Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 11?

Alex enjoys her last Coke in BB19

Feeds are down, the latest Big Brother 19 Houseguest is already long gone, and nothing else has changed from our earlier predictions, but let’s keep it consistent here in this short week of Big Brother. Time to share my expectation for tonight’s special eviction show at 8/7c.

Note: Between the time I wrote this up last night and the time it published the eviction and HoH spoilers were leaked. You can skip ahead and read those now or continue on to see what I think we are all expecting.

Alex and Kevin are on the Block as two votes loom overhead. There was talk back and forth over if Paul would split the votes and let Josh handle the tiebreaker. After Josh’s wavering attitude I thought it’d lock down Paul going with the sure thing and voting out Alex. Maybe not.

Paul has Alex’s approval to vote her out in the sense that she knows even if he did vote to keep her that she’d go anyway after the tiebreaker. But Paul being Paul and playing “I’m on your side!” this whole season means he’d want to vote to keep her and shift the blame to anyone but him.

Either way, Alex is going in tonight’s show. I don’t believe Josh’s threats in his camtalks. Given the chance, he won’t be keeping Alex over Kevin. Makes no sense for his game and his chances.

After that we’ll get the next HoH competition and this one secures a spot in the F3 so obviously it’s a huge deal. Paul has been talking for weeks now that this is his must-win. I imagine he could weather the storm if he didn’t, but he’s right that he should want this one.

Josh will be on the sidelines as the outgoing HoH which leaves Christmas, Kevin, and Paul to compete. Last year this was a Q&A booth setup for “What The Bleep” so I’d expect something similar. That means Christmas could compete in that comp.

While I’d love to see a wrench thrown in the works with a Kevin HoH I think it’s safe to expect Paul to win this one. Kevin hasn’t won anything and Christmas has only “won” by having everyone else lose around her. Maybe both are due for their first win of the season. We’ll find out tonight!

Join us here tonight at 8PM ET to watch, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.


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  1. Alex biggest flaw and as a fan should have realized there is two parts of a season. First part is pick people off you don’t personally like. Next part is all about eliminating threats to competitions. The weak will always turn on the comp beasts, they no longer need them to get farther in game. The comp beast becomes the new road block.

      • Early she didn’t and told Jason they would use him just to get farther. Then after that week it left her head completely she choose to focus on attacks then strategy.

      • Paul cause in her head he has won nothing to guarantee key moves. She is in the mind set the power is in hoh and veto. Those just guarantee a week of safety and who is up. But the power is always in the votes and who controls them.

      • That’s probably the final question of the final HoH comp…

        “Alex’s biggest game flaw was A: throwing the competition that Xmas won, or B: trusting Paul.”

        Paul will choose A, Josh will choose B and win the final HoH

      • If that happens, you will be able to charge for your soothsayer abilities. Can I be first in line? lol

      • Of course!! But you might want to stand back a bit, because I’ll have just puked at the thought of Josh winning BB over Paul lol.

      • Do you think josh would win against Christmas or would you say the jury would be bitter and vote for her just to give him second place?

      • Josh would lose to Xmas, even he has said it to himself.
        I think the only votes he might have are Paul and Jason’s…but then again, Jason expected Xmas to put him up – he didn’t expect Josh to vote him out. and he’s BITTER. Alex didn’t expect Josh to put her up either. They were originally allies before Paul sunk his teeth into him.

      • When was the last season the all the final 3/4 were very strong overall players that could win mental and physical comps? It seems like there has been a floater in the mix for many seasons.

      • You’d need to ask someone with a better memory than me. I can’t remember a season where there was no floater in F4.

      • Ian, Dan, Janelle and Shane. Even last season you could argue no floaters but James was half floater cause he also called shots with Nicole.

      • James threw comps openly, almost every week (did he win anything?), I saw him as a floater or at best social only player.

