‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH?

Eviction time arrived last night on Big Brother 19 and we were ready to see which of this week’s three nominees would be walking out the door after a heated week inside the Big Brother house comes to a close. But a new week of competitions was just around the corner so let’s see what happened next.

Julie Chen hosts BB19 Week 6 eviction

Cody and Jessica expected to be split up last night when the Houseguests stepped inside the Diary Room to cast their votes and I’m guessing the rest of the house didn’t want to let them down. Once that’s over though the race was on to capture the HoH room for their own as Josh stepped down from his position of power.

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Big Brother 19 Results – Week 6 Votes:

  • Alex votes to evict: Jessica
  • Christmas votes to evict: Jessica
  • Cody votes to evict: Raven
  • Kevin votes to evict: Jessica
  • Paul votes to evict: Jessica
  • Mark votes to evict: Jessica
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Matthew votes to evict: Jessica
  • Jason votes to evict: Jessica

By a vote of 7-1-0, Jessica Graf has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

Out on the front stage Julie Chen took Jessica to task on throwing away her game for her feelings about Cody. And that was how Julie put it to Jessica. Even Cody’s goodbye message was him telling Jessica she gave up her game for him. Oh well.

Gallery: Jessica Is Evicted From BB19

Once voting is over the HGs will head to the backyard to ready themselves for the night’s next big event. Who is ready to win and become the new Head of Household?

HGs have to watch a “magic” performance of changing outfits by a man and woman then answer questions to see what they can remember.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 7 HoH Comp: “Hocus Focus”

  • Stage performers put on a show.
  • Round 1: Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 2: Kevin, Mark, Jason, & Paul are out.
  • Round 3: Everyone gets it right.
  • New round of performances
  • Round 4: Christmas is out.
  • Round 5: Cody, Elena, & Matt are out.
  • Round 6: Raven is out. Alex wins.

Alex wins HoH! Congrats to Alex.

Julie makes a big announcement: the HGs have made Jury. Congrats to all of them, but now maybe they can finally start playing. And play they better because here comes the other big news. Julie reveals there will be no battle back, no returning jury, nothing. Once you’re done, you’re done. That’s great news and I love that the HGs were warned so they’re not wondering.

Gallery: Head of Household Comp – Week 7

After the show we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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      • Once I watch the second episode, I’m hooked again. I will only watch the first episode next season and if I see a vet, will not watch. If Paul doesn’t go to the end or wins, I may change my mind. I predicted last season’s winner and I think Paul will win this time. (hoping I’m wrong)

      • You’re damn right. Nicole even said in an interview she doesn’t even know how she won. Paul was probably brought back for that reason and CBS knows it.

      • WTF is your problem with a Vet???? Your ass lives a great life because of Vets. Shame on you…..go liv in Russia
        As for Paul f@@@ him and the stupid people who kiss his ass

      • Minus the swearing I so agree with you on the Paul thing, Jess and Cody are the only one he have no control over.

      • Cody & Jessica needs to go asap. They drummed up a little entertainment with their showmance and smoochie smoochie but they are actually bad at mental games….With cody alone, these gets interesting because the sheeps are going to get rattled….someone has to go on the block with Cody….Paul has all the advantages so he better win this now.

      • ‘Bad temper’?? Wtf show are YOU watching. You must not know what it means to be a MAN. Cody has shown GREAT RESTRAINT with all of those lil BOYS acting like lil PUNKS!! Cody (& Jess) are the only sane, mature ones in that house.

      • Don’t pick on Russia!! They’re MORE American than America. Russians are more Free than Americans! Team #USMC all the way!! ‘Merica!!

      • Paul deserves to win because he should have won last season! He has played the game! I love Paul and was so glad to see him come in this time!

      • I’ve tried to walk away from this season a few times.

        Sadly, I just can’t stay away…

      • Lol I agree! For me, watching any other (non-BB) shows right now feels like trying to go on 1st dates right after ending a serious relationship…my heart isn’t in it with those dates

    • You know when there is a double eviction because Julie has to advertise it a week ahead of time…They don’t have surprise double evictions, so if there aren’t ads and Julie doesn’t mention it its NOT happening.

  1. alex seems to be slowly losing her mind. she is getting so much more mean and bizarre.
    she better start winning soon.

  2. Does anyone else think it would be fun to have an online (virtual) Big Brother game, like a video game where we can choose to play the game as ourselves or as a personality on the show, and maybe choose from all prior house guests who to play against. The opposing virtual players would somehow have the same playing styles/ personalities/ decision-making patterns as their real life house guest.


    • There is a game called “Roblox” You can play Big Brother and Survivor as contestants and compete against others…they are pretty realistic and the sets are spot on. My daughter plays with her friends all the time.

      • LOL…it’s pretty funny, you’ll be amazed at how much the sets look alike…so real. Have fun!

