Big Brother Celebrity: A Wish List Cast Of Houseguests

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother on CBS

As soon as Julie Chen announced on Big Brother 19 that we would be getting a Big Brother Celebrity edition in the winter, fans began been tossing out names of who they’d like to see compete. Even Julie got in on the action, saying she’d love to see Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Tonya Harding enter the house.

So we thought we’d put together our own dream cast, a wish list if you will. I think Julie’s dream cast is about the caliber we will be seeing, so I won’t be naming any names like Angelina Jolie or Oprah. I’ll stick to more realistic options. I’m going with 5 males and 5 females since I know it will be a shorter season and don’t expect 16 celebs to be living in the BB house.

Note: This is not the actual cast list. There is no cast list yet and no one has been signed. This list is a discussion who might be considered by casting.

Big Brother Celebrity Dream Cast

Tonya Harding. I’m with Julie on this one. We definitely need some trash in this cast, and no one is trashier than former Olympic skater Tonya Harding. Let’s just hope it’s not a BB8 twist and Nancy Kerrigan gets put in the house with her. Other scandal/trash options: Paris Hilton, Dina Lohan

NeNe Leakes. You know there’s going to be a real housewife on this list so it might as well be NeNe (even if she’s not currently a real housewife). If you want good Diary Room sessions and appropriate wig snatchings, then NeNe is your girl. Other housewives option: Lisa Rinna, Kim Fields, Kyle Richards

Kim Fields. We need an 70s/80s/90s sitcom star, so look no further than Tootie from “The Facts of Life.” She was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, so I know she’s probably down for more reality TV. I don’t think NeNe and Kim would both be on together, since they’re from the same housewives franchise, but they’re both on my list. Sue me. Other sitcom star options: Eve Plumb (imagine the “Sure, Jan” gifs we could use on Twitter), Tracy Gold, Elizabeth Berkeley.

Kathy Griffin with Zingbot on Big Brother

Kathy Griffin. I’m pretty sure Kathy is going to be doing her European tour, but we know she knows Big Brother and we also know she doesn’t care what she says. She’d be an amazing HG for some people to love and some people to hate. And she’d also pair nicely with the following star … Other liberal options: Sarah Silverman, Chrissy Tiegen

Stacey Dash. This actress who starred in “Clueless” takes any opportunity she can get to share her views and opinions. And she and Kathy, who are on opposite sides of politics, would surely have a lot of words in the Big Brother house. Imagine the drama! Other conservative options: Tomi Lehren, Victoria Jackson.

Bobby Moynihan. Not only is he a Big Brother fan, he’s also a CBS star. It’s a given that CBS will coerce one of their stars into doing Big Brother Celebrity. I just hope it’s Bobby. He was literally one of the best parts of Big Brother 19. He gave us more entertainment than the actual 17 houseguests combined. Other CBS star options: Sharon Osborne, Drew Carey

Lance Bass. Speaking of Big Brother fans, I would bet Lance Bass is almost a definite cast member. He loves the game and has even hosted Big Brother weekends at his home. And since NPH probably won’t be playing, Lance can be the token gay. Other token gay options: Andy Cohen, Andy Dick, Justin Johnson (Alyssa Edwards, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”)

Neil Patrick Harrison on BB7

Neil Patrick Harris. Another fan of the show, Neil would probably be the closest thing to A-list we could get. But that being said, he might be too high up to slum it in the Big Brother house (again). But still, it would be great to see him play the game. Other wishful thinking options: David Hasselhoff, Charlie Sheen

Ryan Lochte. You know we’ll have an athlete or two in the house, so I decided on Ryan. I mean, please tell me you saw his reality show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” It was such a beautiful mess. This guy is so ridiculous and so simple-minded, he’d be hilarious to watch “try” to play Big Brother. Other athlete options: Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson

Dustin Diamond. I think we need male sitcom star, don’t you? I would have gone with Steve Urkel, but he’s actually got a real TV job again! So I think Screech would be a good choice. I hear he’s a bit of a mess these days, so why not let him be a mess on our TV screens in the messiest house on TV? Other sitcom guy options: Kirk Cameron, Bob Saget, Christopher Knight, Todd Bridges

I tried to avoid people who have been on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother, but I would love to see LaToya Jackson and Tiffany “New York” Pollard on our version. I’m not sure if them already doing the UK version matters or not, but I doubt we will see them on ours.

