Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 5: Thursday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 house was lit, as Ramses would say, following his surprise eviction as Jessica and Cody tried to figure out why the house voted against their wishes. Meanwhile Mark and Elena are searching to find where they stand with everyone since they were not in on the vote flip.

Paul works to explain himself on BB19

A lot of houseguest talk was also focused on Jessica’s power that she revealed a bit of to the entire house at the end of Thursday’s live episode.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 27, 2017:

7:02 PM BBT – Feeds return. Paul is in the Lounge with Jessica and Cody. Paul is downplaying his involvement in tonight’s vote and saying it was a last minute decision. Paul claims Ramses got the $25K Temptation (Paul knows Kevin got it.) and had no loyalty to anyone. Cody says Paul should have told them this and that Ramses was the target so they didn’t end up outsiders again.

7:05 PM BBT – Jessica is upset that everyone lied to her, but Paul points out it wasn’t personal against her and she’s still in the game.

7:10 PM BBT – Paul tells Mark, Cody, and Jessica that he isn’t the sheep herder here and there were six other votes besides his.

7:15 PM BBT – Jessica explains that she made her goals very clear and thinks she was due the courtesy to do as she asked.

7:20 PM BBT – Cody tells Mark now he has confirmation that they’re together. Mark says he’s an outsider now.

7:22 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul to just put up Jessica & Cody. Paul agrees, saying he wants to find out what happens with that temptation.

7:25 PM BBT – Paul shifts to damage control with Elena. He’s explaining he couldn’t tell her because of Mark.

7:30 PM BBT – Mark asks Paul if this changes anything between them. Paul promises both Mark and Elena that they’re both good with him.

7:35 PM BBT – Elena tells Mark she wishes she had known. It would have been hard for her to vote out Ramses, but she wanted to know. Elena tells Mark they didn’t find out because of how close Mark is to Cody.

7:45 PM BBT – Jessica is upset about Raven lying to her face about the vote. (Well didn’t most all of them do that?)

8:10 PM BBT – Mark questions Jason over if he’ll be a target now for being seen as close to Cody. Jason says yes. Jason says he’ll help work for him if he does go up.

8:25 PM BBT – Mark tells Cody and Jessica that he was relieved when Paul won HoH over Matthew and Raven. Jessica wonders if Paul would take Josh out this week. (Come on, Jessica.) Cody worries about a showmance getting split up this last week before Jury. Mark doesn’t think Paul would do that. (Good grief.)

8:27 PM BBT – Alex and Jason celebrate at their expectation that Paul will put up Mark and Elena. Paul comes in and says he’s going to call Jessica’s bluff. He wants to put up Jessica and Cody then see what happens. Paul says Cody’s eyes were all panicky which tells him she was bullshitting them. (Oops.)

8:29 PM BBT – Paul explaining to Christmas why he thinks Jessica is lying and he’s going to put her and Cody up despite her claim about the Temptation.

8:30 PM BBT – Cody tells Mark, Elena, and Jessica that it’s the four of them now.

8:40 PM BBT – Jessica hopes the house will unify to get Josh out this week.

8:42 PM BBT – Mark asks Jessica if she and Cody are both safe this week. Jessica hesitates to answer, but says she’s keeping them both safe with it.

8:50 PM BBT – Paul and Kevin discuss the Temptation and his noms. Kevin suggests Jessica was still up that one week because she got the power after that week was over. Paul is still planning to try and nominate her and Cody, but if they can’t go up on the Block then he’ll do Mark and Elena.

8:53 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody talk about Paul and the temptation. She thinks that if Paul asks the DR if they can still be nominated and they say yes then he’ll figure out that it’s a rewind week and won’t waste his HOH on them.

8:55 PM BBT – Jessica wants Paul to nominate Alex and Jason. Cody says that would be fun and he thinks that’s what he would do.

9:00 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin and Mark that Jessica told him to keep his dog (Josh) on a leash. Talk turns to the vote and Mark says he never asked anyone who they were voting for this week so technically no one lied to him.

9:04 PM BBT – Paul asks Elena if she wants to talk and she says no. She’s still not happy. She tells Paul she did not know about Jessica’s temptation.

9:08 PM BBT – Paul thinks Jessica is exaggerating her power. He says there’s no way they’d give out a power that keeps people safe until jury. Paul asks why someone with that power would claim to have it in front of everyone.

9:20 PM BBT – Elena is confused about Jessica getting the power while she was on the block and not having to use it.

9:25 PM  BBT – Alex, Christmas, Jason and Josh are also discussing the power. They are skeptical as well. Christmas says it makes no sense for Jessica to get some power that protects Cody because he wasn’t even in the house at the time.

9:35 PM BBT – Paul says there are multiple ways for him to find out if he can nominate Cody and Jessica this week.

9:45 PM BBT – Mark asks Paul if he thinks the power could be a reset week. Paul says no. Paul says she wouldn’t be able to be put on the Block. Mark says maybe it’s when she’s voted out that it goes into play (Mark is getting warmer).

9:48 PM BBT – Elena is still really upset. She won’t let Mark touch her and she tells him she wants to smack Raven in the face.

9:55 PM BBT – Mark asks Josh if they can be civil. Josh says no.

10:30 PM BBT – HGs all having out and chit-chating now. Things are calm-ish at the moment.

11:15 PM BBT – Paul had his HoH room reveal and got a letter from his cousin.

11:25 PM BBT – Jessica asks Paul if he might consider not making her a HN this week. He agrees and says she was already a HN.

11:35 PM BBT – Cody talks with Paul and tells him that Mark was looking out for Paul. Cody gives an honest retell of his talk with Mark.

11:40 PM BBT – Paul tells Cody he’s going to make some moves this week to make things come out.

11:45 PM BBT – Paul retells Matthew what Cody said about Mark saying he was with Paul. Paul doesn’t believe what Cody told him. (I believe Cody was truthful about it.) Paul says he needs to expose this power and find out just what it does.

11:50 PM BBT – Paul decides that if he tries to put up Cody and Jessica but her power prevents that then he’ll do Mark and Elena instead.

12:00 AM BBT – Matthew and Raven admit to Paul that they threw the last round of that HoH comp since Paul knows what he’s doing.

12:05 AM BBT – Paul suggests they might be able to reclaim Elena if they get out Mark while getting out Elena might force Mark over to Cody. Raven disagrees and says Elena won’t even look at her.

12:20 AM BBT – Matthew says his one goal was to make it to Jury. Now that he has he can make riskier moves.

12:25 AM BBT – Paul checks in with Alex. She confirms that Jason is still with them. Paul says he’s going to put up Cody and Jess with Mark and Elena as the back up.