      • I played in this game a while ago. It was all text based in a forum board type website. It was a blast. The competitions were all like quizzes and tests. We had an online Judy hos and surprise twists. I formed an alliance. Survived a close eviction vote where someone tried to blindside me and my main ally. It was pretty awesome. Then the person who was running it got sick or something and the whole game just stopped when it was really getting good

      • Those sound like ORGs to me and they’re pretty fun as well though I haven’t played one in ages. Another good site I’d recommend Jolima check out is Tengaged because they have quick BB games that end in less than an hour if you don’t have the time to commit to ORGs. It’s essentially a mash up of BB1 and Survivor though because you vote for nominees, vote them out and there’s just immunity.

  3. Any chance Princess Butthole gets called out on sticking her fingers where they aren’t wanted?

      • Haha, yeah, I wasn’t holding out hope but a girl can dream, ya know? LOL

      • I would live interviews more realistic. Like “Jessica, your having unprotected relation, you hope to be pregnant from a guy you know for less the. 2 months and put your finger were theirs unwanted. What’s wrong with you?”

      • ding dong the witch is dead! she’s delusional at best – extremely sad human being. hope younger girls don’t see that behavior as normal or acceptable. should have went on the bachelor. she probably will go to her grave thinking using the hex last week was a smart move!

      • Well, using the hex was smart. I think they’d have voted her out had she not used it. If Paul had done the smart thing and taken her off the block while trying to persuade her not to use it, then using it would have been stupid. But in this case I feel that it did save her.

    • All I know is she and G.I psycho got what they deserved. Both of them are self absorbed sociopaths who didn’t care one bit about winning the game. All they wanted was to spend time in the house, in a room with each other. This is BB not the freaking dating game!

    • I remember when I was like 19 in college I worked part time at a fast food restaurant and this one really attractive girl would oil check us all the time. I had no problem with it even tho it was annoying. Had no idea grown people still did that tho.

  4. I hope we get surprises today. It is sickening how predictable this show is. Let us have some new comps and better twists.

    • They should add a twist, 3 house guests on the block with two voted out each week! That will make it more interesting!

      • Hope it is Cody. We need a break from the boredom! I like to see a no good minion voted out! Not Josh, Mark, Elaina. Pick one from the solid 6, Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew and Raven!

      • Not Alex. I want her in F2. She’s one of the only ones playing the game. I hope Raven, Paul or Elena go this week.

  5. Ah, Let’s see if Julie will be wearing one of paul’s creations since he’s a clothing designer!

  6. Shut up Raven, your time is coming soon. Don’t get so high on your horse.

  7. Kevin’s mouth is going to get his alliance in trouble. You don’t out who your working with.

  8. Kevin is definitely a smart player. Smarter than Paul, I think. That wasn’t a bad plan. It’s just too bad Cody got involved in the Jess and Josh drama.

    • Maybe, but he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. There’s no benefit to trying to ally with Cody, and all he did was silhouette himself.

      • He’s smart enough to know he can’t win if Paul is in the F2. Actually, none of them can. Kevin is trying to get Cody to do the dirty work of getting Paul out. Smart move. Cody bad guy and gets Paul out, Kevin hands are clean and gets Paul’s vote on the jury. Too bad the other numbnuts aren’t bright enough to realize Paul must go sooner, rather than later.

      • I think it was a good plan on the surface, but he missed one simple fact that Alex acknowledged. Cody is unpredictable and and does what he wants. His game before he got evicted the first time showed that. He toned down a little bit at Jess’s urging, but not too much. He also talked her out of the move that ruined her game. Not going after Josh, when she was HoH. She said it herself that week. I don’t want to look back on my HoH and realized I lost the game by not following my instinct.

        Cody ruined her game on more than a few occasions.

      • Jess is to blame for the nominations when she was HOH and she totally f’d that up all by herself. Josh? Wtf? Sure, he’s a putz, a terrible human being, but he’s dumb as a post and not a physical threat. Jess should have nominated Paul and Alex. She would have split up their alliance.

        Now, Cody gave her terrible advice not to use the power of veto but what the heck is she listening to him for. Cody got voted out once, he’s not a good strategist and lacks social skills in the game. He is great at physical challenges. Play to his strength. Jess should have trusted her guts. She needed to break up the alliance and create friction for them.

        Why did either one of them trust the numbnuts would keep their word and vote out Josh? They hate Cody and Jess, so you could guarantee if they wanted Josh out the others were going to fight to keep him in the game.

      • Actually the HG who finally swallows pride and figures out sitting next to Cody in F2 is brilliant and will be the winner as we all know a snow ball in hell has a better chance than Cody getting a vote in the jury house

      • You’re just ignorant, You might as well be on the show with the rest of those idiots who wants to play the game for Paul.

