‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: F4 Veto Comp Spoilers

Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother

Update: Veto results confirmed on the Feeds.

The Reddit leaker returns with one more Big Brother spoiler with the rumored Power of Veto results while the Feeds are down. So far all the leaker’s other reports have been accurate down to the split vote, F4 HoH competition itself, and the winner there. I’d go ahead and give these your confidence, but all the same if you’d like to wait then the Feeds will be back shortly and we’ll get confirmation then.

Rumored Spoilers: F4 Veto Comp results

  • Paul won Veto
  • Source: Reddit

With Paul as HoH this means if he truly did win the Veto, and I do believe these rumors to be accurate, then he still won’t get to vote but will instead be picking which HG does the voting. Since the earlier leaks revealed Paul nominated Kevin and Josh I would expect him to hold things as they are now. Christmas would be voting out either Josh or Kevin and that’s more likely Kevin since she knows Josh will drag her to the end.

You’re running out of chances, Josh.

Veto Ceremony will be held live during Thursday’s live eviction show so no more spoilers or leaks will be coming along until we’re waiting on the Final HoH competition rounds later this week.

What do you think of these rumors? Feeds return tonight around 9PM PT (12AM ET) so we should know for sure then as we prepare for the second to last eviction of the season. Someone is about to be cut from the F4 just shy of the season finale next week on Wednesday, September 20th.

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  1. Oh my gosh… is there no possible way that Xmas would vote out Josh? I’m a little out of touch with what’s going on, but I honestly think Xmas could vote out Josh

  2. Kick out Josh, the more bitter the jury the better.

    I’m betting Cody is just sitting back listening to these idiots whining at the jury house.

    • Psssst…JESSICA…Part of Paul’s argument to jury this year is that he wasn’t on the block the entire season, and he wasn’t guaranteed that he wouldn’t be on the block if Kevin won HoH. Kevin wouldn’t have put Xmas on the block, which would have left Josh next to Paul.

      And had Xmas won HoH, there’s a strong chance she’d feel like she shouldn’t put Josh up. It would be Kevin and Paul. Kevin wins veto, Xmas has to put up Josh next to Paul.

  3. Another “Shocker”. My only hope is Josh wins the final HOH and evicts Paul. The 3 stooges in the F3. SMDH

  4. Kevin had a great summer. Turns out that going to the other side wasn’t his downfall as many people predicted. One thing remains though: If you were Josh and won the final HOH, would you take Xmas or Paul? Taking Paul may be a good option if you think the jury hates Paul, but maybe they’ll vote for him to win if he’s against Xmas since he was the one who evicted Paul.

    • Can he take neither and just declare himself winner? I’d be OK with that.

      Leave Xmas and Paul in the house, lock it up until next year.

    • After seeing how increasingly bitter Alex got toward Paul, I would start to wonder if the rest of the jury was doing the same thing after comparing notes on Paul’s game.

      Personally, I’d take Paul because I’d rather lose to the best player in the game than lose to the person with the broken foot the entire season. Josh knows he won’t win either way (too much bad blood with the jury members versus Xmas).

      • Josh may get credit with the Jury for cutting Paul though. He needs to take Xmas, as distasteful as they may be to some, too at least get credit for snaking Paul.

      • Josh let it out in his fare well message about Pauls Plan. He has planed this whole season. He has been the better player. He should win. But will they be hurt and not vote for him.

      • Also did you hear when Josh sat I the couch on the left, tell Julie “these are the people I’ve played with some Day 1”?

        I thought oops. To me, it sounded like he was admitting to working with Paulmas.
        Maybe not to Kevin but just saying.

      • It’s when Julie chats with each of the F4.
        Josh on the left, Kevin in the eviction chair,
        Paul and Xmas on the right.

      • Josh is a buffoon….Paul never took Josh seriously – still doesn’t – but Paul read Josh on day 1 as the kind of guy who was dramatic and needed to feel like he was in on a plan.

        Paul only tool Josh to final 3 because he felt like he has the best chance in jury with him (and Xmas) over anyone else in the house.

      • That seems like a biased answer, to be honest. You want Paul to win. Josh could very well win as F2 with Christmas. He has no chance at F2 with Paul.

