Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Thursday Highlights


It was eviction day in the Big Brother 15 house and things went as planned. Jessie is gone and there’s a new Head of Household. It didn’t take us long after Aaryn won to start hearing what Amanda’s plan for the week is.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013

9:48 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

10:46 AM BBT – Aaryn tells Jessie she knows she’ll be backdoored next week.

11:13 AM BBT – Aaryn asks Jessie to not let Candice slander her even more in the jury house.

11:45 AM BBT – Trivia. Live show set-up.

1:10 PM BBT – Feeds return.

1:14 PM BBT – Helen is annoyed by Jessie saying she would not vote for Helen to win Big Brother.

3:14 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Live Show prep and actual live show.

7:03 PM BBT – Feeds return. As we saw on the episode, Aaryn won Head of Household and Amanda lost. Amanda is very upset.

7:06 PM BBT – Aaryn says she tried to throw the competition to Amanda, but Amanda didn’t know the answer soon enough.

7:07 PM BBT – Amanda is upset that she still hasn’t won anything and won’t get to see photos of her family. She goes off to the storage room and cries behind a recycling bin.

7:12 PM BBT – Aaryn and GinaMarie are mad because Elissa didn’t want to sit by them at the HOH competition.

7:20 PM BBT – Amanda is mad that McCrae asked her why she can’t win anything.

7:25 PM BBT – McCrae is trying to comfort Amanda in the have-not room.

7:27 PM BBT – Amanda is getting mad because she’s making all the plans and Aaryn is executing them. She says she feels like Aaryn will win by playing Amanda’s game.

7:33 PM BBT – Amanda’s plan is for Aaryn to nominate Elissa and Helen and tell Helen she’s just the pawn and Elissa is the target. And then they’ll evict Helen.

8:05 PM BBT – Andy talking about the tweet Julie read about them not making big moves. He’s not happy about that.

9:00 PM BBT – Spencer says he hopes Jessie gets pregnant by Judd in the jury house.

9:34 PM BBT – Amanda says she told the Diary Room she threw the HOH and they said “no you didn’t.”

9:53 PM BBT – Helen tells McCrae she thinks Aaryn will put her up this week and tell her she’s a pawn.

10:22 PM BBT – Aaryn gets her HOH room key. They houseguests all go up to see her room, yet again.

10:40 PM BBT – Helen is trying to defend Elissa to Aaryn and the others, hoping to get her off their radar.

11:28 PM BBT – Helen tells Elissa that Aaryn and GM are not happy with her because they kept her safe and she didn’t want to sit next to them. Helen tells her they might be putting her up for eviction. Helen doesn’t seem to have any idea that she’s the target.

11:50 PM BBT – Elissa threatening to walk if she gets evicted instead of going to Jury.

12:20 AM BBT – Spencer and McCrae hoping Elissa does leave the game altogether so someone else has a chance at America’s Favorite.

1:45 AM BBT – McCrae wants to mess with Elissa’s head before the Veto comp to throw her off. In case it’s a luxury comp, McCrae thinks they should designate one player to take those so others can focus on winning the Veto. Spencer says he’d do that. Amanda says no.

2:20 AM BBT – Aaryn working on her nomination speech. Amanda suggests she say’s putting up Helen because she’s racist.

3:00 AM BBT – Aaryn and GM discussing Spencer. They don’t trust him and want to keep an eye on him.

4:00 AM BBT – HGs all asleep and getting ready for Friday’s fun.

So right now, it looks like Helen is the target with Elissa as a pawn. But it a lot can happen and after Julie dropped the hint to the houseguests that fans think they’re boring, maybe they’ll do something.

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  1. Andy thinks getting Jessie out is a “big” move, come on. It was I am afraid to show my true colors so I better hide now. And if Rachel, um I meet Elissa wants to walk………. bye , don’t let the door get stuck on you liver lips on your way out.

    • Andy and the rest of the dummies wanted to blindside Jessie (their big move). However, they are so stupid and couldn’t even get that right.

