‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Sets His Final 3 Goals & Christmas Confirms

Paul Abrahamian revealed to Feedsters his plans for an ideal Final 3 during a camtalk session on Sunday. He knows who he wants to be sitting with at the end of the season and is feeling good that he can get there. Not long after we got to hear from Christmas on her own plans.

Paul Abrahamian camtalks on Big Brother 19

We’ve been watching as Paul whittles away at the competition while directing the majority along the path that’s going to work out best for him. Now we’ve got more insight to just who he wants with him at the end and it’s making clear who will need to go before then.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to 12:08 PM BBT 8/20 Cams 3/4 to pick up with Paul’s talk already in progress.

He’s running through his approach this season, which he calls more calculated this time around than how he played fast and loose last season. This time around he’s trying to be the third person in each of the other couples and thinks he’s got all the couples feeling like he’s a critical ally.

So which of the couples does he want to work with until the end? At 12:09/12:10 Paul is explaining that while Alex and Jason are very strong he really wants to get to the end with Josh and Christmas, the people he cares most about, says Paul.

Definitely some advantages here with those two. Christmas’s physical limitations in the endurance comp will likely mean she still can’t compete at that stage of the season. Then Paul also expects he can beat Josh in an endurance comp as well.

Looking ahead with Josh, remember how Paul has pushed Josh to do a lot of his bad-behavior bidding? Well that’s likely going to make sure any Jurors aren’t happy with Josh on a personal level so if Paul is F2 with him he’s got an easier path to the win.

Paul says he will not make the same mistake as last year, that critical choice between James and Nicole that led to his loss. He’s going to have to make sure then that no one else gets in control in those last rounds to redirect the path he’s planning.

Just a few nights ago Paul, Christmas, and Josh sat in the HoH room and agreed on their F3 status so this supports that and suggests Paul was likely sincere there about these plans. But was he alone?

Yesterday at 2:07 PM BBT Christmas Abbott is alone in the kitchen, reviewing the Memory Wall, and talking out her plans. Sure enough, she sounds dedicated to this plan as well. She says she’s got to protect Paul and Josh so they can get to F3 then she’ll let the two guys “duke it out” with the expectation that the winner will drag her along to the end.

It’s an interesting scenario and a lucky chance for us to have heard from two thirds of this F3 agreement in the same day with some camtalking. Josh has had plenty of other camtalk sessions and while he didn’t mention this deal specifically, he has spoken well of Paul and Christmas, so I’d guess he’s committed to it as well.

F3 plans are hard to keep, especially with a month left to go and a lot of HGs in the way, but it’s not impossible, especially with the way this season has been going. What do you think of their strategy? Is Paul, Christmas, or Josh making a mistake in this strategy or is it a smart approach for their chances to win? Share your thoughts below


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  1. Good for Paul. He needed a cast this clueless to get to the end and he got it.

    • As the only returning houseguest? Yes. Because the odds are stacked against him from the start. But if I’m not mistaken, he made it to the end last season on a level playing field.

      • If he made people outside the house believe him lmao then he deserves to win. So you see Paul and listen to what he tells you and you never question anything he says??! Check the info, at least bird’s eye view…. He must be a wizard. I just look at this guy and I know he’s shady lol
        Cody looked once and he said I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth!

      • Seems funny now that Cody was the only smart one in the bunch when it comes to St. Paul.

      • I just realized that this is a past 4 seasons theme so no surprise I am waiting for something else when this is what producers target lately ….

      • CBS saw something Special in each BB19 HG. No HG is a weakling. They each have different priorities. I Love the BB franchise and will continue to watch. I have my favorite HGs and I enjoy or stress each week as I watch My HGs make it to another week in the House. Peace and Friendship.

      • I think Paul picked Raven & most of the rest of this season’s cast of “Gilligan’s Island”.

  2. I’m not complaining about this idea. I mean, would YOU take someone who is physically handicapped and someone who’s only good at banging pots and pans all day long to the end as well?

    • LOL. Yep, he wants to take the cream of the crop. Shows what a little man he is – not willing to take any of the real competition (such as it is) to the end with him..

      • Derrick played a great game and he went F3 with his ride or die… and the strong player that was Victoria. A great player wants to do what it takes to give them an advantage at the end.

