Big Brother 25 Live Feeds Week 4: Friday Daytime Highlights

The game talk started early inside the Big Brother 25 house with the Pressure Cooker Head of Household competition going into the early morning hours on Friday. The Head of Household winner for week 4 of Big Brother didn’t waste any time putting their plan in place for this week’s Nomination Ceremony either. Find out which Big Brother houseguests are in trouble this week and which one is fueled by paranoia below!

With Cameron winning HOH this week, there was a lot of speculation as to who he was going to nominate. Until he let his noms know that they were both going to see their pictures on the memory wall, not many of the Big Brother houseguests felt safe. Two houseguests are still worried they could see the block if one of the initial noms wins Saturday’s Power of Veto, but there has been no indication as to who Cameron would put up as a replacement nom just yet.

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Big Brother 25 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 25, 2023:

7:55 AM BBT – Cory, Jag, and Blue have returned to the house from the Pressure Cooker comp. They can’t believe it’s almost 8am.

7:58 AM BBT – Cirie asks Jag and Cory what they got on their cards. Jag tells her that it said perfume and they sprayed perfume in the room. Cory says he’s a HN this week and has to pick two HGs to join him but they can have PB&J for the week. Cory asks Jag, but Jag wants to sleep for a bit first.

8:02 AM BBT – Jag and Blue head up to the HN room to check in with Matt. Jag tells Matt that after he (M) left, they started pumping the AC. They wonder what happens if Mecole wins. Matt says if America wins, she wouldn’t know what to do and Blue mentions how America didn’t feel included with them and worries they might not be safe with her.

8:10 AM BBT – Jared tells Cory that Red has been throwing Jared’s name out there to everyone to see how people react to it. Jared thinks that he is in trouble if Cameron wins.

8:15 AM BBT – Cory tells Jared that he thinks if Cameron wins, Jag or Blue go home and adds they have no reason to think otherwise. Jared doesn’t believe that. Cory says that he has one potential scenario where Jared might see the block and Jared says that Cam has a reason to put Izzy up too.

8:17 AM BBT – Cory tells Jared that Matt threw the HOH. Jared says the only reason he doesn’t believe that is because Matt said he would only throw it if his people were safe and Cameron is still there. Cory says that Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia are going to be annoying about how they should have kept Hisam. Jared says he shut that down and retells their argument when they walked in.

8:25 AM BBT – Izzy tells Cirie and Felicia that Blue better not complain to the others that she won $1000 (that’s what her card said). Felicia says it’s more than what anyone else got. Felicia wonders if Cam will put her (F) and Cirie on the block, but Cirie thinks it’s going to be Jag and Jared.

8:44 AM BBT – America and Cameron are the only ones left in the HOH competition. Cirie wonders what America would do if she won and Izzy tells her that America mentioned Red and Bowie before.

8:49 AM BBT – America let go of her button and Felicia yells out to the house that Cameron won.

9:03 AM BBT – America and Mecole are telling Felicia that it was 30 degrees in there and the spray smelled so bad. Jag asks America what she got for second place and she said nothing. There weren’t anymore envelopes.

9:05 AM BBT – Red tells Cameron that Izzy didn’t seem happy at all and adds that he doesn’t think there was any effort from their side judging by everyone’s reaction. Adds that he thinks that Izzy and Felicia knew something based on their reactions.

9:07 AM BBT – Cameron says “well, now I’m confused” and Red says that he thinks that there were only a couple. Cameron says that he will take all this information under advisement. Red doesn’t think that they need to turn inward yet, but that’s up to him. He says “well, we saw what happened to Hisam.”

9:13 AM BBT – Jared tells Blue that he does not want to be up against her and she agrees. Jared says best case scenario, he puts them up together, one of the come down, but they know who is going to be put up next (Jag). Says there is no way around the three of them being pitted against each other on the block.

9:25 AM BBT – Jared is retelling his concerns to Jag and says that either way it looks like they are screwed this week. Jared thinks that him and America made a deal. Jag thinks Cam is going after him and then maybe Izzy.

