Big Brother After Dark Goes ‘Pop’ For Big Brother 17

Big Brother After Dark is set to splashdown this season following the two-night premiere of Big Brother 17 on June 24 & 25, 2015 but you might not recognize the name of its new home.

Big Brother After Dark on Pop TV
Big Brother After Dark on Pop TV

Unfortunately for fans, “After Dark” is not going back to SHO2 for BB17 where it formerly ran without censoring and had limited interruptions. Instead BBAD will be airing on the newly rebranded “Pop” channel now that TVGN doesn’t exist.

Fans will remember TVGN as the latest home of the now seemingly nomadic show, but they won’t find that channel in their listings anywhere. The new “Pop” channel has taken over the duties of the now defunct TVGN and that includes Big Brother After Dark. We’re anticipating similar limits to the series here as we did in the past few seasons on TVGN since Pop is not a premium channel like SHO2.

With the two-night premiere holding off the launch of the Live Feeds (sign-up now for your BBLF preseason content) until the end of the second night I think we can expect the same for After Dark.

Pop didn’t respond to my request for comments on the new season so I’m left with speculation, but we’ll update for official details once they’re ready to share. In the meantime, you can check the Channel Finder at to see if you can watch.

Do you plan to get your Big Brother fill through just the episodes & uncensored Big Brother Live Feeds or will you be relying on After Dark?


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  1. TVGN killed After Dark. I wouldn’t watch it in TVGN, I won’t POP either. Feeds are the only way to watch it.

    • I agree 110%. After Dark was HORRIBLE when it went to TVGN! You got to not hear half of the program because you couldn’t hear what was going on because everything was cut out. I ordered Showtime just so I could watch BBAD. (and still have it and need to get rid of it) I quit watching BB last year because of the boring people. I used to look forward to Big Brother. It was my absolute FAVORITE show ever! Every year it ended, I couldn’t wait until it was back on again. Big Brother needs to step it up and get some good people who can carry the show and make it FUN again! I will give it another try this year and hope that I don’t shut it off after 4-5 episodes like last year.

  2. Feeds are the best way to watch anyway. If it went back to Showtime I’d watch it again but won’t be watching on this Pop channel.

    • POP used to be TVGN. They just changed to call letters. If you had TV Guide Network, you have POP.

      • I just checked and it is the exact channel TVGN. I am in PA and have Comcast and here it is channel 182.

  3. It’s an awful choice to deny fans BBAD on Showtime.
    However, more of us are routed to the Live Feeds as an alternative which means more money for the network (As if they need it).

  4. Dan’s Funeral happened on After Dark, and it was by far the best moment I’ve ever had as a BB fan. I was absolutely GLUED to BBAD as Dan spilled the beans to Frank and Jenn and then told his plan to a shellshocked and angry Danielle.

    Imagine watching that unfold on TVGN BBAD. You’d have the most critical conversations in the game being constantly interrupted for commercials or random feed censorship that by the time it was done, you’re completely out of the loop and confused to what just happened. I’m sticking to feeds this year.

    • Dan’s Funeral was EPIC. Some stuff was cut (FISH) from Live Feeds but enough was streamed. If you get Live Feeds this year, you can go back and watch it as it unfolded.

  5. Look- BB needs to provide more beer & wine. Its not like the players have to drink it. Without the booze fueling the fire, it gets BORING! Like I want to watch people playng chess and not saying anything?

  6. I’m looking forward to watching BBAD on POP (channel 182) here in sunny NH).

  7. HORRIBLE DECISION to have BBAD on a censored channel! The whole purpose in the BBAD is to see and hear things that can’t be shown on CBS during the show! Not to watch the same boring crap we can see on CBS.

  8. Everybody expects BB to get fun and exciting but the show has been on for decades How much more can you expect every type of personality and game imagi nable has been done and played

    • Most stereotypes have been done (model/jock/nerd/etc.), but not even close to every personality type. Survivor has been on for 15 years and has aired 30 seasons (soon to be 32) and we get new personalities every single season.

      • The point was that if Survivor can give us new people every single time, then Big Brother should be able to as well.

      • Maybe the casting people should stop going to that one infamous bar and grabbing people at random. You know actually do some work.

      • I think Survivor is leaps ahead of Big Brother and its more interesting because you are in a situation far more extreme than Big Brother and do you notice people are bitter but they still vote fair?

      • Survivor has the opporunity for months of editing. Big Brother is LIVE and except for the SHOW, editing is a cram session. But LIKE Survivor.. editing gives BB the chance to EDIT a HG to look good or bad, as they see fit. If you don’t watch live feeds or read the BB fan sites, your only impression of the HG is what CBS editing gives you.
        I also don’t like that Producers try to “strong-arm” HG into voing one way or another.. as they favor a HG.
        I still can’t understand WHY Jesse is such a BB Producer darling. Just about everybody I know dislikes him. He was just on The TALK today. UGH!

      • Al – u r so right about Jesse. Can we throw Franky Grand into the catagory of HG we can’t stand? They are both obnoxious fame whores but at least Jesse worked for where he is. Franky used his sister to become the BB Ass Hat of all time.
        CBS – Give them more beer & wine. Its not like they are forced to drink it.

  9. I’ve already used up my free CBS all access week. Any advice out there as to when to sign-up again, Big Brother wise.

  10. is bbad on every single night or just on days where episodes are on?

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