Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 6?

If there were any doubts about over who was going home this week on Big Brother 19, well Tuesday afternoon wiped that out. We went from “can Josh pull this off” to “can they just vote now?” It’s settled.

Big Brother 19 Week 6's final nominees

Jessica is up on the Block and that’s all you need. Her competition for votes consists of Raven and Elena, but I’d be surprised if there’s more than one vote that doesn’t go Jessica’s way.

Cody plans to vote against Raven and that could be it. At this point Mark will probably just roll with the majority so Cody won’t get any back up there. As for Josh’s preferred target, Elena, well she should get out nice and clean this week.

There are seven more votes and if Mark joins the group then all seven are heading against Jessica. Jason had toyed with voting against Raven just to throw a hinky vote, but Paul said absolutely not. If Jason did that then there’d only need to be two more “oops” votes and Josh would have a choice on his hands. But even then I doubt Josh would opt to keep Jessica in the game.

He had been angling for that to happen then the big Tuesday afternoon fights broke out and that sank Jessica’s chances. It also sank Cody’s chances of getting Kevin’s help is getting his side to lay off the showmance-solo.

Watch for Jessica to leave tonight 7-1 and Cody to face stiff odds, but he’s a competitor and a win by him sure would deliver some exciting Live Feeds for the next week, right?

Join us back tonight at 9/8c to find out, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.



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  1. Please, someone, just one person, vote to evict the teasing tart Elena. I want her to squirm just a bit.

    • And go against Paul…No way!!! She has a few steps closer to the door already…soon enough my friend, soon enough.

      • Christmas & Kevin throw hinky votes. Kevin does like Jessica. If they threw hinky votes, they would probably go to Raven.

      • You are right about these two and the hinky votes. As much as Kevin likes Jessica I don’t think we will see any hinky votes tonight.

    • It was hilarious last night on BBAD when several of the male HGs were actually surprised to learn Elena gets Botox lip injections! Really?

      • She looks like she gave oral sex to a bee hive and is having a bad reaction to the stings.
        In case of a water landing, Elena’s lips may be used as a floatation device.

      • How on Earth could that be a surprise?!?!? Elena would look a TON better if she would leave her lips alone! It almost looks like a clown to me…

    • One of them will be on the block with Cody if he does not win the next HOH! Minion evicting time coming finally! I hope Cody wins the VETO and let us see which minion gets sent to the jury first!

    • Jessica will go tonight, FINALLY…Not sure when Cody will follow though. Maybe tonight he will follow Jessica(wishful thinking with all of my fingers and toes crossed). I still can’t believe that she would give up her entire game for someone she just met 6 weeks ago…it boggles the mind??? But, it did us the chance to see the horrible person that she really is inside. Not sure if that is a good thing though.

      • This show has resulted in a negative impact on a few HG’s personal and professional lives. It’s just according to what kind of job Jezebel has and the type of people she works for whether her behavior will help or hurt her. She lists her profession as a VIP concierge which can span a broad spectrum.

      • Yeah, that is a kind of vague job that she listed. I don’t want anyone to be out of a job, but, like you said, this show could either hurt or help her in that job, depending on what her job actually is. Cody, I think he is exactly the same way on the outside of the house. I definitely think it will hurt Raven the most as she teaches dance, to children. I wouldn’t want my kids going to her classes knowing her behavior as part of Maven. WOW…no way!!!

      • If the rumors about her past are to believed then the last thing they’re going to care about are her actions on a reality show.

      • Please spill the beans, I want to know what she did in her past, and NOW! What does she do for a living? Does anyone know for sure?

      • Should’ve won HoH, I would rather her win even tho she’s another minion to Paul, but at least she doesn’t specifically want Cody, but rather Mark and Eleana for insulting their game

      • Online rumors about her having a seedy past in the Providence/New England area or something. I could have sworn I read something about Kevin knowing the circle she was in, but I can’t find anything.

      • She’s originally from Cranston, Rhode Island. I also found that in another bio, she has down that she is a radio personality than any VIP Hostess. So which one is the true profession?

      • I realized the site I went to may have gotten these two mixed up as far as their bio goes. But it did state she is originally from Cranston, RI, which is probably correct comparing Kevin’s knowledge of that area with her. The site isn’t all that reliable either like wikipedia and BBwiki is! LOL

      • Jessica is originally from Rhode Island. She’s the one who lives 12 minutes from the CBS lot now & is the “VIP Concierge.” I read somewhere that she also works with one of the Nolan twins. Ugh. Elena did work for a radio station in Dallas before quitting to come on BB. Got the girlies mixed up, there. ;o)

      • And her talking about throwing other people’s job applications in the garbage where she worked when she was a bartender.
        She probably did them a favor, considering it might be worse to get the job and have to work with her, feeling the way she did.

