‘Big Brother 19’ Finale: Was The Jury Bitter? [POLL]

Big Brother Jury voting key block

The Big Brother 19 winner was decided after the Jury cast their votes and crowned Josh Martinez as the king of the season over Paul Abrahamian. After rumors and reports of a bitter Jury the truth seemed to match up with the hype. So was the Jury bitter or did Josh truly earn the win over Paul?

Watching the Jury round table it was clear that this group was not happy with Paul and the way he betrayed their trust in the game. Paul worked them over and his exit strategy was horrendous. He never stopped lying to them about their position with him in the game, even when answering the final Q&A session. But when compared to Josh’s “pots & pans” parade through the summer, did they really have a better choice or was Josh simply the “anyone but Paul” candidate?

Paul ended up losing 5-4, again. It was painful to watch, but he failed to secure that feel-good Jury he would need to correct his past mistakes. Listening to the Big Brother backyard interviews last night added a little more understanding to just how those votes panned out.

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Never B4 in BB, have I seen so many people happy that someone won, not because they won, but because they wanted the other to lose so much

— EvelDick (@EvelDick) September 21, 2017

As for the five who voted for Josh, were any of them really voting for Josh or were they just voting against Paul? Alex said she was voting for the player who stabbed her in the front instead of the back, that’s anti-Paul. When Jason had his backyard interview it almost sounded like he was talking himself in to voting for Paul, but he was so upset about the betrayal that he went for Josh instead. Mark told Dr. Will in his interview that Paul played the better game, but the better player doesn’t always win. Well they definitely don’t if you don’t vote for them, Mark.

Elena? She was straight up and said she was going to be a bitter Juror. In fact, she announced on Twitter that she likely would have voted for Christmas over Paul. Wow. Then lastly, with Cody? He told Dr. Will that he “hated” Paul. Cody had mentioned he didn’t want to see a Vet win, but he also told Jessica he would vote for Paul if he got to the end.

Listening to the interviews there was little talk from Josh’s voters for why they liked his game. Instead the topics focused on why they didn’t like Paul’s. Clearly Paul messed up with his game and blew it with the Jurors. Again. But was it bad enough to warrant losing the game after controlling it all season?

Julie Chen told EW.com her thoughts on the Jury’s decision:

I think the jury made the wrong choice. Paul was robbed. But Josh was no slouch. He won competitions, had a conscience and didn’t mislead people in the same slick way that Paul did.

Update: Watching Rob Cesternino’s backyard interviews where Cody reveals he had a “Jury pact” set to vote against Paul. Looks like they were planning on making Paul lose for awhile now. That’s what Cody was referring to when he placed his key and told the Jury that he was keeping his word.

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Per Cody's "Jury pact" reveal it sounds like probably Paul lost #BB19 weeks ago. "Anyone but Paul" was going to win.https://t.co/1Yh2gUbWMu

Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 21, 2017

What do you think? Was Paul robbed? Was the Jury bitter? Did Josh deserve the win over Paul for game play or just for not being Paul? Share your thoughts below, but keep the discussion civil!


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  1. Not sure I agree with the poll options. Just because the jury was bitter doesn’t necessarily mean Paul earned the win. His jury management was very poor.

      • There does seem to need to be at least one more option in the poll though. Something based on yes the jury was bitter, but Josh played the game and added to their bitterness toward Paul with his gameplay.

        Also, Josh took Paul over Christmas BECAUSE he knew it was a bitter jury. People seem to be missing out on that fact. He might would have beat Christmas easier, but you can’t argue that Josh did what he did because he correctly saw that it was a bitter jury where as Paul thought they all still liked him.

      • I do agree with your assessment, Brett. I also wonder if Josh (as a “super fan”) had a 2ndary thought and that is: taking Xmas – the girl with a broken foot, being “carried” to the end) would make his win less impactful or satisfying? Yes, he could still talk about his goodbye-message strategy to the Jurors, and chances are they may have voted for Josh to win. None of us knows what that pairing (Xmas/Josh) would have actually resulted in, but in the final analysis, it was the best pairing out of the 3 … you know, like on Survivor, you want to see the finalists who REALLY did all the out-lasting, outplaying stuff.

      • Absolutely! Paul was robbed in BB18, but not this year.

        Bitter jury once, shame on them. Bitter jury twice, shame on Paul.

      • If i were in jury i wouldn’t vote for the SNAKE EYES…. i have never liked Paul. So happy they voted against him. I love it.

      • I’ll be fair. If I was in the jury, I would vote for who played the best game. That would’ve been Paul up until a couple weeks before finale. Paul played the jury, but Josh played the jury AND his own alliance. Nobody expected anything close to a strategic game from Josh but he provided exactly that. He got people to hate him, but not as much as they hated Paul. Now that’s impressive.

      • Because Josh tainted them all…..blaming Paul for all the moves. It’s not Paul’s fault for suggesting who should go. Man up to your HOH choices! Even when Paul had the power he was honest with Alex.

      • I’m not sure how telling the truth is tainting the jury. He merely took the opportunity to tell outgoing houseguests that Paul played them. If they wanted to be bitter, it was their own decision. Do I think Paul should have won, yes. Do I think he deserved to win. Well considering for the last half of the game he was the only one playing, yes. But Paul’s poor jury management cost him the game, not Josh outing him.

      • Wouldn’t have mattered what Paul said to the jury, they said weeks ago they made a pact, it was called, Anyone But Paul, and to me that is a childish, bitter jury.

      • I watched the video, and the “pact” thing looked to me like Rob putting words in Cody’s mouth, but maybe that’s just me.

      • I think there was bitterness but I think it was justified – Paul got a huge dollop of unfair advantages – starting with the friendship bracelets through the Pendant nonsense, which no new houseguest could have hoped to win against a popular vet. It was ridiculous. Cody called it right in his exit interview – it was a ‘cheat’. Maybe not one Paul orchestrated but still a cheat nonetheless. Him winning would have cast a pall over the whole show.

      • Yeah, I hope production wakes up to the fact that rigging it from the very beginning is not something the audience wants.

      • Don’t hold your breath.

        Production has shown they don’t care about anything other than ratings. After the bullying and harassment instigated by Paul, he should’ve been told to stop or been kicked out. Those who bullied and harassed at his behest should’ve been shown the door as well.

      • Yes, they were all bullies at one point. Josh, Raven, Alex, Paul. Even those who didn’t stand up to the bullies were in the wrong. Who put them up to it??? Paul!!!

      • I agree – it’s like people are trying to blame Paul just because he didn’t stop Josh. They also forget about Cody jumping up in Paul’s face and threatening him. Mark trying to slam Josh with a pan, Kevin picking up the cup to throw, etc, etc … unbelievable how everything seems to be Paul’s fault – he must be the best dang puppet master on the planet! Hire him now!!! He can sell manure to a cow farmer.

      • There’s bullying and then there’s defending yourself against bullies.

        Paul certainly was the puppet master in the game. He gets credit for that and he gets blame too.

      • 1. Cody didn’t threaten Paul. Paul and Cody BOTH yelled… Paul yelled a lot. He is equally as guilty.
        2. Mark pulled the pans out of Josh’s hands and nothing else. It is clear in the video he was very intentional about not touching Josh.
        3. Kevin picked up a cup to throw?? This is just silly. Toddlers throw cups every day. You can’t seriously be saying that shows his character was anywhere near as poor as Paul’s.

      • You’ve made it abundantly clear that you “hate” Paul – which I find very sad, but you have a right to feel any way you like. I don’t hate any of the game players. I just find it humorous that people are trying to say Paul was the “bully” in the house. Cody DID threaten Paul – running up to someone’s face as if you are going to hit them (even if you don’t) is actually very threatening. The same is true when you pull the pan out of someone’s hand and “threaten” to hit them with it by swinging it toward them but stopping short to just make them scared, I suppose (again, even if you don’t hit them) and picking up a cup and making a motion as if you are going to hit them with it or throw it (again, even if you don’t hit them) IS either bullying or an attempted assault – at a minimum it is a threat. If BB didn’t think it was threatening, they would not have ordered the “boys” to take separate sides of the house. It’s not silly like a toddler throwing a cup – a grown man can hurl a cup and cause damage – and a frying pan can certainly do harm (what if it had slipped out of Mark’s or Kevin’s hand when they did the quick pull back and either the pan or the cup hit Josh in the head?). Cody throwing his chest out and stomping toward Paul was like a rooster being a cock of the walk and ruffling his feathers – I agree it was all completely silly and stupid. I just don’t see where the 3 actions you noted by Cody, Mark and Kevin can be related to toddler actions and Paul’s actions are that of an adult bully?? Sorry, I just don’t agree with you – but, I hope you see that we can agree to disagree. :)

      • Nope, don’t hate Paul at all. Just tired of everyone blaming the rest of the house guests and not holding him to the same standard. I was a HUGE Paul fan in Bb18 but when I got the live feeds for BB19 my opinion totally changed.

      • Josh only did what was instigated by Paul… Nothing happened in that house that was not instigated by Paul whether good or bad. maybe you should also hit the rerun button.

      • Yes! Especially because the benefit was was for “spoiled-brat, Paul! As a Superfan, I was irritated by that decision!

      • i’m sorry, cody got a free trip back into the house. i am not really sure he should be complaining about anyone else cheating. further to that, sure paul got some advantages at the beginning of the game. three weeks. the game was three months? an entire series, never on the block? not once? an entire series, hustling every single hoh? that has nothing to do with unfair advantages. that is how you win the game.

      • Obviously NOT since he lost. Yes, his manipulations were truly amazing, but his disrespect of every other house guest was not.

      • Oh, I don’t think 50k is a great loss. However, I think Josh won because he was smart enough to place the blame on Paul in his eviction good byes. LOL

      • No – actually the 5 made a pact before it ever got to that point. They decided they could make the decision among themselves and that’s why Cody said he was sticking to his word.

      • The 5 couldn’t have “made a pact” before they were evicted. Josh placed the blame on Paul in his eviction good byes. The person evicted seen this eviction good bye while sitting next to Julie BEFORE they even entered the Jury house.

      • You misunderstood my comments – I never said, or meant, that they made the pact before they got evicted. I mean they made the “pact” while in jury – feeding on each other’s immature, sore-loser, attitudes.

      • Cody had to compete like every other houseguest who battled back into the house, and it was close. Paul got essentially 1 month of absolute safety for nothing + a handful of loyal friendship bracelet houseguests, so I’m not impressed by the not being on the block trick.

      • Holding that temptation at that time all but ensured that Paul would win it: the other HGS were unknowns and they knew Paul was going in with significant popularity from the prior season. His fan base has been crumbling, ever since. Silly boy hurt his brand!

      • He could only “hold” for three weeks, after that the viewer prize was null and void. It didn’t “ensure” anything anymore than a Big Brother second chance “ensured” Cody was going to win. The viewer prize given to Jessica certainly didn’t “ensure” her win, she didn’t even make it to the jury. Which was too bad as she said she would have voted for Paul.

      • Although Paul clearly had multiple advantages in the game , he chose to play a nasty, disrespectful game…inciting other HG’s to bullying tactics and hateful behavior, while directing blame for his moves and machinations onto his fellow HG’s and trying to create the illusion that his hands were clean, while everyone else he worked with was set-up to get blood on their hands. The ONLY HG that saw through Paul’s fake “friendship” was Cody…..it was only later in the game that Josh caught on to Paul’s game and saw that his only chance with the jury was to reveal the puppet-master’s manipulations that led to each of their evictions and came clean about his alliance with Paul and Christmas…It was a brilliant move to checkmate the smarmy and manipulative gameplay of “Your Boy”, Paul….As much as I didn’t like Josh’s gameplay in the beginning of the season, I began to see a real method of his own to get to the end and I was elated that he outfoxed Paul, the “snake”…..WELL DONE, JOSH….You made BB history, you big “meatball” 😁

      • Yeah, because people are totally going to vote for a bunch of strangers that they’ve met for like 48 hours over someone who spent the whole previous summer on people’s television with an edit that wasn’t very true to his character and made him look nice. Yeah, right.

      • And yet they did vote for Jessica with an even better prize. One that nullified eviction and saved BOTH her BF (the bully) and herself.

        I don’t remember seeing her on TV last season and yet they voted for her …..hmmmm. LOLOLOLOL

        1. Paul got a veto prize that was good for 3 weeks and only 3 weeks which could be used to save one person.

        2. Jessica got a eviction null prize good for 3 weeks which was used to save both Cody (the bully) and herself.

        3. Cody was given the opportunity to battle back into the house

        score = Cody 2 and Paul 1, meaning Cody had the most opportunities given to save his ….

        BTW, if he was really a marine sniper, that 2nd competition was well suited for him huh? I mean since it had to do with accuracy and all. He was losing by trying to muscle it, then his training kicked in.

      • The point I was trying to make was that having the “popularity” contest for a 3 weeks safety thrown in a the 1st week while having a returning contestant in the mix was UNFAIR to the rest of the house. They stood no shot at beating Paul at ANY poll because of his already established support base. If they wouldn’t have removed the winner of each temptation from future polls, Paul would’ve won every single one of them.

        Something similar happened when Rachel’s sister (Elissa) was playing. She kept winning the polls over and over again despite there being much better options player/personality wise. Causal viewers even vote for her to be the 3rd nominee when production abruptly changed the vote from “America’s Player” to “America’s Nominee”, confusing everyone. Rachel’s solid fan-base gave her sister an edge, which was unfair for the other contestants.

        I’m not against the BB production throwing this sort of vote-in twists into the game (I think they did it right on BB 11 when they threw the Coup D’Etat thing circa week 4), they’d just do it in a way that it’s fairer to everyone. This time, that was not the case.

      • Actually, Paul was given 3 whole weeks of safety which meant he couldn’t be nominated for eviction… a HUGE advantage that surpassed EVERY other temptation prize of the entire season, while Jess’s ‘Halting Hex’ could only be used ONCE over a 3 week period at a time when the viewers were sympathetic to the way Jess and Cody were being systematically ostracized and bullied, as instigated by Paul…..unlike Paul, who was handed everything on a silver platter, Cody had to battle his way back into a house filled with Paul’s minions who were doing his bidding and taking on all the blame, like a bunch of lemmings….Cody was at a HUGE disadvantage from the moment that he targeted Paul, who then worked vertime

      • jessica’s prize could be used within three weeks but could be used once. Paul’s made it so he couldn’t even be nominated for three weeks. Then there was the first eviction he was automatically safe for. Also anyone could have gotten jessica’s prize. There was only one person who was going to get the first one.

      • I’m not so sure about the “viewers” voting for Paul to get that first advantage of 3 weeks of safety to work his puppeteering magic on the HG’s… I’ve begun to distrust BB production and I think that they were giving Paul advantages intentionally….

      • Oh, and Cody didn’t get “advantages”? – as in more than one.

        I also think removing all the marines that voted for him as fav HG would only leave votes from his extended family. Even he was surprised he got that win. As he said: “What? Why me?”

        So you said Paul received “advantages” as in more than one. What other “advantages” did he get? Besides the 3 weeks of veto, which I still maintain was not “given” to him, the public voted for him. Any one of the guest could have gotten that prize by vote.

