Big Brother 15 – Week 10 Weekend Wrap-Up

Judd in his chicken suit

What a weekend in the Big Brother house! We had an exciting nomination ceremony, fights, stressed out HGs, and a Veto competition that turned the house upside once again. If you haven’t been watching the Live Feeds then you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun! Grab your 2-day free trial and see what other fans are enjoying.

Here’s your quick recap of all the spoilers that have happened since the last episode.

Head of Household:
The HoH comp didn’t finish up on the live show and it was blocked from the Feeds but once things resumed we saw the winner revealed. GinaMarie secured her second reign as HoH. This was good news for viewers hoping for someone to come in and challenge McCranda and of course very bad news for the McCranda fans.

Having just lost her closest ally in Aaryn, GM was looking out for her new alliance, The Exterminators. Putting them in charge this week would definitely change things up.

No Have-Nots again this week. That could finally be over for the summer.

Luxury Competition:
Since there was no Have-Not comp the HGs instead faced off in a luxury competition that left the house looking like a disaster zone. From what we heard the HGs had to search through confetti and balloons to find tokens with the first to get a set of pieces winning a $10,000 prize.

The competition was allotted a full hour, but Spencer managed to find all the pieces for himself in under four minutes, according to Judd. It sounds like production expected different HGs to find the various tokens and then have to barter with one another to trade. Instead Spencer wrapped things up all on his own very quickly.

If you read rumors that one HG found a Diamond Power of Veto during the competition, that is not true. If it were then we would have immediately covered that as it’d be huge, game changing news. There is no Diamond Power of Veto at play this week.

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Friday brought an exciting round of nominations. The last power couple in the game had stood mostly unchallenged all season and they thought they were set to make it another week. Instead GinaMarie blindsided Amanda and McCrae by nominating the two of them together insuring the HGs would have the chance to send one of them home.

Power of Veto:
The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. Exterminators set their sights on McCrae for eviction and wouldn’t you know it, McCrae went and won the Veto. Despite silly hopes that he could be talked in to using it on Amanda McCrae is definitely going to save himself and then hope to negotiate to save Amanda on Thursday.

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What’s Next?
The Veto Ceremony will be held early on Monday. McCrae is going to take himself down and GinaMarie will have to name a renom. Spencer has currently volunteered with the option to rescind that offer if something crazy happens between now and then. But with limited options it makes the most sense to put up an Exterminator to both hide their alliance while still controlling the vote.

This is set to be an exciting week as we march toward the Double Eviction on Thursday where we will most definitely see Amanda evicted in the first round. After that the “it’s rigged for Amanda” hobbyists will have to find something new to do with their time. As for who goes in the second round, well that’s anybody’s guess as so much can happen. Fun times ahead! Sign-up for the Live Feeds and watch it all for yourself!

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  1. Hopefully Andy soon follows Demanda in part 2 of the double eviction. Hope Elissa wins HoH, McPizzaBoy wins veto and Andy gets exterminated… I mean evicted.

      • Amanda will not handle that very well. She is an unstable person and CBS knows it. Her exit interview will be the kid gloves variety. Say what you want about Aaryn but she remained pretty calm during the grilling.

      • She was on the edge, you could see it in her eyes. She was in shock, she didn’t expect that at all.

      • But she didn’t burst out crying and have a breakdown either because that is what Amanda might do.

      • It should be interesting. My gut still tells me Julie will not speak to Amanda the same way she spoke to Aaryn. I’m no fan of Aaryn (she needs a lot of growing and a lot of education), but I can’t help but feel Julie really crossed the line when she went after Aaryn (if the same treatment isn’t given to Amanda, Spencer and GM).

      • you’ve got to be kidding me? Julie crossed NO lines at all calling Aaryn out on all the racist remarks she made regardless of how she conducts the exit interviews with anyone else.

      • I checked some of the laws on the books and talked with several lawyers and in the U.S., racist comments are not illegal. Although discouraged for obvioius reasons, these “alleged” racist houseguests have not committed any crime. For the host to be chastising a HG for “legal” comments is uncalled for and should not be condoned by CBS. It is almost inevitable that any of the houseguests accused of this will undoubtedly win a lawsuit against CBS. In this land of litiguous citizens and the multitude of hungry lawyers, this will spell doom for CBS.

      • I hope you are right…that will be a more accurate response from her. She needs to be called on her racism and her henpecked behavior toward Mccrea.