    • He was stupid enough to talk Jess out of using the veto when she was HOH. Jess knew something was up but didn’t trust her gut, instead she listened to Cody to leave the nominations alone. WTF would you trust people like Paul, Christmas, Alex?

      Plus, he was the primary reason she targeted Josh. Josh is a moron, annoying as hell, but absolutely was no threat to them. She should have nominated Paul and Christmas/Alex.

    • I’m afraid he’s stupid as well. Makes decisions based on anger rather than reason. His brain also shuts down when he’s being dominated by Jessica’s boobs and thighs. Also a stupid decision to change plans in his alliance without telling anyone.

      • Him and Jess made me uncomfortable. I didn’t even want to watch the feeds because of them. He has a serious hatred towards everyone in the house that’s unhealthy imo

  9. Paul, Cody didn’t come into the house with an issue against you. CODY was there first. YOU came in, and then the issues started.

  10. Looks like I’ll be watching this later when I get back form work. The CBS Cleveland feed is showing football.

  11. Jessica and Raven need to meet Julie’s stylist they look like some ho’s getting ready to go to work

  12. Today isn’t the day, huh? She’s the one that started in it, plain and simple!

    • I think it was the entire exchange that got to him. Not just the being called fat part.

      • Can’t handle it? Humph! What about the exchange with the entire house against two? Humph!

      • That’s just it. He doesn’t mind dishing it out, but he can’t handle taking it. I found it ridiculous that the whole side had to go up and coddle him, but yet when he was the one being the bully a few weeks back, everyone enjoyed it.

    • glad to see her go, she is already dressed for work and now she can go “vip”

      • Her “dates” want to make sure their shots are up to date, maybe even start a pre-emptive course of antibiotics. Girl is toxic.

      • yep she was dressed just like every other whore i,ve ever seen walking the streets,so off to work she goes.

  13. I have lost all interest in this game this season to much production interferance heck even Doct Will said he wont be back because of that so have a great summer everyone

  14. The one thing I will miss about Jessica is her fake eyelashes sticking together when her face gets wet in a comp.

  15. Ugh! She is so awful. And they worry about Cody handling his anger; he was calm in that argument.

    Josh is also insufferable and wonder why someone will react.

    • From what you saw on the episode, feeds showed him cursing and threatening him when they get out

  16. Josh would never talk to anyone in real life like he has there. Production protects the wussies

    • That is Alex. Laughing when people on her side say things like sh*tting on people, but then when Josh is called fat – she thinks its the worst thing she ever heard

    • Yeah, that has turned me off to her. I liked her most of the season as she was proving herself to be independent and a competitor. But the almost perverse joy she seems to take seeing people fight and celebrating when they are down, is a real turn off.

      She was actually the only person I liked at all this season. Now it’s only midway and I don’t care to see ANY of them win.

  17. Making us think something happened. Why did they go to fish? I think to show it on TV.

  18. I don’t believe that Mark didn’t hear what was being said during that fight like he claims.

    • He was sitting on the living room
      Couch with E, laughing and commenting to her while they both watched the whole thing happen so yeah the titty baby heard it

  19. So the part they cut out was where Alex and Raven set up the second pan for Josh.

    And, wth? Raven wasn’t even near the freakin’ pans!!!

  20. Of course Rervin had to bring up her fake terminal illness.

    • That her mother probably planted in her head. There are people on Twitter who have gastroparesis who say that Raven does a lot of things they aren’t able to. She eats things they can’t, ect.

  21. Paul’s FIRST issue with Cody was because Cody didn’t try to get a friendship bracelet from him!
    Paul was then threatened immediately! And I’m sure the first chance Paul got, he would’ve turned on Cody and try to backdoor him like Cody attempted to do too Paul.
    Cody just took the first shot but unfortunately Paul had a bulletproof vest on

    • I agree. That really did seem to irk him that Cody didn’t even want one. I never did buy this “friendship” moto last season. This season is just proving it. His idea of “friendship” is listening to what he says. You can always see the annoyance on his face when another house guest doesn’t agree or questions, his “advice”.

      You know, I have watched every season live (except one) and I believe this is the first season, where I really don’t like ANYONE. I did like Alex, but the way she would get all giddy at the escalations (almost to violence) seems to excite her too much. I don’t like her anymore.

  22. Hey, Jess is pretty much the lucky one here. She’s getting away from all these crazy people.

    And, hey, Jason’s shirts are making the rounds.


  23. does anyone know what next Friday’s episode is? don’t we need a double eviction soon?

    • I’ve heard they are watching a new and upcoming show on CBS. The sounds they are hearingi in the house apparently correspond with show. Not sure if it’s true but sounds plausible

  24. Say what you want about Jessica, but she’s right. Go ahead dumba$$es and keep handing Paul that 500K, dollar by dollar…What a joke.

