‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH?

It was time for a new Head of Household in the Big Brother 19 house last night and we had a Hex’ing good time ahead of us with the final Den of Temptation set to be unleashed on the game before the night was over.

Julie Chen hosts BB19 Week 5 live show

Paul, the outgoing HoH, had sent his targets Cody & Jessica to the Block and while he knew the Hex was out there he still did not quite know just how it would work. Sure, she’s explained it to him, but he’s expecting a few twists to follow that won’t be. Should she use her Halting Hex power, like I’m expecting, then there’s no vote here and we’ll move on to the next Head of Household competition.

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Before we can even get to all this craziness we’ve got to still get through the Veto Ceremony and Paul’s efforts to pitch Jessica a deal to not use her Hex power and let them vote out Cody.

No surprises here, but Paul used his Veto to save Jason. Since he was the 3rd nominee there was no renom. That leaves Jessica and Cody on the Block to face this eviction vote… if it happens at all.

There was a LOT of awful behavior in the house but CBS only scratches the surface of what happened. We’ve got the Highlights Report (Part 1 & Part 2) and even that is tough to get it all in. You’d need to watch the Live Feeds for the full story.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 5 Votes:

  • “Halting Hex rise, Eviction Night dies!” Jessica announces she’s using the Hex. There is no vote & NO eviction tonight.

With the vote/non-vote over we’ve got the Head of Household Competition. HGs will be putting their way to control of the nominations

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 6 HoH Comp – “Gravestone Golf”:

  • Round 1: Matthew – 6
  • Round 2: Alex – 2
  • Round 3: Mark – 15
  • Round 4: Jason – 15
  • Round 5: Cody – 21
  • Round 6: Christmas – 21
  • Round 7: Elena – 13
  • Round 8: Jessica – 2
  • Round 9: Josh – 23
  • Round 10: Raven – 13
  • Round 11: Kevin – 6

Josh wins HOH! Oh my. Well we know where this is going to go, right?

Gallery: HoH Competition ‘Gravestone Golf’

BUT, all hope isn’t lost for Jessica & Cody’s game. One can win the Temptation Comp to be safe then the other of the pair could be saved by the Veto. If that happens, well then watch out Mark.

Here’s the timeline so you’re ready: Friday has the Temptation Comp & Nominations. Saturday has the Veto Comp. Monday as the Veto Ceremony. Stick with us for all of those spoilers!

After the show we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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  1. I hope Jessica doesn’t use the hex just to make things much more interesting. That probably isn’t the best move for her, but hey, I’m sure people who are neutral viewers would be interested in seeing what would happen.

    • I want her to use the HEX. I am sick of all the mystery and will she or won’t she. Jess is not that important and I’m tired of so much attention on her and Paul. Besides by using it, she will keep Cody in the house to compete in the comps and 2 is better than one. I don’t care who does it. I want Paul’s eviction to be near.

      • Paul’s eviction more than Cody and Jessica will force the other house guests to play their own game! That is what needs to happen. As long as Paul remains, they will just vote out Jessica then, Cody or vice versa then, eat one of their own, Josh, Mark, Elaina. Chances are good, nobody will try and evict Paul until it is down to 4 people. That would be 8 weeks of boring evictions which you already know who it is going to be! Like watching paint dry!

      • What I find interesting about this scenario is that by not using the hex, she could either go home or be potentially safe for another two weeks. But even if she uses the hex, it’s still very possible that Jody will be on the block again after this upcoming POV. It’s kinda a 50/50ish thing to me because they have three comps to prevent that from happening, but it’s still a possibility. I think she’s going to use the hex though. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing another potential tragedy, which was when Ramses went home last week. :/

        EDIT: Even though Ramses could’ve won HOH or POV to save himself, he should’ve NEVER been on the block after POV.

      • Ramses is a scrub. He was never trusted first of all and secondly he took the $25k according to Paul. Paul is going to run over everyone and he’s going to unanimously win the jury.

      • If you watched the season premiere, you would’ve seen that there was a challenge. The first person to hit their button would anonymously claim 25k. The first person to do that was KEVIN. Based on that, we can conclude that Paul is lying about who won the 25k.

      • It’s not a lie, Kevin did push button and he ruffled his shirt to make it look like he was sweating bullets!

      • Yup he is and is the best player in the game you need to lie cheat and steal whatever it takes to win it’s a game and right now Paul is the best one…hopfully Cody and Jessica are gone …and we won’t have to sit thru thier crap anymore…zo sick of them

      • Jess & Cody are the best. come on Evil Paul should never have been brought back, ! BIG BRO !