Who would your Big Brother Celebrity dream cast be?



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  1. I don’t really like the idea of having political figures thrown in the mix. Would it make for some interesting drama? Of course, it would. But, one thing I notice about the regular BB show is that the Houseguests are discouraged from discussing political issues and I feel that this is for good reason. While some drama is, admittedly, entertaining too much just creates chaos.

  2. Johnny Bananas and CT Tamvurelli of The Real World/The Challenge.

    They’ll be classic alpha males and will do well to competitions even at their silliest form.

    • Well, when you look at Dancing with the Stars… is really a vague term…it only means that these people may have shown their faces once or twice on a random reality show or maybe they were related to someone in the news

    • Most A and B list celebrities have better/more important things going on to sit locked in a house for months.

  3. Kate from Kate plus 8, she’d be like Nicole from season 2 having house meetings about chores and cooking organic meals

  4. Dustin Diamond was on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, back in 2013. He was on shortly after the successful “Secrets and Lies” civilian edition of the show.

  5. I’d be pretty surprised if there were any currently “really famous” celebs. I can’t imagine many of them wanting to be torn away from real life for Big Brother.

    That being said, here is the prediction I made on another site…

    1.Preacher Larson (from AGT)
    2.Jenny “J-Woww” Farley
    3. Stephen Baldwin
    4. Carmen Electra
    5. Bret Michaels
    6 Lacey (from Rock of Love — heck if Bret Michaels is there, this is instant drama)
    7. Kenya Moore
    8. Kristin Cavallari
    9. Kendra Wilkinson
    10. Spencer Pratt
    11. Brooke Hogan
    12. Jack Osborne
    13. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
    14. Johnny Knoxville
    15. Corey Feldman
    16. Nikki Bella

    I think CBS would have a pretty good shot at most of these.

    • Corey Feldman please….what a whack job….Yesssss!! Jwoww is boring now that she is a mom….Bret Michaels wouldn’t make me mad….Johnny Knoxville would never…same for Kristin C. they (think) are to famous for such things.

      • Some of them are long shots, I agree but there has to be some surprises in there. Plus, Knoxville really hasn’t done much lately so I thought he might be CBS’ best shot at a “big name” celebrity.

    • Your list certainly is better improved than the one in print above….CBS if you desire ratings this fall/winter you might want to reconsider your list.

    • Bret Michaels was on my wish list also and one of the Baldwin briothers. I had not thought much about Kendra Wilkinson, but she would be a good choice. Corey Feldman would be interesting too. Some other people on my wish list:
      Charlie Sheen
      Justin Bieber (he is way too A list but it would be awesome)
      Chad Johnson/Ochocinco
      Janelle Evans, Adam Lind or some other Teen Mom star
      Nikki Minaj
      Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton
      Ron Jeremy
      One of the Kardashian/Jenner clan

  6. Wow I don’t have a dream cast but now I know who I don’t want – Tomi Lahren, Nene Leakes, Dustin Diamond – all of this sounds even too trashy for my trash-loving brain to commit to!

  7. I would never watch if Kathy Griffin was on the show.She shoould have been arrested for her actions.Pure trash!

  8. Christopher Knight and Todd Bridges were both recently on battle of network stars so you could get your wish there. Chips stars Erik and Larry were also on. Erik also just did worst cooks in America celebrity addition. Lot of people have been on shows recently.

