Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 9

Matthew and Raven get ready for the Veto meeting

The Big Brother 19 Houseguests are preparing for today’s Veto Meeting and so far this looks like we could get some great fallout thanks to the oblivious and naive nominees who remain convinced that they’re in on the House’s plans. Pssst, they’re not.

Jason won HoH which gave him the opportunity to send Matthew and Raven to the Block. From there his allies agreed to keep up the facade that the couple was a pawn while Kevin was the target but they were actually plotting to evict Matthew at the next vote. Suddenly things changed.

After Jason went on to win the Veto we saw Paul shift the planned target to Kevin. They already had Jason agreeing to renom Kevin so if he was on the Block then they could just change the plan on Jason after it was too late. Unfortunately for Paul Jason yanked that rug out from under him.

Jason let Kevin know the plan to renom him in Raven’s place and Kevin emphatically declined that opportunity to play the pawn. Jason agreed it was a bad idea and despite a night long effort to be persuaded otherwise, Jason stuck to his guns.

Now Jason plans to keep the nominations the same, leaving Matthew and Raven on the Block for Thursday’s eviction where they’ll be split up in the game. That’s going to be a surprise to the last showmance left in the game.

Yesterday Raven spoke with several HGs and convinced herself Jason would save her with the Veto. She took this attitude back to Matthew who agreed with her that they didn’t even need to go talk with Jason about the decision. Yikes.

Now since everyone else in the house knows what’s going to happen we did see Paul hold a conversation with Matthew about the worst case for “Maven.” Matthew agreed in that case, where both of them remain on the Block, that the group should save Raven and vote him out instead. Double yikes.

When you’ve reached the point that you don’t even care to play the game, much less want to stay in it, then you’ve failed. What a flop of a Houseguest, but nine weeks in on the season that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been following the “moves” of that guy.


  • Jason has control of both the Veto & HoH
  • Raven expects to be saved by Jason’s Veto & Kevin renom’d in her spot
  • Jason is not planning to use the Veto despite efforts by Paul & allies
  • Raven & Matthew are expected to be the final noms this week

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Jason’s Veto meeting plans? Is he hurting his game by not being willing to put Kevin up there? Or is he just as big a target for the other HGs whether or not he made that move?

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  1. Maybe CBS needs to find houseguests that have actually watched Big Brother past seasons and understand the game, these people are idiots.

    • I also hope BB has learned it’s lesson on bringing back only ONE vet. I would ask they never mix newbies and vets again, but we all know that is never going to happen, so I’ll settle for never-ever bring back only one. If there had been even one more returnee this season, Paul would not have gotten control over this house the way he has because half of these braintrusts would have been all gooey eyed over the other vet, therefore, Paul could not have been the only shepherd to this flock of sheep!

      • How about if you are bringing back vets you do it as an all star season like season 7. That way everyone has an equal playing field.

      • Yes, that would be best, but I don’t see that happening because BB loves bringing back returnees too much. It’s good for ratings. I’m not asking for the impossible here…I’m simply hoping they never bring back only one again because the results are what we’re watching this season: A bunch a BB star *bleepers* who are easily led by the one vet in the house. But we can dream of an all star cast…It’s been too long if you ask me.

    • I think they need to make Jury not fun so they fight tooth and nail no to go for as long as possible. But right now get paid to be there, live in a big beautiful house and just relax. I agree it could get boring but life could be worse too….

  2. Why would Jason send one of his closest allies out of the house? It would be a dumb move to do that. And Alex is so controlled by gossip from Paul that she can’t see that she would be weakening their side to do that. Also I love big brother after dark but it’s spoiled this year by Paul and Alex and their nasty mean people attacks. I have to stop watching when they start planning their latest abuse attacks on Kevin. Please can a miracle send one of them home?

