‘Big Brother 19’ Twist: Temptation Competition Details Revealed

Julie Chen revealed the new twist to the Big Brother 19 season with the “Temptation Competition,” a new weekly event for the Houseguests and viewers.

Temptation Competition on Big Brother 19

Replacing the Sunday spot for what was the Den of Temptation segment we’ve now got these new competitions that will last for three weeks starting here in Week 5 of BB19. Julie announced how this will work, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see it in action:

For the next three weeks, before nominations, the Houseguests will be tempted to participate in this challenge. And for the first time in Big Brother history, the Houseguests will get to choose whether or not they want to compete. The winner of this competition will be safe for the week. But, like all temptations, participating comes with a consequence. The Houseguest who finishes last will automatically go on the Block as a third nominee.

The current Head of Household is not eligible to compete in the Temptation Competition.

Julie says we’ll see the first Temptation comp on this upcoming Sunday episode. Since it’s actually happening before the nominations that means the HGs will face this challenge on Friday afternoons, much like they did with the Roadkill comps. Then nominations will have to shuffle and possibly re-evaluated for later that night.

What do you think of this twist? How might it affect Paul’s decisions this week? Will he already be thrown off by Jessica’s announcement of having won the final Den of Temptation? We’ll be watching for these new spoilers and have them ready to share with you.

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      • I believe the only change is that sometime between the HoH comp and the nomination ceremony there will be this extra comp. Any HG can participate, but none are required to. If you win, you can’t be nominated, and if you lose (do the worst) you are automatically nominated (and HoH picks two additional nominees to sit beside you).

    • So happy the first comment I read says exactly what I was thinking. They’ve got too much going on.

    • You’re not the only one. This twist is designed to protect Paul. We don’t need this dumb twist to try and ruin the gameplay. If they want something to show on Sundays than bring back the have not competition and call it a day.

      • I don’t think so. It used to be that to get further in the game you need to rely on your wits and social game. It started to change the last couple of years and now the players actually count on these twists to get further.

      • I’m not so convinced. He may have been able to talk his way out of it, look at how many people have his back now…

      • He is a snake. As annoying as Cody is Paul is just a fraud and these sheep are following and giving him the game.

    • I actually really missed having a third comp, Sundays episodes seemed so bland. Now we will have something to watch other than exaggerated den of temptation nonsense on Sunday :)

    • Actually, this could be interesting. Here is an example of how it could work.

      Everyone competes, Elena is last so she has to go on the block as the third Nom. Paul then has to pick to the next two Noms but he can’t Cody because he came in first and he is safe. So he puts up Mark and Jessica. Cody wins the VETO and takes Jessica down so either Paul has to do a renom or there isn’t one either way Mark or Elena goes home. Just insert any players name as the winner or the one in last place, insert the HOH, The VETO and if someone comes down or not. then the vote to evict. One way to get Paul out, Cody out, Jessica out or Josh out.

      • This paragraph only reinforces in my mind what a complete cluster—- this twist is.

      • It isn’t a cluster if you understand it. Once they are informed of this temptation, Paul will use it to his best abilities this week. That is what makes it a great idea. I can’t say the same for the rest of the house but it makes more sense than not. Luckily for me, I work at a place that if it makes sense then they don’t do it. This twist doesn’t make sense so that is what makes it a great plan.

  1. Kevin had to evict Ramses before jury. The truth of his 25k dies with the “kid with the glasses”.

    • You really think only one will take the challenge? I think more will be curious to find out if there’s more money to be had, so will be more tempted.

      • Well hello.
        I think it’s possible, many of them will be too afraid that they’ll be a 3rd nominee and be afraid that Cody or Paul are competing when they’re not HoH

  2. I’m sick of twists that continuously threaten the nomination and eviction process. Every week we’ve had to contend with it. What is the point of a head of household if you can’t clearly do what you want. I don’t mind twists but all this game is now are “twists”. The basic premise of the show is now lost.

    • Yes, you’re going to need a spreadsheet to keep track of which temptation has been played or expired, who is safe because of the Temptation Competition and who is the 3rd nominee. Too much

    • It’s probably protection for Cody/Paul honestly. They’re going to want to milk this rivalry as long as they can. Maybe Jessica too.

    • 19 seasons in, they have to be trying different things or the game becomes too predictable and expected. The heart of the game is still there, but every new variable means that’s one thing the HOH will have to account for that no one has done before.

