Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 5?

We finally get to nine votes after weeks stuck at ten in the Diary Room on Big Brother 19 only to have the whole thing resting on the edge of Jessica Graf’s big decision tonight. Will she use her Halting Hex and throw the HGs for a loop?

Jessica Graf on Big Brother 19

Really though, there’s no mystery here. Jessica has to use the Hex. Last night’s episode left us with a cliffhanger trying to suggest that Jessica might not know whether to save Cody or hang on to her power for an extra week. Ain’t gonna happen.

Paul has his targets right where he wants them, but that isn’t good enough this time around. When Jessica uses her Hex it’ll stop the vote from even happening as she’ll have to make the announcement before anyone goes in the DR. The vote will vanish, no one will be evicted, and the night will carry on to the next HoH comp, a putting challenge, to secure the power and control of the next nominations.

Of course it’s entirely possible that Jessica decides against saving her ally Cody, but it’s so illogical that I’d be shocked even by Jessica making that kind of move. We’ll be watching to see what happens because should there be a vote the HGs will have to decide to get their bigger comp threat or the nominee who holds a special power for another week.

Join us back tonight at 9/8c to find out, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.


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  1. What was so funny about the cliff hanger is that you had to think the show was so happy it happened like that once it became apparent what Jessica would do and that they had a skill challenge that was only going to take up more than like eight minutes because it will take Christmas a little time to maneuver. And especially because the giant house brouhaha that took place. Then because everyone was reprimanded, that everyone retreated to their corners (I haven’t looked today yet, but they probably are just waking up).

  2. I think they will use the Hex, they will null the eviction, there will be a quickie HOH comp, just like on a double eviction night, 2 nominees, quickie POV, then a quickie eviction, followed by the normal HOH comp which will be completed after the live show. They just have too many people in the house without someone going home..

    • They also have the safety comp in play for the next two evictions, I think, unless they make an exception.

      • It isn’t a DE. After the original eviction is nullified, they would just have a quick HOH comp, noms, POV, temptation challenge, whatever, and a vote to send one nominee home. Then run the regularly scheduled HOH competition. Julie said using the Hex would affect everyone in the house, she didn’t say how.

      • I don’t think they’ll do all that. They still have to show the POV ceremony then they will show everything that happened after the veto ceremony with the bullying then finally they’ll get to the hex and noneviction then they’ll play the HOH. That will all fill up the show I think. Look at last night. Over 1/2 hr of Jody and their lovers spat. But just have to wait and see.

      • I think the way that the Hex affected the whole house was the release of the Temptation Comp for 3 weeks (now 2 weeks). Every DOT has come with a consequence, and that’s what Julie meant.

      • That’s what I think, too, don’t know why the house doen’st think that.

      • Exactly, so there won’t be a DE tonight IMO. However, it sure makes it ripe for next week.

    • There’s actually one fewer person left than they had planned because Megan quit. I’ve assumed that’s why they made this Halting Hex power to begin with – to cancel that out.

      • Honestly they probably had all of that already laid out – Megan quitting probably just means one less double eviction later on, or they won’t do a jury battle back.
        Or who knows, maybe BBUS will take a page from BBCAN and had a triple eviction planned :3

      • You mean there may be another battle back? And someone from the jury will go back into the house? This is a real possibility?

      • Well of course, they’ve done a lot of jury battle backs in recent seasons. Look at Victor, the guy came back 2ce haha

      • I remember that they COULDN’T get rid of Victor , lol ! But I didn’t realize that he came back after making the jury . I hope that next season , there are no battle backs , no Pandora’s box , no roadkill comp , no DOT , NO TWISTS…once evicted , STAY evicted !

  3. I cannot believe that CBS is allowing the bullying which is taking place in The BB house. Josh is taking his directions from Paul. Paul knows that Josh has never had any power in his life , so he is pushing Josh, and consequently, people to their limits. I cannot stand Paul, even the most casual observer, can tell he is loser out of the BB house and the weak follow him.

    • This is sadly America today….

      Paul’s just taking too far, even though it’s Jessica’s fault for telling everyone the hex, it’s Cody’s fault for unleashing the beast inside of Paul too early, and as much as I love Kevin, it’s also his mistake for accepting the temptation

      • If Kevin didn’t do it someone else would have. Who would pass on 25k – ANONYMOUSLY TAKEN – on day 1?? I don’t know anyone who would have.

      • I think when it happened it marked for us on screen who tried to hit their buttons. I know more than just Kevin hit theirs.

    • Its astonishing how few people know what “bullying” means. Its as if you people forgot about the first couple weeks with Cody and Jessica talking down to the “less attractive” and “beta” HGs, insulting their looks and trying to make HGs cry. You realize that Megan quit because of Cody, right? His hyper masculinity is toxic and abusive. He gets whatever is coming to him.

