‘Big Brother 19’ Winner Revealed – Finale Night Results

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 finale

Last night we discovered who won Big Brother 19 as the Jury returned to the stage and cast their votes for the season’s winner, “but first” we had a few more competitions to get through.

Our Final 3 Houseguests faced off in the three-round final Head of Household competition for the season where two of them would move on to make their case to the Jury. It’s all over now and the results are in for this season’s Big Brother winner.

Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian are all that’s left of this season after nearly three months of battling it out in the backyard and across the house. One of these three will soon be a half million dollars richer. Time to see if my winner prediction was right.

Reminder: Big Brother Celebrity launches this winter. Few details so far, but we’ll be back to cover it early next year when BB:Celebrity arrives!

All three of the remaining HGs will participate in the first round of the final HoH. The winner here will await the winner of the second round in Round 3. There the last round’s winner will get to decide which of the other two HGs will be evicted and who will go on to stand before the Jury.

Big Brother 19 Final HoH – Round 1:

Nothing like a little unicorn glitter farts to mess up your game. The HGs will be hanging on to a rope with the last one standing winning the round. We didn’t get to see this play out on the Feeds (shame!) so now it’s time to find out how this went down.

  • Winner of Round 1: Paul

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Big Brother 19 Final HoH – Round 2:

The losers from the first round have another chance at keeping themselves alive in the game. Win here and move on to R3. Lose and you’ll be watching it from the sidelines.

Christmas and Josh battle it out here. The comp requires the HGs to use a slingshot, catapult, and crossbow to take out cutouts of the HGs. It’s all set in a medieval theme. It’s pretty fun but this took forever. Feeds were down for SIX hours to make this happen.

  • Winner of Round 2: Josh

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Big Brother 19 Jury Round Table:

These are some very angry and bitter Jurors. Mark is yelling at Matthew and he returns fire. They all start complaining about Josh and his ridiculous manchild behavior with stunted emotional abilities. Most say they can’t respect his game or reward it.

Things don’t sound good for Christmas either saying her biggest game move was her foot getting broken. Well she couldn’t win.

Now for Paul, they’re all pissed at him, but it sounds like they might still give him more respect in the game. But boy they really don’t like him.

Big Brother 19 Final HoH – Round 3:

Winners from the previous two rounds are back here for the live portion of tonight’s show. This could be critical for the next stage, or if both are planning to take each other to the F2 then it’s pointless, but still something they can look back on and realize where they blew it.

  • Question 1: Paul gets a point.
  • Question 2: Josh gets a point.
  • Question 3: Both get a point.
  • Question 4: Josh gets a point.
  • Question 5: Neither get a point.
  • Question 6: Neither get a point.
  • Question 7: Josh gets a point!
  • Winner of Round 3: Josh

Wow, wow, wow. Josh won R3 and now he gets to decide if he wants to win the game or lose to Paul.

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Big Brother 19 – Finale Eviction:

One last HG has to be evicted to join the Jury and allow our F2 to move on. Who will Josh send out the door? It’s time to find out. Josh explains that he’s played such an abrasive game that he can’t go to the end with someone likable. Yep, he’s about to do it. He’s about to end his chances at the win, isn’t he?

Josh evicts: Christmas Abbott!!

Final 2: Paul & Josh

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Big Brother 19 Jury Votes:

It’s time for the Jury’s votes to be revealed. Will we get another shocker like last year’s upset or will this be an easy and obvious choice?

  • Christmas votes for: Paul
  • Kevin votes for: Paul
  • Alex votes for: Josh
  • Raven votes for: Paul
  • Jason votes for: Josh
  • Matthew votes for: Paul
  • Mark votes for: Josh
  • Elena votes for: Josh
  • Cody votes for: Josh

Winner of Big Brother 19 is: Josh Martinez 5-4!

WOW! Congratulations to Josh! I did NOT think he could do it but he did!!

After listening to the Jury’s round table and the comments made at voting time, it’s clear this was a bitter and angry Jury. Paul played a significantly stronger game, but his Jury management was atrocious. Then again, Josh was no saint and fought with nearly everyone so it’s hard to say Josh was better liked by them. More likely? Josh wasn’t Paul.

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Big Brother 19 – America’s Favorite HG:

One lucky HG will get an extra $25,000 prize based on America’s votes…

Top 3: Cody, Kevin, & Jason.

AFP: Cody Nickson!

Don’t forget that after the finale is over Dr. Will Kirby (winner of BB2) will be hosting the official CBS backyard interviews on Facebook Live. We’ll have the link posted as soon as it’s available.

Update: Missed the backyard interviews? You can watch it in full right here & it’s totally worth it. These were great.

What do you think of the results. Did the right person win the season? What about that last eviction and even the Fav HG prize? Are you happy with how the season turned out? Don’t forget there’s more Big Brother with the Celebrity Big Brother.

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  1. Doesn’t Paul spend his free time walking around asking himself game facts, questions and trying to remember every game detail? Josh should hope for a Salsa dance off.

