Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 8

The Power of Veto ceremony is coming up later today and even though there have been a few talks here and there about new upcoming targets, little seems to have changed this week.

Mark wonders about plans on Big Brother 19

Mark remains the house target and when Jason uses the veto on himself today, Christmas will most definitely nominate Mark in his place, making the final nominations for the week Matthew and Mark.

There were a few moments when Christmas pretended to entertain the idea of going a different route this week, but in the end, it comes back to Mark. Flashback to Sunday, 6:05 BBT to find Mark talking to Christmas and Josh about saving him this week. Mark pitched to them that he’d got to bat for them for the remainder of the game and reminded them that he is not only 100 percent alone now, but he’ll always be a bigger target than themselves.

Much like Cody’s argument, Mark said going after him this week is too easy. He told Christmas and Josh there are targets bigger than him in he house, namely Alex. Mark reminded them how strong a competitor she is and how much pull she has with Jason and Paul.

Christmas promised Mark she’d think things over before the veto ceremony but after Mark left, Josh and Christmas agreed that Mark is still the one that has to go this week. Mark did, however, seemingly move Alex’s spot in the eviction order to the front of the line after Mark (as far as Christmas and Josh are concerned — Paul’s thoughts will likely be another story).

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Christmas’s Veto meeting plans? Which way do you think things will go today?

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  1. I don’t want to believe (even though I do because these houseguests are so dumb), that Christmas and Josh talked about Paul picking up Jason if Alex got evicted, but they don’t consider picking up Mark since he is alone. It just doesn’t make any sense!

      • Mark as nice a person as it seems would flip to whoever is HOH at the moment. He is not trustworthy at all.
        Christmas this week and if he survives he would leave Christmas and join the new HOH.

      • my point exactly considering Texas girl’s comment.
        There is always somewhere to flip to. She said he was all alone and nowhere to flip to.
        There is always another new HOH to flip to.

      • sweet heart I am only talking about mark. Please don’t bring apples to the orange grove.

      • Do not call me sweetheart, you don’t know me. If you hadn’t been so quick to be an a**, you may have realized that they can’t trust anyone else, so they should pick up a free agent, everyone flip flops. And try being less condescending, it will help you a lot in life.

    • They’re incredibly stupid about the game or naïve…..I imagine that the first word fits.

  2. The worst part was listening to Xmas go on about how she came to make “big moves” and then she follows the obvious and not big move at all plan to target Mark. She is a coward just like the rest of them. Those idiots will go on the jury and vote for the man who is stealing $500,000 right from under their noses. Hope Paul at least buys them a round of drinks after he wins the season.

    • Getting Paul out would certainly be a “big move”, but it is out of the question this week. Mark is a good competitor, he doesn’t have an HoH, but he won 4 comps already. Getting him out would be a “big move”, as far as I’m concerned.

      • I think if Mark hadn’t saved Paul with his temptation, he would’ve maybe convinced Christmas and Josh that this is the best week to get rid of Paul. MAYBE.

      • But he did mention to them before he used that temptation he would do what they asked with it. Personally if it was me, I would have had him use it on anyone but Paul regardless of what I did as HOH. Paul was safe (so he thinks) and I would have back doored Paul after I talked with at least three other HG’s (doesn’t which three) to vote out Paul. BIG MOVE MADE. I think Christmas really believes that getting Matt or Raven out is a big move. Keep in mind, she is a powerful duo with Josh too.

      • I Christmas gets Paul out who is she going to have help her? Josh is not very good at competitions. Neither is Kevin

      • Paul (embarrassingly deliberately) threw her an HOH. Otherwise he isn’t doing much to help her as far as comps go.

      • I base what I say off the assumption that they’re capable of independent thought, which they aren’t.

      • People seem to have a weird idea about “big moves”. Usually when someone says a player should make a big move, they suggest a really stupid move for that player to make. It makes no sense to try to get out Paul this week. She’s very closely aligned with him, and she’d only make herself a target if she did that. I agree with you – getting out Mark is both a “big” and smart move.

      • I agree that going after Paul would be a stupid play, and for her game, I wouldn’t recommend it.

        That said, don’t say “big move” when you’re going after the one guy with no allies.

      • Can you say “big move” when you’re getting out a player who has earned himself safety FOUR WEEKS IN A ROW?

