‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Veto medallion back in the box

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Looks like we have a fun few days ahead for us with these Feeds. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 9’s Power of Veto events.

Heading in to today’s meeting we saw Jason holding all the control while Raven and Matthew were obliviously screeching the days away. The joyride is over now and well, there’s probably just a new and higher pitched screeching ahead for us.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 9

  • Jason decided not to use his Veto
  • Raven and Matthew are this week’s final noms

Flashback to 11:59 AM BBT 8/28 to watch the meeting fallout. Grab the Live FeedsFree Trial and start watching what’s going on inside the house right now!

Raven was sure she was going to be saved because, well just because. She was telling others that she had been promised safety, but she hadn’t. Even if she had, it was all just going to be smoke and mirrors. Jason decided days ago that he wasn’t going to change his noms and risk Kevin. Smart move too since Paul had convinced his allies that this was their chance to get out Kevin should Jason make that move.

Now instead we’ve got Matthew and Raven up for eviction and one of them will be heading to Jury next. So far Matthew has told others to vote him out over Raven (ya big dummy), but we’ll have to see if he changes his tune when the heat turns up.

Who do you think will be evicted this week? Cast your vote in our poll below.


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    • I wish Jason would have had the guts to stick with Cody it would have made a more interesting show. I bet Paul is about to have a stroke

      • They were talking about it last night, they knew he wasn’t but if Alex doesn’t win hoh , it may be Jason going out next, since he can’t play and all . He will have a target on his head w the remainihg one, Raven .. Xmas and josh, paul . He still can get him out.

      • the “house” already talked about putting Jason up so it didn’t really matter.

      • Yeah, a few have been , saying he can’t play in next hoh .. heck I don’t even know anymore . Im a paul pusher to win. We shall see

      • I agree. Matt and Raven were stupid to vote out all of the other showmances. They could have all 6 aligned together and gotten everyone else out. Matt and Raven can not win a thing obviously, and at least with Jess, Cody and Mark they had a shot at some power had they chose that route because they could win comps. Or if one of the “couples” would have kept Mark that would have been smarter. Glad Jason went against Paul, but if Paul wins HOH his target now will probably be Jason. I have been saying all season they might as well write Paul the check now.

    • Too bad that as Jason is finally playing his own game, he opened his mouth to Paul about how he felt like a minion in the house. I see Paul using that as the reason to vote Jason out next before Kevin.

    • This is actually good for Paul. Jason has the biggest target and Paul will get him gone next. Paul wanted Jason gone soon.

    • Not against Paul. He is now in the right spot where Paul wants him. Raven will nominate him and so will Josh.

    • If Jason really had the guts to go against Paul, then Paul would be on the block.

    • I saw Paul discussing this with Jason saying it was his choice, Paul didn’t care either way. He wants Jason to think it was his choice not Paul’s.

  1. Ahh, someone (Jason) finally showed some backbone.

    Eww, I still think long-term, this is a bad move on his part when it comes to jury management, and even his chances of staying in the game if Paul decides to use this as a reason to rally some of the others that now Jason needs to go. I fear he’s potentially putting all his eggs in one basket with Kevin here.

    • I think it’s less about keeping Kevin, and more to prove he’s making his own decisions AND going to make them stick to the original plan – Raven or Matt.

  2. I don’t think it matters if it’s Matt now and Kevin later and Raven as they all have done absolutely nothing !!! Paul just making it closer and closer to the end ! Yay Paul ! Go go !! 🎉🎉

  3. Thank God Jason got balls !! Way to go
    I voted Raven but i’m sick of Matt think id rather see him go. He is the biggest wussy in the house. Eat, screw , and sleep he Lazy as he can be. Jerk Face……

  4. Jason did the right thing. Kevin leaving does his game absolutely zero good. Matt or Raven leaving? Well, that removes someone who is clearly aligned against him. We’ve seen the “blindsides” that have happened this year. They’ve been against the person who was HOH when the rest of the house conspires to vote against the HOH’s wish. Why would he put that power in their hands?

    • RIGHT! Jess made the dumbest moves of all and got Ramseys out. She should have shot for Paul or Alex or Jason or anyone worth a crap. Josh was smart because she went home on his HOH (because of her own moves losing the temptation comp)

    • I was thinking the same thing. I wish Jason would of asked Maven in front of everyone who was your target if you would of won HOH? Then say now don’t lie because you said you never lied. Then if they said he was he could of said yep and you’re just mad because I got you first.

  5. Did Jason tell Raven he was going to take her down? He says he doesn’t remember? Matt says it is in tv?

    • I don’t remember doing that, I just remember her assuming it and talking about it to others

    • Yes, he did. It seems like it was right after the nomination ceremony. But he did tell her to her face.

    • No he did not. But Josh told Raven last night that Jason was going to take her down.

  6. AND …there stands Paul on the sidelines.. acting like he had no knowledge or no part in the chaos…

  7. Now I understand the attraction between Matt and Raven. Both entitled, wimp azz cry babies.

  8. It seems that I do remember Jason personally telling Raven that he would take her OTB and at the time, I think he was serious. I think that was before the veto comp. It doesn’t really matter though. The guy has the right to change his mind or lie. It does seem like Paul is the one who was the main go between after the veto though. I don’t remember Maven ever speaking to Jason one on one, or two on one about it.

