Big Brother 19 Live Feeds: Will Jason & Mark Flip On Paul?

Paul Abrahamian has been riding a good position in the Big Brother 19 house, but that might not be lasting as long as he had hoped. Yesterday Mark Jansen and Jason Dent had a little talk about Paul, his stranglehold on the game, and just what should be done about it.

Mark and Jason talk game on Big Brother 19

Someone is going to need to take Paul out of the game to break things open and redirect the season which has so far been a house full of heavily pro-Paul HGs. They’ve relied on his knowledge and expertise to guide their games, along with a lot more, but at what point will they decide they can spread their wings on their own? Mark might be ready to help give everyone a push and it sounds like Jason might be willing to join him.

Flashback to 3:46 PM BBT 8/9 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to watch.

“How do you guys feel about Paul?” asks Mark. Jason starts off saying he thinks Paul has good interests in mind. Yeah, his own ya goof! Jason stalls for a bit before saying he thinks Paul has a mind that’s sharp as a tack before raising a real issue. Jason says Paul helps everybody, he wants to be everybody’s best friend. And that is a big part of Paul’s game.

Paul has made himself indispensable to so many HGs that they’re afraid to play without him. It’s a good strategy on Paul’s part and also a big part of why I have an issue with Vets. It removes the “lets discover this game!” part of the fun and, well, also part of the total disasters that can unfold for newbies.

Jason is on to that strategy and says Paul is doing this to make sure everyone is best buddies with him so they’d want to vote for him in the Jury. Just when you think Jason starts to talk against Paul he then wraps back around with “I don’t know, I’m a fan of that motherf**ker.” It’s like they’re all afraid to just say what they’re thinking. Paul is a threat to their chances of winning. Turns out, Mark isn’t that shy to say it.

“If Paul gets to the F2, nobody beats him,” says Mark. “Nobody,” agrees Jason, who asks Mark for his opinion. It’s hard to hear with the super low whispering, but it then sounds like Jason laughs and says “cut that f**ker.” But here it is again. Jason says he feels like Paul always knows what’s coming “so you feel bad to get rid of [him].”

Mark sits silently as Jason continues to run loops around himself babbling away. Mark finally says that he sees “one Vet in the house and he’s telling everyone what to do.” Mark is frustrated with how Paul called him out on Tuesday about the fights. Paul blamed Mark for not stopping Cody and Jessica after Mark had previously complained about no one stopping Josh from going off on him.

Now Mark starts to shift things. He tells Jason that he (J), Alex, and Kevin are voting together and that can control the votes here. Jason says he’ll talk with Alex, but Mark says it doesn’t matter right now. It’ll matter with who gets power next though.

Jump forward to 3:53 PM BBT. Mark tells Jason that only seven people have won anything in the house so far and if they took out Paul then all those other followers would be “lost puppies” and “if you take that out, the game gets a lot easier.” Mark says the puppies would be separated and “it’d be so easy to pick them off.”

So how do they get Paul out? Jason points out that Paul spent all last season on the Block, so it’s got to be a Backdoor move. Mark agrees, “but don’t say anything. It has to be perfect timing and everything has to fall in to place.” Mark pleads with Jason, “this has to stay between me and you.” “Duh,” confirms Jason.

Mark has a plan in mind, saying that if he gets HoH then Cody gets the Temptation safety and come Thursday night if Paul is still on the Block then it’d only take four votes to get Paul out the door. A quick vote check makes this look do-able in theory, but not a slam dunk. Cody for sure, then Jason if he’s in on this plan, but then they’d need two more. Mark suggests Elena, but just like Kevin and Alex, would any of those three really flip on their ally that they find so indispensable? This could get messy fast, but I like Mark’s spirit!

So what do you think? Mark sounds much more determined to target Paul while Jason sounds like he’d agree to anything that didn’t involve him being the target. I’d be worried for any VTE-Paul plans that relied on Jason just yet, but maybe he’ll surprise us. Then again, like Mark said, all the pieces have to come together and that starts with tonight’s Head of Household competition.


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      • Yep. If Jason was truly on board and went to Alex, I think he could possibly convince her. Especially if he plays on her ego, about taking out a HUGE player. Jason is Alex’s “ride or die” so maybe she’d go for it. BUT, Jason has to be serious about it and not be afraid to make a move.

      • Alex is secretly working with Paul, she will run back to Paul and tell him, these people are stupid, you get Mark and Cody out before taking Paul out, they will not survive without him

      • Alex has a final two with Paul and she will immediately run and tell Paul anything Mark has said about going against him.

