‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Endurance Comp Last Night?

This week’s Big Brother 19 endurance competition for Head of Household arrived following the live eviction. Fans could watch this backyard battle play out live online as the sides faced off for control of the next nominations. Find out who won the power this week to be the new HoH.

Big Brother HoH competition

You could follow along with our live updates below or watch the HoH Endurance Comp streamed live on the Big Brother Live Feeds through All Access. Use the Free Trial now and see what all the fuss is about, but you’ve been warned, Feeds are fun and addictive!

So who won the Big Brother HoH comp? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds featuring HoH endurance comp

Houseguests were hanging on inside giant hot dog buns as they’re lifted in to the sky. The last to keep hanging out gets to be the new HoH.

Gallery: Week 9 Endurance HoH Comp

Big Brother 19 Week 9 HoH Comp – Everybody is a Weiner:

  • 6:55 PM BBT – Comp is getting started on the show.
  • 6:59 PM BBT – Everyone was still on when the show ended…
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Everyone is still in!
  • 7:11 PM BBT – Kevin is down & out.
  • 7:14 PM BBT – Matt falls when the buns start moving & he’s surprised.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Alex is already saying her feet hurt.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Alex, Jason, Paul, Josh, & Raven remain in the comp.
  • 7:24 PM BBT – Buns tilt at a steep angle & Josh falls.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Alex, Jason, Paul, & Raven remain.
  • 7:31 PM BBT – HGs sprayed with water. Everyone hangs on.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – HGs going from overly chatty to very quiet. Four remain.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Christmas asks if any of them want to make a deal. No responses.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Chatter returns from the HGs. Lots of laughing. Four remain.
  • 7:47 PM BBT – Paul is out! Raven falls right behind him.
  • 7:52 PM BBT – Alex asking Jason to make a deal. He’s confused.
  • 7:54 PM BBT – Alex drops by choice. Jason wins HoH.

Jason Dent is the new HoH. Congrats Jason!

I would expect Jason to go after Matthew and Raven for their noms. Those two were actually planning to go after Alex and Jason so this was a big shift in the game plan for HGs. Should be an interesting week!

In case the site becomes overwhelmed I’m going to embed our Twitter feed here for more updates:

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      • I thought about that, he seems to hate Maven but I think he hates Alex too? He’d probably just do what Paul says tbh

      • I don’t think he appreciates Christmas giving him somewhat of a cold shoulder the last week or so…Hes having problems understanding why…He will know soon enough…The block chair awaits..

      • If he can win – would be interesting. he would have to start playing his cards. But he didn’t do good on 1st wall – so I expect he will not win this either

      • Kevin voted out Mark! What are you watching? Would have been interesting as then it would have been 3-3 with Xmas for tie breaker!

      • That’s what I was hoping for, but chances are she still would have evicted Mark instead of Paul.

  1. Who cares who wins now honestly? The biggest target is Paul and all these idiots want to take him to the end!! Please let there be another twist or this is going to be the most predictable season ever😡

    • Did you all notice how Miss Alex got plastered with mustard and others didn’t? Some got more ketchup?

  2. I would think that the people that keep moving their hands would not last as long. Once you get all that goo on your hands it seems it would be a lot more slippery.

  3. On Survivor..Fans can send in ideas about competitions and the producers sometimes pick them. Is it the same way with Big Brother? Someone sends Alison a weiner contest idea?

    • Good guess! Jason wins! Alex steps down but would have been interesting if she did not step down after deal was made! They are each others final 2 but this win makes things real close now as Alex really Paul is the brain for them!

  4. My vote is Paul or Jason. Alex is struggling. Although Raven has the least amount on condiments on her…she’s a “wiener” and will throw in the towel (or pretend to get sick)

      • Its not about his being safe He wants Jason out…Jason cannot win HOH and Paul prefers that Alex doesn’t..

    • Just Jason. He will let Alex win. He does not want to win HOH. He wants Alex to take out Kevin or Maven.

  5. Matt really is packing it in. letting his girlfriend do all the hard work while he goes and sits down.

  6. thanks for keeping this site updated to whats going on ..they would not accept my postal code so i could not see the live feeds

  7. This cast is sooo bad, I stopped watching about three weeks ago. The spoilers and your guys comments have been keeping me updated. If they get Paul out, then I’ll see how they strategize on their own. But anyone remaining with Paul on final two will and should loose!

