‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH?

We’ve wrapped up the latest live eviction as we waited to find out who was voted out last night on Big Brother 19 and which Houseguest would rise to power amid another round of the sides of the house facing off for control. This time around we had a new HoH by the end of the night.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 week 4 eviction

We’ve got Josh and Ramses on the Block with one of them set to be voted out when the house reveals its week long plan to undermine Jessica’s goals and likely set Cody off on another round of death glare raging. Good times.

After the voting is over we’ll see the Houseguests compete to see who has the best memory from the images Big Brother showed them last night on the Memory Wall. Who do you want to see take control and pick this week’s noms?

Don’t miss tonight’s episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

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Big Brother 19 Results – Week 4 Votes:

  • Cody votes to evict: Josh
  • Jason votes to evict: Ramses
  • Alex votes to evict: Ramses
  • Mark votes to evict: Josh
  • Elena votes to evict: Josh
  • Kevin votes to evict: Ramses
  • Matthew votes to evict: Ramses
  • Raven votes to evict: Ramses
  • Christmas votes to evict: Ramses
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Paul votes to evict: Ramses

By a vote of 7-3, Ramses Soto has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

After the eviction the HGs will be set up in the backyard and we should be watching this competition play out to completion. Last night the HGs had to memorize images from the Memory Wall about evicted HGs with fake tattoos on them. Then the HGs had to answer questions about what was on each HGs.

Gallery: Inked & Evicted

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 5 HoH Comp:

  • Round 1: Elena is eliminated.
  • Round 2: Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, & Josh are eliminated.
  • Round 3: Everyone stays.
  • Round 4: Everyone stays.
  • Round 5: Christmas and Jason are eliminated.
  • Round 6: Matthew and Raven are eliminated. Paul wins!

Paul wins HoH!

Back inside the house Jessica just dropped the news on the HGs that she got the last Temptation. That leads us to Julie revealing the “curse” portion of that Temptation. There’s a new weekly competition for the house for the next three weeks. It’s the Temptation Competition. HGs can opt to compete for safety, but no one has to play. Last place player each time will be the 3rd nominee on the Block. Hmm. We’ll have to see how this works, but it sounds like filler for the Sunday shows.

After the show we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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  1. At some point I hope we get the skinny on Jessica’s Curse, and I don’t mean Cody.

  2. Done with unfair advantages for some, done with vets, and done with couples. Frankly I still dont know how Jess managed to win the last temp.

    • maybe people voted for her thinking it wouldn’t be a good one? or sympathy b/c her boy-toy was evicted

    • I voted for her to get the temptation because I’ve realized that I don’t like ANYONE this season so I’m just messing with what ever the main plan in the house may be to mess with who ever is on top that week. I think a lot of people voted for her more to mess with Paul than anything else.

    • They always go down a few hours before the show and come right after, unless there’s an HoH comp that they don’t want us to see.

  3. Josh acting the fool will only make Mark stick with Jess and Cody. I think he would have slinked back, with Elena, to Paul’s Cult if he just acted…normal. I feel not one ounce of bad anymore for Cody/Jess ripping him (after they asked josh to repeatedly just leave them alone) that one instance. Seems they were right to attack him. The guy’s a jerk….with, for real, mental issues. But Paul loves it, because anyone who watched the first two weeks of LAST SEASON knows Paul’s true character. The “friendship” baloney Paul didn’t exist until AFTER his arrogance (with Vic) almost got him booted in weeks one and two.

    • I agree with you completely and with someone else who called it “The Paul Show”. That’s what this is, unfortunately, and Josh is the most childish competitor I’ve seen on BB since Shannon on season 2. They should get together. They have the combined mentality of a 4-yr old.

  4. Well, I’m here, but my computer is being a little brat tonight, so I may be in and out.

  5. What if the consequence for accepting the temptation is a 1) reversal of votes (meaning that whatever votes cast for Josh goes to Ramses and vice versa); or 2) a rewind/reset (redoing of HOH, POV, etc.)

