Big Brother Cast ‘Blood’ Twist Rumors Swirl For BB16

The Big Brother cast for the 2014 summer season is still weeks away from being announced, but the twist rumors are already going at full speed with some very interesting possibilities for BB16.

Frank Eudy back on Big Brother 16?
Frank Eudy back on Big Brother 16? – Image Source: CBS

While there are several rumors working their way through the mill, one of the more plausible variations involves a Survivor inspired Blood Vs Water twist for Big Brother 16 this summer. For those unfamiliar with the Blood Vs Water theme, relationships (family members or loved ones) were brought to the game as pairs and then split up the morning the game began. Pitted against each other the “blood” competed on opposite teams before eventually being reunited at the tribe merge.

Obviously there would have to be some differences considering Big Brother is not arranged in the same way as Survivor. There are alliances, but no defined tribes so any pairs brought to the BB16 season would likely be free to work together throughout the game.

We’ve seen family work together before in one of the most successful alliances ever: Evel Dick & Daniele Donato. Back in Season 8 the initially at-odds father & daughter duo went on to secure the Final Two spots and make for one heck of a season. Could lightning strike twice with family fighting together?

While Survivor used their Blood Vs Water theme to bring back retread castaways, there’s no requirement for Big Brother to do the same just to make that twist work. But after last season’s cast fiasco I fully expected CBS to be looking for an excuse to use a known quantity in past HouseGuests this time around. So if we do see retreads, who could be up for a spot?

An obvious possibility would be Rachel and Elissa. Yes, I can hear the collective groans at the idea of yet another summer of Rachel yet alone two Reillys, but I think we’d all have to consider that possibility. We can even brush past Elissa being in LA last week and keep moving.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Another name floating around as a possible returning player is Frank Eudy from Season 14. Now I liked Frank a lot when I met him, but his teaming with Boogie sank his ship for a lot of fans’ support that season before going on to win America’s Favorite. But what if he came back with a more popular partner, like say his already famous father wrestler Sid Vicious? CBS would love them some built-in fan base, right? (Exhibit A: see last season’s stunt casting for built-in fan base boost.) They’ve certainly been using Frank in their online promos recently, haven’t they? (Exhibit B: scroll up to the lead pic.)

One rumored pair option that I’d love to see: Danielle Reyes + anyone at all. Easily one of my favorite Big Brother HGs ever, Danielle has shown she knows how to stay loyal and work in a duo. Of course part of the rumor was Danielle was asking for too much money to be back on the show this season, all of which she completely denied including the part of her returning with her sister. The sister that doesn’t even exist. Ah well.

Part of the fun of the Big Brother preseason is all the wild rumors, some of which have actually proven to be true in past years, but with weeks to go until we meet the Big Brother 16 cast it’s just too early to settle in on anything solid for the summer.

What do you think of the possibility of a Big Brother Blood Vs Water twist? If CBS does go this route, would you rather see it done with all-new HouseGuests or a return of familiar faces? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below and vote in our poll!

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  1. Wouldn’t mind seeing Frank again as I did like him. Problem is if you just bring 2 or 3 retreads everybody else is out to get them. I think it would be fun to have non-identical twins. They don’t look alike so it would be hard to tell who was with who. Hope it’s new people, but whatever it is I’m ready for it to start.

    • Sorry, but Dr. Will was the popular part of Chilltown. Boogie? Not nearly as much and especially not when he was enjoying playing the villain his third season.

  2. Here’s what I think would be cool: first off, no returning players, but instead of it being loved ones, have enemies. Each person goes into the house with someone they don’t like in real life and see what happens.

  3. If they can’t find enough decent new houseguests, then just give it up and end BB now.

    • Oh I’m sure they could find 16 people across the country, but CBS might decide they can get better ratings with retreads. They tried it with Survivor over and over using old players before finally going back to all-new and got awesome ratings (beating out Idol). Hopefully CBS keeps that lesson in mind for BB this season.

  4. I keep hearing that Jessie K from last season might be on it …that’s what else i’ve heard though

  5. Please do not have all model types with nothing in their heads! The last season of Big Brother was pretty bad casting wise! Get some average joes
    and average gals out there working for a living instead! They probably will play a better game given a chance! Last season, everyone was Amanda’s
    puppets which made for a very boring Big Brother!

  6. Bring Dr. Will back and Dan. Better still, let us have an All Star with the past winners of Big Brother. That would be a free for all! Survivor All Stars was pretty good!

    • Dr. Will comes back, CBS can have my money. I’ll watch every second. Will and Dan – dream cast already, doesn’t matter who else is there.

  7. We need new Houseguests!! Sure for all it’s worth, last year was a little rough, but not that bad, honestly. There isn’t truly any standout players that there have been in past years.

    But the way I look at it, if last year was “SO BAD”, then if we brought in some new houseguests, we’re bound to get some new BB Legends this time around, right??

    Frank and Sid would be awesome. I like that, because we’re getting a little celebrity action, and a new houseguest, albeit they’re a bit famous, but still.

    Signed up for feeds using your links Matt, big fan of the site, followed it for a few years now!!!! Keep on going!!

  8. I really hate all the big twists that deal with grouping the HG’s before they even enter the house! I want them to go back and do what they did when the show first started (and what Canada has done for it’s first two seasons) and just let the HG’s enter the house without being forced into a group from the start.

    Toss in 16 NEW FACES into the house and let the drama unfold on its own. People will join groups as always but its with people they decided to group with…not who production put together.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good twist! However, these twist in the more recent years have had WAY to big of impact on the game.

    I would love to see the Canada style of BB brought to the US where they have tasks to do on top of PoV and HoH. Plus the twists and “drama set ups” they had were great! The whole Ika moment with the letters was the best thing BB has ever done IMO. Letting the whole house hear and see her thought process while she decided between two big (but not GAME CHANGING) decisions was amazing and caused a lot of drama! You can create a great season of BB with new HG’s and crazy, but not game changing twists!

    • While I agree that sticking with new faces should be the way to go and they shouldn’t let one bad season (bb15) deter them from continuing to do so, I think they should take a step back from BB Canada’s approach when it comes to twists, too me BB Canada has gone a little too far with their twists every week to stir up drama and its directly interfered with players games, which should not happened.

  9. a relative season? cool ok! … oooooooo! what about the Hantz brothers??

    • Ugh lets not. No psychopaths this season. I want to see a house full of bright people who know how to plot and scheme, how to charm and play a social game at the same time. Having nutjobs who cause drama for drama’s sake is not entertaining.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing a Hantz it would make the show even more entertaining. Even though I can’t stand Russell.

  10. Looks like I will be watching BvW twice this year (BB16 & Survivor 29). Personally I would like to see all new faces but we will see new faces anyways so I will watch. I am a loyal BB Fan so anytime BB is on I am excited.

  11. The more twists, the harder it is for an alliance to survive, and that makes the show more entertaining.

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