Adam Poch’s Big Brother 21 Player Rankings – Week 8

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

There is a saying in Big Brother… “Its a long way to Thursday.” What that means is – after the Veto meeting on Monday – the next 3 days are very very slow. It gives people way too much time to think and thus we have seen in seasons past people on the block either work hard to get themselves the votes needed to stay – or gives people time to sink their own ship. This was one of those weeks – and as BB fans – we will look back at this week as the Taco Tuesday Flip of Big Brother 21!

For me – trying to do my rankings this week became increasingly difficult after the last 36 hours. What looked like a simple task has now got me questioning every player’s motives and how it will affect their games going forward. At the time that I am writing this – it looks like Christie will end up staying over Analyse – but who knows what will happen in the next few hours leading up to the live eviction. Another standout week in a rather dull season – so here we go

Christie Murphy – 5 strips of Bacon – yeah, I am as surprised as you are seeing that Christie is getting the top spot this week. It was looking like another Tofurkey for her – but we knew she would not just go quietly into the night. Hell, is there anything this girl does quietly?? True – Christie still does not seem to have a clue on how contradictory she is. Preaching love and unity and truth and honor… oh and manifestation… but yet has played a very hypocritical game. As I mentioned in the past – she does not even remember some of the lies she said and gets very very defensive when called out. BUT… then Taco Tuesday happened.

Christie was threatening to blow up Nick’s game over their weekly Tuesday dinner – and told just about everyone she was going to do it. Then she had a change of heart and thought about not doing it. Jackson, probably thinking this would seal her fate with a fight being the final nail in her BB coffin, egged her on. But it wasn’t until Nick brought the fight to her that all hell broke loose. At the end of the fight – it did appear that Christie was still on the outs – but she then turned it all around over the next day – and the seeds planted by her started to grow. Now she has made deals with everyone except Nick to keep herself safe and we now will probably have to listen to her cry, eat, manifest, etc… another week!

Jackson Michie – 3 strips of Bacon – for the 3rd straight week we had the HoH also win the Veto – and most of the time that equates in 5 strips of bacon as they have all the power and can then get their original target out. We looked like we were on that path again – but as soon as the flip started looking like it could happen – he abandoned everything he tried to do the last 4 weeks & went with plan B.

I, along with the rest of the BB community, crucified Cliff for flipping his agenda during his HoH week – and that now looks like it was a good move – so who knows, maybe this will help him get confetti as he’d rather die on his feet than serve on his knees. It would be quite amusing to see Christie stay, win the next HoH and get Jackson out. If that happens – I think we all know who next week’s Tofurkey will be.

Tommy Bracco – 2 strips of Bacon – man, this guy has had a roller coaster of a week. I think deep down he was actually happy that Christie was leaving so he could be rid of that albatross – and he has put in the time to be good with everyone moving forward. Despite an attempt by someone on the other side of the BB walls playing a message to try and blow up Tommy & Christie’s secret – he came away from that pretty unscathed.

Kudos though to Tommy for being able to keep his composure as the flip started making its way around the house – and he was able to stay seemingly neutral. I think it would be hysterical though if he does vote out Christie and she stays. You know he is a horrible liar – and I think the feeds would be gold if she snuffed that out.

Holly Allen – 1 strip of Bacon – despite being linked to Jackson – no one ever looks at her as a target. Whenever anyone talks about nominating her – it’s just as a way to break up the power couple – but with all intent on getting Jackson out. Sure – Holly on her own is not really too much of a power player – but she does a pretty good job (most of the time) keeping herself separated from what Jackson does. With all the flip-flopping going on – Holly’s ability to stay out of it has actually been a good thing for her game – thus bacon.

Nicole Anthony / Cliff Hogg – 1 strip of Bacon & 1 strip of Tofu each – these 2 always seem to be in the middle of the voting drama. Although not looked at as a “couple” in the house – everyone seems to try to make deals with the 2 of them to get their votes – and this week is no exception.

They hold the key to who will end up going home. They made a deal last week to keep Cliff safe vs. Kat – and that new “alliance” does not even exist anymore. The new deal will put them in a foursome with Jackson & Holly – but Nicole is still close with Nick. That will make Nicole a possible pawn next week if Nick goes on the block – and Nicole has everyone saying they would vote to keep her – but… as we saw with Sam a few weeks ago, Kat last week, and probably Analyse this week – pawns go home! Not sure why Cliff & Nicole are so eager to keep Christie through all of this – so it remains to be seen if this is a good move or bad move.

Jessica Milagros – 3 strips of Tofu – remember that power player Jess became the week of her HoH?? Well, now she goes right back into the clueless category. No one is trying to include her in any deals – and she does not see how this is troublesome. But she does know that she knows nothing in this game. Yet – here she is – still chugging along and becoming an easy goat (as opposed to a G.O.A.T.) to bring to the end.

Nick Maccarone – 4 strips of Tofu – whereas Tommy has had a roller-coaster week – Nick has had a roller coaster game. He was part of the power alliance, then on the outs with them, then won HoH and was back in the big group, then out of it, then the biggest target, then slid into the background when the Six Shooters broke up, then was one of the swing votes in the Jack / Jackson eviction, then in a new power alliance with Tommy, Christie, Analyse, Cliff, & Nicole last week – to becoming the biggest target again by the same people that he formed an alliance with last week.

Nick’s game, as he’s said several times, is pretty transparent – he makes no excuses that he’s been playing the middle and good with everyone – but when that was exposed during the Taco Tuesday fight – now he’s public enemy #1 – and watch – he will end up winning HoH &/or Veto next week to keep himself safe – and lets see if he fades back into the shadows – or stays the target. WOW – those were 2 very long run-on sentences.

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week – and this week’s honors go to one of my preseason favs – Analyse Talavera. I should have gone with my initial instinct when I thought she was all beauty and no brains. The lack of brains has been on display all season – as witnessed this week when Cliff had to explain to her that “brain freeze” did not mean her actual brain was frozen. Also – Analyse was so sure that everyone loved her that she even entertained the idea that if she won VETO to use it on Christie so they could both stay this week. Add to that – as this flip was going on right in front of her face – she was still asking Christie & Tommy about how she should campaign.

If the flip flops and Analyse stays – it’s not because of anything she did. Perhaps she just misses Jack and wants to be with him in the jury house. Regardless – we have seen some pretty bad players over the years (some may say myself included) – and you can now add Analyse to that list.

OK – another week in the books. Pay close attention to the feeds the next few hours as we lead up to the eviction – and see who can snag the power this week. With the numbers getting smaller and smaller – and new alliances forming & disbanding – it will be quite the finish to the season. (We still have 5 weeks to go…)

This brings me to my question of the week – I saw this in a Big Brother Facebook group and thought it was interesting. Of all the BB21 HGs – who would you like to spend 1 day with?

Please let me know what you think of my column & answer my question in the comments section below. And for more thoughts on #BB21 – follow me on Twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy – and listen to my podcast Big Brothers@BigBrothersPod

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!


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