Big Brother 25 Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Daytime Highlights

It was a busy day inside the Big Brother 25 house as the houseguests tried to understand what had been happening for the last few weeks. Jared and Cameron competed in Round 2 and Round 3 of the Zombie Twist Competition for Week 8 of Big Brother and a winner was revealed. None of the Big Brother houseguests seem to know who they can trust at this point and there have been a lot of shifts in the alliances since Thursday night’s live show.

Many of the houseguests have already made it clear that they prefer one of the evictees over the other and started to plan out how to move forward. Read on to find out what kind of deals are being cooked up and who the houseguests are hoping returns to the game come Thursday night.

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Big Brother 25 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 22, 2023:

9:10 AM BBT – HGs are waking up.

9:12 AM BBT – Jag is giving Cameron tips on the ongoing ball comp that him and Jared are doing throughout this week.

9:32 AM BBT – Felicia tells Jag that she doesn’t know which is the lesser of two evils (Cameron or Jared) and who would be best for them since they will each bring their own something. Felicia says she felt bad for Jared because he was up until 5 AM with Blue and he has to compete.

9:45 AM BBT – Felicia tells Cirie that she hopes that Jared stays this week and not Cameron. Adds that she wonders who Cameron would go after first and Cirie says there is no way to know for sure but before he was targeting them (Cirie and Felicia). They speculate if there is another twist because Julie mentioned “a week of twists.”

9:55 AM BBT – Jared tells Felicia and Cirie that America tried to stop Cory from putting Cirie and Jared on the block together. Felicia says that America is lying through her teeth.

10:08 AM BBT – Feeds cut to adoptable animals.

10:45 AM BBT – Feeds return.

10:47 AM BBT – Blue tells Jared that she implied to everyone that Jared was mad at her and as far as they are concerned, they have to figure out their personal relationship after the game is over.

10:53 AM BBT – Jared tells Blue that he knows there is going to be a second game and if he loses that game he’s going to be upset regardless of the outcome of the current game.

10:55 AM BBT – Jared says he can’t stop thinking about the one decision he made. Says that if he went with a different decision, he would be competing against someone else and not the best competitor in the house.

10:57 AM BBT – Jared mentions that Cameron currently has him beat by four and he has to catch up. Says tonight is the night.

11:02 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that she knew from Cory and America that Cirie and Jared were the next targets. Says she kind of got the same vibe from Jag, but she isn’t sure what Matt was going to do.

11:05 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that she felt like she was blindly following Jared’s game and not playing her own.

11:07 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that she felt like if she was able to successfully infiltrate the other group, that she would be able to minimize the target on them. Blue tells her that she knows that Izzy was saying a bunch of things, but information she gave to Jared was also getting out.

11:11 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that she felt like there was a wall between them (B & C) and she thinks it comes down the fact that she always felt like Jared’s plus one. Adds that she wanted to feel like she was playing the game with them, but she felt like she was playing along side them.

11:13 AM BBT – Blue says that they talk about family, personal and a little bit of strategy but her and Cirie never sat down to talk about who she was targeting or what the strategy was moving forward. Cirie says that’s because she wasn’t targeting anyone, she didn’t have a reason to.

11:18 AM BBT – America tells Matt, Jag, and Bowie that they need to figure out where Meme is in all of this. Says that she knows she is working with the three, but she is also very hurt about them not telling her about the Felicia/Izzy vote. Jag says he doesn’t know where she stands, which means they can’t count on her to win for them. America says then they need to talk to her and repair that in case she does win.

11:22 AM BBT – Cameron, America, Matt, Jag, and Bowie are all speculating on what kind of twists there could be this week. Talks turn to Cameron and Jared’s competition tonight being the last round of this particular comp. Meme joins the conversation.

11:26 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that if she knew Cory was going to put her on the block, she would have picked him in the HOH comp instead of Felicia. She says she picked Felicia because she was questioning everyone about the vote the week before.

11:29 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that she was trying to push the narrative to put Cirie and Jared on the block together because she was confident that Jared would have stayed. However, she learned from Cory yesterday that no matter what, Jared was going to go.

