Big Brother Celebrity Spoilers: Round 5 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto medallion on Big Brother

We’re back with the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got a look at who could be the final noms for this round of CBB.

Mark is in charge as the new HoH and he sent Brandi and Ari to the Block with his target set on Brandi. Will he still get to see that plan through to the finish? Read on for the results

Okay, a slight caution here. Everything is pointing to these results, but I’ve yet to hear the words “… won Veto” and they don’t seem to wear it around their necks like we’re used to in the summer. Anyway, here we go:

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Round 5 Veto Competition Results:

  • It appears as though Ari won the Power of Veto!

Feeds returned to Brandi worrying to Ross and Marissa who Mark would renom. Brandi is fairly certain she’s the one getting evicted next round. Yep, sure looks like it.

Mark and James went to the exercise room and talked game. He is going to renom Marissa and if they really want to get Brandi out then there shouldn’t be an issue. He’s not giving the other HGs a chance to send out Omarosa instead. Mark plans to tell Marissa, but he’s going to wait because he doesn’t want to have to listen to it longer than he has to.

Competing today we had Mark (HoH) and Brandi & Ari (Noms) along with Marissa, Omarosa, and James as the picked players. Ross was the host and only person not playing.

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  1. I’m glad mark is smart and won’t put Omarosa up, Ross and Marissa where pushing so hard for her it was getting completely obvious they were still trying to keep their original 4, I was getting worried Mark and james didn’t see it. Ps Anyone else think ari and james make an adorably hot couple? I don’t know why she acts like she doesn’t like him but then peeks on him in the shower and was locked arms with him tonight?

    • I think mark still wants the final four to be he, James, Ross and Marissa. He still wants brandi to go so don’t get your hopes up. And I honestly think James and Ari make a cute couple. I think they’re trying to keep their attraction under raps since they know that the house typically try to get out those who look like they’re in a showmance out first

      • No I want Brandi to go that’s y I was worried he’d listen to them about omarosa I meant it’s obvious Ross and Marissa are trying to keep both Brandi and ari to keep their original four

  2. Yes, Mark, yes, yes!!!
    Mom Maria!
    That’s one less vote to save Brandy.

    Now confirm if Ross VTE Brandy
    & If Ari VTE Marissa,
    Then have James and Oma split their votes.
    That way, you cast the tie breaker depending on what you find out closer to Eviction Night!

    If you keep Brandy, tell her she owes you (Mark), and she already hates Oma and James more than you – everyone does.
    If James wins the next HoH, you’re safe anyway.

    • “Cody” won AR….He did just about every challenge without help from Jessica…Which was not the norm for AR…season challenges were set up different…Appeared that “one” team member could do every challenge…Previous seasons the challenges were split/shared…

      • It happens a lot like that from what I’ve seen, There are a couple of times where the other person has to do it. I didn’t see that here, but she had to do the last one.

      • But Jess won the last one when it counted, she WON it for them! Cody could’ve done it and they probably would’ve gotten second or third. It was just right that Jess won it for them! Whoooo!

      • Cody indeed was the reason they were F3. But Jess did win at the end, so I give her credit for that. They both had a hand in them winning. But personally I will never, ever understand their appeal. To each their own. I also felt in the minority rooting for Paul.

    • Wtf???? Im not caught up with that show yet! You shouldn’t have posted such a huge spoiler like that for a different show on this shows message board! That caught me by surprise and really ruined it for me. Boo.

      • I post Jessica and Cody on TAR all the time. Matt doesn’t have a TAR page so I come here. It was right after BB so you should have watched.

      • Touche, I guess in the future I will avoid this site on finale nights for Amazing Race and Survivor if former B.B. players are involved… I guess my own fault for ruining the finale.

      • This is a spoiler site. Did you not know this? If you didn’t want to know what happens, then should have gone somewhere else.

      • This is a spoiler site for big brother, one wouldn’t expect a spoiler, especially one that big, from another show on here. Then when more than one person is mad about you posting it, instead of apologizing you act indignant?Way to ruin it for people and then not even care. You must be one of those people who never admits when they’re wrong. So rude and arrogant.

    • I was actually really surprised I was rooting for them the whole time. They did go up against three other couples was really strong. The best part for me was the fact that ROBOT has a decent smile and it didn’t quite register he won at first. This goes to show us that both of them was really a strong couple in BB house and could have won it last year.

  3. Please nominate Omabit**.
    I was hoping Ari won the veto. I want her and Ross at the end. Of all the girls she is the only one who hasn’t really annoyed me.

  4. JESSICA AND CODY WON! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I didn’t think they could do it, but they DID THE DAMN THING! SO STOKED!
    It was timely that they announced their engagement last week, now I know why.

      • With all due respect I was just voicing my disappointment and hadn’t expected the spoiler for a different program. In retrospect I now see that people wanted to comment about contestants from other seasons and will avoid this site. It is unfortunate, however, that my comments were portrayed as idiotic.

    • I’m happy too. I suspected it so much. Just to see how happy the where on some videos they did. Plus the proposal. Everything pointed to them winning.

  5. oh…I’m up here posting about Amazing Race when I should’ve been posting this:
    Ari seems to be the frontrunner to win. Everybody in the house either wants themselves or Ari to win! She’s playing such a great game!
    I hope Brandi doesn’t go out. Marissa can go eat a rock. I liked her in the beginning, but she’s become too much of a follower and a coward and she’s such a bad liar…and she’s so delusional about how people will have perceived her on the outside!

  6. Best quote of yesterday’s episode (after Brandi saying James is a saint for giving the hoh to Mark) is Omarosa saying “it just hit me… James and Mark have a final 2 deal”. Oh my god. Omarosa, we cant hid anything!!! She’s a mastermind (read this with my most sarcastic tone).

    • I didn’t get tha, again who cares if they do, they should! Everyone but mark and james ( so basically the evil 4 and o) act like no one else has the right to make deals and alliances like hello that’s the game!

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