  6. Unless there was a very last minute vote flip to evict Josh, it’s gonna be a quiet night until the HOH comp.

    • Probably why they brought him back. Like him or hate him – he is great for BB TV

      • Absolutely.. It’s still a show, and you need a versatile player to drive the story.

      • Absolutely! I didn’t dislike him completely last season and I don’t completely dislike him the season. However, I dislike all his minions falling on every word he says! It’s pathetic

      • Good TV would be the slow and steady downfall of Paul and a blindsided eviction. We need people to realize what he’s up to and plot against him. It’s frustrating seeing him control the house. Jessica, love her or hate her, at least has the correct gut instincts. She knew she should have pulled Ramses down – WHY did she doubt herself? She knew Paul was behind the blindside. She needs to try to convince others that the are being led by Paul -but then again, they want to be, because they think he can protect them. Ugh.

      • Exactly! All his minions can protect each other if Paul is gone! They don’t need him! Oh wait they do, because they go running to him for every answer! I think he even gives him permission when they can shower or use the restroom!
        Paul probably told Raven she better go to at least third-base, if not a homerun with Matt! And she listened!

      • I think the only shot we have of Paul, well Paul’s minions turning on him is if Jessica or Cody get HOH on Thursday. Paul will probably tell his minions not to compete so he can win safety. They may listen, they have listened to everything he has said that’s far however, if they do listen and Paul gets safety then one of them/2 of them will be put up and one of them will go home before jury. So, if they don’t compete they are even worse than the mindless morons that I thought they were! I don’t see people like Alex, Jason, Kevin listening to Paul and not competing. Josh will probably listen to him but then again, Jessica/Cody still know they don’t have the numbers to get out Paul therefore they might go after Josh again and this time put up a proper pawn like Raven or Christmas! Jessica seems to be trying to get back on peoples good sides, so again if Jessica/Cody did get the HOH, I think they will repeat Jessica is HOH last time and put up Josh. But again, use a GOOD PAWN like Raven! I guess we will have to wait-and-see

  7. Cody is such a great actor. Pretending to enjoy the conversation with Mark and acting happily surprised when Christmas told him about her job.

  8. My mom’s living in denial, lol. She’s convinced Ramses is staying tonight and that these HGs aren’t as stupid as they appear. I kinda hate to burst her bubble, lol, but at the same time, I don’t want her to be upset.

  9. This West Coaster is sitting here patiently (NOT so patiently) awaiting updates :-)

  10. Girl the side has been rallied…nobody has any benefit of getting Josh out by you

  11. Worst thing that could ever happened to Jess was Cody’s returning to the house.

    • Not really. Worst would have been had she been voted out with the hex in her pocket. Cody being back is a meatshield for her.

    • Absolutely! I think she would have done really well if he was not in the game, and I think she could have ‘won’ her way back if he didn’t come back!
      I think she’s good and I think she would have been my favourite player. A lot of “I thinks” ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿค” LOL

  12. I love the Kevin and Jess edit. Listen cowboy. Cody is a little man stop getting nervous around him.

  13. I see Cody’s powers of persuasion are something like: “You can get more with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word”.

  14. I thought Paul was going to vote for Josh just to blame someone in his group.

    • I thought he might too – but then kevin would claim it to jody. So probably best for his game to see if anyone else flipped on him

    • NO!!!!!!!
      NOT if Josh was getting to be the one to blindside! I love that it was ruined for him!!!
      I like me some blindsides, but a better blindside would have been if everyone change their minds and blindsided Josh!

      • tinalee did you see josh on the feeds this morning
        People thought his taunting mark was funny. I thought it was horrible.

      • I really think Josh is basically a mean person. Even in his cam talks. He’s just downright nasty.

      • Josh just does what Paul instructs him to do. Paul says it and they do it. Jump. How high master puppeteer?