      • I wish it was Raven going b/c I know Cody is pissed about that kissing lie she told about him!! lol! I would love to see him say something to her about it. hehe

    • The “mean” attacks are getting annoying and old….The attacks are not necessary as “shunning” is enough to let a HG know that they no longer have a place in the house or game…I don’t like the attacks or shunning but I will take the latter if I must chose…I don’t like Josh..hes too loud mouthy and arrogant…But I do give him points for not attacking Kevin per Pauls asking…Josh is questioning Pauls motives/plans in the game so thats good for points…Pauls train is losing steam and it started with Christmas telling Josh (no quote) that he should not listen to or believe everything Paul said.. Now there is Jason who is going against Paul and his plans…Thats 2 people that don’t think Paul is always right..So the next week 10 days should tell us a lot about final 4/3/2….

      • Yes so true shunning was enough. Seems Alex and Paul love kicking someone when they are down. I hope you are right. If Christmas, Josh, Jason and Kevin could wake up from the Paul spell then Big brother 19 could finally start!

      • I can see those four Kevin, Jason, Josh and Christmas going to F4. Let them sort it out then.

      • That would be a decent end to a horrible season. Again I can’t stand any one of the houseguests left in the house, but these 4 are a bit more tolerable then the other 4.

      • I actually think that shunning is ridiculous also. They are all in the house, trying to win a game….they act less mature than grade school kids.

      • Yes but last night she also said it was scary that Josh was questioning Paul so she is contradicting herself..

    • Kevin is not a good BB player, but he’s got a good heart. Can not STAND the baseless attacks from the others. Alex is turning into a mean girl. And Paul is turning the house against Kevin just because he can. I’ll be voting for Kevin for AFP.

      • Me too, I truly believe that Alex has lost my support over this mean crap to Kevin.

      • Yeah, she has slipped tremendously in my book too. Her personal attacks and her blind loyalty to Paul all make her nothing more than another minion imo, and not the great gamer I thought she was going to be at the beginning of the season. It’s too bad.

      • Alex has been mean from the start. “Petty” fits her pretty well. Paul, Christmas and Alex aren’t very nice people, imo

      • Kevin had a decent social game, but he chose to trust Paul with his secrets and that was his fatal flaw because now Paul is using those secrets and vote flipping (which, let’s not forget, Paul asked Kevin to do) against him.

        Don’t like or respect thee personal attacks tho. It’s unwarranted.

  3. Matt must have been real charming in his interviews b/c if the producers thought he was going to play like this, he probably never would have made it to the house.

  4. I don’t think he’ll be hurting his game, only Paul’s game. Paul should be the one to send Kevin home when it’s his HoH…and not punish someone else when they don’t do what he wants during their HoH.

    • But Paul would have to play his cards early if he wins HOH. He isn’t going to do that just yet.

  5. Yay! Finally someone’s playing the game and NOT doing what all mighty Paul wants. Perfect time to back door him!

      • I believe he get the votes if only he talks to ones like Alex, Kevin, Josh and Christmas.

      • I don’t think any of those four, with the exception of possibly Kevin, would vote Paul out, Willie. They all think they have a F2 deal with Paul & do not seem to care if they come in 2nd to him.

        It’s frustrating because who does that? Comes on BBB to get the consolation prize? smdh

      • Once they all realize he has F3 and F2 deals with everyone, they will turn on him. So yes, in a way they will vote Paul out. All it is gonna take is for some open communication between these HG’s. That is if Paul is not around.

  6. I just wish they would change their mind for the millionth time and get rid of Raven.
    Matt isn’t going to all of a sudden I start playing hard because Raven is gone. He’s going to beg to go next!

  7. Production, for sure, have begun doing their thing in DR sessions. Between Jason’s family interview, that made him look very good, and him being bullish with his HOH, TPUTS might have him saddled up and out front in the BB Derby. Put you’re spurs on, boy! Ride ’em cowboy!

    • I don’t normally enjoy the show/game when I know for sure that Production “meddled” but in this instance if they did or do interfere I will not trash em or complain…

      • It wouldn’t help to trash ’em or complain. They’re going to do it anyway. It’s part of their job to do whatever is necessary to keep the ratings up.