    • I believe Jason said to Alex or Paul that Maven hasn’t talked to him. Then, in another sceanario, didn’t Maven say they didn’t need to talk to Jason because they are safe? After watching so many seasons, the basic rule of thumb is: you always talk to the HOH – at least once. Even the folks who are on the block or may know they are going to be BD’d, talk to the HOH. (Cody will forever be an exception to everything!)

      • He did say that and he was correct. As far as I know, they didn’t go to him after the veto ceremony. BUT, Jason is the one who voluntarily went to Raven after the nomination ceremony and told her to her face that he would win veto and take her down.

      • I think at the time he did it, he was serious about it. Then things changed after he picked up a weird vibe(and he was correct) that Kevin might get evicted if Jason took Raven off and put Kevin up, so Jason changed his mind. Maven just took what Jason said along with what Paul was telling them in the meantime, and didn’t feel it necessary to ask Jason to confirm that things had not changed. Their mistake. I don’t know if Jason would have lied to them, or if confronted by Maven with the question before the veto ceremony, it would have made him rethink his decision. We’ll never know.

      • Agree. Even Cody talked to Alex as HOH on the week of his final eviction. This showmance unnecessarily gave indication signs to the HoH that they were his enemies and relied on Paul to take care of him.

    • I know you just told me Jason promised to use his veto on Raven. She just asked everyone in the KT if they heard him tell her, and a couple folks said no and others remained silent. If Jason had it in him (which he doesn’t), he could have said in front of everyone that she does say some of the strangest things. (Kind of calling her a liar.) After last night’s epi, it seems ALL the HGs know about her out-there/doesn’t-make-sense storytelling. Well, it’s water under the bridge. If her onslaughts and temper tantrums go on until Thursday, I really think the HGs will have their fill and vote her out.

  9. There is something odd about Matt’s anger. He laughs while he is yelling. Then when super mad, like when you can tell he feels it is a lie, he gets all tense and about to explode then back to a smile.

    • When Matt is talking over others and not letting them speak shows that he is lying.

    • I don’t have the feeds, but was just reading Jokers. OMG, Raven is having a hissy! I can’t believe how Maven is (both are) carrying on and yelling at Jason! Sophomoric. Well, I say, get Raven out, then Matt can go OTB for the 5th time in a row!

  10. The 2 of them have been in the house 60 + days
    and now they decide they are part of the game and are concerned about being voted out???? Have either of them done anymore than Kevin..??? Matt won a crap shoot veto…big deal…

  11. I’m surprised that Alex didn’t punch Matt when he called her honey and said
    basically don’t interrupt the 2 grown men.

  12. I really wish the gal with the “Inverted spine” would go home, but it looks like we’ll have to settle for Matt.

    Really? An inverted spine? Sorry, but I’m with Paul on that one… “What does that even mean?”

  13. OMG Jason is smart and didn’t let himself fulled like others before him which got blindside several times lol if he listened to Alex would have lost his buddy Kevin :(

  14. Why was Matt acting like that at the HOH comp haha. He was acting crazy. Paul was right though Jason and Alex were just showing they’re 2 of the strongest competitors in the house other than Paul who keeps throwing comps (smart move right now) I bet he will try to win the next one so he can attempt to get Jason out. And Christmas and Josh will do whatever he says and Matt or Raven whoever stays.

    • Paul wants to throw the HOH but to who. He wanted josh, but he josh doesn’t want it. It seems Raven and Kevin are the 2 that want it.

  15. Wow raven says she would rather go to jury been a loyal game player and not being a liar my question is where was that Raven I think it was in her head because she’s a big liar and she hasn’t been loyal about anything other than herself

    • And she keeps saying it …. like 5 times now! She needs to repeat this enough so it becomes rote memory! It must be the pits convincing yourself of your own lies. 😜

  16. Dumb. Really dumb. In last nights episode, Jason questioned the people Paul was associating with in the house. The better question is: Why is Paul associating with those people?

    Jason should’ve taken one of the original nominees off and renominated Paul.

  17. Dumb. Really dumb. In last night’s episode, Jason questioned the people Paul was associating with in the house. The better question is: Why is Paul associating with those people?

    Jason should’ve taken one of the original nominees off and renominated Paul.

  18. Listening to Raven scream at Jason is hilarious. Does she not realize the entire house (including her) do the exact same thing to Jessica. Do you think she’s smart enough to know what a hypocrite is?

  19. I want Raven out soooo much!! But I bet they evict Matthew because if Raven gets to the final 2, no one will vote for her to win.

  20. Matt is taking advantage of the BB security protocols to act like a badass, He’s awakened from his cereal induced stupor to try to get evicted and save his chippie for another week. Raven says she has never lied.

  21. Priceless. Jason told Matt I ask you if you had any questions before I bring back the veto box in SR. matt to answer “was I going to tell you your a little b1tch on national TV”. Well matt, you just did about a 100 times by now. Lol.

