Big Brother 23: The Best And Worst Moments of Week 5

While we wait for Big Brother 23 Week 6 to kick into high gear, let’s take a look back at the highs and lows of Week 5.

As always, these are the best and worst moments in my opinion only. Feel free to disagree and let me know what you liked and didn’t like about Big Brother last week.

The Best Moments of Big Brother 23 Week 5

No More Teams. It was nice to see everyone have to depend only on themselves for true safety.

Derek X Wins HOH. DX was approaching target territory, so it was an important time for him to win HOH, and we all had a feeling he would make a move.

DX Sets Backdoor Plan Into Motion. The moment Derek X jumped off that wall as the HOH winner, he had his sights set on Christian. He went with the right pawns in Britini and Sarah Beth, and just had to hope the veto went the right way. And it did.

Britini Wins Veto. First of all, congratulations to Britini for being the first woman to win one of the major competitions this season. And luckily for DX, she opens up a backdoor for Christian.

Derek X Nominates Christian. In the first TRUE backdoor in awhile (remember, for it to be a real backdoor BB purists say the person wasn’t picked to play veto). I know there are arguments that Christian was a shield for DX, but I think that part of the game played itself out and this was as good a time as any to make that strike against Christian.

DRAMA, DRAMA and MORE DRAMA. For people who thought this season was getting boring, this past week really delivered. From Alyssa and Christian trying to keep Christian off the block to veto comp drama to the Cookout fighting among themselves, this was a pretty solid week.

Christian Fights Hard. Kudos to Christian to fighting to stay this week until the bitter end.

Christian is Evicted. I don’t want to celebrate his eviction, really, but it was a smart move, and I really like this jury.

The Worst Moments of Big Brother 23 Week 5

Sarah Beth Doesn’t Take The Veto. I was torn on how I felt about this. SB didn’t take the veto over $5,000 because she knew someone would just take it after her. But in this game, optics matter. And the BB punishments are silly and not anything severe, so sure she would have lost $5,000, but she would have had the veto in her possession for a round or two and made herself look like she was really serious about the game. But at least it caused some drama and helped almost lead to a vote flip.

Tiffany Pushes Too Hard for Christian. I’m enjoying Tiffany a lot this season, so when she pushed so hard for Christian to stay this week, it really put some dents in her game. I think she is not in the same great position she once was, and that’s her own fault.

Derek F Was Too Hard on Tiffany. Depending on which side you’re on, this week’s beef between DF and Tiffany got a little out of control. I think DF was out of line calling Tiffany a bi*ch so many times and making fun of her age. She has actually been working hard for that alliance, and he has no respect for her just because she says what’s on her mind and isn’t one to back down. I know some people enjoyed his display, but I for one was pretty disappointed in it.

And that’s it for the worst moments. Once again, the good outweighs the bad. Big Brother 23 has been doing that every week, which is much better than the past several seasons.

What were your top and bottom moments of BB23 Week 5?



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