      • Why is such big move when the entire house would have done same big move?!? This is a joke people

      • The obvious move is not a “big” move. In seasons past a big move usually means flipping the house or, at least, an unexpected target. I am not saying its a good move or bad move, but within the context of big brother this is not a “big” move.

      • Targeting Paul is dumb. But, there are the couples as well. Getting out Mark is the obvious and maybe even ‘smart’/ safe move but it isn’t a ‘big’ move at all. It won’t change the dynamics of the game. Big moves change the dynamics of the game.

      • Feel the same. Get him out before he gets some of them to flip to him.BB get to the end you win

      • Getting mark out isn’t big. It’s easy, it’s obvious, and the entire house (pretends) to want him out. The only people who have a real reason to get him out is Josh (cause of their fighting) and Paul (because Mark has stated he wants to target him). Oh, that’s why Mark is the target. Paul wants him gone. L0L Even XMas and Josh (and others) keep saying ‘he makes good points’ but they still target him… LOGIC.

    • Why does getting Mark out make her a coward? Who would she target if she was brave? Not Paul. Paul is core member of her alliance. Alex? Raven? Everyone except Mark is part of the overall alliance. He is the logical choice. If she made a “big move”, her alliance would turn on her the same way that everyone turned on Cody when he tried to make a big move. It will be interesting to see who wins the next HOH because that is when the divisions in the alliance will become obvious.

      Paul has done a good job making himself a core member of everyone’s alliance. Inside the overall alliance, I see the smaller alliances as Alex, Jason, and Paul. Xmas, Josh, and Paul. Matt, Raven, and Paul. Kevin is on the outskirts … and Paul. No matter who wins, Paul is part of their core alliance and therefore safe til f3 or f4.

      • It’s not that she is a coward, it’s just laughable to me that she talks about making a big move and doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to make a big move if you don’t potentially have the votes.

      • I agree. I don’t think she was a coward. I think it is the smart move if also the obvious move. I was amused by her “they won’t see this coming” comment. I wonder who she thought wouldn’t see this coming.

      • I thought she was referring to people in the house. Everyone in the house, including Mark, knew Mark was the target. but I think that the people who only watch the show also knew that Mark would be the target.

      • She could have had the moves to get Paul out. She would have had Josh, Kevin, Jason and Mark.

      • I agree, and once he was gone, she could of told the house “Now that Paul is gone it’s time we start playing the game, we’ve all been doing what Paul wanted, it’s now time to start playing the game ourselves”

      • I think the best she could hope for would be a tie where she breaks the tie. Alex would vote to keep Paul and so, I think, Jason would also. Kevin would vote to keep Paul. Mark would vote out Paul. Raven would vote out Paul to save Matt. Josh, i think would be the swing vote. He does what Paul tells him, but he calls Xmas his ride or die. It would be interesting to see which way he went.

      • Jason would have done it as well. He knows that his conversation with Mark about Paul should have triggered a spark in Paul’s brain. Kevin adores Christmas and he will vote what the HOH wants since Paul would be too busy trying to stay. Kevin would have also had Jason and Christmas in his corner. Mark that was a given and yes Raven would vote out Paul to save Matt.

      • Bottom line, getting out the person being targeted by the whole entire house and would be going no matter who won HOH is not my idea of a big move. She was the one shooting off her mouth about what a bad-ass she is and acting like she was about to shake things up.

      • Valid points, BUT Mark is still not a “big move.” A big move implies (or we infer) that it’s going to be something to shake up the game, maybe blindside someone, go after someone who feels safe. Going after the one person everyone is against (he would have to win every comp to be safe every week), the person everyone is basically telling you to get out…not a big move IMO.

    • Yes, and it’s not like she said it once. I just re-watched Episode 26 (2017-08-20) and noticed how 12-25, Jingle Bells, or Mrs. Red/White Fat Man kept repeating how she was going to stir things up with her BIG MOVES, and I mean REEEEEEEEEALLY BIG MOVES…super huge moves…monumental moves! (Notice the plural? That’s what she kept promising.) Screw the solar eclipse…my moves will outshine even that (get the pun?)!! You viewers at home don’t want to miss what I’m about to do. Don’t even blink, because this is going to shock you. None of you will see this coming. This will blow apart the entire season and maybe the whole history of the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      After all that build-up, she does nothing but exactly what everyone anticipated.