      • yep! You lied, etc… You should have told me. Funny thing is that they never asked him…

      • he should be like..give me 3 reasons why i should of saved you? and watch her come with all her diseases. Why should Jason tell you Raven? Paul is the one that should of told you since you work with him. I reaaaaaaaallly hope jason calls her out

      • He just let her scream at him and walked way. Now I want Jason to win. Matt started calling his names, etc.

  22. finally someone went against Paul’s wishes and did what he wanted to do. Of course, Matt was going to be a target anyway, but they all said to put Kevin up and he didnt!!!

    • Jason feels a little relief now; I mean it’s hard to have any composure with 2 people yelling in your face and the rest of the HGs just watching! It’s just high-impact, emotionally fueled, and even the Observer vibes contribute to the melee.

  23. All I can stare at is Paul running from side to side “doing damage control”. I love Jason’s inability to lie. I love it!!

    • Absolutely. But he is everyone’s ride or die. How does a 2nd place runner up become everyone’s ride or die.
      I’m so confused. But every season gets worse.

  24. Sad that jason took all the heat. Sorry but IT WAS the house agenda to get maven out. He’s too nice to throw them all under the bus.

  25. If Jason and Alex are as smart as they claim they need to take out Paul ASAP. They have to know by now they are a target. They can’t be that dumb. Well…Maybe. But now I’m a Jason fan!.

    • They ARE that dumb. So is Matt, Raven, and Kevin. He is only loyal to Christmas and Josh because they are the weakest and he can beat them in the final comps

      • You are right.. Jason just needs to wake up! Get Alex on board get Paul out. If that happens Jason and Alex will get to the final two.

      • Jason has tried to talk to Alex about Paul but she shuts him down every time. I think now he just agrees with her to avoid the argument but he does have his suspicions

      • If Paul wins HOH he will take out Alex before Jason. Alex is the #1 threat as a competitor.

      • I wonder if Alex would go for that? At this point in the game there’s no loyalty.

      • She will puch herself the same way she punches Jason when she watch the season. They all will. Who takes a Vet to the end with them. A 2nd place vet to the end!!

  26. Matthew will be going out the door this week because of the votes when they ask us to vote to see who we think will go out the door who has the most votes will be leaving.

    • Raven was starting to put them on blast then Paul told her to be smart about what she was saying.
      That would’ve been interesting and forced a realignment and possible oust of Paul.

      • Jason didn’t want to put Kevin up so he had to leave it the same. Paul wanted Raven down and kevin up.

      • Paul is smart to tell her to be smart about what she is saying, thereby shutting her up. Threat: you are on the block.

      • True. Paul and the house except Jason and Kevin blindsided Maven. They were on the block and never approached guy that had veto to find out what is on board. Meanwhile, the other HGs that knew kept telling them otherwise relaxing them from approaching Jason. Similar thing they did to Jessica in week 4.

  27. Was there any point where Jason himself told Matt or Raven he would use the veto on one of them. If not, why would they expect anything different? At least now I can laugh because they thought they were so safe.

  28. I have now officially self evicted from any respect for Paul, you can say what you want about his game play being so good that he is controlling the house but just now hes trying to get Josh riled up to go off on Kevin and telling Jason to blame Kevin for the veto staying the same. This is not game play, this is cowards play. I am going to put all of my mental forces in play and aim them for the others in the house to get the little nasty gnome out!

    • Paul is the type of person you have to always keep your eye on. He is like a school yard bully. He uses the weakest player to do his dirty work and Paul comes out smelling like roses. If the jury had to vote on Paul or Josh they would pick Paul because Josh has burned everyone.

      • Well there will be some interesting convos in the jury house about Paul and they will compare notes. It will depend, if he doesn t get evicted himself, if they choose to admire that he played them or be pi**ed at that. I m just hoping that there will be a strong contender at F2 if Paul makes it to the final to give the jury a valid choice

      • I hope he doesn’t make it. He had his chance last season.
        I hope Jason doesn’t stop listening to his gut and play his own game.

      • Wanna hear something funny? Cody told both Maven & Marlena…after me & Jess are gone, who do you think Paul will target next? LMAO! Cody wasn’t a good BB player, but he sure as hell saw this coming. haha

      • Yep. He’ll take either Josh or Christmas b/c he can easily beat either one of them in F2…their votes have basically been his & he has manipulated both of them throughout the entire game.

      • Acshully, I think Paul is playing the game well. He has learned well from the past BB winners, you have to give him credit for what he has accomplished thus far.

      • There is a way to win without being out and out hurtful to people..That is what Paul is doing in his vendetta against Kevin…Its not game play …its being a dam bully…Hes using others to hurt/ bully Kevin and that is not gameplay.. Paul is being a mean ass Mother…

      • I totally understand, but you have to agree by doing what he’s doing — it’s working well for him. And the other sheep houseguests are allowing this to happen.

