‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Watch Tonight’s Endurance HoH Competition

CBS has announced that tonight’s Big Brother Head of Household competition will be featured live on the Feeds with an endurance battle for fans to enjoy! Whether you’re watching tonight’s eviction show out west or catching it live during the east coast broadcast the HoH comp will be available for everyone to watch starting after 10PM ET. If you can’t watch, then join us for our live comp recap!

Big Brother Endurance comp on Live Feeds

Tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance battle and that means we’ll be able to watch it live, but only on the Feeds. After weeks of an endurance drought, likely due to the Temptation Comp filling up Sunday episodes, we’re back and ready to see who wants to take charge. Now that the majority’s opponents are gone it’s time to turn on their own. This will decide which group can take the first shot.

Want to watch the upcoming Endurance HoH Comp? You will need your Big Brother Live Feeds through CBS’s All Access. There’s a free one-week trial that you can use to get started and see what you think. After that the cost is $5.99/mo, or about 20 cents a day. Really cheap entertainment if you want it.

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Get signed up now to avoid the rush and be ready to watch starting right around 10PM ET (7PM PT) tonight right after the live eviction show ends. The stakes are high and all sides will be fighting to win control to keep their own safe. Who do you want to see pull it off? Share your pick below!


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  1. The swing rotating endurance comp in Matthew’s picture makes sense for tonight’s possible challenge. I wonder who will be favored in that type of comp between Jason/Alex and Matt/Raven. Pretty sure Josh and Kevin will not do well and I’m pretty sure Paul plans to throw it. Should be interesting to see which couple gets to take the first shot.

  2. Yes. Thank you. I love this comp.
    Anyone can win this one even the nuisance. I hope Jason wins this one.

      • Comp just started. It not the swinging ropes like I thought but there is food involved. Ketchup/catsup anyone??? This comp won’t last as long s they think. Wimpies will wimp out early.

  3. My prediction of most to least likely to win this….


    Xmas (ineligible as outgoing HoH, and most likely medically as well)

  4. “CBS has announced that tonight’s Big Brother Head of Household competition will be featured live on the Feeds with an endurance battle for fans to enjoy!”

    I don’t have the feeds but that sounds like a great idea.. Thank goodness for this wonderful forum and nice people who will tell me what happens!

  5. Nice try to tempt some of the very disappointed fans who haven’t cancelled their feeds yet. Sorry, could care less. It’s a Paul win either way.

    • Lol! Right?! I admit, I still have my feeds and will keep them through the season because i’m just one of those BB fans that once I start a season, can’t stop…but, if next season is not an ALL Vet season or an ALL newbie season… I don’t think I’ll order them again.

      • I am too and I was a Paul fan at the beginning of this season, but I’m sorry… this is getting weird. Matt is actually more worried about Paul getting nominated than himself… WTF! What kind of BB game is happening this season??

      • Matt has been a waste since the beginning of the season. I have no idea why he wanted to be on Big Brother. All he does is laugh at everything, eat cereal, and screw Raven. He is the least interesting house guest ever IMO.

      • If you recall in the BB introductions of the cast, Matt discussed how his hair makes him look older than what he really is (in his early 30s?) and he said that he would not tell anyone that he is actually younger than what he looks. But the minute he came into the BB house and saw all the young, hot girls, he changed his mind real quick. Ending up with Raven was probably not his first choice I would be willing to bet. I think he is using Raven for sex and tries to come across as her knight in shining armor (“She’s [Raven] not to go up on the block, I’ll do it), but I think he knows he has no chance of winning and is aiming for the second BB prize for being a “nice” guy. I once thought so, but not anymore.

  6. Finally another endurance comp! This is one Alex can win. I will be very interested to see what she does if she wins. If not Alex, I hope Jason wins & cancels out Paul’s sneaky plan to get rid of him this week!

    • interesting to see what Alex does, REALLY?? We all know she will do whatever Paul tells her what to do. DUHHH

      • Paul wants Jason gone…so no, not duh… I would be shocked if Alex nom’d Jason. So, yeah, it will be interesting to see how it plays out if she wins. Will Paul change his target to say Kevin because he’s afraid to ask Alex to nom who he really wants out? I’m not saying it will be a huge shock or anything, simply interesting.

      • Alex will do whatever Paul tells her, even if she needs to get ride of Jason. Plus she does not even care for Jason at all, she treats him like crap all the time. Alex is playing for Paul to win.

      • I don’t know. I know she follows Paul’s lead so far, but Alex told Derrick (in front of Paul) that Jason was her ride or die. I remember this vividly because of Paul’s reaction and, I knew right then and there, that Paul would start gunning for Jason & sure enough…he has. Not sure if she meant it, but that IS what she said.

      • There’s no way Alex would nominate Jason, her ride-or-die (as she announced in front of the whole house), and who she told Paul to his face that she would vote for over him if they were on the block together.

        Plus, Alex needs the numbers, and isn’t that close to anyone else in the house.

        Oh, ALSO, there is no way that Paul would ask Alex to put up Jason, knowing how close she is to him. That would backfire in his face.