      • I don’t watch the feeds. I spend endless amounts of wasted hours on here alone LOL which I enjoy a lot :-) but, I don’t even watch BB After Dark. A little bit here and there but not much. All my info I get is from on here or just the episodes but the episodes are so edited that I’ve got to come here to get the True Facts LOL

      • It was horrible. Don’t know what they showed on tv, but it was too much. And now Paul is trying to push Cody by messing with his coffee. Joking is one thing but when it’s something you eat or drink, bb needs to stop it. It’s not funny.

  15. I think Christmas and Kevin will lose Jessica’s trust, but Jessica din’t give her the OK to change her vote.

  16. Cody needs to win HOH and target Paul like they should have done after the veto competition!

  17. How could Cody and Jessica not know that they were in the “outs” with the HG? Why did they care whether to rock the house or not? She wasted a total week of dominance. Pathetic.

      • Yeah no doubt!
        I used to ONLY watch the episode, I didn’t want to know any spoilers. But that all changed years ago! It’s so different!! You miss so much!
        Less than 3 hours a week of airtime & 168 hours of that week! Soooooo much behind the scenes!
        It’s completely different!
        “BB TV vs BB Online” are 2 completely different games!
        I have been watching big brother since season one, as a teenager. Back then (in the olden days) LOL ๐Ÿ˜œ we didn’t have the spoilers and what not that we do now. Not much for Internet back then. It would be very interesting to rewatch those seasons with all of this stuff we have now & it play out the exact same way it does now. That would be great!

    • Hopefully whoever wins HOH and puts Jody up on the block within the next couple weeks. Halting Hex is still active.

  18. Josh is a complete fool who has no control of his irate nonsensical verbal diarrhea just showing his lack of functioning human brain cells. Stop including God in your statements, you should fear God. No one should behave like you. Your family should be ashamed of you.

  19. AWWWE! Poor Rases. He looks like wants to cry. I hope they get stucked with Josh in the Jury House (first Paul then Josh so they can annoy each other).

  20. This season stinks. Didn’t like Paul before, less now. Why all his air-time? STOP mixing in vets. We’ve already seen them enough. Just making more professional gameplayers. Not even sure I’ll bother watching rest of season, if it’s going to be all paul, yuck.

  21. Mark/Elena’s mouth dropped on the floor!. ha!..that’s the blindside face right there. lol

    • I’m very excited to see what happens… How long does Jess have her hex? If it goes away this week and Mark/Elena get nominated, she’ll probably use it on them won’t she?

  22. And now Josh looks like an idiot, lol. Glad to see his side didn’t tell him to drop the act.

  23. Ramses only opportunity to demonstrate his loyalty and get protection was ruined when he decided to go back on his word in that veto. He blew it bad.

    • Again, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to throw an individual Veto comp UNLESS you know how well the other HGs have done. Had he had a time to beat and a timer to keep track of his own time, he would’ve been able to throw it properly. But without that, he had to guess. And it’s hard to gauge time when you’re in the heat of the moment.

      • Ramses got one question right by accident but he breezed thru all the detours. I think he could’ve done a lot worst just to make sure he lost big.

      • To do worse than the others, he would’ve had to wait around for over an hour. Yes, I’m exaggerating, but seriously, do you not remember how everyone else did on that comp? They sucked! Horribly! There was no way Ramses could have known that.

    • I assume u mean josh. I cringe everytime I hear him. He is hard to watch. I need to get my remote and hit mute when I see him

  24. I hope this consequence isn’t dual HOH’s like last year. That would suck.

  25. Finally I’ve been waiting all week for this curse. Hope it doesn’t screw up someone’s game that I’m rooting for.

  26. Maybe Cody should have stayed out; Jessica would have done better without him. She is smart and has a brain. Cody, on the other hand, is simply arrogant

    • Jessica told Cody to lay low because of his eviction. It was Jessica who neutered him. He was just following his lead. She should have taken Ramses out and put Paul or Alex on the block to send Josh home for sure because she has the VETO!