      • I agree he is playing the game and a good game But When it comes to being mean and hurtful just for spite and bullying behavior THERE AIN’T NO GAME IN THAT…

    • Ah my sister, you have seen the light at last. ;) lol!
      I am sitting here smdh at how he is trying to get Josh to go off on Kevin again! Why?? What is the point in that except to be a bully? He s really making me dislike him this season.

      tr8p do you remember me asking you earlier this season if Paul might have actually led Victor into making the move that got him evicted b/c he wanted Vic out but knew he couldn’t do it himself? What do you think now after seeing his game play? You know he saw Nicorey turning on them a mile away. I’m telling you, I firmly believe the little *bleep* did it now! Grr!

      • Tend to agree….you gotta use what has worked in the past…and he’s setting up people to do just that.

      • No, I still dont think so, cos at that point Paul would have thought he still needed Victor to get to F2. He was lucky he got so many comp wins to make it to the end, This is a different Paul this year. More strategic and more selfish.

    • Why not Josh tell Paul to do it himself. Josh sometimes point someone doing another person’s dirty work. Quiet loyalty to Paul!

  29. I am a Jason fan but I know he did tell Raven to her face after the nomination ceremony that he would win veto and take her off the block. As far as I know, after he won veto, Maven never approached him to confirm mainly because Paul was telling them that the plan was still to use the veto.

      • The thing about it is, at the time, I don’t think he was lying. I think his plan was for whoever won the veto to take Raven off and he would use Kevin as a pawn. Then he got a bad vibe that the HGs might vote Kevin out instead so he changed his mind. Should he have relayed that to Maven. Heck NO! No matter what Paul was telling Maven, they should have went to Jason to confirm he was using the veto on one of them. I’m not blaming Jason for it at all.

      • Yeah, also it’s not like Jason has a real connection to Raven or anything. Plus, to some degree, all BB houseguests lie when playing the game.

    • I don’t remember Jason telling them that, but I’m not doubting you. Problem is, as you mentioned, Maven never even bothered to go and have a conversation with Jason after they were otb. I’m sorry, but if my behind is otb, I’m going to be having many conversations with the veto winner myself, not through a Paul proxy!!
      smh These HG K…can they really be this stupid?? ;)

  30. Can we say Good TV (live feeds) today

    I’m afraid if Raven goes to jury first Jasons end game could be affected by sending her to the jury house earlier than the already evicted would’ve liked.

    I so wish someone/anyone would see the role Paul is playing here.

  31. i’m reading that matt is getting angry? lol really? What’s his behavior like? any insults or yelling?

    • Perhaps his favorite cereal has not been restocked and forced to eat a lesser cereal that does not appeal to his fine, sophisticated palate, and is making him cranky!

      • lol..he said he’s going to eat whatever he wants even though he’s a have not..what could be the worse thing that can happen to him?

    • He’s pathetic. Trying to play the big guy in front of the tall jason. And just yell by questioning jason that poor him has to only answer yes or no!!!

    • That would be great….but don’t think it’s goin to happen….the only ones that would have the guts to vote Paul out….is jason, alex if jason convinces her and maybe kevin….the rest are attached at the hip to Paul….if Raven stays she’s gunning for Jason.

    • I think last of the fruitful chance to get Paul out before f3 has just been missed today. Joshmas are loyal to him and feel threatened by Jalex if Paul is out. Raven have no one other than Paul going forward. Alex is obsessed with Paul and is she is not aware of his position with Joshmas

  32. Yeah 4 Jason 4 standing his ground. So now the hse will evict Kev and Jason

    • LOL…your right….he said a month ago that he was happy to get to jury.
      He was content just to be the pawn and eat all the cereal…..like he said he’s a good loser.

      • Obviously a lot people are proud of hm for standing up against Paul (sort of). Good for him. I like his competitiveness. I’m just not sure if it’s the right move for his game. I’m assuming he has a contigency plan..does he?

      • NOOOO he does not..He thinks he has backup but in truth all he has at this point is Kevin…

      • 2 weeks ago there was some people that said it would be boring after Jess and Jody were evicted. I said no way, just wait.

      • I don’t think he does, Cy. All I can say is Kevin better pull his head from his a$$ & win HOH next week so he can return the favor to Jason & keep him safe.

    • Maybe production would let America vote to give Kevin or Jason a Coup da ta???? (better spelling)

      • Maybe one of them will go for an apple next week if things look bad like Raven wins HoH

      • Production better have something ready in their back pocket. I think jason is now a fan favorite and house ennemis.

    • Yep, the guy has some bull balls but it might feel like he got kicked in them soon. He might have won the battle but it could cost him the war.

      • He’s already a target. (we know that, but he doesn’t)) I like Jason to go far, but this move only stregntens their reason to take him out. Not to mention he’s a comp. beast. On paper the odds are against him. I didn’t factor ‘luck. He has Kevin who’s stats are in the toilet.

      • Basically, exactly what I said earlier, when I said Jason might have just lost the game. He will need to count on Kevin and Alex and truthfully, I’m not so sure he can count on Alex to have his back in every scenario that could present itself. And Kevin winning anything, like you said, bad odds there, but not impossible. There’s always veto.

  33. Matt is now saying he will do what he wants even though he’s a has not. He wants to break the penalty record. If he does that I would hope the producers kick off the show and not send him to jury.

