‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Pitches Jessica A Hex’d Deal

Well Sunday was a strange one on the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds. We saw the rise of an interesting situation as Paul pitched a ridiculous proposal to Jessica and against all odds of sanity and reason it almost looked like she was considering accepting it. But would she really?

Jessica and Cody get dramatic on Big Brother 19

Things kicked off early in the day when Paul went to Kevin and Jason with a repeat of an earlier idea. Paul suggested he could use his Veto to save Jessica, renom Elena in her place, and then apply the pressure to not use the Hex. With Jessica off the Block, Paul suggested, she might be more open to letting the vote play out and even letting Cody go. I know, I know. No way, right?

Flashback to 11:15 AM BBT 7/30 as Paul is sitting down with Jessica in the HoH room. He’s making the hard sell here that Cody is dragging her game down and she needs to let him go. Jessica defends Cody saying he’s the only one protecting her, but Paul counters that Cody is the anchor to her game.

Paul wants Jessica to think about going with the house, letting them vote out Cody, and then earning herself a better spot in the game as a result. Ridiculous, right? Jessica says she’d have some conditions. Wait, what?

Jessica proposes to Paul that if she did this, not using the Hex so Cody could be evicted, she wants a few things in return. First, she needs safety for two weeks. Second, she wants Alex out. Paul says he can do the first but the second is out of his control depending on who wins HoH. Jessica concedes to Paul’s argument there, but says he can twist arms and has the HGs’ ears to make it happen. The talk breaks up here with Paul saying he’d work on it and Jessica saying she’d keep thinking of it.

From here Jessica ends up back to talking with Cody about if he wants to stay in the game. He’s pissed at her for questioning his loyalty over earlier comments at the start of the season that he was using Alex and Jason to get out the showmance women so the guys didn’t have to do it. This sets off Emo-Cody for a long while as the couple has an extended fight.

Paul pulls Jessica back in to have a talk with Mark, Elena, Raven, and Matthew. Flashback to 2:50 PM BBT to watch. Everyone in the group agrees to target Alex for her if she lets Cody walk this week. Now hang on, Paul has been working the house this afternoon telling everyone to lie, lie, lie. He has no intention of targeting Alex but will tell Jessica whatever she wants to hear. In fact, Paul has a plan for this situation.

If Jessica wants Alex targeted then Paul proposes to his allies that next week they put up Alex as the fake target and then get Mark to go up as the fake pawn. In reality their roles would be reversed. Then if things hold to eviction night they’d flip the votes and send Mark out. This would all be premised on Jessica having let Cody get evicted in this current week. It’d be another switch-a-roo by Paul against Jessica.

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Amid all these deals and offers from Paul Jessica has been talking with Cody and he’s continued to say he just wants to leave and doesn’t want her to use the Hex. Cody is upset over Jessica questioning his loyalty (even though he really did say all that about getting out the women later). Finally, later in the afternoon, the couple appears to have made up and Cody even mentions Jessica using the Hex and then they go all out to win the next HoH.

Despite all that, the deal isn’t dead in the water. Jessica continues to have talks with Paul, Elena, and Mark about whether or not to use the Hex. The whole thing is preposterous. She’d be a fool to go with this deal. I can’t imagine she would possibly seriously entertain the offer, but how many times in this season has Jessica been operating in a parallel reality to the game?

Making matters worse for Jessica, she’s now revealed everything about the Halting Hex. She has told several HGs exactly how it works, when it expires, and its limitations. Late in the day Jessica admitted to Paul that she has to use the Hex before the vote occurs. She can’t wait to hear the results and then put it in to play. Well guess what. Paul promised not to tell anyone but then takes that info to Alex. They debate if it’d be better to then vote out Jessica, given the chance if she didn’t use the Hex.

So what’s going to happen? In a perfect world I’d want to believe Jessica is messing with Paul. I simply can’t imagine a reasonable scenario where she doesn’t use the Hex. It’s a do-over for her and Cody. They lost the HoH comp (well, he did while she was ineligible to play) then they blew the Temptation Comp decision and lost in the Veto comp. Play the hex, reset the week, and do it all over with the hopes of a better outcome for your game.