        “Cody had to battle his way back into a house ”

        With was an opportunity given to him by BB and not by a vote. And in a competition that would be one that a sniper would excel at. So the strenuous (joke) battle was hardly a battle at all given who he was battling against.

        Cody was ostracized because he has the personality of a toad, was a bully and not too bright in a social game. ANY social game. He was distrusted and his GF even stated that he was the worst BB competitor ever. Whom I really feel sorry for unless he listens to her. She expressed worry over that very situation, with her family, friends, co-workers etc. and said so. Some things we just conveniently forget huh?

        I really doubt it would have been a better season with the sore loser cry babies that were left. LOLOLOL

        BTW, Paul really didn’t have to work hard to create that “mob” mentality, Cody did that all by himself. As Jessica so aptly put it.

        As for Paul’s “comeuppance”, keep in mind that so far he walked away with 100k . Sooo much more than the cowboy clown and the cry baby muscle head Mike.


      • Oh, and Cody didn’t get “advantages”? – as in more than one.

        I also think removing all the marines that voted for him as fav HG would only leave votes from his extended family. Even he was surprised he got that win. As he said: “What? Why me?”

        So you said Paul received “advantages” as in more than one. What other “advantages” did he get? Besides the 3 weeks of veto, which I still maintain was not “given” to him, the public voted for him. Any one of the guest could have gotten that prize by vote.

        “Cody had to battle his way back into a house ”

        With was an opportunity given to him by BB and not by a vote. And in a competition that would be one that a sniper would excel at. So the strenuous (joke) battle was hardly a battle at all given who he was battling against.

        Cody was ostracized because he has the personality of a toad, was a bully and not too bright in a social game. ANY social game. He was distrusted and his GF even stated that he was the worst BB competitor ever. Whom I really feel sorry for unless he listens to her. She expressed worry over that very situation, with her family, friends, co-workers etc. and said so. Some things we just conveniently forget huh?

        I really doubt it would have been a better season with the sore loser cry babies that were left. LOLOLOL

        BTW, Paul really didn’t have to work hard to create that “mob” mentality, Cody did that all by himself. As Jessica so aptly put it.

        As for Paul’s “comeuppance”, keep in mind that so far he walks away with 100k . Sooo much more than the cowboy clown and the cry baby muscle head Mike. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cd0fb5044b4382944fc51542c6b30a1abcd6d8f36b778cee45dfa481d67503c5.jpg

      • I wouldn’t call that a temptation. Offer a houseguest on the first night 25k? Someone was going to take it, even if they had announced it would bring Paul into the house.

      • Kevin was tempted? Didn’t they say that SEVEN people hit that buzzer for the money? I think it’s a little unfair that you blame only Kevin. But I respect the fact that we all perceive things differently. Peace…

      • I totally disagree….Cody was never out to form multiple alliances and lie to everyone. As a matter of fact, he was playing his own game from the beginning and didn’t even confide in his alliance when he wanted to nominate Paul. Unlike Paul, he didn’t try to manipulate others or try to turn HG’s against each other…he was, like Alex, a REAL competitor.

      • Exactly. Granted the battle back was geared for him to win, but giving a vet three weeks safety, really rigged the game and changed the outcome, IMO.

        Come on, America loves an underdog and the edits were shown that he was the underdog, so it’s no wonder that Paul and Jessica got the temptations when they “needed” them.

      • Yes, but Julie said it, He had safety for three weeks..what about the rest of the time? The only other time he had it was when MARK, gave him the safety from the apple tree! They were stupid enough not to put him up when he wasn’t safe! That is playing the game, by the way, Derrick was never on the block either and he won. Paul’s mistake is not owning what he did and the jury was very bitter, bunch of cry babies.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Paul played the best game hands down. The show either needs to get rid of the jury system altogether or factor in America’s vote too. Paul was robbed…plain and simple. You can argue all you want about the “shadyness” of how he played, but that’s BB…it’s more of a social experiment than anything else. He controlled that house from the beginning and that takes some serious work and intelligence. The jurors need to stop acting like whining little babies and vote with their heads instead of their hearts.

      • Well judging by the fact that America voted Cody for AFP, I’m not sure America’s vote would have helped. Paul clearly played the better game and I think deserved to win, but part of the game is managing the jury and in that part of the game, he failed miserably. His answers to the questions and his little speech at the end were horrible. I know they probably didn’t matter and the jury had already made up their minds, but I expected more. I would be curious to see the outcome if he had owned his game with the people leaving the house and with the jury questions. I don’t think it would have changed everyone’s mind, but there is a chance is would have made a difference with Alex and Jason. Those votes would have been enough.

      • I don’t think he failed, he did all he could possibly do. Josh placed all the blame on him and played the jury nicely against Paul.

      • Josh didn’t lie or deceive about the facts in his goodbye messages to the evicted jurors, unlike Paul, who lied and deceived throughout the entire season, as well as to the jury in their q&a…Josh was clever enough to make it to the end and won rounds 2 AND 3 to become the final HOH….and, justifiably beat out the snake that was so full of himself that he thought that he had it in the bag.. …but instead, he got ‘tea-bagged’ by Josh πŸ˜‚

      • And he still walked away with 50k and 100k in total. However, even Julie made the stmt that Paul was robbed. I think she just might know a bit more about it than you. LOLOL

      • Haha Josh didn’t have to put the blame on anyone! They all realized the moment they were evicted that they were played by Paul. Josh owned it. Paul continued to lie. Josh’s video revealed NOTHING that they didn’t already know; other than owning his part.

      • That would assume they were smart enough right?

        I mean they must have been smart enough to be taken in by Paul as you and your ilk complain about. Sorry, can’t have it both ways, either they are smart or they are not.

        I really don’t think Josh’s comments helped and he knew it, probably the reason he choose Paul over Xmas, he knew he did damage.

      • I agree. America’s vote for Cody as favorite player I believe was because they respected that Cody was the only one who understood from the very beginning that Paul came in with advantages and was a threat to EVERYONE’S game, while all of the other HG’s blindly fell under Paul’s spell and became little more than pawns in his nasty, deceitful, and self-aggrandizing game.

      • I noticed most people present facts, while you only have conjuncture. How is it that you know the reason why anyone voted? Or that it was out of some respect for a bully with a serious personality problem?

        If any guesses were to be made, it would probably be that his marine brothers voted for him and nothing else. Not his game, not out of respect for a bully, and certainly not his personality or lack thereof.

      • Well, there is always the odd ones right?

        What was it? His charming personality? His Lee Marvin looks? You have a thing for bullies?


      • Jessica rallied that army to vote for him – telling all her fans to vote for him as well – so, Cody had the deck stacked for him. He didn’t even believe it as he knows he has no personality lol.

      • no America vote. It is obvious that many have no idea what they are voting for. As for the temptations… those were all positive to those who accepted them. If they have those in future years these should be a risk/reward type of situation whereas the guest may receive something good or potentially something bad. This is an America vote thing which influenced the protection for some players… so who is to blame overall for what those players received… think about it

      • Our local edition lets the people vote. The results ALWAYS make me want to puke. The only good season was the first before all the β€œjejemons” took over the fandom.

      • The experiment is not to see who can be the shadiest person, it’s to see who is the most skillful at out lasting the others and doing it in such a way they don’t feel fucked over by you. As Arisa Cox (BB Canada Host) tweeted: If you can’t manage something as natural as human pettiness and resentment in a competitive environment where the people who are eliminated decide who wins, you are doing it wrong. Paul did it wrong, twice.

      • I agree somewhat. Derrick won his season through both house AND jury management. While I feel that Paul should have won since he was the only one really playing the game last half, he failed with Jury Management. That was his own fault.

        That he let Josh blow up his game, shows that he wasn’t in as much control as he thought he was.

      • He didn’t exactly “let Josh blow up his game”…he just failed to respect Josh’s game and was too full of himself to realize that Josh had that move open to him and wisely used it😁

      • I 1000% agree. I can’t understand why people want to hate on Paul because WE choice him for the first temptation? If you want to be angry at production fine, but clearly people are annoyed at Paul for an advantage WE gave him. Once the safety was over he worked hard each and every week to be there and to never go OTB. I hate to agree with Raven, but like she said “are we playing Big Brother or Big Baby”?? Alex and Elana were both completely bitter and didn’t really try to mask it. I found it funny that in all of Dr. Will’s interviews with the houseguests pretty much all of them said he played an amazing game….Yet they voted for Josh regardless.

      • Hmm. I don’t know about how much leverage America actually has. I do know that somewhere on the feeds I heard Paul menton that he was given those perks when they asked him to come back. Then it suddenly went to the foolish fishes. Many of us get so wrapped in some of these shows. Myself as well. We need to remember, it’s TV. Entertainment for the masses! Peace…

      • Because, in the end Josh won rounds 2 AND 3 of the final HOH and held the fate of both Paul and Christmas in his hands for final 2 , which was a HUGE accomplishment……And, he had cleverly used his goodbye messages to the jurors to come clean and tell them the truth about his alliance because he had figured out Paul’s tactic of using everyone else to conceal all the blood on his hands and let each of them take the blame…perhaps if Paul had outlined his gameplay more honestly with the jury instead of lying and trying to shift blame during the the jury q&a, he might have picked up another vote for the win…. I’m just thrilled that he LOST, and Josh WON 😁

      • Pete, Can we still call it a ‘social experiment’ after 19 years? Yes, you’re right he may have controlled the house all summer. But there are more than 1 way to win. After losing last summer, he should have studied his & other smart players seasons, and learned jury management skills. I also think he was raised to believe he is ‘entitled’ as his psch background. Sorry if we don’t agree. Peace…

      • You fail to acknowledge the FACT that an experienced player, like Paul, as a veteran of the game had a HUGE advantage that NO other player in the house had. It would have been interesting to see if “America” would have given it to Paul, knowing that BB production was basically setting him up to win and putting the newbies at a disadvantage from the very beginning…… I hated his gameplay and mean-spirited manipulations and had zero respect for his game… SO GLAD that he was undone by Josh’s smartest move, which he managed with his goodbye messages to jurors 😁

      • You’re right… it is a social experiment. This years big question was “what will happen if I play a dirty game and never own up to my moves” and the verdict is, you lose.

        BB1 was an americas vote season and there is a reason they don’t do that anymore. It is boring.

        The jury vote is one of the most important parts of the game and Paul underestimated it twice. It’s his own fault.

      • Bringing back Cody was to appease the fans because of the backlash they were getting over 3 week safety….that was a hand out for Paul to begin with. Bringing Cody back had their hopes up but you can see it by a mile he’s only there for 2 weeks tops.

      • What free trip? Cody fought for the right to go back into the Big Brother House. What the BS was having to beat out Paul in addition to beating the 3 other evicted house guests! This is the very first time that crap happened! Hell, Victor last season entered the Big Brother House not once, but twice! Paul got 4 weeks of safety which is the biggest BS ever! No house guest who is returning ever got safety, much less 4 weeks of safety! Double BS!

      • Cody had to compete against 2 other people to get into the house. Paul just strolled in! In Big Brother life, being a Vet AND 3 non elimination weeks is huge!

      • I liked how Dr. Will called out Cody on that one – reminding him that he got the hex safety plus he got to come back in after being voted out and yes …. how about those 10+ weeks after that? Even after he came back, Jess won and they didn’t put up any strong players – stupid! They are just made because they made stupid decisions. Paul didn’t hold a gun to anyone’s head – they were just stupid as heck!

      • Plus, Paul tried to play off the 3-week safety as a DISadvantage. No juror is going to fall for that crap. He disrespected ALL of them!

      • I agree. Bad move for BB to allow Paul to have the bracelets and to make the pendant of protection 3 weeks. Even if someone else got it, 3 weeks is too long. This BB sucked because everyone,except Cody and Jessica, worshipped Paul. Played for him. I wished they wouldn’t have brought him back

      • As someone trained in how to set up and administer polls and surveys to get the most valid results, I’d like to point out a false dichotomy in the poll. You don’t have to address EVERY single possibility to eliminate the main bias. The question asks whether the jury was bitter, but the answers only address who should have won, which sets up this dichotomy that:
        The jury was bitter; therefore, Paul should have won
        The jury was not bitter, and Josh should have won

        But BJS and winner selection are not mutually exclusive sets, though. A jury member could be bitter and still believe that Josh deserved to win, and the poll does not offer this choice.

        I think the jury was a pretty bitter one, but I also *strongly* believe that, by neglecting the jury management portion of the game, Paul both failed to learn from his previous mistake and neglected a major portion of the game. I believe he realised this the instant he saw Josh’s good-bye messages.

        I would have voted that the jury was bitter but Josh still deserved to win — and I hated Josh and his antics so much that I stopped watching mid-season. I’ve followed BB19 through this site (the first season I’ve ever missed an episode and let myself see/read spoilers!) and I watched the DVRed finale, out of curiosity.

    • IF the jury was bitter then so am I because I didn’t think Paul earned the win based on gutless tactics of hiding behind others doing his dirty work. In life, I don’t believe we compliment that type of behavior. Competition doesn’t mean you sink to the lowest form to win. It means you win by playing tough. Josh took on the house members. He used the biggest user in the house and won fair and square. I have no axe to grind in how I feel, so if I agree with them, how does that make them bitter? I think people judged this based on their level of ethics more than on a level of trying to complement Paul’s back stabbing as genuine game play. And I compliment them for that. Not to mention that Paul already had one chance so why should he get another and be given the benefit of the doubt if he can’t earn it properly? Sorry…but Josh won through his efforts, not through manipulation and gutlessness. Would he have been my pick if things were different? No! I would have picked Mark because he seemed like the most genuine and decent one of them. But we ended up with Josh and Paul.

      • This is not an award for the most decent person. I believe people should be decent, and, yes, I can see how Paul should have considered how his backstabbing would influence the votes, but he played the best game: hands down. It does bother me that backstabbing should be rewarded, but it also bothers me that mediocrity should be celebrated over talent because it discourages talent. This is clearly an adult decision these jurors were faced with and not some child’s simplistic Disney plot. Most of these jurors were not very adult. First, they deserved to be voted off by someone as slick as Paul because they abandoned their own game play and allowed him to control them. What do they think, that a true friend will abandon their game for them so that they could stab him in the back instead?

      • Playing the best game includes figuring out the psychology of the game and Paul failed miserably there. And no, while decency is not the ultimate goal of the game, this level of play in all of these games where humanity now shows it’s lowest form has generated the outcome of this game, where if you accept the lowest form in Paul’s back stabbing, then you have to be fair if you see the jury as “bitter” and accept the reaction to Paul’s “game play.” Otherwise it becomes a lesson in hypocrisy. There used to be a form of “sportsmanship” that ruled in game play. That we as society have grown to accept so much less is sad. It sets standards for why we have acceptance of other unethical acceptances, as in our elections, religious persecution and everything in our lives. If Paul had been a bit wiser, he would have figured out the ramifications of his style of play. He didn’t. He lost fair and square because of that mistake. It’s not about abandoning your game. It should be about demonstrating that you aren’t such a weak player that you have to win in the lowest form possible. But society has degraded those standard and begun to celebrate narcissism…so…

      • HUGE PRAISE for your comment and astute analysis about the lowering of standards in our society and how it’s reflected in the kind of gameplay that we observed so clearly in this season of BB. I agree, wholeheartedly.πŸ‘

      • Thank you! It THRILLS me to see others agree with me on this. I’m hoping we can make a change and move in a direction where game play, life, work, politics and religion can once again become something of value.