      • She never made a F2 with him. They talked about going to the end and working together but that’s it. In fact Alex and Jason have talked about cutting Paul when the numbers are in their favor.

      • I think Paul will take Josh to the F2. He has a much better chance of winning. He won’t make the mistake of taking someone who he can’t win against. (AGAIN)

      • Paul also has a f-2 with Kevin ,so someone has to turn on someone you can,t have a 3 person final 2,its impossible unless 2 bodies merge into 1,which is also impossible.

      • He loves Paul tho , huge fan . Alex also likes paul .. I don’t see them acting on him until Cody is out .. then mark !!! Mark big pink tutu wearing meat head 😝

    • If not Alex (she’d have to follow Jason), then maybe Christmas – and maybe she could drag Josh along. I just hope Mark, et all have the meatballs to carry it off.

    • At first I thought Alex with her “I’m my own girl, I can take down these boys” mentality. Then she became a Yes Paul. If not Jason, I would have thought Alex would have.

      In a surreal move, I could have seen the pairing of the 4 people that no one would have expected:

      Josh, Christmas, Cody & Jessica
      followed by
      Josh, Kevin, Jason, Mark, Cody & Jessica

      • Either you’re underestimating Alex or I’m overrating her but I think she could take this game. If Cody leaves she’s the strongest competitor left. She stood toe to toe with Cody, almost won OTEV against Mark. She’s super shielded, pretty much has an alliance with the whole house and a final 2 deal w/Paul that she could break at any time b/c she has the numbers.

      • She’s won POV and an HOH. She’s also come close in 2 other comps like I said. She’s definitely building up a resume.

      • She’s won a POV to get herself off the block, she won an endurance HOH. She only lost to Cody by 5 seconds in the TC and she would of beat Mark in the OTEV comp if she hadn’t dropped the shoe on the way up the ramp. She’s also came in second in several comps.

      • I like her as well and that’s my hope for F2 Alex/Paul . Also they could all really like Paul , Jason is a huge fan of his and don’t want him gone , just yet .

  1. I will have no one to root for on Big Brother if”Jody” is evicted from the house.Cant wait until that bully/meanie PAUL IS SHOWN THE DOOR.

      • No no, Cody started it . His hoh he was super psycho eyed and told Megan she was up because simply , I don’t like you ! Gawd ! And followed by putting one of his own alliance members up . That will get a target on you fast ! Then he just sulked when things didn’t go his way and the ahole came out and never left . He’s one person that should have never been casted for this show .

      • Yes , after jess , perfect couple . Maybe they can go kill puppies and eat them in their isolated cabin in the woods! That was a disgusting comment that he made, and moving to another part of military so he could kill ppl. That’s not someone I would ever want to win. Ever ! Hope he goes eviction night 🤞

      • Paul has already called Josh fat, behind his back. Also, others made derogatory comments behind his back.

      • it was cody first, he said “fat ass” then jessica had to jump on the bandwagon and call him fat. i’m not sure if i ever heard josh call either of them something personal like that about their appearance, maybe he did, i just don’t remember it.

      • The only thing Josh called them was meatballs when he probably should have called them assholes,and been justified in doing it.

      • She did , but Cody said it and she just mimicked him because they both aren’t as quick witted as Josh

    • You are not watching the same show as I am if you can call Paul a meanie/bully. Last night was a perfect example of how NASTY CODY & JESSICA are they looked like school yard bullies picking on Josh like that, and if I were her mother I would be so ashamed of her for how she acted and not want her with Cody cause he is a mean nasty arrogant jerk.

    • And no one in that house has the balls to tell Paul to shove the friendship BS up his ass ,because this is not the friendship follies like you said.

    • I mean maybe they’re planning it AFTER Cody goes.

      Edit: Scratch that its a gamble. I guess if Cody is safe again THEN Paul

      • I think it’d be PERFECT to keep Cody in order to get Paul. No one, including Paul, would see it coming that people want him (P) out rather than Cody. If Paul went up as a pawn against Cody, that’d be a perfect time to flip the votes and get rid of Paul. The house can ALWAYS go back and get Cody.

      • Eww , I wouldn’t want Cody in the house after Jess leaves , he may be even more vile then he is right now and no one wants to work with him because he’s a huge azz and target and they would become targets!!! IF Paul remains in house , with paul out I don’t care after that 😝

      • Or, maybe he won’t feel the need to show off anymore since she won’t be there to see it, lol

      • I don’t think he is showing off he is just a NASTY person, and should be ashamed of himself if he had any self respect he would apologize for saying and being the way he is, because I don’t think I have ever run across any service men who have acted the way he has in the house

      • Yeah, in watching last night’s eviction episode, I honestly thought Cody was way out of line, and Jessica too, for the personal attacks on Josh. I personally don’t care a bit for Josh, and I realize he’s brought on a lot, or most, of the drama between Jody and himself, but I can’t recall him personally attacking Jody like they did him. I may be wrong. If so, please refresh my memory. I know he’s called them meatballs and whatnot but has he personally attacked them?

