‘Big Brother 19’ Vote Opens For America’s Favorite Houseguest [POLL]

America's Favorite HG for Big Brother 19

Voting has opened for the Big Brother 19 AFP, or America’s Favorite Houseguest, and that means it’s time to decide who you want to receive a $25,000 bonus for their gameplay this summer.

With the polls now open, fans can visit the official voting at cbs.com and cast 20 votes a day each day until Wednesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:59AM PT.

All Houseguests BUT the Final 2 are eligible to win, so keep that in mind. Last year we debated this topic, but James actually went into the DR to ask that very question and reported that the answer was “NO,” F2 can’t win AFP. So that’s what I’m going with here for the rules. You can still vote for anyone, but it could be shifted down the line depending on who makes F2.

Be sure to go to the official voting page with CBS each day between now and Wednesday morning to support your favorite. 20 votes each day can really add up to help your pick to win.

Make your choice based on whatever you’d like for whatever criteria. I haven’t decided how I’ll vote so I may or may not later endorse a particular HG, but that shouldn’t sway anyone anyway. I will say that I think it could be either Cody or Kevin who ends up winning AFP, but we’ll find out at the finale.

Who do you want to win Favorite Houseguest? Vote now in our unofficial poll below (does not count towards official results) and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Keep checking back to see how these votes go and we’ll tally things up next week ahead of Wednesday’s season finale and see if we can accurately predict who wins.


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  1. Well Matt, that info about the F2 being ineligible is useful as there has been much debate over the last few days.

      • From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like anyone in the F2 has ever won or been listed as top contender for the prize.

      • I guess the question is was there ever a winner or finalist you could ever argue was more popular was more popular than the AFHG winner. Could you argue Nicole or Paul over Victor last year? I loved Nicole but I’m a sucker for blondes and I did like Victor a lot too. How about Ian over Frank in S14? I would have voted Ian over Frank in a heartbeat. Ian was the lovable underdog and Frank was kind of a bully. Could Jordan have won over Jeff in S11? The fact that Jeff won over Jordan in S13 though ends that argument.

      • Simple math. Cody has 27%. 73% of voters are splitting their vote. Take Kevin (15) + Jason (11) + Josh (9) + Paul (9) = Kevin with 44%. Beat Cody.

      • Well we know what those promises are worth this season, right? They should hold out for something concrete, lol

      • I just told them I won’t give them a ride next time they ask lol. But…I monitor their accounts so will do it myself after tonight.

      • Kevin did nothing but keep his mouth shut like Paul told him too. How is that playing BB. Also Kevin is walking away with 40 k. between his temp win and stipend. that is enough for doing nothing.

      • Its not who did the most, its favorite player. The entire cast was a bunch of morons. Once Kevin was evicted, he left the game with poise and grace, something none of the others have. So, although he wasn’t a good player, he wins my fan favorite vote.

      • Your “simple math” didn’t even make sense in this context, as Matt pointed out. But, you know, way to insult Matt along the way. Good job

      • Me too. He was an ass in the house and is being an ass in the jury house. I am still wondering why anyone who hates people as much as Cody does would ever come on a game show like BB. He is rude, disrespectful. but then so is most of the younger people in America now. When was the last time you had a young person let you out of a parking lot into the traffic stream. Nope an older person will though. Just an example.

    • I agree….all the Paul haters are voting Cody. We need one vote….Kevin. Otherwise none of our voted matter and Cody wins.

      • Kevin already won $25,000 and he has done nothing the entire season. Vote for Jason. He needs the money.

      • Look at the pool, Jason is 3rd. There is no internet campaign for Jason. There’s 2 campaign going on the net, Kevin and Cody.

        It’s going to be Kevin or Cody.

      • Don’t know if it’s true, but it was on the other thread. I do find it hard to believe, but you never know.

      • Paul may have thrown it to him so he will vote out Josh. And again, no blood on his hands. Paul knows Christmas and Kevin would take him, but he’s not so sure about Josh.

      • Now that I can believe, if or when Paul makes it to the final 2 he will take Kevin, because Kevin won nothing. If he had taken James to final last year he would have won. He has learned from that .

      • Yeah, totally. He and his wife used condoms and she was on birth control because they desperately could not afford a second child. When Jason broke down reading the letter seeing that Holly was pregnant, it was actually tears of agony, “Ohhh my god noooo I’m poor I can’t afford this…..”

        You don’t know he needs the money. You don’t know how much he makes. You don’t know if Holly works too. His son Gatlin is also not very hold and can hand down a lot of his baby stuff to the new baby.

        Hey everyone, don’t vote based on assumptions you can’t prove.

      • Cody is going to win. Only he and Jess were willing to stand up to Paul. None of the sheep, including Kevin, deserve AFP. Go Cody!!!

      • Maybe if he wins he will be able to climb out some of his debt. Jess is going to be super high maintenance and Cody is broke as fu@k.

    • Cody was the only one with a brain until Josh did too late. Cody has been planning to get Paul out since day 1. No one else has said anything about it except for Josh who thought of it too late. Also, it took them about half of a season to get a couple out. That’s depressing. Cody+Jess are amazing.

      • To be fair, Cody and Jessica had so much help from twists (as did Paul, but I think that is obvious). The battleback, and then the halting hex which really delayed their eviction. Jessica kept saying it was pathetic that it took so long to get just two people out, but they forget that Cody was long gone week two or three. Jessica may have made it far if Cody did not come back since she was starting to make allies and get back in good with everyone. But because Cody came back and the two isolated themselves, they became the target and were only able to win one HOH, before they got evicted, which they came 12th and 11th place out of 16 (megan walked).

        I honestly hate them both with a burning passion, especially with how they treated Josh early on (before he started bashing pots and pans), and the rest of the house, but I am glad that at least their fans got to watch them for a long time.