      • It would have been very hard for anyone to join the campaign to take out Paul early on since everybody knew he wasn’t going anywhere for the first few eliminations. He had plenty of uninterrupted time to manipulate his base and solidify his supporters and strike fear in the hearts of his opposition.

        IMHO that one stupid “twist” basically ruined the game. Killed it. Until the end. When it came gloriously roaring back to life.

        I’m just sorry I didn’t see it live. I got so sick of seeing everybody suck up to smug and gloating Paul that I stopped watching weeks ago.

        Thank you, “On Demand.”

      • Certainly, in these times they do and that is a sad commentary on where we’ve driven our mindset. Thank Gawd some of us are old fashioned and still appreciate them.

      • Ok, I see so Paul shouldn’t have used anyone because that’s gutless tactics rather than skillful manipulation (which is basically what BB is), but by your statement you’re justifying Josh “using the biggest user”, not really sure I can get behind that justification. I don’t believe Paul twisted anyone’s arm for the tactics that were used, he had plenty of willing participant. I also don’t really understand peoples need to try to make this an ethical game show when clearly it’s not. I completey agree that Mark was genuine and nice, where did that get him in the end??

      • If people aren’t arguing ethics, and I’m not, then stop arguing how the jury “should” and “shouldn’t” vote. They can decide for themselves how they want to vote. Claiming game play is the criteria for voting is applying ethics. There are zero criteria for voting.

      • I kinda saw the ethics argument and went with it to try to inject some logic into the argument overall. Responded to you but not directed at you. Lol.

      • So if they were willing participants and did everything of their own accord then you can’t really say that Paul manipulated them like you’re trying to say. And if he didnt manipulate them or get any blood on his hands himself, then he didn’t deserve to win.

        Either he manipulated them and encouraged the bullying thus earning his win, or they did it themselves (as you are saying) and thus did not deserve to win.

      • Exactly. If this was a totally diff game show where u don’t lie, deceive , outmaneuver, socially and physically then maybe . This isn’t going to be remembered for being good or bad , it was awful ! No winners here , except the actual seasoned player who knew the game .

      • What an unusual comment. This is not life, its a game called Big Brother so hard pass on that sanctimonious sentence. Josh took on the hose members? You mean by bullying and harassing and starting fights at the behest of Paul? In life as you put it that is being a punk, a follower a weak person who is incapable of independent thought.

      • Actually, this is reality t.v. which mirrors life, so the sentence was accurate. Hiding behind everyone’s skirts to have others doing your dirty work is the reason so many here find Josh preferable to Paul, even when Josh did make some punk moves. At least HE made the moves, instead of hiding behind everyone else to do his work for him. Paul’s play was like the type of office gossips who puts a negative rumor out there about the boss and then hides behind other employees who they allow to take the heat for them, even lying when caught. And that was exactly what Paul did. If ever there was a punk move, that would be it.

      • WooHoo! Also failing to give credit to Josh on his GB messages, but instead call him a coward. For someone who’s claiming game, that, too, was a punk move.

      • Yup. It’s a game , THAT’S all .. don’t get it all twisted up in every day . Paul is a good person outside the game . That really has yet to be seen from cookoo Cody , who fueled the hate machine one evicted at a time .. w a yeah he played the better game but we are all stupid looking sore losers let’s all vote for anyone but the actual player of a game! Drop your morals at the door. Hello .. has anyone ever watched prior seasons ??? Game ! Not life ! Cody was soooo immature and unseasoned. He wasn’t stupid , he just didn’t know the game . So he looked stupid and was going to make that person who did that look the same way . Poor sport ! We don’t teach that in real life . Let’s vote for the bitter underdog. No. Take your sanctimonious preaching somewhere else . If you can’t play big brother stay at home and play life or monopoly. Good grief .

    • Agreed. There has to be an option like “The jury was bitter, which doesn’t invalidate Josh’s win”

      • The jury was bitter is simply a form of justification. It is neither true or untrue. And even a bitter jury can be so turned off by the low unethical behavior of a game player that they can vote based simply on that.

      • Simple. Josh was able to explain his actions. Apparently he believed he was being honest and calling out ppl’s game.
        Paul denied his actions.

      • I’m not sure anyone is praising Josh. I think they are saying that of the two, he was the least offensive of them. And that if we are basing the win on game play, he outmaneuvered Paul in the messages he gave each new jury member and by being confrontational. I don’t know anyone that admires back stabbers and that too comes into play in all of these games.

      • My question is would they be bitter of how Paul plated the game if they were in the final three instead of Josh and Christmas?

      • That’s a perfect question. I think the term “bitter” is a form of dismissiveness used to make a point. Was Paul bitter when he called Josh “cowardly?” It seems people use that term to rationalize who they favor.

    • He sucked. He USED Christmas. Slept with her to toy with her ❀️. So he’s a good LIAR!
      How dors that enrich our world? And PAUL is soooo pissed about CODY being America’s CHOICE PLAYER.
      IMHO Paul needs some DEEP, DEEP, DARK therapy. Narcissistic pyschopath.

    • What did him in is continue to lie in front of tens of millions of TV viewers in addition to the jury. How can you be credible when you do not own what was done? Good and bad. How can Paul claim credit when he repeatedly justified his actions as merely being a result of the actions of others so, he did not outsmart them because he just pretty much followed what other house guests wanted which is what he said! You cannot be dumber than that! Paul sank his own ship when all he had to do is tell the truth! That he ordered others to bully Cody which he did. He ordered others to vote out people. That he backstabbed people. All he had to do is own it and say, people, I am sorry for all the horrible things I did to win this game but, it was just game play. Instead, he took no credit for all that he has done so, why not award it to Josh who claimed credit for everything he did?

    • Bwa, hahaha! Looked more to me like a few sore losers and crybabies. Personally, I think the Lee Marvin look alike orchestrated and was the jury puppet master. You really get the feeling that guy was a bully all of his life. What was really funny was the cowboy clown who thought it was real cool to screw over Matt, but went off the deep end when the same was applied to him. And of course there was Mr. Muscle Mark the crybaby who blamed everyone else for his stupidity. He worked multiple sides just like Paul did. Where his own stupidity comes in, is that he got caught, Paul didn’t (at least not during the game). So he cries about it and blames Paul. LOLOL what a joke, Even Julie felt Paul got robbed. I doubt that those that voted only out of vengeance will not be remembered well, may have a conscience problem, and will end up a laughing stock. IMO

      • I think that the fact that Julie thought that Paul would win is a clear giveaway that BB production had tried to engineer a win for Paul…The majority of jurors followed their own conscience and awarded the win to the one that outsmarted their ‘puppet-master’.

    • It’s kinda like Danielle Reyes. I personally find her far more likable but I’m saying that they’re in a similar situation – they pissed off the jury. It doesn’t matter what you do, if the jury doesn’t want you to win, you won’t LOL

    • I very much agree! All Paul had to do was own up to the fact that he had to lie to each couple he positioned himself with. But Paul also did a lot of dirty things this season, with the personal attacks or coordinating them. Maybe Paul should have won, but those personal attacks are what cost him his game, again!

    • I really don’t think he could have done any more as far as jury management was concerned, other than putting a gag on Josh’s mouth. It really was Josh’s jury management that did him in.

    • Most people see it that Paul earned the win. Under this jury not even Derrick or Dan would have won in my opinion, As far as Cody goes he would not have voted for Paul even if Paul had played like Derrick or even Dan. This was in my opinion was the most bitter jury I have seen so far. Even Jessica came out and said she would have voted for Paul due to his game play, I still smh about this jury,

    • The poll and this article is biased. Clearly this Matthew man thinks Paul was robbed. I think Paul and Matthew can go to hell.

  2. Josh didn’t win, Paul lost. He played a great strategic game, but he needed to own it with his jury members not act like he was being played as well. It all came out in the wash.

    • People keep saying that he played a better game but if he played the best game he would have won. He made a huge mistake. He didn’t realize how his treatment of the others and his lies would blow up in his face. They wanted to hear some empathy, they wanted to see the “friendship” and he was loyal to no one besides the ones he thought were easy to beat. He underestimated Josh and how he could get he jurors FORGIVENESS

  3. As Kevin said to Alex “A shoe up there would beat you.” I believe the jury voted for “Not Paul,” as opposed to “Josh.”

  4. This is pretty simple. Josh made the best move of the entire time by his jury videos. He told them the truth about his 3 person alliance and Paul continued to deny. It all could have been for nothing if Paul would have just told them the truth once they were in jury, but Paul continued to act like he wasn’t against them and they all knew then he was just continuing to lie.

      • I think the jury may have voted with their hearts(no rule saying they can’t) but Paul also confirmed what they did when those videos of Josh were shown…..Paul was so indignant, like how dare Josh tell the Jury what was really going on. He should have just acknowledged that what Josh did was a good move and also just as much a game move as anything Paul did.

      • Yup. Exactly. I believe Paul played the best game and ‘deserved’; (as much as anyone deserves it) to win the game but Paul’s reaction says a lot about his character. NBo doubt if Josh had turn on Paul and kept Christmas, Paul would be one of those bitter jurors he whines about. His reaction to Josh’s jury video shows Paul’s patheticness.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I could have cared less who won and I pretty much thought Josh threw away the win by taking Paul to the end. When Paul started lying to the jury and couldn’t even own his game I was completely disgusted. His jury management was horrible and that is part of the game!!!!!! If he put them all there then he should have been more strategic. After Paul didn’t own his game I was more than elated to see Josh with the win! Paul is #pissed and now a two time loser. He needs to go away!

      • I soooo agree, can’t believe he lost by the same amount of votes last year. That… should tell him something. Move on with your life Paul. Knowing him, he will try for All Stars. Lol,…Smh

      • Well.. like him or not.. he would be a worthy all star. Back to back finals appearances and completely dominated this season. You can’t be much more worthy of being termed ‘all star’ than that.

      • I just wish Josh would have taken Christmas to F2, denying Paul the 50K. Also, when Paul heard Josh’s goodbye messages to jurors he called him cowardly!?

      • No, Xmas getting $50k would have been worse and then we would have had to listed to the Paul fans crying how Josh only won cos he didn’t take Paul to F2. Much better that Josh BEAT Paul

      • Paul would have voted for Christmas out of bitterness and all of his fans would have said it was justified. Insert eye roll. Lol

      • Exactly. And I remember when he first entered the game, he did not understand why the others did not come after him, But when Cody did, he became Paul’s permanent target.

      • It was cowardly. “Paul came up with this plan to get you out. It’s Paul’s fault.”

      • “Paul… needs to go away!” YES, please take the gnome home, Mommy and Daddy, and resettle him in your basement for good! NO MORE BIG BROTHER for Paul!!

      • I completely agree with everything you said. When it was 4-4 and Cody’s vote would decide it, you could tell by Paul’s face that he knew what was coming.

    • Agreed 100%. Paul didn’t even see how his poor jury management did him in. All he had to do was say “Yup, I was behind it all” and he would have won.

      Sad thing is, Paul is such a narcissist that he probably still doesn’t understand where he went wrong.

      • that was uuuuge….bigly! what a sour puss paul was at the end…he did ok in getting some fame/infamy but left $900k on the table…has to hurt

      • Yup! I truly believe that Paul lost it during that segment answering jury questions. He made me sick with his eyerolls, gestures, and calling Josh cowardly. Projecting much? Narcissistic is right on.

      • And when Josh was talking about the moves he made, Paul was pointing to himself behind Josh’s back. I think Paul pissed them off more

      • I do not care for Alex, but I loved what she said when she was voting. Something about if Paul really wants to be friends after this then her vote should not matter and he can prove that her friendship matters to him. I guarantee Paul wants nothing to do with her now that she didn’t vote for him. I doubt he would have talked to her again even if she did vote for him.

      • Right ! He didn’t give a damn about his fellow HG’s….he was only interested in using, manipulating, and then disposing of them….His “friendship” is totally fake, just like he is

      • Way to say it Deb! I think his actions come from a Mommy patting her boy on his head for all his life & telling him how wonderful he is. The results…he grows up believing this. Then, treats others as if they are all inferior to him. Every person that has interviewed him since the other night has had to hear him complain & whine about him being a victim…”I was the only Vet”

      • Yeah, I was pro Paul in terms of winning (not a fan of his overall) but reaction of his was pure garbage.

      • Agreed. If the dude would’ve just owned up to being a liar and manipulating everyone, it’d be different. But he still tried to convince them that he was this nice guy who had your back and that just pissed the jury off because Josh exposed Paul to them. Plus I mean the jury is gonna share notes lol.
        I guess he tried to pull a Derrick, but Paul was nowhere near as subtle as Derrick was in his gameplay, he really messed up by not owning up to his moves

      • True, I mean Paul did’t see that until after all the votes were cast and final pleas made so he couldn’t factor it into his speech, but all the jurors knew what was up. You are totally right though after they showed the video of that to Paul his only reasonable reaction should have been “well played, Josh.”

    • And the hilarious thing is the back stabber was bitter that he got back stabbed by Josh doing this. Pot calling kettle black?

      • Yep. How satisfying was it to watch Paul squirm when they showed those exit videos? Probably the best moment all season.

      • Paul’s reaction as he realizes he was going to lose is fantastic also. Right after the 8th vote, knowing the only vote left was Cody’s. Priceless.

    • Watching Paul squirm when they showed those videos was absolutely priceless. Almost worth all the time wasted watching this stupid show.

    • Pretty much. If during the Jury questions he just came out and said…”alright…you guys know who are the strongest in the house so I have to do everything to keep the strong out first and keep everyone I can beat last” that was my game. He probably could’ve swing some votes.

    • I thinks it funny that Paul called Josh’s messages cowardly. The way he acted by not owning his game and acting like he was also backstabbed was even more cowardly, but I doubt he will ever get that. Paul seems to think he can do whatever he wants to try and win and that is okay, but Josh should not be able to. That is why I am not a Paul fan.

  5. Alex was just as sneaky as Paul. She just didn’t like the taste of the medicine she dished out. She is a sore loser and extremely bitter.

      • She’s not as bitter as Paul. She gave him tit for tat so to speak and that was her right. Her speech was priceless “you said we’ll be friends no matter what, so let’s see if that’s true”

    • Loved when Paul said he wasn’t going to sacrifice his game so Alex could advance hers – which is exactly what she expected. O and Kevin told her she couldn’t beat a shoe in the end.

    • I like Alex, but I completely agree with you. It was alright as long as she thought she was winning. I will say, though, despite what I posted earlier about Paul deserving the win, a bitter jury is something to consider when you make your moves. It doesn’t make the jury right, but it is how things play out in real life when you do what Paul did.

  6. Jury management is an important part of the game. By not owning up to his actions, and trying to maintain that bullshit “friendship” he alienated the jurors. He played a good game to get to the end but didn’t position himself for the win.

