Big Brother 23 Live Feeds Week 1: Sunday Highlights

Frenchie confused on BB23

Sunday calmed down a bit early on but then took off overnight for the Big Brother 23 Houseguests as they waded through the mess Frenchie left for everyone after Saturday’s Veto excitement. Now HGs are looking forward to Monday’s Veto meeting and preparing for their next moves to survive the week of the mad king. This could got in a LOT of different directions and we’ll have to see what Frenchie settles on, possibly based on whoever talks to him last as he continues to be very, very impressionable.

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Big Brother 23 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 11, 2021:

8:45 AM BBT – HGs get their wake up call.

9:00 AM BBT – Backyard is open again.

9:15 AM BBT – HGs getting ready for their swimsuit backyard photoshoot this morning.

11:25 AM BBT – Feeds are back from the photoshoot. HGs lounging around the backyard.

11:30 AM BBT – Frenchie sharing the plan that Alyssa will stay on the Block and Travis will be the renom and target.

11:40 AM BBT – Frenchie tells Christian he’s glad this worked out this way. Christian says he trusts Frenchie more now.

11:45 AM BBT – Xavier tells Frenchie that Travis knows he’s in trouble and could feel his energy change after Derek X won the Veto.

11:50 AM BBT – Frenchie questions Claire if he’s done something to offend her because she hasn’t been talking to him. He promises her she’s safe. Claire says she knows he’s been stressed so she’s been giving him space.

12:30 PM BBT – Alyssa tells Brent she’s going to try and keep her space from Christian. Brent expects Christian will nom him and Frenchie together. Brent warns Alyssa that Christian “likes” her. She worries that’s where this all came from.

12:35 PM BBT – Azah hopes Christian will go after Brent. Britini likes that idea because Travis will be a good shield for them. Britini challenges the idea that Frenchie could just force a massive alliance by putting Slaughterhouse in front of them and saying it was happening.

12:40 PM BBT – Azah tells Britini she thinks it’s too late to salvage Frenchie because of how he went off on his own and didn’t tell or involve them instead of entrusting his team.

12:50 PM BBT – Claire talks with Kyland on how she’s frustrated that Frenchie said he thinks she’s coming for him since she wasn’t talking to him even though she was doing it to show she trusted him.

1:00 PM BBT – And now Frenchie has set a F2 with Christian who promises him safety to the end.

1:05 PM BBT – Travis working with Claire and Kyland to prepare for a likely renom. He is trying to figure out how much of a target Alyssa is if he goes up against her. Claire suggests he go and try to make peace with Frenchie now.

2:00 PM BBT – Derek F and Xavier check-in. Xavier recommends keeping a low profile and don’t overthink things. DF says he has to control himself from flirting with Frenchie since F is married with kids.

4:00 PM BBT – Workout time in the backyard.

4:30 PM BBT – Britini praises Derek X for his performance and speed in the Veto comp.

6:00 PM BBT – HGs are enjoying their time in the backyard.

6:05 PM BBT – Brent again warning Alyssa that if she’s near Christian she will be considered a target.

6:25 PM BBT – Truth or Dare starting up in the backyard.

7:35 PM BBT – HGs doing a fashion show in the backyard.

8:00 PM BBT – Tiffany is reenacting Frenchie’s nomination ceremony in front of everyone.

8:45 PM BBT – Brent, Alyssa and Frenchie are discussing possible nominations last week (even though they still can’t figure out what’s happening this week). Brent says he doesn’t trust Kyland but adds that if Travis stays this week he could become a big threat.

8:50 PM BBT – Frenchie says that usually a woman or the older person goes first but that’s not going to happen this season.

9:07 PM BBT – Brent tells Alyssa that he trusts Frenchie but he keeps going back on everything he says as soon as someone talks to him. She asks if he thinks Frenchie would tell Derek not to use the veto. Brent says if Frenchie does that then everything is ruined and the alliance will mean nothing because no one will trust Frenchie and he is just going to go home next week.

9:10 PM BBT – Frenchie asks Derek X if Travis or Kyland ever said they were targeting Frenchie. Derek X says he for sure knows Kyland never said that.

9:14 PM BBT – Frenchie is asking around where people will vote if nominations stay the same. Travis and Hannah said they would vote to keep Kyland and Xaiver says since Alyssa is on his team he would likely keep her.

9:16 PM BBT – Frenchie tells Hannah he would rather have the veto use on Alyssa but doesn’t know where Derek X’s head is.

9:30 PM BBT – Frenchie asks Travis if he can secretly persuade Derek to not use the veto. Travis asks if Kyland is cool with that and Frenchie says he hasn’t mentioned that idea to Kyland or anyone.

9:45 PM BBT – Derek X tells Tiffany that the veto is basically Frenchie’s and he is figuring out if he wants him to use it or not.