      • Nooo Amanda is just gonna get totally pissed and sull up while making excuses like “being in that house does things to u” or ” It was Elissas fault cause she would not kiss my ass when I bent over.” anything excuse she can come up with she will inorder not to accept responsibility. Aaryn blamed it on being from Texas. Lets see who Amanda blames her behavior on.

      • naw… CBS cannot serve Aaryn upon a platter without doing the same to Amanda. That would certainly not be fair to Aaryn in that it would make her look like the lone racist/bigot. I believe Amanda will get hers.

      • I agree Prince…Amanda thinks she has been a saint! She truly believes she has done no wrong and deserves to be America’s Best! Mccrea needs to have his head examined about a permanent relationship with her!

    • Yes, otherwise I will have lost a LOT of respect for Julie and have no other recourse but to consider her a hypocrite and a bully. I am hoping she will show the integrity of her journalist background by using the same tone, same method, and reading some of the same type of quotes back to Amanda as she did Aaryn.

      • you aren’t very bright are you? calling Julie Chen a “Bully” or a “Hypocrite”, it’s not your place to demand how she does her job and I’m sure she would care less about the loss of respect “you” have for her with your ignorant statements.

    • Hpoe Julie will also point out that Amanda was called a racist name .The K word referring to her being Jewish.Although I didnt here her complain.

  2. McRae is so goofy. Constantly biting his nails…..part of his immaturity I guess. Mama Amanda should tell him that is unsanitary.

  3. It appears that Amanda is staying as she found a Diamond Power of Veto in the Luxury Comp. We’ll see Monday.

    • she didn’t find it thats just a rumor. The luxury comp. airs tonight so if she did find it we’d have to see it tonight.

      • There’s only the view of a hand that sort of looks like it is coming out from the back of the aparatus (which at best is somewhat fuzzy, and hard to see where it is in relation to her foot). It’s not a view of somebody pushing her as once again the conspiracy theorists have tried to insist upon (after they dropped the fix for Elissa, then the fix for Amanda, then after she’s gone it’ll be the fix for….um…Spencer, yeah Spener)!

  4. thank you Matt for the clarification on the Diamond Power of Veto so it does look like Amanda is going home even if the rat and wacko boyfriend vote for her to stay it would be a tie and GM will break it and send her out
    It will be interesting to see what the rat will do go with the house or what?

  5. I know Thursday is a double eviction and all, but I am SERIOUSLY HOPING for some jury house footage

    • doubt there will be time. because CBS is not gonna deny Julie or the viewers an interview with AMANDA. The votes evictions & pov will be quick.

      • With me being on here reminding everyone that I’ll be watching to see if Julie shows the same treatment towards Amanda’s as she did towards Aaryn.

  6. On BBAD last night…Spencer was going through an Elissa HOH scenario and said if one of her nominees wins the POV, she would use either Spencer or Andy as replacements when Andy interrupted and said he could not go up as if he won something during the luxury comp. Anyone know what that’s about??

    • I don’t think he meant “can’t” as in, it is not possible. I think he meant it in the “I don’t want to go up because I will be evicted and I will kill myself if I am evicted at Elissa’s hand” kind of way.

  7. I’m one of those people who says the show is rigged and amanda is the chosen winner and there is nothing I would love more than to be proven wrong. I am so excited for amanda to walk out the door on thursday night.

  8. So happy McC won pov as it sends Amanda out first! She irks the hell out of me with her sense of entitlement and skanky ass ways. She and her boytoy slept in GMs bed, DID NOT wash her sheets,and then asked to have the room again! Disgusting!!!

  9. It sucks because I feel elissa will be nextafter tthe 1st eviction and bc of andy whos just mad bc she figured out his ratty ways. The stuff he says behind her back wow!! She is never that nasty

    • Elissa gets to play for HOH. Hopefully, she wins it again and puts up Andy with McCrae. That would be the best! Send Andy to the jury house next!

    • You’re right…Andy is a two-faced pu$$y…and Elissa is the only one left who’s truly a good person. Her & Judd are the only two left I can stand…hopefully they’ll be the last two standing!

  10. McStinky has a huge wart he’s chewing on. Not his dirty fingernails. He looks like he smells and I can almost smell him through the screen yuck;

  11. ok Amanda is going to send Andy or McCrae to GM with this pitch: McCrae is gonna use the veto on Amanda if GM puts up Elissa. Amanda thinks in doing this that McCrae (who stays on the block) will be safe and Elissa gets the boot. Amanda does not know that their real target this week was McCrae.