        Also, I don’t mean to offend, but Cody was very ignorant in the way he went about his strategy in this game. He never talked to people about game play, so nobody could back him up or trust him. Yeah he was smart in knowing that Paul would dominate the game, but if he talked with others before making his move, he might be in the final three right now instead of Paul.

        Sadly, the smartest move since like final 9, was following Paul since everybody was blindly following him, that anytime someone (like Mark) considered flipping, or did, the whole house rallied to get them out. I have been rooting for Josh and Jason for most of this game, and glad that one of them is still there, but I just hope that either Josh or Christmas take the win.

        I take you want Paul to lose, so I am rooting just the same. Hopefully the Jury pulls through and makes him lose!

  2. In the past, America’s Favorite Houseguest has never been a controversial player. Jeff Schroeder, Elissa Slater, Donny Thompson, James Huling, Victor Arroyo. Frank Eudy and (my personal favorite) Brittney Haynes were acquired tastes but for the most part, I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t like them.

    If Cody wins as projected, that trend is over. There are going to be some dropped jaws, both on stage and across the country.

    • They are only voting Cody because they hate Paul. If Paul comes first or second any votes for him don’t count. If we don’t want Cody to win we all have to get our votes together and vote one person.

      • This shows you have no understanding of BB. Cody has lots of fans because he came to play the game. Paul was just a production pick and Xmas, Josh, Maven, Kevin, Jalex, were just a bunch of dumb sheep. Cody came to play.

      • I have plenty of understanding of BB and I know a lousy player when I see one. Cody had no social skills, lone wolf syndrome, hatred towards Paul, and fell in love week one. He may have been good I. Comps but socially he had no clue. Besides, this is fan favorite, not who came to play a bad game.

    • There was a strong contingent of fans who did not like Jeff., he made some rather controversial statements about homosexuality during his time in the house.

      • First of all, I love your screen name.

        And I remember the Dumbledore commentary. For some reason, those homophobic comments didn’t turn him into a villain and is universally liked. Seems bizarre in hindsight.

      • I started watching in season 11, and every year people mention how great Dr. Will was. I finally watched season 2 for the first time this summer, and I was surprised that Will called Bunky a f*g, then later apologized for it. The reason I was shocked is because I’ve never heard anybody call him a homophobe, and he’s always mentioned as the best player every year. Has everybody forgotten, forgiven him, or are people just more sensitive now?

      • There were less overly sensitive snowflakes back then. But it also goes to how CBS handles it. Paul is a racist and misogynist but they hide it.

    • My favorite football player is Tom Brady. He is both the most loved and the most hated player in the NFL according multiple polls. He’s a polarizing player. He’s the greatest of all time, but many people say he cheated. Let’s say, theoretically, that 25% of the people polled said he’s the greatest. That’s the highest percentage of any player in the poll; thus, he’s the most liked. Another 25% say he’s the most despicable player in the league. That is also the highest percentage for any player in that poll, and thus, he’s the most disliked.

      Paul would probably fall into a similar situation.

    • Vanessa had to be the most hated player ever. But Jeremy, Amanda, Aryn, and a few others are probably not far behind.

      • This won’t be a popular opinion, but other than Brittney, she was my favorite house guest. She was so manipulative. I can see why people didn’t like her, but I was fascinated by her.

      • I don’t know that I ever hated any of the HGs, but annoying – that’s a much different thing. Paul, Vanessa, Audrey, Aaryn, Frankie, Liz and Austin, Raven … the list could get fairly lengthy if I thought over 19 seasons. LOL

    • Just watch..it will take a year or two, and BB Purists will start analyzing his game strategy, and I think they’ll rank him good. I prefer reading or listening to their assesment of his game play than from an angry fan that calls him Hitler or Satan. lol

  3. Stop voting for Cody just because you hate Paul. Why reward a miserable jerk just because you think someone else is a jerk too. Vote for someone who deserves it. You people complain about BB being fixed so your answer is to fix the AFP vote?

    If Cody is your favorite player you need help.

      • So how does Paul winning $500k and Cody winning $25k stop the gnome? I don’t think Paul is going to care other than someone like Jason, Alex, or even JOsh deserved it more.

      • It just shows that people agreed with Cody when he wanted to take the gnome out.

        Rumors are “Stomp the Gnome” rallies are being held across the country this weekend.

        Stomp the gnome! Vote Cody!

      • Hey guys, I’m HighSnides, I think Alex and Josh deserve AFP, therefore I have zero credibility and officially no idea what I’m talking about! Cody is mean waaahhhh

    • Really doesn’t make any sense to say that a bunch of people voting for somebody is “fixing” the vote……

      But you go ahead and stay in school, champ.

    • Cody is my favorite player. He is the one that recognized that they needed to take out Paul, and he won the 1st Hoh and made the 1st alliance in the season. So yeah i like the guy so i’m voting for him for AFP.

  4. There must be a problem with the CBS AFP web page. I am voting more than 20 times and it doesn’t tell me I voted 20 times already. It lets me keep voting. I have no idea if its counting all my votes but its not stopping me! Anyone else notice this?

      • Yup, but I hate to say this but Kevin has been inept in the game other than socializing. I just want to see more from a player to be my fave.

      • I honestly don’t mind if Cody wins… this cast is so bad. Everyone is either a bad player or a morally questionable person, or both.

      • Yeah… it’s a matter of opinions I guess. But I really think this cast is one of the worst in BB history

      • He was there for 12 hours. The only statement you’d make by voting for Cameron is a loud “I have no respect for this game or upholding its integrity”. Congrats if that’s you?

      • I don’t mind Cody winning it and leave everyone with their mouth open, but Kevin was the best social player and lasted longer.

      • They (Paul) only kept Kevin around because he was so bad at comps. It had nothing to do with his social game.

