Celebrity Big Brother Episode 6 Recap: The House Turns On Shannon

Anyone who thought Omarosa would be toast by now on Celebrity Big Brother was wrong. She’s once again sitting pretty as the house has again decided on a new target.

Wednesday night’s episode picks up right after Keshia’s eviction. Omarosa is thanking people for listening to Keshia. You, know because she was worried for Keshia and it has nothing to do with her staying in the house thanks to Keshia’s request.

And since Monday night’s episode seemed like Keshia’s breastmilk suddenly dried up in that 60 minutes, we get a flashback to two hours before eviction to show us that Keshia had actually started her campaign to leave then.

Keshia tells the others that her breast milk has depleted and she really needs to go home to feed her daughter. Brandi tells her that she has to feed her kids, too — maybe not breast milk, but she still has to feed them. Basically, Brandi thinks Keshia is being selfish because she’s not the only parent in the house. She also says this is messing up her game by Keshia wanting to go home. Omarosa, of course, isn’t thrilled with Brandi berating Keshia like that.

Meanwhile, Shannon doesn’t understand why Keshia made the speech because she thought they were all sending Keshia home anyway. Shannon some how didn’t find out she was a possible backdoor plan and is living in ignorant bliss. For now.

After we get back to this round of Celebrity Big Brother, it’s time for the HOH competition. And it’s basically a miniature golf game. Hey, these celebrities are delicate. OK, so it’s not as easy as it first seemed. They have to be the fastest person to get a hole in one from three different stations. Brandi is up first and gets through the game in 5:56.

Shannon is up next. And she does a bit better than Brandi with 3:04. So Shannon is the one to beat now. Omarosa is up next. She can’t beat Shannon’s time and is out. Marissa follows Omarosa and times out, too. Shannon remains in the lead.

Ariadna is up next and after a bad start, she kicks into gear and ends up with a time of 2:18, beating Shannon. And Omarosa is so happy that you’d think Shannon would be a bit suspicious. Nope. Still ignorant bliss.

Metta is up next and he cannot beat Ari. Mark follows Metta and he lets us know that he’s going to throw this HOH because he does not need to win it. And throw it he does.

James is the last person up. And he almost does it. He misses by one second. Ari wins HOH. And Shannon is happy. And so is Omarosa. The way Omarosa is acting still hasn’t seemed to tip Shannon off.

Shannon and James think Metta and Omaraso are the targets this week so they’re very happy Ari won. Elsewhere, Ross agrees with Metta and Omarosa going up and then backdoor Shannon. But Ari isn’t sure which route she wants to take just yet.

When Ari and Omarosa let Metta in on the target this week, he really likes the idea of Shannon going up but he says Ari has to put up Shannon and James outright. Ross still wants to backdoor Shannon but Ari and Brandi think that’s too risky to let Shannon win veto and save James.

Since the target is set, Ari’s groups decides to not let Metta or Omarosa leave Ari’s side so Shannon and James can’t talk to the HOH about her plans. After at least a half  a day of this (on the Live Feeds it seemed like forever) Shannon FINALLY realizes that that she’s going up. She says she knows since no one will look her in the eyes that she’s their target (Rumor has it Dan Gheesling told her if they won’t look you in the eye, you’re going up before she went in the house).

It’s time for nominations and Shannon starts blowing things up before Ari even comes down stairs with the nomination box. Brandi tells her that she aligned with James and that they’re a dangerous duo. And then Omarosa asks Shannon if she was campaigning against her while she was in the hospital. Shannon says no. Well now there’s no reason for Ari to make her nominations because everyone just confirmed it. What a crazy episode.

When Ari finally does get to make her nominations, she tells James and Shannon that it’s not personal and that they’re the biggest competitiors in the house. Shannon is defeated, but James is ready to fight. Who knows what hill happen come eviction time with these houseguests.

Who do you want to see go home this week?


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    • I’m leaning in that direction as well, AG needs to get busy and do something if Shannon doesn’t win VETO. I can’t wait to see Ross and Marissa on the block.

      • But, if they got rid of Brandi and Ari first, wouldn’t it be SOOO much more fun to watch Ross and Marissa poopin their pants! Two chickens with their heads cut off running around the house, turning on each other! That’s a train wreck I’d like to see. I might not even change the channel then when they are on.

      • Now that I think about it you are absolutely right!

        All reality shows needs a hero and a villain – that ruthlessly plots the hero’s demise.