      • Jessie got evicted but, she got loud cheers and applause when she got out! Atleast, the viewing public appreciates her trying her best to play her game against everyone in the Big Brother House. I hope she wins America’s Favorite Player. She certainly deserves it! I loved how Helen got cornered near the chessboard and say she could not recall saying she wanted Amanda out! Everyone heard Helen and knew she was lying! Jessie shredded Helen’s game to pieces! Serves Helen right! It would be nice if Helen got evicted this week then, she can join Judd, Candice and Jessie in the jury house. Jessie can expose Helen’s lies to everyone including Judd who was blaming Jessie for his eviction!

      • Andy blindsiding her is a dumb. Way to go Andy send someone hurt and upset to the jury and early. So she can make everyone hate you if you make final 2 doubt it.

  2. andy’s the biggest wimp and so scared to get “blood on his hands”, is a cop out. Another unanimous vote last night! “Shocker!” McCranda needs to go, as does Helen. I’d now like to see Spencer win. At least he plays his own game and will call them out in a heartbeat.

  3. If Andy was upset over the tweet that the lovely Julie read, he is really going to be upset when he gets out of the house and finds out that pretty much everyone thinks this is the worst season ever.

    • Andy will be pretty upset when he gets evicted because he believes he is playing a very smart game! He is a tad smarter than Helen but, not by much! And Aaryn is smarter than both Helen and Andy! LOL
      And yet, the smartest person in the Big Brother House is (drum roll) Amanda! She has not won a single HOH and yet, she is able to dictate to everyone else who is going to get evicted and when and who is voting who out and who is forming an alliance with who! It was her plan for McCrae and Andy to form a fake alliance with Helen!

  4. This is the most boring season and no one can think for themselves. Why is everyone doing what “the house” wants?? There is only one winner in Big Brother and its not the HOUSE! Amanda has to go. I think McCrae would actually be good without her but as long as she is there no one will think for themselves. I can’t wait for her to find out that America voted to put her on the block!!!

  5. So here is how it is going to go:
    Helen/Elissa: Helen gone 5-0
    Elissa/Returning HG: Elissa gone 5-0
    Returning HG/Spencer: Returning HG gone 4-0
    GM/Spencer: GM gone 3-0
    Spencer/Aaryn: Aaryn gone 2-0
    Amanda/Andy: Andy gone
    Amanda vs. McCrae: Amanda for the win – since it is rigged
    I see unanimous votes from here until the end of the season

    • They just have one more slot left. Julie said the evicted house guest will come after this week’s eviction. So, whatever competition it is will be a short one so, if Helen gets evicted, it will be Helen, Judd, Jessie and Candice fighting to get back into the Big Brother House! I will root for Jessie because she knows who is in an alliance with whom and can do the most damage to the other remaining house guests game!

      • But I think Judd is the only one who could create an alliance with who is left in the house. Or if Helen came right back in guns blazing. That could be fun too.

      • There is no one left in the house except Gina Marie, Spencer and Elissa. If they were smart—-they will form an alliance with whoever returns, preferably Jessie. Jessie is the best person to come back because she is not afraid of both Helen and Amanda and stood up to them! If they can form that alliance—-they can still take out some of the bad guys like McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Aaryn. It will be 4 versus 4 which is an even split!
        Problem is Gina Marie is the only one to have won an HOH and Jessie won a POV but, given to her by Judd.

    • I sure hope that they don’t have this rigged for Amanda because she has not won anything if its fixed that way this will be my last year watching BB because it is so boring also….

    • And she is turning back into the diva beotch she was at the beginning of the game. I wonder if Amanda is starting to worry about Aaryn winning the HOH comp every time she plays in one.

    • Well,its apparently, Aaron got more game,I don’t like it, but ,CBS picked these pitiful houseguest.

    • Yeah, but, Aaryn is still a puppet of Amanda! If this keeps up Amanda and McCrea will be in Final 2!