      • As a viewer it made me like Kevin best because he had a good social game, was nice to everyone and was liked by everyone. Paul decided to make people hate him so he won’t win at the end, but most floaters win AFP anyway and a bitter jury will give Kevin the prize.

      • If Paul wins, that is enough he doesn’t need favorite as well, who is left, Mark actually showed restraint when they were ganging up on Jody I think

      • Kevin was very aware of Pauls shady dealings..but nobody believed him when he tried to talk about..And then Paul threatened him…Really strange…

      • How does being aware of anything count for anything if you never act on it? That doesn’t make sense.

      • They were saying if Cody had teamed with Alex at the beginning instead of Jessica it might have changed the game considerably

      • All Cody had to do, was talk with the people that were in his alliance before trying to do a dumb move, that blew up in his face.

      • It was not a dumb move Cody got sandbagged by production, then Paul got immunity, the article writers and Bobby Moynihan have said that Paul should have been kicked out the first week, how exactly ???

      • It was a dumb move because nobody was going to vote Paul out. Cody would known that if he had talk to the people in his alliance. But he decided to be a hot head instead.

      • You don’t even know that, as an armchair cynic Monday morning quarterback with hindsight at your disposal, and yet you’re saying Cody should have known? The alliance turned because Paul didn’t actually get on the block and they learned he was safe for another couple of weeks after that. How do you not see that? Some may not have liked the rogue move and not being informed, but they jumped ship too early to talk it out with Cody. I highly doubt the entire alliance turns on Cody if Paul is actually on the block. Unless of course production told them to save Paul in DR sessions…

      • How is it a dumb move when production didn’t tell Cody Paul was safe? How would he know? If Paul ends up on the block successfully, you don’t know that Cody’s alliance wouldn’t have voted him out. At the very least, I highly doubt the entire alliance would turn on him. Probably some do and some don’t, which still leaves Cody with allies and a chance. Production wanted those 6 seconds of drama, of Cody trying to nominate Paul and not being allowed to, and that was enough for them to be willing to totally blow up Cody’s game. Cody ended up nominating 5 people under 1 HoH. Who else has had to risk that many enemies that early in the game?

        You sound really biased. It’s also weird how you never respond when challenged, even when people do it civilly and politely and are simply discussing the game.

      • Apparently he did … that’s why he went after the treacherous gnome. Little did he know CBS had set the gnome up with protection.

      • To be fair, production’s twists did try to help Jessica and Cody. They had the battle back, which Cody won. And we even gave Jessica the Halting Hex. It’s not production’s fault that Jessica and Cody were still taken out so early after all of that

      • True.

        The odds were impossible to overcome. The gnome had everyone in the house scream and harass Cody and Jessica. They even followed them outside to scream at them. Anyone who was caught talking to them was accused of being a traitor and playing both sides.

        Very nasty people.

      • You mean like get evicted twice? What did he do? Other than Jessica? He evicted Jillian then got evicted. Spent 4 weeks in sequester then came back by beating 3 lame players. When he came back he was a bigger jerk than before he left. He and Jessica spent their time separated from the rest of the house by themselves. Then they got evicted after being saved by a power that was given to Jessica.

        How many times did Cody called everyone in the house idiots? I respect him for serving his country but that’s not excuse for being a huge jackass.

        AFP is for the favorite player not the best player. If you think Cody is the most likable character then there is something wrong with you. I don’t think even Cody would vote for Cody.

      • I don’t think Cody is the most likable character, but I’m thinking of voting for him because I don’t really like anyone else (maybe Kevin?). Plus, I love the fact that we get to piss Paul and his minions off. Although I guess voting for Kevin would have the same effect on Alex?
        Who said WE can’t play the strategic game?

      • Not to try to tell you who to vote for, but… Kevin did nothing in this game. He’s barely even tried to do anything. I like the guy, but this is Big Brother. He hasn’t played. He’s not even studying in these final weeks when he has less competition to beat out for wins. Lastly, he’s been as much a follower of Paul as anybody. Observed things but instead of acting on them, let Paul tell him what to do.

        If you’re deciding between Cody and Kevin, I think Cody deserves it more.

      • He beat your bearded midget to get back in. If you’ll recall … the gnome had everyone harass them, not speak to them and if anyone was caught talking to them they were attacked.

        I’m sorry you feel you must dictate who I want for AFP.

        Perhaps there’s something wrong with you? Maybe you’ve got some Xmas and Paul genes in there. Seek help.

    • Kevin he is the under dog both him and his family were bullied by all of them he kept to himself he needs this to feel good

      • He needs a hug and a smile to feel good. Not life changing money for the less successful out there. I can’t get behind that reasoning at all

    • My only two hopes left for the season are Josh evicted before F3 or at least at F3, and Cody winning AFP.

      I think there’s a decent chance neither happens. This season hasn’t gone my way at all, in any aspect lol

  5. I hated the way they edited tonight with Paul crying. They didn’t show when he turned to Josh and started laughing and the look of shock on Josh face when he saw Pauls emotion as fake as Alex

    • Honestly it’s kind of sad that I’m saying this cuz I’m considering voting for Cody as well.

      Cody has all the traits that America would hate: transphobic, alpha-male, showmance… but guess what, who else is there for us to love? Certainly not Paul and any of his minions. In fact, we all know why a portion of the people are voting for Cody: to piss Paul and his minions off. This season has been so bad that we hate everyone, and it will literally bring me happiness to see Paul and his minions for once NOT get what they want in the AFP vote

      • That’s enough reason. Don’t try to tell yourself it isn’t or that you need more or better reason for it. Week after week this group had everything go their way, right down to things they didn’t control and thus logic would tell us there should have been a few bumps on the road (like who gets picked to play Veto) and yet still zero or very very few hiccups. It was too easy and so many players gained a sense of entitlement or expectation from that, thinking oh, that’s the plan, well then that’s what’s going to happen. No worries. Because sadly that IS how it went down way too often. It was too easy. Wanting to see something not go their way for once is not an invalid reason.