        Obviously I was thinking in a more emotional manner since Ross and Marissa were getting on my last nerve with their pettiness.

        If those 2 remain in the game the suspense over who will win HOH, POV will be heightened to an unbearable degree – for me at least if Shannon survives this week.

        Fingers crossed for some sort of ‘twist’ to help Shannon.

      • On my side I’m tired of Shannon tears and the way everything is a personal attack. Come on, she’s a grown up successful woman. Her insecurities are way too much.

        I which to see more of Mark and James. I know people find James arrogant, but I kind of like his “I don’t care” character.

      • I can certainly see why Shannon’s feelings are hurt – nobody enjoys being shunned I’m sure. When watching tonight’s episode did you see them calling S. crazy behind her back? That’s a little cruel if this is just a game. Shannon walked into the kitchen and everyone continued to shun her. That’s just being unkind and isn’t necessary.

        I do want to see more of Mark and James and less of Ross and Marissa. I’d enjoy watching an alliance of Mark, James, Shannon and Metta taking out the rest of the house.

        I don’t find James arrogant at all, I think he’s just poking fun at himself which I’m finding hilarious. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him.

      • I guess I was not really paying attention of that particular moment in the kitchen. I might check back. But from what you described I agree it’s wrong and hurtful. But the edited show brings a lot a Shannon crying. Even in week one.

        But I’ll pay more attention instead of rolling my eyes. ;)

        For James we’re definitely on the same page. He’s actually pretty good. Even night one I liked how he reacted about brandy ignoring him. Lol.

        Marissa I can’t anymore. I’m not a fan at all.

        I’m waiting to see what happens to the pov. Best case scenario for me is Marissa or Metta leaving. Metta is such a wild card and brings nothing to the game. Not my type of sens of humor. His hot tube cam talking was really not funny to me. A bad imitation of Dr will came seduction scene.

        Ross I love his DR. But last week HOH got to his head.

      • The longer the game goes on the more their true colors are revealed and Ross and Marissa are not wearing well to put it mildly!

        Brandi really surprised me when she became mad that Keisha was ruining her game by going home to tend to her baby. That left me speechless. She might have been thinking that but who says things like that out loud?

        Another thing that surprised me about the kitchen scene was when Shannon got up to leave the kitchen and said her question had been answered Mark criticized Shannon for even saying that.

        I’m on pins and needles waiting for the POV results. Are you watching BBAD on Pop?

      • Not this season. I usually just go back to YouTube and check some small video. So my jugement might be wrong. I’ll defenit check back the kitchen scene now that you gave me those details.

        About Marissa, I find her very stupid to discard Shannon. She had an avantage to have a true alliance with Shannon and she just did not use it.

        Brandi is weird. I got Keisha wanted to go, but I do not respect her for going in the game with her situation. But how can Brandi think it’s all about her?? How did Keisha screw her game while pre veto, Brandi was rooting for Keisha to go. Is Brandi selfish? Chocked.

      • The whole Ross and Marissa turning on Shannon is still a puzzler for me. I’m hoping both of them will be sorry for doing so in the future when Shannon puts them on the block ;D

        There was another scene tonight you might have missed where Shannon goes up to talk to Ari in her HOH room about nominations and nobody would leave so Shannon just kept sitting there. Finally she gave up and walked out the door and Brandi and others I don’t recall called S. crazy. What’s so crazy about wanting to talk to Ari about nominations? I don’t like these people at all.

        What I think happened is that once Ross and Marissa understood that Shannon would be getting a lot of TV time they wanted to get rid of her so they could be the center of attention.

      • That I saw. Ari and Brandi are definitely the mean girls. But I did not understand why Shannon did simply ask ari to have one on one discussion.

        Ari needed to have Metta as bodyguard? She’s too weak to handle a conversation?

      • The fact that Ari wants to hang around with Brandi tells me all I need to know about her haha! That whole scene was confusing all around but I think Ari’s Diva behavior was rather petty. Ready for her to go. In fact, it would be so much fun to see both Ari and Brandi leave during the double eviction.

      • I want Brandi and Omarosa to have a “Slapdown” where they face off one on one and get to slap the other one across the face after insulting each other. “You’re a vicious alcoholic who’s going to hell!” – SLAP! “You know about as much about politics as I do about sobriety!” – SLAP! And it keeps going on and on until one of them taps out.

      • man-o-man i love the unoriginal “milk shot through my nose” level of explaining how “funny” something was. i also like the “you win the internet” stupidity. HA dumbness.