      • I think the heart of the game is gone. Go back to the show that Will won. He actually had to rely on his social game and his wit to win it. Even Derek relyed on his social game. Every year the twists that allow people to come back or get a second chance or favour the game for someone to change the HOH plan have gotten worse. This is the worst it has gotten. I don’t mind twists….just not continuously.

      • Okay I’m sorry but season 1 was just not that good. Unless that’s the season Danielle won, and Will won all stars. I can never remember that long ago

      • Season 1 had chicken George and it was really boring. Season two they revamped the show and it started to work. In 1 nothing was prerecorded so you got whatever they were doing when 8:00 rolled around. Sometimes they just sat there. But I still love chicken George. do you remember they had to grow their own food, raise the chickens and they had no clock so they didn’t know what time it was?

      • I will admit I’m really glad they brought players like Boogie and Will and George back for later seasons, so they could play the actual game! haha

    • This isn’t the only season to have done this. Honestly, the Den of Temptation is better than most of the twists we’ve had. BOB was torturous, and the Roadkill was a train wreck.

  3. They should just bring back the have not competition. Not every competition has to impact the game.

    • HN status does impact the game. More often than not, players are weakened by being Have Nots.

      • What I meant is we don’t need a competition like Battle of the Block, Roadkill, Temptation Competition to have stakes in the game and decide whether you are nominated or not. We don’t need a lot of twist. If they are trying to fill Sunday’s episode than just bring back the HN competition and that’s it.

      • HN comps were boring. I like all the twists. You never know what’s going to happen. At least it doesn’t get boring. JMO

      • Sorry my dear but it does get boring…..boring as hell for me, Wonder what Bob thinks:)

      • I agree i like the twists and this year it should have been expected the minite they said summer of temptations

    • IMO, the Have Not stuff is cruel and uninteresting. I’d rather see more entirely non-comp stuff, but I suspect BB doesn’t manage to collect enough entertaining non-comp content..

  4. Jessica was really stupid to show her cards tonight and reveal she had the halting temptation, bad move!!!

  5. This could go either way. It could be fun or it could be just another Roadkill or BOB.

  6. On the feeds: Paul just said he know Jess is lying because last week she had the Hex and she was on the block and didn’t use it. So he know the Hex is not protecting her from being nominated and she is bluffing.

    • He’s right. It doesn’t protect her from being nom’d. It protects her and the other person on the block with her from leaving the game in the week that it’s used. Guess he’s gonna find that out the hard way.

      • I’d love it if Cody and Josh were up together and she had to use her HH to stop the eviction, thereby saving Josh. That would be good

      • Yeah, but let’s face it, Josh and Cody are up on the block together, Cody’s going to be the target. She wouldn’t be saving Josh because he’d be in no danger.

      • Not saying Josh would be in danger, but she’s getting him off the block which is not something she would want to do

  7. Now Jess thinks Paul is going to nom Josh because the house will demand it. She is even more clueless that I gave her credit for

  8. Stupid is as stupid does. If any of them have an ounce of common sense they’ll just not play along.

    • I’m watching this right now. I don’t know how he does it, (Paul) but he’s basically explaining them why it happened, at the same time lecturing them. lol They’re accepting everything he says and they said..they understood where he’s coming from…unbelievable.

      • I don’t know if it’s because this cast is so dumb, or if Paul is just THAT good. Paul’s no doubt good but I don’t see how his arrogance doesn’t turn people off sometimes lol

      • I get it that there’s a lot of sheep in the house completely following Paul. I’m sure it would be exciting for some people to see Paul go, but I would worry about what would this season turn into, if Paul wasn’t there. At least he’s trying to get his hands dirty, every single week. He’s driving the action.

  9. And now Jody thinks Paul will be putting up Alex and Jason. What is wrong with their heads?

    • It’s more Cody than Jessica but, I agree. The fact they even think that is insane.

      Can you imagine how this week would’ve gone without Cody? I really think Jessica would’ve went for Alex then and we could have seen Alex and Josh on the block.

      • Yeah she would have talked to some of the others to get more of a sense of where she had support and then used the veto when she thought things weren’t going to go her way.

    • Where do they even get these ideas? Just because they decided to play it safe because they didn’t have the numbers to take a real shot at Paul they think Paul will give them a free week??
      Or is it because of the Halting Hex they think they will be ignored? Because it would be smarter to put them both up, and see for themselves how the Halting Hex works. I wouldn’t believe Jess for a second that she is safe for weeks, not when Paul already received the Pendant of Protection. It would be too convenient for her to get the same kind of thing for TWO people, let alone for herself.

