Adam Poch’s Big Brother 24 Player Rankings – Week 7

Adam Poch from Big Brother

A Big Brother 24 double eviction like we have never seen on the anniversary of the most intense double eviction in Big Brother history. Welcome to Adam Poch’s weekly houseguest rankings!

OK – I was trying to channel my inner Julie Chen with that opening – and as I mentioned, today is a huge day in BB History. When I was on Season 13 – the drama & intensity came to a head on Aug 25th 2011 (read that night’s live show results). Daniele Donato (now Briones) was fighting for her life, Shelly Moore’s lies & double dipping were finally exposed, Rachel Reilly (now Villegas) found out Jeff Schroeder threw the Veto that got her fiance evicted.

Tension was so high in that house – and then we were told, it was going to be a double eviction. Arguably 2 of the best players in BB history went home the same day when Daniele & Jeff (clown shoe) were evicted. Afterward – we saw the usual sweet & innocent Jordan Lloyd (now Schroeder) get into a heated fight with Shelly. Yeah – all of that happened in 24 hours. It was so traumatic that 11 years later – I can still remember every single detail from that day. That was classic Big Brother!

Fast forward to Big Brother 24 – and the past week has been pretty intense as well – especially for the Dyre Fest attendees. I personally loved this twist – and unlike a ton of people on #BBTwitter – I am perfectly fine with how both evictions are leaning.

Without further ado – here are my rankings.

Terrance – 5 strips of Bacon – DJ SHOWTIME (insert the DJ Airhorn sound effect) getting it done this week. After not winning anything – or even coming close to winning anything this season – Terrance pulled off the full power week by winning HoH & Veto in the same week. After weeks of being a pawn or getting dragged along – he was in a position to make the big move that many other HoHs claimed they wanted to do – but never did. Sure – he was helped along by getting a ton of information, however – he never freaked out, he kept his cool, and even made a bold move by using the Veto to create even more chaos around him. When the 2 sides come back together – it’s possible that other targets just got bigger – and Terrance will walk to the final 6 where anything is possible.

Brittany – 4 strips of Bacon – congrats to Brittany for winning a solo Veto for the first time this season. Her first Veto “win” was part of a team challenge with one team bowing out – and one team trying hard not to win. Her next credited Veto “win” – was only because her Festie Bestie won. This time around – she won fair & square – and actually was not as mopey for the week. That was quite refreshing in itself.

Turner – 3 strips of Bacon – with all of the chaos & backstabbing going on with the Outside crew – Turner kept his cool and just followed the narrative being played out. His social game has been great all season long – and his connections with all 4 of the other Dyres has him in a perfect position – even after he votes out one of his former Pound Puppies,

Monte – 2 strips of Bacon – I made fun of Monte for his cheesy Godfather impression – but he really is Big Brother’s version of John Gotti. Gotti – as you may remember – was nicknamed The Teflon Don because nothing bad ever seemed to stick to him. He’s been playing the rouse of “House Target” for so many weeks now to keep the scent of the Leftovers and never lost his cool. All it would have taken was 1 hiccup, and the target could have been switched to him. But he just keeps chugging along.

Taylor – 1 strip of Bacon – despite being a sheep most of the game, she is set up nicely when the house comes back together. Similar to Turner – the other Leftovers will be shooting at each other – and she will be able to sit back as long as she does not intentionally put herself in the line of fire. Based on how she has played so far – I do not see her doing that. Her best bet is to NOT win another HoH yet – so she can let the bodies around her fall.

Alyssa – 1 strip of Tofu – if you only watch the CBS show, you’d think that Alyssa understood the outing of the Leftovers by her showmance partner. However – on the feeds, we saw that it took several explanations and pretty much an Evidence Board for her to connect all of the dots and realize she was getting played by so many including her 10-second man! When she finally understood – she was upset with him, for about a minute, and then got all snuggly & cuddly again. She could find herself in a pickle and end up a casualty as shots will be fired at her man. Alyssa needs to earn her keep and win something to keep her / them safe.

Michael – 2 strips of Tofu – another competition that Michael did not need to win, but did it anyway. When it came down to him vs Turner in the HoH knockout – he should have thrown it to Turner. He was in a safe spot with both Turner & Terrance – and he would be able to play for HoH this week. However – he is playing the game hard and taking nothing for granted – especially with a first-time twist that he had no clue how it would play out. He thinks he will be able to ride the middle when the house comes back together – but the outside crew have him high up on their target list.

Kyle – 3 strips of Tofu – ok… Kyle went into survival mode almost immediately after walking outside to Dyre Fest. He should have taken a little more time to think of a tactful way to convince Terrance to work with him moving forward and not target him & Alyssa this week. But he didn’t and we ended up with an amazing (half) week in the house. It was clear before the twist that Kyle was having a hard time balancing between his showmance and his alliance, but now he went all in on his showmance and has shuffled the cards – more like 52 card pickup – and just like Turner saved the season with HoH, Kyle has given the spark to ignite the drama for last few weeks of the season. However – this pretty much put him in a scrappy spot here on out. If he can Houdini himself out of this mess he made, he’ll be back to eating bacon soon – but for now, he’s on team tofu.

Jasmine – 4 strips of Tofu – I am sure Jasmine will come out of the house and complain about me giving her Tofu on her birthday week! No matter how much you slather it up with bbq sauce or serve with butter beans, tofu is still disgusting and is the worst punishment!

That brings me to the Tofurkey of the Week – and by process of elimination, this week it will be awarded to Joseph. He started getting a little too comfortable these last couple of weeks and he was still playing both sides, but the one person he never really developed a working relationship with was Terrance. By inviting him into his Festie Bestie group, he figured that was enough. But as soon as Kyle sold out the Leftovers, it was clear that Joseph was phony and fake with Terrance, and ultimately – that is why he is not just on the block, but the target over someone in a showmance.

It is easier to play the game from the top than it is from the bottom, and he has been offering everything under the sun to try and stay. However, due to him reeking of desperation (or just reeking from living outside for a week) – his pleas are falling on deaf ears. There really was not much he could have promised anyone once the target was put on him. I think it is hysterical that #BBTwitter has been rallying around keeping Joseph by asking CBS to #CancelDyreFest – which would make sense since the original Fyre Fest was cancelled. Joseph had a few opportunities to get rid of Terrance, or form a better working relationship. I think the twitter chatter is more about hating on Kyle than supporting Joseph. Either way – the expression “you get comfortable, you go home” has rang true.

Despite all of the nonsense this season both inside & outside of the house – this has been a great season in my opinion. This twist really shook up the game as it was intended – and as I said in the opening, I love it. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of my ranking and how you feel about this twist.

From outside the Big Brother house – I am Adam Poch – enjoy the fireworks tonight!

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