12:30 AM BBT – Paul says there’s no way Jessica got a better Temptation than he got. He’s sure he got the best one.

12:35 AM BBT – Paul tells Alex the two of them can steamroll their way to the end. Alex says she’d be happy to get second place to his first.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul talks with Mark and lets him know he may need him as a pawn, but he’s going to try and call Jessica’s bluff. Paul is convinced that Jessica doesn’t have what she claims.

12:45 AM BBT – Elena and Paul catch up. He’s doing more damage control with her. Paul says he thinks they’re still on the same plan together. Elena says she can’t do anything about being anchored with Mark and can’t keep telling him to go away for the rest of the season. Paul warns her he may have to use her as a pawn. She asks if she’s going up. He says that’s not his plan, but he’ll have to see what happens.

12:50 AM BBT – Alex lets Jason know that Paul is going to test what Jessica claimed. She says Paul’s back up plan is what they expected earlier.

1:00 AM BBT – Jessica warns Cody that he has to stop trying to protect Mark and Elena. She says everyone turned their backs on them so they have to watch out for themselves now. Jessica promises Cody that if he’s on the Block after the Veto then she will use the Hex power to save him. He accepts.

1:10 AM BBT – Paul still working on Elena and she’s still worrying about how to deal with Mark.

2:00 AM BBT – Mark asks Elena if she knows Paul’s plan. Elena denies any knowledge of what Paul is planning. Mark worries if they’ll be okay with Paul as HoH. Elena hopes so since she’s had Paul’s back.

2:31 AM BBT – Paul is camtalking his plan alone in the HoH room. He says Jessica is bluffing about something on her Temptation. Paul is going to put them on the Block tomorrow (Friday) and then find out from there.

3:00 AM BBT – Lights have been turned out around the house. HGs are off to sleep for the night.

Paul is set to go for Cody and Jessica on the Block. When he’s allowed to do that watch for him to think she’s completely bluffing so that’ll be fun to see if either her or Cody are still on the Block in a week! Then again, this new Temptation Competition could give them a chance to avoid both being up there together though that won’t stop Paul from going after the other.

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  1. I had pretty high hopes for Alex but she’s clearly turned into a Paulite…smh. Too bad because she started out as a beast that played her own game. Too bad. She’d be fine coming in 2nd to Paul’s 1st? That’s absurd and disheartening.

    • Totally agreed. She wanted to be with the cool kid at the cool middle school lunch table — and she ran to it when Paul invited her over. Very disappointed because I thought, that other than Cody, she realized this was The Paul Show.

    • i still have hope for alex, i think if anyone takes a shot at paul and doesn’t miss its going to be alex

    • I knew Alex was stupid when she said “I want to lose than come back next year and crush it like Nicole” pre-season.

    • Paul tells Alex the two of them can steamroll their way to the end. Alex says she’d be happy to get second place to his first.

      :( Alex not you tooo……………..

      • Do you believe everything these people say to each other? I’m sure you don’t. Alex is playing along. My guess is that she will be the first person in his group to take a shot at him. She’ll be smarter than Jody and wait for the right moment.

      • Exactly. There are a lot of people still in the house. Say what you need to say to keep things good. No need to blab everything and stir the pot when someone else is doing it for you.

      • How am I stirring the pot? If you cant deal with a comment, keep it to yourself………………..

      • I don’t believe that guilty pleasure was talking about you stirring the pot, she was replying to me and saying that there was no reason for the hg’s to stir the pot

      • If that is the true intention, i’m sorry.

        I’m new to this site and 13……………sorry for misunderstanding

      • Well, I turned 13 yesterday and I started watching when BBCAN3 came out……………….huge fan though :)

      • No worries about comments, lol, we all get heated up. I find myself yelling at the laptop a lot….

      • Quite alright. it happens. I’ll edit my not very friendly response. LOL

      • No dude, not you stirring the pot. I mean Paul in the house is stirring the pot. Work on your reading comprehension. It’ll help you in the long run.

      • You’re right, I don’t. And Alex is smart. I’m pointing out my exaggeration of how many people can fit in Paul’s A-hole.

    • Me too. I thought she was smart enough not to fall for Paul’s spell. Who in their right mind would tell someone going for 500k I’m ok with coming 2nd to your 1st, Smh. As Paul would say… “noted”.

      • Someone who is stroking the ego of a pot stirrer perhaps. Why make waves when you don’t have to. There is still a LOT of game to play.

    • Maybe she is just playing along with him because he has the power for now. Doesn’t mean that if she get the chance she won’t cut him off.

      My guess is that if Alex win HoH in a DE night she will put up Paul. Of course, I could be wrong. But I think she will win back your god grace.

      • I guess we will find out come DR entries this Sunday xD
        I do hope she is just playing into his ego though

      • I’d be okay with 2nd once it was all said and done but I guarantee I wouldn’t just hand someone the 1st place prize. I’d try with all I had to win it.

      • Right? If I made it to the end and lost fair and square it’d be like ok. But who actually plays for 2nd place??

    • I thought the same thing! All these people are stupid! Why would you be ok coming in Second to Paul?? That’s ridiculous. They need to get Paul out sooner rather than later or he will end up winning. In the beginning I thought Alex was on to Paul but I don’t think so any more.

      • I will root for Paul to be evicted because that would force the others in his alliance to actually play their game! That is what I want to see!

      • Maybe it’s like others have mentioned and she’s telling Paul what he wants to hear in order for her to strike. That would be cool and I hope that’s her plan.

      • I hope so too but the more she talks, the more I’m doubting it. She seems to be drinking Paul’s Kool-Aid. But I hope I’m wrong and she’s just playing along until she can strike!

    • i agree everyone this season are paul’s sheep. Except Cody and Jessica. I have never seen a season hand a game to vet as much as this cast does with Paul. Its not good tv nor good game play.

      • Which is why I can’t help but root for Jessica and Cody. I mean, I do like both of them for the most part but it helps knowing they’ll go after Paul likely before anyone else does (unless they make more bonehead moves like this past week).

      • The game kind of leans to keep Cody in as well. Look at the way the returning HG comp thing was rigged. Cody got pick which comp to do against Paul and already had practice using the contraption. Come on.
        That being said, this would be super boring if Cody didn’t come back into the house. It adds a lot of drama, and that’s what production wants.

    • I really hate this big alliance and any twists they put up that affects this large alliance, I will vote for! A large alliance defeats game play because they will roll all the others not part of their alliance. Like watching paint dry. How exciting is that? Not all Big Brother fans post on the message boards. I will vote to support Jessica, Cody, Mark, Elena until this huge alliance is broken up in tiny pieces and the house guests are forced to play the game! I am sure we have not heard the last of these twists because Big Brother still wants the ratings.