        I will say, I was not aware that Jessica had told him about it being the anniversary of her Father’s death prior to the HoH Jessica won so I guess maybe I could understand her vitriol toward Josh.

        Either way, I guess both sides have dished a lot but I just thought the fat-shaming was out of line.

      • as long as cody is in the house paul will always see it coming he knows it will take cody to get him out and he won’t ever be comfortable with cody in the house, i see no one in the house being able to take out cody except cody having said all this i like paul but i still want to see alex and kevin at the end

      • Not paul , mark, Raven !!! So many others , I want paul/Alex f2 or even Kevin , but he wouldn’t win I don’t think cause he hasn’t won anything , like a lot of them! :/

      • With Cody & Jessica at the top leading the way, because they have been the NASTIEST people in the house

      • Either way Cody would not win because he hasn’t play a good game, he has done nothing but be a BULLY and NASTY to everyone

    • But Cody is a sure vote against Paul. The others are too wishy-washy but with Cody in the mix, you need fewer people to flip.

      • That’s how ED won. They had 4 or 5 chances to evict him but always stupidly wound up VTE a “bigger target”.

        Cody has proven to be great at comps. He he has to do is win HoH, veto, or temptation safety each week, which he could very possibly do. He is dangerous and has a very real chance to win based simply on comp wins.

      • Ok, I understand that but even if Cody made the F2, would anyone vote for him? Sure they’d consider his wins, especially in making it that far, but don’t you think they’d consider his bullying tactics and lack of social game and NOT crown him winner? I guess it’d be a roll of the dice but IMO Cody isn’t likely to just continuously win comps to keep him safe.

      • Very few jury members vote personally/against someone they don’t like. Most vote for the player who played the best game.

      • I don’t think Cody has a chance of winning if he made it to the end. When has anyone ever won solely on being a physical threat? To win it, you need a social game

      • Agree !!! He doesn’t deserve it , most players vote on overall game and social as well , Cody has zero social , I wouldn’t vote for him for 500 grand !!! Nope nu uh no way never noooooooo !

      • Who would you vote for if the F2 were Cody & Raven? Never gonna happen, just a nightmare scenario.

      • But is bullying a social skill? Paul does that to everybidy-Even people in his “team” like Josh. These people are fools to think that Paul cares about anybody but Paul

      • i would never give it to paul either,because he thinks he is a f–ing dictator and i hate dictators,who the hell does he think he is taking over the hoh room every freaking day,thats a dictator.

      • Frankly I just don’t think anyone who has been evicted and come back in via competition would ever win a jury vote.

      • He could go to final 2 but anyone sitting next to him would get my vote !!!! Cody needs to go , once jess is gone no telling how he will handle or react w/out his only ally

      • Why would they not want to keep Cody until the final 2? Whoever is up against Cody as the final 2 is a sure victor. That would be the smart play. Whether you like him or not or if he is mean or not, keeping him til the end would guarantee you the half mil.

    • I agree . Cody def can win comps and has won more then anyone ? The best move would be to get Cody out and then work on paul, although I want him to win .. unless these newbies smarten up he should go all the way, besides Paul who has been playing a better game ?

    • Cody will be nothing after this week. He will be a soft target. Don’t be a moron.

      Edit: no Jessica and his will to even be in the BB house falls by the way side.

      • Revenge. If Jessica went to jury, I can see Cody maybe wanting to get there with her, but with her just gone and he can’t see her until after the show ends anyway, I think that’s what will make him determined.

      • To be fair, she was responding to the “don’t be a moron” comment, I believe, by Bon Sai.

      • UKFan’s comment was for the HGs, so not personal.

        Lanza’s comment is attacking the previous poster, so that a personal attack. Plus that Lanza often throw personal insult to contributor on this site.

      • I`m sorry but I was thinking he was calling us the fans moron.
        Are you kidding me right now?? I never throw any personal insult to anyone… U must be coming after me because I support Jody and i dislike Paul.

      • NOT you….I meant Captain555. But anyways….let`s move on from this. I`m sorry if i offended anyone.

      • No need to flag on my account.

        I believe grossly gratuitous grafting by gnarly grifters is greatly grasped by the group of gratified gamers as the guano it genuinely is.