    Josh on the other hand managed the jury with his Goodbye messages. The look on Paul’s face when they played those was priceless.

    • When Josh was answering a question to explain his strategy to the Jurors about using his goodbye messages to them, Paul had the audacity to call Josh a coward (during Josh’s floor time)! I’m glad Josh let it roll off his back – and in the next scene, the boys were holding hands again. And, I believe when Julie announced the winner, I think Paul mumbled: Not again. Anyone catch that?

    • Lol… Yes it was, after all of the back stabbing he did, he had the nerve to be pissed-off at Josh. HILARIOUS!!!

    • I agree that he alienated the jurors by not owning up. But I am not sure whether that would have changed things. He was pretty straightforward last year and lost. Of course he did not play as good of a game last year. And part of the reason he did not win last year was because Natalie wanted a girl to win and Devonne voted for Nicole (likely because she was a vet and a girl- things Paul was not).
      Unfortunately there is no way to know whether Paul would have won the game had he been straight with people in his goodbye messages. But I don’t think he would have lost any of the votes he already had and probably would have picked up 1 or 2 votes.

    • Agree but with a twist. Paul literally had two chances to win that game. In his messages, he could have owned up to it and admitted his game play. At the finale, he was given three chances to explain the three unforgivable parts of his game: the lying, the egging on of cast members to bully the others and using personal friendship to cover himself. Each time he denied that he did that and as he did Alex shook her head, Mark shook his head and Cody just smirked. These are all telltale signs of anger and disgust. If he had owned up and just said yeah I lied and threw them all in their as bullying he might have won, but his own self-denial cost him. The cast only started laughing when they did the I trust Paul montage, but during the I am the puppet master section, there was no laughing. No one ever appreciates getting played for a fool (except maybe Raven). Karma showed up last night that’s for sure. In our house, we call it “getting Hantzed” in honor of Russell Hantz’s run on Survivor. I loved when Elena’s vote was read, Paul clearly mouthed “F—. Not again. No, not again.” One of the best finale’s ever.

  7. “Cody had mentioned he didn’t want to see a Vet win, but he also told Jessica he would vote for Paul if he got to the end.”

    Exactly!! He did NOT stay “true to his word” as he said when he put his key in.πŸ€”

    Disgusting houseguests from the start and they finished bitter and ridiculous too.πŸ˜–(πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘…AlexπŸ‘ˆ)

    Some maturity next year Big Brother please?πŸ‘

    • Paul shouldn’t have even been in a seat, Josh should have taken Christmas. So Josh won fair and square and Paul should have been 3rd!

    • Cody did not stay true to his word. Neither did Paul. I realized after that it was probably deliberate on Cody’s part. So if it’s game play when Paul does it, then looks to me like he got played.

      • “true to his word?”….are you kidding ??? He never ” gave his word” to Paul or anyone else for that matter that he would vote for Paul to win…yes, he did have a conversation with Jessica about that possibility but NEVER committed to that…. I understand, though, that he did later have a pact in the jury house to give it to “anyone BUT Paul”…..He owed Paul NOTHING !!!

      • Ah, I don’t know, I was just trying to figure out why he said that. What he said didn’t make sense to me.

    • I believe that was a statement to the jury, that he was sticking with the plan of not voting for Paul. If you get the chance to rewatch it, notice that he is looking back at the jury when he says it. I was thinking at the time that he was telling the jury, “Let’s do this.” Meaning, vote against Paul. Again just my thoughts as I was watching this unfold.

    • Actually he was true to his word with the other jurors in the jury house, where the anyone but Paul group emerged as notes were compared, even though he had told Jess, in an earlier exchange, that he would give it to Paul if he made it to the end. As much as Cody personally disliked Josh, I think, in the end, he found Josh more honest and respected that enough to deny Paul the win…..That moment when his key was pulled was the perfect karma in action for Paul….it was so SWEET !πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

  8. people may not have liked Paul, but he DID play a good game. And it IS a GAME. People tend to forget that. Cody and Alex voted out of spite and bitterness, and I lost all respect for them both. Cody is an arrogant, hot head POS …… I didn’t see that him OR Jessica played a good game. They didn’t play on strategy… they played on emotions. Paul played on strategy People tend to forget that this is a GAME not a popularity contest and Cody and Alex voted because they got their feeling hurt!!!!..

    • This particular game has a jury. Managing the jury is just as important as managing the house.

      If it doesn’t matter HOW you play the game then there shouldn’t be a jury.

      • Agreed. Paul’s two games of BB should be a case study for future participants on how jury management is important in these games of Big Brother. Paul controlled things (and had help depending on how one saw things) from wire to wire in this season and still lost because he didn’t manage the jury well and got into a “better you lose even if you deserved to win” situation.

      • America loved Cody because he was a Rebel. He is the only one to take on Paul. He lost that battle due to Big Brother wanting Paul to win, but at least he tried. Cody also left the house without being a hypocrite hugging all those people that treated him like crap. And the cherry was Cody being the one to take Paul down at the end and then turn around and become America’s favorite. Last night was legendary and couldn’t have gone better.

    • Did you not listen to Alex’s backyard interview? She said she would of voted for Paul if he would of owned it. She also said if he would of just played her she would of understood but then he had to make fun of her behind her back. She understood game moves but he crossed the line with personal moves.

      • At least she admitted she was bitter. She had a point when she said yes he played a good game but it doesn’t mean I have to like the way he played it. I was shocked when she said she was going to be with Mark. I heard Ika from BBCan was coming to interview the houseguests. Do you know if we can see that anywhere?

      • I was more interrested in what she said about Mark. She really impressed me by her explanation of what she went thru in the house and at jury. She really had a really good grasp of the situation. Her explanatio were very clear and logical. I think Mark and her have a good chance of making it. Dr. Will was impressed too.

        Yea, I read about Ika. She is working for GlobalTV. So it will surely just be shown in Canada. But I’ll look for it and see if I can grab it.

      • Actually she showed a complete different side of her personality when she was talking with Will. Apart from her make-up that wasn’t right for TV, she showed a much more pleasant side of her.

      • I did not see Elena’s interview but I was totally shocked at how bitter she was. She had probably the least reason to be bitter. She did not get backstabbed. She knew she was going.

    • Based on what you just said, you validated Josh’s win. Because Paul’s emotional game play — manipulation and hiding behind other players was exactly the same as others judging him for his lack of ethics. It’s a bit like the lack of ethics in the presidential race and the anger about it after. It’s not bitter. It’s disgust, a normal human reaction to gutless behavior. And that emotional reaction was also part of the game and why Josh won. The truth is, the human spirit is generally turned off by excessive unethical behavior and that would be part of the psychology of this game…managing the amount of dirty work you do to win and the effect it has on the jury.

    • Cody was the only real player this season. He realized the potential of Paul from the beginning and tried to backdoor Paul. When that failed he tried to backdoor Christmas. At that point Paul got all his minions together and bullied them into bullying Cody and Jessica. Because Paul and Christmas made it to F3… I would think Cody made the absolute best play that only CBS could destroy.

      • Typically true, but this was not a typical season. The people in the house wanted a Summer vacation and not play a game.

      • The game isn’t scripted. Anything can happen. To get AFP shows greatly that Cody is respected by many!!!!

      • Do you think that it was respect or another case of bitterness/spite from the viewers who voted against the rest of the house for their tactics towards Cody?

      • Sorry John but I have to disagree with You there. I forget where I read it but there have been people who have complained to whatever governing agency runs these shows. They got back an answer that told them that “BB isn’t a game show” and “In fact, it is very similar to a WW (wrestling) staged performance” . Remember it’s TV. Simply Entertainment. Even the so called ‘Reality’ shows are questionable.

      • You’re only half correct. Cody was the only one that saw what Paul was up to, but Cody and Jessica were not innocent victims. Cody bullied and despised everyone in the house from the very beginning and Jessica cheered him on. People seem to forget that she referred to Alex as “Pow Pow,” which WAS racist, it was just creatively racist of her to pin a former BB Asian player’s name on the new Asian player. The house turned against them for their overly aggressive and bullying moves int he beginning, so it was completely deserved. And, despite Paul’s backstabbing, he did develop relationships with others in the house and became friends with many, even if they don’t want it after they found out how he played them. Cody hates and despises everyone, still (except Jessica who strokes his ego). Cody was the most despicable player in the house. We’ll see how everyone feels about him if they watch his comments.

      • America saw all his comments and gave him AFP. As far as Jessica and the “Pow Pow” incident she misheard something and went with it, it was her bad but not as bad as you saying. The house turned against them when Paul told them to. Not role models by any sense but respect for what they had to go through.

      • I f I recall Cody was all for Alex, he stated he would never of voted her out. It was Alex that turned on Cody and teamed up with Paul, her first downfall

      • Cody did not play the game, except about 1 week. There were so many things he could have done. He could have blow up Paul’s game. Cody knew what was going on. But he didn’t. When he was a target, he took his toys and went home (or to bed). Every camera appearance was spent telling us how much he hates everyone and the game.

      • Cody was not a good player strategically or socially. He probably did get a little screwed by having to nominate so many people to begin with, but he blindsided his allies and they turned on him because of it. Jessica and Cody made bad decisions at every turn.

      • The voting order was whoever was eviction order, so whoever was evicted 1st voted first but they were the last one to have their vote announced.

    • Some of what you say is right, but the popularity was in the America’s Favorite Houseguest which Cody won. I think you are in the minority of those that didn’t think Cody played a good game. I think what impressed America about Cody was the fact that he was the ONLY one to take a shot at Paul.

      • I agree what people liked about Cody was that he was the only one who took a shot at Paul. He was against Paul and since a lot of America started to dislike Paul, Cody became the one people liked. But to say that Cody played a good game is a far stretch. He made bad decision after bad decision. His social game was horrible. Well it was good with Jess but that is about it.

    • You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear…..how limited and short-sighted.

  9. I could have cared less who won and I pretty much thought Josh threw away the win by taking Paul to the end. When Paul started lying to the jury and couldn’t even own his game I was completely disgusted. His jury management was horrible and that is part of the game!!!!!! If he put them all there then he should have been more strategic. After Paul didn’t own his game I was more than elated to see Josh with the win! Paul is #pissed and now a two time loser. He needs to go away!

    • I have never seen so many people happy to see someone lose BB! We had a huge viewing party last night and 90% of them exploded with elation when Paul lost.

      • Wow! I never thought about celebrating over who lost! Well, your viewing party was probably expressing what the general viewing public was also feeling/thinking! Will Kirby told Josh the whole Media Room went crazy & applauded when Josh was announced the winner.

    • Yeah, taking Paul should have been a losing move for Josh. Paul totally bombed with the jury by continuing to lie. I’m sure he could have swayed at least 1 vote by just owning what happened instead of continuing to lie. From my perspective, if I’m in that situation I’ll respect the game move, but if I’m out of the house, know what happened and you’re continuing to lie to my face and asking me to give you half a million. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • I totally agree, Paul needs to go away. When the jury sees how he talked about tem in the dr room, he better go away and hide. I think of Paul as a spineless thing..Especially when he would set up people to vote certain ones out and he would vote opposite, it just killed me…way to many idiots in this group.

  10. Yes, Cody is a crybaby, Jessica is going to find that out real fast, and when Cody said he stayed true to his word, LIE, he said if Paul made it to the end he would vote for him and he better thank Jessica for that AFP because he sure as hell wasn’t!!!!! I can’t wait for Elena, Alex, and Cody to read and find out how much they were HATED!

      • She seems like she can take care of herself and I really don’t think she’ll take much crap from that crazy weirdo!!

    • seeing as how Cody won fan favorite and if you read the BB boards Paul is considered the dirtiest player ever to play BB then maybe you need to reevaluate your opinions.. I loved seeing Codys vote end Pauls reign of terror. Like others have said previously if Paul had owned up to his dirty game play in the q @ a part of the finale he probably would have won but he stayed the arrogant ass to the end..

      • IKR. Paul was behind most of the drama and fights this season and yet he totally tried to downplay his role in everything. Had he owned it and shown some remorse…he might have been able to turn around a juror or two, but he didn’t. As you said, he lied in the final Q&A…and that’s when I started thinking OMG he may actually lose this…again.

    • Cody was Awesome!!!! Only player who didn’t drink the Paul Koolaid! By the way Anita where were you able to find some of that Paul Koolaid to drink?

    • Cody would not have won AFP if he was hated to the degree you are implying… he had balls, I liked him much!

  11. If Paul would have been honest in his DR goodbye messages like Josh was, he might have won. Josh was honest and told the truth. He was not a coward like Paul. Paul continued to lie about everything. He wanted Josh to get all the blood on his hands for jury evictions and Josh knew that. Paul’s plan totally backfired on him. Josh was not the coward!

    • Paul was so consumed with his “no blood on my hands” strategy that he lost focus of how his actions might affect votes.

      • It was overkill on his part as well. He should have left well enough alone rather than orchestrate everyone’s evictions and game play. Let them play and mess up. Paul didn’t need to tell them to throw comps. They would have graciously asked him if they should rather than be told to do that. Oh, what am I saying. These nitwits would not have been able to outwit Paul no matter what was told to them!

    • I agree. it made me sick when Paul said it was cowardly for Josh to do that. Paul lied in his messages and it cost him. Yay!

    • Real life- tell the truth, in a GAME, oh hell noooooooooooo! They needed to put their big panties on and suck it up but they all wimped out! And to that I say Goodnight Gracie.

      • Hi Bob, don’t know if any of them even wear panties,but, glad you are happy Cody won AFP, still think J. was behind it. Where Paul lost it for me was when he called Josh a coward! That was one hell of a smart move on his part and that is what won him the game! Hope to hear from ya next year! Take care friend…..

  12. I just don’t get these people. You go in to win a game that promotes, lying, cheating or what ever is takes to last and they get voted out because they all thought Paul would protect them and when he does not, they are pissed like a bunch of spoiled brats. I just hate mob mentality and this what we got. I have watched every season including the infamous almost never heard of 1st season. Paul played the best game. He just didn’t count on bitter brats.

    • They arte not just pissed though, Paul did not play one important aspect of the game and that is jury management, he lost that and lost the game because he never owned up to it in his answers last night. Those answers would have been the difference…

    • This game is NOT just about lying, cheating and etc. Jury management is just as important. Put yourself in a juror’s shoes. Would you not experience the emotions that they went through and feel angry after being bullied in the house and being lied to in a goodbye message?
      Jurors reserve the right to vote with their emotions, and Paul’s gameplay of bullying tactics and goodbye message lies contributed to the fact that these jurors are going to be bitter
      Again: jury management is IMPORTANT

      • You are probably right, point well taken. It is just as long as they felt safe, they all joined in Pauls plan, albeit with eyes closed. Mark and Elena suspected but did nothing. Cody and Jessica knew but made some bad moves. Josh played into everything Paul wanted him to do even though he knew he was being used. The others just followed so they would be safe. They would gang up on a houseguest week by week. Did Paul orchestrate this, probably. Are they less at fault because they got played, I don’t think so. I watch many reality competition shows. This happens to some degree on all of the shows. Maybe this show should be more like Amazing Race. If you win, you win. Not depending on a bunch of people who did not win to vote for or against you. Then it would not be the controversial Big Brother that we all watch and discuss trying to figure out what the heck happened. Lighten up everyone, life goes on.