  6. Yes this season is boring.
    Yes we want Amanda and Aaryn out.
    Clearly another week of pointless tv.

      • If the two of them are gone, I don’t know what the other houseguests would do? Who would they nominate or vote for without being told? I think CBS would just have to end the game because no one would make any decisions.

      • That’s the truth==with their leaders gone the other freaks would just stand outside with their heads looking to the sky== and drown when the first rain would fall!

  7. Here Aaryn go, worried about Candice yet again… Seems to me that she knows what people think of her outside BB house and, trying to do everything she can to deflect the situation on Candice, that what bigots do, they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. I personally hope Candice don’t come back into that house. Now don’t get me wrong, i would love to see her win the game, but I don’t think she should have to endure all of the racism thats in the BB house. AS for Amanda sore losing a** She and Helen is on my last nerves!!!! as i stated last week, McCrea has forgot he came to play for himself and now playing for Amanda, all because she pitching a bi**h fit about she never wins any competitions. That totally unfair for his game. NOW, she trying to say Helen is a racist!!!! unbelievable. I think Amanda will win the game simply because she doing everything necessary and unnecessary to win that money. Amanda is like the pied piper, she got all them dummies following her. Aaryn should have been gone way before now, and now she is winning all the comps and looking more of a threat to the house. If she had any real sense, she would let the house know she was their puppet for her last 3 HOH and she would be making her own decisions on what she wanted to do for her game. BUT I doubt that she will stop kissing a** to play her own game. AS for Andy I cant wait till BB is over and he finds out that America thought that not only their game was lame but, they was the sorriest cast of bigots and misfits ever in BB history….

    • Asryn the racist perpetrator now thinks she is the victim, please. And, Amanda is crazy as hell. She is a racist slut and she needs to up her dosage of medicine. GM, an illiterate racist thug and a gutter mouth (in more ways that one) needs to find the first psycho-therapist (oh wait, she is seeing a therapist while in the house….hope what works for her) and she needs to drop back into school. Woooo, I feel so much better this morning. Good morning, all.

    • Aaryn if she wanted too can turn this game upside down! She is a beast in competitions and now is a good time as any to put up McCrea and Amanda and if one gets off via POV—-put Helen in place! The whole house would cower in fear if Aaryn did that! Aaryn should realise that Amanda and McCrea will not take her to Final 2 even if she makes Final 3. They will take each other! That is just common sense. Break them up and she can take over the game winning HOH and POV over and over and taking out Amanda, Helen and McCrae who is left to stop Aaryn from winning that $500,000? There is just Gina Marie, Elissa and Spencer and Aaryn can win taking one of those three with her to Final 2!

      • They have to beat her in the Final three not to take her. I don’t get why people always suggest houseguests to turn on their alliance.

      • You are playing for $500,000 and not for your alliance. Aaryn would in effect be handing McCrae and Amanda the check for $500,000 if she is dumb enough to see that if either one or the other won HOH in Final 3 that Aaryn would be the one evicted! That is just common sense! Even the best players turn on their alliance at some point. You all cannot be in Final 2. And if you are trying to win that $500,000—-you eliminate anyone who is in your way!
        And if Aaryn ends up in Final 2, she wants a floater and not Amanda beside her!

      • Okay lets look at your strategy…
        Aaryn puts up Amanda and McCrae this week… Okay burn that bridge.
        Lets say like you said one wins veto. and She puts up Helen. Burn bridge number 2
        Now Aaryn cant play in next weeks HoH.. Who is going to protect her. when she basically burn everyone in the house other than Spencer and GM.

      • I have thought this too about putting them up and back dooring Helen then Amanda needs to go. Only because Helen is more dangerous then all of them she is smarter and able to brainwash them.

      • Helen is not that smart and between the two, Amanda is way smarter even if she has not won HOH! Amanda is able to manipulate and threaten the other house guests to do her bidding! Helen evicted those who were on her side and now, she is at the point of being evicted herself. And there is no one left except Elissa but, Aaryn if she sticks to plan will put both of them on the block which means Helen stands a good chance of eviction this week!