        So many of them talk about fan perception, and they think they’re loved. They’ve bashed Cody constantly since he left, thinking no way he gained fans. One even went as far as saying “I think we’re one of the best (casts) ever”. If you vehemently disagree with that, as I can see you do, then what’s wrong with wanting to give them a slice of humble pie? Especially because you dislike so many of them, to the point you’re saying things like “but who better to vote for?” which indicates you don’t see worthy recipients there.

        I don’t want to sit here and flat out try to tell you “Vote for Cody”, but I do support this as a reason to do so, if you choose to do so.

    • Why don’t you just vote for who you want and leave out the backhanded insults towards people who like and want to vote for Cody.

      I like that idea. Anybody else?

  6. It would be great though, if everyone voted for Cody to send a message to the rest of the classless houseguests!

    • What message are you trying to send by giving an anti-social jackass AFP?

      And let me ask all you Cody voters this, what if Paul doesn’t win the final HoH and is evicted by whoever does? You still going to want Cody to be the AFP?

      • Yes. Absolutely. I’m still going to want Cody to be AFP regardless of what happens in the game from here on out. Because I don’t fall into your stupid generalization that the only reason somebody could want to vote for Cody is because they don’t like Paul.

        I want Paul to win the game. I want Cody to win AFP.

        How’s that for your thesis?

    • Why waste $25k to send a message? Give it to someone who was in the house for longer than a few weeks.

      • Not more than Christmas, Matt, Josh, or Mark either. Children are throwing a temper tantrum because it looks like Paul is going to win. That’s what voting for Cody amounts to.

      • Exactly. Getting sick of people trying to tell others how to vote, or pre-insulting them for stating how they want to vote, telling them they’ll be this and that and the other if that’s who they vote for.

        Everybody — Vote however you want, and ignore anybody trying to belittle you for wanting to do so.

        I may have questioned your reasons (like for voting Kevin) but that’s more saying why I won’t vote for him. Not intended to come off as “You’re (insert insult here) if you vote for him.” If anything I said insulted anybody in any vote-related posts tonight, I apologize.

      • Did you seriously just vouch for Christmas and Josh? You’ve lost all credibility.

        And stop generalizing. “Temper tantrums because Paul is winning” has nothing whatsoever to do with why I’m voting for Cody.

      • Dude stop assuming you know exactly why everybody who wants to vote for Cody wants to vote for Cody. Spoiler alert : You don’t

      • Umm Mark and Matt are debatable, and Josh is still a child, but Christmas is a grown woman she was so despicable in the house.

      • Do you really think Paul is going to give a rats behind that you voted for Cody because you didn’t like Paul while he is walking away with a check for $500,000?

        If you are worried about class, give the AFP to someone who deserves it and don;t even try to tell me Cody deserves it.

      • I definitely get your point. But look what this season has amounted to, we are all kind of getting into the same type of mob mentality exhibited by Paul and his minions… because we hate THEIR mob mentality. I think the amount of post-season hate these minions will get is kind of funny and sad at the same time.
        A Cody voter of said mob mentality would vote Cody to piss any of the Paullowers off, even if it doesn’t piss Paul himself off. If your argument is for Kevin to win AFP, I think the argument to use would be that it would piss Alex off, since a lot of people hate her.

      • Paul is concerned with public perception, how America is viewing him. He wouldn’t let it go that his comic portrayed him as PottyMouth. He won’t say it, show it, or admit it, but yes, he absolutely will take notice and not love it if Cody is awarded something called America’s Favorite.

        That being said, that’s not why I’m voting for Cody. That’s just a nice little bonus perk.

      • Same Cody has always been my favorite, but seeing their reactions when he gets AFP will be the cherry on top.

      • That doesn’t mean he’s on the poverty line. He makes a living and can afford a second child. I’ve heard his wife works too.

        Jason followed Alex and basically said he’d be happy to lose to Paul at the end. He’s lost my vote for that, among other minor things, but actually not for his infamous comment in poor taste.

  7. right now Paul thinks Kevin don’t have a chance in he”” of winning anything he bullied Kevin into throwing comps lets show Paul and all the bullies we love Kevin. Kevin for the Vote

    • I’m hoping he takes Kevin to F2.

      There’s a chance the jury would give him the win.

      The ultimate wooden stake in the heart for the vampiric gnome.

      • lol I love that comment I can just see the little gnome with a wooden stake trimmed in Garlic hahahahaha

  8. I am voting for Cody. Everyone keeps saying he’s classless or a bully or a jerk, etc. And you know what? I agree.

    He was my favorite player because he was a d*ck. A snarky, unemotional, you-can-get-in-my-face-and-I-don’t-give-a-crap, somewhat sanctimonious player…and I loved it. Every second of it. He hated all of the other house guests, and guess what? So did I.

    I know it’s not popular to be a Cody supporter on this thread, but I thought he was awesome!!

      • So happy right now to see a good handful of people on this page. I knew Cody had support as indicated by the polls, but rarely have I seen actual words to accompany it. I thought I was alone on an island with it.

    • I definitely see why you support Cody. From the previous poll results though, Cody is definitely very popular on this thread!
      A fun fact about Cody I don’t know if you’ve heard is that a lot of people at CBS originally borderline did not want to cast Cody, but there were other people who fought for him to be on the show. And to tell you the truth, I think Cody’s bluntness makes him a one-of-a-kind TV personality we have never seen on Big Brother before.

      • That time Meghan came to talk to him was classic. He just stared at her … didn’t say a word. She finally mumbled something and left.