    • Paul incited the mob the instance Cody tried to put him on the block. CBS gave Paul 3 weeks of safety making sure the mob leader could do his damage.

      • Excellent point. Paul couldn’t win on attempt #2 with the full backing of the network. Perfect game? Kidding himself.

    • What Paul didn’t count on is Josh gaming him with his DR confessions to evicted house guest. I think that is the biggest piece to getting jurors on his side, especially when Paul continued to lie about it. I don’t know why Paul called Josh a coward after finding out. I think it’s because he’s pissed because it undermined Paul’s game and everyone could see what really happened. Joshed gamed Paul, and his ‘friendship’ came back to hurt him in this game.

      • I honestly don’t think that Josh, intended his messages to work that way. He’s just not that smart. I think he wanted to tell them, they got played and he was a part of it. Hell, half of his goodbye messages, he said JUST that.

        That’s it. Not some masterful plan at jury management.

    • This is what it says on CBS’s Big Brother About Page…
      About Big Brother
      BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. At the end, the last remaining Houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.

      NOWHERE in there do I see anything about lying and cheating. You don’t have to be mean or nasty to win. You just have to be strategic. At some point you may have to withhold the truth but lying about people personally and inciting people to get in other people’s faces is not in the About Big Brother.
      Interesting how you see the jury as a mob mentality but not what Paul incited throughout the game as mob mentality and interesting that you see the jury as bitter brats but don’t acknowledge Paul’s comment about Josh being cowardly and Paul’s continuous lying as him being bitter and bratty.

  13. Bitter, Butt Sore Losers ! Paul is the BEST player that BB has ever seen ! BB needs to try and pick more mature players next season, most acted like childish babies that didn’t get their way !

    • I agree no one liked him coming back in except 2 ppl!
      I did nit like any house guests this season except paul

    • Thats like saying Russell Hantz was the best survivor player ever lol, get a grip if Paul was so good he would have won…. but hey blame it on the jury lol.

      • Paul would not even be in the front row of best BB players. You’d see Will, Dan, Derrick, Janelle, even Rachel. None of them hid behind the other players.

    • Or Paul was the baby all season overplaying every aspect to make sure everything went his way. What poor social skills to realize a little sympathy can go a long way.

    • Pump the brakes… best player ever? If he was maybe he’d have managed the jury better and won. Dr. Will, Dan and others might have something to say about that too.

  14. For people complaining about a bitter jury: Yes, I agree that this jury is very bitter. But each and every one of us has to remember that the jury does not have to look at things the way we look at things. We have to remember that we do not go thru the same emotions they go thru.
    With that being said, there’s a reason why jury management is important. This game is designed that even if someone who reaches f2 has had all the power all season long, they are still vulnerable before the jury, who has all the power in f2. That’s just how the game goes, and no one can change a single thing about it. You have to accept this characteristic of the game and work your game around, rather than against, this characteristic of the game. Paul kind of tried, and failed miserably, that’s why he deserves to lose.
    There are bitter juries, but the jury is always right

    • Yes, yes, YES!!! Thank you for this. I couldn’t agree more, Brys. The other thing we all have to remember in regards to the jury’s feelings is the ones of disrespect & embarrassment. I think they felt like Paul’s not owning his game EVEN AFTER JOSH’S GOODBYE MESSAGES WERE PLAYED was disrespectful to them! Don’t know about you, but that would certainly piss me off. Additionally, after he kept using his “Friendship” platform & making them all feel like they were his besties, it’s especially rude to not just say, “Yep. I did it all. I played each & every one of you with the goal of winning $500k and here I sit.” Pretty sure had he said even that much, Alex AND Jason would have voted for him & we have a different outcome. With respect to embarrassment, wouldn’t everyone feel embarrassed to have been so fooled by one person? Paul made them look like the fools they are, but seeing that play out on National TV has GOT to be embarrassing. Had he soothed that embarrassment in his Goodbye messages instead of rubbing salt in the wounds by being disingenuous, again, maybe we have a different outcome. Biggest counterpoint to Paul’s awful Jury Management in recent years is Derrick – he manipulated & played EVERYONE, but he never disrespected them or insulted their intelligence. Hence, not a bitter jury & he wins.
      In regards to Jury Management, it’s a HUGE part of BB & always has been! The game is billed as a “social experiment,” for Pete’s sake! What’s really sad is that even after failing miserably at JM last year, Paul didn’t learn a blessed thing! HGs don’t only have to maintain relationships while others are IN the house, but also when they’ve orchestrated their being voted OUT of it if they want to win.

  15. In a situation like this, you want “all the blood on my hands.” Man to man I’d rather be told “I played you” instead of “well you know, I wasn’t directly involved in it, I may or may not have been.” Own up to it. Own up to being a mastermind and being behind every single eviction without going on the block. Paul didn’t do that. Yeah he lost more than Josh won, but Josh doesn’t care, he just won half a million. He picked Paul BECAUSE he thought the jury was bitter, that in itself took balls. I would have taken Christmas, Josh probably would have won 6-3 or something like that but he couldn’t take the chance on her getting sympathy votes.

    • IF u watched R 3 Paul knew those answers but kept looking at josh think he let him win for reason just like giving Christmas HOH cuz he didn’t want to evict anyone so know it cost him! Pretty sad to me cuz I liked him last season!
      Josh is too faced and big baby

  16. I don’t understand anyone who says Paul should have won over Josh. Jury management is a big deal, and Paul sucked at it. His ass wasn’t covered unless everyone was kept in isolation. Sure, he was good at manipulating and convincing people he was telling the truth, but it was all a house of cards. Very flimsy.

  17. Bitter jury? Yes and so what. Deserved to win it? Deserves got nothing to do with it. The HG’s have to play, plan and work on their own and with others to avoid being evicted until they make the final two and they need to do so in such a way that the majority of those sitting on the jury want to vote for you to win the game. Paul did the first task far better than anyone else playing this season but he obviously failed in the second. I’m OK with the jury voting for the person they wanted to win and I think in this case it definitely came down to who they felt was the lesser of two evils.

  18. β€œI mean, I think Paul and Josh are both scum,” Cody Nickson offered. β€œBut at least Josh took action, while Paul was behind a closed door being a wuss.”
    True, Paul preferred others to do his dirty work, and underestimated that everyone would eventually find out about it. While contestants may not have realized what was happening in the house, they certainly put two and two together in the jury. Sure, they were already eliminated, but they took some sweet revenge by making sure Paul didn’t get the money in the end.

    • I agree with Cody. Both Josh and Paul are scum basically but Josh atleast owned all his actions and behaviors and was honest about his moves and choices, and what went down. Paul wasnt honest. That was the difference. The jury voted correctly.

    • Paul was behind closed. It’s cause he knows how to play big brother and the others do not

      • But still he was busted. His cards of lies fall apart. He forgot that jury talks. He lies even not needed

      • lol Paul is 0-2 in BB standings.. Paul doesnt know how close, that is the most important part of the game, just ask Russell Hantz about it.

  19. Even Jessica would have voted for Paul! Why? Because she is a fan and a fan of game play. These losers felt stupid they lost and voted that way. I like Josh but Paul played the game.

  20. Both Josh and Paul are scum basically but Josh atleast owned all his actions and behaviors and was honest about his moves and choices, and what went down. Paul wasnt honest. That was the difference. The jury voted correctly.

    • He’s horrible. Jessica did all the work for him to get that. I just don’t see a girl like her being with him for too long.

    • Cody was wicked because he tried to make the biggest move of the season by back dooring Paul? And when CBS saved Paul, Cody was wicked because he wouldn’t succumb to being Paul’s minion? Maybe he was wicked because he had to defend himself against all the bullies in the house? I do agree what a crappy season!

  21. Yeah Paul fans can’t seem to grasp the fact that jury management is an extremely important part of the game. It’s entirely possible to control the entire house and season and have the jury respect you and your game. Paul failed at it miserably. Again.

  22. I’m a bit upset at how Paul played this season, but I’m waayyy more upset that he lost. Pfft.

  23. Bitter jurors vote. Factor that in your game

    Hey Paul – You have to screw people in a way they can live with, not screw them the way you want to and demand that they respect it. Watch Derrik’s season.

  24. I have to agree what snuck if sorry losers, Paul played the better game and just because he knows what he’s doing so he lost just because of Cody , Alex and Jason .
    But I bet if they were in the final three they would evict Paul!
    Josh did not play the better game!
    Alex is sorry looser shame on her fir nit picking the right person ,

  25. A big part of Paul’s strategy was to go to F2 with Josh ……and he did
    Another big part of Paul’s strategy was not to get blood on his hands … and he did everything he could to appear innocent in evictions
    Paul prided himself on reading the hg’s and being the Puppet Master … and he was until he wasn’t
    Unfortunately for Paul, he overplayed this season and didn’t know when to stop.
    Paul got a little too full of himself and his ego made him belief he could get away with anything.
    In the end, Paul could have won if he had put a check on his ego and been honest in his GB messages and in the final.
    Paul lost himself the $500k

    • Good morning sis! ;) Well, that was one hell of a finale! I agree completely. Paul’s mismanagement of the jury and his own ego caused him to believe his own BS instead of coming clean, owning his game and showing some remorse for how he treated some of his fellow HG this season. Had he done any or (better yet) all of those things, I think he would have won.

      • Yup, he can blame himself. At least we had Josh and Paul in the final so we don’t have to listen to the “Well Paul would have beat Josh, if Josh hadn’t been afraid to take him to F2” posts. Good for Josh for having the balls to take Paul to F2 (mind you I thought he was crazy to do so)

      • OMFG! I thought you big meatball, WTF are you thinking??!! LOL! I guess he knew what he was doing after all. His exit messages were a brilliant strategy too. He knew Paul would lie in his goodbye messages, so he set it straight in his. It was a really smart game move. Like everyone else, I underestimated Josh’s understanding of how BB works.

    • Paul could have used that to his advantage. His final speech was quite weak. Especially after he had been practicing it all week.

      • That final speech sounded like he was reading off paper. A litany of wins/losses at a time when the jury was begging for a little heart. Bad move.

      • Yes, I could not believe how bad he was in the final speech & the Q&A portion. He couldn’t seem to pivot and recognize the jury was on to him & it was time to come clean and own the game he played. I truly think that is what did him in. Had he shown some remorse & admitted to his personal attack & isolation strategy this season, I think he could have turned around a vote or two.

    • All absolutely true. And he might even still have won if Josh hadn’t identified Paul’s game and turned up his own.

    • I agree 100%. I think if he’d have owned his moves and let them know he wants to be Mr. Friendship, but he was there to win and that’s why he made those moves, they might have respected that. But the lies right up to the point that they were putting their keys in sealed his fate.

  26. Very simple – the vote was 4 – 4 when it go to Cody. If Paul had been so vindictive to Cody and turned the house against him – Cody might have given him the vote. Cody didn’t like Josh at all and think much of his game play. Agreed Paul should have owned it in his final speech he was still playing it like he went along with what others wanted which wasn’t true.

    • Any one of the votes was a pivotal vote. The order in which they were read doesn’t make Cody’s more important. Any of the 5 who voted Josh.

      • Right, they know what the votes are and then read them off in an order that will be dramatic. They intentionally read Cody’s off last

      • Of course it did. BB is big on the drama (LOL) we know this. Having Cody’s vote be last created that same Cody vs Paul mentality that production started in the beginning of the season. ;)

      • More dramatic in the reading. But his vote did not count more than any other vote. He did not, in reality, break the tie. Just in the reading.

      • Oh I agree that one vote didn’t give Josh the win or Paul the loss. I was strictly talking about ‘breaking the tie’ in the vote count as they showed it on tv

      • Didn’t they read them in order of last in jury to first? That’s what they have always done, right?

        Housewifey is right though. Cody’s vote was no more pivotal than any of the others. The one that shocked me was Alex. As a self proclaimed “gamer” she should have respected the “game” and not let her personal bitterness for being played cloud her vote for the person who played the game to the end.

      • Your opinion. Her beef with Paul was that he never owned up to what he did. That is poor jury management and part of the decision as to who wins.

      • I thought for sure Cody was voting Paul. I was jumped up and screamed when they read it out that he voted for Josh. I was so happy…

      • I wasn’t at all surprised at Alex’s vote. She can be easily set loose to attack, just like Paul did when he made stuff up & lied in order to set her on Kevin…well, when people in jury told her Paul was making fun of her behind her back, that was all it took for her to set her nasty sights on Paul and vote nasty, much like how she treated Kevin throughout one third of the season.

    • Exactly! And if they’re supposed to vote based on strategy, how were they bitter when Paul apologized and said he had nothing to do with their evictions? He didn’t explain his strategy, and based on that, did he expect them to think Josh was the mastermind behind their evictions? Maybe they weren’t bitter after all, and voted based on strategy which Josh explained to them. I know they pretty much admitted they were bitter, but what was Paul thinking?

      • I think Paul actually started to believe his own lies there b/c even after the cat was out of the bag, he continued to lie!! I was shocked at how badly he did in his Q&A responses. Whereas Josh owned his game moves and apologized for some of his strategies, Paul did none of that and that is what I believe cost him the win.

  27. Paul lost because he severely miscalculated how the jury would vote. If he had owned his game, admitted his strategy of personal attacks was just that, a strategy and showed some remorse to the jury in his final speech, he probably would have won. Instead, he admitted nothing and blamed the “house” for his game moves, he continued to lie to the jury even in the jury Q&A portion of the finale & showed no remorse for any of the personal attacks that he instigated all season. In fact, while Josh was making his final speech, Paul was sitting there making faces…that showed me (and the jury I’m sure) exactly how little respect he had for anyone else’s game but his own; bad move when those HG are about to vote on whether or not they should award you a half million dollars. I don’t understand how Paul did not realize you cannot instigate a series of personal attacks over & over on the other HG and then not expect those HG to vote personally. That is extremely poor jury management and, like it or not, jury management is a huge part of the game of BB.

      • TY m’ dear! ;) Did you see him sitting there making faces while Josh was making his speech? smh If he’d just shown one ounce of remorse and owned his game instead of blaming the house, I think he could have turned around at least one of those votes.

      • He never had respect for Josh. Wanted to take him to F2 cos he figured he could beat him easily, was often condescending to him and showed both during Josh’s time to speak in the final. So, it was so satisfying that it was Josh who beat him

      • You are absolutely correct. He was never Josh friend. Ever! He was just a person who can be beat. A lot of Paul play was who he is as a person.

        Paul was just as salty as the Jury πŸ˜„

      • Will asked Josh about the slap Paul gave Josh… Did you see it? Will was like I would have lost it if someone did that to me, but Josh doesn’t seem to remember it. That surprised me a bit.

      • I saw it. I was somewhat disappointed with Will last night. That crap about the showmances got old very fast. He said that that was CBS’ question, but he should have just stopped asking it. And of course, Jess had to butt in to Cody’s interview. I did enjoy his interviews with Ramses and Cameron. And especially when he told Josh how the media room erupted when he won.