      • Gina Marie has told Aaryn that she is being used and is doing all the dirty work but it evidently fell on deaf ears. Aaryn is still playing the game for somebody else to win.

      • That’s hilarious coming from GM, who has done nothing but what others have told her. Even her HOH was a waste. She just did what they wanted her to and convinced her she was running things.

      • How GM is still in the house–I will never know! I wanted her out first because I didn’t want to hear that shrill voice all season! She is so stupid!! But, then again, the whole house, together, couldn’t arrange a trip to the bathroom! I still can’t wait for to hear that she has been fired from her beloved pageant life!! She will have to wear her crown to the unemployment office!!

  8. ” after Julie dropped the hint to the houseguests that fans think they’re boring, maybe they’ll do something.”
    Sorry Matt, beside Andy who got litlle hint (still doesn’t get it completely), that one went half a mile over their head. Clueless, I tell you, Clueless. Big time.
    Worst BB crew of all-time. Not even close.

    • Julie needs to be more direct with her comments. Although Amanda seemed to get the hint that Julie was telling her she’s paranoid.

      • I don’t she can. She can throw hints here and there but she can’t spit it all out as a largae amount of exposure to the outside world could affect their gameplay.

        The HG’s should be smart enough to get a clue. Especially Candice over that whole “house meeting with Spencer” not too long ago.

  9. “12:20 AM BBT – Spencer and McCrae hoping Elissa does leave the game altogether so someone else has a chance at America’s Favorite.”
    At this point, I think Julie Chen deserve America Favorite Player.

  10. “9:00 PM BBT – Spencer says he hopes Jessie gets pregnant by Judd in the jury house.”
    Please bring in Dr. Phil. I’m shaking my head. I don’t even understand why would any sane person would come up with a concept like that.

    • Bulletin; Spencer is not sane and shows very little empathy. Not to mention all the disgusting sexual remarks he makes. He is one messed up dude.

  11. “9:34 PM BBT – Amanda says she told the Diary Room she threw the HOH and they said “no you didn’t.””

    I’m sorry, but this made me laugh a lot.

  12. Now if only Amanda got evicted, then shed have to win to stay in this game! I’m hoping that neither Elissa nor Helen get evicted.
    1. Elissa (skill/luck) and Helen (thinking game) have both won competitions. While the members of the jury have only won 2 (but Judd won while trying to throw it and Jessie won by Judd throwing it)
    2. If Helen or Elissa gets evicted, things may go on as normal. Judd will go back to Mcranda, Candice and Jessie would probably get evicted within 2 weeks.
    The best thing that could happen is to take out Amanda who hasn’t won anything, and the person brought back would most likely be able to impact the game with Amanda being gone!

    • Did you watch BBAD last night? Elissa was upset about something – again – before the HOH competition. It was either that fact that the HOH comp was a mental comp which she felt she couldn’t win or she was upset because she misses her family. She says it was the latter although she goes back and forth. In any case, she claims she got up off the couch not because she didn’t want to sit with Aaryn and GM but because she wanted to be alone. Aaryn and GM got upset about it and Helen tried to help Elissa by explaining it to them. Why? I have no idea because I think Helen did more harm than good. But it gets worse. Helen starts telling Elissa, again, what she should do. This only upsets Elissa even more. Elissa, in a very emotional moment, tells Helen that if she is evicted this week she is not going to the jury house. She will just go home. Helen runs right back up to the HOH room and tells everyone what Elissa said, Helen was fake crying the whole time, I guess hoping for sympathy trying to save herself.

      A couple of points: Elissa has these emotional fits which make her look really bad. This situation was huge last night and gave Aaryn the ammo she needs to put her on the block and get her out. I believe Elissa when she said she was just upset about missing her family but Elissa refuses to go to people like Jessie did and apologize if they took her actions the wrong way. This is a huge character flaw.