      • More like a con-surge! She’s been conning everyone as to her real profession from the moment she opened her mouth. I’ve had a wonderful education taught by her and it has nothing to do with hotel hospitality or bottle popping! :-)

      • she is such a conceited maggot, got that whole “don’t hate me because I’m pretty” BS going on… makes me want to unfairly criticize her looks…smug, stuck-up, stool…

      • Since she’s already told us she hasn’t had a period since she’s been in the BB house, I hope she lets us know when she gets her next one. We’re on pins and needles here …

      • I wouldn’t put it past her to have had that bleached as well! Maybe the botox injections to her G-spot has affected her menses! hahaha

      • Cody and her were joking that when she gets out she should take a picture of a pregnancy test and post it on instagram.

      • Nawwww…I wanna laugh at how much more of a fool he can be without Jessica there soothing his booboo ego! :-)

      • I actually felt bad for him…for about 1/1000th of a second…NAH not really!!! He is living in fantasy land. The first time he is out with her and goes commando on someone in her presence, that will be it. If they even get to one date outside of the house. She lives in a completely different environment and he would not last in her environment, and she wouldn’t last in his.

      • And the weird thing is that they’re so different – she’s a social, um, butterfly, and he lives like a hermit in a trailer. There ain’t no way that’s gonna work in real life.

      • Her type always wants the bad boy. But only when it’s convenient. Once they are apart, out of the house, that will be the end od Jody, for sure.

      • Say what you will about Natalie and James, but they did give it a try outside of the house. Not that I would EVER compare James to Cody…they are two completely different personalities. I love James to death, and Natalie too. But, again, two different worlds. I don’t think that Jessica will even get past their fling in the house, honestly. Cody contributed to the destruction of Jessica’s reputation, and she didn’t help herself either.

      • I predicted it would never work out between James and Natalie…and that’s it. Two different worlds that collided once they were out of the house. I could never like a person like Natalie. Even though I was never fond of James, he didn’t deserve what she did to him after the show either. Jessica is much meaner than Natalie could ever be and I’m worried for Cody more than I was worried for James.

      • It’s because they both shallow dim wits.
        It’s all based on looks.
        I’m going to laugh my ass off when she gets evicted and forgets his name. LOL
        That is unless he knocked her up.

      • That would be priceless since he forgot hers when they were up close and personal! I’ll never forget that moment! hahahaha

      • Oh yeah, the whole “Alex, oh, I didn’t mean to say that” thing. That was freaking hilarious! I can’t believe that she let him get away with that!!!

      • Oh yeah, they’re in lust, that’s for sure. Kind of like Liz and Austin – once the novelty is gone, so is the relationship.

    • Hard to tell… I would actually think Cody influenced her to be like this, she would’ve been different if not for him

  2. if i was jessica my speech would be something like ” hey guys..i guess my only advantage tonight is knowing that the last time you blindsided me was with the ramses vote. This time around i know what’s going on. However if you did blindside me and kept me in the game i will be forever ashamed of my actions this week and will be in Josh’s mercy”

    • Or it would start out with: “Okay so I’ve been lying to all of you as to what I do for a living and it’s…..” hahaha

      • she should of made up some lie that she is this pop stars sister and that’s why America gave her that last temptation.

  3. Jessica should be kicked out for sexual assault. If the roles were reversed, and a guy did that, he would be facing sexual assault charges.

    • not really, frank kept spanking day’s behind over and over and she kept crying about it but nothing

  4. Jessica has a bad attitude. And she’s going home because of her bad attitude. She’s made a lot of careless, and questionable mistakes in the game, but none of that is the reason she’s going home. Gameplay can always be forgiven. We’ve seen people going after each other one week, then work together the next. Anything you do gamewise can, and will be forgiven. But you have to be nice. That’s what Ellen always says. Be kind.

    When you look at recent female winners like, Jordan, Nicole, and Morgan. They weren’t the best players. But it’s their kindness that ultimately got them far in the game. Even someone like Victoria, who was a major floater in BB16, made it far, due to the fact that she was nice. There is no way Derrick would’ve taken Victoria to the final 3 if she was mean and nasty like Jessica.

    • And that attitude – bolstered by Cody’s snarky attitude – was very unfortunate. If Jessica would only have taken the time to listen to Josh’s explanation of his plans, there’s a reasonable chance, at least, Elena might be walking out of the house tonight.