      • You are so dumb lol if you watch the premiere kevin got the cash. I think your trolling us lmao

      • I watched the show when Kevin pressed the button and he was awarded the money. He also won another $27.00 after that.

      • You are either clueless or not a fan of the show. Anyone who watches the show knows Kevin took the money. Paul knows Kevin has it but lied on Ramses to protect Kevin.

      • YES but Paul is a liar,he knows that Kevin won it ,thats why i hate Ayatola Paul the dictator

      • Kevin took the 25K. Ramses did nothing wrong, he was too nice and by using him as a pawn got evicted.

      • Don’t change the subject now #FanBoy let’s first hear you say you were wrong and concede Kevin did get the 25k

      • Paul lied about the $25,000; Kevin took the money in the first competition of the season. Go back and watch episode one. That’s the one where he took the money.

      • You go back and watch episode one. Your attitude is childish as best. You need to change your diaper in the process because you are not only retarded but you also have no facts whatsoever.

      • Actually, you are wrong. I’m not the only one who has told you that. I have a co-worker who is actually paying to watch the live feeds. I’ve another co-worker who watches it as well. We conferred about it and they all agree Kevin took the $25,000. Now before you suggest that someone is retarded and needs their diaper changes you need to go back and watch the first episode. I expect you to do that and then provide me with an apology. I will also go back and watch the first episode since I can watch it on demand. If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize to you. However, I’m sure I’m not. The question is, are you a mature enough adult to do that? I certainly wasn’t derogatory to you when I told you that you are incorrect in what you said. I gave you the who, when and the resulting consequence of that $25,000 being accepted.

      • Well, I just confirmed that Kevin took the $25,000. You can down vote what I said all you want. However, you’re still wrong about who took the $25,000. You can also look it up online.
        I know await your apology not only for your rude remarks as well as for disputing an accurate statement regarding who took the $25,000.
        Are you man enough to admit you’re wrong?

      • I think the real question is are you man enough to see that asking for an apology shows that you’re desperate?

    • Interesting if Jess goes home and Cody wins HOH… next week would be pretty interesting lol… and I’m definitely not a Cody fan but a girl needs some excitement in her life ;)

  2. Just sayin’, Paul looks an awful lot like Eddie Munster. Anyone remember him?

    • I wonder how smart she thinks she is now that she used her hex, neither her nor Cody won HOH, and they are both in serious jeopardy? Does anybody think she’ll actually realize now why Paul flushed it out. She could’ve had atleast another week of safety, and time to rebuild some hope of staying longer. She really blew it for a guy! She may thinks she’s smart but she looks really stupid. She could date him after the show! Why blow her whole game for one week? Seriously the worst season of BB ever!

      • You’re delusional. Jessica’s only chance is to keep Cody in the game. Paul and therefore rest of house is gunning for her regardless and he is the only person in the house she can trust.

        Big Brother is disgusting keeping Paul in the house 3 weeks with their America voted for Paul BS. Just behind the scenes string pulling to keep him in the game.

      • well then you’re an idiot..because she could’ve been safe by letting the house vote cody out, using the hex this week, that would’ve gotten her further than if she goes home this week now wouldn’t it Einstein

      • And keeping Cody in the game he or she could have won Head of Household. What good is it to last a few weeks longer by betraying your only trusted one? If you don’t win the money it does no good to stay longer Einstein. And we will never know how soon they would have turned on her. Paul even crossed his fingers when he made that deal. Those people blind sided her twice not one of them can be trusted.

      • You don’t win money by giving away your only sure thing. She would have been safe this week. Now your gamble that she or cody could’ve won hoh didn’t happen, so she has neither the hex nor the hoh. You can’t win money if you are in the jury house. This crew turned on Dominique in five seconds and kept her in by a 10-0 vote. They are mad at mark, they are mad at elena, they could turn on them. Jessica had a huge opportunity to gain a chance of sticking around beyond the hex if she had let the anchor dragging her down go, Einstein.

      • Actually you could win BB by giving away your only sure thing and keeping your only true Ally. Even you should be able to figure that one out genius.

      • I’m sure that’s going to happen mensa – why don’t you explain to all of us how that’s gonna happen, and how many times somebody has given away a sure thing and won…please, enlighten us dumbass

      • Jessica pretty much blew it last week when she didn’t put Paul up. I will explain this really slow for you. Anyone who has agreed to be put up as a pawn has given up a sure thing. Are you new?

      • still waiting for you to explain how you win by giving away a sure thing and keeping your ally, and the example of when this has happened…you a little slow?

      • I just told you but I guess you need to be told many times. Has anyone ever won that agreed to be put up as a pawn? If you agree to go up as a pawn you are giving up a sure thing of not being put on the block. Has a pawn ever went home? No one has ever won without an ally.