      Helen was despicable in how she threw Elissa under the bus. She was clearly trying to make Elissa a bigger target than herself. Helen has a penchant for getting rid of her only allies.

      Both of them deserve to go home, but for her betrayal of her allies, I hope its Helen first.

      • I’m pretty sure Helen has realized that she is this week’s target, at this point she is just trying to stay in the game. If she can deflect the target onto Elissa, why wouldn’t she.

        But the reason why I dont want Helen or Elissa getting evicted this week is because I would like a jury member to come back.
        We don’t know what this competition is, it could be a mental competition or it could be a skill one like in bb13 (when brendon re-entered the game)

      • Helen has been warned numerous times by Jessee by Candice by Elissa and yesterday by ( of all people) Aaryn not to trust Andy Amanda or McCrae but the stupid bitch just keeps on & on tightening the noose around her neck.

      • Aaryn planned to put Elissa up anyway ( which Elissa already expected) Elissa just gave her more of a reason to do so..

  13. 2:20 AM BBT – Aaryn working on her nomination speech. Amanda suggests she say’s putting up Helen because she’s racist.

    I need clarification. Is Amanda saying that Aaryn is the racist and that she’s putting up Helen because of that? Or is Amanda saying that Helen is racist and that that’s why she’s going up? Cause isn’t Aaryn the racist? These HGs are effed up. All of them. If any season should have had the coaching it’s these guys…not last year.

    • That was a sarcastic comment on her part. Basically she was trying to make fun of all the racist accusations (which are founded) thrown at her and clownie.

      • See I missed the sarcasm because these HGs logic is illogical so I can’t figure out from the updates if they’re serious.

  14. I’m not mad at Andy for making the moves or lack there of last week. He was sitting well with both Helen and McCranda, and he has no enemies after his HOH. Aaryn is stuck and I don’t think she wanted to win this HOH. Amanda will target her for sure next week. She will take not throwing the HOH as a lack of trust and see Aaryn as a threat. So Aaryn would be best siding with Helen at this point instead of Amanda. But Amanda will bully her into submission just like she does to everyone.

      • It was funny that she was forced to win because Amanda sucks so bad at these comps. McCrae learned his lesson and threw it to her by guessing wrong. Aaryn should have followed his lead.

  15. CBS, needs to sign off Big Brother. Each year it gets worse, and the showing of racism,is absolutely sick. If I did,t know better, I would have thought this was the 18th century.

    • They just need someone that can cast the show. There need to be more difference in ages! This group of morons are all within 10 years of each other and have not one drop of (good) personality. My Wire Fox Terrier can cast Big Brother better than that!!!

  16. Julie clearly stated the jury members who have been evicted up to next Thursday will compete with one another to determine who goes back into the house. The viewers will not have a hand in it so it’s highly doubtful Elissa will win. She isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed IMO. For someone who is suppose to be a big BB fan she doesn’t seem to be able to come up with details from past seasons.
    Elissa really screwed up by being the biotch to Aaryn and GM just prior to the show starting. She gave them the perfect excuse to put her on the block and now she says she’ll evict if she is chosen to go to jury. She should be ashamed of herself. Thousands of people have wanted to be on the show and would enjoy the ENTIRE experience even if they were sent to jury.

    • I agree with you, but in Elissa’s defense, her only defense, she said that during an emotional meltdown. I don’t think she really means it. I don’t mean to sound sexist but Elissa has been fine emotionally for the past few weeks after having had a meltdown about a month ago. I wonder if she is about to have that time of the month again. She may be one of those people who has difficulty with her emotions during that time.

      In any case, her meltdown was not nearly as bad as Helen running up to the HOH room crying and throwing Elissa under the bus in order to get sympathy from the other house guests. She told the other house guests what Elissa said and I think it was to make Elissa a bigger target.