    • I was thinking that McCrae using it to save Amanda might be a good ploy for them but this is why GM needs to put Andy up instead of Elissa. If McCrae stays on the block, Judd and Elissa will vote him out so no matter what GM can still send him home, which as you said is what she wanted in the first place.

      I want Amanda out, but it would be kind of gratifying to watch another one of her schemes blow up in her face too. Imagine how she would feel if she concocted such a plan and McCrae wound up going home?

      • The fact that she would let McCrae save her at the risk of his own safety speaks volumes about her character.

      • That’s been settled already, hasn’t it? :>)

        I don’t think McCrae will do it, but Andy and Spencer told him yesterday they have his back so maybe Amanda thinks they have 3 votes if McCrae goes up against Elissa.

        She will get the shock of her life if she is saved and GM nominates Andy or Spencer!

      • It would be fun to watch her reaction. I do know that she has an issue handling disappointment. McCrae leaving would be akin to taking away her favorite toy. If anyone thinks she’s crying too much now, just wait…

    • After Amanda came out of DR, she attempted to go to HOH rm, but it was closed. She then sat in the bench bathroom and started thinking. I wont be surprised if DR asked her “Have you thought of McCrae using the Veto on you and possibly saving both of you n the process?” You know if this happens, and McCrae gets evicted?..It will be the best blindside of the season, and Amanda will be crazier than ever….I don’t think Production will have a problem with that scenario…lol

  12. Big, tough Amanda, terrorizing the vulnerable in the house, is finally getting hers, and, honestly, her crying has got me fed up. When my kids were growing up and didn’t get what they wanted they never behaved as poorly as this 28 year old (I think). And someone should give Andy a piece of cheese, catch him, and release him outside…

    • No no you need to take him at least 1km away from where you found him, otherwise he’ll find his way back in!

  13. Amanda spoke to Andy, telling him how Judd doesn’t have GM’s best interests at heart…funny, wasn’t Amanda trying to get GM evicted last week?

    • Yes. In fact that entire episode of her running around yelling at Elissa and then having Andy console Elissa was designed to get Elissa to put GM up and not Andy.

  14. Joker’s tweet: Andy ask: Does McCrae sleep this much in his normal life? Amanda: He said he does, its annoying. It won’t happen if he moves in with me.

    Amanda really think McCrea is into her. I have a hard time believing this will last more than 5 minutes after the finale show.

    • Doesn’t amanda have a boyfriend in the real world? I thought she was talking about him to arryn.

      • Either that or found the next little fake boobed hottie that wants him for his…er…um…mind…yeah his mind.

      • well from doctor to lazy I sleep all day pizza boy Amanda sure knows how to get down in the world

      • Oh no, don’t forget she was pretty convinced he was a top exec or genius or something else (in secret) that would sustain her lifestyle of plastic surgery, shopping for gucci bags, and drinking wine with the other socialites. She’s a real catch and a class act.

      • Ohhhh… ha ha. Thought you were taking a playful jab at me (which is fine too) but kinda had me wondering why.

        You are restored Ella. ;)

      • no never I meant about the 2 of them like 2 peas in a pod ot it takes a pig to know another pig

      • She did (maybe does?) but she said in the first week to McCrae, ”I can’t believe I’m doing this, I have a boyfriend…. oh well, looks like I won’t have to worry about him anymore.”

  15. Latest: McCrae, finally proposed to GM the idea of using the Veto on Amanda as long as he knows who is she putting up. Of course we know who he wants (Elissa). If they could pull this off and blindside McCrae, Marcellus could pass the crown to McCrae and have the title of the dumbest move in BB history.

    …I have to add, the Rat should be the replacement nominee because he still works with McCrae. …and how would Amanda handle this?…oh sh*t !!!

    • McCrea told GM that if she renom Elissa, then he would take himself off, because he think that Amanda against Elissa, Elissa will be voted out.

      • GM will never put up Elissa. GM will give him the answer tonight. She warned him though that in the past season it is a stupid move. She’s not cut throat. She should have lied and told him, do it and you’re safe, and send his a*s out the door.

      • Yea she won’t put up Elissa, but she could tell him she would and not do it. Depend who they really want out first. I hope McCrea use the veto on him, and Amanda goes out.

    • It would serve them right. Let’s look at who is asking to control the game: Amanda and McCrae…total HOH’s? 1. Andy and Spencer…total HOH’s? 1. No wonder everyone is listening to them.