      • still waiting, look at your statement and if you can’t back it up just refute it…you never mentioned pawn in that statement, nor have I. give it another shot

  3. I’m saying my prayers to the BB Gods, crossing my fingers and toes and hoping Kevin wins this next HOH.. this comp might be his best chance since it’s part skill and part luck.

  4. Ok so I know the hex will be used. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds and who wins HOH. I just hope I’m happy when this episode is over.

  5. Again, Cody did say something very similar to that. But again, that’s the Brigade strategy, and it is a tried and true strategy, so it’s not like that hasn’t been done before.

    • Well there was that one time Cody called Jess Alex in bed while they were getting all cuddly. It’s probably made her very insecure towards Alex if nothing else. Plus how quickly Cody changed his mind after nominating her

  6. Ironically my favorite houseguests are Cody and josh lol. I wish Jessica didn’t use the hex so they can vote her out! I

  7. Oh my god Jess.
    “My mom watches this show, is she going to love you, or is she going to hate you?”
    Dude, you’ve been sucking him off on live TV – idk about your mom, but my mom wouldn’t let me leave the house ever again. And that’s IF I wasn’t shipped off to a nunnery ASAP.
    Have some self-respect please.

  8. That’s why we didn’t the veto meeting yesterday. there was more stuff to show us first.

  9. Hey, it’s finally time for the Veto meeting! That only took an additional day and 15 minutes.

  10. AWWW, Paul is upset because he thought he had her in his pocket; they laughed at that silly speech.

    • The stupidest part of that whole scenario? I’m pretty sure Paul coaxed Jason in what to say (wasn’t watching the feeds for that, but that’s what I read on one of the update sites – Joker’s, I think), so that was just the first thing that backfired on him that day.

  11. I’d also love to mention that I finally purchased a pair of Alex style kitty ears. Too cute!
    Although with shipping they won’t be here till the season finale! haha

  12. I hate how Jessica and Cody just disrespected the game…they both need to go. That wasn’t a slap against Paul, that was the game…disgusting!

  13. Omg! Will she, won’t she? Who cares! At this point it’s become a season of real world. 12 strangers put in a house….. People need to leave!

      • But they were still talking about Jess in one way or another. Had Raven just said “we were talking about the Hex,” everything would have been fine.

      • Yes but Cody and Jessica are arguing “personal attacks”. That’s not even close to what happened

      • Yes that was mighty suspicious, but that doesn’t mean Jessica and Cody can just assume something that is not true and go after her about it

      • Because they have no idea what happened. They’ve been on the opposite side of the majority who’s been gunning for them all season (yes, for a stupid move made by Cody week 1, but that’s besides the point), so what they hell were they supposed to think?! That they were saying how much they love Jody and want them to stay together?

      • Well maybe Jessica should go home then and play monopoly. This is BB and everyone talks crap. She’s the biggest crap talker and needs to look in a mirror.

    • They weren’t talking bad about her. But Jessica sure talks crap about other people. But she thinks she’s special.

      • Who cares though. She talks about Alex constantly and when she’s walked in the room she’s shut up. Same thing. Hypocritical I think.

  14. It s time for both Paul and Alex to go. I hope Cody wins next HOH and turns the game into something interesting.

  15. Jessica you only have one person to trust because you isolate yourself to him…

  16. Can you imagine – if, week 1 – cody re-nom’d josh instead of paul/christmas. How different this game would’ve been.

  17. Alex is going to be embarrassed when she watched this back. Raven hid the ears!

    Is Raven a dance teacher? With this behavior, I would pull my child.

    • Right!! He has the perfect puppet in Josh. I am shocked and appalled at Paul.
      I so wish he hadn’t returned.

    • You know he really impressed me this week. He’s been super calm and staying away from all the drama even though in every scene he’s standing there.
      I’m glad he was the voice of reason, and that he didn’t play his part in it all. It will really help him gain jury votes if he makes it to the end – although he’s going to have to ditch Raven. She’s freaking nuts.

  18. I love that everyone is getting all heated and intense, and then you just see Christmas in the back on her scooter rolling to catch up. I’m dead.

    • Oh, she put her two cents in, she’s far from innocent. What they didn’t show was how much she egged Josh on.

    • Yep the other night Paul and Christmas had Josh telling him things to say and do. She is not Innocent.

  19. “Now I’m excited for you to use the Hex.”

    As am I, Cody. Bring on the drama!