      • Thank you for pointing this out.
        I don’t know the details of what Paul had been doing, but completely ignoring the fact that those two have been bullies too is not sitting well with me at all. Maybe Paul is out of line but they have been at times too and it’s really starting to bug me that everyone seems to have forgotten that.

      • That is cause Megan accused Jessica of racism, and Cody had Jessica’s back

      • Not entirely true. Since we didn’t have feeds, we don’t really know the whole story. Cody alluded to something else in Dom’s talk show interview. Talking about how much he hated Megan. Also, she may not have said “panda”, but “Pao Pao” is just as racist.

    • I can not believe big brother is allowing all the bullying going on in the house. We all know that bullying is not aloud anywhere. Please feel to deal with the issue josh and Paul should be sent packing.

  4. Hey Matt! CarterMatt did an article about who they think is in the best position currently in the game and why. Do you think you could make an article about who YOU think is in the best position and why? I’m sure we’d all appreciate knowing who you think has what it takes to win.

  5. There is an article that just popped up on YAHOO, front page, or whatever the heck you tech people call it, entitled ” ‘Big Brother’ fight so violent, producer steps in”. I haven’t read it yet, though.

    • It’s about the fight CBS aired last night. The pans thing and separating the boys. Old news.

      I wonder how they’ll report whatever gets shown tonight.

    • You mean Mark taking the pans away from Josh which is all that happened since Kevin stopped him from hitting him over the head with it. Or The ridiculous arguing between Jessica and air head Raven.

      • There is a picture of Mark and Josh with the pans. I still haven’t read what they said about it.

      • That was it , he just took the pans away and went to hit josh with one but didn’t . I don’t think bb needs to step in, if they can’t control themselves then they can leave, of course no one needs to take it that far to hit anyone , but it’s happened on previous bb .. and that guest was removed from game . Evel Dick terrorized the whole house !! It’s not as bad as it looks , other seasons have been just as bad , but boring. At least this one is not a total snooze fest as irritating as it is! ☺️

    • Just another news article with attention grabbing headlines that makes you think something big happened and it was actually really nothing at all….and th

  6. Paul made a mistake by using the veto on Jason. If he wanted to try to convince Jessica not to use the Hex, he should have used the veto on her. I think she still would have used it to save Cody, but leaving her on the block guarantees that she will use it.

  7. My thoughts…

    1.) IF Jess stupidly doesn’t use the Hex, odds are she’ll be going home. It would be a dumb move on Paul and his minions’ part because although she is the better player of her and Cody, Cody is by far the superior comp beast. He can’t get HoH every week BUT he can sure play for the TC and/or the Veto comps so watch out.

    The only reason I could see Paul and Co. voting out Jess if she doesn’t use the Hex would be so she can’t use it next week but I think it’s way riskier if I’m Paul.

    2.) I wonder if BB will air the gang up bullying tonight that the house did to Cody and Jess? Surely they won’t white-wash the whole thing? Could be but with all of the feeds watchers, how could they explain away not showing it? They’ve shown how Cody has bullied, and Josh, and Paul so I’d think they’ll air that.

    3.) From a viewer standpoint, I hope that Jess uses the Hex and we go right to the HoH comp and either Jess or Cody win HoH. That will keep the game interesting for us for sure! Possibly Mark winning HoH would be beneficial but I’m afraid he’s too wishy washy and would go along with Paul and the house and put Jess and Cody right back which would equal a boring week for viewers.

    Those are my thoughts, in case anyone cares :)

    • I’m wondering the same thing about the producers showing the bullying or not. I was not impressed with the editing last night. Things were shown in a way to make Paul look good and Cody look bad. Though he (Cody) is no angel, he hasn’t had the entire house bully one or two people. I’m so over BB this season – I’ve said many times we aren’t watching BB we are watching the Paul show and BB is helping him in every way. I believe they recruited the cast to find Paul fans and put them in the house to await King Paul’s arrival. Does anyone remember last year when the vets came back and Paul said, “They had their chance already and they blew it.” then immediately led the charge against Frank in the same way he is doing this year with Cody. Now that he is the returning vet – doesn’t that mean he had his chance and he blew it??? It’s a game…..and I didn’t think things could get worse than last year but it is so nasty this year I don’t know if I will every watch it again.

    • There were similarly negative situations that happened last year that did not get aired (I’m referring to the crap Paulie pulled and the accusations against Frank). These were pretty big deals that did not get air time so unfortunately I don’t think we can count on anything being shown for sure.