      • Of course I want Paul to win since he deserves it…but if I were in the game I would also feel like a douche if I lost to Xmas versus losing to Paul.

        Maybe I’m just used to sports and wanting to compete at a top level against the best…getting beat by someone inferior to you is way worse than losing to the best.

      • I don’t disagree with that. I applauded Ian for taking Dan despite risking losing to him (I think he should’ve) and I applaud Cody for taking Derrick over Victoria when everybody else was ripping Cody a new one. I’ve always sided with competitors. But in Josh’s case he isn’t ditching a best friend for a non ally like Cody would have if he went with Victoria. Josh can validly justify this with Christmas being his ride or die. It’s loyalty before it’s cowardice.

      • I hated that Dan lost, and love that Cody took Derrick.

        And I see your point…I just hate seeing the best players get screwed over. And Xmas has actually told Josh – when he SAID he was taking her to F2 – that he should take Paul over her. She was adamant about it, and wasn’t just doing the fake thing of half-ass protesting but really wanting him to take her (like when a person offers to pay for lunch, but never gets out their wallet “Are you suuuuuure??”).

        I can’t stand Cody, but if Cody had fought through the entire game on his own and gotten to the end, I might root for him because that would be awesome.

      • I understand that. I also appreciate that you didn’t take offense to when I mentioned potential bias and instead took it constructively, thank you for that because I didn’t mean it badly. I agree it buys me to see good players get screwed at the end, absolutely. What bugged me the most this season wasn’t necessarily one player controlling it, or even a group of minions helping him control it, but more just in general how easy it all was. How week after week it just all worked out so well, with virtually no bumps in the road. I can’t recall a season like that where the plan always went exactly how they wanted, from nominations to Veto, to additional competitions like temptation, to who gets drawn to play for Veto which is something players can’t control and thus you’d think things wouldn’t always go so well for them on that front and yet they still did almost every time. No adversity to deal with. Like you said, it would have been crazy and awesome if Cody (or anybody alone and on a mission) could have stormed through the house and gotten far on just sheer determination. But instead, being public enemy number one and things always working out too smoothly, it was basically : Target acquired / Target moved into place / Target neutralized. No hiccups. It was like that for basically every target every week. Including Elena, Mark, Matt, Jason, Alex (who I hate). I missed coming on this site and seeing a headline of “House flip in progress” or “Overnight switch changes the script” like in past seasons. That only happened once this year and it was a very predictable flipping on Jessica’s HOH to evict Ramses instead of Josh. We never had any real questions or doubt each week about who was going home. (Sorry for writing a novel. Thanks for reading)

      • bugs*… and about Christmas, she’s convinced she can’t win this year and convinced she’ll be invited back. So she’s actively helping Paul get the win and thus it’s no surprise she told Josh to take Paul

      • Thanks J-Dizzle! I love intellectual debate…Between you and me: yes, Paul was my favorite walking in, but I thought he’d be gone week 2. I also had a sneaking suspicion they put HGs in that had a certain mindset versus other seasons.

        I have written this before, but my thought is: this house does not have any dumber or weaker group of players than the average BB season of newbies. But I think the difference was that it was stacked with 85% of people who were used to being made fun of / bullied, and highly emotionally-driven when it comes to making decisions in their personal lives.

        Paul walks in, is seen as a celebrity by everyone in the house. Cody formed his Bros and Babes (“popular kids”) alliance – doesn’t really include Paul (deemed part of the “outsiders” by Cody”), but Paul kind of forces his way in and is initially accepted by that alliance (besides Cody) because of his star factor. Paul also fits in with the “misfits”…then Cody blindsides his alliance and the entire house jumps ship to Paul as a leader.

        And the way Paul keeps a hold on everyone is to ignite their insecure deepest feelings about having been bullied in their personal lives, and get them to direct those feelings at his targets. Then just light the match

      • Josh may have a chance against Paul at the end if the jury bases their votes on bitterness and betrayal by Paul.