      • He did the same with Paul and it was hilarious. Paul went to the DR very annoyed that he couldn’t crack him. It was part of Cody’s horrible social game, but still funny.

      • Yeah i loved when that happened and made me like Cody even more the way that he just kept brushing his teeth. That was fun to watch.

      • Or when he was explaining why he nominated who he did. “Megan, I just don’t like you that much.”

      • Lame 8 seconds of camera intrigue was worth production screwing over Cody’s entire game (by not telling him, just to get this “TV moment”). Congrats for being so easily amused, I guess. Also, it’s Pendant of Protection.

      • It was amusing. Not only the look on his face but all the others faces too. People found him walking on the table amusing, I found that amusing.

      • …as opposed to the bearded bully-tactic-inciting,fake friendship-spouting ,phony-as-sh!t douchebag that you worship!!!

      • Its OK. When the game is over it really doesn’t matter who wins the money. I’m not getting any of it. We tend to take these games too serious anyway. BB will be done and I’ll be rooting for someone else on survivor.

      • He hates everyone off the show too. He hates gays and transexuals. He went to Ferguson for fun. Who does that? He said he really has no friends and doesn’t even get along with his family. But, he does love a high maintenance escort who didn’t even know what her hymen was. I wonder how long that relationship will last after the show. If he wins he will have some money to buy her the five carat engagement ring she wants. Maybe even a few left over dollars to fix his truck that broke down on the way to LA.

      • And Dr. Will calls homosexuals f*gs, but I’ve never seen anybody say that he hates gays. and you just called a girl you don’t know personally an escort. Everybody that complains about the bad things Cody says, will make even more bad comments than he did, and some even worse, about the houseguests on the show. Good thing saying mean things isn’t illegal, or a lot of commenters on this site would be in trouble. Who cares how long their relationship lasts after the show, I usually forget half of these people after the season ends anyway

      • Barbara Cronin doesn’t understand what a strong argument is. It’s hard to even take her seriously anymore. Thank you for your post. Well said and I agree with all of it.

      • I called her an escort, not a whore like others do. Look at all the names Paul’s called and who on this site knows him? Besides, I wasn’t talking about Dr. Will, who is a huge Paul fan by the way. I was talking about things Cody said. Everybody in the BB house this season said bad things to each other and about each other. You have your favorites and I have mine. That doesn’t make either of us wrong.

      • I know they all say bad things about each other on the show, and I’ve seen all of the name – calling in the comments too. That’s why I said it’s a good thing saying mean things isn’t illegal. My point about Dr. Will is that people criticize everything Cody says and does when some of the previous players and even fan favorites were never criticized for the same things that people don’t like about Cody. And the answer to your question about the Ferguson riots – men from other states went to Ferguson to provide security for the business owners (many of them were minorities) who had their businesses destroyed. That’s right, we do all have our favorites and that doesn’t make us wrong, but you made some personal attacks about a guy on a show and his girlfriend in a thread where people are talking about how he was entertaining. So, what exactly is a high – maintenance escort? Maybe I misunderstood you because on the show they said she’s a VIP concierge, and I don’t think that’s the same thing.

      • An escort can accompany people to events, dinner etc when they come into a strange town, mostly on business. People hear escort and think prostitute which is not always the case. I don’t remember what I said about Cody exactly other than I thought he said bad things and bullied others too. He just went home earliermso we didn’t get to see as much. I’m at the point let’s just get this game over so survivor can start.

      • Paul is not really like that though. If you try to get in Paul’s face, he turns on his emotional side and becomes, arguably, a bully. Paul would say “never cared” in the house and on social media when he’s trying to tell the world he doesn’t care, Cody would just not care to say anything

    • I don’t care for Cody because of how he played the game in a very stupid way. Not telling your alliance at least part of your plan was his biggest mistake. I do like that he was the only one standing up for himself and to Paul.

      • I don’t disagree with your sentiment, actually. Had he told his alliance about his plan, this season would have been completely different.

        That being said, we’re voting for America’s Favorite Player. Not America’s Smartest Player! Haha.

      • I’m voting for Kevin who was very smart, but never used his brain. Instead floated a long, but was liked.

      • I’m not sure I agree with your assessment here, though. Was Kevin smart? I’m not saying he was unintelligent at all…but what stood out about him being smart? If you’re saying he’s made F4 and thus smart, I think you’d have to say BB16’s Victoria was smart….she just got drug by her hair to F3.

        He also wasn’t very well liked for whatever reason. He was very LIKABLE, but his fellow house guests didn’t care for him for whatever reason. They treated him like crap. If you mean he was liked by the viewers at home, I’ll concede to that point that people do seem to like him…but isn’t that because who else was there to like? And to me, he was bland and boring.

      • Kevin knew exactly what was going on in the house..He knew the who what when where and why…He tried to talk to Jason but he was hushed…When Paul got wind that Kevin was discussing game plays Paul sent him to the corner and told him to STFU…and there Kevin remained and still remains…

      • If Kevin had done ANYTHING AT ALL, he would have absolutely been the winner and I would have been happy about that, but he decided to listen to people who treated him like dirt.

    • Me too! People complain so much about all of the scripted DR sessions too, and then complain about his robotic unenthusiastic DR’s, but I loved his honesty and the robot sound effects. Paul is a jerk, but still wants America to fall for his friendship act. At least Cody didn’t try to fake being friends with people he doesn’t like, and I love that the evicted houseguests are just walking out and not bothering with the fake hugs ever since Cody walked on the coffee table. I hope that trend continues next year, and stop 😢 “regretfully” voting to evict people they’ve been plotting against all season. We can at least thank him for bringing his mean sincerity into the house this season.

      • Probably my favorite moment of the season was during Cody’s first eviction interview when he told Julie that the other house guests were would gather around Paul, and after he was finished telling a story, beg for another story about BB18 to be told.