    • Me too. Kind of sad, not much suspense tonight. I have always enjoyed watching but tonight, I am just meh…… got some laundry to do.

  2. I just realized the finale is a 2 hour show and starts at 8pm. As far as I can remember the finale has always been 1h 30m starting at 9:30pm/ The worst season ever does not deserve a extra 30 minutes.

  3. Wow it’s actually really hard to tell who will take home the win between Paul and Josh. At this point anything could happen with this bunch of jurors

  4. I have a feeling I will be more disappointed by AFP that anything else this season.

  5. Okay now…got my bottle (I mean glass) of wine, Reese’s miniature cups and my tablet set to live t.v. on CBS! Let’s do this! :-)

  6. I only see Josh winning tonight and getting the jury votes only if he makes the “biggest move of the season”…getting Paul out before F2. But to do that he has to win the final comp tonight, and I just don’t see that happening. Paul is prepared and has studied hard for these next comps. Boring and expected outcome, but this is Paul’s to win or loose… I mean all in Paul’s hands.

    • I don’t think there will be anything boring about seeing Paul and Josh face the jury, answer their questions and Paul’s reaction to Josh when he says he did all the work.

    • Oddly enough Paul DID lose it by his own hand. He didn’t drop the ego and get real when it counted. And he just kept telling more lies all the way to the end, even during the Q&A. Sorry, but no. Play the game however, but DO NOT lie in the DR, to the Jury members and especially to America.

      When it is time to get real and explain your strategy, don’t continue to be a douche.

      • I wouldn’t call the jury bitter or sour grapes. They didn’t like the way Paul played the game. Neither did I. You can still lie and manipulate, but you don’t have to cross the line. Derrick didn’t. Paul didn’t really work that hard because they basically handed him the game. Only a couple of them came to play. The rest seemed to be happy hanging out. The look on Paul’s face when he heard/saw Josh’s goodbye messages was priceless. He knew he got outsmarted. He thought he had the game in the bag. Like Alex said, he stabbed people in the front…not in the back.

      • That’s exactly what I said. As soon as I heard his response to the 1st question I knew Josh would win.

  7. Hey Alf!!! They just talked about you on ‘Night Court’. Marion Ross’s Character, Mrs. C frm Happy Days, has a grenade ready to pull the pin if someone does’t listen to her about her husband. She had confused the soaps with real life. HArry an the courtroom has been on as a practice.
    Anyway, Harry told Mrs. C’s character that ‘Alf’ wasn’t real. Bull’s character has a fit that Alf is not real. Harry talks both down, That ALF IS REAL !!! YEA for ALF!!!

  8. Previously on Big Brother…

    And then goes on to prove how this season was dominated by Paul. Should have just said “Previously, on Paul’s Big Brother…”

    • On this seasons Big Brother! We gave Paul 3 weeks of safety! We filled the house with people he already knew! We played comps he already played and WON! WHO WILL WIN!! STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!


    We gotta catch you poor slobs up because we didn’t let you see any of this on the feeds.

  10. Do they have a barber come in and cut the hair? Josh always has that fade. Like it looks fresh all the time

  11. Ok, what kind of comp was that? I didn’t even really pay attention, so who knows, LOL!

  12. Hopefull Will guides the jury away from being bitter….because at the end of the day Paul deserves this easily.

  13. As much as we gripe and complain about the HG and the direction of the show, Julie Chen and these ‘nincompoops’ have offered as an escape from reality at least three times a week and at most, daily.

    We learn about ourselves and share this with others here. So for what it’s worth, BB is not only good for something but good for a lot. (Not to mention all the love connections … ahem, Jody…Maven doesn’t count. 🤣)

  14. Is someone counting how many times the gnome “CRIES”???
    Maybe he’ll fill a bucket of cactus tears. boo hoo

  15. Come one, just give us an extended version of the round table discussion, the rest, who cares!

  16. What time does the backyard interviews start? It will be on the official BB Facebook page right? Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Will conduct the interviews.

  17. Will was 28 at start of him BB 2 season. Lets see. 19 -2 + 28 =
    45 age of Will at beginning of Season BB19.

  18. @cyril_axel:disqus Your baby is in the final 3 and potentially the final 2, you a proud daddy?

    • Just with Federal and FICA taxes, it’s $243,500.00. Then there is state and local tax. Since it was earned in one state, they may have a tax liability in 2 states. This is a lump sum payment. For this high of an amount, it’s 36% for Federal. And since you would be paid as an independent contractor and not an employee, you’ll have to pay both employer and employee FICA which is another 15.3%. It’s still a nice chunk of change for a few months work.

  19. Why do I not buy Christmas’ story? If she was that concerned about her mom, wouldn’t she be fighting for F2?

  20. Now Josh is getting the true under dog edit. he will next box some frozen slabs of beef and jog to the rocky theme song.

  21. Hang on, whoever tries out on BB, if you should make it, then you have to let us know who you are in the DR. Otherwise, we may not know it’s you.

  22. “Circus – Theme Song” couldn’t get the sound to copy over-
    dut dut dadadada dut dut dadda etc.