    • O M G !!!
      You don’t know how funny that entry is to me, and probably only me!!!
      Derby . . . Jason is from Humeston . . . HA HA HA Jason could probably ride Ole from one to the other and back ! ! !
      Believe it or not, Derby and Humeston . (both in Iowa along Hiway US 65 with an abandoned railway between the two re-purposed for hiking and bikes and for Ole to walk along) . are 6.3 miles apart !!!
      Bet Jason has been to both LOTS OF TIMES!!!!!

      • I’m funny when I don’t intend to be and not funny when I try to be.
        Someone asked yesterday why Josh was hiding under his blanket eating food and I commented “Because the food was cold”. I made myself lol on that one but no one else thought it was the least bit funny or got it. :(
        At least you got a laugh out of this one, Kelly. :)

      • I must have missed that one. But that’s funny. Using a blanket and his breath to warm up his food rather than use the microwave! hahaha

      • But she didn’t always practice what she preached! I would call her on it from time to time…and of course I would get reprimanded for that! hahaha

      • You’re always funny, K. I swear between you & Joni I am constantly wiping down my monitor screen when I laugh so hard I spit coffee, coke..etc..If I see you two on the boards I just keep a towel nearby now. hehehe

  8. Go, Jason, go! I LOVE that he stood his ground against Paul, Alex, Josh AND Christmas! The veto ceremony can’t come soon enough, so that he doesn’t change his mind. However, it WILL hurt his game in the end. He’s just painted an even bigger target than was already on him.

    • It would be a real trip if he did change his mind and save Raven, but put Paul up instead. Remember his target was Paul a few weeks ago when he was talking with Mark a couple of weeks. I wonder if it still is. That would be the biggest move/blindside in BB history.

      • He wouldn’t have the votes to pull it off and it would backfire on him. Even Alex would probably turn on him if he tried that. Jason knows she is under Paul’s spell.

      • Don’t be too sure. If Paul is placed on the block, there will be a drama in the entire house. You will be surprise how much of temptation that will be to the HGs seeing their leader/big threat in their collective hands. You will be surprise Alex will be the one campaigning for him while others become even more suspicious. Josh already suspects he has a deal with everyone (not trusted) but trying to make his position with him stronger as he is not sure of someone getting at him.
        Paul himself is not confident to be on the block. The house just need someone to take the risk (move), then each person will show his/her true colour.

      • Realistically, no way that happens. But that would be the biggest move I can recall in a long time.

      • But someone has to make a big move in this game. Cody and Mark were obvious. But if someone doesn’t take the shot soon, Paul will get the $500K because every one else was afraid.

      • Absolutely.

        And speaking of big moves… I about fell off the couch laughing last night when Matt referred to Jason backdooring Kevin as a “big move” in one of his DR sessions.

      • Oh jeez, me too. I was like is this guy for real? What an idiot! I will be so glad to see this useless HG gone. He’s done nothing in this game but *bleep* Raven…oh, and eat cereal.

      • FDR’s statement is true in the BB house this season. “The only thing to fear is fear itself!” hahaha

      • I don’t think he or really anyone else can. They people willing to evict or nominate Paul have been evicted themselves.

    • He was next on Paul’s target list anyways. He’s intimidated by anyone with a great social game aside from himself.

      • To be “intimidated by anyone with a great social game” makes Paul a very wise player. He recognizes the potential of others and strategizes around it. I don’t want Jason evicted, but got to give Paul credit for his game play and Jason credit for taking charge of his own game this week.

      • I agree Paul thinks of every angle which is great but I don’t respect the fact he chooses to bully and intimidate people when he doesn’t have to. His other gameplay was enough. Derrick never stopped to that. He go on peoples ear but never bashed them for fun

      • Derrick definitely had different techniques to manipulate people, but on a couple of occasions he absolutely did berate Victoria to the point of intimidation, imo.

    • Good for Jason for thinking on his own….but this might not have been the time to do it. With Kevin being close to Jason, and Alex being close to Paul, and Alex hating Kevin…he should be careful about not pushing Alex closer to Paul.

      Not to mention, he definitely has a bigger target on him since he seems to be going against what 6 people in the house (75% of the house) now are saying they want. I kind of feel like Paul knows the best move is to get Matt out now, and is just saying he wants Kevin out to cover his bases with Maven. And making the house feel like Jason is going against what ‘they’ want (Paul made them think they want).