        Either that, or in his second exit interview, when Julie asked him if he was excited about getting peace and quiet at the jury house (he was the first one headed there) and then, with dead pan delivery, told her that CBS and Big Brother screwed him over because it was a Double Eviction week and someone would be following him right away.

        Dare I say…I thought he was hilarious!

      • I agree, and I see that as one of three reasons people are voting for Cody …
        • Cody was honest, sometimes brutally so. But the best gift you can give someone is letting them know exactly where they stand with you. That honesty was one of Cody’s strengths.
        • People know Cody winning AFP would be the final straw to piss off Paul.
        • Jessica is out there campaigning for Cody, and that can’t hurt his chances.
        So Cody will probably win, and that’s OK by me.

      • The only votes that CBS is counting is from the all access subscribers. No e of the other votes will count.

      • The word only is underline too.
        I think it sucks that only the people who paid for the live access can vote.

      • Go to the big brother 19 vote open late and read the rules. It states the only votes that will be counted are the ones made thru CBS subscribers who have all access.

      • Yes!!! I’ve never been able to stand that hypocritical “i regretfully vote to evict x” You been talking crap and trying to get them out for weeks, and really?

      • I guess they’re hoping it gives them a better chance with America’s vote, but we’ve seen how bad they treat each other all season. Who do they think they’re fooling? I would like them better if they were honest, and just said “I gladly vote to evict … because I just don’t like her/him”, or “it gets me closer to $500k”

    • I’m with you. Whether intentional or not, he was entertaining. He was a breath of fresh air in that he didn’t get stupidly over excited for every little announcement like Raven and Alex. Having a short answer in the DR then going silent as the camera stays on him or even slowly zooms in was hilarious. He was real, he had a fantastic eviction walk, he didn’t follow Paul, and he kicked a$$ in competitions, including directly kicking Paul’s a$$, twice.

      Cody for AFP.

  9. Remember Jessica’s final words to the house guests … your biggest enemy is Paul, and if you don’t vote him out you’re stupider than I think you are.

  10. Let the strategic games begin. We as fans have been doing more campaigning for this AFP vote then these HGs have done all season

    Edit: than

    • Brys- when I go back to edit, I can just write over, change, delete, add, whatever I want where it is/was typed. I don’t usually even put the word ‘edit’ except when maybe someone pointed something out to me then I often then put
      edit- xyz name and correction or whatever.
      I just edit back, change correct do whatever then click on edit save.
      Good Luck.

  11. Really hope all you scumbags voting for Cody remember how he talked about killing/eating puppies, talked about ruining Josh’s life by calling him a sexual predator, his transphobic remarks, and just what a complete piece of garbage he was in how he treated most others in the house. So good to know that all the Trump voters are still alive. So sad; really wish most would’ve died by this point.

      • Not all veterans are good people. Many enlist because they have no other options. When I worked as a counselor my groups consisted of veterans who were also criminals. They were on drugs, had serious antisocial behavior, and long criminal rap sheets once they returned home. Many were in serious debt and couldn’t hold down jobs. The majority had PTSD and took massive doses of medication to stay calm. Just because someone is a veteran doesn’t mean he deserves the money. Cody played a lousy game and if it wasn’t for production he never would have won the battle back. For those who say the game is rigged, well its rigged both ways, for those we like and those we don’t.

      • Cody played that competition once, on a different maze, and you act like he was an instant expert at it. Pretty sure Paul played something similar in Season 18 too. Even if not, Cody didn’t just beat him, he beat him by a mile. This was after already playing twice in do-or-die competitions vs Jillian, Dominique, Cameron and then vs Cameron and being down 7-4 to Cameron before a 10-7 comeback win. Cody had all the pressure for 3 straight competitions because if he loses, his game is over. If Paul loses, his game is not over.

        Keep fishing for excuses to discredit Cody on a well-earned win. You know, earned, unlike Paul not earning 3 weeks of safety with a total of 5 weeks this season immune from the block and winning 0 competitions to acquire that.

      • Omg…your whining is something else. If the season sucked so bad for you than why keep watching it? Now let me see if this is rigged for Cody to win AFP?

    • I am voting for Cody and in no way, shape or form voted for Donald Trump. You can’t just put all of the things and people you hate in the world into a group and dismiss them collectively.

    • I’m Canadian and thus I didn’t vote for your president. Hilarious that you think you’re any better for attacking people like this.

      Go Cody 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • I didn’t vote for Trump, you really can’t assume because people disagree with you in one area they disagree with you in another. If anyone in this cast even remotely resembles Trump its Paul. Who threw temper tantrums when things didn’t go his way, who gets off on praise, and who has a bunch of blind followers.

  12. Hey just a dark timeline thought, sorry in advance for bringing it out into the universe:

    What if the Cody voters and Kevin voters didn’t unite and all that leads to Paul winning AFP… oh my gosh, I would be sick to my stomach

      • LOL, in my dream scenario Steve Moses passes on his luck to Josh and Josh cuts Paul at F3. I wouldn’t even care who wins. And then Paul walks away from the season with nothing and finds out thru AFP that he and his minions are hated by America

      • Tbh, Cody got bullied too. No matter who we are voting for AFP we will send them a message that we hate bullying. I’m sure all those bullies will get a taste of their own medicine post-season as well

      • I’m not quite sure how voting for Kevin will send that message.

        A vote for Cody is a big middle finger to the Paul Borg collective.

      • You gotta admit that Kevin was bullied too. Not as much by Jason or even Paul but by everyone else in the group. Kevin winning AFP will send a big middle finger to Alex for sure

      • As much as I would love to give a middle finger to Alex, voting Cody is a chance to give one to the entire house, minus Jessica. I like Kevin, but I can’t vote for somebody who didn’t play the game.

      • Wow…

        So what happened to him for all those weeks before they started attacking him? What’s your excuse for him for that period of time?