    • Their “plan” was to pitch the “plan” to GM and then not keep their part of the deal. I did not understand that cause McCrae has to make his decision 1st and then GM does the renom. So if McCrae gives the veto to Amanda he is still on the block against either Judd or Spencer cause GM told Elissa & Andy that they were not her choice. McCrae & Amanda both think that they have the votes to stay. Somehow they think that neither will be voted out. Andy cannot vote to keep either one cause he will lose his status with the EXTs. And the one that is left will come after his ass.

      • If Elissa is the renom, yes they can do that. McCrae would still be on the block but Spencer, Andy and Amanda can vote Elissa out. If Andy is up, it will be 2 and 2, GM tie breaker and could send McCrae out., or it could even be majority.

      • The thing is Elissa is going to be the renom, even if they make a “deal” with GM. She’s already stated she’s not putting her up regardless. They’re just so stupid and delusional because they don’t even get how they have to play their hand first and then GM would play hers. So if they don’t do what they say they’re going to do it would be no need for her to even think about putting Elissa up.

      • This is why I keep saying they’re both delusional. Because they have to play their hand first and if he doesn’t use it on Amanda what would be the point of renom Elissa. They’re so stupid by thinking they can outsmart someone when they have to show their hand first. I can’t with these two – STUPID.

    • It should be Andy to make sure Amanda goes home! No need to complicate it. Just vote Amanda out. They can go after McCrae and Andy the next week if they win HOH!

  16. Does anyone know what ever happened to the TMZ report that Spencer was being investigated after his child porn comment he made on big brother ?

  17. I hear they are telling mcdumb if he uses the veto on skank they’ll put up elissa and vote jer out but they are really gonna vote him out..if they do that skank is going to blow her top shes gonna cry but also get mad for being betrayed

  18. Love Elissa telling Andy to not get the situation with Amanda harassing her twisted…Andy is such a wus…I can not for the life of me understand why he’s always sticking up for Psycho crazy chick Amanda…

    • Yes I loved it too. No one besides Elissa has the balls to tell Amanda she’s disgusting. Everyone patronizes her which makes it worst. I’m sure if there was someone in the house like Brendon who would telll her about herself she wouldn’t act the way she did. But then again, if any of the men stood up to her others would say he was wrong because he shouldn’t speak to a woman like that. I’m so over Amanda and her disgusting behavior; it’s time for her to go.

  19. Amanda is a good actress. No way she really believe she.s really a victim. That’s all for the gallery.

    • And Pizza boys the one telling her to play the victim…they hate Elissa so much that they are both delusional…

  20. In the end aaryn apologized for any one she had hurt whether she meant it or not is unclear but I bet amanda sits there blaming elissa for everything. All of amanda bad behavour was elissa’s fault.

    • That’s was awesome! She had no response for that either. I just wish someone would stand up to her and tell her that her behavior is despicable and that she’s a bully and needs to grow up. Everyone (besides Elissa) patronizes her instead of speaking the truth.

  21. Andy and Spencer are very loyal to each other, and will work with McCrae when Amanda is gone. They will target Elissa on the next eviction. Andy said he will go insane if he goes under Elissa’s hand. I will start fasting next week and pray hard that the Rat gets evicted by Elissa. lol

  22. This is the first time I understood what Judd was saying…Stay tune America…you are gonna want to miss this….lol

  23. One of GM’s quotes from this episode: “It’s going to be the ‘most biggest’ eviction yet.”
    I facepalmed at that grammar.

  24. Get the popcorn popping, you will not want to take restroom break. This BB espisode the best ever! Here are Amanda sayings>>Elissa has a god complex. She antagonizes me taunts me>>Elissa just walks away! Amanda continues to say>> I am not a bad person. ROTFLMOA the edit this week was very enlighten for America. Thank you BB!

    • I agree 100%…Amanda is a price of work…I know no one in this house is perfect..they all have lied…but I’m still trying to figure out what Elissa did to her.

      • Nope you didn’t miss anything. Capt. right, Amanda is a brat and wants everyone to do things her way and Elissa isn’t doing it and got the ball rolling because now the others are going to either.

    • Yes. I was in here crying laughing. She’s the delusional and stupid one. I’m so confused as to how Elissa is antagonizing her when she’s the one following Elissa starting fights with her. I’m so happy that they edited things good this week so that America can see the truth and see who’s the aggressor. She came in the room starting with Elissa yet called Elissa a bitch when she pushed her buttons – she’s the one that’s bat-shit crazy – “for sure.”

  25. Bahhahahahaha!!! The look on Amanda’s face when Elissa’s key was pulled was PRICELESS! Amanda is so self-centered and delusional that she really expects everyone to play her game and do what she would do instead of making the smartest move which is put up her and her boo. She so disgusting with her nasty behavior towards people and thinking she’s so much smarter than them. Can’t wait to see her gone on Thursday. Tomorrow’s going to be a fun day in the house after the veto ceremony.