  9. Bob Sagat would be hilarious! Hell no to Kirk Cameron or any other weirdo Christian bible thumper. Ew.

  10. There is only one place I would want to see Kathy Griffin. Of all the people listed the only one I would watch is Bobby Moynihan.

  11. I am thinking the calibre will be on par with people who were on Celebrity Apprentice. It would be awesome if Vivica A Fox was on it. No Kardashians please, I’ve avoided their stuff like a plague and hope to continue.

  12. Carson Kressley and Melissa Peterman are on worst cooks too and they are both so funny!! I agree no Kathy Griffin I never have liked her. Let’s get Kramer from Seinfeld!!

  13. I hope the best for BB Celebrity …But I don’t see it being successful…Its according to who the producers consider “celebrities”…especially that the viewing audience would like…Hate to say it but ‘Frankie Grande” thinks of himself as a celebrity and that people enjoy seeing him…ahhh NO!!!! on both counts…Most celebrities are employed during the fall and winter months which is when the show would air…I’m guessing that the people they get are gonna be “wanna be” famous…Not being mean or rude…but I can’t think of any tried and true celebrities that would be good on the show…

    • Wow, where did they come up with this list ???
      Could it be worse ???? 😲😵😰😱😨
      Seriously, Kathy Griffin stuck her foot in her mouth, but maybe
      But O.J. ????? how much money will you pay the other HGs to stay, hope you’ll offer free life insurance .
      Oh and like Paris Hilton needs your show, that was funny 😸😸😸😸😸

      • OMG Why not bring back Paul to partner with Debbie…2 know it alls together…Not a fan of Debbie…lol

    • Not sure about any more crossovers. Even tho several BB19 HGs want to go on TAR, that does’t mean we want their leftovers.
      BB had Caleb go over to Survivor and he ‘sicked out’ fairly early and couldn’t make it.
      BUT maybe since no bugs and heat and sweat and unending food available, maybe Survivor casters could survive on BB. Well . . .

    • Anyone with an inkling of show business knows that this is not going to be A or B list celebrities. Like that is not in question at this point. It will be people on the level of Frankie Grande (but hopefully not him) and it should work just fine. Dancing with the Stars has been going on forever with their C and D list cast.

      • yep makes sense…I don’t see how it will be a true BB in that the HGs will be “entertainers” before they enter the house…How are we supposed to know if they are portraying their real “image” or just faking it in playing out a role…??? I just don’t see people who work in the entertainment industry where there are cameras constantly running making for good BB contestants. There will be tooo much phony…If it happens I see it going the way of BBOTT.. into the CBS vault of mistakes…

      • I mean, if that’s what you are looking for from the show then I guess so. I can see your point though but on the flip side, don’t you think ALOT of the regular cast now play up roles anyway? I don’t think what we see in there is specifically how they are. How many comments were there this season about people trying to become famous etc? I think the attraction with celeb BB is that its celebs. The viewers get access to them more so than they usually would. I agree with your comment about being phony, but I guess it depends on who you cast? If you cast a bunch of reality stars/social media personalities then I can see them being fake or playing it up. But if you do like C list actors/ athletes/ personalities not in social media, then I think viewers will see something they have never seen before?

      • I thought BBOTT was fun, or at least more interesting because feeds were almost never blocked. America also made a better choice than the HG have recently.

  14. Ugh. I hope that the majority of the celebrities mentioned above in the article will not be involved in the BB Celebrity, otherwise I most definitely won’t be watching. We need to see new celebrities, not the same old same old. The only Kardashian available would be Robert, and he is boring with a capital B. Kathy Griffin is not someone I would like to see either, besides she would never, ever do it. I like Carson, but we’ve seen him too much. OJ Simpson? For real? CBS would never even consider a murderer for the show, that would be insane. That said, I think CBS has their work cut out for them.