      Also I disagree about it being stupid to eliminate Jessica. Cody is such an outsider and so thoroughly hated that on his own he’s not that dangerous. Even if he could hang on for a while, he can’t win every comp for the rest of the season, especially if Christmas uses her power to block him from playing in the veto. Partnering with Cody would blow up anyone’s game to the point where he’ll just be radioactive.

  8. This is just my personal opinion, but this is the order I would like to see the next few evictions to go if Jess does use the Hex (which we all pretty much know she is)

    And then let the rest duke it out… if the remaining HG’s don’t get Paul out after that then they all deserve to lose!

      • Ehh… sure he’s super annoying and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in that house with him lol I can take him in small doses though… I’m just curious who he would go after and how he would act once Jody and Mark are gone.

      • Lol, it would be a total bloodbath! Paulie and Da’Vonne 2.0
        I ain’t mad at that…

      • lol. I think Josh hates Cody and not Jess. She seems to know how to handle him when Cody is not around.

      • Josh is just annoying, but he won’t win. It is fine to keep him around since he is good at doing what others want. Kevin and Jason may need him to get rid of the others.

      • I love hearing how other people think the game should go even if we don’t agree :) Makes things more interesting to hear a different perspective imo.

      • the only people playing r paul jess and cody the rest r just followers and I’m sick of watching it make a dam move somebody

      • Although he hasn’t won any comps, I think Kevin is playing a great social game.

    • I love seeing jabs traded from one side of the house to the other.
      For me:
      Cody (just to see what Jess can do without him dragging her down)
      Josh (just so Jess gets happy and maybe makes some good moves)
      Mark (as payback for Josh because you now with Cody gone, he clings to Jess)
      Paul (and then maybe people will start playing the darn game!!)
      No way will it happen this way, but to me these moves would make just the right amount of drama to make for good TV.

      • I see where you’re coming from… it would definitely shake things up. My list is only if Jess uses the Hex… if she didn’t, even though I don’t like her as a person, I would root for her in the game and I think she could go to end if she plays her social game right… the worst thing to happen to her game besides aligning with Cody originally was him coming back into the house.

    • Yeah, I agree with Samsara. I don’t see Josh winning, he’s basically the Debbie of Big Brother (Debbie’s from survivor) and at least Jason and Kevin played their own games without bothering everyone, and that’s one thing I love about those two (other times, separately, Jason shows he is just here to have a good time without drama and junk. And Kevin knows how to separate a fight and is pretty much the most intelligent contestant in the show)

      • I absolutely LOVE King Kevin! He is the best, and definitely has my vote for America’s Fave this year!

      • I wonder what his wife thinks about him asking on national TV what you do when you fall out of love? Then making the comment that he thinks he’s falling in love with Christmas.

      • I’ll take your word for it that he said it as I didn’t see it. I really can’t speak on that as I don’t know the context of the convo or if he was playing around or not. Also, I don’t know what kind of relationship he and his wife do or don’t have.. I just enjoy Kevin, his stories and how he’s played the game thus far. Fun player to watch imo :)

      • It is BB, anything is possible :)
        If the rest of the house would wise up and play their own game instead of blindly follow Paul it would make for a very fun season to watch. I like not knowing what to expect.

  9. Pretty sure Production knows what Jess is going to do – use the hex – and very well could do that part of the show early on, and then establish another HOH, noms, POV and finally, a live eviction at the end of the show tomorrow.

  10. I think they’ll do a DE once the Temptation Competition is over.I don’t think they’ll have time to fit in two HOH, TC, and POV comps in one hour. So I think it’s logical that they’ll do a DE when there are 9-10 HGs left in the game.

    • Plus they have to show the Veto ceremony results that weren’t shown last night. That’d be a lot to fit in to an hour long show. And hopefully they’ll show the entire house bullying Jess and Cody.

  11. She’s going to use it.
    Production already knows.
    That’s why there was no Veto meeting last night. It makes a time filler for tonight when she uses it and stops the whole voting process.

    • The great filler for viewers to enjoy would have been to show the whole HOH comp.

      • Oh for sure. I’d much rather see the HOH comp in full.
        I guess we will see.

  12. Paul’s Net Worth is supposedly $250,000 as of now and Annoying Frankie Grande 1.6 million.

  13. If she cuts Cody lose, she is the potential winner. – If not, she’s just another airhead needing a guy to function.

  14. jess will throw cody under the bus and say he wanted it, his garbage bag is already packed. she said yesterday that her mom is saying “girl, get the money”!

    • I hope not. He is needed to get rid of paul. Jessica will just be a Paul follower once cody goes.
      By the way, I love that painting you use in your profile and there is also a beautiful song by Loreena Mckennitt with the same title.