  8. I said it last week and I’ll say it again. They have not done an endurance competition for HOH since Christmas came back in the house and since she can’t compete they do one. Don’t tell me they are not changing things up for her.

  9. Alex/Jason can handle the ‘drive by shouting..Paul is a pro.He makes some jungle sounds. It’s mental, but they’re good. Everyone knows Alex mouth, right? Jason too, he wont shut up.

  10. Good luck raven. I hope you get that letter from Mom letting you know how much the GoFundMe has grown.

    • I was under the impression Paul didn’t want it this week? Just hang long enough so that his list of undesirables are down before him?

    • They will still listen to Paul. Alex always goes with Paul. If one of them wins, they need to take out Paul.

      • Jason wants Matt or Raven. He also doesn’t like Christmas so he could tell her he was a pawn for her now she needs to be a pawn for him and she could possibly go.

      • I agree. Those three, Kevin, Jason and Alex have shared a room since day one and Kevin and Jason have become pretty good buds in the house. I like them both. I did not like Kevin when he was putting the moves on Christmas and Christmas was allowing this. I felt if his kids were watching they’d be going, WTH?

    • Her team will rush up and begin to apply the blush but she will slap it out of the assistants hand. A true diva.

      • HAHAHAHA No wonder the drains got clogged earlier in the season. Between Raven and Elena the makeup was surely packed in there

      • Matt took showers all, nope ALL the time. Sometimes more than two or three a day!! He was bragging about it.
        Consuming/ Wasting about as much water as he does eating all the cereal.

  11. Well, looks like Matt and Raven will be going up. Alex and Jason are left. This game is so predictable. Give Paul the check now.

  12. Jason is not giving this to Alex, but I like the way they try to negotiate…they’re ok

  13. I am rooting for Alex but her and Jason just put a huge target on their backs for next week. They are now the scariest couple in the house by far.

    • They were targets now if they did not win! Only minions now left to evict! No one is left!
      Matthew and Raven will be it! Atleast, one useless minion out of the Big Brother House!
      If one gets off thru VETO put, Josh or Christmas up!

    • Any bets that paul will be in there LISTENING and (SLEEPING) and BOSSING also??
      Just read somewhere Jason, Alex and Kevin been sleeping in same room for awhile. Hope ONLY those two (K & A) or less join Jason.

  14. LOL. matt is asking them why they took so long to settle final 2… They lasted longer up there in F2 of comp than matt did entire comp

  15. Christmas is not thrilled…It was very evident in her voice..Josh is not happy either…

  16. Matt & Raven won’t be 1st to bed tonight…Matt was closely tuned in….the time has finally come to start back stabbing

  17. Congrats Jason. Have fun letting Paul run your HOH! PLEASE do something DIFFERENT! Matt and Raven are weak players. You can get them out anytime. I so wish he would nominate Paul and maybe Josh. We all know that won’t happen. Alex is too obsessed with getting the “show mances” out.

    • Yep. Hoping he is after Christmas or Paul. I know Raven won’t go even if nominated. Best nominees will be Chris and Paul. Alex wins veto and either goes.

    • I don’t think Paul has to. I think Jason will put up Matt and Raven. Paul don’t care about those 2.

  18. This is the week they could end Paul. 3 Votes to go out. Alex/Kevin/and Matt if they put up Alex next to Paul

  19. So, who’s Paul going to put up this week? I bet he’ll tell Jason and Alex they need to put up Matt and Kevin. And……. they’ll do it.

    • They’ll backdoor Kevin through Maven and Paul will have Jason convinced that he’s just a pawn.

  20. Hoping for Matt and Raven and not Kevin. I doubt Jason will do it if Paul and Alex try to make him.

    • They have to get rid of Matt at this point, especially since they just voted for him to be evicted. He should nominated Matt Raven.

  21. Can someone just get rid of Christmas!!! She’s been the ultimate floater because of her injury. Everyone want to take her to the final two.

  22. The win is getting to his head already. He is being loud. Hoping he doesn’t give his HOH to Paul.

      • Paul didn’t want to win this one , he still thinks he’s safe and probably will be . But he picks the battles he needs to win and I’m sure he will be trying to win more after the pairs are gone

  23. Called in the other chat board. Barely an hour. Alex hands it to Jason. Probably Raven and Josh up with Matt BD. Is it next Thursday yet?