  20. The funny thing is Raven on the actual show hasn’t done anything wrong, so the casual audience will think Jessica is crazy

    • Right? My mom ONLY watches the show, and when I was asking how she felt about Raven she didn’t even know who she was or that she had any sort of disease. I mentioned her constantly talking about how terminal and sad her diseases are, and how she’s constantly asking for money, my mom was SHOCKED. She had NO CLUE!!
      They paint Raven as an innocent little girl with cute hair.

  21. They haven’t had this epic fight for a long time. They finally got one to put on their BB collection.

  22. Wow – Matt actually said something smart. And MArk sees it too. These HGs are some of the worst people I’ve seen on this show

    • Mark said in the DR last episode that he was bullied when he was younger. So, yeah, that was personal for him. And Matt was against this from the start.

    • These people are not even close to the worst. Banging pans together? F bombs every two seconds? Please!

  23. I got news for everyone, Paul, Josh and whomever else would have their ASSES beat down by Cody. Punks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And Mark too. These wussies mouth off and say things they would never say in real life. Josh being #1 – Cody/Mark would plant him

  24. Wait. Jessica stole Alex’s ears. Lied about it and is wearing them to the eviction ceremony

    • No, those aren’t the same ears. Alex’s were cutout and sparkly at the edges. The ones Jess is wearing tonight are filled in.

    • Lol. I saw them and I thought the same thing. If those are Alex’s did she lend them to her or she needs to yank them off of her head.

    • a while back Jess complained that Alex was wearing cat ears because Jess wanted cat ears to be HER thing, but they couldn’t be with Alex wearing her own pair.
      I’m pretty sure it was Raven who stole them from Alex, at Jess’s behest

  25. Thank you Matt. What an embarrassment indeed. Now get rid of that embarrassment you’re messing around with.

  26. So glad they showed Paul true colors. I don’t have the feeds but read about it. In my opinion that went way beyond game play.

  27. She needs Cody to put Paul up again. If she’s thinkin with her lady parts, she’ll use the hex just to keep ‘him’ around a little longer.

  28. I’m amazed about all this bullying that is going on this season. It is sad and upsetting. Cody said some out of the way things but the others are just as bad if not worse. I’m disappointed that it is being allowed to continue. 😟

    • If he was then they would not have shown footage of him leading the charge of bullying against Jessica and Cody in the live show.

    • This is the most disappointing season yet! i can’t believe how many people are just standing by and letting this insanity continue.

  29. Wow I literally cried watching that scene of them ganging up on Jessica and Cody, that is bullying and so sad to see Paul provoking it,and Ravin is not the southern bell she tries to portray on tv!

  30. And this is why no double eviction everyone was saying. The drama took up more then half the show.

    • No DE until the save yourself temptation is over. 2 weeks. They couldn’t fit 3 comps in 1 hr. Hoh, temptation and veto.

  31. Honestly I believe Paul knows his time is limited. He will not win BB this year.. He’s making the best of his time there… Cody and Jessica won’t either unless others in the house make amends but there is so much animosity in the house it will be difficult to see. Personally Jessica is crazy. I’m gonna risk losing $500k for some dude I just met…. I’d use it to save myself. Heck he could win and they don’t last will he give her some money.??

    • what do u like about paul? I don’t understand his fandom. he is not smart, just manipulative and its not a friendly manipulation its sick, personal, and alittle twisted imo. with him here there is no loyalty. if he had made that deal with Jess, on cody going out, he should not have backed out on his word. he did it so nonchalantly.

      • It is a game…I believe when it comes to strong people BB makes you look like something you may not be.. weak people get devoured on this show… People complain about lies but that’s what BB is… it a game about lying and manipulation… a game of survival… I believe it’s more of a mental game than physical…not too much but you have to have a strategic skills…. I watch live feeds too so I see other things.. most houseguest talk about outside the house and what friendships they want to have… Paul is funny and as he admitted a character but as he keeps saying it’s a game… don’t take stuff too personal..

        Paul would not go after Alex that’s his final 2 he was lying to Jessica…to get Cody out.

  32. This bIg Brother is the most disgusting display of human garbage ever. Jessica and Cody, and Mark, I can’t believe you stayed in this house with such scumbags. SHAME ON BIG BROTHER, for allowing such BULLYING!

  33. And nobody is reacting…Jessica ruined such a great eviction by ruining the surprise

  34. the behaviour toward jessica and cody is pure bulling and paul is behind it he told josh to bang the pots so who are the true bullies and big brother is allowing it

  35. I am a big fan of Big Brother and Julie but Julie and CBS allowing and condoning BULLYING even on a games just shows how money is more important than setting an example of no bullying. People commit suicide from bullying and you just showed it’s okay. Shame on you.

      • Nobody is going to commit suicide from this….that is too much of a serious allegation to bring it to

      • And it’s not like they were condoning it – they had Matt and Mark’s DR sessions saying that it was too much.