  5. Paul should have a little bit of mercy and take Josh to the end. I’m sure his family could buy some new pots and pans with 50k

      • I think at this point Paul only cares if people will take HIM to the end. He definitely thinks he can take anyone to the end and still win the game

      • What would really be funny is how he’s bragging he went all season without going on the block and Josh wins the final HOH and evicts Paul. First houseguest that’s never been on the block to get evicted. Love it. BB history in a bad way.

      • Not true lol…Kevin would at least have Jason, Cody, Mark, and Elena’s vote. Paul might also vote Kevin, Alex is bitter to both Kevin and Joshmas, and Matt and Raven may vote for Kevin after thinking that Joshmas betrayed them.

      • I think he takes Josh.
        Xmas will be a jury vote regardless.
        Nobody is allowed to speak to Kevin’s (just kidding) but Kevin will vote for Paul to win, too.

        Josh would be upset af and blow up the Jury and Josh has been the bad guy with the Jury so take him to F2 to avoid him taunting the Jury and the Jury will still be chapped at Josh.

      • The tricky thing though, is that if Paul cuts Josh at final 3, Josh won’t go to jury – he’ll go straight out into the live finale, and not have any time to blow up or blow up Paul’s game.

      • You’re right! I didn’t think of that. 🤔that’s just a vote he won’t get but he probably wouldn’t worry about his vote at that point.

  6. Josh will go the way of the other good players; to the jury in some tearful goodbye. That could be a huge mistake as he leads the charge against Paul and swings the jury to Xmas. Kevin is a nonentity in that neither Paul or Xmas fear him in any comp. At this point, I say CBS takes the prize money and donates it to hurricane relief and tell all these snakes to go away. Paul is despicable and Alex found that out too late. She still thought he had her back as Josh kicked her to jury. Out you go with no kiss or hug. Just fake tears from the rest. Waiting for the BBAD feed to see how chummy everyone is. Kind of like the fake Labor Day celebration. Screw them all.

  7. Christmas is going to evict Kevin. She has been the most adamant of everyone to get to the Final 3 like they promised and she knows Josh wants to take her to the end. With this Veto win that gives Paul 5 for this year which ties the single season record shared by Janelle and Danielle Donato. It gives him 8 all time which breaks the record of 7 previously help by Janelle. He has 3 HOH’s this year so far along with 3 from last year. He’s already tied the all time record for HOH wins with Janelle and Rachel and can tie the single season record of 4 if he wins final HOH this year which would also give him the all time HOH record alone. His combined HOH and Veto wins now surpasses Janelle’s 13. Since he is guaranteed finale he will end up being in the BB house 191 days which breaks the record of 177 days over 3 season from Janelle and 2 seasons from James. If he goes on to win he’d join Dan as the only HG to play 2 years without being evicted and would be 3rd all time in prize money. I hope he goes on to win this year since he clearly played the best game all season even if his methods were distasteful at times it certainly was effective. Also if he wins Final HOH he will have gone the entire season without being officially on the block meaning at no time could he have been voted out which would surpass even Derrick for season safety since Derrick could of been evicted in final 3 by Cody. Just a few facts and thoughts on Paul’s game.

      • I loved your take! I’m big on competition and stats (in addition to having been a math major lol), so you’re really speaking my language :)

      • Haha me too. I enjoy tracking stats from the season. I keep an excel spreadsheet with HOH, Veto, original noms, final noms, and evictions. I also track wins and special notes like Megan quit etc. I’m definitely a nerd when it comes to following the game.

      • OMG LOL!! I’ve been tracking the votes, alliances, and possible jury votes in excel since right before jury!! LMAO

        I have it broken out in a matrix style of what each HG thinks about the others versus what the HGs actually think about them. With color coding assigned to indicate alliance members (blue), ride-or-die (purple), neutral/ just using for numbers (yellow), friends but not alliance members (green), and targets (red).

        I also created T-charts for every HG against each other, and where the votes would likely land. 2 months ago, I figured Paul would beat anyone in the house except for Kevin…but that was before Alex turned on him lol.

      • I love people with OCD, being one and all .
        Spreadsheets, organizational charts, colour coding, indexing
        Computer algorithms are tricky, one typo can take you from zero errors to hundreds .