      • Well, now that Jason has won HOH, let’s see if he finally makes a move! Even tho I would love to see him (anyone) finally nominate Paul, I also would really love to see Raven gone! Most likely it will be Matt that’s targeted tho.

      • I want Raven gone because I’m sick of trying to hear private conversations, and then having a heart attack after her voice suddenly screeches out about some nonsense….BUUUUUT it makes more sense for Jalex to get Matt out.

        Also, I don’t think it would be a good move for Jason to get Paul out right now – there are still too many people in the house that would side with him, and only Alex can play in the next HoH.

      • Paul has a back up, he wants Jason, Matt, and Kevin gone. He had a preferred order but will take any of those 3 guys leaving. He will adjust his target by who wins.

  7. OK, I just got home. Mark talk anybody into voting for him while I was gone? Is Raven still alive? Did Matt eat cereal? Did Alex punch Jason? Is Paul still in charge? I barely have time to get ready for my grandson’s middle school ballgame. No news is good news, I guess.

  8. This will be the shortest endurance competition ever if its above an hour I will be shocked. Kevin, Matt and Jason are the targets. Paul has talked to alot of people to give it to Jason so they can put up Kevin. Kevin will drop then Josh with Paul right after. Raven will go and then Matt. Alex will then give it to Jason. Then Kevin and Matt are on the block. Replacement is Raven if it happens. Then which ever man stays on block they go home.

    • I thought Paul wanted Josh? Paul knows it is going to be hard to throw an endurance to Josh. I agree this will be a short HOH. Another way to make a boring season.

  9. Alright…So we all have been waiting for a BIG MOVE!! Alex or Jason wins HOH and plan to target Paul (as a nomination or as a backdoor) – oh wait, it takes numbers for that to actually happen?

    • Would be fantastic seeing anyone go after Paul. Alex, Jason, Julies husband cutting the CBS feeds in the middle of the comp so Josh can win. Anything.

      • For sure! I just think the big move (Paul) isn’t going to happen until the other hgs start comparing notes. Just because you want to make that move doesn’t guarantee it will happen – for example Cody in the beginning and we all saw what happened there!

    • Numbers they don’t have and never tried securing. The only ones Alex had were Kevin and Jason. Alex has spent more time souring Kevin then thinking of jury and numbers. Alex believes she is in final 4 and that is when her big move happens and she cuts the cord. She will wise up when Jason walks out the door some but little too late and walk out before final 4.

      • He is too careful with his wording. Its never his idea, he turns it to be their idea or groups idea. Like he is a voice of reason. Its like watching a adult play a game with young children. They dont have a proper skill set to play it.

      • Did you hear Paul talking to Cmas and Josh? He said something like “I feel like you’re my children, and I’m watching you blossom!”

    • I think even if Raven or Matt won HOH, they would put Paul up or even Alex. So they too, might be making moves that everyone has been waiting for.

  10. My prediction on the comp: it will be Alex or Jason winning. No way Josh or Kevin can power through, and Matt and raven are just taking up space and can’t last either. Paul doesn’t want the HOH yet. Alex rocks endurance, just look at how she lugged that gear around last week.

    • Josh is going to hang on. Alison Grodner promised him meatballs in the HOH basket if he wins.

    • lmao…She looked so cute with that giant pack on her back. It might have worked to her advantage, as far as building endurance and grip strength!

      • She did look cute with the hat and all, but she didn’t lug all that up a mountain! I mean, come on!

      • It was almost as tall as her lol…watching her try to go up and down the stairs to the “campsite” was hilarious

  11. I am wondering if they are going to block the door to the DR so Kevin can’t sneak in for an apple? Hell let him go, he’ll likely pull the bounty on head apple.

    • Oh that would be hilarious, only because of his sneaky little greedy moves (the $25k, then fake falling off an apparatus after 1.5 seconds only to win $27).

      I also would like Kevin to use his street hustle/ mob boss tactics to get out of a situation where he now KNOWS people will have incentive to get him out. That’s definitely a Kevin punishment apple.

  12. Lets see who the next volunteer is to go home next, it is like they are not trying at all and someone is spinning the show to make Paul look like a great player, there was two teams Cody Jess against the rest, The talking points that mark gave to let Paul have another week free , was so fake, We are not seeing the normal BB behavior from the guest, The questioning, the jealousy, It is like a badly written play, Paul is no Derrick , Derrick never had four weeks free. he had to play a game like not other in BB history, HE was so far under the radar that no one saw him coming.
    I think keven will be the one to make a move, but he also is holding back,
    Mark will go tonight , Jason will be next if he does not win HOH, Matt will be gone if Jason wins, they both will be on the block if anyone else wins, and they will except it with no problem.
    I hope someone wins and turns the house upside down

    • Derrick also didn’t come into the house as the only vet who was 1 vote away from winning BB last season, AND he was an undercover cop.

  13. Well, I don’t have live feeds so I will be back here for up dates. Can’t wait too see who wins HOH.

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