      • Yeah, he took it easy on all of them, but I don’t think he was given much leeway in what he could and could not ask. I would have liked to have seen Will the BB player asking the questions rather than Will the CBS mouthpiece, wouldn’t you?

      • There were some good moments but yeah, his hands were tied. Elena came off better than I would have thought in her interview.

      • Hi facial expressions showed it all last night, he really did look down on Josh and thought he had it in the bag with him.

      • Yep. Plus, Paul’s denial of any responsibility for people’s evictions also allowed Josh to pounce on that and use it in his own speech to pad his BB resume. Paul definitely underestimated Josh.

    • Right on!…and he was upset with Josh, for coming clean. I wouldn’t be surprise if he blames Josh for his lost. Will they remain friends? Josh mention to Dr. Will, that Paul was angry. Did anyone hear him say that? O well…Paul, you played yourself.

      • I didn’t like how he called Josh’s goodbye messages cowardly. And yet, him (Paul) allowing others to do his dirty work is strategy?? smh Paul’s ego & lack of empathy for people is what makes him, time and time again, fail to understand how people will react to his actions. For all his social skills, Paul really has no clue how to accept responsibility for himself or his game.

      • Yep! It was also interesting when Will talked about how Paul slapped Josh on the face. If that were a different situation he would have gotten called out by production.

    • Absolutely!! The moment I saw Paul lying in his goodbye msgs I thought stupid move. The jury had nothing to loose and would compare votes. His attempt to keep them from sharing notes was silly. Also, he should have boasted how good he was to get their respect. He then continued doing the lie song and dance on finale night. I loved how the bullying question brought up by Ellena was asked. And he denied it when it was glaring to everyone.

      To make matters worst..when it was revealed that Josh was honest about his F3 in the goodbye msgs, Paul instead ridiculed Josh for throwing him under the bus when Josh did not. He only revealed the evicted person was a target by all them F3. Against Paul passing blame so as to not be at fault.

      Anyway Paul will see what we saw.

      As for Cody AFP…when he gets home he would appreciate why ppl vote.even tho he is void of personality, I too would vote for him. It will be interesting to see how he responds to a Jess lifestyle. I wish them the best and hope they just allow each person to be themselves and they will be happy.

  28. Paul didn’t learn a damn thing from losing last season and the outcome was exactly the same this time around.

  29. I was rooting for Paul all last season…and this season…UNTIL…he continually rounded up all his attack dogs to bully his targets. The most amazing part of his game, I think, was having his minions not talk to each other. He systematically booted out the good competitors, Cody/Jessica/Alex/Jason, and the weaklings….Xmas/Josh/Kevin, he made the house hate all with his lies. No tears for Paul…he did win $100 grand these past 2 seasons. Seeing him get to within a hair of 1/2 million, then lose…made the entire season for me. Josh’s best move was alerting the jury in his exit speeches about the Josh/Xmas/Paul alliance. And before the attacks begin with “it’s the game”….You can play and win like a gentleman…as did Dr. Will & Derrick.

  30. Paul dominated the whole game, however the game is not done once a house guest is sent home. Inside the house Paul did all that he could, but failed when it came to Jury. You can’t blame a bitter jury on Paul losing. Josh made a game changing move with his DR messages. Did Josh play a better game? Definitely not inside the house, but the move he made with jury definitely sky rocketed his game. He admitted and got his hands dirty. Paul denied it all and lost him the game.

  31. I agree that Paul made the jury bitter against him. NOOOO Paul should not be aloud to play again!!! Just newbies!! No returning players!!! They had their chance!

  32. Paul thought he had it won! He was pissed when they called Josh’s name. Yes bitter jury but they should have been just as mad at themselves for not playing the game. I love it that Cody’s vote was the last revealed

    • I love that Cody’s vote was last and that he won AFH. I feel like his AFH win was America saying that bullying is not OK. Yes, Josh did a lot of bullying, but there was only him and lying, bullying, Paul to choose from. At least Josh has a soul.

  33. Call it like it is, Josh’s decision to tell game moves on goodbye messages was flat out EPIC. The house couldn’t catch him giving away trade secrets and blaming it all on Paul, well Paul did come up with all of those game moves. Paul forgot about Jury management in the end. His bullshit friendship, cost him the game. Blind siding people that have your back isn’t advised.

  34. Instead of sitting there and making exaggerated, ridiculous faces, Paul should have admitted what he had done to everyone. Continuing to lie to their faces was insulting to them, and I can understand why they voted for Josh.

  35. For all the viewers who snickered when Josh referred to himself as intelligent: He is the ONLY person who identified Paul’s game. Then turned it around and won. Call it what you like. I call it $500,000

  36. Looking at the finale,.you can see Pauls disappointments in his face when Josh was owning the Jury Questions. He was.worried and.pissed. A display of Bad gameplay by him in front of the jury and the million viewers. Paul the Russel Hantz of BB. Haha

  37. Please no Paul again. He had his shot. Yes, Paul played the game and seemed like the only one playing. I was all for Paul, but it just got to be too much. I hated the way he and Christmas treated Josh. Josh was annoying but he had a heart. Say all you want, but Josh did control the jury votes. Josh was a Paul puppet but with that said, he played his own side game letting the jury in on what really happened. Happy for Josh!!

  38. Watching HGs interviews with Rob Cesternino…Great interviews…nothing phoney .. Real questions..and Paul still lying lmdao…Yall go watch if u can…

  39. I thought Paul would win 5 to 4. I thought he would get Alex’s vote. Alex is his this season’s Davonne. He didn’t learn from last year that you can’t bully nasty all over people and expect them to vote for you to win a half a million dollars.

    I guess he’ll take his $50,000 and “design” more black t-shirts that say “F You”, “F Off” and “F it”, along with some more of his cheesy hats that say “I Never Cared” and his tacky friendship bracelets.

    I hope I never see him on my tv again.

    • My fear is with him losing last night if they ever of an all starts they might just bring him back. It would suck royally…

      • With players that actually had a spine (Like Cody, unlike Raven, Matt, Kevin, Christmas) he wouldn’t make it far. All those people this year were looking for someone to tell them what to do. He won’t ever make it far again.

  40. I think Paul was screwed twice personally. I think he played better against both Nicole and Josh. However, I do think that Josh played a better game than Nicole. Josh revealing strategy in his goodbye messages was key to his win. Either way, I wish Paul just hadn’t come back this season. I hate returnees in newbie seasons.

  41. The jury was indeed bitter, however, that’s Paul’s own fault. He had to get personal with orchestrating mob mentality and he could not stop lying for two seconds. All he had to do was say, yea I played you and I had to get you out. Josh to his credit used the goodbye messages to his advantages and the jury appreciated the fact that at least he was upfront.

    Although I agree that Paul played much better than Josh, his jury management was horrendous. Did he not think the HGs would compare notes and figure out what he was really doing?

    As for the third option, I never want to see Paul play again. So done with him!

  42. Did you see that suck up Raven hanging on to Paul in the end and Xmas hugging on Josh just cause he won, yet she didn’t give him her vote? The only reason Cody was voted AFP was because he was the only one brave enough to put Paul on the block and I think people respected that even though he’s a nut. Just to see the look on Paul’s face when he lost AGAIN was my gift for having to endure this crappy season. Anyway revenge is sweet and I will be back for Celeb BB. Thanks for having me, hope I didn’t piss anyone off. Bye, luvs.

  43. I agree with Elena – you are allowed to be a bitter juror, and it is still a valid way to vote. Part of the game is ensuring you have enough votes at the end to win the whole thing. Even in seasons past, while I may not have liked who won it all, I don’t think it makes them any less of a winner.

    The game is so subjective in and of itself. You are put in a house with 15 other people at random. Every season is so subjective that the only way to possibly make sense of it is simple: do whatever you can to ensure you get 5 votes at the end. Just getting to the final 2 isn’t enough. If Paul underestimated the bitterness of the jury, that’s on him. Or maybe Josh outdid him by understanding just how bitter they all would be.

    The game starts day 1, and part of every houseguest’s should
    not only just be to ensure you have the votes at the end, but that the people who will give you those votes actually make it into the jury house. Someone like Jessica would have voted for Paul, and thus controlled Cody’s vote as well.

    TLDR; Elena raised a great point this year and Josh winning will certainly wake people up to the fact that you have to play to win, not play to make final 2 and hope that that’s enough to win. Making final 2 alone isn’t that impressive of an accomplishment when there’s also another person sitting beside you who did the exact same thing.

  44. Paul DID NOT WIN and WAS NOT ROBBED. Last season Derrick did pretty much what Paul did but he did it in a very nice way and as game play and never made anything personal unlike Paul. Also Derrick owned every move he made in his Good bye messages and apologized and explained it was nothing personal. All Paul did was hide behind his minions all season and blame them for everything. He DID NOT EARN the jury votes. At the end he had a chance to redeem himself when answering their questions and HE STILL DID NOT COME FORTH, PAUL LOST THIS GAME FOR HOMSELF

    • And Derrik demonstrated a great deal more agility and finesse. He often went with the flow of the house, keeping his eye on the prize. He made moves when it was necessary. Paul had to dictate every single move, to his own demise.

      • Derrick was also MUCH more secret about it. With so many pairs in the house, it was blatantly obvious Paul was running the house. He also “overplayed” as some of them put it. I admit even though he should’ve won, he did more than he had to at times.

  45. Let us address hen elepant in the room. What the hell was going on with Raven stupid facial expression on the stage with Paul? That girl needs a psycho eval!

  46. That is Big Brother, you have to manage the bitter jury. Josh’s goodbye messages were the key. He basically owned up to what he did but also put the blood on Paul’s hands. Yes, Paul played a better game in the house but forgot yet again the key element to manage the jury so he lost it again. Note to Big Brother: NO MORE VETS in the game. Please give us a season with all newbies.

    • I thought it was ridiculous how Paul said Josh’s goodbye messages were cowardly. Paul did that sort of thing all season long! He’d have Josh or someone vote someone out and then walk and talk like he was blindsided too! He’s a hypocrite and even more why I’m glad he didn’t win.

      • Yep! Paul is a bigger baby then anyone in that house, and more bitter then anyone in the jury. He could never let something go and was talking about Cody and their “fight” all the way up until the end because he was such a baby.

  47. If Paul “earned” it, he would have won. Josh wasn’t a bad competitor. He won some comps. Was his overall game better than Paul’s, probably not.

    But Paul screwed up the social aspect big time. If he had owned his game and basically said “yes, I want to be your friend. I think you’re an awesome person, but I came here to win and you had to go.” I really, truly think that would have turned at least 1 or 2 votes his way. By playing naive when answering the jury questions and saying he was powerless and had to go along with “the house” he sealed his own fate.

    Josh made a great move by making those goodbye messages. I don’t care what Paul says, it wasn’t cowardly. It was smart. It was no more cowardly than using your allies as shields to take the blood off your hands on eviction night.

    • I really thought once Paul got wind of that he would adjust his speech. He seemed to do so in one question and then would go back to ‘I did what the house wanted’. He is so good at speeches and thinking on his feet, I thought he might be able to turn it around. Seemed to take too long to sink in that he was in big trouble. And that is not like him, must be exhausted.

      • Yeah, I was stunned at how badly he did in the Q&A part. It was like he never even contemplated that people might be on to him by finale… I think he forgot he was not in jury house telling them not to talk to each other. hehe

      • Yeah… he seemed completely caught off guard that Alex even was on to him and not singing his praises to the other jurors.

      • He did that last season too. Davonne said that it was because of his answers the she voted for Nicole. You think he would have taken note of that.

      • Also the Josh goodbye messages were sheer genius on Josh’s part. Paul was UTTERLY blindsided by this revelation. The look on his face when he was informed of this was priceless. His assumption that Josh was totally under his influence cost him $450,000.

    • If Paul comes back (and please lord I hope not) don’t think for a second he won’t start using his Good bye messages at a tool also. He called it cowardly but it was masterful and I gained so much respect the first time I saw that for Josh.

      • Read article above. There is a link saying otherwise. (Not that he didn’t say he would vote for Paul early on, but that changed in jury house)

    • I don’t think Cody cared enough or said enough to influence the jury. I think the accumulation of lies and shared stories stirred that hornets nest.

      • AH… didn’t see that at first. For some reason that didn’t load the first time I came to the page. Kind of surprises me though. I pretty much thought Cody was just sitting around the jury house not wanting to interact with anyone and hating life… You know, kind of how he played the game.

    • Doubtful. But if he did, it’s a game, right? If he had influence after that long out of the house, good on him.

  48. Paul – it’s like this. You’re saying, “All he had left on the board was one little miserable knight. I outplayed him at every turn. I had more pieces on the board. I should have won.” But Paul, his knight got your Queen. That’s the move that wins the game. You’ve got to play it to the end.

  49. Guy’s I really think you’re not giving credit to the Puppet Master herself. I mean Raven just controlled this game the whole way and in the end she wanted Josh to win because she really had all of us fooled thinking she was with Paul but really her goal all along was to let Josh win. Check mate Raven doubters!

  50. As much as I couldn’t stand the gutlessness of Cody and Jessica or actually any of the romantic relationships working in pairs instead of approaching the game as a strong individual, I have to say that Cody’s comments about why he voted for Josh were about the most honest I’ve seen. He said that Josh played the game honestly, up front, taking on people to their face instead of behind their back. He did. And those were risks he took doing that. And I agreed with his comment at the end when he won the $25,000. “It doesn’t make sense.” It didn’t. He was surly and nasty, but at least he was real. That’s more than I can say for Paul. I lost so much respect for Paul in this game.

    • When did Cody make that statement, about Josh playing the game up front? Was it during the broadcast?

      • During the jury panel talking to that guy that entered the house. He explained why he was voting for Josh and why he had such a lack of respect for Paul.

  51. josh won with his goodbye messages. his way of letting houseguests know and for paul to say it was cowardly was really bad coming from him who was the real coward in not owning his game and josh knew he was being used by having to cast the sole vote and doing things that made paul look good and made him and xmas look bad… so saying what he did in his goodbye messages – amazing. I am glad he did that. The coward is really paul who didn’t wanna get blood on his hands. All that to say they all sucked this cast was horrrrribllllleee the worst people ever and they should have say no paul do it yourself… but live and learn I guess. I would hate to meet xmas or alex in a dark alley those girls are mean and ruthless really alex was it necessary to say that you would break xmas other leg really how cruel and unnecessary that girl… dang…and it was so unpleasant watching her roll her eyes and her stupid facial expressions… ..

  52. Josh absolutely deserved the win.

    Now hear me out. Big brother is a game of chess, and Paul played a great game. He knocked out rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns. But he left his queen exposed and Josh saw that. It doesn’t matter how either of them got to the end, they both did. Josh realized Paul’s biggest weakness and worked to solidify that bitter jury. Sure, they would have still been upset if they had gotten to the jury house and learned all of those things about Paul from each other… but to learn them from Josh first in his goodbye messages (the person they thought of as the lowest of the low) was a knife right in the heart. JOSH secured that jury would be bitter toward Paul. To me, that combined with winning the final HOH was his checkmate. It was clear that Paul would have won hands down against Christmas, which means that Josh earned that win.