  15. Maybe an unpopular hot take but here goes nothing: I so wish that Jessica would “come to her senses” and agree to let Cody be evicted, and then for the house to evict her immediately if not sooner in a backstabbing blindside, taking her and her hex out all at once….that would be monstrously funny…. I am sick to death of her whining, pouting, and nasty entitled disposition and face.

    • I’m with you and totally agree that she is a vile, nasty person and if she uses the Hex tonight deserves to be the next to go. The only part I disagree with is if she doesn’t use it and Cody goes home I would like to see her stick around longer to see how she could shake the house up… as much as I don’t like her as a person, not using the Hex tonight would prove she’s the only person really playing this game besides Paul… and I’m a Paul fan lol

      • Yeah if she uses that HEX to save herself how selfish she is, my goodness who would such a thing…SMH

      • Huh?! If she doesn’t use the Hex and Cody goes home tonight she would be safe next week with the Hex…

      • If she does not use the Hex they can vote her out and said as much this way they know the cards are stacked against Cody next week with everyone gunning for him. Otherwise they leave Jessica in the house with the hex and protection which they don’t want…

      • The cards are stacked against her either way.. My personal opinion is that if she makes some sort of deal with Paul that if she doesn’t use it they vote Cody out. It might or might not work out in her favor… I just think that’s her best shot. Just my opinion…

      • you did not use the word selfish I did, you said she would deserve it, why would she deserve???
        I am being sarcastic in my response…thought that was clear

      • She has been through hell and back but this gif is exactly how I look at folks when they say something crazy to me.. ain’t no shame in a lil doubley (double chin) haha ;)

      • ok, she got the stink eye, the crook eye, the side eye, the eye roll, the jaundice eye all goin’
        ok then

      • I like Paul too, but I’m a bit disappointed that he let the Josh and Christmas bugs bite him. Some of the things they were saying to Cody about his military service etc were entirely out of line. And why even go there when you’re pretty much in charge of the numbers? It serves no purpose. One other thing about Jessica that I hate so much is the delusion that BB fans got her back and gave her the Hex to use it and stay in the game because they love her so much…. What a load of night soil! I still can’t believe she actually got the temptation legitimately, and if she did then there must be a lot more Paul-haters out there than I thought.

      • Ita! I can’t stand Cody and think he’s the worst but, you don’t ever ever EVER go after someone’s military service, period. I personally don’t respect Cody as a person, but completely respect his service he gave to our country. Somethings are off limits no matter what and this is definitely one of them. Very disappointing indeed. And I was also totally shocked that Jess received the Hex… Mind blown! Lol

      • I almost totally agree with you, YG. I don’t respect Cody as a BB player…not as a person in a personal sense b/c I don’t actually know what he’s like in RL. However, I totally agree with you never disrespect someone putting their very life on the line to defend the freedoms we have in this country. And apparently, Paul & his crew were way wrong…TMZ published Cody’s military file & the guy has been awarded several medals for combat service. Not cool for Paul, Alex & the rest of them to mess with that… I think Paul knows it too which is why he’s trying to make excuses for Monday after it all happened.

      • True… None of us really know what any of them are like irl. I was just basing my opinion of him on what he’s shown of himself… Very “my ish don’t stank” attitude… If you aren’t good looking by his standards or an alpha male/female you are a loser and beneath him. Very dismissive of anyone that’s not like him.. I just can’t rock w ppl like that…

      • You know I agree with ya, babe… I told you from day one Cody did not belong in the BB house. I’m not sure if that is because dude has spent the last ten years in the military & to him the BB house must seem cray-cray with all it’s lies & drama…or if he’s just been conditioned by the military to have NO emotion…whatever, Cody is not a good BB player & does not know how to play this game, but that does not mean the guy is not a war hero with all the due respect that position holds imo.

        And Paul, Alex, Josh, Christmas & the rest went too far on Monday…Now they’re backpeddaling coz America lit up twitter with a bunch of hating on them.

      • No worries my love 😘
        And yeah, BB just isn’t a good fit for him. He’s an amazing physical competitor but in this game you have an even better social game or it just isn’t going to work. If he is suffering from some form of ptsd or trauma I truly do hope he gets the help he needs outside the house. No one should suffer through life like that, especially vet.

      • My thoughts exactly. Cody and BB…no bueno! ;)
        However, I still think Paul screwed up YG on Monday. That’s one of the reasons I was in a snit… That whole stupid thing was so ridiculous! Worse than even the freaking Nerd Herd crap of season 6…and we both know how everyone felt about them. Cappy was one of the most hated BB players of all time for awhile there! Does Paul really want to follow in those footsteps?? Smh…stupid! And all that drama for two people who are already alone in the house! WTF! Moreover, all that debacle showed was HOW in control of the house Paul realy is. IMO, that whole episode on Monday was D. U. M. B. ! It didn’t work & it just made Paul a way bigger target and rightfully so!