  15. Kathy Griffin and Tonya Harding? No, no, and NO! Neither one of them deserve to hear their names cross any American’s lips EVER AGAIN for reasons each their own! (And FYI, I felt that way about Kathy Griffin BEFORE the political pictures she did earlier this year. She is vile!) Many of the celebrity names in the wish list make me cringe! I hope CBS doesn’t go too low. It would keep me away. I hope CBS goes middle of the road as much as possible and keeps it on the classy side rather than the trashy side!

  16. There has to be a couple that will come from their afternoon soap Y & R and B & B. I’m sure there’s a few with recurring role that could be spare for a few months.

    • You and me both,would rather be run over by a tractor than watch a bunch D minus celebs fall further into the abyss!

  17. If these “celebrities” are Hollywood stars, the House will be 9 vocal Trump hating Liberals & one Conservative.

  18. The fun part will be watching the Trump haters talking among themselves –
    forgetting their on camera – and we get to eavesdrop on how they REALLY feel about things.

  19. A list like that makes me look forward to BB20. I know this is a realistic list but there’s not much there to get me excited.

  20. Count me out,prefer my BB with total strangers,this is just warmed over “Dancing with the Stars” minus the high heels and sequins!

  21. Yikes! Not liking these options…sorry… But I figured it would be something along these lines for the “celebrity” BB.

  22. YES to NEW YORK!
    Back in the day I couldn’t stand her, but upon one of my recent binge watch weekends I fell in love with her through the I Love NY’s and Flava shows. I get it now. I think she would definitely give us, the people, what we want out of Big Brother lol (at least those of us who get excitement out of drama/”realness”

    Can I get a “I love New York!”?

  23. Please don’t let this turn into Celebrity “Trash Donald Trump” Big Brother. If it does, I don’t think I can watch it. And there’s a pretty big chance that it does..There’s already enough TV shows that get ruined by that, don’t let this one…

    • I agree no politics , no special agenda propaganda, no social reform PC info platforms
      we need a good old fashion BB game. the only difference will be these are going to be some people who feel so entitled , I wonder if they can play a game of big brother without super special treatment.
      I wonder how much they are paid compared to the normal guest. they should be paid the same, let them see what normal people had to go through for what they made, I can not wait to see the house , the bathroom set ups , the sleeping arrangements, and so on. will it change. Lets hope that they can pull it off and have a good first season . One more thing NO AMERICA VOTE FOR THIS OR THAT, that is one thing we do not need another popularity contest show.

  24. Kathy Griffin- big NO. I’m looking forward to it but if she is on there is no way in H??l I will watch.

  25. Rather than Celebrity BB I wish CBS would go back to airing 2 seasons of Amazing Race each year. I’m finding it hard to get excited about watching D list “celebrities” trying to out do each other to become the most outrageous HG.

  26. why not youtubers as well like Bernie Burns from roosterteeth or Michael Jones from Achievement Hunter or Ian Hecox from Smosh or Jovenshire from Smosh Games

  27. As much as I love BB, Kathy Griffin shows up then I’ll have to say no to watching BB.

  28. Mainstream Audience: “BB19 was the worst ever!”

    BB Obssessed: “You’ve obviously forgotten BB15. Nothing could be worse.”

    Celebrity BB Recruiter: “Hold my beer….”

  29. I think you just have to look around at who is guest appearing on game shows and such. Vivica A Fox is possible. Lance Bass is seemingly always available.
    Others.. Scott Wolf, Rex Lee, Ricki Lake, Weird Al Yankovic, or how about Mark McGrath. I like Melissa Peterman whenever I see her, she might be fun.
    Ross Matthews and Carson Cressley are both judging RuPaul’s Drag Race, but should be done that gig by time BB Celeb rolls out.

  30. I’m a BB fan, but It will be a bunch of has beens, what real star is going to go on Big Brother?

  31. Why couldn’t they have given us another normal version without returning players? Celebrity version idea stinks!

  32. A house full of Liberals is not my idea of a good BB. Maybe it could be a house full of NFL players most have nothing to do by January anyway and if they keep up the political BS they will all be looking to make extra money.

