The new Big Brother 16 season starts in just two weeks! Wednesday, June 25, 2014 marks the arrival of the best summer action we wait for each year and I couldn’t be more excited to be covering my favorite show and have you join us again this year.

Big Brother 16 commercial airs on CBS

Big Brother 16 airs on CBS starting this June – Source: @CBSBigBrother

So far we’ve followed along on the BB16 twist rumors and started planning for when we’d meet the new cast, but I think so far I’m most excited for the upgrade to High Definition. Big Brother has been in desperate need of a tech refresh in that house and it’s finally happened. Already we’re seeing better looking content on the Feeds with the preseason interviews and it’s setting my hopes high for just how good inside the house will look on the Live Feeds and episodes.

Of course the Live Feeds have their Early Bird preseason sale going on now, but it’s set to expire soon. Click here to sign-up using our link which gives us credit for the referral and helps keep me running the site for you all season and beyond! Covering Big Brother is my one and only summer job, aside from being a Mr. Mom work-at-home dad for an awesome toddler, so you know I’ll be watching every minute and sharing all the best Big Brother spoilers as soon as they happen on the Feeds!

Thanks again for joining us this season and be sure to add us on Facebook and Twitter plus sign-up for our Email Updates so you never miss a big event from inside the house. I’ll have my cast interviews soon for you to enjoy so get ready and thanks for your support!


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