9:30 AM BBT – Jag is convinced that Mecole and America both made a deal with Cameron (they didn’t).

9:35 AM BBT – Mecole is explaining how she lost focus and let go of the button while she was moving her legs. Said it looked like America did the same thing.

9:37 AM BBT – America says she asked Cameron what the plan was and told him that she didn’t want to just come off without knowing where his head was at. Cameron told her that they weren’t at that level of trust yet, but he then mentioned that he thought it was apparent that he would be targeting two of Reilly’s closest allies. They wonder if it’s going to be a combination of Jag/Blue/Matt but Felicia wonders if Jared might be in there too. Says that Cam and Red tried to pull Matt into an alliance.

10:00 AM BBT – Cameron is camtalking while looking at the Memory Wall. Says we’ll notice that he has a new feather in his cowboy hat and he will let us guess where it came from. Adds that we will see his name on Nomination Day.

10:07 AM BBT – Cameron confirms with Bowie that Jag is his target this week.

10:09 AM BBT – Cameron and Bowie are talking and Bowie tells him Blue did better than she thought and Jag did well too. She adds that she was worried when Red dropped and Cam tells her that he was planning on giving it to him.

10:30 AM BBT – Cameron is asking Bowie about the timeline as to when the Professors were started to where Hisam joined the Professors. He says he knows that Hisam wasn’t part of the formation.

10:45 AM BBT – Cameron, Bowie, and Jag are counting how many HGs haven’t been HNs. Say there are a lot of people to choose from.

10:47 AM BBT – Cameron tells Bowie from their side, there were only two people in trouble, him and Red. Bowie wonders who would have gone up if America won and he says that she would have had two people in her ear and while it might not have been Cam, it would have been Red. Cam says he made a deal with America that she wouldn’t be a renom.

10:52 AM BBT – Cameron tells Bowie that if either Jag or Blue go home this week, it’s a win. Bowie tells Cameron that she trusts Jag more than Blue. Cameron says that Blue has a great social game and Jag is well liked and a comp beast.

10:58 AM BBT – Cameron tells Bowie that as soon as he let America know that he wasn’t targeting her, she dropped.

11:35 AM BBT – Blue comes out and is making small talk with Cameron. They talk about not being able to sleep, the comp, and how he doesn’t want to have to wake everyone up when he gets his HOH room.

11:41 AM BBT – Blue tells Jag that she thinks that they could figure something out because they had a connection with Cameron at one point. Says they all need to get together and brainstorm.

11:50 AM BBT – Cameron and Cirie are talking about if there is a battleback and Hisam comes back into the house. Cirie says that he will target her, Felicia, and Izzy. Cameron says that he see a public enemy number one in the house.

12:00 PM BBT – Felicia tells Jared that she doesn’t think that he is going to be an initial nominees. She said if anything, if Jag/Blue come off the block, he might be a replacement. He says that he has a feeling that they don’t want him playing in the Veto though which leaves him open to a BD option.

12:22 PM BBT – Red tells Bowie that the good news for this week is since they are on the outside with the other side, none of them will be going home. Red says that everyone from that side knew that he was a target going into this week, but no one said anything to him.

12:24 PM BBT – Red tells Bowie that it was confirmed to him directly by Cory and by the way that Jag and Blue were acting.

12:28 PM BBT – The screen on the television in the living room reads “Nominations Today.”

12:31 PM BBT – Cameron got the key to his HOH room, he starts getting everyone up to go see his room.

12:33 PM BBT – Izzy tells Jared that Blue is freaking out about being on the block with Jared. Jared says based on his conversation with Cameron, he thinks that him and Blue will be going up because it would be smarter to not give Jared the option to save Blue. He also thinks that Cameron would be happy with Jag or Blue going home.

12:42 PM BBT – Everyone is out of bed and are heading upstairs to see Cameron’s HOH room.

12:45 PM BBT – Cameron gets a letter from his daughter and reads it out loud while crying. After he is done reading his letter, everyone is giving Cameron hugs and heading back downstairs.