        Ugh…smh…still a bit pi$$ed as you can tell. ;)

      • I hear ya! It’s like how can they be so dumb and blind to what is completely obvious to everyone else? If Cody is such a bully (which I think he can be) why stoop to his level? Why make yourself look just as bad, if not worse, when you are in complete control? Power can be one helluva drug lol.. I swear, people lose their MFing minds when they get locked in that house smh

    • Okay this is the best post I’ve seen on her I can’t handle her pouting and throwing away a game for a guy she met 1 month ago

  16. This is pretty much what happens if we let Veterans into a house of new people.

    In fact, I am surprised Big Brother didn’t stop the bullying or Josh from being insane and I mean even more insane than Debbie from Survivor (These two could be related). Then again, this is America today….

    As much as I like Paul, he should understand it’s taking too far. Even though it was Jessica’s fault for telling them the hex, it’s also Cody’s fault for Unleashing the Beast inside of Paul, and as much as I love Kevin (Hell, I hope he makes it far or wins the season due to his intelligence and how he handles the house) it was sadly his mistake of accepting the temptation and bring Paul over in Cameron’s place.

    • Comparing Debbie to josh is an insult to him. She has a screw loose and he is just an insecure young boy trying to fit in by following orders from another young boy he admires.

      • Josh is a wimp. He attacks people who are not there or those who are the weakest at that moment. He has no spine and, as a man is only as good as his word, he is worthless.

    • c’mon the pots and pans at a throwback to Evel Dick….I don’t car much for Josh, but it’s not a crime to be annoying

  17. But for the others, man if Raven should be in another show (just like Caleb in Survivor), she should be in Dance moms because she’s just as insane as those ladies there and she’s a dancer as well! I’m really glad Matt doesn’t think much about Raven because if these two are a couple, then any HOH should split them up first.

    But he ain’t the only one that deserves better, as much as this is Jessica’s game, this IS her game. I mean, some house guests clearly had a point about Cody. I mean, if she is reading this, then let me clearly say “You don’t need him.”

    Need someone to keep her company, fine, use him as a teddy bear, just don’t give him a sword and declare him king to her throne.

    Believe me, I know anime and cosplaying like Ramses, so I doubt you people understand this, but if Jessica and Cody were any anime couple, they be Sasuke and Sakura from Naruto, a douche and a girl who deserves better

  18. I think the hex will be used.
    On a brighter note, BBCAN 6 had casting commercials last night.

  19. I think (hope) Jessica is smart enough to know that she’s going to get booted if she doesn’t use the hex. Even in the unlikely case that they kept her instead of Cody, she’d more than likely be back on the block next week. Cody is her only true ally in this game. She’s going to have a target on her back no matter what she does. My fingers are crossed that either Josh, Raven, or Alex goes home next. Josh is irritating, Raven doesn’t do anything, but Alex is a threat!

    • I hope Jess realizes how much the rest of the house guests hate her. It would not have mattered if Cody never returned, she would have been targeted for eviction anyway. Cody is her only ally. All remaining people in that house are against her. Even Elena and Mark are wishy-washy, sometimes saying they “love” Cody and her, and yet repeatedly betraying her trust to Paul et al and talking about having her evicted.

      • an under-currant in the house is, what’s good for TV and ratings. they just may keep her for viewership.

  20. That would be the dumbest thing on Earth if Jessica didn’t use the hex. I bet a million dollars that Paul directed his minions to vote out Jessica if she doesn’t use it. That is so obvious.

      • No. The only possible good news would be if somehow they could get rid of that horrid bully, hazer, harasser Paul. Nasty guy.

      • Paul miss his chance. If he would had use the veto on her, it would had been possible that Cody told her not to use the hex and try to win this. Too late now.

    • Paul already said to vote Jessica out if she did not use her Halting Hex. That would be a super dumb move! Jessica would be capable of that considering what she did with her HOH and VETO the past week! She just wasted her nomination on Josh and Ramses. Then, she let Ramses out to dry!

  21. I honestly would love to see Raven and her annoying voice(s) leave the House this week!

  22. my side effect from being a feeder;
    josh is always saying “what the F k”! even when i’m driving my car, the littlest thing makes me think “what the F k”!. everything makes me think “what the F k”.