  3. These HG’s are just dumb. Zero clue on strategy or anything about playing BB. All they do is help Paul. I mean, good for him for suckering a house full of idiots. but still. Cody & Jess had it right, but everyone else was too scared to “Go against paul” for whatever reason. and the only reason he is still there is because of that lucky temptation when Cody was going to backdoor him. Then paul tries to act like hes a mastermind during his DR sessions. hes an idiot and now there are 2 BB seasons in a row which I cant stand Paul. I wonder if he wins the 500k if he will still live at home with his parents

    • Nothing wrong with living at home, he helps support his mother. This is how you play the game of BB, keep the target off your back for as long as possible. Paul for the win.

      • He doesn’t *need* to live at home to help support his mother – his parents are quite wealthy from all accounts. They sent him to Pepperdine, which is an EXTREMELY expensive private college, and I’m pretty sure Paul has never griped about having a pile of student loan debt like some of the others have. Just saying that supporting his parents is not why Paul lives at home. I’d bet that it’s more a cultural thing with Armenians, perhaps like with many Indian families – where the children live at home until they get married.

      • Pepperdine is the 8th most expensive in California, so I don’t know I’d go with “EXTREMELY” expensive. It’s far easier to get accepted there than other schools.

      • Fair enough, but I can tell you that $60,000 PER YEAR is “extremely” expensive in my book. That’s more than I make working 40 hours per week.

    • Paul is many things but he is not an idiot. He’s shown that he’s a smart player. He would not be in the position he is in if he hadn’t been working hard from day one until now. The others have used him to get this far, just because they don’t have the confidence to make the ‘big’ move that you want doesn’t mean that they’re dumb. They have to play the best game that they can with their set of skills, for most of them that means playing it safe. Someone will make your ‘big’ move soon but my bet is Paul will be ready for it.

    • I just don’t understand how you can think this. I understand if you don’t like Paul, but to discredit his game like this is laughable. His Diary Room sessions show how aware he is in this game – more aware than any of the other houseguests. He’s had his thumb on the pulse of the game since he walked in the door. And how exactly is he an idiot? He’s gotten everyone (minus Jess & Cody) to do exactly what he’s wanted the entire game. Seems to me like he’s the only one who ISN’T an idiot.

      • He is playing the best game in the house, hands down, but I just wonder how he would have faired without all the advantages or with a different group of HG’s. Because you are right, they are all idiots.

      • Paul is playing an awesome game against these weak houseguests. Much like Derrick played the perfect game, against weak competition. Would Paul be pulling this off against Dr. Will or Dan? Or even Evil Dick?

      • Interesting question. I’d say not against Dan, he’d probably join up with Will and he could counter ED by getting the others united against him cos he’d see through ED

      • I agree with everything you said. He would unite the house against ED for sure, or at least try. Dan would back door him first chance I think.

      • Really good point. Most BB winners maintained exceptional game awareness, and constantly adapted to changing circumstances. A few floated along and got very lucky, just like life. Like him or not, Paul is playing one heck of a game.

      • He is playing a good strategic game when it comes to controlling his allies. He’s lying to everyone, and yes it’s Big Brother and that’s expected. I don’t even have a real problem with that. If three different couples are stupid enough to believe *they* are different, *they* are the ones he is truly loyal to, then yeah, that’s a good strategic, lying game. I have lost all respect for him for inciting the screaming, harassing, “make them miserable” mindset. Again, he’s moved from target to target – Cody, Jess, now Mark, already planning for Kevin – how stupid do these people have to be to see that he’s just going down the list and they WILL get a turn?? The idiocy just astounds me.

    • Yeah America is wondering if he wins 500k if he will still live at home with his parents.

  4. I don’t get what problem the house has with Mark. He admitted he’s a flipper, and talking to people to be social, an aspect of the game theses people forget about. Instead of alienating that person (Cody) for his vote to win in jury. The funny thing too about breaking up Jessica and Cody is that applies to the couples (Raven and Mark, Jason and Alex and Xmas and Josh) that will more than likely vote together. I am not a Paul fan but that man is PLAYING the game and realized as a vet he would the biggest target on his back and has played his heart to keep the attention off himself,and put it on others. In any other season I think he would’ve already been out but he got a bunch of sheep and a few lucky breaks. I say hats off, it’s his to lose.

    • I think you mean Raven and Matt. In all fairness, he’s an easy HG to forget since, other than being eye candy, he’s worthless.

