Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 5

The Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up later today for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and so far this one is less certain that I would have expected, but with three nominees and a terrible Hex offer in the mix I guess this should be expected.

Update: Veto Meeting spoilers are in! Find out if the PoV was used & who are the final noms this week.

Paul lifted in to the air on BB19

All the nomination decisions are held by Paul this week. As both the Head of Household and Veto winner he’ll be calling the shots for who ends up on the Block for Thursday night.

Paul’s first plan was to leave Jason on the Block, save Jessica, renom Elena, and convince Jessica not to use the Halting Hex so they could vote out Cody. Too foolish, right? So then Paul spoke with Jason about the simpler plan of saving him and seeing what happened on Thursday night.

With Jason as the 3rd nominee, thanks to losing the Temptation Comp, if he came down then no one would go up in his place. That would leave Jessica and Cody alone on the Block.

Well on Sunday morning Paul was back to the original plan. He became convinced that he had a shot at getting Jessica to not play the Hex and let them vote out Cody. Paul pitched this deal to Jessica who actually started making counter offers on what she’d want in return.

Since the whole thing is messy to start with Paul thought Jessica might be more willing to go along with this ridiculous plan if she was 100% safe this week. That would require him to save her. It’s an option Paul was considering at times on Sunday.

Jason agreed to this new idea and told Paul he could stay on the Block. I don’t see Jason being in any actual danger for various reasons, so this isn’t the worst move by him. Should Paul save Jessica instead of Jason then Elena would likely be the renom. Remember that Mark won the Temptation so he’s safe from any nominations all week. Per Jessica’s demands she wanted Alex targeted, so maybe Paul could end up renom’ing Alex instead as an additional gesture of goodwill to Jessica.

I’m waiting for final talks this morning to see which way Paul will finally decide to go here. Three main options: 1) Do nothing and have 3 Noms. 2) Save Jason, leave Jessica & Cody. 3) Save Jessica, renom Elena and have 3 Noms.

If Paul is willing to keep trying to get Jessica to not save Cody with the Hex then Paul might as well leave Jason up there and vetoing Jessica to have any slim chance at his deal being accepted. If Jessica is up there on the Block I’d say things go from one in a million to one in a no-damn-chance for her to not use the Hex.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Paul’s various Veto plans? Which way do you think he’ll go today?

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  1. Looking forward to this Veto Ceremony because there’s still balls in play. Is Jess going to come to a decision? Who will Paul use the Veto on? Each week I think that things will calm down and things just pick up again. All good

  2. I think it is all according to if Jess has any further convo with him about it and what she says. If they don’t talk about it anymore, I think Paul will take Jess down just so the opportunity exists in case she decides not to use the HH to allow Cody to be voted out. Anything could happen between those two, Cody and Jess, that would alter her decision one way or another, and if she is left OTB, I just don’t see her trusting the house enough not to vote her out and she would use the HH.

  3. I think that if Paul has any shot at getting Jessica not use her Hex would be for him to save her. If she’s on the block, there’s no way she would risk not using it again. I still think Jessica will use the Hex (and I think she should use it) no matter if it’s just Cody on the block or both of them. She has a better shot at staying longer with Cody still in the house. I don’t believe for one second that the target will fall off Jessica if she takes the deal.

    • She does have a longevity with Cody around. He’s still her shield unless the house decides she’s the bigger threat

    • If he saves her she will still use the hex if he nominates Elena instead of Alex.

  4. Jessica should quit talking to Cody so much and start convincing everyone how their so easily dismissed by Paul, last year I thought he was a hero, now he’s that evil uncle trying to get the crown lol. Slowly their eyes open but mostly too late. I can’t wait till the pot gets stirred and things boil over, I hope Paul saves Jessica and noms someone like Matt, then Jessica can tell tell him even tho he said he could be a pawn earlier the week it’s Paul’s plan to ditch em.

    • I think that she was kind of doing that with Elena. From what I understand it started to work, but Elena has already been betrayed by Paul. Could Jess actually convince the other houseguests? I highly doubt it.

      • Elena was not betrayed by Paul. She was the one who started hanging out with Cody and Jess.

      • We know that looking in from the outside. Her actions gave Paul and his “minions” reasons to believe that she was playing both sides. Which she really did appear to be.

      • Right, perception is reality in that house. But for all intent and purpose, he did betray (that’s a better word, I think) her.