      • It bothers Elissa greatly when the belittling crude remarks about Candice Howard & Jessee keep going as they are gone. Elissa will walk out of the room or away from the conversation. Elissa is considered a snob and above the other HG’s because she does not join in with their bashing games. Elissa will be the only person to leave BB15 with a clear conscience class dignity and able to return to the normal sane life she left. I don’t think the rest of the remaining HGs will find it so easy back in the real world.

      • Never forget Helen is ALWAYS playing the game and if she can put the attention on another hg’s she won’t hesitate (that’s the reason she wants to keep Amanda in the house because she knows she’ll always be a bigger target than Helen).

        I did listen to the conversation between Helen and Elissa and I do believe Helen’s reaction was sincere though over dramatized for her benefit. She already knew in her gut she was going on the block with Elissa without ever being told. One thing’s for sure, she doesn’t miss a beat. I give her kudos for playing the game full tilt even if I don’t like it! rofl

  17. Amanda is complaining that Aaryn is making all her moves and playing her game? Win an HOH or veto then, Amanda! You are terrible at competitions. McRae and Aaryn both gave Amanda had a golden opportunity to win HOH with ease and she still blew it. The only reason people are keeping this bully in the house is because is just plain awful in competitions. Amanda is sickening to watch, McRae needs to cut ties with her soon because she will turn on him before Aaryn. There is NO way the jury allows CBS to cut a check for $500,000 to Amanda with McRae sitting in the chair next to her.

  18. Anyone else think McCrae threw his question to Amanda during the HOH comp? It looked to me like McCrae hit the wrong button on purpose so he wouldn’t knock Amanda out again. I guess her tirade after the last HOH comp taught him a lesson.

    • He probably did and I think Aaryn should have hit the wrong button as well. because it is puttting a bigger target on her every week by winning all these competitions.

      • Agreed. If she threw it to Amanda by picking the wrong answer, she would be safe this week and next week. It would have also built more loyalty between Aaryn and Amanda.

  19. I cannot for the life of me understand why CBS or some of the shows sponsors have not done ( aside from the disclaimer)more to stop the continuing RACIST BIGOTED BELITTLING & PREVERTED REMARKS AND ACTIONS. IT DOES NOT STOP. It continues on and on and on. This week its Elissa’s turn to be on the receiving end with

    • I feel, unfortunately, when I read comments on Yahoo or other websites, a lot of people share some of these racists feelings.

      • That is unfortunate. we’ve had a few comments on this site too, which is disturbing.

        Bottom line is that this is a game and people will say and do anything to win. I did wonder for a while if being a racist or making outlandish comments was the character Aaryn chose to play in this house. Either way it’s disgusting.

    • Well, CBS can always say that it is not happening on their dime. You have to watch the feeds or go on the internet to find out what is truly going on in that house. CBS chose to expose Asryn only. I’m not sure why, though.

    • This is supposed to be an experiment in people’s behavior while confined in the house with others–warts and all. If Big Brother went in and threw everyone out, because they insulted, or said something hurtful–it wouldn’t be long before there would be no one in the house. The only time BB has ever evicted some one, was in the early season, when a houseguest threatened another houseguest life, with a knife. Houseguests, have also been evicted for breaking the rules of the game. This season is really no different then some of the others. In the first seasons there were many racist and sexual comments made, and in the Evil Dick season–the racism flew regularly! Times (even a few years ago) have changed about racist remarks. Things said today, that are considered to be racist, were not as racist as they are now! A few years ago, people let comments, like were made this season, slide. We are more touchy about racism. CBS should never throw anyone out, except if it has to do with safety, or rule breaking! That would destroy the primeis of the game.

  20. Can anyone who watched the feeds last night elaborate on Andy’s frustration about that tweet Julie read? I’m curious on how much he was thrown off by that tidbit of outside info. :))

    • Andy thinks he is playing a great game and he made a great move backdooring Jessie as he terms it. He cannot figure out that most viewers hate the house guests for their lame ass nominations and game play.
      Helen answered Julie by saying Judd’s eviction was a big move which is true but, she neglected to mention that evicting Candice, Howard and Jessie are lame ass moves and not big moves by any stretch. Helen did say that to watch out for more big moves. She might just be
      part of the next big move which is her eviction! The look on her face would be priceless!