  27. Paul is one bad azz mofo! He completely stole his arch enemy’s hoh…so its actually like Paul won hoh last week! THAT’S how you play big brother!

    • You can’t leave this West Coast Girl hangin!
      What do you mean? I am assuming Paul somehow took away Cody’s HOH?

      • Jody’s hoh. I count them as one. He stole each of their hoh’s blocking both their targets from getting evicted. PLUS he controlled Alex’s! He’s gotten all his targets out. Brilliant! Cody wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t for entertainment purposes, ( production interference) But he’s no match for those two dummies. Bb must really want him to win because they chose two of the dumbest rivals I’ve ever seen.

    • Me too and I’m not even watching it! Just sitting here waiting with no patience whatsoever! LOL
      I truly cannot remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat eagerly wanting to know who got the HOH! Now I’m just sitting outside refreshing this Page with my heart in the pit of my stomach! Big-time! This is not good for my health LOL

      Have you watched big brother since the very first season?
      Remember when we wouldn’t find out who got the HOH on Thursday nights? & we couldn’t go online to get any spoilers so we actually had to WAIT ๐Ÿ˜ฎ until Sundays episodes?!!!!! Too funny! Us old folks over here ha ha (well me anyway, I don’t know your age) ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

      <<>> “Back in the day kiddos we had to wait three whole days to find out who got the HOH! And another few days to find out who was nominated, and another few days to find out who got the veto and if it was used!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ Times were very tough back then! LMAO ๐Ÿ˜†

  28. That’s now 3 comp wins for Paul – 2 legit, 1 handed to him on a Candy Crush platter.

    Seriously, take the hint, HGs, and get him out of there!

      • Yep the feeds will be good. And Cody and Jess will hide in a room all week. Which is a bad move because they know they’re both safe. They should take this week to play.

    • That’s probably true – but I don’t think he trusts maven fully. It’s going to be a predictable week.

    • I know what you’re saying, but Production will tell him the best move. Ha!

  29. Bummer Paul is HOH, although his will be a waste, too. So there is a bright side. Except I’m not really mad at Paul, just his idiot stooges

  30. Jessica and Mark on the block with Cody as the backdoor target. Jessica wins veto AND use the hex.

  31. I was 99.9% sure Paul was going to win. I hope he nominates Cody so Jess could use her power on him. He knew all of the answers even though they studied together. He was giving people wrong answers to confuse them or got the answers ahead of the HOH.

  32. Welp Paul’s HoH may just be a waste since the hex will most likely be used if either Jess or Cody remains on the block come next week. Hopefully he uses this opportunity to get out one of Cody’s alliance members like Mark

  33. I just feel like they should have a noob season and a vet/favorites season every year. That way they don’t have to go out of the way to try to keep the noobs from voting out returners every season and we can have true competition.

    • Big Brother fans has been saying that for years now and definitely falling on deaf ears! How come they have had only 1 Big Brother All Stars? Survivor has its biggest stars returning and competing against each other and look how successful Survivor is compared to Big Brother! They should have a Big Brother All Stars every 3 years atleast! That would drive up ratings!

    • She said that she’s happy that America gave her the final temptation and is happy that she gets to keep her and Cody safe for a FEW weeks when in reality it’s only one eviction so that’s where she didn’t tell the whole truth

      • Yea he was a bit flustered but knowing Paul he’ll definitely try to take a risk and put them up to see exactly how her power will be used

  34. They need to make her tell the house the truth about the temptation though. She’s not telling the entire truth.

      • But, then, no one will nominate Jody, if they think they (Jody) can’t be nominated because she has lied. It’s wrong.

    • Like Paul didn’t too when he said the wrong number of weeks (too many) that he said he was protected.

  35. I am soooo sick of Jessica. All she does is stand around grooming herself. She and Cody are more than I can handle.

      • Yeah so Paul can win. You know if he’s not hoh he will take comp to try and be safe.

      • I imagine they would all play unless they felt 100% safe, considering how big the consequence is if you lose.