  10. Wait is this the curse that’s supposed to be unleashed on the house because of Jess’s temptation or is it just an addition to the DOT? I’m so confused

  11. I wonder if they’ll know who’s competing beforehand ? Or will each person make his/her decision & THEN find out who else is competing ?

    • My guess is they will one by one, go to DR or the Den and tell if they compete or not. Make more sense that they don’t know if other are competing.

  12. Why did Jessica say her and Cody are protected the next few weeks? She said it to Kevin, too. She only gets to use it once… right?

    • Did we confuse you even more? She can only use it once but she is trying to protect herself and Cody by making it seem like they are safe for a few weeks

    • I’m thinking that Paul is smart enough to put them BOTH up together …If Jessica can only save herself OR Cody , one of them definitely goes home . Does the HH protect her from eviction only ? Or does it protect her from even being nominated ?

      • It’s called The Halting Hex. What’s the definition of Halt? “To bring to an abrupt stop.” If she uses it, the entire eviction is CANCELLED. No interview with Julie Chen and BOTH nominees are saved. It’s essentially the Reset Button from BB16.

      • I’m NOT an idiot I swear , lol . I completely forgot that it would HALT the eviction process , thereby saving them BOTH . My bad .

      • LOL, no worries. All these twists get confusing after a while. You usually need a chart to keep track of who has what and who’s working with who in this game.

      • Correct. Basically, if anyone puts Cody or Jessica up the next two weeks they are wasting their HoH because they won’t be able to evict ANYONE. She was pretty accurate about the power.

      • Yeah but the way she makes it sound is as if she can use this repeatedly for a couple weeks, instead of only once in the upcomming weeks.

      • Several Questions:
        1) Would it really be a waste though?

        2) Would it be completely a bad idea to make her use it now, get it over with…then have whoever else (minus the 4 in their group) win HOH only to put them right back up on the block & have zero protection?

        3) Why let them live “comfortably” for 2 weeks?

        Sure they could get out either elena or mark now, but why not attack the head multiple times until you cut it off? (4)

        …with her blurting it out clearly as a response to josh being so easily to get under her skin, she was sketchy about the power at best, thus lying.

      • 1) yes.
        2). yes.
        3) Its not about letting someone live comfortably, its about winning big brother.

        You don’t waste the chance to eliminate someone from the other side. A vote is a vote. If you wasted your HOH and let Jessica halt it, J/C/M/E have almost a 50% chance of winning HOH the following week and evicting YOU.

        (You just don’t mess with them. Unless you are an idiot. In which case, got for it!)

      • I’m hearing good arguments on both sides if he should call her bluff or not…taking a hit at the tail i.e. elena/mark wouldn’t hurt since as you said would still weaken them…but if Paul takes the swing anyway, it’ll still make for good tv & is kinda a catch 22 either way primarily with Paul’s biggest conflict now appearing to be does he buy what jess is selling.

      • I’m hearing good arguments on both sides if he should call her bluff or not…chopping at the tail i.e. elena/mark obviously wouldn’t hurt since as you said would still clearly weaken them. But, that’s us on the outside looking in. Paul is likely thinking its a catch 22 situation for him which makes for great tv for us. Should he take the swing anyway, he’s probably thinking whether he ends up on the block or not they dont have the votes to get him out. Either way, Paul’s biggest conflict right now appears to be with himself in questioning does he buy what jess is selling.

      • If the eviction is halted, does that mean the current HOH(Paul in this case) gets to compete in the subsequent HOH comp?

    • yes only once. and she has the OPTION to use it for two weeks.
      She’s not really lying, she’s just not being clear about it…. basically making people paranoid and about what it actually is and does.

      • nope. only 2 left. She only had it for 4 weeks before it was to expire & may only use it once. She had it the week of dom’s eviction (week 1), her HOH week (week 2), this coming up week (week 3) & the week after that would be the 4th week.

      • sooooooooooo she’s lying then. LOL if you have to clarify a statement with not “really” (enter the action) then you are. You’re either lying or you aren’t. That’s like saying, are you pregnant….but get an answer of “not really” LOL ok maybe not but still

  13. I thought it was smart for Jessica to reveal to the houseguests she is the person to receive the power of temptation. This could force Paul to put up Elena and Mark, making Cody and herself safe for this week. The week afterwards, she could use the Temptation to save Jody.