  23. I hope Jessica messes up and forgets that she has to say something BEFORE HG’s start voting!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  24. Production needs to have Jessica go into the DR and tell her that she needs to stop drinking right from these milk containers. Immediately! That is disgusting..she is doing it on purpose..we all know where that mouth has been..all over Cody’s body..up and down! That is so gross!

  25. “Big Brother” star Cody Nickson didn’t just serve his country as a Marine for 4 years, he was also twice deployed and received numerous medals … according to his file obtained by TMZ.
    Cody’s been on the outs with the rest of the cast except his gf, Jessica, but things got nasty this week when some of them — including Paul Abrahamian — tried antagonizing the Marine Corps vet by questioning his military experience … and ‘BB’ fans were pissed.
    Rightfully so, it turns out, because according to Cody’s official military file … he served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.
    Nickson received numerous honors … including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.
    Though he’s portrayed as a villain on the show … you gotta respect him.

  26. Cody came to play the game…I liked that from day 1. He did the one thing all viewers beg for and all players promised to do but then fail to do until they are a season vet (which is why I dislike vets and newbies mixing, the show becomes lopsided). I also liked how he stands by Jessica and those he trust. People like that are rare. Atleast you know you don’t have a liar on your side. Contestants on shows like these tend reward poor or low behavior as “game play” which is unfortunate when great game play is not nasty side of human behavior but instead but strategy, great influence and winning comps, even if your strategy is laying low or floating. I would like to see good behavior rewarded sometime.

    • Someone should tell Cody that you can’t win the game by hiding out in whatever room they’re sleeping in. You can’t win the game by winning some comps, you need to be social. You can’t assume that you’re the alpha male and then hide out when someone checkmates you. Aside from Jess, he trusts no one. He has said repeatedly that he does not trust Mark or Elena.

    • Did you miss where Cody dubbed the people who he felt were not pretty or cool enough to be “outsiders”?

  27. It would be stupid for Jess not to use the hex. Sure Jess’ game was better without Cody and if he hadn’t come back, she would be in a good position. But he did come back and it’s too late to go back now. None of these people would ever let her get close to them after all thats happened. If she keeps him in the game, she has herself and Cody playing for HOH. And if they lose, they would both get to play for the temptation (maybe Cody wouldn’t play because he wouldn’t want to be safe while Jess is on the block). And then if they both get put on the block, Jess has herself and Cody to play the veto for her. Plus she gets another week in the game with Cody and a chance to make it to jury(and assure her a vote). If she doesn’t use the hex, she has a bad chance at winning HOH and a very good chance at going home…

  28. From Jokers:

    Thu 2:57 PM BBT HG think Jess might not use Hex tonight to save it. They are going to presume she won’t use it. Paul tells Matt to talk to Jess NT – RazzyBB

    If she doesn’t use it and they don’t evict her, they’re maroons.

    • *sigh* This carp is getting out of hand. If she doesn’t get evicted tonight, production needs to eject her.

      Thu 5:13 PM BBT Earlier 2:40 BBT Jessica and Elena talk about Alex and twisting her neck – Lbc
      J……just warning you its going to be reallly b@@chy.
      They laugh

      J…..I just want to take Christmas neck and twist it. And continue to f@@king twist it and then keep twisting it. I can’t f@@king stand the sound of her voice anymore. And I guarantee you that f@@king sleeping thing she was faking it.
      They laugh
      E…..I like how much we were just reading each other’s minds. I was trying so hard not to laugh.

  29. Jessica the type to be on the block and not use the hex but if she wasn’t on the block and cody was she would use the hex

  30. Well at least tonight all the ins and outs of the hex should be revealed. Dont know why Jess and Cody seem to be so relaxed, makes me think prod has a hand in this mess.

    • I still want to know what they said to her in the diary room that made her come out all smiling and happy.

      • Maybe they said she should save it for herself , either way cody is going to be evicted. She could save herself in the next coming evictions. Play for yourself and not any one else !! He doesn’t care if he is there or not, she does .. it must be a very hard decision for her though regardless

  31. I’m glad he’s at least forcing her to use it and then it’s done !!!! Ugh … can’t imagine having to hear any more of that talk. Kinna wish he would have pulled jess off tho and see if she would have wasted it on him or saved it . Clown would have been safe , that’s the only thing I wish paul would have caught on to, but yes use it and let the games begin again !!!

  32. This season just seems to be dragging, lets get some of these people out of there.

      • Yes, I predict a triple eviction and then as the biggest twist of them all…Will Kirby comers back in the house and first thing he does is take over Paul’s cult and make Paul give him a facial as his minion! haha! Kidding. That is never gonna happen, but it was funny.