      • That would be a throwaway vote, and wouldn’t send a message to the house though. The houseguests would be puzzled as to how he ended up getting it. Meanwhile, with Cody winning it would be a complete and utter shock as the person that they’ve been bad mouthing and bullying half the season got the prize.

      • The only votes that they are going to count are from the people with an all access subscription. The rest of us can vote till dooms day but none of the votes will count.

      • The only one they have been bulling is Kevin they have been using Codys name because they America to give it to Cody and Jessica instead of Kevin

      • Why do you care since you said its been rigged from the start anyway? People are saying vote Cody, its like giving big brother the middle finger. But vote Cameron is like saying screw BB? The only votes that they are going to count are the people who subscribed to all access anyway. You can vote all you want but if you didn’t subscribe your vote won’t count.

      • that is what I said earlier Kevin all the way he endured so much they wouldn’t talk to him they made threats to him and his family they didn’t want him to talk to anyone he was such a gentleman which is rare they called him old well lets stand together and vote Kevin lets respect his age and his manners something no one else had in this house

      • You’re basically saying people being mean to him translates into deserving 25,000 dollars


        I don’t mean to be rude, though I don’t know how to say this without sounding condescending… do you have any real sense of how much money that is?

        …because people were mean to him?

        He didn’t do anything in the game. This is Big Brother.

    • Please. I would happily withstand 10x the amount of abuse Kevin dealt with for 25k to start the season + another 25k (…+ $27) plus stipend money in exchange. Kevin didn’t play the game, he doesn’t deserve another dime. No idea why you tried to pull Cody fans into this line of thinking.

      I would take actual kicks to the groin that Alex threatened for that kind of money.

      • Meant to say I would withstand all that just for 25k at the start plus 27 plus stipend. In other words, the second 25k for AFP wouldn’t even be necessary.

        It’s silly to say he deserves another 25k because people were mean to him. That means he deserves a hug or a reminder that people love him. Not freaking twenty-five thousand dollars. Jesus.

      • Fellow poster Mary Ann put it very eloquently:
        that is what I said earlier Kevin all the way he endured so much they wouldn’t talk to him they made threats to him and his family they didn’t want him to talk to anyone he was such a gentleman which is rare they called him old well lets stand together and vote Kevin lets respect his age and his manners something no one else had in this house

      • You call that eloquently? I fear for the world today. That’s a run-on sentence with no commas, and it’s blowing a lot of hot air. People being mean to you doesn’t earn you 25,000 dollars. As fellow poster Gray ACTUALLY put it eloquently, that would earn you a hug or a smile with a reminder you’re loved. People today have little concept of earning money, it’s borderline pathetic. Kevin didn’t play the game, this is Big Brother, and AFP is a Big Brother-related prize. Pretty simple.

  13. Special shoutout to KSJB, who helped me make up my mind who to vote for AFP! Nothing like a good, old fashioned one-sided argument to force me to do the right thing…

    … and watch the looks on every one of those miserable sheeps’ faces when they realize who won, ha!

  14. I have two questions that I hope someone can answer. First I voted but wasn’t counting because I thought at 20 votes it would automatically stop me. It just kept saying vote again. I signed out and back in and it would still let me vote. So have my votes been thrown out? Also I read you could vote on your tablet or phone. Do you have 20 votes per device or 20 votes total per day? Thanks for your help.

  15. I think I’m just gonna randomly choose someone and give them my 20 votes for the day.

    Since I can’t vote for Orwell🎈

  16. I like Kevin, and have since his interview prior to going in the house. However, if people vote for Kevin to try to beat out the Cody votes, and Kevin makes final 2, then Cody wins. I’m voting Jason.

  17. Cody out to a strong lead. He’s leading in every online poll. People hated the bullying and vile behavior of Paul, Christmas, Alex & Josh… so Cody is a logical choice.

    • Cody was also a bully with deep seeded hatred. He went to Ferguson to have fun, hates trans and gay people, has non friends and doesn’t get along with his family. If he wins AFP its soooo rigged!

    • This poll doesn’t count. The only votes that will count are for the people with the all access subscription. So, if you sign in thru Facebook, Twitter etc, your vote will not count. You have to have the all access subscription, that’s the only votes they are counting.

    • But…this poll isn’t accurate. A lot of people don’t know that the only votes CBS is counting are the votes from people who paid to subscribe to all access. Its letting everyone vote but only counting all access subscriber votes.

  18. If not for production rigging, Cody would have sent Paul home early. Paul is only there because of Production rigging…. Cody has fans because he came to play. Luckily, we’ll see Cody and Jess on Amazing Race soon!!!

      • He would have had a different comp other then one he already practiced on. That’s why he had the advantage. It doesn’t matter anyway. The voting is rigged. Most BB fans don’t have all access subscriptions to begin with so none of their votes will count. Regardless of who we want to win AFP, all of america can’t vote. Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

      • I agree Christmas would have gone home too no way she should of stayed and had easy comps for Paul to win

    • I used to like Amazing race thank you gives me a reason not to watch. wish Paul would go on Survivor and get ate by a snake now that would be fun to watch

  19. Paul cheats the game he gets people on his good say so he can win the money so he can win the money …

  20. Wait, only “All Access” subscribers can vote? I don’t know if I’m a subscriber, I just have a username & password for the CBS site, does that mean I’m a subscriber?

    Also, I just voted for Kevin like 40+ times, and I never got the “you’ve reached your limit for the day” message that you usually get…does that mean none of my votes are counting, they’re just not bothering to tell you when you’ve hit 20 votes this time for some reason, the page is broken and we could be voting a million times until they fix it, etc….?