    • Paul first-then everybody play the game on equal footing-no more gimmicks from Production

    • They want to use Cody to help get Paul out. So, don’t think they are morons. They have to have enough non-sheep to make this work.

  2. If there are three nominees next week, then there are six people voting and only three would be needed to break a tie and send Paul out there door. He’d have to be put up next to Kevin, because Alex and Christmas would keep him along with Jason and Cody/Matt (whichever one of them doesn’t win HOH).

  3. I think what you’re seeing is the beginning of what’s going to happen after Cody leaves. After the person the house sees as the #1 threat, you’re going to see alliances fall and everyone turn against each other as small alliances form. Mark is trying to save his ass, because he thinks Cody has his back, but Cody doesn’t trust him either and will throw him into the fire first chance he has

    • I don’t know why Cody won’t trust anyone and crying about them all lying and backstabbing… he initially was the first one to lie and backstab his own alliance . What comes around goes around . Plus he newbie and afraid of paul and already said he hated him before he even gave him a chance. His ahole ways and anger issues has made everyone not want to work w him now and just get him out . PE #1!!

  4. Not a bad idea by Mark.

    Problem is Xmas, Josh, Kevin, Alex. None of them are going to flip. I’m not even sure you’re going to flip Matt or Raven.

    In fact, depending on who gets HOH, talking to Jason may make Mark target number 1 (or 1A). If I’m Jason I may even throw a hinky vote to evict Raven and then cast shade on Mark.

    The best way to get rid of Paul may be to first eliminate a few of his minions.

    The problem for Mark is if he wins HOH and Cody DOESN’T win the temptation challenge, Mark is going to have to nominate Cody or risk exposing that he is working with public enemy number 1 (Cody).

    • Last night Christmas was complaining about Paul always trying to run everybodies HOH and she is starting to catch on.

      • Agreed, but at this point why would Christmas move to align herself with Cody and Mark? At this point, I’m not sure how that move furthers HER GAME.

      • She would go with Kevin, Alex, Jason and convince Josh. She wouldn’t need Cody and Mark.

      • she will not go after paul until josh will and he will never go after paul.

      • Exactly. More people are catching on. And Jason and Mark have been friends since week 2. I think Jason would vote Paul out.

  5. I said it many times here, it has to be done as the second eviction of a DE when everything is fast and Paul won’t have the time to talk everybody out of it.

      • I know but he can’t be sure when that will be, so it’s going to come down to some luck also. And if you saw the run down I did the other day, we got to have 2 DE.

      • See possible schedule:

        -Aug 17th: 1st to jury
        -Aug 24th: DE 2nd & 3rd to jury
        -Aug 31st: 4th to jury (won’t do 2 DE in a row)
        -Sep 7th: DE 5th & 6th to jury
        -Sep 13th: 7th to jury (Football start on CBS the 14th)
        -Sep 17th: 8th to jury
        -Sep 20th: Finale 9th to jury.

      • I think I had something similar only the double eviction next week, with another possibly on the 31st.

      • Oh no, I meant your first DE that you had for 8/24 I had for 8/17.

        So 8/17 – double eviction, 8/24 – regular week, 8/31 – another double eviction.

      • Agreed, but how many start and stops has this season had? Hard to see them waiting another 2 weeks but you may be right tho.

      • Possible. They might do a fast forward and evict someone on the 18th (2nd juror). We might find out tonight.

        If we go by what they did last year, it also could be a type of special luxury comp.

  6. I like Paul but I hated how he felt the need to have a go at Mark for what happened between Princess Butthole her Surly Consort and Josh. How is any of that Mark’s fault or business for that matter. Why the hell should Mark step in unless someone is coming to blows. If Paul was so adamant about defending Josh, he could have said something, he was there too. I’m still trying to figure out how all of the responsibility fell on Mark’s shoulders and no one else. The majority of the house was in the kitchen when it all went down and everyone was quiet as church mice. Paul is alienating and making an enemy in Mark, big time and it will contribute to his downfall if and when he’s voted out.

    • Baaaaby you oughtta see my post last night girl! We are on the same page! Mark has no choice to team up with Cody. Paul brought this on himself. Now he working on “non mutha phucken factor” Matt! Why is placing himself on a deserted island with JOSH?? Are you freaking kidding me! You’re right they all watched. I’m sorry, Paul’s my boy but Mark has to take care his business.

      • Gurlll, I was so pissed when Paul pulled Matt into the wave room to essentially berate Mark for what had happened in the kitchen. He’s berating Mark? What the hell for? I’m still having a hard time trying to square away that one and then he goes up to the HOH and starts winding up Josh, when he should have been talking him off the ledge and pumping him up. I think it’s going to play heavily into his future game.