      • Absolutely agree. However, given that everyone kept coming in and telling her that she should separate from Cody the past few weeks, and given that Josh has rarely been over friendly to them….she likely doesn’t trust anyone in the game anymore. The blindside soured her, and trying to get her to not use the hex therefore evicting the one person whose had her back….you kinda can’t blame her for being negative.

      • In fairness to Josh I did see times when he wanted to speak with Jessica but she dismissed him.

    • Jordan was more liked compared to Natalie, and she had more social game as opposed to Natalie blindly being Jessie, Chima and Kevin’s nodding donkey.

      Nicole’s game, while passive, paid off in the end. Especially with Paul’s aggressive jury management (Natalie anyone?)

      While OTT was more viewer based for picking a winner, Morgan won because of her well liked personality and social game. Jason, while strategical, was constantly a snob to a lot of people who weren’t Kryssie or Danielle.

      This is why Rachel was constantly targeted in Season 12, her inability to connect with others (other than Brendon) and her aggressive personality in general.

      I know games like Big Brother and Survivor aren’t supposed to be personality contests, but even building a connection with people can help with social game and jury management. Why do you think Tasha lost Survivor Cambodia with ZERO votes? Why do you think everyone wanted Christine out in BB16?

      Regarding Victoria, while she wasn’t a major gameplayer, she was more likeable which is why the jury wanted to vote for.

  5. Jessica is likely to be evicted tonight, unless a miracle happens. I really don’t see that happening. Jessica is going home.

  6. Only 7 or so hours until skankoid walks out the door forever and goes back to her “VIP concierge” AKA paid-to-provide-a-good-time job. :-D

      • While I’m not a fan of Raven and her attitude keep in mind Raven is just mean.
        Jess is both mean and a threat.

      • i hate raven but i need her to stay a few more weeks for a big blow out…for entertainment purposes. She’s getting on everyone’s nerves.

  7. Jessica is young and hot. As long as she keeps her looks, she’ll always have some sort of hostess job in L.A. or Vegas. She might even grab a rich husband a cash in on alimony or divorce settlement, before getting dumped for her ugly insides and never my fault attitude.Unless she changes her ways (nothing is my fault), she will never find true love or happiness, and end up tending in dive bars, to horny old men, for tips. That will get her into her 50s.

  8. I can’t believe every HOH is letting Paul make their decisions. Josh was playing smart until he let Paul get in his head. Kevin, Matt and Raven need to go bc they literally do NOTHING.

    • How is getting Elena I would before Jessica smart? Just because Josh was willing to forgive Jessica doesn’t mean Jessica was willing to forgive Josh. That was painfully obvious during their bathroom conversation. He is mad at Elena for voting him out but Jessica was the one who put them up in the first place.

    • Josh wouldn’t be there if it wasnt for Paul. Josh annoyed everyone and Paul got them to keep him anyway. Ramses went home and Josh stayed. Paul is playing a good game and it is pissing off all the Paul haters.

  9. Frankly Jody have themselves to blame for not only isolating themselves but also acting hostile towards people. I blame more Cody than Jess because Jess TRIED to connect with others but her showmance got in the way. Now even Kevin of all people lost trust for Jody which is sad considering Kevin is the only person Jess respects. If the nice guy can’t trust you anymore that’s pretty freaking sad.

    • Yep, they needed to assimilate with the rest of the house this week, instead of crawling into a corner. It’s no surprise that everyone wants them both out of the house this week. Their behavior is just really annoying. Heck, if you don’t want to play the game, just go home.

    • Jess wasn’t trying that hard while he was a way. I saw nothing but “fake” written all over her during that week.

      • Even if Paul wasn’t in the house, Jody’s attitudes still alienated them from the house.

      • i disagree because cody hated paul before he met him. BB asked who did you hate from the last season right away he said paul and then there comes paul. So he already had a bad perception of the guy due to his constant lying in his season.

      • I know that. I’m not saying Paul isn’t a factor, I’m just saying Jody’s poor social game is a major factor. I’m not disagreeing with you.

      • But you see Paul wouldn’t let anyone talk to him. He punished everyone that spoke to him so how could he possibly try to talk to someone without them running away. Jess was the only brave one.

      • that’s not true..she became hoh after cody came back into the house. The whole house said yes we will vote out Josh and then they all lied to her. what would your reaction be?

      • They had no intention of ever voting for who Jess wanted out from the get go. They had to lie to her just as Cody lied to them.