12:50 PM BBT – America confirms to Cory that Cameron told her it would be Jag and Blue. Cory tells her that Jared is freaking out that it’s going to be him (J) and Blue. He says that what they should do is get their HOH meetings in and then go to Jared and tell him that they pushed really hard for Jag/Blue and take credit for that. Cory tells her that she is a beast, but that she was right and that Cirie/Izzy/Felicia see her as expendable.

12:52 PM BBT – Mecole tells Felicia and Izzy that when it was down to the three of them, Cameron told them both that they were good. She adds that she doesn’t know if America intentionally let go though.

12:55 PM BBT – Blue tells Jag that it’s going to suck if someone from their alliance wins Veto and has to choose who to take down. Jag says that a lot can happen in a week.

12:57 PM BBT – Cory tells America about his bother and how he was on Survivor.

1:00 PM BBT – Cory tells America that he would like to see Jag stay this week. America tells Cory that she would rather see Blue go than Jag. Cory says that unfortunately if Jag and Blue are on the block, then Jag will have to go.

1:03 PM BBT – Cirie and Felicia are going over what votes they have to keep Jared if he ends up on the block (this is pure paranoia, there is no plan for Jared to go up at this point).

1:10 PM BBT – Cory wishes that America’s deal with Cameron wasn’t so obvious.

1:12 PM BBT – Izzy joins Cory and America’s conversation and Cory tells her that he thinks that because of their (Cory & America) relationship with Cameron, that they could push for Jag/Blue instead of Blue/Jared. Izzy wonders what his backdoor option would be and Cory says that he doesn’t think it’s a BD option, just a replacement nominee with whoever is still up there out of Jag/Blue being the target. America tells Izzy that he is focused on two people who were close to Reilly. Izzy wonders if that includes Matt, but they think that Cam thinks he can pull Matt in easily.

1:15 PM BBT – Bowie and Izzy agree to be HNs with Cory.

1:30 PM BBT – Izzy is meeting with Cameron. She asks what he’s thinking and he says that the thinking has been done. She asks if Blue and Jag are his initial noms and then who he is thinking for replacement nom. He says he isn’t sure but that they would all talk about it if the time comes.

1:34 PM BBT – Jag’s turn with Cameron and you can already tell that Jag has a feeling. Cameron tells Jag that he would never do anything shady to Jag or lie to him. He tells him to fight for the Veto. Cameron tells Jag that there is a path moving forward, but he has to make this move. Jag tells him he holds nothing against him.

1:41 PM BBT – Jag asks Cameron who is going up next to him and Cameron says that he knows the answer to that. He says that he thinks this is the best way to do it. Jag asks if Cameron if he is still on the block on Thursday, what’s he thinking. Cameron says that this week is not target driven.

1:42 PM BBT – Izzy and Jared are in the storage room and Jared tells Izzy that if Blue or Jag come down, he is likely going to go up. Izzy says that when she talked to Cory and America, they said that even if Jared ended up on the block, they have the votes to keep him.

1:45 PM BBT – Jared tells Matt that he thinks it’s going to be a combination of Jag/Blue/Jared on the block come eviction night. Matt tells him that he feels better with Jared than he does the other two so if it comes to Jared and one of them, he’s keeping Jared. Matt adds that if it comes down to the other two he trusts Blue more.

1:52 PM BBT – Felicia’s turn with Cameron. He tells her that he is sticking to the plan of Jag/Blue this week and Jag knows that already.

1:54 PM BBT – Jag is sitting with Cory and America when Jared walks over. Jag tells Jared that Cameron just told him he’s going up. Jag tells them and Matt that Cameron didn’t tell him he was a pawn or a target. Just that he has to make a move this week.

2:00 PM BBT – America’s turn, they talk about the nom options and then she thanks him for not putting her up, he thanks her for the win. He says that if she won, he would have felt safe-ish for himself, but not really for Red.