      • Let’s be real here. There was NOTHING she could have done to save her game. That ship passed weeks ago. The majority was never going to vote, support, etc… for her or Cody no matter what and despite whatever claims they made to the contrary.

      • Yep you are right. It all stems from that first week. I’m all for being loyal but she should have put more effort into playing mind games with the other people. Making them think she was just as mad at Cody as they were but still have his back. But she instead picked a fight with Christmas after Jillian left. She could have played both sides for the time being. Cuz get real she really didn’t know SH*T about Cody. It’s a shame cuz I liked her but she went and “fell in love.”

  25. The crew this season is absolutely the dumbest in history. They are letting the idiot Paul manipulate them like puppets. And please I won’t get started on Josh and his obnoxious behavior. I think most of the women only brought lipstick with them cause they are painted up like store dummies.

  26. Everyone acts like Paul will be safe for the rest of the season…I keep bringing this point up, it’s too early for anybody to try and go after Paul. Down the line they need to strike, like when there are 7 or 6 people left

  27. Uh, looks like seven rounds in HOH comp as they have a chart to fill in who wins each of the 7 rounds. Hope they get it done so we non-feeders don’t have to wait til Sunday to find out new HOH.

  28. The only somewhat decent person in the house now is Mark. I’ve never seen a season where I honestly have disliked the majority of the HG’s. Get Paul out next and Alex possibly Friday if there’s an eviction.

      • Ok I just just looked and that was the Amanda Zuckmerman season. Ok you were right. Season 15 was just as bad. :)

      • While some of the most hated ever houseguests were in that season, there were still a few I liked. Come on, are you actually telling me you didn’t like Candace or Howard?!?!?!?

        The only one I can stand is Kevin. This is probably the first season for me (and have watched them all live) that there isn’t anyone I like playing. I originally liked Alex, but seeing her revel in the conflicts in the house the past few weeks has turned me off to her.

      • Of course I liked Kandice, Howard, and Helen cuz I can relate to what they went through, but everyone else that season was just terrible. This season I actually like alex, Jason, Kevin, mark, Dominique, Ramses, lol Cameron even they are gone but I still liked them. And a lot of people have reveled in conflict, it’s part of the game. But I respect your opinion.

      • So was it really THE worst house guests then? Maybe i misinterpreted your comment.

        Yeah, there is conflict but aside from the season in question, I haven’t seen anyone who seemingly loves the conflict as much as Alex. Anytime those two (or anyone else for that matter) go at each other you can see the glee in her face and her celebration. Yes, she separated josh and cody, but as soon as it was over, she was actually dancing with glee at the carnage.

  29. They did infact evict Cody in week 2 …so it hasn’t taken them as long as Jessica said…just sayin!

  30. Quelle horreur, people lied to Princess Butthole, say it isn’t so!!

  31. I don’t see a lot of viewers siding or understanding their game play. Even watching this episode…their intuitions are bad too.

  32. I hope how soon Josh leaves. He is so tough when others are around and then go to his room and cries.

  33. You big linguine. Now she will play that over and over in her head and surely have regrets.

      • Love is worth more than any amount of money and who knows, it may actually work out. She will have to compromise a lot or give him his way. Once he actually sees her lifestyle, he could change his mind or not.

  34. BB production allowing those goodbye messages to play as they did was great. Thank you for showing how disgusting and petty these people are.

    • You hit on the money! There shouldn’t be an America’s Favorite Player this season.

      • Not correct. Remember, the reason, think I remember right, is that paul is there because Kevin was the first to hit the buzzer or whatever, that started ALL this crapola. Because of hitting the buzzer, Kevin won
        $ 25,000, that started the “switcharoo” that brought paul into the house and the eviction of Cameron.

    • Alex is really going down IMHO. I kinda liked her early on. But she says hateful things & thinks doing it with a smile is cute or something

    • However, Josh was NEVER going to make that happen. He was the only one that wanted Elana gone.

      • But Paul would ensure that never happened. Wished that wasn’t true, but Josh didn’t have the votes to keep Jess over Elena.

      • You have to work on it, there’s an opening. They didn’t want to play, that’s the bottom line.

  35. I still say that IF and when Cody is gone…WTF are these mental midgets gonna do?? Oh, go after Mark? Then what?? They cant continue down this “Bow to Paul role forever”…Or with this bunch maybe they can.

  36. Not a one of the HG are playing they all (except Cody and Jess) are listening to Paul’s pipe piper song and dance. Jess’s speech was outstanding calling Paul out and not a one of the HG got it

  37. So this has NOTHING to do with the noises?! LOL – definitely was the interns at the controls, then.

    • Happy dance 💃🏼 although I think he wanted to be out because it might be or at least he thought it might be a DE
      I’m still happy he’s out!

  38. West Coast girl watching BB through all of your eyes! What’s going on??? I’m dying here!

  39. Only watching from here on out to watch the rest of the crew start to turn on each other.