      • Isn’t this kind of how it always is though? At least until jury starts? You always have one alliance that’s good, a group that tries but don’t do as good, and a bunch of pointless floaters who end up in jury. I agree with you that it gets boring. That’s why, as much as I think he’s an arrogant a-hole who isn’t good at anything but physical comps, I’m happy Cody came back. Adds drama and challenges Paul and his Paulite worshipers.

    • Don’t count Alex out yet. I didn’t believe a word when Alex told Paul that she would be fine coming in second. My words were, “Yea, Right??”

  2. Question for someone that can answer Please ? … Does Jessica having the ” Halting Hex ” mean if she and Cody were to be placed on the Block she could remove BOTH or Just ONE ?? … I can’t believe she just blurted out that she had gotten it .. Even Julie was :o … thank in advance for the answer :)

    • the halting hex is the power to stop the eviction, she can completely make the live eviction not happen at all therefore whoever is on the block goes no where

    • Yeah so if she’s on the block come Thursday with Josh, she can use it and save both herself and Josh. Ha

      • that would be poetic justice lol, misrepresent your temptation and karma gives you a josh and meatball sammich

    • That was my question too. What if Paul nominates Cody & Mark @ first then Jessica would have to decide then if she uses her power. The way she explains it makes it seem like her & Cody are safe but wouldn’t it be only if on block together? And most def Julie was not thrilled w Jess saying what she did off script like that ! Most ppl don’t realize that first & foremost this is a tv show then a game to cbs. They are in tv biz for ratings making money including politics as Hwood is just that. They need to produce a dramatic tv show which is prob why Paul is back. I thought I read an interview w A G w her saying this season was so different. They had to write 2 different games due to temptations changing game so much. There were 2 players who knew ea other prior to going in but may not mention it ?

      • That could be anyone though. Pictures of Paul and Raven have surfaced. He’s a popular guy, and he’s met lots of potential BB players and given them advice on how to get through auditions

    • She can stop any eviction in the next 2 weeks, whoever is on the block. The eviction would just not happen.

    • It becomes a non-eviction week meaning all those on the block including, Mark and Elena would be safe! It has the unintended consequence of keeping both Elena and Mark safe this week as well! Using it is worth it to Jessica now because she ends up keeping 4 people safe from eviction this week!

  3. Just laughing at Paul’s comment to Jess, Cody and Mark….he said he’s not a “sheep herder” and that there were six other votes…but when he walks around with that fur around his neck….he looks like a shepard…lol….and he does have a herd of sheep…baaa….baaa.

    • Right… I was laughing too! It’s like everything out of his mouth is the opposite. Paul you ARE the sheep herder! Ugh works my nerves, but I call them puppets and he is the puppet master because even when he tells them to say or do something they immediately do it.

  4. I think Paul should have thrown HOH to Matt or Raven. They would do what Paul wants anyway and Paul wouldn’t get more blood on his hands. Having said that, I hope Paul does put up Jess and Cody, to force her hand.

  5. They are really going to mess this up. Paul is going to waste his HOH and then Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena will be gunning for HOH next week.

    • If the Hex is played, I don’t see that as a waste, because next week they have no more protection. Their only way to be safe would be for one the 2 to win HoH or Veto.

      • Aye Aye, Captain! Getting Jessica to give up her safety is probably the most successful thing he could do this week short of tricking her into not using it and getting voted out. But I can’t imagine she wouldn’t use it if one of them is on the block. I just wonder if everyone will be able to play in the next HOH, or if Paul or Jessica won’t be able to participate.

      • Can someone answer if Christma’s temptation can come into play. I believe she didn’t use it as of yet and I wonder if it can reverse Jessica’s temptation. I could be wrong idk?

      • Oh ya. Thanks I forgot. Dang was hoping it was somehow a reverse of the hex. I honestly do not believe America voted Jessica for it. It was all production.

      • Christmas power is only to be able to replace a player that is chosen to play in the veto comp.

        Example, if Cody and Jess are on the block and Mark get pick to play the veto, then Christmas could stand and say “Mark won’t play and I will take his place”. That would prevent Mark from winning veto and saving Cody.

      • I believe that she could also replace one of the people on the block, or the HOH too???

      • It does not reverse anything. What Christmas won is the right to replace someone playing for VETO. So, she would end up playing in that person’s spot for VETO if she chooses. I think she still has it!

  6. I think jessica’s move to announce to the house she had the temptation and then misrepresent that temptation will come back to hurt her if she doesn’t come clean to someone, paul isn’t afraid to flush it out but if she had just stayed quiet she wouldn’t be risking being put up to flush it out…bless her heart she can get power but can’t weild it

    • It was brilliant for Jessica to announce and it can only help her. Paul was going to get out one of the 4 this week, *Cody, Jessica, Mark, Elena* If she uses the power, he can’t get any of them out and all 4 are available for HOH next week, which is better than this week where Jessica couldn’t play. It would be like a reset, except there numbers will be better since Jessica could win HOH again and technically have all the power AGAIN

      • She gave Paul a spectacular reason to put her and Cody on the block, and now it’s easily justifiable. “Jessica, I nominated you because you told us all you have a power and I want to flush it out.” If she hadn’t said that, there’s a chance he would have put up Mark and/or Elena, and she still could have used the power to save them anyway. I don’t consider that move anywhere near brilliant.

      • Paul did not need a reason and would have put them up Halting Hex or not but, curiosity got the better for him this time! He will waste his HOH and have 4 pissed off people going after the HOH and him and his alliance next week!

      • You’re right. He didn’t need a reason and would have put them up either way. But now he has a reason, which makes this move a lot easier on him. Taking out Cody/Jessica’s safety is NOT a wasted HOH.

    • If she’s smart she’ll tell paul exactly what it is and for how long. He doesn’t even want them out this week it’s just his curiosity driving him crazy. If she pointblank tells him everything about the hex he won’t nominate them and the week won’t be wasted and she’s safe for two weeks.

  7. Wondering if someone would know if this is possible next week. If Jess and Cody are on the block….Cody competes for the veto and wins and takes Jessica off…can he then compete for the Temptation Comp and if he wins he will be safe. Then Jess will not have to use the HH.

      • Well, Cody could win the temptation and be safe. Then Paul would nominate Jessica and Mark/Elena. If Jessica or Cody then won the veto, they would both be safe for the week and still hold on to the Hex. So you were on the right track, just had the order wrong.