  23. You know how they make the DRs try to make it look like something big will happen but it doesnt, I hope thats what is goin on here because WOW if Josh wins this

  24. Matt & Raven are like the 11th wonder of the world. I will still be shaking my head til next seaso.

  25. God, I hate absolutely all these people. All of them. Look at Alex right now, embarassing fool. I DESPISE THEM

  26. Dr Will is really subdued tonight. I would like to see the un filtered version where he is allowed to be himself.

    • Yep. But I agree when Elena said did he play the game? Yes but I didn’t like the way he played it.

      • I’ve always heard that it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, but it’s how you play the game. Derrick was able to lie and manipulate, but he wasn’t dirty about it. Paul was.

    • It’s not bitter to not have respect for the way Paul played the game. I think Alex said it best that Josh stabbed in the front while Paul stabbed in the back. I knew Paul wouldn’t win. If he was a little more upfront, he would have had a better chance. I even think Josh would have beaten Xmas. I didn’t care for either Paul or Josh, but I would have voted for Josh. His goodbye messages beat Paul’s dirty strategy.

    • on a side note, Thank You, Captain555. I have enjoyed your many gifs and comments on this postings/ threads/lines through the season of BB19. Got many laughs with some of the gifs, how do you do it SO FAST??? You’re #1 with gifs!!! Thanks.

  27. With this jury, it’s hard to know who will win….period, but I hope we find out what their decisions would be with alternative choices.

    • Wonder if Cody has taken Paul’s role in managing group. They all were enamored with him except Matt and Raven.

      • Those guys had been talking about them for a while. Alex took him down. She’s influencial, Jason listens to her, and a lot of the HG’s respect her game. Unfortunately, she’s the most bitter Jury in the house. She was angry..geesh.

      • Cody liked Alex from the get go. Remember when Jess was jealous of her. Very bitter. Friendshit! haha
        I just saw your email a few minutes ago and sent you one. I’m out. LY!

    • Backyard interview. I always thought Juries didn’t like the idea of explaining/justifying their vote. Especially when they take the strategy personal, but Ihat might change…they’ll be asked.

      • Seems they didn’t mind at all showing they were mostly looking at it from a personal aspect. Justification….smh

  28. See everyone saying Paul was going to win this because of it being questions told you it’s a crap shoot.

  29. But if Paul loses, does that mean he’ll be back another season? if that is the case, let him win, let him win

  30. Come on Josh, you have a chance to vote out Paul! You’ve wanted to do it all season long and take Christmas to the end!

    • If Josh wants to win the $500,000, he should evict Paul. If not, he will just get $50,000 which is pretty dumb. Christmas does not deserve that $50,000 but, will luck out and win it without doing anything!

  31. I thought for sure Alex would say herself and not Jess since it was recent and thought she regretted trusting Paul.

    I also thought that Matt question was confusing. If it was cereal or Raven it would easily be Raven but it was cereal or Raven’s cooking.

  32. Josh just gave himself 2nd place. He could have beat Xmas.
    Thanks Paul/Allison for the bland season.

    • She was the one complaining during the Halloween competition about Christmas taking too long as well

    • Well, they’re still bitter. And just because Josh is an idiot doesn’t guarantee that Paul’s gonna win, especially if the jury is that bitter.

  33. This has been a crappy season and Josh cannot even make the right move! Dumb to even win $500,000! Unbelievable!

  34. So what Paul has 3: Matt, Raven and Xmas

    Josh may have Alex, Jason and Kevin?

    Cody as the spoiler? Who am I missing here?

  35. I would rather see Paul win the game than see Josh win with Christmas in the final 2. It would be an outrage to see Christmas in the final 2 while Paul was evicted. Well done Josh.

  36. Josh you should have kept Xmas, and all your speech would need to be was “I pulled off the biggest move of the season that nobody else could do” game, set match!

  37. Cody takes Derek when he had a 100% chance of winning against Victoria, Paul takes Nicole when he had a 100% chance of winning against James, Josh takes Paul when he has a 85% chance of winning against Christmas. Seems like a pattern here.

  38. All I am waiting for is who wins AFP. If Cody wins, I want to see all the shocked faces…. that’s it.

    • Rooting for Cody too! I voted for him and that is the only thing worth rooting for! This season sucks and absolutely the worst! All the minions should not be paid their stipend! If you do not play, you should not get your stipend!

  39. After thinking about it I’m glad he kept Paul. Christmas couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t right for her to be in the top two. Let’s hope Josh wins!!

  40. In reality, this is the perfect ending to BB19. Paul’s minions all lined up to be clipped, give their game up and sent away. Soooo….why would the ending be any different?

    • Josh has a slim to none chance. He might get 1 or 2 votes at the most! Paul will win easily! This is probably one of the dumbest moves in Big Brother history as far as big moves go!

  41. Christmas shot her self in the foot (hehe) by not being loyal to Josh. She might have taken her if she said she would take him.

  42. These questions are so pointed. Paul’s questions are way more personal and targeted than the ones Josh is getting.