At one point Jessica talks with Mark who advises her to use the Hex. She tells Mark that Paul wants to take her boyfriend out of the game and she doesn’t want to give him that satisfaction. Let’s hope that thought takes root and she wakes up to the foolishness of the situation here.

Say Jessica doesn’t use the Hex this week then the worst case is Paul leads a rally to evict her over Cody and she walks out with the Hex in her pocket. Move over, Marcellas. Next worst case would be her letting them vote out Cody then she wins HoH and it was all for nothing. She’d be safe and the Hex would expire at the end of the week unless she reset her own HoH week.

It hurts my brain. If this is anything other than Jessica setting Paul and company up to look like fools or just splash their hopes then it’s such a bad move. Paul has no intention of honoring any deals with her once he’s got what he wants. The house has busted every set of plans Jessica and Cody have put in to play, but now she thinks they’d do otherwise? Wake up, Jessica. Use the Hex. Save Cody. Play hard and win something this time around.

What do you think? Is Jessica playing the house or actually considering Paul’s deal?


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  1. Jessica needs to go. I can’t listening to her fingers in Cody’s butt stories in detail. Mark, Elena and Cody think this is way too funny, but what kind of a person discusses this on television. Her parents must be so proud.

    Cody is off his rocker and actually scary to think he was in the military. He is scary crazy.

    Josh is beyond weird. Taking slop for Elena is outrageous. Raven is way too controlling. UGH!

    This house is the most bizarre ever. Let Kevin win and be done with this season.

    • I will be happy if Kevin, Alex or Paul wins. They are all playing really good game. That is my opinion.

    • Jessica was really talking about that kind of thing to other people in the house? WHAT? How disgusting is she. I mean sheesh. Some things are personal and better left unsaid.

      • She was demonstrating with her. 2 fingers what she was doing. Cody, Elena and Mark were there and they were laughing.

  2. Thank you for attempting to put this in coherent order, I think I was feeling like Jason at this point in time where everything is going in circles. At one point last night, he pulled Paul into a room and just asked what is going on and Paul started going on and on and he stopped him and said, no, what I meant is what is going on this week?

  3. Well, all the possible combo scenarios that Matt presented boggles my mind. First and foremost is that the HH needs to be used before the vote. So, if not used, everyone should be on board to vote Jessica out – and yes, we have a Marcellas all over again … and an “angry bull in the China shop” with Cody remaining in the house, since he probably will know the final deal for Jess was Paul’s promise of safety after her HH has expired. The Cody Show thereafter does present the possibilities of “💩hitting the fan” and making the house dynamics crazier(?).

  4. I don’t know how I feel about it. I feel like Jessica could wrap in people like Kevin if Cody wasn’t in the game. At the same time I still feel like Jessica would be target #1 and she’ll always be that way. Cody is her shield. She should save him and get her use out of him before he’s evicted and she becomes the house target

    • I agree. She’s got Cody in such a shame spiral about how badly he’s acted that he’ll do literally anything to please her. If I’m Jessica, I want Cody around for as long as possible. Not only is he a bigger target than she is (and those are always convenient), but he’s also twisting himself in knots trying to figure out how to continue exchanging bodily fluids.

  5. Lol… All of the scheming Paul does should make each and every one of these HGs realize what Paul is capable of if they should be next on the radar. Time to get antsy! I expect after this weeks shenanigans, there will be a few HGs ready to start testing the waters to see if anyone is ready to target Paul. It will be fun when that begins to happen. You gotta know that Paul does realize it is coming. He’s no dummy when it comes to the game.

    • The group of 7 (Paul-Alex-Jason-Kevin-Christmas-Matt-Raven) are all in agreement that Cody, Jess, Mark and Josh should go out before any on them. It doesn’t garantee that it will happen that way, but that’s what they are working on. Paul is safe from these other 6 in his group until the other 4 are out because they believe they need Paul to get those 4 out. Elena is on the outside and rather safe in the middle. Once these 4 unwanted are out, then someone will take a crack at Paul if given the chance.

