higher IQ than her. It’s probably well spoken too and embarrassed when GM butchers the English language. GM had two BFF’s and allies in the house, Nick and Aaryn and who put them on the block when they got eliminated? Someone tell her this is not an audition for the next cast of Jersey Shore and it’s BB. : )

      • Because the strong players knocked each other off and she cruised to some weird floaters Exterminator alliance with a few weeks to go. *yawn*. Good for her though, hope she wins some cash so she’s not stuck on some “N!**er Insurance” at home with mom.

      • Pay attention to the game, it is what our delicate flower, GM calls welfare…I was mocking her.

      • So much for season of no floaters. This is the season of all floaters. All thanks to the MVP twist. Thanks, production!

      • Agreed, I don’t think they will use that twist again. That was obviously a ploy to keep Elissa happy and the Reilly fans involved. Kinda backfired on them.

  41. It’s amazing how you guys Don’t see ELISSA for the cruel witch she s as well. Amanda is at least in your face honest and yes and asshole..but elissa has no regard for anyone but herself. They are both despicable people.

  42. I can’t believe how piggish Amanda really is…telling McC to go poop in GM’s hoh room. And, of course, they want to “use” her hoh room again. Doesn’t GM realize what they will really DO in her bed?! I’d be afraid to even sit on that bed after they’ve finished with it. I’d also be afraid of what little “present” McC would leave in her bed, especially after she nominated them…

    And if I hear Elissa say ” oh my gosh” one more time I’m gonna shoot something while screaming.

    OK…I feel better now

    • LOL. I said the same thing about Elissa a few days ago. Then I realized its because she doesn’t use any four letter words. So instead of using teh F word all the time and getting bleeped out on After Dark, she says “gosh”. I am more accustomed to the F word now so Elissa sounds annoying!

      • I honestly think it’s the way she moans while saying that. And she moans responses all the time as well. I don’t know which is worse though…Elissa moaning, or silence every time GM opens her mouth (because every other word is an f-bomb).

  43. Another thing…why is production encouraging GM’s psychotic obsession with Nick by giving her pics of him for her hoh room? She’s already gotten suicidal over him and had to be counseled by the staff psychologist (and for her eating disorder as well). How in the world did she pass all the screening?

  44. Need to get all the comments sent to Scamanda so she can see what people think of her. “I’m not mean, Elissa is mean” give me a break.

  45. On the live feed last night, a shouting match between Amanda & GM was very intense. Amanda was coming up with every reason why someone else should be voted out. GM sure was holding her own in the discussion concerning Amanda’s eviction . Plus, the shower scene with McCranda was sickening. It was obvious to those watching .

  46. Amanda go home, your a bully, ugly inside and out and I think your crazy. One mind your yelling and the next your crying. MCCRAY CRAY!!!!!

  47. Wow I am certainly amazed. This whole thread is mostly about what a horrible person Amanda is and the various reasons for that and yet the horrible things being said and terrible names being used to describe Amanda are some of the worst things I’ve heard.
    Alot of you on here are saying some of the most vile things about this woman while talking about how horrible she is. Do you not see the irony here??? I suppose the justification is “she did it first”?? Really because if that is your justification, she didn’t.

    What exactly has she done that is so horrible, she’s played the game and played it well. The things she’s saying right now although horrible yes, each and every one of these people have said the same if not worse they just haven’t been screaming it out for the whole house to hear all at once. Because you say it quietly or in secret it’s better and it’s okay??
    People on here are calling her unstable, fat, has cellulite, old, ugly, dirty and the list goes on and she’s the bully?? Oh right but she did it first so it’s okay and you’re doing it behind the safety of your computer screen, how bold!

  48. I have been religiously watching BB for years, and don’t believe that I have ever EVER seen a bigger bully than amanda. I can’t wait until she gets voted out, and hope she NEVER comes back as a “villian”, “bully”, OR “most hated” player, or what ever CBS wants to call the nasty players (that seem to be good for the ratings). My nasty opinion is that Amanda needs to get back on her antipsycotic meds, and quickly.

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