  53. I can understand the reasons the jury voted against Paul and for Josh and gracefully accept it even though I thought Paul played like a genius…all the way until he ruined it at the Jury Questions time. Plus, it was brilliant of sweet Josh to give his farewell message informational tidbits. He got rewarded for this smart tactic.
    What I AM utterly disgusted with is Cody winning AFP. Why??? He was hateful from start to finish, made every wrong move possible, grumbled and groused all the time and never lifed a finger in any effort to actually be on the show called “Big Brother.” He should never have been chosen to play because “play” he did not!! What gives America?? I just don’t get it!

    • Agreed, especially about Mr victim noises!!

    • Cody was the only one to try and make a BIG move by trying to backdoor Paul. It was CBS that saved Paul for 3 weeks. Paul then got his minions together to bully and harass Cody. At that point Cody became unglued. If CBS didn’t rig it in the beginning I don’t see Cody winning AFP… but he was the first to get screwed and America realized that and rewarded him in addition to him not joining the minion parade.

  54. I really need a fourth option in the poll. It was Paul’s game to lose and he did just that. Bad jury management,bad choice of people to take with him to the end (Raven, Matt or Kevin ALL would have been better choices) and wilful lack of knowledge about the game led to his downfall.

  55. The only way Paul should play again is if it’s an All Stars and there are other big threats. If he is with a regular cast, they target him right away. Yes, Paul should have won, and I don’t like that jury pact at all.

    • I agree with everything but I don’t want to see Paul again, and I’m a fan. He’s had his time, let’s move on to someone else. If they bring him back next year for an All Star show, it will be 3 summers in a row watching him and it’s just too much, Paul overload.

      • The good news is, if he does come back next year and it is all stars, I highly doubt he’ll last long.

      • Yep, a big difference between playing with a bunch of minions and real BB players. Paul would be out quick, probably wouldn’t even make jury.

      • I like Paul, a good bit. I deplore the entitled belief that his moves won him the game. They did not.

  56. I’m very disappointed Paul didn’t win, he more than earned and deserved it. That said, he didn’t manage the jury well and his mistake was continually lying, still don’t think it should have cost him the game but such is BB, expect the unexpected. I’m much more upset that victim noises won AFP, he DID NOT deserve the honor. One last thing for all who were convinced the season was rigged for Paul, why did he lose, please splain? LOL

    • can’t make people vote the way you want them to, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink…

      • So it wasn’t rigged, gotcha.

      • The vote was not rigged but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he had help early on in this game so he can stay long enough to do his thing…

      • Of course it will and I’m not even being serious. I just wanted to see who would fall for it and become unglued. Looks like it worked. LOL I will be watching Survivor with you guys and commenting, yay!! Can’t get rid of me that easily!

    • Paul made more “victim noises” than anyone! He complained all the way to the end that he was at a disadvantage. He continually bashed anyone who called out his game, even long after they left the house. He made that tasteless, classless remark about Josh’s messages being cowardly. And he is so blinded by his own bitterness and conceit that he can’t even see why he lost both times.

  57. Sorry but Josh deserved the win for blowing up Paul’s game … Paul lied to everyone played the puppet master and even admitted it ! So in the end Josh out played Paul. Paul was stupid for thinking he had it in ” the bag ” and was going to win ..

  58. why did alex think that those people were in there to take a bullet for her and sacrifice their game for her?? does she think she is that entitled?

    • I think she honestly still believes she is that good at the game! I hope she watches it and sees that she looked to the viewer like one of the dumbest players in the history of big brother.

  59. Thought Will made a great point during one of the interviews last night when he said that Paul peaked a week too soon while Josh matured at the right time.
    Paul played hard and then figured he had it made once he evicted Kevin.
    Josh, unlike any other player I can remember, grew over the season. He was a mess in the beginning and does have Paul to thank for keeping him in the game. But Josh also was a great observer of his fellow hg’s and would often see things before the others. Often, his observations were ignored but he was spot on. Sure, production probably clued him in on some things but it was the small things that he noticed that impressed me. He won a few comps, the DE Veto win was not given to him and it was done under pressure. His confidence grew in the last weeks. His GB messages outing Paul was a smart game play and he spoke to the jurors in the final not at them. So yes he peaked at the right time. He beat Paul in R3, he took Paul to the final and he beat him there.
    Great to see a superfan who truly enjoyed his time in the house and appreciated the opportunity to be there, win.
    Oh, and he made me laugh many times.

  60. Watching the show, including feeds, I thought Josh and Paul were the best players in the show. The fact that Josh is not getting the credit he deserves is ridiculous. Josh worked as hard if not harder than Paul. Paul played a great manipulative game, but Josh did all of the dirty work which I thinks counts for a lot and deserves the credit. Cody and Jess were trying to get Paul out, but were not good players at all, especially not socially. I wasn’t a fan of either of the F2, but they both made it and it was well deserved.

    • It’s impossible to argue this point! the Jury picks the winner, deserving or not. You nail it here and I am glad they voted Josh.

    • It wouldn’t have mattered what he said….obviously the decision was made before they even listed to him. That’s the problem. What a bunch of self righteous prigs this jury was.


  62. People keep saying Paul should have won because he played a better game. Well I hate to tell you he only lost because he didn’t play the better game to the people that decide the outcome. Simple as that.

  63. Love this guy. He is telling Alex how wrong she was about Kevin and blaming her for the stupidity.

  64. Most of the assessments of this don’t seem to take into consideration that jury management is actually one of the core and fundamental parts of the game. They seem to ignore that as if it doesn’t matter, well, it does matter.

    Paul drink his own Kool-Aid which is a recipe for disaster. It is never a good idea to lie in the DR or to lie during jury exit messages. That goes against the spirit of the game.

    But it gets worse. When Paul lied during the Q&A And didn’t drop his BS when it came time to actually explain himself, there’s no way he could sway anybody at that point.

    Puppet master, indeed. The only strings he’ll be pulling are his own. With lotion and a Kleenex.

    He learned nothing about Jerry management after his mistakes from last year.

    He deserves to lose.

    • Besides failing to own his game to the jury, Paul also miscalculated whom to take to F2. Kevin would have been a better bet for him. He did not play a perfect game.

      • Oh yeah, me too. In fact, after the way Paul sicced Alex on Kevin, I thought he *was* taking Kevin to F2 & that was why he was trying to destroy Kevin’s social game. When he didn’t, I was surprised and then angry b/c then I realized well, why on earth did he make stuff up and make Alex hate Kevin? This is an example of the unnecessary personal issues Paul started in the house, it is not a surprise to me that the jury voted personally. Paul is lucky Kevin didn’t vote against him too imo.

  65. i don’t think i completely understand this new rule of “jury management”.
    dan ticked off everyone with his wheeling and dealing and backstabbing, yet everyone acknowledged he had played the best game.
    evil dick earned his name. there wasn’t a single person he didn’t tick off in the jury, but they all acknowledged he played the best game.
    the jury did not need to blindly follow paul. they did not need to throw all of their faith in a single player. the package at the end of the show proved this- each one gave up their personal games. at the same time, look at the people who voted for josh. how well did they play their own games?
    this seems to have more to do with people realizing they were duped, and taking it personally. paul pointed out in his speech he controlled the house from the very beginning, and walked the players through every step. that the jury is, well, bitter he took advantage of them, well… bitter is as bitter does.
    i struggle to accept anyone who suggests josh played a better game. he was an emotional train wreck, his social game consisted of bullying and blowing up people’s games, he hid behind christmas, and when he had the power, or the opportunity to make big moves, he did what he was told, never making his own moves. he complained for two weeks about paul’s spot, but instead of doing anything about it, he cried.
    not a single player this season played as hard as paul. not a single player deserved the win more. don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • It was a super bitter jury that played personally. They didn’t take themselves out of the equation whereas past juries have been able to distance themselves and make the decision based solely on gameplay. I think we will see this become the trend in the future, unfortunately.

      • That’s your criteria for a vote. They can vote on any criteria they choose. As Dr. Will said, a bitter vote is a valid vote. Gotta factor it in your game.

      • Paul lost the game in the final q&a session, he denied having any responsibility for the jury evictions, lied to their faces right til the end and it cost him. If you take Paul at his word there then he didnt deserve to win, he just followed others…. kind of bit him in the ass didnt it….

      • i do have to agree with how paul mismanaged the q&a. he should have blown up his own game, to point out how much of a mastermind he was, instead of trying to still cut promos which not only didn’t matter, but everyone had already figured out were lies. he HAD to have known the jury would talk.

    • Paul mistook the ultimate goal as making F2. He should have extended his ultimate goal to securing 5 votes.

  66. Paul treated everyone like they were morons. His narcissism got the better of him and he thought they would never figure out what he was doing. Anyone but Paul!
    #BitterJury for the win!

    • They were morons….they listened to him and got booted. They were bitter because he was able to manipulate them. It is a waste of the game if the jury is bitter because they were manipulated. A very wasted season with perhaps the worst jury yet.

  67. Clearly, jury management is one of the most critical aspects of the game and Paul was terrible at that. He played the game brilliantly for almost the entirety of the game, but he just didn’t have what it took to finish. The marathon runner that leads the entire race and then stumbles at the end still loses and doesn’t “deserve” or “earn the win”.

    • here’s the thing- there has been no talk about “jury management” until today. EVERYONE predicted paul was going to win, no one considered this concept of jury management until dr will brought it up last night. all of these comments “well, obviously paul failed at jury management”, to your comment “one of the most critical aspects of the game” was never a thing until today.
      year after year, people have pushed, and fought and manipulated and backstabbed to get to the win. this year, apparently, those rules have changed.
      it used to be that house guests accepted it was a game. if they didn’t,
      they were a “bitter jury”. suddenly, we all woke up this morning being
      told this is not the case, instead, it is about jury management.
      honestly, when a guy named “evil dick” wins big brother, i am pretty sure he wasn’t too concerned about jury management.

      • But Evil Dick did manage the jury, even if they didn’t label it that. He won because they were willing to vote for him. Whatever you want to call it, it has always existed. Backstabbing, backdooring, lying, betraying can exist if the jury can find a way to tolerate it from you. Paul’s brand of evil didn’t sell.

      • Evil Dick, was a evil in everyone`s front, not on their back. Dick did not backstab anyone, he did stab everyone in their front. That is a huge difference.

      • Jury management has always been a thing. Dr. Will did not just create it out of thin air last night. And there have always been bitter jurors. I think the only difference is that this season there was a much higher percentage of bitter jurors compared to every other season. In past years you could always count on at least one or two votes where someone voted personally and didn’t “accept it was a game”. The fact that this year there was supposedly some sort of “jury pact” where the group voted personally is what was most surprising. But considering the extreme lack of game awareness and mob mentality that was so incredibly pervasive and negatively defined this season we really shouldn’t have been that surprised at the outcome.

  68. Perhaps if they do away with the good-bye videos for the evicted ones or edit accordingly, game play strategies will stay in the house until after the show has ended. Good luck to future contestants for a fair win.

  69. It is what it is, I liked Josh for his honesty. I’m glad he win, & who would have thought Cody voting for Josh. That was strange, but whatever. Congrats to Josh. Crazy summer episode.

  70. Has anybody watched Rob’s interviewing the HGs. Raven is changing her Mensa story, but still lying about everything else.

    • Not yet, have you watched all of it and if so, is it worth it?

      • I like it better than Will’s, but he didn’t tell Raven about the Exposed party. He did tell her about leaving the house and how her fans are having “parties”.

    • So funny. Rob was giving her so many digs without her knowing it. “What was your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid that Paul made in the house.” She says “Cherry.” hee hee

      • Hilarious. I would have preferred if someone mentions clearly to her what is going on outside. She is very slow.

  71. If someone lies to your face over and over and over again sure they are going to be bitter. I didn’t care for Josh doing most of Paul’s dirty work and bullying but like everyone said anyone but Paul. Josh was smart to tell of the alliances in his goodbye speech.

  72. People have to remember the jury don’t see everything we as viewers see only what they are exposed to while they play the game and what other jury members bring as they enter jury house. Maybe they should have a view into the BB house from jury so they can see the strategy of the remaining players. Good and bad I guess.

    • Every single season except Jordan’s wins was a disappointment for me. I moved on quickly, but Paul has a lot of disappointed fans.

      • Yeah, I’m a Paul fan. My point is the “other” side seems to be so damn touchy. I think this is where I take my leave. It was nice commenting with you this year, hope to see you next season SamsarJello. :)

      • Hey, doll! You disappeared last night. I wanted to tell you I love ya and bye for this BB season. Maybe we’ll see each other on the other site. XOXO :D

      • Hello gorgeous!! Sorry, the kids needed my attention with their homework. I’ve so loved our time together this summer Miss K, you will never know how much. Love you too and I hope to see you around on RT here and there. I’ve really scaled back commenting over there but I usually read the blogs and comments and I hope to see your name on the threads, I’ll swoop down and mix it up with you, LOL!! Big {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} and lots of kissesπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š my friend https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0659bcc8cdf86e3ab5739e0b451f6a48824fb00d7f92f075676980f8eebdca86.gif and absolutely, I’ll be here for the next BB, count on it.

      • I AM counting on it. I need some sane people who see BB for the game of deceit that it is and who don’t get butt hurt over some real dishonest game playing. I was hoping Paul had done a better job with the questions/answers and speech part. It really got to him that Josh sent all of those revealing goodbye messages, which production made sure the HGs saw…each and every one of them. I don’t blame Josh at all, but I found it odd, as it was happening, that production chose to do that to Paul and for Josh. I think it made a huge difference in the outcome. JMO… I haven’t been on RT in a while myself. If I go, I’ll look for you. Maybe our paths will cross. Till next time…K

      • Completely agree, of course, toodles babe!

    • That will be the worst season eve. She is out of the game and still delusional, so it was not part of her game play.

  73. Paul should have won. He is the only player in history to get everyone in the house to throw a compatition, all of them trusted him through the whole game. He could not take all of them to the end so I think they are all poor losers

    • If he had owned everything he did, i would I agree with that. But he was a little chicken and did not man up to anything he did,,, which means he did not deserve to win. Josh at least had some balls.

  74. I do wonder if Paul had been in the jury house last year instead of coming up just short in F2, would he have been able to glean some jury management experience and not make the mistakes he did this year. Its almost like once the evicted were gone, they just disappeared in his eyes. The jury house became a true non-entity to Paul, especially going over 190 days in the BB House

  75. I think Paul knew he lost after the 1st question about being a bully !!
    He looked shocked that they would ask that !!

  76. The real winners last night were self pity and bitterness,Alex was so bitter last night she could have passed for “Pennywise” sister,what a bunch of cry babies!

  77. Paul is just a bitter as the jury, so it shouldn’t matter. His constant talk about being at a disadvantage, his continual bashing of players who called him out and tried to put a target on his back, his loaning about being robbed of the win last year, and his final comment about Josh’s messages being “cowardly.” If Josh didn’t be talk Paul, Paul would have vote do for Christmas because of his bitterness, so I say “All’s fair in love and Big Brother.”