      • You know what. If you feel that you need to up vote your own comments to feel secure in your life then you do you.

        But it’s still so very sad.

      • You know what, If you feel that you need to not upvote your own comments because you’re an unconfident millennial mush-head, then you do you.

        But it’s still so very stupid.

      • ahhhh, finally proof you’re a millennial, using rote phrasing to ask about “victimhood” geez-o-petes are you silly. i’ll bet you have either purple hair or you’re a male in transition.

      • Oh no, you must be really mad. You forgot to up vote your last comment.

        You’re welcome!

        Why the millennial hate? Is that who hurt you? A millennial?

      • I don’t think it was about them wanting TV time. They don’t seem like that at all. They both seem like players who know the game who are aware that they’re not as good (physically) as Shannon is. So she’s a major, major threat. Neither Ross nor Melissa are going to do well with physical endurance/strength challenges so they’ve got to boot her while they can. If they’d stayed together as an alliance and Shannon won the whole thing we’d all be saying, “Ross and Melissa were STUPID! Why didn’t they dump her when they had the chance?” Don’t you think?

      • Wouldn’t Mark, James or Metta be a bigger physical threat than the willowy Shannon? If Ross and Marissa are so concerned about comp threats then they would be going after the guys, not Shannon.

        So I just chalk it up to human nature, which sometimes makes people behave in a petty, jealous or selfish manner.
        Would the female HG’s be so threatened by Shannon if she were short and chubby?

        What I think is stupid is that if Ross and Marissa really wanted Shannon gone they should have put her on the block to begin with.

        What I also think is stupid is that by Ross and Marissa’s actions they are now at the bottom of a lot of the polls due to their treatment of Shannon.

      • I hear what you’re saying but look at Shannon. She’s done a great job in physical comps. Mark is older and doesn’t seem good at anything physical (calm down, ladies! You know what I mean!) and Metta is a big, bumbling ox. A strong woman has always been a threat in BB physical challenges. They’re gritty, a bit smaller usually (not so much with Shannon) and have a lower center of gravity so if it’s a holding on to something challenge they usually have a tiny bit of an advantage if they’re strong. Shannon certainly is! I agree with you 100% about their (Melissa, not Ross) not bd’ing her. They let the producer’s manipulate the game to remove boring Keshia. (Just an opinion!) :)

      • I had a small suspicion that the producers might have wanted Keshia to take the fall instead of a Shannon blindside. So glad Ross and Marissa didn’t get to have their way on live TV – although Marissa did seem bummed out that she didn’t get her day in the sun so to speak lol.

        I’m not downplaying Shannon’s physical abilities at all, I was just saying there are other bigger threats still in the game. I’ll have to check and see how old Shannon is, she looks to be in her 30’s I would say. Anyway, Arie is much younger and in excellent shape but I didn’t hear anybody complaining about what a physical threat she was after winning HOH.

        Mark admits to throwing comps. Poor Metta wouldn’t stand a chance at any endurance challenge either.

      • Get out of here!!! She’s one athletic lady to be in her 40’s I have to say, another reason to like her now.

      • Oh no Joni, I don’t think we’ve ever liked the same people on BB but I still think you’re great :D

      • Aww that’s sweet. If we all liked the same people, it would get boring. Nice to have some diversity! She’s just a hard person for me to read! She comes off as two-faced sometimes! :-)

      • I think you’re giving Arie a lot of credit. Shannon has proven herself multiple times in physical challenges. Ross and Melissa (is it odd that I keep wanting to type “Rachel” after “Ross and…”) seem to have been planning to wipe out James and Shannon. The two biggest physical threats. Makes sense to me! (Keep in mind I don’t watch the feeds. You probably have a lot more reason to dislike them if you do which is completely fair if they’re both D-bags in the house!) I only see the edited version. I don’t care about Melissa much at all but Ross seems smart about the game and makes me laugh.

      • Ahahaha @ the Ross and Rachel pairing! Loved Marissa in Hairspray with John Travolta playing her mother! :-)

      • You can keep up with what’s going on in the house 24/7 at several different sites such as Jokers Updates. I don’t have the feeds either but I’ve been keeping up at these sites. Since you’re just going by the edited TV version you haven’t seem some of the awful behavior going on and the bullying of Shannon.

        Let’s just say that Ross and Marissa are at the bottom of the polls for a good reason.