      • For a political consultant, she definitely didn’t see this one coming for sure. And here I thought she has the ability to map out scenarios of every possbility available. I can’t believe she would fall for McCrae’s offer of what is actually a fake alliance.

        I’m still rooting for her, right until she either return from eviction last week or maybe Judd or even better, Jessie. :D

      • Helen at this point is damaged goods. Jessie destroyed Helen’s game and it is on Helen’s head too because of the very bad way she treated Jessie who was loyal and on her side! Everyone knows that Helen cannot be trusted and even if she manages to return to the Big Brother House will not last long! I am rooting for Jessie because she will be able to impact the game for sure!

      • If Jessie comes into the game, she will go right back out. Judd is the only one with personal relationships that could form alliances among the other houseguests.

      • Helen sealed her fate by cutting loose her allies and for this week alone, being duped by the very people she’s been told of as dangerous.

        Now I do feel Jessie’s “Operation Bring the House Down” is indeed going to bring Helen down.

        So I wonder what comp the juror in contention will be facing next week. Hopefully endurance or maybe a game of chance again so it would be anyone’s game as to who wins the right to return.

      • Please not a game of chance. I’m almost positive that GM will be the next HOH……please no!

      • If noms are kept the same on Monday post-Veto then at least there’s a guarantee of GM not getting booted out on Thursday.

  21. This is the most boring season ever don’t even want to watch this show anymore. Amanda is a lyer, and bully and what has she won nothing

  22. None of them has done anything to deserve that money. They are all pond scum. I’m done watching. If Amanda wins, then we can all assume the rumor was true that she’s the pre-determined winner. I’ll never watch again!

  23. I did love Spencer’s veto ceremony speech about Andy not doing anything intelligent so far. lol!!! At least he spoke up.

  24. Amanda is such a bully why would she not want to distract Elissa.. a bully that cannot win any fights, then gets mad and crys in corner… HA CRYBABY!!!

  25. Stranger things have happened, especially last season when we thought Dan is going home but has managed to turn things around with his funeral and was on the roll and we were all frustrated that he’s probably be getting the check because the many of the houseguests were duped by him.

    If a returning juror is someone who can manage to turn things around, he/she might just save this season as well. I’m hoping Judd grows an ear to no longer trust the Goof Troupe/Troop and play his own game at this point when he returns. If it’s Jessie coming back, play harder to muster the power to make the big moves that she will definitely take. If it’s Candice, well, she needs to be a lot smarter and play the game with a little blood because Big Brother is ruthless.

  26. Helen you’re not going to win if you keep throwing your allies under the bus, thinking you have what it takes to take on the entire rest of the house by yourself. You’re not all that, and you’re going to lose your chance to win if you don’t deflate your ego.

    • She don’t have any allies left. They have all been evicted and at her hand to hear her tell it.

  27. Please get rid of Helen! I cannot stand watching this backstabbing, lying, heartless person any longer. She has the worst instincts ever, and sends all of her friends home. Had she listened to what Elissa was trying to tell her every week, she’d be in a completely different position. She talks smack about Elissa and others, but yet her instincts are so far off. She believes McCrae’s fake alliance with her. She believes Andy has her back. She overlooked all of the racist comments said to Candice and instead befriends Aaryn. She lies about Jessie and turns on her best friend in the house. She has no integrity or loyalty and will do anything for self gain. My heart went out to Elissa last night when she said she missed her family. Helen should have comforted her and given her a hug as a fellow mom. What does she do instead? She takes this as an opportunity to sell out her best friend in the house for self gain. She has no self respect. There’s something to be said about playing the game and then there’s something even bigger to be said about one’s character. Helen clearly lacks any honor or integrity.

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