      • Agreed as he should have done this earlier in the game but if he doesn’t strike now then when? When he’s out the door? Maybe it’s too little to late but better late then never!

  9. If Jason vetoed Raven and backdoors Paul now that is nice twist, risky but it would stir up the pot !

    • Yes, it would only stir the pot. Jason could bring the pot to a boil, for “sh*ts & grins” and tell Paul he’ll use the Veto on whoever, and let Paul go in as the pawn. Jason could suggest that Paul decides which Maven to bring down, and in that way, Paul would have the “control” or a pseudo-vote, if you will, by going up as the pawn. Further, Jason could reassure him that Paul knows no one wants him voted out, so it’s a win-win for Paul. (I’m just trying to think how Jason COULD present some type of reason … but we know Paul would object in any scenario.) Well, back to the kitchen to watch the pot (not) boil.๐Ÿค”

    • Too risky for these houseguests. I mean at this point we are just surprised Jason isn’t listening to Paul.

  10. Just saw something like this earlier:
    If Raven or Matt goes out, someone said Jason may have a bigger target on him than before.
    While that’s probably true, the HGs may rather get Matt or Raven out just because they can’t stand the lone whiner left amongst them. And who wants to get stuck with Raven stuck to them ?!?

    • Raven is probably the best choice to take to F2, since no one (except MAYBE Matt) would vote for her. But she doesn’t deserve the $50K second place prize.

      • Of the stuff that’s left – the people Paul would want with him in F2 [Raven, Josh or Christmas] – IMO none of them deserves the $50K prize.

    • Jason , Alex and Kevin all have talked about Raven going next , in fact they all have talked about Raven over Matt. Paul thinks Raven will be a vote and when Paul talks to Xmas and josh that Raven is the person to take out Jason and Alex. Of course Paul just wants another weak player possibility at f2. He is really stacking the deck with the weak players , it is very likely josh, Xmas or Raven will go sooner then Paul wants but not all 3.

  11. Finally some things are happening!!!
    Bye Matthew, you were one of the worst HGs I’ve seen in a while lol

      • I didn’t hear Jason whisper in Raven’s ear that he said, “don’t worry, one of you will be coming down” at the nom ceremony. I’ll have to go back and see.

  12. My opinion of Alex is really sliding irreparably this week with the way she’s going after Kevin.

  13. If Raven goes this week, she is going to hate the jury house… friends and no one there that will listen to her whine.

  14. Jason has enough votes to evict Paul if he vetoes Raven she will save Matthew, Kevin will follow Jason and Jason only has to convince Alex to clinch it, or am I miscounting ? Luv u BB19

    • Jason doesn’t have the votes to BD Paul right now.
      If Jason did that, Alex might not even give a supporting vote to whoever else is on the block next to Paul.

      Not to mention, Jason would now have at least 4 people gunning for him and he can’t play in the next HoH

      • Agreed. I firmly believe Alex, Josh & Christmas would vote to keep Paul. That move, while exciting to watch, would totally blow up in Jason’s face.

      • Josh would not, at 830 last night if you have the feeds, he is onto Paul and sick of it. Why can’t Jason and josh talk!

      • Jason does have the votes, Kevin, Raven , and Josh. Josh is on to Paul, said it to Xmas. Josh would vote out Paul right now. I was surprised but The light bulb is off in Josh’s head and he doesn’t want to be a pail minion. Xmas told him to not cross Paul like call him out but also not do what Paul says like throw comps etc.

      • LOL, that would be great to see and would certainly help his resume if he made it to F2. Evicted Jess and Paul on my HoH’s. What did you other meatballs do? ROFL

      • Josh will NOT vote out Paul. He even said in last night’s episode in the DR that he and Xmas have Paul’s back 100%.

        Plus, Josh has no reason to keep Matt over Paul. Matt is in a showmance, Josh isn’t a strong competitor, Xmas can’t really compete, and only Paul will be able to keep him safe.