2:02 PM BBT – Cameron tells America that he hopes they can build some trust this week. He tells her that her and the people she is close to in the house aren’t in trouble this week. The only two people who are in trouble, know they are in trouble.

2:05 PM BBT – Jag tells Blue that Cameron told him he was going up but didn’t tell him that he was a pawn or a target. Jag tells her that she will likely have a similar conversation with Cameron.

2:10 PM BBT – America tells Cameron that people are talking about how they have been talking a lot lately. Cameron finds it frustrating that people just talking puts a target on their back because they are getting “too close”.

2:20 PM BBT – Jag tells Felicia that Cameron told him it’s going to be him and Blue. Felicia says that one of them has to win the Veto. Adds that she is curious who the renom would be in that scenario. All she knows is it won’t be America.

2:23 PM BBT – Cory tells Cameron that there were conversations about Cameron not staying this week. Tells him that the fact that Cameron not packing pissed them off. Cameron asks if it was Izzy that started it and Cory says that he doesn’t know because she tells him that Cameron wasn’t going up if she won.

2:25 PM BBT – Cory tells Cameron that America feels like the most expendable person to them (Cirie/Felicia/Izzy). Cameron says that he doesn’t think that she is expendable but no one knows where she is at.

2:30 PM BBT – Cameron implies that she is going on the block and tells her that he hopes she talked to Jag. She says she did and she understands.

2:33 PM BBT – Cameron tells Blue that people who he thought he was close with over the last couple week’s don’t seem too happy about him winning all of a sudden. He tells her that he feels like things are being shaken up and if Jag/Blue come off the block there are a lot of renom options this week.

2:40 PM BBT – Blue and Cameron are wrapping up their conversation and she tells him that she respects him being honest with her. She does mention that if she wins the Veto tomorrow, she would like talk about possibily working with him and how no one would expect them to work together. Cam says that he said the same thing to Jag.

2:43 PM BBT – Cameron tells Blue that if one of them comes down, then he will put someone up that the rest of the house wants out more.

2:45 PM BBT – Matt’s turn and he asks Cameron who his target is. He says that it doesn’t matter to him, but Jag seems like the better option. Matt and Cameron agree that even though they are close, it’s the right move for their game. Cameron tells Matt that in their group of 8, him, Matt, Red, and Bowie are all expendable to the others.

2:50 PM BBT – Matt asks what happens if one of them win the Veto. Cameron says that there will be a chance to take a shot at these people (Cirie/Felicia/Izzy/maybe Jared) and he doesn’t want this information to go anywhere. He says he isn’t going to do anything crazy this week, but they need to keep an eye on them.

2:55 PM BBT – Cameron is meeting with Red. Tells him that they are sticking to the Jag/Blue plan this week. Red asks what kind of deal he made with America and Cameron tells him that he promised she would be safe. He says that America is swinging their way, but Red is nervous about that because he thinks that America was going to target Red if she won. Cam tells him that he doesn’t think that. Red tells him that Jared told him that he never told him that Blue lied to him. Red says he is giving him the benefit of the doubt.

2:57 PM BBT – Jag tells Cory that he thinks if it comes to him and Blue on Thursday it might be a split vote.

3:00 PM BBT – Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, and Bowie are talking in the Comic Room about what they think might be a renom option this week. They think it’s going to be Matt, Cory, or Jared and Izzy points out that Cameron is close with Cory and Jared though.

Jared and Izzy are equally paranoid about hitting the block if Blue or Jag should win the Veto and take themselves down. At this point, Izzy might have more to worry about since she clearly had a reaction to Cameron’s winning in front of Red, which Red pointed out shortly after the competition ended. It is clear that Jag is Cameron’s number-one choice for eviction this week, however, Blue would suffice if Jag wins the Veto.

Cameron is keeping tight-lipped as to who might end up on the block as a potential renom but says that he will have a sit-down with his alliance and collectively figure it out. The only option off the table at this point is America because of their agreement at the end of the HOH competition. Who do you hope to see win the Veto on Saturday? Do you think that the Power of Invincibility will play a part in this week’s eviction?

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