      • That’s what I think, too. But I’m expecting the casual suggestions/talk to start beforehand, just to see reactions and get a general feel for who might be open to discussions.

      • Well Kevin suggested to Jason yesterday that Paul should go. I think he’s starting to test the waters to do this though I’m sure he’d say, if confronted, that he was just testing Jason’s loyalty.

      • He did indeed. Even Christmas said something yesterday insinuating it was time to start thinking about Paul. I can’t remember exactly what she said, but I remember reading it. I think it’s just starting but no one is serious quite yet. They still need him. The have all used him to further their game. He’s been working his patootie off!

      • Someone said it earlier and I think it was right — Cody, Jess, Mark first and then watch out Paul

      • That’s because they all feel safe until then. After that, they are afraid of what Paul is capable of doing, not knowing who is next on his hit list and he has already shown them how cunning and deceptive he can be. They are no where near his league.

      • They have already mention it. But ….

        “11:02 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin and Jason they can’t win the game without Paul (hmm).”

        So Paul is safe for few weeks still, none of the 6 will put him on the block, and if one of the other 3 do put him on the block, they won’t have the vote. Later.

      • As long as Josh and to some point Kevin and Alex has his back, then Jason will follow and it will be even harder to get Paul out unless one or more of them go first .

      • I agree, He has to have those four gone first in order for one of his minions to put him on the block unless for some ungodly reason Elena wins and puts him up before that.

      • Even if Elena would put him on the block (which I would highly doubt), she wouldn’t have the vote. Not until the 4 are out.

      • Paul deserves the money he played a better game last season where he got screwed and he is playing a better game this time around. If he wasn’t on Big Brother the ratings would of tanked.

      • But no one can really beat Paul expect maybe Alex which is why I think he will take her out first once the other targets are out

  6. I swear I hope shes just toying around with him trying to blindside him like he did her. Cody may be hurting her game a little but his a competition beast that she needs in order to try and get the otherside of the houses numbers down

  7. If Jessica is seriously listening to Paul and it’s not just Pretend she is an A$$ and derives what happens, I mean the house screwed her numerous times she would have to be the biggest BB fool to take that deal with Paul. Come on Jessica….

    • I absolutely agree. But no one other than Paul could pull off even suggesting this plan.

  8. I will be ecstatic when I see Paul walk through the door with his suitcase!!!!! This season is and has been all about Paul!

  9. I said it on another post but I’ll say it again here. I can’t believe Jessica would be dumb enough to actually trust Paul after all that crap he pulled last week with evicting Ramses and everyone lying to her face. How she could trust ANY of them after that is beyond me. I really hope she’s not even considering it. And if I were her, I would play along with Paul for a bit and at least let him think I was considering it. But my condition would be that before I even consider it, he’d have to use his Veto and pull me (BB Jessica in this case) off the block. Without that first step, that would be the end of it. There’s no way I’d trust the others NOT to vote me out at that point, if I didn’t use the hex. And just like Paul can lie about his true plans, then so can Jessica. She can tell Paul she won’t use it and then just invoke the curse on eviction night anyway.

  10. Jessica would be at the mercy of Paul and his minions if she accepts this deal. She wants just 2 weeks safety? That is really dumb! With Cody, Jessica can go further if they play hard to win each HOH and VETO! Could they still be evicted? Of course, but, they have big targets on their back already! Try to win the next HOH and the HOH after that as well! They can finally remove Paul or his minions and thin the herd and make it a more even fight! And doesn’t she know Alex is part of that big alliance? What makes her think the others will vote Alex out?

  11. Paul: Hey guys, I need you to drink the Kool-aid
    Jessica- I chugged that sh*t

    Love or hate the guy…. He is a freaking genius!

    • I don’t think he’s pulling for Jessica as much as pulling for someone NOT to be Marcellas. It would be truly disappointing, from a game play standpoint, to see someone throw their game away in that fashion, especially for those of us who have watched this show religiously through the years.

