‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won Endurance HoH?

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 Week 8 Eviction

It’s eviction time for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and they’ve got an important challenge ahead with the return of the endurance competition to decide the next Head of Household!

Here’s our live recap from last night’s eviction vote featuring Mark Jansen versus Matthew Clines as one of them was sent off to Jury to become the third member this season. The HGs were ready for the decision to be made and once that was over they had to get ready to hang on to win!

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

Big Brother episodes live on CBS All Access

Only six Houseguests voted this week so a tie is theoretically possible, but I wouldn’t go waiting on that to happen. Instead we’re likely to get a clean sweep.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 8 Votes:

  • Raven votes to evict: Mark
  • Josh votes to evict: Mark
  • Kevin votes to evict: Mark
  • Jason votes to evict: Matthew
  • Alex votes to evict: Matthew
  • Paul votes to evict: Mark

By a vote of 4-2, Mark Jansen has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

Once voting is over the HGs will head to the backyard to ready themselves for the night’s next big event. Who is ready to win and become the new Head of Household? We can find out when it plays out live on the Feeds. Grab the Free Trial now to watch with us.

Our first sneak peek at the Head of Household competition featured a row of upright hot dog buns set at a baseball park. No idea. Could be something totally new here. Yep, HGs have to hold on to their hot dog buns floating up in the air. Last to remain will be the new HoH.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 9 HoH Endurance Comp:

Endurance Competition on Big Brother Live Feeds

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  1. Sorry I’ve been really busy this week and the lack of action got me out of it this week lol!!! I know Mark is gone. Who is Paul and Co. going to target next so I know who to root for in this HOH? lol

    • Heres the deal and not in a nutshell….If Alex or Jason win HOH Paul wants them to target Matt & Raven….If Raven or Matt get HOH they are to target Alex & Jason…If Josh gets HOH he can put up 2 pawns and go after Kevin or Jason..Pauls choice of the week is not exactly clear yet…Kevin or Jason may be the victims.. Remember that Paul is masterminding all this from the shadows…So in all honesty we as viewers don’t have a clue as to who will be nominated and or evicted in the coming week..

  2. Althought I want mark to stay. I’m kinda happy now cause now they have no more BIG targets, and they are gonna have to eat eachother alive.

  3. so happy not to have to hear or see any more mark, tho i wish it were raven…

  4. Yea!!! BB may start tonite. Once Mark goes, the snoozefest that has been the last 3 weeks will be over and some drama may occur

      • Maven definitely won’t figure it out. They are too busy doing “other” things. But maybe the other two duos could clue in…

  5. Mark’s making all such good points. Unfortunately, they’re all too scared of angering Paul.

    Um… newsflash, guys! The game’s almost over! You’re SUPPOSED to make enemies at this point!!!

  6. Ok, I have a question: what’s up with most of the guys painting one of their fingernails this season?

  7. Ugh, Josh. So obnoxious.

    Also, we’re wasting time that they could have spent showing the non-feeds audience the freakin’ HOH comp live!!!

  8. Oh, look, the first trip to the HGs home… 3 weeks from the end of the season…


  9. This is a very good edit for Jason. TV viewers must love him. I like him. He’s good on camera. Handled Julie’s interview well…he’s a good cast.

    • Yeah, but he’s not good at playing the politics of the game. It’s just as his wife said, Alex was the best ally he could’ve had.

      • Oh I agree about his intuation in the game. It’s just easy to root for the guy because of his good personality.

  10. Finally, next week is when lines will be crossed, unless they allowed themselves to be crossed over and be thrown over a thousand running buses at the nearest freeway.

  11. Um… pretty sure that wasn’t what was said, Matt.

    Ah, well. Least he has a healthy understanding of his game.

  12. Matt. I suck at this game and will just eat cereal and get in no ones way. lol. Worse than a floater. He’s Troyzan.

  13. Julie: Raven, you’ll vote first.
    Raven: Yey!!! I get to speak on live TV!! YEEEY!
    Me: …

  14. Matt’s changing one blue shirt for…

    …another blue shirt. Well, at least it’s a different color.

    • That’s sweet. Mark seems like a nice guy. Can make a decent living picking things up and putting them down.

    • This comp is made for a small person to win I think…Alex or Raven might do well depending on the movements and details…hmmmm…it is a big hot dog bun…Alex is not gonna like that lol…

      • The wall comp is made for someone little and Jason hung on until the end when they made deals. He might be good at this too.

  15. Mark is really a good guy. Can’t say anything bad. Saying Josh is a good guy – please… Josh is a jerk

    • Paul’s idea of jury management. Pretty weak, compared to other HGs in previous seasons.

  16. A little different from the wall – u can’t see the others. Wonder if the squatting will help here like on the wall

  17. Capt..Is there another thread?..should we move there..I’ll watch and update tonight.

  18. Who cares about big brother 19 the season was a joke the second Paul was in the game waste of a season and wast of a cast

  19. I loved the video of his wife. I have so much respect for him and have since the beginning. Some people have said he knew and it made it nice to see the love between him and his wife and oh my goodness, his son is adorable. From the beginning of the show, I knew he would be my favorite, he just sealed it and so did his wife. House guests will lie, but I don’t see that with Jason. Raven is a total other story. I wonder how Matts game would have been without her. I think he is being played by her. I also like Kevin, I guess it goes back to family values. I kind hope they make it to the end.

  20. That’s how you exit the BB house,are you listening Cody/..no need to be so bitter and angry you want to stomp the coffee table into pieces on the way out the door,Mark did not leave tonight like a fire eating dragon ready to extinguish civilization as we know it,..Mark did not play the best game for sure but he got everything right tonight,well done!

  21. Jason’s wife is so pretty and his son is super cute. I liked seeing that part. I could do without the segment making it look like the nominee has a chance when they don’t. I do give Mark credit for trying though. He also looked so cute in his outfit when he left.

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