    • we’ll see how nominations go, if Paul is too scared to nominate Jess and Cody then her gamble will have paid off.

      • And the noms are going to depend on this new comp. There’s a lot of factors to consider this week, and Paul only knows a few of them. As of now, he’s planning to call her bluff and put them both up, but he could change his mind (or be forced to) when this comp rolls around.

      • Very True. Cody and Jess could very well win the new comp and POV and not even have to use the HH.

      • Paul is calling their bluff and putting Cody up….he already has the insight of the temptation and how she must have already lied about it

  14. I like the twists this season. It’s been YEARS since it was this exciting. Seasons 11-18 pretty much were the same season repeating, just with different faces. Do what the HoH wants. Don’t get blood on your hands. Don’t make waves. About the only things that were memorable in 11-18 were Chima getting expelled, Devon having a complete meltdown week 2, and the racists in BB15.

    • This season is by far one of the best seasons in recent memory in terms of entertainment. The live feeds and the show has been really good. I really hope it doesn’t lose steam, this Jody vs the House thing has been great entertainment

    • Agreed. It seemed like it was all “let’s all be friends and do what the house wants together”
      I really enjoyed it when the house was divided, and it wasn’t constantly unite against one person. Two 4 person alliances going at each other is always fun to watch, and I’m really hoping that’s what this turns into.
      Jess, Cody, Mark, Elena on one side
      Paul, Alex, Jason, Josh on the other
      Although now that I’m thinking about it I really don’t like Josh on a personal level. Maybe Matt can rid himself of his Raven curse and he can be their final 4 hehe

  15. Oh well. If Cody wins he can still have Marlena or Jess on the block.
    Yay for Paul!!

      • He’s playing an amazing game, but for the sake of entertainment I would like to see his tight grasp on everyone explode LOL

      • I pretty much agree with you. I wouldn’t say he’s playing “an amazing” game, only because yes he has the numbers and over 3/4s of the house is listening to him however, they are just a bunch of followers so he got lucky!
        But yes, for the sake of entertainment I would love to see people finally turn on him & start playing the game!

      • Also, last night’s HOH comp was the 1st real win he has had. The other comps he has won was given to him to by his followers of the house, that is why he has had the upper hand, they gave it to him and now they are all too stupid to get any power back…

      • And Maven threw the Final question to him…………………..and he didnt study either, he just kept telling everyone to divide between true and false……………………….

      • Matt and Raven admitted to answering the last question wrong to throw the latest HOH comp to Paul.

      • Do you really believe that??? Matt & Raven…not the brightest bulbs in the pack…just sayin’

      • They said they did it because Paul knew what he was doing. I call their reasoning BS and think they felt safe and are both afraid to be HOH. Wussies!

      • Raven and Matt both admitted they threw it to Paul, so he didn’t technically completely win it all on his own. It was still “thrown” to him

      • only a matter of time really…he knows it & has already stated he knows he won’t win, stating it’ll likely be a female

    • And then if Jess or Cody don’t win Veto, Jess uses the Halting Hex and stays another week. Yay for feedsters!

      • well either way she’s used her power and they are up for grabs again next week :)

      • That’s true, but you saw how fast Cody was out of yesterdays HOH. I think their main salvation after this HOH is over will be the temptation comps. Say Paul’s side retains power, then Cody can win the temp comp, win veto, save Jess – or any variation of that. I’ve seen Jess win an HOH. Although honestly I don’t really see her as much of a comp threat, she seems to be lacking a drive for it unless Cody is in the house.

      • Yes – it will be interesting to see what happens. If I were Jody, I’d get Cody to take temptation gamble & then worst case scenario Jess can use her HH. But it might be good to have one of them as a 3rd nominee as it would force Paul to nominate Mark/Elena which might ruffle some feathers.

  16. All of these “temptations” are starting to get old, and it’s only five weeks in. Bring on Zing-Bot before Cody gets booted again.