        I also think Alex would vote out Matt over Paul, since she hates their showmance, and has constantly told Jason she wants to keep Paul in the game. Also, Kevin can’t stand Matt or Raven, and he is aware that Alex and Jason would take each other to the F2 over him. Jason could tell him to vote out Paul, but doubt he would. And if he did, the only other vote for Matt would be Raven.

      • Oh, also, I did hear Josh say that he was onto Paul last night – but it doesn’t matter, because he needs Paul in the game in order for him to get farther. Maven won’t have a problem cutting Josh, neither would Alex and Jason. Josh said Paul is protected at all angles, and then kind of trailed off. He sees it, but isn’t going to fight it and sink his own ship.

      • Josh did say he was not going to win the next HOH or let Paul throw it to him, to do his work of getting rid of Jason. It looks like Raven just Kevin and Raven are trying for HOH. Epic showdown! At least Josh doesn’t want to be used for Paul’s dirty work, it is a step, but you never know when Josh will turn on Paul. Josh is smarter then people are giving him credit for.

      • I would love for Kevin to win HOH. I would HOPE he would put up Paul and Alex and then let this game begin.

      • Christmas told him with her annoying soft voice. I think you are doubting Paul a little. Something like that and he stopped.

      • Now Jason has got six people gunning for him . especially Alex, though it might be a knife. Jason only has Kevin and Kevin has followed the group voting so far . I believe

  15. Ironically, I think Jason is actually HELPING Paul’s game by keeping noms the same…

    (1) Jason looks like the bad guy to Maven, while Paul doesn’t get any blood on his hands
    (2) Kevin can’t win anything, whereas Matt would be more likely
    (3) Kevin doesn’t have a real ride-or-die in the game, whereas Matt has Raven as a vote and 100% ally who could win an HoH (she has come in 2nd a few times)
    (4) Alex HATES Kevin, and wants to stay close to Paul, regardless of what Jason says/ thinks/ does
    (5) Kevin thinks he’s close to Paul, even if he does bitch about him out of jealousy
    (6) Jason is making it look like he and Paul are not actually working together

      • Ok, I know everyone hates Paul and thinks this is the worst season lol….But if you can get past that, moves like that (making Jason in a position of getting blood on his hands, and with a bad blowup like this) are pretty brilliant.

        Jason would have been smarter to put Kevin up, and then if Matt got voted out Jason could put the blame on the other HGs for voting the other way.

  16. How hasn’t anyone of them just flipped out on Raven or Matt. They are so loud and so annoying. I mean..can you guys just sit and watch countless food fights and her swearing like a sailor! Where’s Josh when you need him?

    • I’d go to the DR and request a tranquilizer gun…then just wait until they head into the kitchen (where they seem to be the loudest)

    • I have to turn it off or fast forward. Does she really feel like the viewers wsnt to see that annoying nonsense? It’s just as bad when they commence humping during BBAD. No shame…

      I think I would have gotten in her face and destroyed her long ago in the game. The HGs are so worried about what America would think about being “unkind” to a little girl with TWO “terminal diseases”, 18 other “diseases”, 46 “syndromes”, and a head full of hypochondria….

  17. Another irony…Paul thinks Kevin should go this week because “he [Kevin] is going to side with Jason and Alex””…

    Alex is blatantly disrespecting and being rude to Kevin, and genuinely hates him, and won’t take into account anything positive that Jason has to say about making amends with Kevin.

    Also, Kevin can’t win anything. Alex knows that Paul is a better ally than Kevin, and that she needs him as much as he needs her right now in this game.

    • Alex will soon find out that Paul is playing her. Hopefully next week her behind is in the jury house. She said that she’ll throw the HOH comp to Josh, and if she is that stupid then deserves to go.

    • Alex is a big fool. She and Jason will be on the block if one of Paul’s favored minions win HOH! If Josh, Christmas, Raven or Paul get the HOH, Alex and Jason will be on the block and Jason sent to the jury house. Alex will got the week after!

  18. I feel sorry for the jury members this week…..or actually Cody, anyway. I imagine that Mark and Elena are spending some alone time:)
    Raven or Matt? wow.