    • I think you answered your own question. You pointed out that he’s a flipper and is working the jury for their votes. Red flags #1 and #2. On top of that, Mark won himself safety four weeks in a row. You do NOT want to get toward the end of the game with that big of a challenge threat in the house.

  5. The reason going after mark is not a big move is that it hurts your chances moving forward. If you take a shot at either one of the other couples and make a 1 week deal with mark it increases your chances of an ally winning in a comp you can’t play in. If mark goes home next HOH Christmas has josh and Paul batting her and Paul is even a ? with all his other alliances. Everyone else has the ability to take a shot at xmas next week. I think it’s in everyone best interest to bring her to final 3 because chances are she will not be cleared to compete and it makes it a 2 person comp. As strong as she is a competitor with that injury she should not have been allowed to continue in the game.

    • But, Mark is a competition beast when he needs to be…I think that’s why they want him out now.

      • see that’s what gets under my skin, at this point why don’t they just say that, sorry Mark but you are a “comp beast nothing personal, but you are now a threat to my game” instead of everyone making it personal and ganging up on him over stupid BS that everyone at one point or another have been guilty of…

  6. They should of never had Paul in this game. He was never a fan favorite. I hated him and everyone else I knew hated him. I know he is like this in real life. He is no ones friend. A fake friend. He is nothing but a bully and because of him being back on big brother I will not watch this show again. I have watched this show since it started way back when. The show allowed all this horrible bullying and allowed paul to keep going with so much hatred. Paul, josh should have been kicked out of the game. Christmas should have never been able to play, because she could not compete in the challenges. Such stupid people in the show not worth watching. My heart went out to Mark, Jessica, and Cody, The way they were treated was horrifing. Cody did nothing wrong when he tried to put Paul up for eviction. He was head of house hold, he doesn’t have to tell any one what he does. He did not betray anyone.

    • You must not have known many people, because I for 1 liked him last year and this year even more..the polls don’t lie either. The way they treated Cody…are you kidding me, he started it and brought all the crap he got on himself. He came through the door acting like he was this big tough guy and talking down to people and BULLYING people, look where it got him, out the door!!!

      • Um the polls show Paul at the bottom and Cody at the top. What planet are you from? What Paul and Josh have done to Mark and Cody is textbook bullying. Alex and Christmas just cackled along with the bullying and that is why all 4 of them are at the bottom of the daily big brother popularity poll. Christmas and Paul were at the top of the poll in the early weeks and Cody and Jess were at the bottom. That has completely reversed now since the Paul and Josh pots and pans antics.

      • Cody and Jessica are the ones who started picking at Josh when he was crying. They were calling him a mama’s boy and said they were tired of hearing his victim noises

      • I never used the word bullying. I said they started it. Banging pots and pans isn’t bullying either. It’s just annoying. Cody was making his own victim noises after Christmas used her hex. Cody doesn’t have much room to talk now does he?

      • you responded to my comment that I responded to regarding bullying…and I never said the pots and pans were bullying… I don’t feel Cody was making victim noises, but we all have different views :)

      • he cried on Jessica’s shoulder because he knew that what pretty much it for her, I thought it was actually sweet considering he is not an emotional guy…

      • Were you watching the same show? Cody started all it with Josh and took it personal, with the fat comments and Jessica was no better. Cody also physically went after people four times that I recall. That’s a bully

    • I completely agree about the way Mark, Jessica and Cody were treated. It was disgusting and I don’t even really care for Cody or Jessica but no one should be treated that way. I really like Mark and I wish that Josh would get booed when he walks out the doors even thou I know Paul and Christmas were pushing him to do it, he still has his own mind and could have said no.

    • I wanted Paul to beat Nicole. That’s more a commentary on how much I DISliked Nicole (immensely) rather than how much I liked Paul (ehh whatever).

  7. So I wonder what effect the eclipse will have on Raven’s diseases. Surely she will come up with something new and interesting.