    • That’s what I was thinking…if I was Jody, I’d take that gamble knowing I’d have the HH as backup.

    • They should both compete because worst case scenario is only one of them winds up on the block. And they still have the Halting Hex as backup. They are going to be forced to use it as Paul will nominate one or both of them!

  8. I think Paul’s decision to call out the Temptation is smart. We know Jessica would use it if she or Cody remained on the block, and thereby Jody remains in the house and makes Paul HOH lackluster BUT, the temptation is over. Having said that, I did forget about the Temptation challenge, so we’ll see what comes of that.

    • Cmon…he was putting them up regardless this week. You think he wasn’t going to try to evict Jess or Cody this week?

      • You’re right, but my perception of Paul is that he has the hutzpah to go through with those noms and not be intimidated by the power of Jessica’s Temptation power.

      • I think he was going to either way, but now she gave him a great excuse to do it. He can AGAIN tell her that the move isn’t personal, but that he’s just trying to level the playing field.

  9. If Jess uses the Haulting Hex and it’s basically a “reset”, does Paul then get to compete in the next HOH comp?

    • He shouldn’t because it stops the evictions. Thats on him that he blew his HOH

      • I agree he should not be allowed to compete. Jessica sat it out this week and if Paul wasted his HOH because he wanted to test the Halting Hex, he has only himself to blame! We will see if he can compete. In any case, he will have 4 pissed off people trying to win HOH and will be gunning for him and his alliance!

    • That is interesting because I would think that everybody would be up for HoH, if that week is effectively killed. I suppose we’ll find out next Thursday, but my assumption is that if the HoH’s week is reset or stopped where not even a vote can happen, they should also compete.

      • I agree. Usually the outgoing HOH can’t compete because they just got someone evicted. So if Paul doesn’t get someone evicted, he should be able to play. If anything, Jessica should have to sit because she’s the last successful outgoing HOH.

    • In previous year, when there was a twist that was cancelling an eviction, the HoH of that week was eligible to play in the next HoH.

      The year Frankie played, there was a week like that got erase completely and whoever HoH was allowed to compete in the next HoH comp.

  10. What happens if only one person wants to compete for the Temp Comp….I would presume it can’t happen….turn out to be a dud.

    • I’d imagine both Jess and Cody would do it. Mark and Elena should, but I don’t know if they will. I’m guessing Paul can’t compete, because he’s the only one from his side that would do so, I’d imagine.

      • For Cody and Jessica it makes sense to compete because they would be put on the block anyways and forced to use the Halting Hex. Safety for one week plus a VETO win could protect both of them for another week. Even if one of them winds on the block. They are targets of Paul anyways and will use the Halting Hex to nullify those nominations! Of course, a lot depends on who is the HOH next week. If either Jessica or Cody win the next HOH then, they would have 2 weeks of safety possibly. A chance to remove Paul or anyone from his alliance. I just hope they do not waste the eviction on Josh! There are bigger targets better than Josh!

      • Agreed, Cody, Jess, Mark, and Elena should absolutely compete. They would have a chance to get rid of a big target if either win HOH, but they also had that chance last week, so I’m not holding my breath.

    • I wondered that too. He/she would take first and be safe, but he/she would also take last and have to be on the block haha. It would be cool if he/she was safe, but not able to cast a vote if that happened.

    • Personally, I think it is a dumb twist. They could have done it better. Nobody wants to be put on the block so why risk it? What they should have done is offer huge cash prizes say $25,000 to those who compete! Most will not make it to the end so, would take the $25,000. One week safety is not worth being put on the block. If you are part of the big alliance, you can float week after week with relative safety and no risk!

      • I can tolerate Mark! He’s just a big dope. Josh lost me by being so smug about blindsiding Jody & Marlena that he shafted poor Ramses.

      • It wasn’t Josh’s fault that Ramses got evicted. I have nothing against Ramses, but the truth is he was very ho hum. That can definitely not be said about Josh. But there is nothing scary or threatening about Josh. I wish I could say that for Cody. He’s just creepy to me. And Mark, “Am I in trouble?”. Yes, Mark you are drowning.

      • It wasn’t his fault, but I found his gloating really distasteful. You are right, he isn’t scary at all – just an overexcited wee puppet. And I agree – Ramses was a disappointment!

      • Yes, Josh definitely has issues. That boy will help keep Kleenex in business. I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him sometimes. Other times, I want to strangle him…not literally…you know what I mean. lol

      • I’m with you on that one. My son is his age and sometimes he’ll give an aspirin a headache. 😄🤕

      • Thanks for the laugh, Brenda. I have one of those, too….not a headache, a son, which sometimes results in a headache. lol

      • I think that Josh has been bullied in the past. Respect is important to him and when he feels disrespected is when he goes off on people. Cody pushed him aside and called him a loser on the first HoH comp, Jess insults him, Mark threw stuff in his face. These are the people Josh goes off on. Christmas and Paul and the others don’t put him down and actually spend time with him, tease him etc. He doesn’t go off on them. I especially liked the moment when he gave Jason a hug cos he knew Jason was emotional, missing his family.

      • Aye, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. He needs to learn how to rise above things & move on. He is a very reactive individual! And you are right, he does seem like a nice guy…but oh my goodness I could not live with him!

      • Agree Liz.. I don’t think he’s a bad person, but I wouldn’t want to live with him.

      • Josh wants and seems to need to portray that he is tough. But he’s not tough. smh

      • I think you are spot on, and it would not surprise me if he is bullied more after the show. Sad to think about .

      • You might be right on that. They might bully him for sure because they think he’s just a spoiled, mean guy and not thinking that he’s been bullied before. I hope that doesn’t happen.

      • Yes Mark you’re in trouble and it looks like Elena is sitting on your life preserver

      • Yeah, I really can’t stand watching him. It is weird how I am not rooting for Jessica and Cody to succeed but everyone else is so under Paul’s spell I can’t stand watching that.

  11. Cody’s line is great – Paul and his groupies. It seems no one has a mind of their own or any balls in this house, except for Cody and Jessica. Jessica was naive for not replacing Ramses when she had the Power of Veto. Paul is manipulative and no one sees through him. It’s almost as if the house guests are conceding the $500,000 to him!

    • Cody wishes those ‘groupies’ were his cos in his mind he should be the #1 male. He’s jealous of Paul

    • I think most people see it, they just don’t care enough to do anything about it. Last night Matt said something like “The best player in the game has HOH. He’ll figure it out.” and presumably Matt and Raven both threw it to Paul because he knows what he’s doing.