      • That’s probably what’s goin to happen…. if he goes postal….I think Paul will calm him down….jury vote potential.

    • I think a participant to Intentionally going against the rules because he is loosing out should go beyond penalty. In the event of that, such a participant should be disqualified and sent parking home. He should not be regarded as big brother veteran/star. (My opinion)

      • Exactly! It would be nice if production kick him off and don’t let him go to jury

  34. I wonder if Paul is gonna go after him or let it slide. Cause the best thing for him would be to tell Christmas, and Josh to throw the HOH and then try to get Raven to win HOH that way he can get them to target Alex and Jason with out getting blood on his hands.

    • That is Paul’s plan, he wanted josh to win HO but josh doesn’t want it so it is Ravens to win or Kevin if he can.

    • Idk. He didn’t want Joshmas to do that last night. In fact, they had already thought up that idea and he talked them out of it, but after today, he may change his mind. Raven has thrown a tizzy of ginormous proportions today, so he may want her to get HOH so she targets Jalex next week. It’d be the smart move.

    • That is what Will Kirby did in season 2. Never won one comp until the final 3. Then he beasted it. Not that I am comparing Will && Kevin. Kevin has had no control in this game…he’s the comedy relief, where Will masterminded the house. So no…I wouldn’t mind at all. hehe

    • I like Kevin and so does all the HGs. Alex is the only one who may have issues with him because Paul told her a fake story. Kevin could easily win.

      • Paul told Alex that kevin is plotting to get her out of the game and some other stuff that I don’t remember. Alex gets mad at anyone for the smallest things and Paul knows that. Paul is the one telling Kevin that Alex should go.

      • The other day it was mentioned that Alex did not like Jessica because she “grabbed” her vagina and it reminded her of her cousin that was raped and murdered. While Jessica may have been poking her fingers in BB houseguest’s behinds, I don’t believe she was grabbing the female houseguests’ vaginas. Alex has made up stories about Jessica, so I think this is farce as well. I don’t trust Alex (and neither should Jason).

      • I never saw that, but Jessica was jealous of Alex since Cody liked her and threw the vet comp to her, then Alex started hating jess as well.

      • I know, but I think Alex didn’t like Jessica from the get go. I think she was jealous of her all-natural curves and other assets. Whereas Alex has had face plastic surgery (probably eyes) and chest.

      • It all started when Cody saved her in the veto and kept telling Jessica that Alex is a great player. Jessica was jealous not Alex. The only reason Alex didn’t like her is because she found out Jess didn’t like her. I saw this whole scene on the feeds.

      • Right, but you must have missed where Alex was talking crap about Jessica (after she left), to other BB HG. She told them that she had no money, her car didn’t work, she had botox done, etc. I think all of this was lies, especially about the botox. Jessica has not had botox, but Alex, who is familiar with plastic surgery practices, may have herself. The whole thing is just silly. I think it’s safe to say that they didn’t like one another.

      • I know right! Alex’s entire beef with Kevin is based on a lie by Paul. It is ridiculous. I now realize why Paul wanted Dominique out so fast…he was smart to do that b/c she saw him coming first and had no qualms about calling him on his BS. If only she hadn’t been so weird at times, she might have given Paul a good run for his money.

    • Others have done it, Victoria? For Kevin to make it to final 3 will take some skill because there is so much hate talk constantly about him.

  35. Oh, here you go Jason! You should have attempted a full flip, backdooring Paul and see how it turned out. Now, unless you get back your veto next week or your ride or die wins HOH, you and Alex are going to be on the block and you will be evicted of 4-0 or 3-1 (Kevin’s friendy vote).
    Resisting Paul’s wishes (a.k.a not following what the house wanted) will be the excuse but not the actual reason.
    But you never knew that “the biggest move” was the only way out.
    Hoping to see you survive next week and subsequent week anyhow.

  36. To paraphrase the late great Phil Hartman, Kevin has chunks of guys like Josh in his stools.

  37. It’s ‘fish right now, but I’m watching 12:10PM Raven raving. From chat I heard Kevin cracked, and Josh probably peed on his pants…this is Great!…It’s the worst season ever! I’m done! lol

  38. Josh said who won the 25K?
    Kevin said you did, you told he you did!
    Josh then said Swear on your kids you lier!
    Then Keven walked towards him and said “DON’T BRING MY F****** KIDS NAMES UP YOU M***** F******

      • Kevin erred when he confided to Josh that he won the 25k. Note to future BB houseguests – Never disclose your winnings to others while playing the game.

      • Yeah. He should have never told Josh or Paul. That was a HUGE mistake I am sure he is now realizing.

      • It’s akin to telling your co-workers you won the lottery. Big mistake! You can’t share certain things with people — ever!

      • Never tell anyone you found an idol – and yet they do it over and over! Same thing here.

      • Is not his fault. He is doing Paul’s dirty work. Paul told him to do that. Josh said he wasn’t going to be disrespectful and should have stuck with that, but he has no cojo.

      • They both are, Paul gave him the words to say and just told him to go after Kevin, Paul told josh Kevin called him stupid, josh got mad, Paul repeated it to get josh madder. Now josh should be able to control himself but Paul knew the button to push.