  36. So I guess now that Jess has said something about her power Paul’s only choice is to get them both on the block and flush it out. Like you would flush out an idol on Survivor

    • Paul doesn’t know that if he puts Jody on the block, she can cancel the eviction for the week. No one goes home! It’s a wasted HOH.

      • right, but it gets rid of the jessica/cody safety and forces her to use what she has this week

  37. Not too surprising that the most tattooed houseguest would win a tattoo-themed HOH comp… one of the many ways that production has rigged the game in favor of Paul this season

    • which is fine by me if they did. paul is great entertainment you have to admit!

      • It actually makes sense — he’s used to seeing and looking at tattoos in a very detailed way. Trust me — b4 I had tattoos, I didn’t have a clue about them. Now that I do, I see way more details and info.

  38. Wow – so there is a comp each week for safety. It’s going to be complicated

  39. Hey Jullie..ask Mark/Elena how they feel?..like right now. Did you guys see Mark’s face? lol

  40. Not the smartest way for Jessica to let it out there. She should have used it to try and build trust with Paul, instead of announcing it the whole house like she did

    • That is the smart way to play it. Gives the big alliance the choice of testing it, wasting Paul’s HOH or trying to wait till it expires which gives Jessica and Cody 1-2 weeks of safety if they are not nominated! Next week, Jessica can also, play for HOH! And if either of them play for VETO and win it, they can save each other! Telling Paul will not help her game because she and Cody are the targets!

      • Why would you announce it to the whole house though? It only makes her look shady and it makes everyone know they can’t trust her. A private convo with Paul would have been enough

      • Why do you think they will give her a chance? In the HOH she won, all the punishment was given to her and Cody only. Anyone can see everyone is against them? Why would you not fight for your survival? This is a game. She had every right not to divulge she had it! Seriously, that big alliance already has all the advantages. You want more? The reason you want everyone to know is to scare them into not taking a chance on it! That is a big gamble but, the only card she has! If Paul and the others decide to try and wait it out, Jessica and Cody will get 1 or maybe 2 extra weeks of safety! That is worth the gamble!

  41. Stupid move Jess. Now they’ll flush it out and next week you’ll be gone. Could of maybe been safe this week and used it next week but not now.

      • I know but technically she didn’t lie because the hex was for 4 weeks. She didn’t say starting now. So that would be a few weeks.

      • She actually had to use the hex within the next 3 weeks. Jess not stating that it’s only for one eviction is why everyone is getting fustrated that she didn’t tell the whole truth

      • It was however it was a risky move at that since now everyone knows and will try to put her up so that they can get rid of her power and since it’s actually for one eviction instead of a few weeks like she said she’ll be out the second time someone puts her up if you get what I mean.

      • That’s true but she got in trouble a few days ago from production for not telling Kevin the whole truth

      • She got in trouble because she exaggerated what it was. She told him she could save her and Cody and replace the nominations which was a lie. Her saying she’s safe for a few weeks is not a lie. She doesn’t need to give them all the information.

    • Either way, they will be put on the block but, Paul’s HOH will be wasted. Jessica and Cody can both play for HOH next week! Not counting the VETO depending on Paul’s strategy. If Jessica or Cody win VETO, they can save the Halting Hex for next week!

      • Not if they’re both on the block. Veto can only save one of them. She’d have to use it.

      • In that case, she will be forced to use it! Still, wasting Paul’s HOH gives them one week of safety. They just need to win HOH next time out to stretch it out! Then, start putting up Paul, Matthew, Raven, etc. on the block to send one of them home! At this point, that is their only option.

      • Paul will get Elena and Mark up. That way he has an advantage on the Veto. If he or one of his alliance or Elena or Mark wins the veto, he can send Cody up. If cody or Jessica gets the Veto, they wonยดt use it. So one of there 4 members will be out the door.

    • Actually, it’s probably the most unique thing production has ever added to this game. Granted, this could be as big a bust as the BOB, but anything that adds a new comp to the game could be potential fun.