  12. 12:30 AM BBT – Paul says there’s no way Jessica got a better Temptation than he got. He’s sure he got the best one. – Talk about hubris from Paul

    12:35 AM BBT – Paul tells Alex the two of them can steamroll their way to the end. Alex says she’d be happy to get second place to his first. – GO HOME ALEX, GTFO. YOU ARE A WASTE.

  13. What a waste of 7 days! Paul is more concerned about knowing exactly what Jessica’s temptation is than getting two guaranteed people he doesn’t like out. Jess said her temptation protects her and Cody, so why not nominate Mark and Elena? FOCUS PAUL!!!!

    • I disagree, it a good thing to flush it out. Plus it’s good for us, one more DE.

    • It does not matter I think. I remember reading that the Halting Hex makes that week a non-eviction week so, Paul testing it will make everyone on the block safe! If it is a non-eviction week, nobody goes home and Paul cannot play for HOH next week! Jessica’s bluff paid off because they are still safe and now, Elena and Mark if they win HOH have all the motivation to also, go after Paul! Next week should be extra good!

      • I hope IF he chooses to nominate Jody and the hex is used it all starts over and blows up in Jody’s face and Paul wins HOH again, if he’s exempt which he totally shouldn’t be since it’s a rewind I hope Matt wins HOH.

  14. Question- does another curse get unleashed when Jessica actually uses the Hex or is the temptation challenge the only curse? I dont think Cody or Jess will compete in the challenge because they know they are safe anyway and dont want to have to use the Hex. Jess would be smart to reveal the Hex and try to sway Paul to put up someone she wants saying that he will waste his HOH by nominating them and guarantee him safety next week. Then they are safe next week too and might be able to gain some allies- if Paul exposes them this week their safety is over.

    • The temptation challenge is the curse. They should not compete, that would be a dumb move on their part, but who knows they are used to making dumb moves lol. They should try to convince Paul not to waste his HOH, so they can use it next week if nominated or just win HOH and get Paul out.

      • Are you serious? They should both definitely compete. There’s a chance they could both be safe this week…

      • I agree. They should both compete! If it’s just the two of them, then one will win and the other will be on the block. Then the other could play and potentially win the veto making them both safe. It’s definitely worth it to play!!

  15. It would be funny if she uses it, but Production got tired of her constantly lying about what it actually does, and adds an extra twist to it, that it would only stop the eviction from happening that day…it would still happen, just not that day.

  16. On Jokers: “After hours of Paul talking to HGs, everyone leaves. Paul picks up a beer, dances and says idiots.” Typical smart arse Paul, truthful and hilariously funny.

  17. I would love to see Cody and Jessica up the week before Jury. If that is the only thing Cody is wanting, he should have stayed home.

      • Well yes mg you are correct But we still don’t know what it exactly does. It stops the eviction “that day” but if it still allows someone to get evicted the next day, it works. The rules have been changing too much to count on anything at this point.

      • I was thinking there probably was a play with words. It said, “halt the live eviction” it didn’t say no one will be evicted that week. Listen, i say vote one of them out PRETAPED on Friday!!! Ha haaaa! THAT will be hilarious!

      • Maybe Josh will push Cody over the edge and production will throw Cody out on his butt. Good riddance, I say!
        Good AM, mg.

      • It’s eating him up inside. I think he’s the type that let’s it build and then he explodes. I don’t want anyone hurt, but I do want Cody gone.

      • Ehh Josh can take an as whooping if it can gets Cody out. He’d be alright, hes a big guy.

      • I doubt Cody will get hurt by Josh. Cody was a marine trained to kill. Josh would get the worst of it if they were to both get violent!

      • Oh, for sure, and I don’t want to see anyone hurt. I was just saying that if Josh keeps taunting Cody in his childlike manner, Cody could blow. That cooker is pressurized!

      • I can see something happening in the Jury House and it will be Cody that takes the first swing. He’s a powder keg just waiting to explode

      • Not true. Ppl alwsys think of them as some bad azzes trained to destroy anything in their paths, that’s a myth. I seen so many marines get thier azz whooped on the outside just as anyone else. My own cousin was a marine and had to jump in bar fights and stop him from getting f’d up. I laugh when pp say that.

      • I think I read it in the CBS website on the Halting Hex before I voted that what it does is make it a non-eviction week. If it is a non-eviction week then, even Mark and Elena if put on the block with Cody or Jessica will all be safe!

      • I’m not sure that ‘last week before jury’ is accurate. I think it’s more ‘one more person has to be evicted before jury’. Meaning if she doesn’t use the hex, then the person voted out during Paul’s HOH cycle goes home and the next person voted out is the first member of the jury. If she uses the hex and no one goes home, then the person voted out next HOH cycle goes home and the person voted out after that becomes the first member of the jury. I could be completely wrong though.

      • Last season if I recall correctly, didn’t Victor come back to the house a 2nd time? I think he did so, I would not count out anything including the last group of evictees including Ramses getting a 2nd chance to get back into the Big Brother House!

  18. Can you imagine Paul at Jury with his puppets… Smh, he would do most of the talking while everyone is nodding their heads agreeing to his every word on who should win the money. UNLESS Cody and maybe Jessica is there, they may be the only two with their own opinion on who should win. Lol Wasted weeks, starting to look like a wasted season.

    • You have to remember it’s only week 5! A lot of the bigger personalities always shine in the first couple weeks, then other people will start to shine.

  19. How can Cody be so detached from reality?? Not only does he speaks like he’s in the sixth grade, but the thinks like one too. Wow. That kid is off.

  20. I thought Paul had a better idea yesterday and it should still apply! Nominate one of each! (Jody and Marlena). And then if veto plays, you replace with the other one. That is still the better way to call her bluff (plus, despite now believing that Jessica may be one of the smartest in the house and hopefully now her whole foursome will look to her as a leader, I’m starting to think that she is mistaking some of the details of her temptation.

    But then, even as I say this, I think about who would play in this temptation challenge. Probably Mark, Elena might feel she has to, Paul might to try to prevent others from winning and I could see that triggering Cody’s pride making him need to compete. No one else probably feels in super danger right now. Like, possibly Raven because she might be the only one that duo who has noticed that because they took a stand against their former group, they are either alone or with the other group and they are on the bottom of that totem pole.