  33. I think she shouldn’t use the hex….as a lot people have said she was doing better when Cody was out….he would understand….he keep saying that she is a better player and it would give her another week safety or maybe more…that’s if she can take the bullying

    • It would be the smartest move because she could earn the trust back and they may team up with her , she is smart and she would go a lot further I think if he was not there . Curses for him coming back ! Lol

      • No it will be a marcellas move if she will not use it. They will just evict her. That was the plan of paul and co.

      • Paul has told his puppy dogs that if Jessica does not use it then to vote her out getting rid of the HH

      • Is what I read somewhere, jess was interested in paul .. and Elana .. but both shot down . I dunno 100% if true , but it was just something I read , will try and find it πŸ‘πŸ‘

      • All good. No Jessica was never interested in Paul at all aside from being a super fan and excited to see him. She was not interested at all.
        As for Elena, I never heard she was also interested in Paul!? I don’t know why any of these girls would be.
        It’s hard to know fact from fiction sometimes reading comments and what not.
        Especially because so many people seem to dislike Jessica so, any chance they get to try and put her down they will. Even if it’s false

    • Nope if she wont use it, everyone will still vote to evict her. Thats was the plan of Paul and Co. Why risk it. She do it or not, paul and co. Will still target her.

    • Very much , but once you are in the house and single I think it just human nature to cut you one out of the herdπŸ˜‚. She is def his ying to her yang, but I think she tried to go for paul at first just like Elena did, he said he had a gf, true or not he isn’t into showamces, this is a game and not the dating game. Yes I agree very mismatched and he told her he didn’t have friends or many as he’s a loner . I would be surprised if they had anything outside the house.

      • Me either. That would have been a gross thing to watch. I d think Paul is cute, but nauseating at the same time.

      • Paul – gag! I cannot stand his holier than thou attitude just because he played big brother last season! He got his 15 minutes of fame and he’s getting it again! Big deal! I highly doubt Jessica was trying to hook up with him! I know she respected him because she is a super fan and she wanted to probably work with him but beyond that, no way she would be interested in him!

  34. 98% of this season is Paul arrogantly talking at a crowd of people sitting quietly in agreement.

  35. Fact
    I turn off any feed off paul and his crew
    Kevin with Jason I can take but if they are Paul’s agenda I turn it off

    They might have surpassed my nerd herd hate and that is almost impossible to do.

    • I too switch to Kevin and Jason whenever Paul is around and if he is talking to them I mute it. I hate watching him repeat himself over and over again to make sure the HGs sink the information he wants deep into their brains. I hated Wednesday’s show and how they focused too much on him.

  36. Yes, BB is a social game.

    However, not all recruits have a single clue about that when they are hired. They think it’s competing to win a half million while locked in a house with other people. Casting loves that they don’t know what they are getting into.

    Also, for fucks sake, you can have a social game without being a kiss ass motor mouth, running around pretending to love everyone. Does Cody have a stellar BB “social game?” No. He fucked up that first week, after facing a bullshit major rig, and having to nominate 5 people. As a NEWBIE to the game. He didn’t handle that well. So what?

    Cody isn’t antisocial. He’s talks to people often, even after the mob earlier this week? He still sits down at the table, or in the hot tub, and easily engages in conversation with most of them. If he hadn’t fallen “in luv” he’d be doing it more often.

    It’s like Paul has eaten the brain of some sucksters too, and implanted his narrative inside.

    I guess it’s true. Repeat something often enough and it becomes real. To some.

  37. This went a bridge too far. While I didn’t like Cody at all the first week, having thought he went over the line in his remarks to Meghan, I sometimes look at him when he’s sitting quietly and I actually become teary. He is one of thousands of young men in our country whom we taught to kill, used them effectively to further the endgame of the American Military-industrial complex, then threw on the trash heap of life without providing even the most basic medical/psychological treatment/care. I saw nothing threatening from Cody during the encounter with Paul – as a matter of fact, he was quite restrained (and I admire self-restraint). This guy has been taunted, ridiculed and humiliated by the worthless little shitssss in this house who have no clue what Cody’s military life must have been.

    • I understand what you are saying about Cody, but do you think it was smart putting him in there with those little shits?

      • Thats with cbs then. But do you think its smart for paul and Xmas to provoke him, knowing his.background? They should tone it down to gameplay level

    • This is a game show and whatever the individual player has done in their life outside of the house is irrelevant. Cody is not a people person, but I agree that I’ve also not seen anything but restrain from his part. If he was nuts as many believe him to be, then he would have smashed the head of one of the HGs a long time ago. Preferably Paul.

    • Plus, it’s remarkable how long all these people hold grudges. What has Cody done since returning that has threatened any of them? Yet they still hate him…and they despise Jessica as well even though she tried to restore relationships with all of them. Great group of people!