10:20 PM BBT – Frenchie working on Claire to see if he can get the Jokers and Queens teams to align. The trade here is that he wants her to vote out one of her own team members (Kyland or Travis, seemingly not Tiffany).

10:25 PM BBT – Frenchie tells Claire and Sarah that he will blow up if DX doesn’t use the Veto.

11:05 PM BBT – DX talks with Kyland about his Veto plan and Kyland says Travis will be the renom.

11:20 PM BBT – DX tells Claire and Frenchie he still plans to use the Veto on Kyland and understands Travis will likely go up.

11:25 PM BBT – Travis tells DX that Frenchie wants him to keep the noms the same. DX is confused. (Everyone is confused.) They can’t figure out which of them Frenchie is trying to test.

11:35 PM BBT – Travis asks DX not to tell that Frenchie was secretly asking him (T) to convince DX not to use the Veto. Confusion all around. T says Frenchie wants to appear neutral.

12:30 AM BBT – Frenchie polling HGs about votes if it’s Alyssa versus Travis. He tells Derek F, Alyssa, and Kyland that he’s hearing some surprise answers.

12:40 AM BBT – Frenchie warns DX that while Kyland is being really nice to him (DX) so he’ll use the Veto on him that he (K) is actually trying to make a F2 with Frenchie.

1:20 AM BBT – Frenchie tells Alyssa that Sarah would keep Kyland over her (A). Alyssa is surprised.

1:30 AM BBT – Travis checks in with DX about not using the Veto. DX says he isn’t sure that’s the plan and mentions that Kyland is upstairs with Frenchie.

1:40 AM BBT – Kyland asks and DX admits that there’s a 10% chance he doesn’t use the Veto.

1:45 AM BBT – Frenchie is getting upset and frustrated upstairs with Xavier. Xavier is asking him to chill. Frenchie claims he is unappreciated.

1:50 AM BBT – HGs gathering in the HOH room now with DX, Travis, Brent, Xavier, Frenchie, and Kyland. Frenchie feels he’s being transparent but is getting a lot of stress back. Frenchie says he’s just been talking in hypotheticals.

2:05 AM BBT – Frenchie complains that this has been the hardest Week 1 HOH EVER. (And whose fault is that?)

2:10 AM BBT – Frenchie says he threw up twice after nominations.

2:15 AM BBT – Frenchie complains to Kyland (who is on the Block) that he (F) feels disrespected by him tonight.

2:40 AM BBT – Much confusion continues. DX wants to talk with Frenchie again to figure out the Veto.

2:55 AM BBT – DX tells Frenchie that he feels obligated to use the Veto on Kyland because he has promised him so many times already. Frenchie says with the way everyone is fighting to save Kyland that it’s obvious already that Kyland will win the whole game now if he stays. Frenchie questions why no one is worried about Alyssa.

3:20 AM BBT – Frenchie wants Alyssa to come down and have two guys on the Block to compete for the votes. Frenchie still suggesting that Kyland disrespected him tonight.

3:25 AM BBT – Travis tells DX and Brent that Frenchie is just giving lip service to HGs. DX wants Frenchie to renom a woman instead.

3:40 AM BBT – Frenchie is back on the Kyland complaint-train and questions who Kyland thinks he is to threaten him. Travis gets Frenchie over to the Memwall so they can look at alternatives to him (T) going up and where the votes are. Travis applying the “you’re a man of your word” and pressuring him to not renom him (T). Travis suggesting Hannah and Frenchie seems open to it, saying he hasn’t promised Hannah anything.

4:05 AM BBT – Brent suggests they leave the noms alone and let the house decide. DX says that’s bad for his own game.

4:20 AM BBT – Travis, Brent, Frenchie, and DX talking DX says if Kyland stays on the Block then he appears to be unloyal after his previous promises. DX asks Frenchie if he can say Frenchie told him not to use it. Frenchie approves.

4:40 AM BBT – Christian has joined the group before it breaks up for bed. Derek X has been suggesting he still wants to use the Veto.

4:45 AM BBT – Christian tells Frenchie and Brent that if Kyland gets voted out he could blow up their Slaughterhouse alliance. Christian says they need to get Travis out or else HGs will think Frenchie is unreliable.

5:00 AM BBT – Frenchie is staying downstairs tonight and got in the bed next to DX so he could spend an extensive amount of time trying to convince DX to save Alyssa so Frenchie could put up Travis and let the two guys battle it out. Frenchie promises this will be a huge move that will make them legends in Week 1.

5:25 AM BBT – Frenchie has finally stopped talking and let DX go to bed. HGs all asleep.

What a mess. Frenchie is trying to play an entire season of Big Brother in his first week and he’s racking up the points against himself. Here we’ve got him bouncing all around on targets making everyone nervous while he can still only renom one person, if it even gets played. Derek X seems intent on using it though so prepare for more fun later today.

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