  33. we need dog the bounty hunter, vern troyer, paulie shore, The rock (if only), I still think Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg should be on as well (Ideally I would pick a bunch of wrestlers, a girl can dream) Lets get Britney and xtina so they can hash it out after all these years. oooooh Eminem too. lol

  34. Kirk Cameron would be so divisive that it just might make good television. I heard rumors of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m not sure I’d watch if he were on the show. I’d really like to see people that haven’t made being on reality shows a living.

  35. They will also have some social media (probably youtube) influencer on so that they can bring their fans in as viewers as well.

  36. The problem with the above list is that there are a lot of older people on there. CBS has only been throwing in a token player over 30-ish lately and I don’t see why that would change for celebrity edition. I would bet that there will be a lot of people on there that I will not know at all. Other categories I’d like to see are:
    1. You-tubers/IG/Twitter stars trying to break into mainstream TV.
    2. Former Musicians – I also like Lance Bass – he’s up for reality TV and can fit the bill for former musician or token gay or superfan.
    3, Career reality show contestants will also probably be locked in, though I don’t know any off the top of my head.
    4. A couple of comedians would be great as well – Aziz Ansari comes to mind.
    5. BB Superfans – I like Moynihan for this as well, or Chelsea Perretti.

    I don’t want anyone overtly political. I don’t watch the feeds, but I would think that would turn off pretty much anyone that does.

  37. Tiffany Pollard for sure. Andrew Dice Clay would be good for laughs too. Gilbert Gottfried? hmm can CBS afford the bad language complaints?

    • A Larry David + JB Smoove double team would be fantastic. Keeping with a HBO theme, basically anyone from Game of Thrones esp Peter Dinklage or Kit Harrington. John Oliver or Bill Maher would do well too.

      • I doubt Larry would ever lower himself to CBB. However, the hilarious JB Smoove would be brilliant!

    • I doubt Tiffany would be asked as she just did CBB UK last year. But what do I know. She’s great TV and would be a blast on the Live Feeds. She’s politically incorrect, totally uninformed, horny and loud. What more do we need for Live Feeds viewing?

  38. CBS – PLEASE cast Dustin Diamond for CBB! LOL
    The guy is a high speed train wreck and would be great Live Feeds material. I suspect if he is selected and accepts he will not last very long in the house.

    • If you want him there. count me out, that motherfucker is in Jail and CBS, will not pay for him to get pit of jail.

  39. Our local Big Brother has had its hosts live as houseguests in the past. I’m looking at you, Julie Chen.

  40. All those are fine EXCEPT kathy griffin,silverman or that so called supermodel,if one or all of those are on you lose at least half your audience right off the bat.

  41. BB is doing a swap with the challenge so a challenge contestant will be on. Most likely Bananas.

  42. I want them to do a season where everyone who was voted out first is the cast. We never got to know those people (probably some for good reasons) but Cameron from BB19 was so screwed, he deserves another shot.

  43. Brett Micheals would be good, but I think he does full hair n makeup before he does cam time so IDk. Plus hes got his own gig. Im asuming most of the celebs that apear will be reality show celebs. But I guess we will find out

  44. I would like to watch this, so please drop Kathy Griffin.

    I’ll throw in a vote for Dr. Drew. Like to see his knowledge of behavior put to the test.

  45. Top 10 for me: Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Latoya Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland, Susan Dey, Danny Bonnaduci, and two random celebs like Paul and Christmas!

    • A brother and sister comp. (Or played them on TV) No teams. They have to figure out how to break the loyalty with all, not just a few.

  46. I don’t believe any of these guys will be in the house but is love to see them in the house for different reasons. Fluffy(Gabriel Iglesias), Cris Angel, CarrotTop.

  47. Perez Hilton would be hilarious! Also Charlie Sheen. And what about Andrew Dice Clay. He would make for interesting drama!

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