      • Cody simply returning was what threatens Paul. Therefore Paul instructs the minions to hate Cody and, of course, they follow.

      • I understand that, but what has Cody done since returning that was vindictive or to indicate that he is untrustworthy? Nothing I can think of. I see no rational basis for the rest of the house to have such animosity. Paul is basically a Jim Jones of 2017.

      • I’m agreeing with you. He’s done nothing. But his existence threatens Paul. And, no, it’s not rational that the rest of the house has animosity towards him because Paul feels threatened, it’s meekness by every single one of Pauly the Pied Piper’s mice.

  38. Big Brother 19 is a competition for who can be the houseguest to hand Paul the victory the most. There is a very competitive field for this since that is the only skill most of these halfwits have. I fully expect instead of a jury buyback, that Victor walks through the door and becomes a new HG finally giving baby Paul ‘his Victor’. Paul’s been whining about not having Victor for most of the season (why have one Victor when everyone but Jody are his Victors??).

    In Paul’s deluded warped mind he is so good, he makes Dr Will look like Kara Monaco in comparison

  39. I do like drama on my BB seasons, but I feel now more than ever I need somebody to like. I root for Jessica and Cody (and to a smaller degree Jason) because they represent those who don’t buy into Paul being a God, but I can’t say I actually like them. This season is all about who don’t I hate and lets root for the anti Paul crowd. It can change I guess, but Paul really needs to go, he sucks out all the bumblefucking around energy that could be interesting when a bunch of morons control the house rather than a slightly above average intelligence dude that is an obnoxious ass controlling the house.

    • You sound upset. Remember it is a TV show and possibly scripted for Paul’s victory at the end. The problem with the show is production and not the followers whom contractually may need to do as instructed by the higher powers.

    • It makes it less interesting to watch for me on seasons when there is no one I really like. I like to be able to root for my favorite. But some people like it this way.

      • Me too! At this point I’m rooting for Jessica & Cody. At least they have minds of their own and are not afraid of Paul

      • Hey Tina, check this out…Paul & his mindless drones…
        Ist up is the little man himself, Paul…then we have the GOFUNDMEskank, Raven, next is Matt (still wearing the orange shirt it appears, then we have Elena and big l dummy bear Mark, Last but not least we have Kevin & Josh, e.g, Puppet & Little Puppet. Note, Jason, Alex & Christmas are not here b/c Jason & Alex turned on Paul, ate Xmas & turned Paul & his minions into the walking dead!! lol!

      • Yay! :-) Glad I’m not alone. I mean I’m OK with being alone. I know Vanessa Russo so, that season was a tough one for me on here because I was actually being viciously attacked by people LOL but I was just defending someone I knew.
        Yes, Vanessa was a little cuckoo on the show but, it’s nothing like she is in person. So I was just defending her “character in real life” and that didn’t go over well with most people LOL
        I am super pissed off this HOH competition is simply a comp that only requires luck!!
        I wanted to see Cody and Jessica versus everyone else battle it out properly!

  40. She had better use the hex or else she will be the one going home not Cody, because she is evidently the biggest threat to anyone’s HOH. After they all backstubbed her and lied to her about voting to evict Josh and they did the xact opposite, she shouldnt trust their smartbehinds anymore.

  41. We all know the two obvious possible outcomes for tonight: (1) Jessica invokes the Halting Hex and the eviction is altogether killed, or (2) the HH is not invoked and Cody gets evicted.

    Here’s a third possibility: (3) The HH is not invoked and Jessica is evicted. It would not surprise me if the house does this, assuming, of course, Jessica is persuaded to not use the HH. The advantage of this option is that if Jessica is evicted, there is no HH that can be used the following week, and then the house can evict Cody next week. Getting rid of both Jess and Cody is what all the people (including Mark and Elena) want.

    All the promises to Jessica that she is safe if she cuts Cody loose are lies. None of these people care one bit about Jess whether Cody is with her or not. What about Paul’s promise of 2 weeks of safety for Jessica? You know Paul is being deceptive if his lips are moving.

  42. I am very disappointed with big brother allowing this bowling that is going on right now on the show. Bowie is a boy is a boy and I don’t care how it is done but the way they are doing it now is bullying and that should not be allowed for any reason at any time. Shame on you big brother shame on you!

  43. I am very disappointed with the big brother. For big brother to allow this bullying to go on is shameful very very shameful. Shame on you big brother! Bullying of any kind should not be tolerated for any reason and that includes for show ratings. Shame on you big brother!

  44. I will NO longer watch Big Brother because I will not have anything to do with a program that allows BULLYING!
    Shame on you BIG BROTHER!


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