    I too really hope Alex is still playing Paul (I have some hope that her and Jason seem to want Paul to do the Mark and Elena noms and then when he was all excited about calling Jessica’s bluff she just decided to back down) because I still think that she has to wait probably until jury to pull the trigger (so two weeks) because when she does it, its back to being her and Jason and the puckish presence of Kevin that they can’t count on. I mean, things could happen between now and then, Cody and Jessica are in a panic because they are alone, Christmas could get word that Paul is basically setting her up to be the first eliminated from their crew and her and Alex could team up. If Raven and Matt start paying attention, they might just decide that dealing with Jessica and Cody is easier because there isn’t a lot of duplicity in their game whereas they know Paul doesn’t lie but he doesn’t exactly tell the truth either.

    • You are forgeting one important detail. When the Halting Hex is used, it becomes a non-eviction week meaning whoever is on the block will all be safe! That makes Paul’s HOH useless and he cannot play for HOH next week! He is going to have 4 pissed off house guests trying to win HOH and gunning for him next week!

      • No I’m not, that’s why one of each of the couples makes sense because Jessica will be forced to decide to save herself against either Mark or Elena or Cody against Mark or Elena. If she uses it this week, yes, Paul’s HOH was futile but we don’t know exactly what happens as a result of the halting whether the week just keeps moving forward or if there is some sort of rewind of the week just played. But even if that happens, the temptation is gone and the large majority member who could win HOH can go directly after Cody and Jessica (though I think Jason and Alex would go after a Mark/Elena combo at first). But if Cody is on the block and Jessica gambles that Mark, for instance, has actually annoyed more people and Cody refuses to let her use it just on him, Cody is gone and she can still save herself next week. But, except for Alex, most people in the house don’t really mind a cody less Jessica.

      • It is a non-eviction week so, nobody goes home including, Mark and Elena. This is still posted on the CBS website for all to read. She will use it because she can play for HOH next week along with Cody, Mark and Elena! Paul made his call as HOH which is his right. He just has 4 pissed off people playing for HOH next week targeting him if one of them win HOH!

      • Why would she use it if she or Cody weren’t in danger? I don’t know that she actively cares that much about either member of Marlena. Like, it might be an easy call to stop the eviction if its Cody and Elena because she likes Elena more, but, Mark’s kind of a liability and if somehow Mark and Elena are on the block on Thursday, she’s not going to use it because Mark is going home.

  21. If they can manage getting one of Jody out before jury, that’d be so sweet. I wouldn’t want to be in jury with Cody. He’s no fun, no personality, don’t talk , etc all he does is resting bitch face, eat and fart. Hes disgusting to me. Dont see what Jessica see’s in him.

  22. I think Jody should just chill this week. Go up on the block. Obviously not try for the Veto. Or better yet, win the Veto and not use it. Then use the Hex at the voting ceremony. Tell Paul they warned him and he just wasted his HOH. And say, “Who’s next? I told you it worked for 4 weeks.”
    After everyone sees the results, no way will they try to evict them the next week and waste another HOH. It can still be bluffed for a little while more.

    • I don’t think that’s how it works. I think once Jess uses the hex, the whole house will get full disclosure on how it works. So she can’t bluff any longer.
      In fact, I’ve heard rumors (I’ve read, so no idea if it’s true) that Paul can ask production how the hex works and they will tell him.
      I might be wrong but I don’t think so. Apparently BB has already scolded Jess for lying to Kevin, so not telling the HG what the real deal is seems illogical.

  23. 7:15 PM BBT – Jessica explains that she made her goals very clear and thinks she was due the courtesy to do as she asked.

    Awww, was she also pumping little fists while stomping her feet with a pouty look on her face?

    It’s BB you little (&%^, not YouHaveToDoWhatIWantBecauseImMeAndISaidSo.

  24. I still think it was a bad move for Jessica to say anything about her temptation. Paul would have been more in the dark about why they seem so confident. As it stands he might flush out her halting hex and then they will be vulnerable next week. This temptation challenge is going to be fun. That is if HGs agree to play it.

  25. Does everyone know this is BB?! You lie, steal, and cheat to win!! I’m so tired of hearing Paul’s minions, etc. He’s playing the best game and why wouldn’t you follow him to jury at least?! Who are you going to follow otherwise, Cody? Jess? – C’mon!! You can’t make a big move this early w/out numbers! Someone will turn on Paul at some point but it’s all about making jury and getting rid of people you can’t work w/ down the road. Let the game take its course before being too critical. Overall, I think it’s been a great season w/ continual fireworks to come!

    • YES! I think any returning VET is a huge target and for him to manage to still be in the house is a tremendous accomplishment. Not just that, but he has only been on the block once (so far), and seems to have total control of the house without it being obvious to those who are aligned with him. The new OUTSIDERS (omgosh I love that this term now applies to them hahaha Karma, gotta love it) are the main ones who can see just how in control he is. Hes playing one heck of a game!

      • Please. They gave Paul 4 weeks of safety right from the get go knowing he is popular! They should not even be allowing veterans to return and compete against complete newbies! It is not fair and just prevents the other house guests from actually trying to play the game! Either have a Big Brother All Stars or a Big Brother all newbie season. That is the way to go!

      • Did everyone forget that America gave Paul the power…Christmas the power…Jessica the power…NOT production…

      • Stop…just stop…
        All things considered, I don’t believe that Big Brother messes with the votes. I do believe that they tailor certain comps to whoever they would like to see win a given comp. But to falsely give these big powers to specific people, no. I can’t stand Josh. But, for Jody to completely humiliate him that night, you know the night I am talking about, was absolutely disgusting and out right mean. Them “America” gives Jess the HH…Ugh!!! I was truly disappointed. Conspiracy theory…nah…

      • Aye Richie I agree 100% about the vets returning. I have not been of fan of that concept ever since they did so on BB14. In saying that we gotta deal with it. So feelings aside Paul is playing one hell of a game for the position he was in. In the past it hasn’t been just one returning vet, and this season Paul is the only vet which made him the sole target from the gate. Everyone said they were going to get him out when he came in the house. Yet he is still here, and this past week the person who had alllllll the power in the house and opportunity to take him out didn’t even put him up. We all have personal feelings involved in the game but take that out of the equation and think strictly of the game you gotta give the guy credit. He’s making moves for himself. At the end of the day there is only 1 winner.

    • I don’t think this season is going to slow down since now Elena is on fire against Paul now too, plus I’m hoping Cody goes so that way he can prevent Jessica from making any more dumb decisions in the future, or influencing her to do them, at least. LOL! There’s plenty of BB left to play, so we’ll see.

      • I’m not so sure yet that Elena will truly go against Paul. He does have the power of persuasion on his side.

  26. Jessica thinks she was “due the courtesy” of the HGs votes to evict Josh. She needs to reread the house rules.

      • Well, she has told Cody that unless he stops the obnoxious burping and farting that he will not be seeing her naked body. So she seems to have good manners. :D

      • As proud as Nicole’s family looked when they were interviewed during last season. lol I’ll never forget the looks on their faces, especially her brother’s.