      • Paul was coming for Mark because he whined so much about being bullied as a kid for being fat. Pauls reasoning is buddy youve been there and you did not step up for Josh?

      • It wasn’t any of Mark’s beezwaz. Cardinal sin in BB, stepping into other people’s fights when it isn’t necessary. It can put a potential target on your back.

      • That’s ridiculous to me. Everyone should have something if you at it from Paul’s eyes. That was a bad move for Paul. That’s a battle he shouldn’t have chosen. If Josh were coming for me like he does Jody honey he would have gotten much worse from me.

      • Exactly!! You have to pick your battles wisely and even more so in BB and this battle was an absolute waste of time and it will come back to Paul and bite him in the ass.

      • Yeah it might. Paul is a very good player, but tends to overplay his hand. It’s also easy to forget how young he is.

      • Yep this is a terrible direction to be going in. That’s why i asked you earlier, what is up with this Josh n Paul $hi+. It makes no sense. He gonna stick his neck out like that for Josh?? Josh don’t need any help reading people to filth! He’s pretty good at it actually! Jason didn’t like it either. Paul’s in serious trouble!

      • That’s just it. Had Mark stepped in, it would’ve illustrated that Mark is still closely aligned with those two, and therefore made him stand out. Paul’s a little sour that it was a missed opportunity to give some heat to Mark, so he’s trying to throw him under the bus just the same.

        I’ve noticed that repeatedly this season. Many of them talk smack about the choices that others have made in this game, when the alternative choice would’ve been berated and talked down on just as much. Jessica’s HOH? Damned if she hit high, damned that she hit low. Jessica saving Cody with the hex? Certainly damned that she did, and very much likely if she hadn’t. Elena voting to evict Josh a few weeks ago, when she wasn’t given orders to otherwise vote out Ramses. It was thrown in her face that she did, but had she voted what she thought at the time was opposite of the house, she’d have faced repercussions.

      • Yea i said earlier Paul HAS to be grooming Josh for F2. It’s the only sense I can make of it.

      • This is typical Paul. He is a bully who puts the blame on the fallout on other people…

    • Paul already knows Mark hightailed it back to Cody as soon as he came back and would not be loyal to Paul. Easy shade to throw was this fight because Mark previously went on and on about being bullied and how it’s not right no matter who starts it. Mark set himself up for it.

  7. I watched this scene yesterday and I did become a little gitty inside. I also thought Mark was taking a huge risk talking to blabber mouth Jason, but I noticed that when Jason went back to his group they questioned him and he totally covered. So maybe Jason can talk Kevin into his vote.

    • He’s thinking about it for sure! I watched for that to see if he was going to tell and he didn’t. Watch out Paul. I said in the beginning Jason would most likely be the one to turn. If it wasn’t for Alex Jason would be all for it immediately. He has to manoeuvre around Alex and kevin, Pull them in slowly.

      • Jason has finally started to really understand the game and seems to be making some stealth moves that will put him in a better position down the line. I like it and want to see him get far. Now, if only he can get rid of that pesky Alex.

      • Yaaassss! Girl you sharp. You get it! You are EXACTLY on point. I just said to myself last night looks like Jason is learning the game. Remember in the beginning, he was all over the place like Josh. Yess mam honey, Jason has awakened!

      • OMG, I absolutely HATED Jason in the beginning and thought he was the one that was going to screw up Alex’s game. Now I’m just the opposite, Alex is ruining Jason’s game and he’s playing it the way it should be played, on the downlow, making as little noise as possible while making in roads with other HG’s.

      • Honey he’s on point now. I forgot to tell you, i dreamed he won a couple weeks ago. Chile i aint evuh dreamed about no damn big brother before! I woke up like, what the??

      • I’d love for Jason to find out Alex has an F2 with Paul. That might spur him on to get Paul out without Alex’s knowledge/approval. (See how I put the cowboy thing in there, “spur” him on? Yes, I am just that witty.)

      • Jason knows about Alex’s alliance with Paul. And she didn’t make a F2 deal with him. Jason and Alex are each other’s ride or die. They’ve talked about when the numbers are right getting rid of Paul. Alex is using Paul to get farther in the game.

      • if Jason swings and miss,s alex will turn on him in a hart beat so will josh.

    • Jason and Mark have been friends since the beginning. I didn’t think Jason would rat him out.

  8. I have doubts about Mark being able to pull this off…he didn’t know what a verb was the other day. But, its possible. Alex would have to be blindsided, I think, and so would Josh and Christmas, but they could pull Christmas in at the last minute because she just is unwilling to pull the trigger. The concerning thing is, during this whole conversation, Josh was watching them and being super concerned about Jason, like basically saying he and Alex are part of Josh’s final 6, but then that’s the end.