11:34 AM BBT – America tells Felicia that she could hear bits and pieces of the conversation they were having in the Comic Room the night before, she knows that Cirie is lying to Felicia. She says that Cirie was most definitely targeting Jag and so was Izzy prior to her leaving.

11:40 AM BBT – Felicia says now Jared or Cameron are going to stay in the house this week and that creates a problem. America says that Cameron is on his own and everyone knows he can’t be trusted. With Jared it’s a bit more tricky because he has people, Cirie never wronged him and he has Blue. Adds that the three of them have a F3 and there was a F4 with Matt too that were both created this week.

11:45 AM BBT – Felicia asks America if she trusts Meme. America says she wants to, but doesn’t know where she stands.

11:47 AM BBT – Felicia proposes a F4 with her, Meme, America, and Cory. She adds that no one can know about it. America says she would like that and would keep it between them. Felicia says she will talk to Meme and let her know what she says.

11:56 AM BBT – Blue tells Cirie that if Jared does leave, she is going to have to save face and work with them (America and Cory). Cirie jokes she might too. Cirie adds that Cory kept his word to her though because he said he wouldn’t put her on the block and he didn’t.

12:00 PM BBT – Cirie tells Blue that she needs to talk to Matt because she feels like he is feeling some sort of way. She also mentions how Jag felt that he couldn’t trust her, she just wishes that Jag would have come to talk to her. She says she is chalking everything else up to game.

12:03 PM BBT – Cameron is talking to Matt about how everyone has been using him as a scapegoat and pinning things on him and then they would all assume thing about him. Says he needs a home and he hasn’t had the opportunity to show loyalty to anyone.

12:05 PM BBT – Matt tells Cameron that he hopes Cameron is the one to stay this week. Cameron says that he would just need one more week after getting back into the house. Matt says he wouldn’t target him if he won and adds that he thinks playing with Cameron would be fun.

12:07 PM BBT – Bowie comes into the bathroom and Matt and Cameron’s talks halt. Matt asks Bowie how it is out there and she says “it’s not very nice…anywhere” and adds that she was just talking to Meme about how each week they think things are going to get better but it just gets worse.

12:10 PM BBT – Cirie tells Matt that she knows there is tremendous pressure in this game, especially when you are trying to navigate  and maintain relationships. She tells him that she never felt like he was going to target her. He tells her that if he used the Veto last night to save Jared, he had no way of knowing if Cirie would have stayed if she went up.

12:20 PM BBT – Blue tells Jag that she has been having her conversations with Jared and it’s a lot of him talking in circles. She says that he is just trying to make sense of it all, but it doesn’t make sense to him. She says that she told him that she wasn’t going to blindly follow him anymore. She’s going to start playing this game for her now.

12:22 PM BBT – Cory, America and Bowie are talking. Cory tells Bowie how Blue is mad at him for nominating her even though she was going to target him if she won. He adds that he knows America wasn’t supposed to share that information with him, but how much information has Blue shared with Jared that she wasn’t supposed to. Bowie wonders if Blue and Jared are really angry at each other, America says they aren’t.

12:28 PM BBT – Bowie tells Cory and America that Cirie is trying to catch Bowie slipping up about her wanting to put her up if she won HOH. Cory and America say they have all been targeting all of them. Cory says that every time he asked Cirie who she would target, she would say the middle people. There is no way that she wasn’t talking about Bowie.

12:36 PM BBT – Matt fills Jag and Blue in on his conversation with Cirie. Blue fills Matt in on her conversation with Cirie as well.

12:40 PM BBT – Cory says that at the end of the day, they (Cirie and Jared) probably think they have a better chance at getting her or him. He says that she might as well keep herself safe.

12:42 PM BBT – Bowie mentions how Jared’s energy yesterday was just like that day in the HN room. Cory says he’s just so condescending. Cory says that at this point, he doesn’t need to talk to evicted houseguests. Says that if Cameron wins the competition tonight, he is going to try and repair that relationship.

12:50 PM BBT – Jag and Matt say that Cirie keeps telling them that she didn’t leak information. Blue mentions that if they plan to talk to her about that, make sure that she doesn’t feel attacked.