      • And we’ll never know what Derrick would have done if he had gotten to choose who to take to F2. He says he would have taken Cody but really who knows? I think he would have taken Victoria, otherwise why did he work so hard to get her to the end.

      • Victoria was completely naive and was along for the ride. I’m pretty sure he would have taken her to the F2 if given the chance but Cody won the 3rd part and we’ll never know. To call her a strong player….IDK…she seemed clueless.

      • Lol, that moment when obvious sarcasm flies over someone’s head and you have to explain it to them!

      • You’re low rent! Interesting how you attack a couple of classy readers on the Mike Smith thread on BH,yet you give a pass to the habitual trolls whom have more invented user names than you have socks.

      • Victoria looks a lot like Paul. I think she would have been his F2 this season since she was the biggest floater.

      • I agree. Cody was very loyal to his best bud, but I think Derrick would have chosen Victoria. She was his F2 the whole time. Since Paul is trying to play Derrick’s game he has so many floaters to choose from this season, that he wants to save them all. Josh is his Victoria, but then Raven as well. Christmas and Kevin could betray him so he rather go with bigger idiots than those two. Elena was definitely one of his first choices, but the whole house was against her, so he had to let her go.

      • It has to be Raven if it comes down to her and Josh though. She has literally done nothing. Like absolutely nothing. Why would anyone vote for her. At least Josh was annoying and won a comp here and there. Like Raven is barely seen in the CBS episodes becuase she is such a waste of space.

      • Josh has done all of the dirty work for some of the HGs, so the jury will definitely take that under consideration. I hope that no one keeps Raven. Kevin win and get rid of her.

      • I don’t want her to see 2nd place. First, she hasn’t earned it. Secondly, she will be (even more) intolerable if she gets that far. Third and WORST – what if BB gave her a second chance like they did Paul?? NOOOOOO….. I can’t handle that. (BUT, she could say “she came in 2nd place on Big Brother and would FINALLY be telling the truth!!)

      • What fool would want to take a strong competitor both physical and intelligent to the end. Every season strives to take the weakest; easiest to beat and someone not well liked.

      • Yep and that has Christmas written all over it. Have you noticed that the HOH comps have been tailor made for a person with a cast. Real physical challenges like mini golf & shuffleboard.

      • Yall are crazy. I dont give a hell about being a man. I want to win. And its a long game, if I make it to final 3 and have the choice, sure as hell I am picking the weaker people.

      • He is a really tiny guy and shouldn’t wear skin tight booty shorts with no shirt. Not a good look for a squirt with a beard.

  3. They need to make some changes to BB. Seems like most seasons now are boring like this one – one smart person running the tables with the whole house and everyone else too chickens–t to challenge them. One idea might be to have an ‘HOH Bribe’ every week, say $25k if the HOH puts up someone viewers vote to target. A large enough amount of money that makes it worth the risk and increases the odds of shaking up the game.

      • The bad thing about that is that trash like Jessica and Cody have a lot of fans and they will win the game without much playing.

      • Careful, I am a Jody fan. I think it is really judgemental to describe them as trash, I am not sure what you are basing that off compared to the other houseguests in the house.

      • lol. I have to be careful because you are a fan. I am not a fan of any girl who has sex with a man she just met and on national TV. She is trash so he has to be one as well, since my viewing of the sexual escapades of those two makes me judge them. I don’t know them personally and neither do their fans, so I judge what I saw while they were in the house. I have the same opinion of Raven and Elena and their boytoys.

      • Well Jello sign me up for the trash heap. I would have sex with Jessica anytime, anywhere and I guess Cody is like many of us red blooded American males, he hit it. lol

      • I don’t watch the sex scenes i think that is personal call that has nothing to do with the game, and that they are the ones that pay for it in the end. It does not affect me what so ever.

      • It is all over the feeds, whether you want to see it or not. It is a game where you like or dislike the players and they give plenty of reasons to not like them and for me that would be one of them.

      • I watch the feeds, but like I said that when that stuff goes on I don’t watch.

    • Production (Allison Grodner) needs to go back to bringing in people who want to be in there through auditions. Recruiting people for BB has really messed up the show, not only with how people are playing the game but the overall atmosphere. Now it’s a house full of people who want their 15 minutes of fame (Princess Butthole), people who think this is a spring board to becoming a star (HOlena), sympathy (Raven) or trying to capitalize and sell their products (Christmas) or a paid summer vacation where the goal is to make it to jury.