        Shannon won 2 comps and Ari won 1 – how is that giving Ari a lot of credit? After all, in one comp Shannon spelled the word Responsibilities while Ari wasn’t even able to form a word so I’m not giving Ari a lot of credit at all mentally, just physically. Shannon hasn’t won a comp in awhile either but she better win the POV comp tonight or she’s probably a goner.

      • Oh, I’m aware of Jokers I just haven’t been interested this round because it’s only three weeks. I didn’t expect to be as interested as I am. Since it’s only three weeks I’m going, “Just TV” to see how I think it differs for me. But thanks for pointing those sites out in case I didn’t know! Much appreciated!

      • I didn’t even intend to watch this either but I decided to take a look at the first episode and watching Shannon I became hooked. When Ross and Marissa decided to stab her in the back the next thing I know I’m over at Jokers and at this site trying to find out what was happening. Once Shannon leaves I’m not too sure I’ll continue watching but it was fun while it lasted.

      • There’s only a week left, right? Hang in there! (It’ll be like sitting through most of Star Wars in 1977 and leaving five minutes before the Death Star blows up!)

      • I admire your fondness for the show but you might be over exaggerating just a little. Once James and Shannon leave, the game
        stops being interesting. It was fun while it lasted. And I got to see “celebrities” reveal themselves a bit. Sometimes for the worse. Ahem…cough…cough…Keisha, Marissa, Ross, and Omarosa. Well with Omarosa I had a preconceived notion and well she was totally predictable. Just when you’ve thought she’s sunk as low as she could go – she finds a basement door. But I think this version of the show is nearing its expiration date and it’s getting time to change the channel. Too bad, I might’ve started tuning into other versions of this show.

      • “Just when you’ve thought she’s sunk as low as she could go – she finds a basement door”

        I love this comment for so many reasons. If I were your HS English teacher I’d be proud of you for this one :D

      • Fair point! I hear you. I meant what I said though. Because this season has been so short and wonky it feels, to me, like if you made it 2 out of three weeks you’d be robbing yourself from seeing the final result. That’s all.

      • To me it will be because if it’s anyone other than Shannon, James or Ross my head’s going to explode. (Just my opinion!)

      • Update: Marissa has overtaken Omarosa as the least favorite. Probably has something to do with her non-stop talking.

      • I wish I was able to do the same sometimes haha!

        Any predictions for a winner?

        I had a feeling from the beginning Mark would win. Now watch him go home on the next episode.

      • It’s really hard to say at this point. I’m rooting for Brandi and Metta to go far. Maybe James…not sure about Mark yet.

      • Mark is keeping a low profile and hasn’t made any enemies yet and throwing comps isn’t a bad idea either. I can see Metta winning too, he’s a likable guy so far. Whoever takes Omarosa to the end will be the winner ha!

      • I was thinking the same thing, if only…
        He’s shot up in the polls too so maybe we aren’t alone in liking him.

      • Wish I could but I don’t get PoP t.v. anymore nor FIY…glad one show I like decided to take themselves to Lifetime channel! Ari did the right thing by putting Shannon on the block instead of trying to BD her! She did awesome in the HoH comp!

      • So true, Ari didn’t behave in a cowardly manner at all.

        Does NBC own the Lifetime channel? I was wondering why Project Runway wasn’t going to be on tomorrow, thought maybe it was due to the Olympics. Gotta have my reality tv fix tomorrow…

      • India, I’ve got a reality tv show for you. If you ever get the chance you need to find and watch Series 2 of The Block, an Austrailian home reno show. 4 couples had to live in a condo while renovating it. When 2 of the couples were suspicious that one of the couples wasn’t actually staying at the condo. They hired a private detective to follow them. It was hilarious.

      • Thank you Dick. I get Dish TV so I’ll try to find this Aussie series. I love anything featuring quirky Aussies :D

      • You know what after tonight’s ep, Mark’s all right in my book. Good on him. When Shannon walked into the room, got shunned by mostly everyone, and then walked back out, he said,”Hey now that’s not the spirit in which we should be playing the game.” I think he then went to talk to Shannon.

        I agree with you India, I want to see more of Mark and James. If I never see Ross and Marissa again it’d be too soon!

      • I honestly couldn’t tell if Mark was censuring Shannon for what she said after she left the kitchen due to being shunned or if Mark’s remarks were directed towards the shunners.

        I must have missed where he went to talk to Shannon so thanks for the info. I’ve had a good opinion of him from the beginning so I was saddened and disappointed by his comment which I misconstrued.