      • That and she should have listened to Jason, she’s probably said it about 3000 times at this point. The feral wombat’s cocky self important ass got in the way and she wasn’t willing to listen to anyone else because she believed she was superior than everyone else. Cocky game plays bites you in the butt, every single time!! Probably the one thing she will never admit to that also contributed to her downfall, her obsession with Kevin.

      • Very good points, Miss Fiddle. Jason was her ride or die, supposedly, yet when it came to strategy, she trusted and listened to Paul over him. Her obsession with constantly hating on Kevin might have been somewhat a result of jealousy regarding his and Jason’s friendship, but it also had a lot to do with Paul getting in her ear with things to purposefully turn her sour towards him. That Paul; he’s so devious! lol

      • I agree, somewhat of a jealousy issue. It was just all around creepy obsessive. I have a feeling she probably targets people whom she doesn’t like in her real life, much the same way.

      • She says she is very different in real life, not aggressive, doesn’t get into fights. Maybe she targets them and gets someone else to do the hit man stuff. That would make her statement true, wouldn’t it? lol And by eye witness accounts of many posters, this summer has been a class on how to improve her skills, taught by the master himself. haha

      • There was something weird about her constant need to use Jason as a punching bag. He was a good sport about it, but I heard him at one point say “it’s getting old.”

      • He probably had bruises! Geez, once, he was on the HOH bed and she walked in and punched him hard right in his thigh muscle. It had to hurt. I winced.

      • I assume you mean after Jezebel was evicted. She was VERY jealous of Alex because Cody liked her, so there was no possibility of that happening while Jezebel was in the house.

    • Alex wanted strong players at end with her, which would have made for a better show but hurt her ultimately in putting her trust in them.

    • Jason was right about her getting cocky…and about not trusting Paul TOO much. She went on auto pilot after winning so much in the 1st half of the season

  2. What do you guys think is going to happen??

    OBJECTIVE responses only please lol…Getting so SICK of people hoping that Paul’s nuts get cut off and he bleeds out before he can make it to the 3rd HoH comp….

    My thoughts…Paul will win the endurance comp (they aren’t as good for bigger guys like Josh). Josh will beat Xmas in the 2nd comp (it will be too physical for her).

    Then Josh may beat Paul in the 3rd, if he has been closer to understanding the HGs from a ground level perspective (whereas Paul has been running around, trying to understand them at a high level strategically).

      • It could be an Alison/Jun thing where Josh wins the game cause he is the lesser evil even though the other made it happened. I don’t think Paul sees that. Hope he gets him out at or before final 3.

      • You’re not alone. I don’t hate Josh; I feel bad for him because he gave his BB life over to someone who certainly didn’t deserve all the gifts and talents of the HGs he was given. Josh is immature, but he was goaded to act the way he did. That doesn’t excuse it, but in my book it’s better than the one who choreographed all the inciting.

      • I’m so sad about Christmas saying she wouldn’t take him to final 2, my suspicions have been brewing but it’s just dumb on her part. In a vote she could easily beat him and stands no chance against Paul. Why would she choose paul over 500k? Is she that in love with him? Disgusting. And Josh was loyal to her for so long

      • I don’t think Christmas would beat Josh. She is not a nice person. This has been a horrible season. I especially hope they never bring Paul, Alex or Christmas back.!

      • Oh you mean this week/ tomorrow? I’m assuming that Josh will win over Kevin and then vote out Kevin.

        If Paul won veto, he’d lose the vote of whoever he sent to jury. Although maybe Josh would still vote for him over Xmas at F2

      • Yeah its troubling to know how bitter people could be. End of day they should all put feelings aside and look at game play and see who made it happen to get to the end even if it was on the backs of floaters.

      • They will all play veto. So if Paul wins, he will keep noms the same and Christmas will vote out Josh. I think thats how it works…correct?

    • Think you are right on first and second. But third I think Paul will win it. Josh didn’t socialize with everyone enough. Alot of his perceptions were based on first impressions and couldn’t see past them. Always thought worse of everyone. Add in his shock of Pauls fake tears who is the person he should know as good as xmas.
      This leads me to believe he never got to personal with any of them.

