Big Brother 25 Final 3: Who Should Win? Stats And Strategies

The Big Brother 25 finale is just days away and that means we are about to get our 25th winner. But which of this season’s Final 3 is most worthy of the coveted prize? Here, we take a closer look at each of the remaining houseguests and break down their gameplay.

Bowie Jane

I never in a million years would have picked Bowie Jane as one of the Final 3. No one has taken her seriously all season, so I’m still finding it hard to take her seriously now in the Final 3. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I can’t really respect her gameplay. On paper it looks like she played a solid floater game, but really everything she did this season was accidental.

Can Bowie Jane Win Big Brother 25? No. And that’s a firm no. I usually can’t find a situation where the no here is so firm. Bowie Jane has not earned the respect of any of  the jurors (other than Cameron, I guess). With the seven-person jury, it takes four votes to win. And there’s no way that Bowie gets votes from America, Cirie, Felicia and Cory. Or Blue. Or Matt or Jag depending on who would end up as the last juror. I think Cameron would vote for her over Matt but that would be her only vote.

Does Bowie Jane Deserve To Win Big Brother 25? No. That’s a less firm no than the previous, but it’s still a no. I just can’t find a single reason to say she would deserve to win. Her first two HOH wins were accidents. Her third also took no real skill. But even if you say a win is a win, what she did with those wins did nothing for her game. Every move she’s made has been for Jag. I’ve never seen someone seemingly play so hard for second place. I would love $75,000 too, but I’d rather have $750,000.


Can Jag Win Big Brother 25? Yes. Jag wins if he’s next to Bowie Jane. There’s no argument Bowie can make against Jag. He has a much harder time winning against Matt, though. He will have to argue strongly that he only exists in the game because of Matt. Jag has a lot of competition wins to throw around, but jurors these days care a lot about social aspects of the game, and Jag has burned more than a few of those jurors.

Does Jag Deserve to Win Big Brother 25? This one is hard for me. I am going to say yes, but I really don’t want to. I really can’t get past the fact that Jag was evicted 10-0 and didn’t even earn his way back in the game. I know that a lot of people compare that to being idol’d in Survivor, but this is Big Brother, not Survivor. So I struggle with that. But that aside, I also think he made a huge blunder not evicting Matt over Felicia.


Can Matt Win Big Brother 25? Yes. I think Matt can beats Bowie or Jag. I think it’ll be easier beat Bowie Jane, but I think Matt has a better argument to win than Jag. Matt also had a much better social game. The part where Matt will struggle, though, is how he always did what Jag wanted. The jury is not going to go easy on him when it comes to that. So how he responds could make or break him. But before he can even argue, he has to get to Final 2, and he only gets to Final 2 if he wins the final HOH competition. Jag isn’t taking him and neither is Bowie.

Does Matt Deserve to Win Big Brother 25? Yes. Would Matt be the most deserving winner ever? Hardly. Would he be the most deserving of this final 3? Yeah, I think so. Matt made a really good effort all season not locking himself into his allies. He continued to hang out with other players and kept their respect. That is going to take him a long way with any kind of bitter jury. Matt did miss his shot at taking out Jag last week, and that could be his fatal flaw. If he doesn’t win the Final HOH then he won’t get to the Final 2. Had Jag been removed from the equation previously, this would be less of a concern for Matt.

So this is not my favorite Final 3. In fact it’s one of my least favorite. It’s really hard to fully support any of the three. But I clearly favor Matt for the win here. And if Matt doesn’t make it to the Final 2, then I guess I’d pick Jag. But I’d surely laugh a lot of Bowie Jane managed to pull out a win somehow.



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