      • I was with you. Gotta have backbone and make own decision. He’s an adult. Could have simply said, no. Not to mention tell Paul to cool it.

      • Who, Josh? That’s all on him then. That said, not happy with Paul’s tactics. Disappointed big time.

      • You know, I hated Paul in the first few weeks…LOATHED him in fact. It was only after he & Vic got together and formed The Sitting Ducks that I liked Paul. I’ve said this a few times this season Jello, but obviously Paul is a jerk without the guidance of Vic keeping him human! lol!

      • True that. He and Alex were my faves along with Jason lately, but I can’t figure out why they are resorting to this juvenile behavior. I mean, it’s not even necessary for game play and will actually hurt them in long run, imo. Just waiting for them to stop, it apologize and be back in MY good graces, lol.

      • It’s not going to happen. Paul tries to justify his behavior, but there isn’t any. If he wants to be a bad guy this season, he should just own the role and be a bad guy. Do his own bullying and just say F it, ya know, coz I’d respect that more than him sitting on the sidelines while the meatball Josh does Paul’s “wet work” for him. Wimpy is what comes to mind in that scenario..

      • Josh kept telling Paul that will not disrespect Kevin because he likes him. Paul kept insisting and I’m not sure what he told Josh today, but he got involved in the argument with Christmas and Kev.

      • Yes, Josh is ultimately to blame for his own actions, but this baby meatball has been a puppet all season… we all know who is pulling his strings and it is seriously getting disgusting and I am so tired of all this unnecessary personal attacks.

      • Thanks my husband was looking at CBS chat room and it was all over there, and I checked jokers. I saw the end before feeds cut. I didn’t see any violence just heated yelling.

  39. Okay, now I have heard everything… Christmas threw a fit on Kevin because he asked her…wait for it… “Are you going swimming?” A siimple question, maybe not the brightest one considering her cast, but still…not an angry or vile question. Just a question regarding her swim activities for the day.

    And Christmas’s response to Kevin… “Kevin, when have I gone F’ing swimming? I haven’t gone Fing swimming all summer. Why would you even ask me that?”

    WTF! Overreact much, Xmas?? I now officially hate this beeyatch!!

    • Kevin told her why is she over reacting. It was all a set up and josh intervened as always.

      • I know. But it is just so…Grrrr!! Stupid and unnecessary.
        These HG Jello. I swear, I’ve been watching BB a long long time… I think this is my least favorite season since BB6 and the Nerd Herd & everyone from BB15!!

      • Its just plain out and bullying and hurting a person just to be dam mean.. Its pathetic…

      • Paul tells them what to do and they do it. Kevin needs to win and never speak to any of those idiots again.

      • IKR! What a Fing C***!! I never ever use that word, but wow…she deserves it. And I can tack on to that title stupid too, coz you know Paul set this up & that dumb beeyatch is playing right into Paul’s plans with thiis ridiculous fight over nothing!! She’s attacking Kevin, making herself look bad and losing a possible jury vote for what?? Because he asked her if she was going swimming???!!!!. What an IDIOT! This gang bullying has gone on enough in this season. I am truly sick of it.

      • Kevin asked her if she was going out to the pool (it was an innocent question/invitation); she has been joining in poolside with her cast. Her answer could have been: No, not up for it. Maybe she’s overly sensitive due to withdrawal? Or, her Bitch-ass gene just kicked in to be part of the “Let’s Get Kevin” melee.

      • Yep. This scene really shows her for what she is…she is the mean girl Jessica said she was. You know, I did not like Jessica, but she said Xmas is way meaner than people realize and I am seeing she was right.

      • I also believe that Christmas is not the sweet, kind person that she presents herself to be. She is badass, don’t kid yourself!

      • What she just did to Kevin was not in any shape or form “bad-ass”. It was verbal bashing for no reason whatsoever!
        That’s not bad-ass. Bad-ass, is Kevin controlling himself and not taking a shot at Josh or Christmas for being a gang of douche-bags!

      • It does seem a little over-the-top, even for Christmas to blow up like that. She hasn’t all season, so why now all of a sudden? Kevin is a nice guy, has always been nice to Christmas, and for her to suddenly go Rambo on him does not make sense. It might have something to do with her medication withdrawl or she still might be in pain. I know it’s still no excuse for her to say or react how she did, Kevin was just being friendly.

      • No. She is acting on Paul’s assignment. Why would Josh jump in as well. A supposed adult with a childish brain.

      • You’re kidding right? You are not seriously comparing Christmas’s half boot to someone who has never or is never going to see again? I know you can’t really mean that because that’s just…wow. smh

        Okay let’s put this entire fight into context, shall we. It started off when Xmas asked Kevin if he was going to the pool…then Kevin asked are you going swimming too? Did he mean she was jumping into the pool? Who the F knows, but more importantly, who the F cares?? That was not a malicious question and it sure as hell is nothing like taking a blind person outside and saying “what do you think of that rainbow??!!”

      • Right. But seriously..is Kevin’s question like asking a blind person if they think the sky is beautiful??!! *gasp*

      • Of course not. They all need to go to their corners and just chill. It’s getting disgusting.