      • Good point.
        But I’m referring more so to the beginning of the game rather than when Jess was in power after Cody returned.
        The only reason THEY lied was because Cody told NO ONE about backdooring Paul. He did mention getting Paul out here and there but never mentioned backdooring him as a PLAN.
        I get what you are saying and in Jess’s defense I wouldn’t trust anyone if I were in her shoes.

      • yeah he played the game wrong there but i think he would of gotten paul out but bb protected paul with 3 weeks safety. If bb didn’t give him that tempt do u honestly think he would of been in the house still?

      • Didn’t America vote on who got what ? Bb didn’t give the temptations, America voted for a player to temp , right ?

      • big brother did not give that to Paul American did nbc told the public of the three temptations the week before they were given out and even the order that they would be given out then America voted Paul to get the first one which was three weeks of being safe so get it right before you say BB gave it to them

      • there’s that certain something extra that makes you hate for me i can’t stand raven, alex and christmas.

      • I can’t stand Raven and only tolerate Christmas (because of her lameness) and Alex too. None of these three are my faves by any means either. LOL

      • If Paul wasn’t allowed back in the house, this games would of been completely different. This season is set up for Paul to win, to feed his hurt ego only!!

      • It would have been even more chaotic than it already is. I don’t disagree with you about it being set up for Paul to win. But we can’t go by what ifs only what is!

      • very true! I just hate the fact 1 vet in the house. They are all on my nerves, stupid followers of the Paul show!!!

      • Not Paul’s fault. Even he can’t believe they didn’t target him when they had the chance.

      • Ohhhh , I didn’t know that! You can’t go in there with the misconception that he’s a bad guy , u hate him and that’s that . You have to be pretty open at first to get a feel for people .. just like when he put Megan up, she asked why and he said because I don’t like you !?!?! Gawd ! He didn’t even know her . You can’t always judge people or you can of course , but when you do that then this is what happens . Karma bit him right in his mean ol azz!!

      • LOL, of course, let’s blame it all on Paul. *eyeroll

      • Nope, not at all . Cody made first shady move and showed his character from the start, that nom was my favorite ever in the history of bb !! Just the look on codys face when the pendant of protection came up , priceless !! Haha

      • Hahaha, of course he is. He’s responsible for global warming as well! LOL

      • But…Global warming doesn’t exist!! Didn’t you listen to Cody’s comments a few days ago? LOL

      • Yes, but Cody is the one that started it , he went behind his own alliance and put one of his alliance members up with no one knowing !! After that , game on .. he only has himself to blame and his cocky ego .. if u remember he was a huge azz first week!!!

    • Where Cody messed up big time is when he had HOH and an alliance behind him. Why take Paul in as a member in the first place? That was super dumb! If his plan was to remove Paul, he should have told the other members that they should evict Paul because he is a veteran and a huge threat to their game! Paul being out of the alliance would have been easier to evict! Instead, he acted unilaterally and tried to evict Paul which was in his alliance! That was dumb on multiple levels!

  10. I’m so ready for jess to go, got everything ready 🍿 Check 🍕 Check 🍺🍾 check check!

    • Please gawd no !!!! I think they have had enough of that crap … need to start getting rid of ppl !! Double eviction !

  11. Jessica will go home she will not be in the jury house either next week is jury house so if Cody is voted out next week he will be there along and I will bet it will be double eviction next week.

  12. Please CBS just end it- and give the funds to Paul- for this what the end will be for bb19- He is just annoying and take Christmas with him

    • i agree, i feel they keep paul for ratings. i cant stand him. they need to shake it up ang get paul out first chance

  13. Still hoping it will be Raven somehow…even though I know the chances are quite slim.

  14. All of this entire week of him being… somewhat tolerable, and now he pulls the circus pans going da da dadadadadada da da? Really, that’s what I was waiting for, Cody plz send Josh’s Childish Meatball booty outta here!

  15. This is the worst season ever. Thankfully I have a remote with a mute button and channel changer. Too bad these idiots don’t have the balls to get paul out. Cody was the only one with enough brains to see thru his crap. Why any moron would follow paul is beyond me. More vets next season and I stop watching.

  16. Good riddance you little bitch, Jessica. You have made the house a big bag of misery since you entered. Now time to get your dumb ass robot out, too.

  17. Awe man i really hate how everyone is against Cody just because Paul tells them to.

  18. i am totally done with the rest of Big Brother. its totally Pauls game and thebONLY one with a brain and a spine was Cody. Everybody else in that house torally kissing Pauls aspen

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