      • Yeah, really messed up Mark’s chances … he actually auditioned several times and truly wanted to play the game. I’m sad he’s leaving. I enjoy looking at him!

      • I like Mark, for the most, like him even more without HOlena. He seems like one of the good guys. I wish him nothing but success.

      • KCCI Channel 8 TV Des Moines, IA June 19, 2017 10:22 CDT
        “Someone at Big Brother saw Jason Dent’s Facebook page and decided he would be perfect for the show, but that means some sacrifice for (wife) and their 2-year-old old son. . .”

      • Courtney Crowder Des Moines Register updated June 29, 2017, 9:32 am CT
        “Instead of having to come out to the open audition in the spring, Dent was recruited to try out for the show. Around Easter, he went to Los Angeles to audition and . . . ”

        “Dent is a natural performer according to most people in town. He’s tried out for “Amazing Race” and “American Idol.” He’d love to write a book or be in a Western movie, said his wife.”

      • i think all they care about is ratings and their ratings are beating last years ratings.

      • Hearing “I want to get to jury” has been the single most irritating comment all summer. (Aside from Raven, who does nothing but make irritating comments 24/7.) I agree with bring in fans; recruiting people who don’t know the game but have a “stage presence,” social media following, or the right looks is insulting to all the people who would LOVE to play.

      • We should just admit that they are “Casting” a Fake Reality show with rigged comps & direction from the Diary Room.

    • That’s a terrific idea! But I bet they’d do it for a lot less than $25K. I bet $5K would get it done.

      • I would like to see viewers be able to vote out one of the final 3. That would change things up!

    • your talking alot of money as weeks go by and I don’t think their buget would allow it

  4. Last season Paul said many time that he made the right choice talking Nicole to the final. Now he changed his mind and finally assumed that he made a big mistake?? I would love for him to make the final 2 and get 2nd place again.

    • I would love for him to make the final 3 and not win with Christmas taking Josh lol. Priceless.

  5. This is exactly why Christmas needs to take a shot at Jason or Alex right now, rather than Mark! Alex is a way bigger threat (for endurance comps alone) than Mark and Jason is a more physical competitor than Mark.

  6. Once Mark is gone, you’ve got the following duos: Matt/Raven, Alex/Jason, Josh/Xmas, Kevin and Paul. With Pauls social game, he should be able to orchestrate the elimination of the strongest member of two of the duos (Matt, Alex, and/or Josh), then re-assess. And if I were him, I would try and get Xmas and Raven (not Josh) into the final 3 and take Raven to secure the 500K. You never know, Josh could meatball his way to the F3 win and take Xmas to the finals. I’m going to stop reading the spoilers after this week cuz it will finally get interesting.

    • Raven doesn’t deserve to be the 2nd place winner or AVP. She doesn’t need another $50k or $25k for her BOGUS charity!!!!

      • If by “pay her bills,” you mean support her lifestyle of vacations, cars, owning her own dance studio(s) at an age when most people are having to work for someone else…then sure, to pay her bills.

      • It’s almost as if you’re saying someone else deserves 2nd over Raven. None of them deserve 50K or AFP. It would sweet if one of Jody won AFP as to slap these schmoes into the realization that they were a classless bunch of bullies.

  7. Good for Xmas and Josh that Paul will do his utmost to get them to F3. Don’t believe that either one could beat him for the $500k if they ended up in F2 against him. Some of the jury may be bitter but in the end it would be surprising if the majority voted for Xmas or Josh over Paul

      • Josh is really great at remembering things about the HGs. If they say or do something, he’ll remember it, but when it comes to studying for comps, he just doesn’t pay much attention. Paul is on top of that 24/7.

  8. Please. let me be wrong this season. Someone nominate Paul. Mess up his plans, or even vote out his F3’s.

      • Dang, it won’t play on my computer. What is it, tell me pretty please? By the way, the eclipse was out of this world spectacular. Temp dropped 8 degrees, night bugs started making noises….really amazing!

      • Switch browser to try or update the one you’re using and make sure your flash is up-to-date also.