  19. I like that Jason is respecting his friendship with Kevin and not turning on him just because.
    It’s his HoH, don’t like it, too bad, you should have tried harder to win it for yourself then.

  20. Guess the Veto meeting has commenced! Looking forward to seeing what Jason finally decided on doing!

  21. I like that Jason is sticking to his guns. Alex thinks it’s because he’s had too much Mountain Dew….lol. He does get a little spastic on it. I don’t think Alex realizes how spastic she is when drinking Coke. She calms down a bit when she slows down on it. And gets quite antsy when she drinks 4 liters in a day instead of just 2 liters.

    • I want him to get it as well. However, I still worry that Kevin may not see Paul for the jerk he is……..I would HOPE that he put up Paul and Alex next week if he gets it, but who knows.

    • It usually takes about an hour. So soon. Ready for the party? Raven will explode. Her pacemaker will pop out of her body!!

      • i’m a nervous wreck, my aunt in the nursing home gave me hell for bringing her tuna subway so late. I just got home.

      • Isn’t it nice from you? Auntie should be happy!! Unless she hates tuna and you know it. Lol.

  22. Jason is already a target and since Kevin and Jason were my favorite for a few weeks, I am glad he is not putting him up. I still think Jason needs to stop snitching on Kevin and win veto next week.

  23. So Maven didn’t go talk to Jason and yet expect hiim to favour them like it’s their right backed by Paul’s order, and no one is advising them to.
    Everyone is giving Maven false hope as a build up to their disappointment so Jason will solely be the huge betrayal to Maven which is not forgivable.
    Maven expect the house to do thier work for them and walk over a HoH they (Maven) have turned against as their personal target for next week, and expects him to do them a favour without them having to put their effort to engage him.
    Matt is already campaigning against himself if the veto keeps the nomination the same. How does he deserve to be in the game ahead of Kevin in that wise?
    Matt wasted a slot for a real player, and was a dead weight count which affected determined players in the first 8 weeks.
    If by miracle, he floated to the final, what argument does he have to get jury vote? Just want the vote because Raven is not in the final to win the money. Whereas he never tried or came close winning competitions, mainly concern for boxes of cereal while in the house, never had to campaigned to stay in the house as his alliance was busy taking out single targets, he was always okay to go up as a pawn.

    • Well, maybe you don’t know it, so I’ll explain you what it is. Raven has 2 terminal illness and need to pay back 200k of medical bills. She’s a sweetheart and is the one that has a reason to win. She doesn’t need to talk to Jason. Paul took care of it. He’s the hoh by proxy.

      You understand better now.


      • Is that why she should rely on Paul to play her competitions, decide her votes, her campaign, ignore the guy with the veto power, rely on a “HoH by proxy” that could be put on the block, make the legitimate HoH look like an opponent during his reign and expect his favour?
        That is not the way to play, Nope!

  24. Nominations stayed the same. Matt said he won’t eat slop for the rest of the week.

  25. It always amazes me as the numbers dwindle that these people are surprised when they are on the block. Since Jason and Alex were their targets if they got HoH, why would they think that they would not be his target? Dumb and dumber

    • I just want to correct you. It’s not their hoh. It’s Jason hoh. Alex would have listen to Paul and target Kevin for no other reason then it’s what Paul’s want.

      Jason did this by himself.

      • Isn’t that what I said? ……iIf they (Maven) got HoH why would they think that they would not be his (Jason’s) target.

      • Ohhh. I’m very sorry I misread your post. I thought when you mentioned “they win hoh” you referred to Jason and Alex.

        I’m taking it back. Your right and I’m wrong.

      • No problem, and I agree that this is Jason’s HoH and am glad that he is doing what he thinks is best.

      • They’d have put Jason on the block if they had HoH. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander?

      • Exactly and Matt having said repeatedly that he just wants to get to Jury. Well Jason should have said so here you go!

    • If Jason is in F2 he won’t need it. And maybe he lost raven, but maybe not Matt. But who knows he’s unpredictable.

    • Too soon to say right now. They’ll end up changing their minds depending on who deserves it the most of the two left. I don’t think Jason will likely get to F2.