      • Ahhh…that’s true. Especially hilarious when he thought he was “blowing up” Elena’s game. She actually didn’t throw Paul or Alex under the bus, but Josh interpreted it that way, and nothing she said to clarify would ever convince Josh otherwise.

      • I think Josh knows the HG better then Paul. Remember Josh the first few weeks crying, he had in depth talks about feelings and personalities with many houseguests. Paul’s talks are all about gameplay and how bad the other houseguests are and planning haressing. Josh had heart to hearts with almost every houseguests except Paul? Cody? I still think josh knows Cody better then Paul.

      • Paul has a detached way of analyzing the other hg’s, Josh observes and reacts to them emotionally. Paul has spent his time in the house talking at the others, Josh has talked with them. It will be interesting to see who does know the others better if it comes down to it.

      • I thought about this angle too! Paul has some sharp deabte skills, and knows how to read an opponent , Josh talked about personal feelings and stories. I guess it depends on if the questions are serious or fun, like Matt if you could have one thing on a desert island would it be cereal or Raven? Or Jason was the downfall of your game trusting alex or Paul.

      • Ya I cant see Josh knowing them better. Paul knew how to divide them and what to say and not say. Also he convinced all the couples not to talk so 2 sets were completely blindsided. Personally I think Josh likes Jason for who he is so he may “know” him but Paul has had more one on ones with game play and strategy with the jury then Josh did so it would tip it in Pauls favour.

    • Assuming that final 3 is Paul, Josh and Xmas, always an ever so slight chance that Kevin could win HOH, unlikely, but possible. Then I think that Josh can’t win going head-to-head against Paul. I don’t even think Josh can win in a mental comp against Xmas. Then Paul probably takes Josh to the end as most in the jury house don’t like him. Xmas could always argue that she made it to the end with a bum foot. Not much of an argument, but I think people generally liked Xmas. I really don’t think it really matters who Paul takes to the end IMO, he wins. The only caveat to that is whether or not the jury votes based on being burned, tricked, back-stabbed, etc by Paul, OR, if they vote for who actually played the game. That would be Paul as he controlled almost everyone in the house, whether they wanted to believe it or not, he controlled almost everything that happened every week.

    • It’s already been leaked who won the HOH. I’ll leave it at that!

    • I agree, Paul wins the endurance (though if it is holding on to a key , Christmas could beat Paul, Christmas is very strong and if she goes for it maybe?), part two goes to Josh . Then if it is the scale, I think it is pretty even. Josh or Paul could win. Josh got to know some of the earlier people better like Jillian, Ramses and josh had more real talks about feeling where Paul was about gameplay. Who knows if Josh is the type to pick up on people’s opinions via their previous feelings. Christmas would do the best at this but unless she wins endurance she isn’t getting to the scale.
      Part 1 Paul
      Part 2 josh
      Part 3 will be close within 1 question and I hope josh gets it but I think it will be Paul
      Paul takes Josh
      Part 1 Christmas, if it is an upper body endurance long shot
      Part 2 Paul
      Part 3 Christmas.
      Christmas takes Paul.

      • Oh – for the final HoH comp, the questions ONLY come from jury members (not the pre-jury…i.e. no Jillian, Ramses, etc).

    • I think Paul is going to win the next HOH nom josh and Kevin, win the veto and pull a fast one and get rid of josh

  3. If I were Josh, and I won the final HoH, I’d take Paul over Xmas.

    Josh has already (correctly) assessed that he will lose no matter who he takes. If I were him, I’d rather say that I lost to the mastermind of the season, than to someone with a broken foot who only did the mastermind’s dirty work.

    Also, he has to see how bitter Alex was toward Paul, and consider that other jury members who thought they were close to Paul now know they got screwed over by him and are also salty.

