Big Brother 19: Sneak Peek At Jessica Graf On ‘Bold & Beautiful’ [PICS] – Update: Video Added

Jessica Graf on The Bold and The Beautiful

Jessica Graf was voted off Big Brother 19 just shy of making the Jury but that may have ended up being a plus in her Big Brother experience. While HGs sat in the Jury house she was off filming an appearance on CBS’s “The Bold & The Beautiful” and they’ve just released a sneak peek at her scene.

Filmed back in early September, Jessica’s episode will appear on B&B on Monday, October 2nd. She’ll be playing a hostess and appearing along with the series regulars Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter), Heather Tom (Katie Logan), and Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer). See more of Jessica’s appearance at

Gallery: Jessica Graf on CBS’s “The Bold & The Beautiful”

Now these are typically not much more than a line or two cameos so I wouldn’t expect much more on that here either, but this will be fun for her fans and I’m sure Jessica got a kick out of the experience as well.

I haven’t seen any details on another episode for any of the other Big Brother 19 Houseguests, but that probably would have been filmed quickly after the season finale. We’ll have to wait and see if anyone else gets a run at an appearance there as well.

Update: Josh Martinez confirmed he will be appearing on The Bold & The Beautiful this post-season as well. Watch for his appearance on Oct. 24th.

Do you plan on watching Jessica’s post Big Brother appearance on The Bold & The Beautiful? Which other Houseguests from this past season do you think should appear on the CBS series as well?

Update: Quick cut of Jessica’s scenes from Monday’s episode are in the clip below. We’ve got a Jody reference, Josh reference, and of course meatballs as well.




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  1. Jessica is an attractive woman. However, I watched the feeds this season and I found her to be completely ratchet (As the kids say). Obviously, the Bold & the Beautiful saw something in her that did not come out on the Live Feeds.

  2. well at least shes wearing decent respectable clothing…Don’t care to see her anymore.. just let her fade into the backround with all the other BB19 misfits….

    • Hopefully Cody gets a job as well. He plays a lonely sea captain with an eye patch Walks into the bar and Jessica asks him about life on the sea.

  3. Good for her! I wish her nothing but the best. Unfortunately, wherever she goes there will always be haters in life but that’s the way it goes when you are young, smart and beautiful.

  4. No thanks CBS!! Had enough of Jessica while in bed (99% of time) and saying horrible things about others in the BB house! If you want to show something great and interesting do something with Jason and Oli!!! Now that I would watch!

  5. Ugh. No, I won’t watch it. I did enjoy seeing glimpses of Mark and Elena in the audience on Dancing With The Stars last night, and was kind of surprised, since DWTS is on ABC.

    • Also, I caught some of the arrivals of hgs at wrap party. A cast off from ABC’s Bachelor spinoff was attending, the guy that made headlines when show was apparently shut down. Wondered if that is the kind of ‘celebrity’ expected on next BB, otherwise why was he there?

  6. you know what’s still rubbing me the wrong way? some interview that kev gave where he said straight up, “I never knew anything that was going on in the house.” WTH
    you may be nice but you took a spot from someone who might actually have given a damn.
    just sayin, he lasted so long because he was so irrelevant. not a good look kev.

    • Well Matt & Raven didn’t do anything either but hide between the sheets & eat. Kevin wanted to be on the show & did it… he did actually TRY, but couldn’t win any comps & therefore tried to play a social game, but nobody gave him a chance. And at least Kevin went out with class & dignity.

    • Who are YOU to talk crap about someone’s game? At least the guy was a lot of fun to watch! Matt & Raven were PAINFUL to watch & didn’t do anything either!!! In case yu forgot, Kevin was in the tope 3 for America’s Favorite

      • you sound angry. I didn’t forget kev was in the top 3, I voted for him. fwiw.
        of course, we all know mavens game, but that’s not what I was posting about.
        I was posting about kevin. I stand by my post that he was clueless and winless. he shouldn’t have entered the house being so ill-equipped for the game. paul dragged his butt to the end, despite himself.

      • ahhhh…Kevins “supposed” lack of knowledge is questionable…I think he knew exactly what was going on in the house…Kevin warned Jessica that she was being backstabbed…Kevin tried to warn Jason that Paul was not all about friendship…Kevins DRs indicated that he had insight into the game.. Kevin knew the game …Kevin was smart in that he played dumb…

      • lil’ you’re right, kev did warn them both, Jason even ran back and snitched to paul. i’m just going on his quote from his interview. for one thing, he really struggled with the cultural age gap. that could account for why he wasn’t in the know. I was just bothered by “not know anything” statement. maybe they could have included one more man his age.
        did you see the tv guide interview w/xmas? she is not mentally capable of accessing her own game. she’s convinced she would have won against either p/j. (NOT) bitter that josh “broke his promise to take her” so she felt like she didn’t have to ask. meanwhile, I believe josh decided not to take her after she told him she prob. wouldn’t take him. it ticks me off how she is re writing history and josh won’t comment. this trip she is planning for her, j/p that the winner would pay for. $30,000 per ticket. it could cost him around $100 g’s.this is so wrong, after taxes he might get $300 g’s. he could piss that money away real fast.

      • “this trip she is planning for her, j/p that the winner would pay for. $30,000 per ticket.”

        What vacation will they be going on where it would cost 30K each?

      • Paul is rich. Christmas is a successful business Women and I imagine has a hefty bank account…Josh is a working man. That money could buy him a house. Hopefully his family will talk him out of it.

      • I know, hate to think that josh would do something so foolish and I hope that his familia will step in. josh is acting so hinky, he doesn’t really talk about anything in specifics. although he said the trip may be in march/April. please sister, watch the meatball. (and xmas).

  7. I hope jess get a permanent job with bold and beautiful. I have been watching every since it started. Would love to see her on there.

    • Yes, that would be GREAT!!! if she did.
      That way I won’t have to see her any place else as I don’t watch B&B. :-)

  8. Carrying a menu and saying something like, “May I take your order, please?” will be good practice for her later in life. As in, six months from now 😄

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a waitress. I once knew a girl who worked as a cocktail waitress and made more money than some white collar jobs. It’s an honest living and I don’t think it’s an easy job dealing with the public and standing on your feet all day. I’ll stick to my desk job.

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