      • Yes, but it’s easy to say in the DR….stepping up & putting a halt to it, is a whole other level. Doing nothing is no different than standing on a sidewalk watching someone on the street harassing another person.

      • Well I hope not and that wasnt the context I wrote it in. The context was, bullying is being highlighted on a National TV show. I shoukd hope no one would kill themselves over BB. Although I had thoughts after Josh won HoH.

    • To see that bullying is bad?

      Besides, BB, as a format, is supposed to demonstrate transparency with what’s going on inside the house especially when dealing with events that affects the over-all narrative of the season so it had to be shown.

      • Right, but if Jess or Cody win the tc, then Josh can nominate 2 pawns and Christmas can use her temptation to keep the other one from competing in the veto comp. Then whoever wins veto can just take a pawn off and Josh can put up Jess or Cody. On the flip side of that coin, Jess or Cody can throw the TC and guarantee a spot to play for Veto to try to prevent a backdoor.

      • “The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence”

        Please tell me where I’m wrong. Unless Jess or Cody gets picked as a HGs choice, then Christmas can use her temptation to swap places with one of them.

  36. That was funny. My heart stopped. I thought something bad was going to happen. Hope Paul is not eligible to play in the HOH comp.

  37. I see Kevin dressed up, but Jason looks the same. They were both supposed to look nice tonight.

      • I think it’s because there’s been a lot of endurance/athletic HOH comps, they are warned ahead of time what to wear

      • Eh, game wise it’s smarter to get Cody out, since he’ll win more comps, but personally I’d rather have robot Cody in the house than Jessica. If Jessica or Cody win however, they need to take out a big threat this week, so no going after Josh

      • They got to get Jess first. Production would prefer to keep Jess. Cody has no personality. Jess is ideal.

  38. They were expecting this, they already have a plan for next week…they weren’t shocked.

  39. So, apparently the buzz word of this season is bullying. Was it a bad showing of some people, sure. Was it annoying? You betcha. But seriously. Not bullying. Being mean is not bullying.

  40. Big brother allowing bullying in the house🤢Jessica, Cody and Mark should alI walk out of the house and disgrace big brother!!💩

  41. Seems to me the bully was Cody when he got in Paul’s face. But people who dislike Paul wouldn’t realize that.

    • Same for Cody. Those who dislike him (C) doesn’t see that Paul baited him… Invited him to a conversation he didn’t want to have, tell his girl to lower her already lowered voice, told him to leave and when he was leaving, followed him still talking crap, calling him a coward.

      • Well to be fair Paul and Cody were “loud whispering”, Jess started talking at a regular pitch so he asked her to lower her voice

  42. This is the most irritating season of BB yet! I was excited when Paul was going to be in the house. I always thought he was funny & did some good game play. Wasn’t a fan of Cody, he had too much of an attitude. But I’m over how Paul has changed & listening to him getting mad because Jessica chose to us the Hex when he neeeverrrr has any intention of keeping any of his promises. And I am so over Big Brother allowing the pathetic immature behavior they’ve been allowing, from supposed adults. I think they encourage it! Past BB seasons have not had this level of immaturity!
    As for Josh….I’m way close to stop watching because of him. He acts like a child!!
    All this lack of self control is ridiculous!!!

      • Yes, but that season still wasn’t as bad as this one. It’s just out of control & several are sadly reflecting little character or any level of integrity. I just think it’s at a new low. Just kinda sad.

      • I didn’t say I supported the behavior, just pointed out that there’s nothing new about the behavior in the BB house.

  43. Wow. Did not see that coming.

    Well, guess we can have one hell of a week! Watch for Josh to get major HOH-itis, despite Paul being the one in control.

    • It’s fun for the HoH to be somebody who’s going to hand over control of it to somebody else? Interesting.

      • No it’s fun because he’s crazy. The feeds will be golden. And as an added bonus he wants Cody gone and Alex is safe.

      • What will be golden? Josh isn’t funny, he’s incredibly lame in his attempts to be. “About to get meatball blindsided”… What does that even mean? That’s not proper English. He’s now regurgitating the same sing along thing with the pots and pans that isn’t funny either. Crazy sure but his actual HOH decisions will be Paul’s wishes, not his own. You’re kind of sounding biased in that you don’t like Cody and do like Alex — not sure why, she started well as a good competitor who was there to do her own thing but ever since became Paul’s sheep with so many others, stopped winning things, and hypocritically called Jessica’s HoH weak for not targeting big players when Alex didn’t with her HoH either and tonight cracked that she was better at comps than Jessica when Jessica has pretty well caught up to her in wins. Not sure what’s fun about yet another copycat week of attacking Jess and Cody as opposed to turning the tide and doing something else for once. Though I agree that won’t happen this week, that would be more entertaining than repetition.