    • Most legitimate talk, that I’ve heard from him ever! This is what transpires when one feels way too safe for longer than he should have.

      • They’re all nuts when you don’t play things the way they want. Time to start eating their young! You need to win veto from here on out, or face the ultimate consequence of possibly going to jury and no longer be eligible for the 500k. No one should make promises from here on out. Just say, that’s how you play the game and that’s it.

    • Just something like “I’m sure your wife will be REAL proud [of how you hid in the closet for 20 minutes]”

  26. Alex is not backing her ride or die. Even josh is more helping then her. I’m just hating her more now. Didn’t tought it was possible.

  27. Soooo glad Jason stuck too his guns, and kept noms the same. Changing Subject: I know I’m new to this site. Please keep my Texas family in your prayers. I’m in Houston, my home isn’t flooded, but so many others are. My heart goes out too them. I can’t leave my home, because of surrounding flooding. We are expecting 7 more days of rain. Not to mention, they have to release water from the levee, and reservoirs. Thank you..

    • Oh, feel so bad for all of you. Have seen pictures of the flooding in Houston. It’s terrible. You and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Oh dear Maddie! Most definitely keeping your family in my prayers. I have family there too and they said they’re fine, but lots of water damage!

    • The “honest” part or the “played a game” part?

      She lost me at “I’ve played…”

      • Because Jason didn’t do what she and Paul wanted him to do which was put Kevin OTB.

      • But they already knew Jason wasn’t going to use the veto before this. It was an act that Alex is playing in front of Raven for her own benefit because Alex doesn’t want to be blamed for anything she promised Raven and Matt.

      • Yes they knew, but they are still mad at him for going rogue. She had told him earlier in the week that this would mess up her game and she would not vote for him to win. She is also playing on Raven’s emotions to pull her in

      • Assuming you mean Raven :)

        I think Raven’s upset because she’s used to being the Darling, people feeling sorry for her and getting what she wants without having to put in work for it.

        You can see even that by her approach to BB this summer…No game play, no strategy, playing house like she’s 100% comfortable no one would DARE nominate her or do anything against her wishes.

      • I know why Raven is sad. But Alex looked sad…guess it was just an act to make Raven feel she is sad over the veto decision.

      • Oh! Yeah it was totally just an act so Raven doesn’t think that Alex was in on the plan not to use the veto. Good catch :)

  28. Any support I might have had for Kevin disappeared week 1 when he
    secretly took thev $25,000 that short-circuited Cameron’s time in the house and saw him replaced by the annoying manipulator from last season, Paul…..Josh was next to get on my sh*t list when he, very early on in the game, took safety for himself and screwed his team in that competition and then began a hateful campaign of uncalled for and unprovoked and undeserved verbal attacks against Megan. Overall, I’ve found this years HG’s, for the most part, lacking…

  29. Kevin’s getting a little annoying…”Let them vote me out, and watch me tell everyone not to vote for ANY of them!!”

    Yeah, ok Kevin, let’s keep you in the house because you (ONE person) is going to convince the jury to vote the way he wants. He talks so tough behind closed doors. And if he says he has the power to get everyone how he wants them to vote…more incentive to get him out now. Or final 3 :)

      • Oh my heavens. Kevin won’t take that BS and shouldn’t, but he’s been a little snitch behind their backs so what goes around comes around.

      • Josh-(Says something abt Kevin’s family). Kevin-Say somthing abt my family you mother f’er. He approaches Josh, FISHED. (about 10-15 minutes ago)

      • Dangit!! I had a work meeting and missed the feeds…back now listening to the BB fish’d tune

      • I don’t think anything happened. Snitchy just kissed Christmas on the cheek. These weirdos!

      • I agree with you on both points…I wanted to have Kevin as a favorite, but when he started snitching about things that had NO impact on game play (like telling Jessica that Ramses was leaving) I started to lose respect for him.

        Also annoyed about him talking about his superb social game and acting like he could start winning comps whenever he wants to.

  30. Good one…Josh asking Kevin why he is being aggressive? And Xmas screaming about why did Kevin ask her to sit by the pool when she has a broken foot. These people have no self-awareness.

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