      • Thanks, Capt. Every time I mess with my plugins, browser, I start having crashes. Too frustrating for a tech dummy like me. :)

    • O M F G ! ! ! owe mie fugden gourd !!!
      THAT is UnBELIEVABLE ! ! ! ! ! !
      PRICELeSS ! ! !
      AMAzING ! ! !
      AWESuM ! ! !

    • x
      Geesh ! When I was out sitting, watching for the eclipse, there was a black cat that scampered by me. whoops? And it didn’t even get dark where I was either. geesh!

      I saw several clips of the eclipse from across the states.
      Not sure which one was more magnificent: yours or theirs.

    • When I first clicked on this, I thought it was going to be a picture of Paul blocking the sun lol

  9. I still think that someone’s going to put Paul and Xmas on the block after a POV. At this stage in the game (assuming Mark goes to jury on Thursday), they’d be foolish not to. In fact, if Paul tries to BD someone like Alex and pulls Josh off, he could be blindsided and nominated instead. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen many intelligent moves from someone not named Paul in the game. Even though there’s still a lot of game left to play, I wouldn’t get your hopes up until say Jason wins HOH again.

    • Josh thinks his daddy will drag him to the end no matter what, so I wouldn’t count on him for anything but several more temper tantrums. Christmas, maybe, but she’s stuck in a F3 with Paul, as well. Who knows any more.

      • Well I thought of things this way: It’s down to 5 HGS. Josh wins HOH and noms anyone but Paul and Xmas. One of the noms wins POV and saves themselves. Who would Josh nominate between Paul and Xmas?

      • Christmas isn’t going to do anything. We see her idea of “big moves” in her HOH this week. In other words do what is expected and follow the party line.

      • Darn it! I kinda wanted Paul to suffer just a bit for trying to get Josh to go off again. I’m proud of Josh for respecting his elders. lol

      • Me too and I’m a Paul fan! Go figure…..I want to see Paul squirm but I want a few of them to squirm as well, like Raven, Alex and Christmas. They all need to be brought down a peg or 2.

      • thats why i cant stand that pos paul ,he has absolutely no respect for his elders,i hope the coward gets tossed out on his tattood ass,i wonder how he would feel if someone dissed his father like he wanted josh to do to kevin

      • I will go as far to say that Kevin is a HG like all the others and his age really shouldn’t come into play in the game. But I did like the reasoning Josh gave for not getting itchy with Snitchy.

      • the man is still the oldest in the house nd deserves some respect from anybody younger,RESPECT YOUR ELDERS

      • If you go into a game like BB and expect to be treated differently because of your age, gender, color, or anything in between, you should stay home.

      • it doesnt matter if he is in a game or not , he is an older person and deserves respect apparently something you have none of ,by your disrespectful answers to me i,m 65 so ill ignore you becuz apparently you dont blieve in respect of your elders ,your parents must be very proud

    • I don’t know who would put Paul on the block since, as the article states, he has all the pairs thinking he is their third. Once one person in a pair is gone, if the other wins the next HOH Paul might get put up, but Paul would probably convince them to go after whoever was HOH when their partner was voted out. Paul should throw the next HOH so he can go with whatever pair does win HOH.

      • If it gets down to 6 HGs, Jason wins HOH (noms Josh and Xmas, which makes sense), Josh wins POV, then Jason doesn’t have much of a choice. I’m just guessing but if Kevin, Alex, and Paul round out the remaining 6, Jason would never put up Alex, and Kevin would be a stretch IF he remembers that Kevin can hardly be competitive in any comp. So that leaves Paul and Xmas OTB after POV. Hopefully, Paul will be evicted by then, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Josh and Alex somehow vote for Xmas in that scenario. There are a lot of ifs though, and I would be flabbergasted if this all happened.

      • Jason should put up Alex. She will stand in his way of winning this game imo.

      • In that scenario, I think Alex gets Jason to put up Kevin. I think your other scenario where there are 5 HGs left is the most likely to get Paul on the block.

      • Do any of these other HG’s even dare to mention Paul’s name when he is not in their immediate area? I know Mark did to Jason and then got wacked upside his huge head for even mentioning the possibility of getting out Paul.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen. Do I think it will, ehhh, probably not. No one is willing to make big moves and that would be considered a big move. Maybe Alex? but I wouldn’t put money on it.