  17. its not really gonna be a good twist for paul as long as jessica can stop the evictions if she or someone she wants to save is on the block once her luck runs out then it will be ineresting tehn again im kinda hoping kevin and the cowboy get at least to jury

  18. I can’t wait for Christmas to use her Ring of Replacement…so even after jess’s temptation expires if either of jody are put on the block, she can take one of them out of the veto comp to ensure they can’t get POV… everyone in the house has seemed to forget about the 2nd temptation with all the shenanigans going on…& only 2 ppl know about that I believe. Paul being the 2nd of course lol

    • I think she will do that too, but I think she’d be better to use it to save herself from a potential backdoor.

  19. I think production threw Paul a bone with the whole not being able to lie about what your temptation is, claiming he could tell people he got it but not lie what it does.
    The whole game people lie to each other its how you blindside each other. I find that you can’t lie about temptation so convenient for the week.

    This is in reference to BBAD when he was talking to the floaters, Maven. Calling Jody liars for the temptation.

    • Here we go..i didn’t hear a peep out of you people about Jessica’s extraordinary week of perks. The best in big brother history. Uh huhm.

      • โ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ€โ„ฑั—แธ“แธ“โ„“ฮตรฮตฮตรฮตe๐Ÿ€โ˜˜๏ธ says:


      • If by perks you mean her wins I’m not sure what there is to say on that.

    • I find it funny how Paul knows about how you can’t lie about the temptation, he never attempted to lie about his so production never called him in DR about it and Jessica ONLY found out because she lied about hers to Kevin, seems pretty convenient for Paul to have all this insight

    • MAVEN ARE NOT FLOATERS!!! They’ve chosen a side and don’t flip flop. I think you don’t know what floater means……….

      • Sorry, not floaters but just yes men. Not willing to be the one calling shots or in power. Yes Paul. Whatever you say. Can I give you a handy while I bury my nose up your butt anymore.

        Both told Paul on BBAD they basically let him win HOH because they didn’t know what to do.

        Side note. What’s with the bandaid on Matt’s arm?Sometimes it’s there. Sometimes not. But when it not, there doesn’t seem to be a cut or anything. Is it a bad word? Lol

    • I’m not a fan of how Cody and Jess are playing, BUT they are the only ones I’m rooting for right now because they are the only ones that see through Paul

      • They are two of the most mean-spirited people I’ve seen. I don’t like Josh and his cry baby emotions either. But they were just out-and-out mean to him with no regard to anyone. They are just not nice people.

  20. The confusing part about this comp is what if only one person wants to play who do they play against? Are two house guest needed in order to play? What if no one takes the temptation? It is a little confusing… Then if veto is played and they win I guess they will be safe and no renom. Smh Big Brother doing so much this season.

    • The temptations are over now. The new comp is here for the next 3 weeks. Fair point about minimum number of guests. Probably needs to be min 2. I expect both Cody and Jess to play though, so that won’t be an issue this week.

  21. I think this temptation comp is a great idea. It should be a permanent fixture on the show (til say final 5 or something), as it shake things up every week. Get rid of the useless have/have not competition. Amazing season so far, keep it coming CBS.

  22. PLEASE someone send Raven home!!! She is so tacky, I cannot believe she is going around asking people for money so she can freeze her eggs!!!!

  23. The winner of this competition will be safe for the week. But, like all
    temptations, participating comes with a consequence. The Houseguest who
    finishes last will automatically go on the Block as a third nominee.

    Can the HOH compete? If I’m the HOH, I’m going to compete to try to keep someone from getting safety, but what happens if the HOH comes in last?

  24. Also regardless if Jessica took the final America’s temptation I think we would have been given this Temptation Competition anyway.

  25. These are the stupidest house guest ever. They are all playing to see how far they can get Paul in the game. They might as well give him the cash now. It is insane. He even says that certain people are only being kept because they can advance his game. And the dumb ass he is talking to agrees and keeps on doing his dirty work. Cody is the only one who seems to see it. He is kind of an ass but he understands what the Hell Paul is doing. I am just flabbergasted at their stupidity!!

  26. The big brother 19 is now the “Paul big brother show.” The show is a f@@king joke. I refuse to further invest my time into this show. Y in the h@ll bring back of the show. I am so of him bragging big brother 18. Give me a f@@king break.

  27. I can’t remember if it was mentioned in the episode…but as far as the halting hex goes. Will Jessica be able to use it ‘after’ the votes are cast? Thereby guaranteeing safety for both of them this week… Or does she have to use it (obviously on herself) prior to any votes cast?

  28. I used to enjoy BB but this season the house seems to be gathering around the bullies i.e. Paul and Josh. I am pretty much done

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