      • Disappointing response, you’ve been one to debate well and offer up good discussion, which is exactly what I was trying to engage in. I also never suggested that I didn’t want to watch just because the week isn’t shaping up as great in my opinion. I’m sorry to see this lazy effort is all you had. If there’s a week where Cody evicts Alex, I won’t be telling you not to watch. You’re better than that.

      • Lol yeah I guess it was kind of a lazy reply. I’ll give you that. I’m just saying it sounds like you don’t like anyone. Just wondering who do you like? And I know as a fan you’ll watch. If all of my favorites are gone (which happens a lot on other seasons) I just sit back and relax and enjoy the show because at that point I don’t care who wins. Guess I’m just tired of hearing on twitter and other forums if so and so is gone I’m done and never watching again. When I know they will. So I’m sorry if you took my comment offensive.

      • I appreciate this reply, thank you. I didn’t really take offense but it’s nice you apologized. I agree with you it’s tiring hearing people talk about giving up on the show when it’s not going their way, and I wouldn’t stop watching because of that, or throw out an empty threat that I was going to. I’ve also watched favourites leave, happens every year but I still stick it out. I tend to have unpopular favourites admittedly lol. Last year I liked Paulie (not everything he did, though) and this season while I don’t like some of how he plays I’m on Cody’s side. Though I make an effort not to speak with bias, and the only reason I voiced displeasure with how this week might shape up is because it feels like a broken record; House attacks Jess and Cody, where have we heard this before. I tend to side with competitors, particularly ones who don’t like the idea of sitting any out or throwing any competitions. While Paul is his enemy, there are many things I like about how Paul is playing (definitely not everything) and earlier in the season I liked Alex for playing her own game and being a fiery competitor. The last few weeks though I feel that’s all gone from her. I liked Matt as the season started but him doing nothing has hurt that. He won a little back from me when he stood his ground against the ‘Crack Cody’ crap, but not enough. And for the record my problem with that wasn’t because it was against Cody, I just thought it was too far for a tactic, and I’m somebody who never asks players to be nice or play nice in Big Brother, but still thought this was too far. I hated Dick Donato for a reason.

  44. Kevin threw that comp. He made sure it went to the corner. I really hoped he got one in the 30s or 40s that were near the 2.

  45. I wish there was a way to watch the houseguests live after tonights episode goes off…..

  46. So Paul wins HOH via Josh.
    I can’t watch live feeds the rest of the weeks.

  47. I cannot believe that big brother would approve of harassment.You have Paul who was not going to honour his deal. But when Jessica decide not to go along with the plan Paul in courage the other house quests to harass her and Cody. I had to sit my teenage son down and explained to him that the way they were acting was not right at any time for any reason. I think big brother should apologize to everyone. My son and I will no longer be watching the show. Shame on big brother executives for not stepping in and stopping it.

    • You didn’t stop 4 years ago when they were tormenting people of different races but will for throwing f bombs and banging pots and pans?

    • did you explain to your kid that it’s a game and people do bad things to each other when money is on the line.

    • Cody and Jessica have no one to blame but themselves,they walk around the BB house like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off at any minute,

      • They think they are better than everyone else. I don’t feel one bit sorry for them.

    • Did you explain to them it is not right to suggest you grab someone by the hair and drown them so you can live happily ever after.

    • It would definitely seem that way, but can we really think that anyone will have complete control over a nutjob like Josh? Its going to be a really interesting week.

      • I think she’s till going to be the target next week, and that will still split up Jody with one going home and one going to jury the week after.

      • Do they really want Cody in Jury? He’s just gonna fight his way back and it’ll be the Cody vs Paul show all over again

      • I don’t think they’re worried about Cody because even if he battles his way back again… Everyone will still want to send him right back out. Nobody seems like they are ever going to help Cody, and I can’t say I really blame them. Jess would have more of a shot at getting back in the game socially. I’m not sure either has much of a shot any more though.

      • They wanted Cody gone, this was her chance to save herself and possibly grab more allies, some that would actually take care of her

      • How do you possibly believed they were genuinely going to help Jessica if she let Cody go? They told her what she wanted to hear to get her to listen and then they were going to forget about it all and go back on the deal. She would have been the next target. She wouldn’t have gotten the 2 weeks of safety. They weren’t going to go after Alex. No idea why you think they weren’t lying to her to get what they wanted.