  10. Paul says he will not make the same mistake as last year, that critical choice between James and Nicole that lead to his loss.

    I am still flabbergasted that Nicole won last season. Like shocked, no way did she deserve to beat him last year.

    • Production clearly had picked Nicole as their winner, it was apparent the whole season.

      • Uh huh, no doubt about it. Without direction (and promise for future gigs, most likely) from production, Paul would NEVER have picked Nicole to go to F2. He’s no dummy and that was absolute stupidity. And his excuse that she played a better game than James was and still is laughable. He’s literally saying his reason was because she deserved it more than James, therefore making it less likely that he would win. Idiocy and I’m not that gullible.

  11. It makes sense, but yet, at this stage you should probably still be making noise about a final 4, just in case. Looking back, if there were any misstep in season 10 that Dan might have wanted to correct is to have figured out a way that Renny could have stayed over Jerry and that might have solved the issue of Keesha being so upset being cut at four. If Alex would listen to Jason a bit more (and Jason would be careful when he has these discussions) the type of competitions that will be coming up, Alex and Paul are in the best position to win.

  12. It would benefit Christmas to back door Paul right now instead of Mark and she would make her fame in Big Brother 18 as one of the best moves possible this season. She would be respected by the rest of the cast and take over Paul’s doings. She would get more recognition doing that than traveling in Paul’s back pocket.

      • She won’t! She wanted to look good on TV but she is only following Paul’s instructions!!

    • Paul has safety this week thanks to Mark giving him the safety apple. Christmas couldn’t BD him even if she wanted to.

      • Why did he do it!! I didn’t see the last show, what did he take in return for giving Paul safety? SMH..

      • Brenda it was a great game move…He got NOTHING! lmao

        Oh Mark…He could have used it on Jason, and tried to start building a side alliance with him, call a truce with Alex, and rope in Kevin who is feeling down and paranoid (rightfully so)

  13. Really lost interest in Paul’s show n Christmas s give away sickening out til next year hopefully they get big brother back to
    Where it began Cody n jessica somewhat wishy washy mark the only one playing real big brother no endurance comps Christmas s give way so sad🙁

  14. paul thinks he can win any comp so ,keven,josh,raven can only hope for a another game of luck lol

  15. Worse BB EVER. What a bunch of wimps who can’t think for themselves. Stopped watching it over 2 weeks ago it should be called The Paul and Puppets Show.

  16. Come on someone get a banner or bull horn there. Paul, Santa and her elf have F3. Paul after Jason

  17. Paul is a bully.
    When are the other houseguests going to realize this.
    How can CBS condone Paul trying to have Josh bully Kevin by bashing those pans together?
    CBS shame on you!!!
    You have allowed Paul to use any form of bullying available to get as far as he has gotten so far this season, BB19.
    When I see Paul telling Josh what to do to Kevin, Paul is bullying, and you CBS are encouraging this sort of behavior for the mere fact of Ratings!!!

  18. Does evicted HGs in the jury watch the show the show and assess social media after leaving the house ahead of the final?

    • Jurors only get to watch tapes while in the jury house, they still aren’t allowed any contact with the outside. Pre-jury boots are just sent home.

  19. This season is the worst I don’t think these people could tell a threat from a hole in the ground why go after people who don’t have any allies first get those people and bring them into the fold they just need to hand Paul the money and end the season early because everyone is so scared to go after Mr foul-mouthed Paul.

    • Reason is, Mark (just like Cody was) remains the number one threat to Paul among the HGs that could flip or make a move to take Paul out at the slightest opportunity. Meanwhile, Paul is the only person that thinks about winning. Others are happy accompany him as much as they could go.

  20. This leprechaun got them all wized, never saw such a weak season, ruined the game….good for him…I gave up to the hope of someone else playing something this season

  21. Could work,but I think he’s making a mistake taking out Jason and Kevin before Alex!! Alex plays the game much better. She will win comps.She’s not afraid of backdorring Paul.And she’s a fighter,she would even pick an apple or tell someone to if necessary! If she see Jason going home or their both looking at danger,she could talk them both into picking an apple! They lucked out with Marcs apple.It could had been worse for the house.

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