  24. Josh is in Alex ear and shes not HOH…What ever he said Raven had her ear turned toward them talking…

  25. Alex was trying to stirred the pot by voting for Matt, but unfortunately her big mouth partner already blabbed. Jason likes Kevin and he will be convinced to put him up. Alex will beat him up if he doesn’t. Jason needs to play his own game.

    • I agree, Jason has picked up a few things by watching and listening in the house. He needs to do what is best for his game. Problem is that if he doesn’t do what Alex tells him, the rest of the house will get the dreams to come true by Alex and Jason splitting up making it even easier to pick them off.

    • Agree. Alex beats the crap out of Jason and it is getting to the point of being ridiculous. I think Alex is mean. Why she didn’t drop sooner.. Jason is her ride or die so why was she so hesitant in giving him the HOH. Not a fan of hers.

      • Maybe to make the other houseguests think that they don’t really have a final deal or that close . I don’t know why they voted that way .. Matt doesn’t win much or Raven , I wouldn’t bother w them , Kevin I like , josh and Alex get along and paul also, so don’t think they will put paul up, yet . Next hoh needs to get Alex and jason out, they seem to be winning quite a lot

      • Yes, he may be his ride or die. But she is in BB to play her game, so why give it it out if not necessary?

    • Yes he does, when they were playing the veto on Wed she told him to go get another scoop to fill that jar ugh I wish he’d put her up if he doesn’t put pippy and silver up

  26. Nice family segment. Mark was pretty classy.

    Looks like Matt / Kevin will be targets.
    However, we still have the temptation tree…

    • Yess Mark is so classy. I wish I was more like him. What a stand up guy. Elana better marry him! She’ll regret it if she lets him slip through her fingers down the road. ;-)

  27. It’s about to be some drama this week! Kevin is going to spill ALL the beans if they put him on the block. They better think twice. Kevin is a waste. I like Paul but I’m out here, in THERE…him and Christmas will be going up! Or Josh.

    • does the whole house knows Kevin got the 25K? If they dont Paul could bring that up to screw with Kevin`s game

      • But why should the 25k be an issue to the house if it was not meant to be a swap for the game.

      • Yeah, seems like something was said several threads back that more than paul and Kevin knew about the $ 25K.

      • Some do. It was mentioned several threads ago that the $25K was buzzed by Kevin. Not sure how many or who know, tho

    • Does Kevin know Paul has a finale deal with everyone, his target order and his back up plans? Those are the secrets that will bite Paul if revealed. However, Paul will make Kevin feel safer than anyone next to him on the block (blindside).
      But I think Paul should be breaking pairs than going after Kevin at this time unless he suspects him of tthe hinkey vote.

  28. Yay!i’m glad Jason won so he is safe this week! He’s the best of the worst and I would love to see Raven gone this week, but even losing “her man” is good enough for me!
    Do you guys think Kevin is in jeopardy? I guess the real question is, who does Paul want out this week? He wants to start breaking up the “duos” but would Matt/Raven be the smarter! Those two are walking zombies that cannot do/win anything!

    Why did Alex and Jason do the hanky votes? Alex had to have known Jason would admit to it, sooner or later! Because he is HOH he admitted to it much much sooner though! LOL That guy can NOT keep a secret to save his life! Good!!!! I hope it puts a BIG X on Alex’s back!!
    Regardless this week is going to be boring however, it will be a little more interesting!

    • I thought for sure Paul put Jason and Alex up to voting Matt, so he could get then 4 after each other, now if Jason doesn’t put Matt and raven up I’m gong to be mad lol,

    • The hinkey vote would have been Paul’s excuse for the house going against them if Jalex have not won the HOH this week.

    • He is not sketchy at all just annoying and scared sh**less. He doesn’t realize that in BB people lie all the time. Now he is finding out that they are lying about him and is in panic mode.

  29. Would like to see Christmas & paul up on the block. Yeah, sure, maybe paul wouldn’t go out to jury, but at least he might get used to the view from there and a few ideas that maybe his minions have a few ideas of their own. THAT I’d like to see.