      • … yet that move made her an even bigger target and are going to want to send home instead of her Jerk boyfriend. Think about it, they left her alone and went after Dominique instead of her. The day he came back, her game was officially screwed and is still going downhill from there

      • Do you think Cody will walk out, if Jessica is voted out? I mean they almost walked out together this week.

      • She threw away the last opportunity to win 500,000 for a showmance that will last about 10 minutes in the real world,this is about playing BB,not The Dating Game.

      • Now if only Josh has enough competence to throw away this rather egregious oversight in a move that was somehow dumber than the last

      • I’m seriously looking forward to them! I can’t wait to see the comments on BBnetwork as the week rolls on too.

      • Trying to find out how to make themselves believe that the comp wasn’t fair, lol

      • I haven’t watch the feeds for days..I’m watching tonight. I’m going to RHAP Podcasters too, I wanna hear what they have to say. It should be an interesting week.

      • I’m usually fast asleep this time of the night, but I stayed awake to watch. I’m happy I did. If I had a Cuban cigar, I’d honestly smoke it in the AM. Haha

      • Can you overnight it? lol Last time I smoked a cigar, I turned a little green, but it would be worth it!

      • I’m sure some are mad as he!! that the big bully won, but I think it is the absolute best thing that could have happened.

      • We should get a very interresting week. Who will play in the Temptation comp ? Cody will, so who will try to stop him. Will Jess play ? Only one can win. If neither win safety, they both going on the block, no crap with the backdoor. Should also be a memorable veto. Excitement.

        So where that new t-shirt ?

      • Yes, but I didn’t loose power or net. Lots of water, but I’m high, so that’s ok.

      • New one??? I never got my 1st one. The Postal Service is slow from Ca to the mountains of Tenn.

      • Some gal named Holly sent me a comment after the show about how i was supporting a bully and blah, blah, blah. I was nice, just like i was to you know who before the show.

      • I’m not starting with you tonight. After the little display you and TGJ put on in my absence. You got a lot a splaining to do, Lucy! lol

      • I went out to visit my sister and came back and you two had put me in the dog house. I’m half asleep, I’m sure ya’ll can tell, and not thinking at my best capacity. When I am, you and TGJ are going to get an ear full. Be afraid! lol Ok, night all, I’m out. Yeah, Baby Meatball. I told you Cy was a great parent!

      • I hate this time different during BB. I’m up at 5 AM EST you are still snoozing. Hopefully by the time I get my work done tomorrow i can come online and you will have some new stuff. that will make my day.

      • Yes, I did. I usually DVR and watch the next morning, but I got home right before it started and it was worth staying up to see OH MY GOSH JOSH win that! I know you all had some funny stuff on the thread. I’ll be reading it in the AM.

      • Watching without the keyboard. Laughed so hard when he opened that door in his tutu and said it was circus time. LOL
        You going to be able to sleep tonite with all this excitement?

      • I’m hunting my Depends first thing in the AM. I might need them before this week is over. I’m planning on laughing a lot.

      • And find a bib cos we may be spitting out some drinks laughing so hard.
        Seriously I’m glad for JOsh, he’s so excited and wouldn’t it be great if HE gets to evict Cody?

      • OMG he was excited. Julie asked what he was mostly looking forward to in his room. He was already crying when Julie asks, “a letter from your mom?” Baby Huey cries, “a letter from my mom.” Oh, to be such a proud mother over her Baby Huey crying. And now all the sugar candy Huey will consume to up his energy of pan banging. and singing.

  48. Well I can sleep happy now knowing Jess, Cody, or Mark are going home this week.
    Yay Meatball for bringing one for the home team!

  49. Jess, Cody, Jason and Kevin should have a serious talk with Josh and see if they can turn him. I doubt it, but is worth a shot.

  50. Josh is a tool. If he is making his family proud then there in lies the problem. #punkass.

  51. Paul is a manipulative sociopath. Bb19 surrounded him with the weakest minded people – well played cbs.

  52. Josh is insufferable enough without this so I am dreading this week. But if nominated there is always the safety comp and veto so it might be interesting.

  53. What difference does it make? Big Brother has become the Cody and Jess reality tv show.

    • Anyone could have won that one. It wasn’t that difficult. Intentionally done of course.

      • That’s what I thought too. Seemed like the only ones who really tried were Alex, Christmas, Josh and Jody. The others seemed to be intentionally going for the lower numbers on the left to throw the comp.

  54. Well I’m 90% sure I’m done with this season. It has became the Paul show and that to me is so boring. I liked Paul at the start but having as many allies has he has now = boring. Had high hopes for this season because there was a chance a veteran would not be in the game. I liked Paul but he has destroyed This season and has made it boring and predictable.

