Big Brother 23 Alliances And Deals Update – Week 1

The Big Brother 23 houseguests haven’t even been in the house a whole week and there are already so many alliances and deals your head is going to spin.

And most of that is because of current Head of Household Frenchie. In what is already being called the worst HOH reign in BB history, Frenchie has made alliances and deals left and right. He has also told everyone they’re safe at one point or another just go to back on his word over and over again. It’s truly hard to believe that it’s not even been a whole week yet. It’s going to be even more hard to believe after you get a look at this alliance and deals report for BB23 Week 1.

First of all, we have the teams. Oh yeah, remember that twist where this season they’re playing in teams? No one really seems to care about those teams, which I find funny because once again a Big Brother twist is flopping. When will production learn to just let Big Brother play out naturally? I mean, never, because they’re making a TV show that is over 20 years old and they want to keep it fresh. But what’s the point when twists just always end up flopping? But let me get back to the point. Teams.

The Jokers consist of Frenchie, Azah, Derek F and Britini. The Aces are Whitney, Brent, Derek X and Hannah. The Kings are Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Sarah. And the Queens are Claire, Kyland, Tiffany and Travis. Within those groups you have a Final 2 deal with Frenchie and Derek F as we saw on Sunday night’s episode. Within the Kings you have the alleged early makings of a showmance with Alyssa and Christian, but I don’t think we can expect that to go anywhere after this week 1 drama (not that it was ever really a thing anyway). And that’s pretty much it as far as the teams dynamics go. People just really aren’t paying much attention to them.

Now for Frenchie’s alliances and deals. As I already mentioned, he made a final 2 with Derek F right away, but I’m not sure that’s even a thing now because Frenchie also has a final 2 deal with Brent, who seems to be the one person in the game that Frenchie is true to (which is funny considering Brent is clearly what Frenchie defines as a “meathead”). He also has a thing going with the other parents in the house, Whitney and Tiffany.

And for the major Frenchie alliance, we have the Slaughterhouse (which is a name he came up with even before entering the game). That consists of Frenchie, Kyland, Christian, Derek F, Xavier, Whitney, Brent and Alyssa (whom Frenchie was targeting this week before the alliance was solidified). Within the Slaughterhouse is the core group called The Butchers: Frenchie, Kyland, Christian, Derek F and Xaiver. Keep in mind here, Christian was Frenchie’s man target and just last night, Frenchie expressed how nervous Kyland and Xaiver make him. It seems none of these alliances and deals are really real to Frenchie.

Frenchie’s alliances and deals are always changing, so there’s a possibility that by the time you read this, everything will be different.

Now on to my favorite alliance. The Cookout. I really hope this one gets to make a good run in the game. The Cookout is Azah, Derek F, Xavier, Kyland and Tiffany. And it appears that Hannah is an unofficial member of that group.

And then we have the girl’s alliance. As we know, these tend to not last, but this season’s women are very smart and strong, so if any season could make it work it’s this one. That group consists of Claire, Azah, Tiffany and Britni.

As for secret duos, other than Brent and Frenchie, we have Tiffany and Whitney, Derek X and Travis, Derek F and Christian, and Kyland and Sarah.

There have been other conversations here and there about alliances and deals, but these are the most solid ones at the time. And I use the world solid very loosely with Frenchie currently in the house.

As always, thanks to @89razorskate20 on Twitter for keeping us all up to date on the alliances and deals. Be sure to check out their alliance chart below.


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