Big Brother Celebrity Spoilers: Round 3 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

We’re back with the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got a look at who could be the final noms for this round of CBB.

The competition took the Feeds down for just shy of 7.5 hours. We’ve got to get rid of these comps ending at 2AM ET. But it’s over. Finally. We have the spoiler results below so read on to see what this could mean for the week.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Round 3 Veto Competition Results:

  • James won the Power of Veto!

Okay, well obviously James is going to use the Veto to save himself. Who goes up in his spot? Maybe Metta, Mark, or Omarosa. The talk earlier today was about flipping things and keeping Shannon since Brandi was getting worried the guys would have the numbers. Then the talk was getting rid of Omarosa. Who knows. We need a little more time for them to figure this mess out.

Players faced the “Black Box” challenge, a timed comp, and it was messy, messy, messy according to the players. This should be a fun one to watch on Friday’s eviction show.

Competing today we had Ari (HoH) and James & Shannon (Noms) along with Ross, Omarosa, and Brandi as the picked players. We’ll see this in the next episode.

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  1. I’m happy James got it.

    Please get ride of Marissa or Metta.

    Metta brings zero to the game and already tried to leave the house. I hate players like that.

    • I’m not impressed with either one of those either. Metta seems to not be very informed about the world of BB. That might ring true for the world of the other BB, basketball. If that is the case, trying to reach a different audience is the only reason I can see Metta being cast. Chuck and Metta, BB, and the world of sports….that is a big world to intermingle.

    • Yes. But then this needs to happen:The Brari alliance needs to be blown up first. Get both out next. Only for the sheer fun of having to see Rossarissa having to scramble, grovel, and beg. THAT I would watch.

    • Liking Shannon, when she cried she did it when she was alone, not just when she was in front of the other HGs, like an actually sad person does . Think her days are numbered on CBB though . Is it true that Marisa is not washing her hands ??? If so ewwhh and ick,

      • I think Omarosa is going up. At least that’s what Brandi wants and she’s the one controlling the HOH this week. Ari said Mark volunteered to go up so guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I wanted Shannon to go to the end. In the beginning I thought her and Marissa and Ross. But I can’t stand Ross and Marissa now. Marissa backstabbing her friend and Ross is a snake just like Andy was.

      • Fingers crossed, but they have got us watching to find out, Alison you sneaky devil ! Ross has a very expressive face and is very into the game, like most of the players seem to be . It is hard to read Brandi, she is like two eyes peeking through a mask . They should show the HGs hygiene videos, between Matthew and Ravens nightstand, Kevin toothbrush / hairbrush and now Marisa, well we know why the flu spreads so quickly, if more people are like the HGs !

  2. So what are your thoughts on Brandi’s boldface lie? When Brandi was trying to console Shannon and tell her that they are afraid of her because she knows how to play the game, Brandi then tells Shannon and everyone everyone that she, herself, doesn’t know how to play the game. Wait. What? Brandi was on Celeb Big Brother U.K. and was voted out on Day 18 and ended up being in fourth place.

    (Insert James’ sarcasm here)
    Yeah she doesn’t know how to play the game.
    That’s like telling everyone she doesn’t know how to get drunk.

    • Yeah I’m surprised superfans Shannon, Ross, and Marissa didn’t pick up on that. I mean they are superfans, they should know about the UK versions don’t ya think?

      Not so super after all.


      • I think the US version is very different. Because most international versions use the UK format. The US is the only one that uses the jury format.

  3. african american quitters on reality TV go back to every show. rewatch reality shows, it’s what they do. the going gets tough and they quit, simple.

    • White players quit too. SMH What black players in past seasons have quit? Chima was expelled. I don’t recall any quitters . I can’t even recall any white quitters other than Megan last year. One guy had to leave Season 9 maybe because his sister died but have their been quitters?

  4. I need marissa nominated for eviction. Not for her game play but because they showed her on after dark using the facilities…flushing…then leaving out NOT washing her hands & going to put on makeup talking to Brandi then going into the kitchen touching EVERYTHING. LIKE WHYYYYYY big brother have you not said anything?! They told austins triflin behind to wash his filthy hands but they won’t tell a tony winner? OK my rant is over but someone seriously needs to put some soap in her hands STAT! I cringed every time she touched ANYTHING during their feast last night

    • I know right? Some people only wash their hands if they see someone around. But she’s doing that on national tv!!

      • Utterly DISGUSTING! OK fine if you want to be gross at home be gross at home but you’re in a house with other ppl & generously spreading your coodies (or is it cooties? – for lack of a better term) to everybody in the house. That’s pretty much the sole reason why I couldn’t be a contestant on big brother. They have community meals and its always that the nastiest ones are the ones preparing food or always touching something. Ugh she needs to soak her hands in bleach for the remainder of her residency in the BB house

      • It’s funny since today at my work place someone was giving me attitude for using paper to dry my dishes and not the commun dish clothes we have. It’s not ecological.

        I guess that person never saw what Matt did last season!! I’m not going to trust that everyone washes their hand properly before using that thing. So it won’t touch neither my dishes or even my hands.

      • Lol I’m with you on this. I’m retired now and moved to a senior apartment (yeah I’m getting old) and we have parties for different occasions here and have a pot lock. I won’t eat anyone’s food unless it’s from a store already made. Hahaha

      • Smart move but even then you gotta be careful if their disgusting hands get to certain foods 1st. I’m like that anywhere I go. If I’m not the 1st one to partake then I won’t…ESPECIALLY when chips or pickles are involved. Ppl reaching their disgusting hands into a community bag instead of pouring their portion out.

        I was at school a few years ago & I was about to open a giant jar of pickles. I stood there stumped like man I want one but there were no utensils to get one out. This nasty wench comes up next to me & asked why was I just standing there & after I told her why she proceeds to open the jar & put her nasty hands on the jar then had the nerve to try to hand it to me. **insert FACE CRACK here** …needless to say I didn’t get any pickles that day & I’ve been traumatized since 😳.

        The funny but gross part is every since she did that I’d notice other gross behavior from this same troll like buying a piece of pizza, coming to class & laying it directly on her desk…no napkin… line the desk (that students have used throughout the day mind you) was a damn plate.


      • LAWD! What did matt do last season besides lick his beard on his upper lip that pissed me off every time he did it… **ahem** I’m sorry what were you saying again? matts disgusting behavior….

      • After he was playing under the blanket with raven, he used the dishes clothe to clean left over on his stomach and put it back in its place for everyone to use.

    • As punishment BB should make her wear a toilet paper roll dress. She may be the reason people are sick in the house and not the air vents.

      Mother of the Year Scorecard so far:

      1. Lie and Backstab friends for money

      2. Don’t practice good hygiene

      • Better yet they should call each HG besides her to come into the DR where they are all given a hazmat suit that they have to wear until she starts washing her hands. I’m not into shaming people but in this case I’ll make an exception.

      • They need to call her out when the feeds are on. Tell her do you realize everyone is watching you NOT wash your hands on the feeds right now.

      • I don’t see why not. They called austin out. He kept doing it anyway but they still called him out & made other ppl aware of his gross behavior

    • Now hold on a minute. Maybe we’re underestimating her. Maybe we need to give her some credit here. She knows she’s not a strong competitor. Maybe this is her strategy. Weaken everyone’s immune system so that they all have diarrhea. Wasn’t Mark complaining earlier about stomach pains? Maybe she’s an evil mastermind.

      Naw. She’s just gross.

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