      • Or her mother at the finale, when Nicole asked her mother what she thought and her mother said ‘We’ll talk about that later’ You can imagine that conversation.

      • Her behavior with Corey, that was my impression, yes. Her mother did not look approving, shall we say

    • I want to like Jessica so badly but then she says stuff like this and we go back to square one LOL

      • I haven’t found myself wanting to like her since the beginning, but I know that some people dislike Paul so much they are rooting for anyone they think might go against him. It’s all good fun.

  27. The fun is when Paul finds out that this week has been turned into a non-eviction week! That means nobody is going home including, Mark and Elena! There is going to be 4 pissed off people next week going for HOH! If they get HOH, I imagine Paul would be the target! Jessica letting everyone know about her power forces Paul and the big alliance to make a choice: 1) Put them up and see what happens, 2) Wait it out and not put up Cody and Jessica on the block wait for the Halting Hex to expire. That buys Jessica and Cody 1-2 weeks of safety.

  28. If you are not in the HOH’s alliance, you have to play in the temptation challenge. If you win, you are safe. If you lose, you are guaranteed a chance to play for veto, meaning you can’t be backdoored. If you come in the middle, you are no worse off than you were before the temptation challenge. Mark, Elena, Jessica and Cody all need to play this week.

    If Jessica wants to hold on to her hex for another week, the only way to make sure her and Cody are safe this week is for one of them to win the temptation challenge and then one of them win the veto competition.

    Can Paul compete in the temptation challenge? If he wins, he blocks someone from getting safety. But what if Paul comes in last? Does the next last person become the third nominee?

  29. July Chen looked like she wanted to choke a B!$%h when Jessica when on her rant about the Hex. I wonder if she (Jessica) was reprimanded for doing so. Anyone know?

    • First, there was no rant – Jessica told about the Hex in a very calm manner. Second, Jessica was allowed to tell or not tell anyone she wanted.

      • First, she DID say it with an attitude. I used the word rant in order to avoid what I really felt like saying which could be deemed inappropriate for comments. Second, I am aware of that, but I am also aware that she was not allowed to exaggerate the hex’s power. But thank you for your opinion.

  30. Not sure if this was mentioned already, but did anyone else notice that before the battle back there was no goodbye messages to any of the houseguest that left? Shouldn’t that have been a red flag to them that some is definitely coming back? Or is it possible that production recorded goodbye messages but did not show it to us? I’m used to houseguest bragging about what they said in their messages and I haven’t seen that this time around.

    • Early on somebody, and I can’t remember who it was, said that they wished they could revise their goodbye message. So they were recording goodbye messages so that the hg’s wouldn’t think someone was coming back.

  31. I noticed the first episode when Cameron didn’t get any messages. I knew right there that there would be a returning player. I was happy to see them on last nights show.

  32. You people running down those on Paul’s side don’t seem to have any kind of clue how the game works.

    What do you want them to do? Oppose Paul and work with Jody?

    There’s PLENTY of time for that after Jody is gone. Or maybe you’re thinking they should oppose BOTH Paul and Jody. That shows a real lack of grey matter.

    Here’s a prescription. One chill pill as needed. Take the first one immediate.

  33. I have this good feeling that Alex and Jason have a Final 2 deal, and are slowly working on getting Paul out in the next 4 evictions. I’m waiting for the DE to happen as well as Paul’s and everyone else’s faces when he noms Jody and they are on the block, no power and then after veto, no power, and right before voting, when Paul and his lackey’s think they’ve won. Jess says’s you may have thought my HOH week was wasted, but sadly Paul yours was wasted just as much and reveals the Hex as a week nullify vs a week reset.

      • Could be way off, as we already know that Pau and Alex have the F2 deal. Do we really want a vet who gets a second chance to win or give it to someone who’s going to be their own person. I’m waiting to see what happens when the HG’s realize that they do not need Paul.

    • Alex has said before that she wants to face off against Paul in a final two and Jason said last night he was getting tired of Alex’s attitude lol. I think Paul has this game won at this point but we still have plenty of weeks left, so we’ll see

      • You think it’s also stemming from when he wanted to work with Jessica and work on other targets, I mean they got Dominique evicted but Jason was like “NOOOO”. On the flip side I like Alex being gamer Alex vs being minion Alex

  34. Jessica must be delusional. No one owes her any courtesy to do as she wants, even if she is HOH. For a superfan she is very confused about how the game works. Making enemies with everyone is not exactly a great strategy either. smh.

  35. Will production tell paul the true details of the DOT? I heard someone say he can ask in the DR

  36. So is the halting hex comp thing going to happen before or after the nomination ceremony?

      • Yeah that seems kind of obvious to me now. LOL
        Can Paul play in it? I’d imagine not, but if he did and he won, how would that work? Sorry for the dumb questions, but this stuff has me all buggered. LOL

      • There would be no reason for him to play when he’s HoH. You’re right that it brings up a lot of questions, we’ll have to see how it plays out Sunday

  37. It would be a waste of an HOH if he puts up Cody and Jess and they are both still there on Thursday..wouldn’t It? I feel like I am missing something with this Hex!

    • Yes and no IMO.
      Yes in that they would still be there and his noms would be pointless.
      No in that he flushes the hex out and next week they try it all again.
      I guess it depends on what you consider wasted or successful.

      • That is an easy explanation..Thanks! I was confused as to Paul even being able to nominate them at all.

      • The Hex has nothing to do with nominations. It simply means before the eviction, Jessica can “halt”, aka stop, the eviction from happening. So if come Thursday, either Jessica and/or Cody are on the block, then we would most likely see the Hex played.

  38. My Rankings Based On Best Game


    1. Alex- How has this girl under the radar while managing to win 2 comps and come 2nd in 2? Serious winner vibes coming from Alex. She has good relationships with Jason and Paul and is favored outside of the house too.

    2. Paul- Who’s better than the sheep? The herder himself. Paul has a very impressive social game and is pretty smart. He can win comps. All he needs to do now is keep his mouth shut while everyone else massages his feet.

    3. Kevin- Who would have thought that Kevin would make it this far? The guy has a bomb social game and everyone trusts him. Both sides trust him and as of now, he’s in a golden position in the house.