  30. If Jason agrees to putting Kevin on the block he will be playing the game for somebody else…Raven Josh Christmas and Matt should be his choice…Put either 2 of the 4 on the block let em got at it for Veto win…If one on the block gets veto backdoor one of the remaining 2… Off to bed those of u still up and chatting have a good nite…

    • I agree!!! Kevin and Jason have been super close all summer! Kevin would never give up Jason.
      If Jason puts up Kevin he will lose ALL MY respect I had for him (which wasn’t that much) but more than most of the HGs!! He is the best of the worst! LOL 😂

      But I’m not holding my breath! Good night 😘

    • Paul should be the BD plan… It should be Matt and Christmas on the block. That way you break up one of the couples if Paul wins Veto (and doesn’t use it). Ideally if Jason and Alex align themselves with Christmas and Josh and take out Paul, then Jason and Alex have a huge chance at Final 2/3…. Christmas can’t compete, the final 3 competitions always have at least one physical comp. Take Paul out this week and either Alex, Josh or X-Mas get veto next week and take out Matt, Raven, Josh…. that’s the order if Alex and X-Mas want a chance to win.

  31. Now because Jason is HOH, Matt/Raven and Josh/Christmas should be saving their own a$$es & tell Jason he was Paul’s next target!
    I am NOT going to hold my breath but, if Matt has any brains at all (yet to be determined!!) he should be telling Jason everything!!!
    Matt has to know he’s on the chopping block!?!?
    He has BEEN safe ALL summer & FELT safe ALL summer, it will be interesting to see how he reacts now that he might not feel safe this week for the first time the entire summer……..knowing he is now likely the target. The pressure is finally on Matt!!!! It is finally ‘your time’ to wake up and play the game! It’s time to start talking Matt!
    Or will he continue to be the “mindless moron” (like they’ve ALL been the entire summer) and think he is safe!?
    Sooooo hopefully we might see Paul’s name finally thrown around!!!
    I guess the only way they can fool Matt is by saying Kevin is the target.
    Hopefully Matt doesn’t say what he typically says after Paul tells him what to do “Okay Paul…Whatever YOU say” & then goes to eat more cereal!
    HOPEFULLY Matt starts doing some talking! & EVERYONE starts listening and everyone starts putting the key piece of the puzzle together! (Paul playing everyone!!)

    • Jason needs to put up Josh and Paul or Xmas. Maven is no threat at this point. If he could evict either P/J/ X he would score big jury points.

      • That’s what I’ve said for weeks and weeks. Whoever has the guts and ability to get Paul out, they’ll likely win BB.

      • I totally agree but they will listen to whatever Paul tells them to do so, Jason will likely be putting Matt Up (although I should just read on instead of responding because the answers will be in other blogs) LOL

    • Going by what has been going on throughout the season, Matt will not expose Paul’s secrets (even if it means him going to the block), and if he does, Alex take the message to Paul. Alex (many of the HGs) seems to believe they are in troubled water without Paul in the house.

    • Jason is starting to show he is better player in the game I say they will take him out asap

    • That is actually, a good combo. Paul will not be voted out but, Christmas will be! If Paul gets up by winning the VETO, put in Josh in his place. Minions should be using their heads and focusing on 2nd as the prize is $50,000. That is way more than what they will get from their stipend. Evict Christmas or Josh so, Paul cannot take them to Final 2. Give yourselves a chance at $50,000 for coming in 2nd at a minimum. If you manage to evict Paul when it is down to 4 house guests then, that is the cherry on top!

  32. Jason is probably going to put up xmas because she didn’t pick Alex for the Veto.

    • It still got mark out and stayed with Mark as the target. If she did win and pull Matt off (Raven) maybe she would have tried to flip the vote. If it’s anyone besides Alex and jason winning next I’m sure will try and get Jason out.

  33. If Jason is game-aware he will put up Josh and Christmas, with a BD plan for Paul. I don’t know what it is like in a secluded environment like that, but that is my hope. This is a great chance to take out Paul.

    • Anyone that sits next to paul could get voted out , and then he possibly win next hoh and whoever put him up( what couple or pair would be in deep doodoo 💩 I’m thinking they may keep him for a bit since he would be a vote for whoever they decide next to go with. He’s using a diff strategy to make sure whoever and IF makes to f2, is a person he can beat and not be second for the second time.

      • Jason could probably get Paul out if Kev agrees to a deal where he votes against Paul in exchange for not being put on the block b/c a) Kevin is terrible at comps and b) he doesn’t have the numbers to stay anyway.