1:00 PM BBT – Jag asks Matt and Blue if Cameron stays, who does he target if he wins HOH. No one knows. Jag says that he is likely going to make deals with everyone in case he doesn’t win HOH just to keep himself safe until Jury. But if he wins HOH, all bets are off.

1:05 PM BBT – Jag tells Matt and Blue that if Cameron comes to them with some kind of deal, they have to at least entertain it. Matt says in a very careful way. They laugh about the fact that they are actually entertaining working with Cameron.

1:13 PM BBT – Cirie is telling Jared that he has to slow down, stay calm and easy in the comp against Cameron.

1:15 PM BBT – Cirie is telling Jared the details of her talk with Blue. Jared says that he doesn’t believe any of it.

1:22 PM BBT – Cirie tells Jared that Izzy messed them up a lot. He said that her talking so much started this whole thing and them protecting was the finisher.

1:25 PM BBT – Jared tells Cirie that Matt and Jag keep apologizing to him. Cirie says that Matt is really trying to keep him close and says that he can only trust Jag a little bit. She wonders if that is a ploy though.

1:27 PM BBT – Felicia joins the conversation between Cirie and Jared. She asks Jared how he is feeling and he says he just wants to get this over with. Felicia says that she thinks they are going to have them play until one of them gets all the balls.

1:32 PM BBT – Felicia leaves and Jared tells Cirie that Cameron said he would keep Cirie safe if he won HOH. He says the problem is if he doesn’t have power, he has no control.

1:33 PM BBT – Cirie wonders why Cameron needs to make it to Jury so bad. Jared says financial reasons.

1:35 PM BBT – Cory is explaining to Felicia why he chose to put Blue on the block instead of Cirie.

1:44 PM BBT – Feeds cut to Adoptable Animals for Round 3 of the Zombie Comp.

2:35 PM BBT – Feeds return to Cirie, Meme and Felicia pep-talking Jared. He’s crying. Sounds like Jared lost to Cameron in Round 3.

2:36 PM BBT – America and Matt are talking to Bowie about how Cirie and Jared thinking that she is playing in the middle is an advantage. Adds that if they think they can pull her in, then she is important to them.

2:43 PM BBT – Cameron tells Cirie that him and Jared came to an understanding last night that there is no reason to ruin each other’s game at this point. Adds that they are going to help each other as much as possible so that whoever stays this week is set up for success in this game.

2:45 PM BBT – Cameron tells him that Jared made him promise that if he comes back into this house that he protects Cirie with everything he has. He said he would absolutely do that. He tells Cirie that he might seem to be getting in with that group (America, Cory, Jag, and Matt), he hopes she knows why and says that he is going to get in and bust them wide open.

2:50 PM BBT – Cameron tells Cirie that Matt is a snake but he is going to let Matt get buddy-buddy with him.

2:52 PM BBT – Cameron tells Cirie that Felicia is the middle of all of this but he doesn’t want to waste a shot if he gets one. He says it’s going to happen though because she keeps talking. They both talk about being on an island and he tells her that they are just going to have to hang out on the beach together.

2:55 PM BBT – Cameron tells Cirie that as soon as his HOH was over, he knew he was being backdoored and not given a shot at POV. She says that everyone said that he got a shot to play though. Cameron says that he tried to tell Jared before the Veto Ceremony that they were going after him but he was too trusting of people.

2:56 PM BBT – Cirie tells Cameron that if he stays and wins HOH, everyone is going to want to be his friend. Until he can’t play.

3:00 PM BBT – Cory is telling Felicia that Blue was actively trying to save Jared and Cirie. Cory adds that Cirie was promising up and down that she wouldn’t nominate him and America and when he asked her who she would nominate, she said floaters. He concluded that she was going to then nominate Bowie, Meme, or Felicia.

Cameron seems to have a clear-cut plan as to how he is going to move forward in this game if his game is the one that is resurrected come Thursday night. Based on his performance in the first competition, things are looking quite promising for him. However, there is still a lot of mystery in how this week is going to work and how many more competitions could be involved.

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