  9. Root for the underdog I think there’s a lot of bullying going on in the household and I’m for Jessica and Cody all the way get Paul out

      • jessica tried to be nice to everyone, even when Cody came back and she got HOH. She was still really nice to everyone including Josh. And what did she get back ? Josh , ALex, Paul and the whole house bullying her and Cody

      • Um…. Jess was mean from Week 1. So was Cody.
        I admit Josh, Paul and Alex were cruel as well.
        But I’m just saying Jess was kind of spiteful towards people (especially Alex as well).
        And Cody was just unpleasant to be around

      • Jess was a bitch from week one. Maybe you need to rewind the feeds to refresh your memory. She also started the fight again with Josh Tuesday.

      • Remember when Josh was on the block and she was in the restroom and Josh came in “faking” crying and saying he was fine he was leaving? And Jessica comforted him saying it was just a game and nothing personal. And what happened? Later she found he was faking it and the whole house was stabbing her in the back……so now how to you expect her to react???? How would she know Josh was just pulling the same thing he did 2 weeks ago.

      • But she starts crap daily. She talks down to everyone and thinks she’s better than everyone. The way she talked to him after nominations. Is she the only one that can play the game? Telling Christmas she’s stupid for using her power. Why is she the only one that can use her power? And she used that real wisely didn’t she? Then Tuesday when Paul and Josh were talking about Matt causing a drought because he takes so many showers she had to butt in being a bitch and asking Josh can you spell drought. That’s what started that fight. Look I don’t like Josh either and the way he acts but I’m sick of Jessica always being poor me and acting like she’s better then everyone.

      • Christmas WAS stupid for using her power….she should have saved it for when it benefited HER game , not Paul’s game.

      • It did benefit her game. She wanted Jessica gone. Have you forgotten Cody nominated her and wanted her gone. Jessica was the stupid one for using hers to save Cody. Now she’s gone instead of still playing the game.

      • If I were Christmas, I would’ve held on to the temptation. Use it later to prevent Paul from playing veto and then BD his a$$!!!!

      • You are blindly seeing things. The only good reason for Jess to stay is so she could help Cody get rid of Paul and Raven. Otherwise she deserves to get evicted.

      • While Paul is a nasty and diabolical game player, Jess and Cody seem to just be nasty, arrogant people. That’s the difference.

      • I don’t think Paul is diabolical. The fact that a 24 year old is able to manipulate or constantly use reverse psychology on these much older player is so pathetic. I can’t stand the way he lies, and he is not even good at it, but these people are so dumb they fall for it.

      • Especially Jessica she is so arrogant that she actually thinks her s–t don,t stink,and she has gotten more arrogant as the game progresses.

      • I just wonder what they see in the spawns of Charles Manson and Linda Lovelace??? No more twists unless it benefits Cody and Jessica?? Get real, they blew every chance they got then sat isolated in the bedroom to sulk or procreate. They need to go starting with butt finger tonight.

      • Probably won’t happen. There are still 12 people in the house and only six more weeks left of show.

      • I am for team Paul all the way because Jessica and Cody do not deserve to win not at all they are totally disgusting human beings!

      • In the nearly two months that we have been watching them living the real life and not in a game as Cody likes to say, all I see is two disgusting human beings. Cameras are on them 24/7 and this is the behavior that we see.

      • I doubt it. She is almost in the same spot as Frank last season. Evicted too late to be in pre-jury battle back but too soon for a jury battle back.

  10. I predict Cody gets HOH this week, nominates Josh and Paul, Elana loses temptation, and is third on the block, Alex wins temptation, and is safe. Paul wins POV and Raven is renom. Buh-Bye Josh. I want a cookie if this comes true

    • I really think Cody would nominate Josh, but he said he is after those who betrayed him first. My guess Matt and Raven, Jason and Alex. He threw veto for Alex. Elena and Mark are their secret friends.

    • Mark, Jason, Kevin and Cody – now there’s a group that could do some damage to Paul and his lemming followers.

    • I don’t know if can get the support. Paul and company were considering cutting him before Cody.

    • A lot of events would have to fall into place for Mark to pull this off.

      Mark must win HOH.
      Cody must win safety in the temptation challenge.

      Then Mark would need strategic nominee choices – Raven, Xmas, Alex, Josh would be good choices. One of these would need to be the third nominee.