  78. Count me among the bitter jury members then, because I am thrilled that Josh beat Paul! I think Paul blew his chances during his responses to the jury questions and because of all his side eyes and gesturing when Josh was talking. Arrogant asshat showed no respect or humility.

    • You can grasp for excuses to the cows come home but nothing you say here will change a vote based on nothing but self pity and bitterness,that was a travesty period and everyone know that even if they can’t bring themselves to admit the truth.

      • Think of it. The first HGs from earlier season could never win now against these morons. Those players won by actually played BB through lying, forming fake alliances and orchestrating blindsides would be labeled as ‘bad’ with 100 more adjectives. Too many butt hurt feelings and sheer pettiness. One self-proclaimed ‘gamer’even wore it on her cap for Gawd’z sake. According to this jury, no one should ever be blindsided, and HG should avoid hurting each other’s feelings at all costs. At the end of the game, just they should just split the money and hand out participation trophies.

      • You summed up the situation last night perfectly,guess BB is no longer a game but a sleepover with friends.

      • Thanks Hep, I’ve enjoyed your comments throughout the season. There was one priceless moment from last night. It was the look Dr. Will gave Alex when she, who demanded full disclosure from Paul, would not own up to anything. Dr. Will would probably been evicted in this house for such an affront to someone’s feelings. LOL cause we have to.

      • BB is now suffering from political correctness gone amuck! Butt hurt sore loser babies, HGs and viewers. ‘Til next season, Meerkat.

      • Ain’t that the truth, K!!! If they want a great season again, they should ask the age-old question about being a likable loser vs a hatable winner. Anybody who hesitates for even a second before answering correctly gets evicted from the applicant pool.
        See you next season, K.

      • I like that suggestion. I wish it was that easy to get BB back on track. I don’t like the way it is going. We’ll see next season…maybe. :)

    • Give me a break….if production was sooo helpful Paul would have won. I have never witnessed so many self righteous liars as I did in that Jury. Cody is an ass…he always was and he always will be. There is nothing nice about the guy. He had his sights set on Paul from the get go and he was going to make sure he lost regardless. What a bunch of loser houseguests. They got played and they are crybabies about it. Paul deserved the win!

      • 3 weeks of safety is too much…and Paul is the one that got played in the end.. U can hate Cody as much as u want…

  79. I think Josh played it better than Paul as far as these particular castmates in jury were concerned. Paul liked playing one upmanship which clearly peeoed these jurors. Instead of bragging about statistics, he should have asked why the jurors didn’t take him out when they did have the opportunity, after the Protection of Safety had expired. These jurors were bitter because they got played, plain and simple and didn’t respect that, whereas Josh was underestimated and played under the radar for the most part but also apologized to the hgs after he’d implemented their evictions. He played Paul just as much as Paul played him. Sucked to be Paul last night, I bet!

  80. Of course it was a bitter jury. Dude, when Raven (yes Raven) is the one making the most sense of everyone, that should be a clue. That said though, Paul did make one fatal mistake. Of course he was going to lie, backstab and tick off the jury, that is what the game is. Its a social experiment and one of the premises is what people will do to their peers in order to win a bunch of money. Otherwise you might as well draw straws to see who wins the game. Paul’s mistake was not owning it.
    I get that he did not want to tell people face to face while they were in the house because it would have blew up his game, BUT in his goodbye messages he will still spewing lies. Had he just come out and said, “look “X” I am sorry I had to do this, but unfortunately you were too strong of a competitor and I had to do what was best for my game. This was a game move not a personal move and I hope we can still be friends,” he might have won a couple of people over. Alex, Jason and Elena (shockingly) were super bitter and nothing would have changed that. But Cody and Mark possibly could have been swayed, being competitors and knowing something you get your hands dirty. All it would have taken is one of them.
    Of course I think that is what Paul did last year and it did not win him the game, so its hard to say. Of course last year one of his fatal flaws was that he was “not a girl” so he was doomed.
    I am not saying Josh did not deserve to win. He did, over everyone other than Paul.

  81. So many of the jurors say that had Paul been honest in the goodbye messages, they wouldn’t have been so bitter. I think that’s crap. They would have just been angry sooner.

  82. Malice backfires; spite boomerangs!
    Alex was the worst! She claims she’s a super fan yet she voted for Josh out of spite. Hopefully if she auditions for Survivor she fails.
    Cody will spend his AFP money on Jessica and once she spends it in a month she will be gone.
    Elena was just a spiteful douche bag and Mark went along with her.
    Jason….you will get you’re too but at least had the balls to say he was a sore loser.
    When Dr. Will asked who here has lied Alex said she never lied in the game. What a waste.
    Josh won the money but really didn’t deserve the win. I always said Paul’s decision to keep Josh and evict Ramses will come back to haunt him.
    Here’s to hoping CBB will be a better season!

  83. Really feel the 5 people who voted for Josh last night truly damaged the game of BB last more than they did Paul,they acted like uncontrolled toddlers in need of a bottle feeding

    • When you earn a spot in the jury house, you earn the right to vote to whoever you want to win. There`s not a rule saying you must vote for who played the best. It its your vote and you can do whatever you want with it.

      • She’s the biggest hypocrite of all. Cody got the gay vote when he’s anti gay. Super fan Alex voted out of spite. I still think the player who played best should win whether I like them or not. I guess I’m old school….the best player wins, not the most popular and every kid doesn’t deserve a trophy.

    • When Raven made the most sense I knew Paul was in trouble. But…a person who stated he hates gays got the gays to vote him for AFP! The super fans are now saying “jury management” what a crazy season. Alex needs to hang her head in shame. I’m so glad she wasn’t in F2. Hopefully survivor sees through her fairness and won’t cast her when she auditions.

  84. There is a common theme amongst Paul fans and that is that there is absolutely no limit to the lengths you can go to to win BB. You can lie, bully, cheat, manipulate, emotionally abuse others and its all just game play. You can go into the final q&a and continue to lie and insult the juries intelligence and still deserve to win. You can call your opponent a coward for doing something you only wish you would have thought of and still deserve to win. Paul is the embodiment of everything that is wrong in today’s society.

      • Exactly! Which is why it’s 100% fine that the jury didn’t vote for him. They are still playing the game, and got the final word. Paul’s game was flawed, he didn’t deserve the win.

  85. My biggest issue with Paul are his fans. I thought he was rude, callous, bitter, and had little self awareness but his fans… whew. Like player like fans.

    • Sorry Mother Teresa,didn’t realize you had come back from the dead,so please overlook the rest of us infidels as we post here,realize liking Paul is cardinal sin.

      • Nope, like Paul all you want. I have no problem with that. But give credit where credit it due: Josh deserved the win. The jury said so and they are the ones who ultimately get to set the standard for the season. It doesn’t matter if they were “bitter.” Understanding that they might be is part of the game too and Josh saw it when Paul didn’t.

  86. I think most of the jury was very bitter and just too ashamed to admit they’re sore losers. It sounds better and makes them feel better to say if Paul would have told the truth during the
    Q & A he would have gotten their vote.

    • You are spot on,those 5 simply cannot face a mirror and admit to themselves they have no one to blame but themselves,last night vote was a exercise in denial.

      • The jury can vote how they want but I don’t think Alex and Cody were truthful with themselves or viewers in why they didn’t vote for Paul.

      • I don’t know why this is so hard to understand. House members are not simply robotic disposable items to be discarded on your way to the end.

        They’re human and experience quite a surge in various emotions throughout the game. How those emotions are handled can mean the difference between a win and loss.

        Treating people with even the slightest respect can mean a win in the end.

      • The jury justifies the vote and that is their right. Every season is a different game. They create their own society, rules, and idea of what is okay or not and we just watch.

      • Like Renny said when she voted for Dan over Memphis in BB10 – A smile in the morning goes a long way.

      • I disagree. Last nights vote was everything good about big brother. Just because they are in jury doesn’t mean they are done playing the game. Their votes are their final moves and Josh saw that when Paul didn’t.

      • Those 5 damaged the game last night,just that simple and nothing you say will ever change that one simple fact.

      • Nope, I think they made it better. They reminded us that if you are about to win 500k for literally doing nothing but sit in a house all summer and play a game while the rest of the world is dealing with things like hurricanes, terrorist attacks, etc. you dang sure better be grateful. Paul thought he was better then everyone and the jury saw that and knocked him down a peg. All’s fair in love and Big Brother.

      • Damaged the game how? Are the next contestants no longer going to lie, cheat, and back stab in BB? Or are they going to adapt and realize that maybe it is important how you treat the people you send out the door who ultimately have your fate in their hands?

      • So its no longer the best player wins? In that case Kevin should have been the clear winner.

      • Paul played the best for a good portion of the game, but when it came to crunch time he choked. So he wasn’t the best player. Josh was the best player because he’s got the $500k check and the title of winner of BB19.

      • Those 5 saved the integrity of BB to me. I was so happy they made the season finally worthwhile.

    • So true. They were fooled until they were evicted and now couldn’t face the shame so they had to make up some bs to try and save face. It didn’t work. They were the biggest group of losers in BB history.

    • If the jury is so bitter as to not vote for the best game player then that player didnt play the best game did he??? Pissing people off to the point of losing votes is bad game play.

  87. Big Brother should do away with the jury and instead have the final two run a Ninja Warrior obstacle course to determine the winner.

    • hahaha my boyfriend said this last night… and he doesnt even watch the show like I do (actually at all) but he still knows how bad this season was lolol

    • I love that idea. Or have the final three have a physical comp, a mental comp and a combined physical/mental comp. The best scores win!

  88. If you still have BB fever as I do, I recommend for you to watch the Rob Cesternino interview if you haven’t already. It is on this page above.
    I will like to thank Matt Boyer for his wonderful threads and for keeping it up every season. As well as Brendan and Adam.
    It took over my whole summer, but I enjoyed all of the comments, even those who were able to disagree in a civil manner. I hope to come back during the celeb season and of course some of you will be on the Survivor Fandom page.
    Tata. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e0e978b58de771c7085aaf15d073093671ccb2c1742e9a376fdfb3158ba24fb2.jpg

  89. Paul deserved to win, but I am so happy that he lost. In the end he continued to lie his way through the jury questions and downplayed his role in evicting all of the jury members. He might have swayed another person had he been more honest during the jury questions. I was rooting for Josh in the final weeks because I disliked how Paul played the game so much toward the end.

    • Paul didn’t deserve to win. He was clearly the front runner, an overwhelming favorite, and played the best game for most of the season, but he choked that away in the end. The superior team on paper doesn’t always win and he has no one to blame for losing but himself.

  90. Matt: Who cares. Dislike him immensely.
    Raven: Bitter then not bitter. Front and center in her Sunday Best is all She cared about.
    Elena: Bitter,
    Mark: Bitter,
    Jason: Not bitter. Just wants to get home
    Alex: Bitter,
    Kevin: Not bitter
    Cody: Bitter and then not bitter….Just so damn happy to see Jessica.

  91. For the people that say Paul should’ve won, he played a better game…you guys really need to learn that jury management is part of the game. It’s not about doing whatever you can to get to the end anymore, it’s about getting there while keeping the people you send packing on your good side. We’ve seen this numerous of times. If you constantly stab people in the back, they’re most likely not going to vote for you.

    We’re not in the same world we were in 18 years ago when Dr. Will won.

  92. I do think some jury members were bitter . . .but that is their right ! While Paul may have played them all as Puppets . . . at least Josh was more truthful and did feel compassion for the people evicted. While Paul could have cared less. Nothing as precious as seeing Paul’s face . .when Julie showed Josh’s good by messages to all the evicted house guests . .telling them all that he and Paul and Xmas were in an Alliance and agreed together to vote that person out ! Paul called Josh a ‘ coward’ for doing that !!!! What !!!!!! No Paul . . a coward is someone that slinks into the back bedroom and let’s everyone else do their dirty work for them. Even after the awful way Paul treated them all . .he could have redeemed himself . . .by for once being truthful at the end with the Jury questions. That’s where he lost $500,000 ! He didn’t even answer the questions and what he did say was blatant lies . . . so yes I think the right person won !!!!!

    • “he could have redeemed himself . . .by for once being truthful at the end with the Jury questions”

      Agreed. Paul trying to still use the friendship angle cost him the game. Telling the truth would have won him the money. The issue is Paul not being able to handle being the bad guy. See’s himself as beloved by everyone. His parents must have really coddled Him as a child.

  93. and to those defending joshs so called “compassion and honesty”- Where was this compassion and honesty in the house? He used it at the end for pity.

    • “Where was this compassion and honesty in the house?”

      Hi Kelly. Do you believe Josh telling the jury members the truth in the eviction messages while Paul blamed it on someone else made the difference in the outcome? I really do. Perhaps that can be considered compassion?

      • Oh of course. I am not blind to Pauls downfall. I think he should’ve been honest in the goodbye messages for sure. But I just cant seem to feel right about putting all this blame on him when he played his ass off. Everyone else was just there to make it to jury, or for more followers.

    • But in case you didn’t catch it the first 20 times, he’s been a super fan since he was a teen. Plus, he was nervous and excited. Therefore, he was entitled to win.

  94. Paul should have won, and I was raging last night when he didn’t. I’m still raging.

    Alex said she was going to vote for the person who stabbed her in the front, not the back. Uhm…He didn’t put her up or vote her out. He orchestrated the entire thing, yes, but he actually went to her after winning veto and told her he wasn’t going to use it. I hope she feels like crap when she sees him sobbing in the DR about it, because unlike hers, those tears were real.

    I think a few of the jurors are going to watch this season and regret their choice. I’m sure Cody did as soon as Jess said she’d have voted for Paul, in his own Cody way.

    Idiots, ugh.

  95. from my view- Alex at least was extremely bitter- all the faces she was making throughout- constantly making everything about her, she really felt like she should be in the f2 and it was all Paul’s fault with her taking none of the responsibility… they seemed to all put their lack of gameplay or savvy playing and blame Paul for their stupidity- even Jason- he can’t seem to gain any clarity, but how can he with Alex in his ear- still! cody was in with Elena/mark so there went his vote… just a bad ending to a bad season

    • Paul lied to her multiple times, including during jury questioning….. I understand this is a game, but he should have been honest at the end, it would have taken him farther. Alex even said Josh had better Jury management.

      • Alex said in her interview that if Paul had been honest in the jury questions, she would have voted for him. It’s in the interview above…

      • but really- how would she know what was “an honest reply” – she was not watching the show and the behind the scenes conversations- she is is so phony to me- she goes on every-time about her not being in F2 w/Paul- she is sore about it

      • Jury felt that Josh made amends with most people where as Paul continued to lie. I guess when you are in the jury house with 8 other people, you can start to realize what’s a lie and what isn’t. Plus, Josh let it out with his exit interviews.

      • well- Josh used Paul to his benefit to get to the end- and dumping on pauls game in his gb message was a bit underhanded- but because he was using paul it was ok

      • Right? When Paul said he’d never said he was going to use the veto then didn’t, they showed Mark looking at Alex and Alex rolling her eyes.

        Uhm…he told you he wasn’t going to use it on you.

        She needs to get over herself.