    4. Jason- Jason has really managed to turn his game around. He went from potentially being backdoored Week 1, to winning the veto and sending home one of Paul’s sheep and still managing to stay on Paul’s good side. Definitely making Top 6

    6. Maven- Now, I know most of you think that Maven do nothing, but, they are in a VERY good position in the house. Maven have said, once they reach jury, they will make riskier moves. Don’t forget, their not recruits. Other than eating cereal and cooking, Raven has been on the right side of the vote every time and they are both fairly likable and good at comps.

    7. Elena- Elena was arguably in one of the best positions in the house, last week. She’d been cutting deals, managing to vote correctly and was truly one of the key players. By associating herself with Jody, she’s endangered her game.

    8. Jessica- Jessica was actually building up her game after Cody left. Once he came back, they started focusing on a making babies company. The only reason Jessica is this high is because of her HH power. Her gut has good instincts, but, Cody leaving is better for her game.

    9. Christmas- WHO?

    10. Cody- Cody, you should be lower, but, you are pretty good at comps and you basically control what Jessica does.

    11. Mark- Mark, was set to win this game. Mark had connections with Paul, Jody, Maven, Dominique and Elena. None of these people trust him anymore. Not to mention, throwing beverages isn’t going to get you jury votes, if you make it there.

    12. Josh- Say what you want, but, Josh is being used as a pawn for both sides, has a terrible social game and can’t win comps. He’s less strategic than an actual meatball.

    I’d love to hear all your opinions on this.

      • Seriously? Your providing no reasons whatsoever. Worst ever doesnt justify anything…………..

      • Does everyone know this is BB?! You lie, steal, and cheat to win!! I’m so tired of hearing Paul’s minions, etc. He’s playing the best game and why wouldn’t you follow him to jury at least?! Who are you going to follow otherwise, Cody? Jess? – C’mon!! You can’t make a big move this early w/out numbers! Someone will turn on Paul at some point but it’s all about making jury and getting rid of people you can’t work w/ down the road. Let the game take its course before being too critical. Overall, I think it’s been a great season w/ continual fireworks to come!

    • Ok, here’s mine….
      1.Paul – What can you say. Dude knows the game. The fact he’s in a house full of people who seemingly have never seen the show only helps.
      2. Alex – Fly’s below the radar, can compete, know when to shut up, and is cool with folks on both sides of the house.
      3. Jason – I don’t need to copy and paste what you wrote because it was spot on.
      4. Kevin – Holy crap the old guy is still there!! I love this guy. I’m not sure he has any idea what game he is in, but he’s so freaking likeable that he’s going to go a lot farther.
      This is where we will really differ.
      5. Jessica – Had one of the best weeks in the history of Big brother…until Thursday when it was all for naught. Still, she plays and somewhat understands the game. If she could just cut the arrogant robot that she’s attached to off, she’d have a great game. Stop taking advice from stupid people Jessica!!
      6. Elena – Oh Elena. She’s smarter than this. If she could figure out how to distance from Wreck it ralph the sensitive hulk she’d have a much better game. Socially she has it. Her biggest mistake was getting into a showmance.
      7. Mark – HULK SMASH….I’m sorry, but this guy is just a putz. What is his fascination with Cody? And dude, you throw hot sauce in my eyes we are going to have some MAJOR issues.
      8. Cody – Good at comps. Sucks at everything else. Ruins his girlfriends game by giving bad advice. He’s arrogant for nothing.
      9. Christmas – It sucks because if she wasn’t hurt, I think she’d be a comp beast. But as it is, she’s just here to talk about her surgery until it’s time to go home.
      10. Josh – Manbaby meatball. The only reason he isn’t last is because I like seeing him torment psycho robot. He became useful for one thing and that thing is done so….
      11-12. Maven – Can someone remember to water them once in a while since they are essentially house plants that talk….going to make big moves soon are we? right….

      • I agree with you for most of your rankings. However, I think, Maven should be higher and Mark and Jess should be lower….

  39. Jessica is clueless. She thinks Paul will renom Alex if the veto is used. What a brainless twit!

    • I don’t think Jessica is clueless. I mean yes, for her to think Paul might put up Alex and Cody is ridiculous but, she/they don’t know what we do. You have to remember that. She doesn’t know Paul has the entire house wrapped around his little finger!
      Sure she knows he has people, but she has no idea whatsoever exactly who those people are and how many there are.

  40. I think that in this period of the game, Jessica and Cody are totally screwed even with the luck of the “den of temptation “medals.Paul has hypnotized and brainwashed everyone in the house, lol.

  41. they should have back doored Paul. Gonna be tough to get him out now. WTH was
    Jess thinking…….should have pulled Ramses off and put up Paul PERIOD

    • She should’ve done that, I agree however it would only be for insurance to insure Josh went home. His minions would not have flipped before jury

  42. LOL looks like Paul and his little minions will be in for a big surprise next Thursday . gee I hope it plays out that way just to see Paul’s face when yes her gift was a good one and his whole HOH is a total waste….

    • Exactly! What an arrogant prick thinking Jessica’s temptation was not as good as his!

  43. PAUL – UGH 😑 What an arrogant prick thinking Jessica’s temptation was not as good as his!
    Seriously! I think they were both equal, Jessica’s perhaps even better! Because yes Paul had safety but not until jury whereas Jessica will definitely make it to Jury now.
    Paul saying that just really irked me! He’s so arrogant! Big deal dude, you played big brother last season! So what!! You’re not some superstar. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!!!!

  44. I really hate the have not system. Why is it still a thing? It really adds nothing to the show and having houseguests suffer through eating gross food and fucking with their sleep in an already stressful environment seems really dumb. I wish they would get rid of it.

  45. I wonder what will happen once Jessica is forced to use her temptation. Obviously she and her toy are safe but will the HOH also be redone ?

  46. Can’t stand elaina. She cannot speak. She talks in circles and makes no sense. And josh is hoh so get on the block you babbling idiot. They would never give a job to a balling lunatic. Get over yourself elaina, you were trying to take josh out, so shut up and take your flaw and shove it. Can’t stand her.

  47. I am very disappointed in the outcome of bb 19. I am also shocked at Julie Chen whom I have respected and followed for many years on tv. I think the comments made by her to a clearly devastaed Paul A. Was insensitive and mean . Saying “always a bridesmaid never a bride” showed a side of her I did not care for. Shame on you for kicking a person who was clearly down. Not your best moment. And to Paul I did not agree with some of your comments or behavior, but I do think you deserved to win. You were surrounded by bitter players that let there feelings not there intelligence dictate the outcome. So sad. And finally t9 Cody. Thank you for your service and your honesty, but I thought you showed hour personal feelings outweighed your intelligence in how you voted. You did not stay true to your word. You said if Paul makes it to the end then you will vote for him. And there you have it. Season 19, very Disappointing!

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