      One of the conspirators (Mark, Cody, Jason) would need to win veto.
      So going into the veto ceremony let’s say Raven, Christmas and Josh (challenge loser) OTB.

      Christmas replaced with Paul.

      VTE Paul
      Jason (assuming he goes along with the plan)

      VTE Raven

      VTE Josh


      So even in a dream scenario for Mark, I’m still not sure he would realistically have the votes. I don’t think anyone can, with any certainty, say that Paul could be evicted even if everything comes up aces for Mark.

      Now for Mark, it may be worth a try because honestly, without some change in dynamic inside the house, he is only going to last one or two more weeks.

      It just seems like a long shot. If I’m one of the other players, why am I going to stick my neck out to protect Mark (someone that’s quite frankly been a flip-flopper)?

      • Depending on the situation, whoever gets the HoH. There’s probably two or three who would take a shot, but Mark who’s a flip flopper shouldn’t take the lead. It’s hard to take out Paul. He may not have ‘final deals with any of them, but he established good relationships with each and everyone one of them. They say it too….they all feel special’ to be with Paul. lol

      • Good summary. I agree what does Mark have to lose. He’s at the bottom and if he doesn’t try something you’re right he’ll be gone in a week or two. Alex and Jason have talked about cutting Paul before. But will she do it this soon? Kevin and Christmas have also talked about Paul controlling everyone so I think they’d vote him out. A lot of people have mentioned Paul but I think are afraid to take the first shot. If someone else does they might jump on board. I’m just excited to see who wins HOH tonight and how this week will play out.

      • I think anyone next to Paul with the exception of Alex can easily get evicted. Alex may stay over Paul. Everyone likes her.

    • Not necessarily. Mark nominates him and the rest will vote out whomever is next to him. I think Alex should be the second nom.

      • I don’t. Alex is a vote to vote him out. And a lot of people have been talking about Paul and how he controls everyone. They’re just afraid to make the first move. If someone gets him up there and he’s there on eviction night I think people will be surprised how many people will vote him out.

      • I don’t see Alex voting Paul out at all and Jason knows that. She always shuts him up and talks over him even if he mentions not trusting Paul.

  11. I really hope Jason and Mark actually wisen up and play the cards properly.
    If they want Paul out they should wait for the right opportunity.
    Its one thing to get out a strong player, but its another thing to do it correct.
    Think of Derrick and how he got out people like Devin or Frankie

  12. If these bozos screw up the vote i’m going to be highly upset. I read Elena heard Kevin James and Jason talking about spreading the votes. Kevin needs to be careful or he’s going to find himself in the jury house sooner rather than later. I thought he decided to drop the work with Cody plan ?

  13. It’s about time “some” of these HGs are waking up. Some will probably follow Paul till he gets them voted out.

  14. These people need to start thinking for themselves ,not Paul. it is getting down to the nity gritty , Big moves have to be made and if they can swing it , the game is going to become great again, It is BB Paul show, nothing more, Even if Paul makes it to the end , he would never take Alex, why would he risk another shot , he learned his lesson last year, This year has too many weasels , who will not think for themselves.
    IF they can go against Paul in anyway at all that will be a Plus, IF Paul goes, Alex will have to become the comp beast that she really is, and the rest of the house will have to play. ONe thing ,if Paul wants jess out , Keep her, that will throw Paul into a tizzy, he will then realize his grip is starting to slip. It would freak him out, IT is time they turn the table on him,
    As it stands , it probably will not happen ,

      • No they don’t. They are all sick of her superior than thou attitude, maybe with the one exception of Holena.

      • Is it really necessary to call the HGs crude names? Seriously. Can’t we just call them by their names?

      • Lighten up, it’s a TV show. If you can’t handle it thats your problem. Have you heard how these people talk on the feeds? I don’t even come close to crude compared to what comes out of their mouths. Maybe BB isn’t for you.

    • I agree with you! Paul would s**t a brick if they kept Jessica in the game. 😀I would love to see that happen.

    • I think thats why Paul wants to keep Josh. Think about it?? Final two. Most of the jury will vote Paul instead of Josh. As close as he is with Kevin he will flip on him when he realizes Kevin’s in a better position with the other HGs. At least for now Kevin is.

  15. I would love to see a last minute flip, and everyone votes out Raven. I think keeping Jessica in the game, is the best scenario. Having Jessica as a jury vote would actually help most house guests. Because chances are the final 2 are going to be people she doesn’t like, and she is going to have to give her vote to someone. On the other hand, if she keeps her mouth shut, she could possibly make it to final 4!