      • LOL I don’t even know medically speaking that I have OCD, but I definitely think I do. And ADD. I can’t work in silence, it’s too loud/ mind-numbing. That’s why I’m listening to the feeds all day at work lol.

      • I did not mean it as a put down
        I think everyone is exactly who they are supposed to be
        I will put music on as a JumpStart to get me going
        Have to schedule eating and exercise or I will neglect them while I am focusing on a project
        Studied linear algebra, differential equations, elementary quantum mechanics all that fun stuff and more
        To me integers are permanent in a way that is hard to explain
        Integers do not exist physically but they can be applied to all kinds of dimensions and geometries across boundaries
        Still none of it is going to help predict what the HGs are doing lol

      • Oh nooo!! I didn’t take it as an insult at all!! I have always felt like a little weirdo/ outcast, but embrace it :) And it’s funny as you get older that everyone who was “cool” now thinks you’re cool for being you. That’s my experience.

        No worries, AG!

      • As I get older I realize that a lot of times that I thought I had won I had lost, and times I thought had lost, I had actually won !
        I decided my achievement was to be nicer than I had to be, not stronger than I had to be !

      • As long as you don’t mind me having an earbud in my ear tuned in BB whilst working my organizational magic lol

    • He would’ve been on the block in week one if production didn’t give him three weeks of safety, and he wouldn’t have won all those comps if half of them weren’t thrown to him…he doesn’t even come close to comparing to Janelle or Dan.

    • Did he win any of those comps on his own? If he didn’t which I don’t believe he did, then he can’t be in the same category as any of those people that you mentioned.

      • BB18:

        HOH – Perfect shot he got 21
        HOH – He won F4 HOH over Nicole/James
        HOH – He won final HOH

        Veto – He won dog bone comp over Paulie etc
        Veto – He got perfect score in weather comp
        Veto – He won final Veto over Corey/Nicole/James

        So there are his first 6 which I think you can safely say he earned.


        HOH: He won Candy Crush which was clearly thrown to him
        HOH: He won Inked & Evicted questions which he got 5+ questions before Matt/Raven dropped out.
        HOH: He won Final 4 HOH over Christmas/Kevin with perfect score

        Veto: He won Terminal with a 3 minute seperation over Ramses
        Veto: He won Weather comp with almost perfect score
        Veto: He won Punch/Slap/Kick over Alex. If she DID throw it she did after 10+ questions of him answering right.
        Veto: He won BB Comic with best time
        Veto: we don’t know what it was but he won F4 veto.

        In my opinion he has earned almost all of his comps. The comps that involved tons of people throwing was him tossing both HOH’s to Christmas and the F5 HOH to Josh. Regardless though he won the comps and they will go down as his wins in the history books.

  8. Matt (Boyer) honest question and asked with all due respect… why do you think Christmas will do what’s best for her with this vote? You suggested that by saying “Christmas would be voting out either Josh or Kevin and that’s more likely Kevin since she knows Josh will drag her to the end.” You know this game really well and you know that Christmas has only done exactly what Paul has wanted, so I’m curious why you think she will now put herself first.

    Even without Paul knowing Josh has doubted him, he should be looking to evict Josh. Kevin has less of a chance of winning any part of the final 3 and has no case for the jury in F2.

  9. L think Christmas is going to back stab Josh as she knows she will not win over him in any other comps. She knows Kevin is useless and has a better chance.

  10. I can see it now, somehow Josh wins the Final HOH, Paul says take me, Christmas says take Paul… Josh begins to say “I’m sorry Paul I “—- Christmas : “No. NO!” / Josh “I VOTE TO EVICT P—” / Christmas : “CHRISTMAS! He votes to evict Christmas aw shucks so close to the end oh well BYE BYE” *runs out the front door before Josh can talk again*

    Paul : “Gumpy”

  11. So we wait 2 days to get the feeds back and we get Paul, Christmas and josh asleep in the HOH bed? I thought no sleeping till 10pm pst. My guess is they are drunk from Paul’s HOH beers, Kevin doesn’t drink so he is alone in his bed awake.

  12. STRATEGIC?!?!?!?!?! What strategy did you impose, Paul? You had these HGs handing you things left, right, and center!!!