  42. Feel bad for Ramses, but as a Paul fan, it had to happen. I wonder if Paul should have thrown HoH to Maven though. That way one of his supporters would have HoH and he could play next week. Jody are safe because of the hex anyway.

    • Why?? What happened?? I am on the West Coast! I am just reading the comments. I need more info than that my friend LOL

      • Jessica announced that she and Cody can’t go anywhere for a few weeks. To the entire house. At the end of the live show.

      • She wasn’t “punked” (which, btw, this chat doesn’t recognize as a real word, lol, go figure). She was well aware the vote was coming. She wasn’t blindsided in the least. But Paul was ;)

      • I don’t think it phased Paul in the least. Jessica was just being spiteful because her whole week was an epic failure.

  43. Jessica and Cody are wrong if they think the house not voting out Josh was a personal move. It’s nothing but strategy

    • I’d hesitate to call it strategy. It was keeping minion status for most of them. Except maybe christmas, she is josh’s only real buddy – so it was personal

      • Josh was only going after Cody and Jessica. Why not keep somebody going after them and not anybody else?

      • Josh isn’t going after anyone. He is a loose cannon and hasn’t won anything. Neither has Ramses really. Neither was a real threat to anyone on Paul’s side – which is why I said it was all about keeping minion status

      • Yes, they could be. The hex is good for two weeks. They may not have to use it this week, so it is still good next week. I’m sure production will tell that to Paul.

      • The Halting Hex stops the eviction and she can use it for 2 weeks. They are SAFE from eviction once it goes into effect.

      • No need. She didn’t tell the lie that got her in trouble with production, so it’s fine.

  44. Wait a minute!, Jessica is still lying! That’s not the dot! I thought she had to tell the truth?

    • I don’t think that was ever the case, just that there were certain lies she wasn’t allowed to tell. I think they just hated that she said the HOH would be in trouble if they nominated her.

    • She didn’t lie. She spoke very Clintonian. It does technically protect them for a couple weeks — but only once!

  45. Is Paul freaking out because of Jess’s big bomb she dropped?
    Did it work?? Lol. This week is going to be so good….

    • Nah he already was gonna nominate Mark and Elena with Jessica and Cody as backups, now he knows to use someone else like Josh as a backup

    • As I just wrote: She didn’t lie. She spoke very Clintonian. It does technically protect them for a couple weeks — but only once! Pretty crafty, actually.

    • Finally, she did something Paul-worthy. She crafted her BS so that it was not incorrect, just not fully explained.

  46. It is her fault, she should have followed her gut; instead of listening to her boy toy. To guarantee Josh’s departure, she should have placed someone connected to the other side as a pawn. One of the biggest mistake I have seen on BB

  47. I think Jess was sooo dumb to lelet everybody know that she has the halting hex. She should have waited to blindside them with it. Dumb girl dumb……..IMO

  48. They HAVE to tell the house the truth about the temptation. Jessica is not being entirely truthful.

  49. I thought production reprimanded Jessica and told her she couldn’t lie about her temptation like that? Isn’t that what she told Cody????

  50. Feeds on.. Now Paul is talking to Cody/Jess/Mark.(the blinds) They’re listening to King Paul attentively. While Paul is speaking the gospel. (putting a spell on them) lol..No kidding aside, he’s full on gaming.

    • Yeah, he runs the Cult. People love The Paul Show, for some reason, including most here. He lies, plays with the truth, and its OK. When Jess shades the truth — RED ALERT!

      • Everything is fine as long as Paul or his minions doing it! That is sheer hypocrisy and double standard. In addition, the big alliance has already tremendous advantages over Jessica and Cody and the fans want more? That is overkill. That is why I root for Jessica and Cody. Also, the reason that Jessica got the sympathy votes for the Halting Hex Temptation. Maybe, they can get some of the floaters out on Paul’s side like Matthew and Raven for instance!