      • Yes, that is one way. BUTT is anyone even talking about putting him up ??? Is there any “couple” that would make that move? Paul doesn’t seem like an immediate threat, he’s won what , 2 hoh ? So not that great w comps , and ppl seem to really like him opposed to Raven ! Would go for the stronger players and that is Alex/jason . They got to go !!! 😝

    • The reason to take out Josh and Christmas is Paul is actually going to take either of them to Final 2. Set aside the fact that Paul is very likely to win the $500,000, there is still that $50,000 for 2nd. Anyone of these minions not see that? They would rather just be paid their weekly stipend and call it a night? Jason, Alex, Kevin, Matthew, Raven should all be looking to get 2nd at a minimum. How can you miss that?

    • This ^^

      It would be incredible if Jason would do something like this. It would turn the season around 180 degrees, IMO.

      Question is: Would he have the votes to get Paul out?

      • Tell Maven to vote Paul out if they don’t want to b put OTB. Also, tell Maven not to discuss the plan w/ ANYONE!!!!

      • I don’t think they will , since Paul and Raven are friends outside the house! I don’t think he will be put up .. and f2 w Alex . I dunno .

  34. XMas said her HOH was really successful cuz she got the 2 biggest threats on the block ( Mark and Matt)…. Well , she either delusional or dumb by nature. And what`s the thing with her DR? She does not talks natural, seams like she`s just reading a script.

    • Yeah, she’s a joke. “Making a big move” or “Getting out a big target” is meaningless when the entire house is targeting that person. Funny how these HGs think a big move is getting out a person that everyone wants out.

      A big move is putting up a HUGE target and gathering up votes to get them out. Working for it, convincing people WHY this person is a threat and they have to go. NO ONE has done that this season.

  35. Matt and Raven are useless and weak, not to mention annoying as hell. They will be easy targets. However, they need to start targeting the strong players who have the best chance of getting votes in the end from the jury. Someone is going to have to be brave enough to take the killing shot at Paul.

    • oh yea lots of fun. Everyone do Paul’s bidding while they blindly ignore the fact that he is making deals with all 3 couples…. most boring BB in history.

  36. blah, blah…will ANYONE have the guts to put Paul on the block…even if he’s told he will be the pawn. Wake up, house, you’re giving the game to Paul on a platter.
    Jason grating on my nerves…loud pranster…I wish Alex would have hung-on for the HOH win.

    • Paul’s name was brought up a couple times in the last few weeks about being a pawn and he quickly deflected. None of the HGs were alarmed by this. At all. smh…

  37. Dont you think Paul could win all the competitions, if he wanted too?
    Not winning keeps the HOH nomination blood off his hands. He’s shrewd alright;
    and no one making that big move to put him on the block.

    • Paul had said he didn’t want to win this HOH so he is eligible for a more important one down the line. And also so someone else can split up a couple. Jason, though, seems most likely out of remaining hgs’ to make a move to put Paul up. I think Paul might finally be in danger because even if Alex doesn’t want Jason to do that she would back him up and Kevin would follow. Jason is gaining momentum, it seems.

  38. I missed jasons hoh/house warming, did his wife send a video or pics, where can I find a link?

  39. I would have loved to have seen a relationship between gentle-giant Mark and Christmas.
    Kevin is “dead weight” so does that mean he will be drug along to finals??

    • You never know how the crazy jury would vote. If they voted for all-around game play, and Kevin made it to F2, there’s no way he’d beat Paul, Jason, or Alex for sure since he hasn’t won any comps. It’s not over yet but it’s not looking good for him to win any anytime soon.

      He could possibly beat Josh in a F2, and Matt, Raven and Christmas. Again, depending on how the jury was voting. Kevin’s social game has been pretty stellar. Even Paul recognizes this, as he’s working to turn everyone against Kevin.

  40. the looks on everyone’s faces when Jason won-priceless.
    did you see how crazy matt got? what was up with that? I missed most of the live show.

      • I’ve never seen him more agitated, it was really bizarre and then when Jason won maven looked like someone had just died.
        he got inside and started eating like a crazed pig!

      • Lol, must be because they have about zero interaction with Jason and expect to go on the block. Oh, and Raven really wanted the HOH room, haha. Not that they don’t spend most of their time there already!

  41. Did any of you notice Kevin seemed down during last night/Thursday nights episode?

    And did anyone notice Alex got slammed with mustard & all the other Hgs had way less so when they slammed them with Ketchup it looks like Alex didn’t get hit at all. I think their machine was broken LOL

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