  26. Amanda in the DR Judd and Elissa are going up. Um nah ah…GM is stupid>>>before the nominations were done…Badda Bing..Nom happen…they edited the epic fight that happened in the HOH room. Still after the nomination Amanda says this doesn’t make sense. If that dummy GM get me out of the house. HAhaHAhaHa I am dying of laughter! Oh, and McCrae’s crying DR Blahahaha

    • CTHU. I was in here dying of laughter too. I think they will show the pic fight on Wednesday because it ended with them getting up from the nominations. Everything you touched on was exactly how I was reacting. I was cracking the hell up in my room watching this episode – it was great and I’m sure Wednesday is going to be even better.

  27. Amanda: as HOH u have to get out strong power couples (referring to Elissa & Judd)… GM:..hmmm and nodding her head….yep couldn’t happen to a more deserving couple.

    • GM this is what I would do, put up Judd and Elissa. GM ummmhmm gotcha. Amanda throwing Andy name out for protection…Amanda I have played a pitival point in to the HOH evictions. GM ummhumm GM’s DR I am Blonde but not dumb. I am not Aaryn!

      • Wasn’t that great. She continues to make her and McCrae a much larger target every time she speaks, while exposes Andy at the same time.

  28. If you want to vomit. Amanda just told Judd?Spencer she paid for her vaJJ hair is lasered off. brb I have to puke!

    • Wait how about when she showed him her armpits and her said I hope you kept your receipt – bahahahahahah. Spencer always takes jabs at her and I love every bit of it. I don’t see her crying about Spencer antagonizing her – oh but maybe he needs to walk away first – LOL

      • She believes she and Spenser are one, that is why she doesn’t care. They are both nasty and crass. Spencer says in their porn room. Eww

  29. I am so happy that finally someone was not scared to put up Amanada and McCrea. GM mad the biggest move tet this season….Bye Bye Amanda….Don’t let the door hit you where the sun don’t shine…….I absolutely can’t stand Amanda and I am so happy to finally see her go. The next person that needs to go is Andy as he is two faced and jumps from one group of people to another. I hope Judd abd Elissa are the last two standing in the end. They are my favorite two players this season.

    • Wow…now all of a sudden Amanada doesn’t want to be in that house anymore bucause GM didn’t do what she wanted her to do and put up the people Amanda wanted her to put up. I loved GM comment Can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. That was great. Well looks like Amanada will be going Bye….Bye….tomorrow night….Thank god. Hoping Elissa wins HOH and puts up Andy and McCrea up. Andy needs to go next since he is so two faced jumping from one group to another. Can’t wanit until tomorrow night when Julie finally gets to talk to Amanda….

  30. Spencer and Andy don’t trust Judd. There goes the Exterminators. I knew it wouldn’t last.
    After next thusday it going to be Spencer/Andy/McCrea against GM/Elissa/Judd.

    • I agree. McCrea is mad that Amanda is going to be evicted, do to GM. He hates Judd with coming back in to the house clean slate. Elissa because no one thinks she deserves the money. Andy hates Elissa cause she is onto his BS. Spencer has been floating with Andy and McCrae.

  31. Bye-Bye Amanda you are truly a mean person, you should be reading the great book like your showmance McCrae, maybe you wouldn;t be so cruel…..Really!

  32. Hopefully Andy soon follows Amanda in the double eviction. Hope Elissa wins HoH, McPizzaBoy McCrae wins veto and Andy gets exterminated… I mean evicted.Time to go Hopity Hop to the Jury house Andy goes…..

  33. I would put that psycho-B!tch out of my HOH room! If she says, “It doesn’t make sense one more time, I’m jumping through this phone screen and choking her ass!

  34. Yes can’t wait for the double eviction, either pizza boy or the rat Andy gone, then the game began. Hope Judd team up with Ginamarie n Elissa n he wins BB15

  35. True she is a hen picking person, n she is lying 2 GM, that she wanted 2 b there 4 Aaryn, she was there only 4 that RAT Andy, she n that pig pizza boy, n also Andy the RAT

  36. I hope Elissa sit by her self n study the game from day one what happen
    Who was evicted, HOH winner, stuff in the house that was there n which was removed, how long it took to win HOH, who would say what n so on as this week will be trivial question. I want her 2 win HOH n put McCra n the RAT Andy up

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