  13. OMG just give the check to Paul already. This is ridiculous. And I do have to say one thing if I may?

    To all houseguests, past, present and future:

    I don’t care what kind of game you play in the house really because I’m not very politically correct myself. However, as soon as you lie in the diary room you are going against the spirit of the game. Go into the DR and explain why you being such a douche– and be honest! That’s the spirit of Big Brother. Once you start BSing inside the DR, now you’re believing your own BS and I no longer have any respect for you.

    Yes, I’m talking to you, Paul. But this also applies to anybody. Don’t lie in the diary room. Don’t do it. Not ever.


    • What was his lie? The fake crying and BS he said about Alex or something else? He wants America to love him.

      • All of it. He lied through the whole session that aired tonight.

        Paul may have gaslighted the entire house but for him to think that we don’t know what’s going on is pretty pathetic.

  14. Hey Matt, maybe Paul uses veto on Kevin, leaving Kevin to vote out Xmas or Josh. Certainly Josh, who goes to jury not mad, but respecting Paul’s game move. I think that’s what I would do.

  15. Hope Kevin wins AFP . He deserves it for surviving this long with these mean horrible human beings. Paul was handed the win by Production because boo hoo he got beat by a girl last year!!! Paul was so rude mean and just downright nasty to everyone !! Biggest Bully of Big Brother!!!

  16. big brother comic for Paul should have been the puppet master. He has played a dirty game manipulating everyone to do his work for him. And now, one by one, each is getting shot to Jury like a pool shark running a 9 ball table.

    I agree with what people said before. Big Brother Paul. They should have gotten him out after Cody.. Alex, Jason, Matt, Elena must be truly kicking themselves in Jury. Even Raven, for believing she was safe and not a target, yet Paul is responsible for every single jury member leaving the house.

  17. I do not feel bad for Kevin if he does not win the AFP. He’s already won 25K, and he did absolutely nothing to win that either. I like him but he did absolutely nothing the whole summer. He won zero comps.

    Cody, at least tried to get Paul, the Vet out but the houseguests weren’t having it. Last night, on the BB Primetime show, when Paul voted to evict Kevin and Christmas voted for Alex, which forced Josh to break the tiebreaker, it was over for me. Paul has done his dirty work throughout the season. Some might say he played “brilliantly,” or was a “master manipulator.” True, somewhat. But whatever he was and did this season was without integrity and lacked honesty.

    If I were on the jury, I would not vote for him.

    Cody for AVP!

    • I agree that Cody came to play, he just didn’t understand how the game works. With no social skills and a lone wolf mentality he stabbed his alliance in the back all because of his hatred for one man. Does that make a good player? Maybe you think so but I think he sucked. Yes, he was a competition beast but his lack of social skills made him a poor player. Once he fell in love it was basically game over. Besides, its fan favorite, not who came to play. We all have the right to pick who we want and if he wins so be it. I’ve been watching these dumb reality shows since they began and very rarely does my favorite win. Is the show rigged? All the Paul haters say yes. I guess I’ll save my thoughts on that until I see who wins fan favorite. If its Cody, rigged!!!

      • Cody would have lasted much longer and perhaps we would’ve seen more social interaction if Paul did not have 3 weeks of safety. Once Cody tried to put Paul on the block his game was over because Paul launched his attack on Cody through his puppets. Just my opinion. I cannot see why any of those HG that were mean vicious bullies should win AFP.

  18. It seems like Paul was destined to win this year’s BB, thanks to BB. He had immunity right from the start and most of the players treated him like a rock star, believing everything he said. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of gullible players!!! Cody was the only one smart enough to see through Paul, but his renegade ways cost him his alliance. Because of her injury, Christmas hasn’t done anything all year, other than follow Paul, so how can you justify giving her the money? I couldn’t stand Josh, when he was taunting Cody, Jessica and Mark, but he looks to be the best option at this point. I just couldn’t give Paul the money, no matter what. He disgusts me.

    • You are so right Debbie. It is like the least of the evils plus it would surely crush Pauls overgrown ego. Imagine him losing 2 years LOL

  19. I heard form a birdy, that the only Jury members voting for Paul are Raven and Matt. That’s it, no matter who sits beside him (if he goes to final)

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