      • Wonder what the excuse this time will be since Kevin has not done any bullying himself… They excused their behavior before by trying to say they were simply bullying the bullies. Let’s see the justification for this newest episode. smh. Either own your behavior and stand up and say yep, I did it or stop doing it!

      • Shady? Mention one cast this season that has not lied or deceived another. You should also ask fans those who said their previous actions were reaction to bullies. Even Josh has said before that Kevin was different from those he cracked down before. Now see.

      • What? we were talking about possible excuses the hg’s and Paul would have for their behavior. You seem to be arguing about more than we were talking about.

      • What in the world will she truly feel/think about herself when she this in the near future? I hope it’s shame – same wish upon all the other school yard “children”. SMDH!

      • I know. This was just crazy overreacting. I’m still just smh at the entire thing. It’s just stupid as F***!

      • U REALLY THINK SHES GONNA CARE..??? What they are doing is not part of the game.. There is no justifying them assholes treating a 56 year old man the way they treating him…Its pathetic…

    • And he innocently replied that she has been sitting by the pool. She let in on him several times about the damn swimming business. I don’t have the feeds, but it sounds like Kevin is literally surrounded and being verbally barraged! Then the “in your face” confrontation with Josh brought us Fish! Xmas is officially a douche bag tool!

      • Yes I saw it he said are you going to the swimming pool. She freaked saying, I can’t swim I have a cast, you should know better. He said you sat by the pool yesterday , I was just asking. It just went on bashing Kevin from there.

      • LMAO! You know, BB15 will go down as having the most despicable human beings as cast members ever, but I think this season might go down as having the most despicable BB game players of all time because most of these HG haven’t a clue and are basically just rolling over and handing Paul the money.

  40. Wow the feeds have been on fire. Been fish now for the last 15min. Josh went after Kevin and brought up Kevin’s family and Kevin flipped out on Josh and they went to fish.

  41. Has anyone gone back and watched the feeds before they cut? Did Kevin had something in his hand? A cup, are they plastic or glass.?

    • It will encourage others to do it for air time. I don’t want people doing things for attention, it is already annoying enough watching Matt and Raven.

  42. hello hello to all. just finally decided to join in on the discussions. been watching this feed for a while. i have a question, does anybody know what birth dates for these guys left? mercury being retrograde and all. i’m very curious. oh and shout out to saturn who uses a glyph for her profile pic i love it!

    • Paul and Raven both have birthdays in first half of June, Paul I think 13th, Raven had her birthday in June right before coming on to LA. Xmas birthday is December 20?, it is a few days before Christmas.

      • anjealka, I’m getting Paul for August now also so not sure. He doesn’t seem like a Gemini except for communicating, but he might have a few planets there but I don’t think that’s his “sun sign”. But I totally believe Raven is, she must have every planet in the galaxy in Gemini.

      • Embaresing my daughter has a Paul autograph from last year, she collects autographs. I really thought it was June 13th.

    • I wrote out some stuff but it said The post you are trying to reply to has been removed. Do they mean my post?

    • Christmas – Dec. 20 1981
      Paul – June 13 1993
      Raven – June 10 1994
      Jason – June 12 1980

      More to come…

  43. there is no doubt in my mind kevin could take down josh with one hit, what was that meatball thinking trying to tangle up with josh, for real?

  44. Feeds back on. Wow. Kevin is getting it for those rogue votes… Does anyone but me remember who put Kevin up to those votes??

    I knew it. I knew this was going to happen as soon as Paul started asking him to do those hinky votes.

      • Right, but now he is using those votes as a means to throw shade on Kevin, while neglecting to mention his own role in the votes. smh It’s good game play, I’ll give Paul that, but these personal attacks he keeps instigating week after week need to stop because it is making him look bad.

    • Isn’t it ridiculous sis! Paul is the one who asked Kevin to vote that way. Also, Christmas was a hinky vote too! And, let’s not forget, Alex & Jason just voted funky themselves last eviction!! I mean really, what are these people thinking??

  45. I was just saying it’s a hobby, I like to know who is who, but like Kevin we know for sure then that he is a Leo, a fire sign. He certainly has been laid back, watching the savannah, catching food now and then but nothing goes on he hasn’t seen. Just laying back, being cool. Somebody walks by Leo’s are like ‘hey’, they don’t bother him he won’t bother them. But the true Lion came out today when Josh said something about his family, as a true Lion he will attack, and quickly. They usually calm down just as quickly and check if their pride (in both ways) are ok.

    • Interesting! Makes sense that Kevin is a Lion, heh, heh. He is a cool cat! What about Christmas?

      • What did I say Ron W, now they are talking. It’s quick and vicious but calms down quickly. He is a cool cat.

      • Ha ha, and lions love their manes! I hope I’m not annoying anyone. I will take a look at Christmas’ also for you, bbl

      • You are welcome. So one more thing, do we know where, even a state would help. Longitude and Latitude really do make a difference as to planetary placements in a chart, cause hers is too close to call without that.