        Still hoping for some kind of miracle with my faves Shannon, Mark, James and Metta joining together to take out the forces of evil j/k
        Being totally realistic here but they’ve got to bring the vile Omarosa along with them for audience entertainment purposes only.

      • I just rewatched that scene and boy I was wrong! Mark said that about Shannon not everyone shunning her. No longer a Mark fan.

      • I want to like Mark too but I don’t understand why he didn’t feel compassion for Shannon.

        Yesterday I read that when Shannon was going up to the HOH to talk to Ari about the noms, the group in the room were looking at the monitor and started saying ‘here comes the ice queen’.

        There might just be a ‘pecking order’ in the BB house. Shannon being an actress has a superior status to lowly reality show cast members with this causing a lot of dislike of S.

        Just found out we are going to be able to cast a vote on the eviction Friday so make sure you get signed up on facebook messenger or your phone option.

        I kinda want to see Mark going home now since the foursome alliance are talking about who to put up against Shannon. It’s a decision between Mark or Omar last I heard.

        I don’t know how this vote thing works but I would like to see Marissa put on the block due to the audience vote.

      • Isn’t one of Sugar Ray’s songs being used for the introduction of the Vikings series on the History channel? I love that song.

      • James has not grown on me like he has others, but I really appreciated what a good sport he was with the baby costume. He pulled that off very well. The fact that he’s not taking sh** from Oma earns him even more style points ;)

  1. If tears were dollar coins Shannon would already have a million dollars. I know it’s hard to be shunned and ignored but crying and being a sore loser isn’t the act of a champion. I realize that females are more emotional than males but she’s coming across like the Captain of a high school cheerleading squad who’s all upset that the army brat who’s new in town has bigger boobs, does better flips and her boyfriend, Dack, (Capt. of the football team) is showing her a lot of attention.

    And the bit at the top of show with Keshia rationalizing her request to leave was junk. “I’ve got to feed my baby! I’m the only source of food for her! I’ve got to feed my baby!” All that was missing (it felt like) was, “This is what the Producers want me to say so we can make sure Omarosa stays in the house!” I actually agreed with Brandi which was shocking. She was contracted to be there for three weeks. Not three years. Was your child not a thought when you signed the contract?

    (Apologies. I really do like the show. It just REALLY feels like things are happening in order to keep Omarosa there purposefully. It doesn’t feel natural.)

    Okay…Got it out of my system. Apologies again.

    Looking forward to the POV comp. James has grown on me quite a bit. I like him a lot.

    • Who am I to judge, but I think it’s just about time she stop breastfeeding her baby if she start to have this issue.

      And why did she went on the show if she is “the food source” of her baby. I don’t get it and have zero sympathy.

      I like the season. The pace is good. But let’s hope they can keep up.

      • I don’t get the whole breastfeeding past the time they have teeth! Her milk supply depleting should give her a clue it’s time to start weaning. I don’t judge though..to each his own. My daughter breastfed her daughter to the age of one…but then my granddaughter was born 3 mos early…still, when my granddaughter started yelling “boobies now” in a restaurant, I let my daughter know it’s time to start weaning! LOLOL

      • Exactly. It’s good to give the best. But you need to stop before the baby ask boobies now. I found it creepy. And again, why going to the show if your breastfeeding a baby?

      • Exactly! I have a feeling Keisha was more uncomfortable being around Omarosa and her “politics” than it had to do with breastfeeding. Just my opinion which is speculation at best! haha

      • Haha! I’m no breast feeding expert at all but I once worked with a lady who was still occasionally giving her 3 year the breast when he insisted upon it. I was a little shocked but then again, I’m not an expert :D

      • When the child starts insisting on the need for “boob time”, that’s when it becomes more of a “comfort” issue than a “main source” for nourishment. I used to whisper in my granddaughter’s ear to bite her mommy hard at her next “comfort” time. She did just that and that’s when my daughter began weaning! hahaha Smart little granddaughter! She’s four now with a baby sister on the way. She cheats on board games too! hahaha I never got the opportunity to breastfeed any of my children as my milk never came in with any one of them. Didn’t have to take that pill to dry them up…my “boobies” never got bigger either. So imagine a huge belly with no boobs or cleavage to speak of! I was mostly all belly and a little neck! hahahahaha

      • My co-worker was so funny and easy-going so I found it hilarious when she kept giving in to her 3 year old – good thing he wasn’t biting her Yikes!

        “All belly and neck” hahaha! I’m sure you were still adorable Joni :D

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