  16. Jason will snitch all of this to Alex and Paul if he hasn’t already. I haven’t watch the feeds today.
    Kevin tried to get Cody on their side, but Paul included so that was a different plan. Kevin and Alex won’t go for it and Elena is probably in love with Paul so who knows if she will even betray him. they should tell her that Paul wants her on the block.

    • Paul was in Kevin’s original plan to get Cody on their side. Originally Cody said he wanted to get out the people who betrayed him a.k.a. Mark and Matt.

      • I think more like Matt and Raven, Mark would play with Cody so I don’t think he would want to get rid of him. Mark and Elena voted for Josh not Ramses so they didn’t betray Cody and Jess.

      • Not saying that he would. That is what he told Kevin he would do when Kevin approached him about his plan.

      • I know. I was watching the feeds and he said he is going after those who betrayed him, but didn’t mention any names and he didn’t want to make any more deals. Cody doesn’t trust Mark, but he is the only one Cody has besides Jess on his side. I think he was referring to Matt who made a deal with him at the beginning of the game and of course Raven.

  17. When Cody leaves, the only scenario I can see is the HGs saying amen to Paul’s every wish. It’s gonna be a boring show. I predict ratings to plummet.

  18. it’s still a few weeks early for that. they need to take out a sure 1 to 2 of paul’s votes first.
    If you;re gonna take a big swing like that, you better not miss

  19. Julie should pull a joke tonight, when she reminds the HOH that he can only vote in the case of a tie, she should say Paul`s name instead of Josh, and then she says OPSS I`m sorry I meant Josh. ….

  20. This entire cast seems to be a bunch of idiots. Why are they letting racist, jackass paul control everything.

    • it’s not fair to call paul a racist, many people do not agree with your name calling.

      • Don’t even give someone like that the time. That comment is completely out of line and should be ignored by sane and intelligent people.

      • I don’t want your time but I will give my opinion like it or not,It was not out of line. What was out of line was paul trying to insult Dom by saying he was going out as her when she was going to be evicted in black stockings a dress and blackface. That was racist and I don’t give a damn what you or anyone else thinks about my comment, I said it and I meant it, he and it was racist.

    • You’re still talking about the ‘black face?..that’s passe’.The news cycle now is ‘Butt Invader.

  21. to be fair to paul,the evictions have been bogged down with gimmicks.
    also, they have all agreed on their own that jess should go, that isn’t just paul ordering that.

    • It may have been a production decision , when she stuck her finger up paul and matts butt , one other I think .. that is sexual harassment and she should have been ejected . If a guy did that to a girl he would be outta that house so fast !!! Maybe they made a deal and let her be voted out rather then kick her out to save face . It was all over on feeds and tmz . It was beyond over the line .

  22. Why do people always bitch about Paul, its a game and hes playing it.Even Jess said that she would vote for him to win.

    • I don’t get it either but people have a serious hate for Paul. I absolutely detested Nicole last season, for many reasons. Turn about is fair play is how I look at it. I had to suffer through her sitting in bed all season beating off her boyfriend, now others have to suffer (whatever) through Paul. LOL

  23. Jason is as dumb as Josh if he goes for Mark’s plan. If the get Paul out Mark will align with Cody and take out Alex, Josh and then Jason.

  24. Jessica needs to head out that door before HGs even cast their votes. I am surprised BB production DID NOT call a STOP to her “finger poking” up other HGs butt, vagina… and grabbing crotches! When HGs said something she laughed it off as a JOKE! That’s sexual harassment! Watching live videos it was clear her actions made several HGs uncomfortable and told her to STOP. But it continued. CBS/BB watch out … I see sexual harassment lawsuit in the future since a stop was not put to her actions!

    • I’m with you. Like they said, reverse the table and the guy would be in jail. Last year frank was only slapping a$$ and it was a big deal. Her poking is disrespectful and unwanted. Yet, it continues.

  25. what will matt wear tonite, orange or blue with those funky black shorts or will bb dress him?

  26. Sure, Jason and Alex with allies plan to turn on Paul, but Mark will be long gone by then. Just because it annoys me to see Paul running the show doesn’t mean I don’t think there are some dangerous HGs playing possum. Don’t wait too long, Alex.

  27. Ideal scenario would be to have Paul on the block next to Matt/Raven. That way you’d have Matt/Raven’s vote, Cody’s vote…I can’t see Alex going for it, though! Hope Cody wins temptation/veto this week to keep things interesting.

  28. This season is like a lost summer for BB19. Why has it taken so long to finally discuss getting rid of Paul? Hello! He’s gonna win the game if they don’t wake up?

  29. Dom had it right. Cody and Jessica has/had it right. I just can’t believe that so many are blind. But, it’s definitely making the show interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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