      • I found that interesting too – I looked it up, his rising sign is aries which makes sense – quite a hot headed sign and he goes from 0 to 60 pretty quick and definitely acts without always thinking!

  46. Christmas’ personal transit for today: Tonight you have the capacity to work either with others or alone. If you work with others you will have to have a lot of independence or some kind of leadership role in order to feel that you have been given an adequate chance. Probably you will get that chance. You have a much greater desire than usual to take the initiative and much stronger feelings of courage and self-reliance. In working with others, you will be able to give them the feeling that your aims are theirs, so that they will work with you more willingly. If you have to defend your point of view when challenged, you will not back down but will argue your case with vigor and passion. Others will respect you for this even when they do not agree. You do not feel any need to make unwarranted attacks in order to maintain yourself.

  47. Okay Sara, here are the states/birthdates:

    Christmas – Dec. 20 1981 Virginia
    Paul – June 13 1993 California
    Raven – June 10 1994 Arkansas
    Jason – Correction – July 12 1979 Iowa
    Josh – Jan 4 1994 Florida
    Alex – Dec 20 1988 California
    Kevin – Aug 7 1961 Massachusetts
    Matthew – Cannot locate his birthday (33 years old) Virginia

    • NICE JOB my dear!!!!!!! ok, so we have 3 fire signs (Kevin the Leo; Christmas the Sag; Alex the Sag). 2 Air signs (Paul the Gemini; Raven the Gemini);1 water sign (Jason the Cancer); and 1 earth sign (Josh the Capricorn). And Matt we don’t know yet. Well we do have all the elements covered now. ok. ok. So I already started Christmas and posted her transits for the day. So let’s make it Ron W’s choice. I can do two person’s daily transit and personality profile a day. It’s late now, so you get to pick which one for tomorrow. Although, now that I’ve started (LOL)……

      • I think a lot of people would like to see Jason’s. Also, Sara, when you do post, please do so on the latest BB posting, that way everyone will see it and your hard work will not go to waste! Thanks so much!

      • thank you for the tips, i do want to do things properly here, being new and all. I just got done putting all the data into my software (have to use noon as birth times and I just used State capitals for place; which is normal for charts that we only have just some info on). It’s funny you said Jason cause when I did his, I sat here going I have never ever seen a chart like his. Ever. And i’ve done about 300 charts more or less. I’ve never seen anything like it. Well we will see if I can post up or not may take me a few trys, but we can go with Jason first on our list.

    • ok, will start them tomorrow, they are kinda long, but will do my best to keep them condensed. Not everybody into this and do not want to annoy anyone with something not really off topic but some might think so, but promise will only post up when nothing else is going on. I hope that works.

  48. Matthew deserves to go because he’s so stupid, a poor player, and generally has no game. However, since he’s told everyone to vote him out, those clowns will probably vote Raven out. Her personality is as annoying as Matt’s lack of insight. I’m happy with either of these two losers going. Good riddance.

  49. What makes Raven righteously indignant over possibly being evicted? In the absence of a logical reason, there’s the illogical: She deserves to stay because she deserves to stay. Simple!

  50. Is this guy delusional or????……Paul saying “not gone on the block”?? Yes granted earlier he won that “3 week Immunity”….But, let’s rewing ya’ll, I am NOW clearly watching a clip as we speak, of him (Paul) ON THE BLOCK…when Cody was HOH….Yes granted he won that “3 week Immunity” but regardless…on Cody’s HOH – I see Paul on the block – or at least a NOM. am I right,?? ….. Granted Rachel came back into the Game twice – and won BB – but she had a better game player – she didn’t LIE like Paul. what get’s me is – don’t these other HG realize that Paul is a VET…and with that said – HE should be a bigger target/threat in the game….I mean are these HG that clueless?? Why taking a VET to the end- bad for their game. I am now starting to think that PRODUCTION is telling everyone to keep Paul safe. SO, clearly this season HAS to be rigged, am I right?? …and also lastly: what gets me is this group – attacking Kevin, what up with that?? – Everyone is like feeling “invincible” and what they apparently so NOT realize is – only 1 winner, so they are goin gto have to go after each other, and turn on each other.

    • You are wrong. He was never OTB. Cody nominated him but the pendant of protection was used and he never had to go up.

  51. its getting down to the wire now, they now will have to turn on each other very soon. hope they realize that no one is safe.Josh thinking he is invincible. I know Matt gonna be gone this week….but my prediction is – Matt, followed by Kevin, then Raven, then Jason, then Alex, then the final 3 will be Paul, Christmas and Josh. I just have a gut feeling. But I Hope I am wrong. cause I do NOT want this scenario to happen. then Josh loses – and final 2 – Paul and Christmas – with Christmas the winner. unfortuantely now the HG do not like Kevin, so he will go next. but after then – it be a toss up – cause it seems like everyone else is buddy buddy to each other. ….although looking at past seasons:….Rachel came back and won, Nicole came back and won….so who is to say that Paul can’t/won’t?? – I just like for once, Kevin to win HOH or Veto, and then throw everyone’s game off. and everybody will be then paranoid AF. well if that the case, Paul?? – you better rethink Plan B or C.

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