  8. All the house guests have no dignity, except for the ones that have left. Paul is not manipulative, he is just playing with people that are followers in the real world and cannot think for themselves. On another note the way some of these deuce bags talk to some of the other house guests should be slapped

    • Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor, I’m laughing so hard. Jody and Elena have dignity? ROFLMAO. What have you been watching? Having sex in front of the cameras, sticking you fingers up people’s butts and flashing your tatas doesn’t conjure up the word dignity in my book

  9. Jason, is a coward……I thought he was going to cry when he gave his HoH speech, what a real clown he is…………no spine or back bone

  10. I can’t get out of my mind, yesterday, josh was at the kitchen sink and Jason came behind him to say he was going to wash his stinky tennies in the sink. josh and some others asked him repeatedly to please don’t, but he just did it anyway, turned around without rinsing the sink after too.
    1, who would do that with a full house of people?
    2, why did he ignore their polite requests to not do it?
    if I was in the house, just for that he would be evicted. i’ve seen them do nasty stuff but this takes the cake!

    • If any one washes their clothes in the Kitchen sink that means they are are purely a degenerate

    • What’s wrong with these people? It’s not like they’re short on change for the laundromat. They have a washer and dryer in the yard! Anyway, if clothes need to be hand-washed, it should be done at the restroom sink, not the kitchen sink.

    • Me,( part time idiot). i use my dogs clean drying towel as a base then put my towels on top cause my sofa, chairs dining table are covered with my clothes…..just saying

      • to fold a towel in half, you hold it against your body to grab the other end. I have never in my life seen a clean towel folded that way. I can fold my king size sheets and they never touch the ground.

  11. If Paul wins it should come with an asterix. Sure he has played well, but he was given 3 weeks of safety at the critical time in the game. Early on you could not target Paul so he ran around with impunity making alliances and doling out advice without any fear of going home. Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing has become endemic in the last few seasons of big brother and has caused many very passive players. Paul didn’t have to worry about that in the early formative stages of the game. That is a huge advantage. The producers helped Paul along to a degree never seen before.

    • BB if running out of steam and has grown soft. hg’s need to be prodded and made to make moves all the time and never rest. make them battle and scheme for their every breath. they got so lazy, it’s like visiting a nursing home with everyone “resting”. this must stop.

  12. raven comes out of the bathroom and doesn’t wash her hands!!!!!!!!!!!

    goes straight to the kitchen sink, where she rinses clothes!

  13. rave is washing pauls shorts in the kitchen sink using the kitchen sponge
    is the washer/dryer broken?

  14. So where is Christmas big play? I am still laughing when she presented her plan to back door Mark! That was her big move? This show became a joke ayayaya smh

  15. I have said many times that Paul is a gamer and BB is his to win/lose..But I cannot condone Paul telling Josh to harass Kevin.. While Kevin talks a little too much and shares “rather small” tidbits of info.. Kevin has not hurt anybodys game in the house (maybe his own) to the point of a major blow up..He has been civil and friendly to all of the HGs even to those he has admitted to not liking…While Josh is not the brightest bulb in the house his refusing to harass Kevin was a “genuine” show of respect for Kevin…The harassment of Jessica & Cody was “u get back as good as u give” so a part of that happening I understood.. Kevin is a low man on the totem pole for sure but he has done nothing to deserve to be harassed or shunned… Kevin can be voted out easy enough…no need to treat him in a hurtful fashion…That’s just my opinion…

    • why didn’t big shot paul do it himself? he’s a weasel.
      josh is getting much better at the game, he’s a good listener and he stood up to paul! bravo josh, well played!

      • I think josh has really reflected on his pots and pans game and has decided to regroup

      • Actually with Jess and Cody gone and Mark possibly going I don’t see anybody else he would need to bang the pans for…Josh and Mark have come to a truce of sorts and are being civil to each other right now..

    • I’m still a Paul fan but I’m disturbed he is pushing this agenda of trying to get Josh to go after Kevin. I hope Josh sticks to his guns and stays far away from such a stupid notion.

  16. Its sad watching these house guest hand Paul $500,000. I remember when people actually played big brother. I hope next year is better.

    • Especially since he is already worth half a mill and his parents live in a mansion and are rich. I would really love to see someone who really needs the money, like Jason ,
      for his family or Mark get the money in the end.

  17. I can not believe they would not get rid of Paul!! Why do you want to keep someone who has had a great advantage by playing the game a second time!!! Wow wha fools!!!

  18. ok I don’t know what show is everyone watching but this is bigbrother why the hell not u wouldn’t consider this a big move for Christmas a guy who continuously saves himself from going home he went beastmode( caleb) to do so took that dam apple off the tree to stay in the house again so yes this is a big move for a big guy literally. (crybaby)😂😂😢😭😩🖐

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