      • Cody, Mark, and Elena hate Josh. Josh would lose Paul’s vote since he turned on Paul (and Paul likes Xmas). Kevin will never vote for Josh and also likes Xmas. Josh was closer to Alex and Jason, so it was more of a betrayal when Josh voted out Jason and nominated Alex. Matt and Raven were friends with Xmas, so she’s probably have their votes too.

    • I think Josh could beat Christmas. We don’t know what jury is thinking but Jess has admitted Josh has started to play. In order to get to pick the final two it would give him 3 HOH, and 2 vetos, and he would have won a few of those himself without being thrown, plus the one who got rid of Paul. If he made it clear he had a plan and got Paul the mastermind out and he had to wait till final 3 because he never had the votes , I think he could win.

      • Jessica may know, but Cody won’t really know that Josh is doing anything other than what Paul told him, since he left so long ago.

      • Jessica saw Josh win the veto during DE, same footage Cody will see and her first response was he is really stepping up his game. We know she didn’t like Josh but she said he was starting to deserve praise. Hopefully if Jason shares his goodbye messages, Cody would see the bigger picture. I also think this year , unlike past seasons, we might have a few people switch their vote at that finale. I could see Jason, Kevin or Cody all hear something at that finale that could sway their vote.

  4. So Adam gave the Tofurkey to Christmas, because of her vicious behavior & rant about Kevin (and throwing her game to Paul). Anyone know what the rant was about Kevin?

  5. Well we already ‘know’ that Alex is gone. Paul won HOH and put up Kevin/Josh. IF Josh doesn’t win the veto, now would be the time to get him out…for Paus game. He is the only one who is a threat to Paul. Xmas/Kevin will both take Paul to F2. Josh will take Xmas. Very risky chance for Paul to NOT get Josh out. Course, for me…I would LOVE to see Josh get Paul out right before the finish line.

  6. All Paul has to do at finale is say “Look at the two sitting here. Who was the one to convince you who to vote to evict, who to nomiate, which competition to throw, who to target when you had no power. That is the person you should vote for. All his/her moves were done on my request.
    And for you Cody thank you for recognizing my threat level week 1 and vote for me cause you know what I said to the rest is true.” Either it will trigger the bitterness and him to lose or gain all the votes and the bitter people wake up out if it.

  7. Alex has proven she is a disturbed woman who breaks up showmances with pleasure. She will not be missed.

    • Alex is just an immature person with a temper. let her dislike of Kevin ruin her entire game…more than trusting Paul. She had so much promise as a competitor and strategist. Shocking fall from grace.

  8. Anyone know how Christmas foot is today? is it healthy enough to put a bit of pressure on it?

    Perhaps She will win the final HOH, Take Kevin and win the game. Have a good laugh at Paul thinking He was a master mind but She played him in the end.

    • Maybe she can scream at her foot and tell it to do as she says … like she does with Josh and others.

    • She said that it hurt after the stair veto comp. it appears she is trying very hard to ice and rest it (no comic veto) and I think she guns it for the final endurance part. When she went to one crutch she said she was able to put some pressure on it but has been being careful.
      I hope Paul doesn’t tell her to throw part 1 and that part 2 will be easier. Last season part two had so much running that Christmas would be better off hanging onto a wall or key then trying to win a comp that could have running.

  9. I hope the jury has already decided to give the money to whoever is sitting next to The Creep, hopefully Kevin.

    It’d be so sweet to see the gnome’s face turn red with rage as he loses again.

  10. season BB8 – 1st comp- the three stood on stumps in the back yard. A pole went around and each had to ‘hop’ over the pole/bar as it went past them. ALSO while doing the hop/skip/and a jump over the bar as it went around, they had to hold onto their key up in the air. After a while, water/rain came down (it was to water the garden). Daniele was cold, shook a lot then well off the stump. They also had dirt and dust thrown at them. Rain a lot.
    Zach and EvelDick lasted for 7 hours and 28 or 32 minutes with ED coming down first.

    SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS standing on an 18″ diameter stoop, with hand/arm in air hanging onto key, with rain, dust, rain, dirt, and rain on them during that time.

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