      • well that was dumb. I should of realized it big brother my favorite tv show. Even if I hate the way the house is right now.
        Josh is HOH and that likely means more meatballs. Well I now feel dumb to even think about stop watching Big Brother.

    • So did you quit watching all other seasons too??? Derrick ran the house the entire season and did it sitting around pretty much doing nothing but talking his way through. He had the house eating out of his hand. Paul is working the house and has a great social game too. GO PAUL

  55. Well, targets will be predictable to a fault this week, but I’m gonna hold out hope that Josh will keep us as entertained as Vanessa did every time she won HOH in BB17.

    • Vanessa, as much as I can’t stand her, is a fantastic player mostly because her outbursts were true. Josh’s crying is just that of a crybaby. God why do they trust him with this?!

    • Its definitely going to be a train wreck. Paul will have to work his butt off to keep Josh from going off on some wild tangent with nominations, lol. Seriously, Paul will have his work cut out keeping this nutjob in line. I’m really looking forward to seeing the chaos of this week.

      • Yeah, he’d better get some rest tonight because I’m not sure how much he’s going to get the rest of the week, lol.

      • What are you all talking about? Paul isn’t going to have any problems getting Josh to do what Paul wants him to do. Are you actually watching or just playing off Josh’s personality? He’s going to be a total yes man just like he’s been all along. Example Paul says “Turn it up to 30” Josh says “Duh gee OK PAUL!”

      • Were you watching.? When I saw Cody’s score, I was looking at Paul’s face…I was like damn, this could be bad, until Christmas tied his score, then my baby went for the kill. lol

      • I’ve actually just finished watching it now. I set the DVR to record the Live Eviction/HOH comp episodes because I’m usually busy with one thing or another.

        *** If it hadn’t been for Christmas, I would have paused and checked the spoilers here first, lol

      • YESSS! 100% agree. It will still go Paul’s way ultimately, but damn hard work to get there. Josh will absolutely let the power of the HOH go to his head and I for one CAN’T WAIT!

  56. Jessica rolled the dice tonight and got snake eyes,just don’t get these two..knowing full well they have no protection next week but there they sat,cocky and smirking at everyone else in the house,these two have to have the worse social game in the history of BB,neither one gets this game..they just sat there with their frozen Death Star stares,just two empty vessels that have not one clue whatsoever about anything.

      • You’re one of the only ones on this board right now keeping me sane. So many other comments drawing major wtf’s out of me.

      • your opinion and perception not mine and at the end of the day your perception is your reality

      • That perception is shared by the majority acturally. Heck, even Julie Chen all but said the Jury got it wrong last year.

      • I know I hold an unpopular opinion, but Paul didn’t deserve to win last year. I think Julie said that to appease the angry fans who just didn’t like Nicole/didn’t want a vet to win. And that’s why so many things this year were in Paul’s favor. To “make up” for last year.

      • Well if that’s the case – other BB players also should be brought back for another chance that deserved to win! I can’t stand Paul – didn’t like him last year and like him even less this year. They need to just end this season and hand Paul the money because that is what production wants to do. Every scene is edited to make Paul look good and Cody look bad. So all the Paul supporters approve of his bully tactics? I’m done with BB

      • Oh I completely agree. I couldn’t stand Paul last year and I can’t stand him this year. I think the whole thing is completely ridiculous.

      • Cody was on target when he said Paul wasn’t anything but a TV character – plus Paul has plenty of money so I don’t see any other reason for him to be back on BB except as a character actor. Here’s an idea – how about Paul going on Survivor? How long would he last when he has to actually work for something? Just my opinion but he wouldn’t be able to railroad anybody on Survivor and without his plush surroundings he wouldn’t last a week.

      • Oh and another thing – that year when the racist remarks were on BB CBS posted a disclaimer before every show. Why haven’t they felt the need to post one before BB 19 shows about bullying. This is the worst I have ever seen and the major perpetrator is Paul. Amanda was pretty annoying on her season but nothing like what is going on this year. Those fans that are all about Paul make me wonder if they are bullies too? Look to last year when he did the same thing to Frank and Bridget so there is a pattern and no one can convince me he is not a bully period.

      • I had completely forgotten that they actually put a disclaimer before the show. BB15 wasn’t even that long ago, but apparently as soon as a new seasons starts the old house guests tend to fade from my memory.

        I really wish they wouldn’t edit certain people to look so innocent on the show. I know they have a narrative they want, but it’s quite frustrating when talking to friends/family who only know what CBS wants them to see.

  57. Hell has frozen over! How can Josh be the HOH yet, he won it? Unbelievable! Cody and Jessica need to both compete for that Temptation competition. That is their only chance. They need to win that then, the VETO to stay safe.