  5. I say the smart thing for Paul to do is roll the dice, take Jason off the block, and see what happen. Let the chip fall where they may. If Jess use the Hex, so be it, it’s done and over. No more Hex. Next do like he threaten her, go after Jess. I like the chance for the 8 against the 3. If one of the 3 win HoH, then too bad for whoever goes but it won’t be Paul. I say Josh goes. Then it’s back hunting Jess and Cody until these 2 are in jury.

    • I really do hope he uses the veto on Jason. I wouldn’t want the 3rd nominee to be cursed with an eviction if Jessica uses the hex.

  6. I’m finding it hard to understand why Jessica wants Alex out enough to make such a big point of it. Is there a reason of which I’m not aware?

  7. I read where Cody, Jess, and I think Mark, were talking about going to production and demanding Josh be thrown out or they would all quit the show. Sometimes viewing it brings a different perspective. Anyone know…..were they joking around or being serious because there has been nothing else written about it.

    • probably true, don’t know but, that is how they get there own way, they threaten to quit

    • the worst thing for a bully is to be bullied. it works every time! cody doesn’t hesitate to get in somebody’s face or talk about how tough he is. he point blank told jessica this is who he is and he’s made it this far in life. it’s hard to believe nobody has ever stood up to him…maybe josh and paul are the first???

      • Yes, you are correct. Now I am hoping for someone to stand up to Paul and give him a taste of his own medicine.

      • and while they are at it could somebody PLEASE tell Cody and Jessica to eat with their mouth closed, and no talking with food in your mouth…were these people raised by barbarians, wolves, in a barn?

      • I had to mute it last week when her teeth were clenching the fork each bite. Yikes! Mouth wide open while chewing.

    • couldn’t care less if they quit. as long as josh is following the rules then so be it.

      • When Evil Dick played he did worst. He was not kicked out. It was so much fun to watch him.

    • Doubt if production would take them seriously, maybe the robot would walk out cos he knows his game is doomed but as we learned Jess wants the air time. Remember in the first season, the whole cast was going to walk out and they never did.

      • That was just yesterday or last night. I’m still trying to find where I read about it.

      • 5:08 PM BBT “Mark came out to BY to talk to Jessica/Cody. Cody said, “Mark do you realize that in THIS house, some Josh is cooler than you?” Mark said I don’t like anything that is going on in this house right now. Jessica thinks that they should all threaten production that they will leave if Josh isn’t booted RIGHT NOW.” Then the cam switched.

        I copied that as it was written on Jokers.

      • That would be very interesting. I think even if just 2 or 3 people threatened to quit unless Josh was thrown out, it would force the producers to take action, whether it be to get rid of Josh or seriously tell him to stop behaving like a 2-year-old. (Sorry to all the 2-year-olds out there).

    • Goodbye I will say to them. Production won’t get rid of Josh. His behavior is exactly what they want to make a fun and exciting show. It is a boring season.

      • YES!! You just can’t make the entertainment that Josh is providing up! I mean, he’s as crazy as a popcorn fart, but JC he is funnier than H3LL. Josh is serving up a helping of what Cody and Mark dished to him, and M and C aren’t digging it. *wah was wah* .. hahahahahah… =D

    • Is that supposed to be a big threat, lol? It’s funny that they believe that the game could not go on without them. It’s gonna happen soon enough. Still laughing

    • If this is true, what a sign of the times.
      I don’t like this person so I’m going to take my ball and go home. Waaaaaaaa

  8. paul should use the veto on Jess and see if she doesnt use the hex .. either way jess will be safe and maybe cody will be gone….
    we can dream!

  9. Sounds like a good gameplan except for targeting Alex! Hoping she will be the one to evict Paul in a few weeks and win the game.

  10. Getting tired of them all just wanting to make it to jury. Don’t they have lives outside of the house? Cody was right when he said “it’s not just a game.” I’m sure when a team loses the Super Bowl or World Series they don’t go home saying…well, we made it pretty far, to bad we lost the final game, but, it’s okay….”it’s just a game.” This is real life. I don’t know of any “game” that pays you $500,000 or more to leave your life as you know it for three to four months with no contact from the outside world. It’s a competition and they should be in it to win it, not in it to go to jury. They don’t seem to be very serious about Big Brother any more.

  11. jess will use hex on cody. she has no choice and has to hope either her or code wins HOH next week or it’s goodbye cody. maybe it could be goodbye paul next week if either wins.

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