      • well I hope they all vote kevin Paul hated Kevin more than he did Cody that’s why he turned the whole house on him he threw Codys name out because he didn’t want people to vote Kevin he is playing Americas vote just like he did the houseguests don’t play his game vote Kevin has anyone not noticed the looks he gives Kevin it pure HATRED

      • Kevin for the win! I just don’t think its fair. All BB watchers should be able to vote, not just the all access live voters. We all watch and have our favorites. They have it set up so it seems as if you’re voting only your votes won’t count.

  21. Only all access subscribers votes will count which I think is bs. What about the people who watched all season and support big brother but don’t have all access? They don’t count? So anyone who cancelled their feeds, they don’t count? What a way to end the season. Everyone’s vote should count.

  22. Confused on the hate for Cody here, seems like he’s the most popular. He’s one of only a select few that would even take Paul on head to head. Gotta count for something, all the rest were puppets. Kevin was basically a puppet too but got this far because he was no competition for anyone.

    • Its Kevin that should win him and his were bullied the only reason they are voting for Cody is because Paul hates him maybe people should start voting Kevin the way Paul had everyone bully Kevin is because Paul hates him more than he ever did Cody. Paul is lazy still lives with his parents

  23. Paul is playing America’s vote he was throwing Cody’s name to get America to vote for him his real hatred is for Kevin have you not seen the looks he gives Kevin its pure HATRED that’s why he got the whole house to hate and bully him. don’t let Paul choose who you vote for please vote Kevin the one who was really bullied and his wife threatened with rape

  24. I wanted to vote Jason for favorite house guest but his exit interview pissed me off. I’m voting for Cody.

  25. The only votes they are counting come from the people who subscribe to all access. Other votes won’t count. So if you didn’t pay to subscribe to all access…your vote won’t count.

    • Barbra I was trying to find this information out and I don’t see anywhere on the terms and conditions that you have to subscribe. I know you have to have an account which is easy to create. But it just says if you are a wireless subscriber and have a smartphone that allows you to access the program you may vote. Where does it say they want you to be an all access subscriber?

      • As long as you have an account you can vote. The way they had it worded on here made it seem like you need to be a live access subscriber but I had someone clarify it. As long as you have a CBS account you can vote.

  26. You have to be a subscriber for your vote to count. That is like the nail in the coffin for me and this game. You picked the worst people you could find this year then you will not let us even vote for who is our favorite unless we pay you 5.99 a month. The only thing I watch on this channel is big brother but after this season I am done. We used to watch as a family but now I am the only one left still watching.

  27. Megan should not be excluded from AFHG and it would be horrible if she’s excluded from the finale. It would be wrong to label her as a quitter when it was the other houseguests outcasting her and treating her badly that caused her to quit.

  28. They really should announce AFHG BEFORE they announce the winner. AFHG is so anti-climactic after the winner.


  30. Pretty sure cody is gonna win america’s favorite houseguest, if not get like second or third, but there is still a chance cody won’t win america’s favorite houseguest since cody and jessica might split the vote, kind of like Natalie and James in bb18. They got 2nd and 3rd.

  31. I’m voting for #TeamCody to win the #AFP..#25K …. This is why I voted for Cody!… Cody could win Comps in the game. Including the Battle Back . Beating Paul… (after Cody had to beat all the other evicted houseguest first! ! Cody made his own moves, instead of being one of #PaulsPuppets. Cody won the 1st HOH. Cody tried that week to get Paul on the block. But couldn’t! because Paul was given the #SafetyPendent .That know one knew about. Cody felt he could not trust to tell anyone in his alliance. This 1st week, on what he was doing. Cause Cody did not want anyone of the 8 players who had gotten Paul’s #SpecialFriendshipBraclets that week to run and tell Paul of his plans. Cody ended up nominated more single players in that single week. Than any other player in #BB history! Cody stayed chilled while being verbally attacked by almost every houseguest every week. Along with Josh’s constant bullying, insane screaming, and pots and pan banging, while the whole house stood there just laughing and going along with this bullying! Hell I would have went hog wild crazy on them… So Cody decided to stay in his room with Jessica. To avoid as much craziness as he could. When ever Cody did go out of the room. If anyone even tried to chat with Cody or Jessica. Alex or one of #PaulPuppets. would run and Tattle-tell on them like thy were little st grade kids on a school ground. Just like Alex did about Kevin. Then they would started talking about putting him or them on the block!. They were not allowed to talk to Cody or Jessica and treated them like they were Lepers! Making it even harder for Cody to try and play a social game…Cody made it all the way to the #JuryHouse. Even though Cody was the target of every player in the game ever week, Except single player Jessica! Like Cody or not! Cody always was true to who he was. The only one who tried to play the game! And the only one that tried to get Paul out of the Game! Arguably Cody made the #BestMove in #BB history on the show! When Paul and some of the other tried to block Cody from walking passed them on eviction day. When he was voted out of them game. I Loved how Cody took the high road and walked on top of the coffee-table past all the A-Holes and out the door… Deserving pissing Paul off by doing this! I have not and can not see anyone of these players still in the house. Come close to doing what all Cody had to do and put up with in the game those 5 weeks! #TeamCody all the way By the way Paul is going to win #BB19…… Oh yes about those 8 #SafetyFriendshipBracelets, that for some unknown reason CBS felt they had to hand over to Paul before he even took one step into the #BB house. They were given free to Paul without challenges of a comp or other contest. Not given the chance of any of the other #NewbiePlays a change to get them!. The CBS even let Paul interview each player to see who he wanted to give one of the 8 bracelets too. This did two things. It gave Paul a #HugeAdvantage over all the green horn #NewbiePlayer that gave them all safety for that week and a fast way for Paul the #Advantage to make 8 quick friends over all the other newbie players instantly. Now why in the world did CBS feel a seasoned 2nd runner up player need all that special help and #Advantage over all these #NewbiePlayers is beyond me and cheating!!!

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