    • Uhh, no. I’m pulling for common sense. I’m TeamFeeds. Jessica using the Hex would create a lot more drama than her not using it, plus we’d get an extra DE out of the situation.

      I’m arguing for the sake of reason and logic here. Neither of which Jessica is demonstrating when contemplating believing Paul’s offer.

      • lol…uh oh common sense and logic are at times frowned upon by some of the posters…be mindful of showing ur logical opinions or common sense views…lol..

      • I think Production caused xmas to injure her foot… to further her in the game. you know…. to help Paul and all…

        Of course, I am kidding. It just boggles me how some people can really think that this game was tailored strictly for Paul.

      • When I read your first line. I thought “My God, is this woman crazy”. Than I read your next line.
        I totally agree with you.

  12. Paul is rubbing this game almost flawless …. Cody should be long gone already so sick that he got back in … and Jessica only good game she played was when he was out of the house … her best move is to cut bait and be gone with Cody . ..i know the owner is this likes to cry and cry over having Paul in the game … but the guy is playing a damn near perfect game and she just win right now … Jessica deserves to go along with Cody and Josh . .. then let the real game begin !

  13. She is making it really heard for me to support her and Cody. First of all why would you even consider to talk to Paul, you can’t lie about your hex but nowhere in the rules does it say you have to tell anyone. 2nd you have said time and time again that Paul runs the house and everyone does what he wants so why would you consider to follow suit. Last but not least why would you vocalize who you want out, do you realize that everyone is going back to her and she has a very good chance at head of household again. All of your mistakes are piling up. Come on play your game not Pauls.

    • Jessica is not that good. It was a gift to make a soap opera out of a supposed reality show. The next week the antagonist wins it and hopefully Jess uses the hex so he can crawl under a rock and disappear.

  14. If Jessica doesn’t go with the plan Paul proposed, that puts her at risk next week. They could nom the same two and flip it to vote Jess out to prove the point that she shouldent have used the hex to save Cody.

    • Even if she didnt use it and Cody went, I think they would still put her on the block next week. They not loyal to her

  15. Why is this even a discussion for Jessica! Paul has already lied to her, she knows the house isn’t going to work with her, don’t be foolish again. Use the hex! Ugh!!!!! 🤦🙄

  16. god i hope that she would not be that clueless. Use the darn hex and be done with it. Paul is playing you and everyone else. He is using everyone to his advantage, to further is game. Wake up house Dominique is right he is a snake in the grass, and he is coming to bite everyone of your heads off. Get Paul out he should be everyones number one target. Jessica please use the Hex.

  17. There is no way she is considering this. I don’t think much of her but, she cannot be this dumb!

  18. I will be really shocked if Jessica doesn’t allow Cody to stay. I’m sure she will want him in the jury house with her. The best thing she can do is use the hex and we won’t have to spent another week of this nonsense. Next week should be plans to get Paul out of the house.

    • Regardless of whether she uses it or not, there is no guarantee that Paul gets evicted next week.

      • I know this. With a bunch of idiots in the house it won’t happen. I am just wishing it did. There has to be a point hopefully not when it is too late that Jason will wake up. Alex is planning to float her way to the end with Paul.

  19. I believe that Paul was brought into this season’s game so he could teach others how to play the game as friends. Paul will be happy to leave after he rids Cody again. As you can see, nobody wants to play until jury selection time. Cody came out too hard by bullying all the houseguest that he didn’t choose. Cody chose the two athletic guys to be with him so they could run through the house. He saw how Josh cried and got upset right after the first HoH contest and has used it against him. He has told others that they did not belong in the game because the were not as athletic as him. He saw Megan’s weakness and exposed it to the house which caused her to self evict.

  20. House full of bullies with a mob mentality. It was like watching kids in a schoolyard when Josh acted crazy and bullied Mark because they all stood around and laughed along with him. What kind of people find it amusing to treat someone like that? I hope Paul wins so he can get his mom a new Bentley like he wanted to the last time he played. Not really, but it seems to be the only way for him to get her a gift because he’s never had a real job…unless you think being a spoiled and very rich kid work.

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