Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 11

Alex talks with Paul about BB19 plans

Update: Veto Ceremony spoilers are in! Find out what happened with the Veto today.

The Veto Meeting is coming up today for the Big Brother Houseguests and they’re settled in on the path ahead. And that includes all of the HGs for a change this week. Yes, the plan is decided and all are in agreement on what to expect, even if they all don’t agree on what’s about to happen.

Josh won HoH this week of Big Brother 19 and put Alex and Kevin on the Block together. Then the Veto came and went without either of those two securing their safety. Instead that power went to Paul and he definitely doesn’t want to see Alex sticking around which makes his choice easy.

On Sunday Paul went to Alex to break the news. He’d love to save her, he explained, but if he did that then he’d ruin his game because Josh and Christmas are mean and would punish him for doing so. Alex pointed out they’d both be safe this week though and available to play in the next HoH comp. It’d be the two of them against basically a one legged girl. No dice, said Paul. Sheesh, these HGs are gullible.

Paul let Christmas and Josh know that Alex was aware of the plan and knew she wouldn’t be saved. Christmas saved face later with a talk where she told Alex she was just too good to keep around especially compared to the alternative of Kevin. Josh wanted to have that same talk, but if he got near Alex he was chastised by Paul and Christmas for not being a team player. Go figure.

When the Veto ceremony rolls around later today Paul will make his decision official. The medallion will go back in the box and the noms will remain as Alex & Kevin. One of those two will be evicted on Tuesday in a special, early eviction, but we won’t see that until Wednesday night’s broadcast. Alex has been hoping for an early release and she’ll soon get her wish.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Paul’s Veto meeting plans this week? How should he handle the obvious betrayal of his deal with Alex?

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  1. “What do you think of Paul’s Veto meeting plans this week? How should he handle the obvious betrayal of his deal with Alex?”
    None of that matters anymore. Paul can dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bullsh*t and it won’t make any difference. (Courtesy of W.C. Fields) The HGs will buy whatever he says, hook, line and sinker. Paul is so right all the time, and if the HGs think any differently, they are obviously wrong. Disband the cult and send its leader home $500K richer already.

    • I absolutely agree with you here. There’s nothing he can do wrong here to lose himself the 500k SHOULD he make it to the F2. At this juncture, the only enjoyment I am getting is watching Paul cut ties with the idiots he convinced he was taking all the way. I DO, however, feel he could be in danger of a Steve/Vanessa top 3 eviction should Josh be the person who wins that final HoH…and that would be INCREDIBLE drama (albeit a boring strategic ending where the best player doesn’t make it to the end)

      • That is not what I meant. Paul has lied to people, about people. I had more respect for Paul’s game when he was constantly saving himself from being on the block. As far as I am concerned he has created a new identity, Super Floater. He and Kevin in their own ways have floated to F4. Now let’s see who when HOH.

      • It’s not just lies. Paul has been on a team with the producers for the whole season with interventions to help his “game” at every step. His instigation of really mean hate campaigns against other players have made the season offensive and a new low. He may win, but Big Brother has damaged its series.

      • With or without interventions from production, your comment: “His instigation of really mean hate campaigns against other players have made the season offensive and a new low” is absolutely 100% spot on.

      • I dislike Paul. But it has nothing to do with lies. Lying is part of the game. I don’t think I’ve seen a single season where the winning contestant hasn’t lied.

      • Agreed. I don’t have an issue with lying or manipulation to further a BB game, but when actions become personal and not game moves, then I have issue and, in my opinion, the continuous attacks on Kevin no longer have any game value. Therefore, how can they be anything but personal?

      • Yes. 1000% agree with you here. I would love to see Paul get what’s coming to him, mostly because I’ve fallen into a nihilist attitude about BB19. Like, why bother rooting for the integrity of a strategic win when there’s been absolutely no strategy all season?? If integrity doesn’t matter to the players this year, why should it matter to me?

        This season has been all about non-game related drama and bullying. So in that sense, I would love to see the person I deem responsible, Paul, to fall from grace.

      • We better think of something new. It’s not working anymore. lol I’ll think of something on the next season BB/Survivor and you just play along and adlib..ok?

  2. I think Alex will do some damage in the jury house for Paul. I am waiting for Paul to convince Xmas, Josh and Kevin to keep throwing the comps so Paul is guaranteed F2, and also to pick who he sits next to. I can just see him getting the sheep to do it.

    • I really don’t think Alex is going to have much sway either way in the Jury House at this point. I really think the ones who went head to head and weren’t betrayed by Paul (Cody, Mark, Elena) will be an easy vote for him based on game play. They clearly see him as the better player. Maven probably still think they’re his F3 so they’ll vote for him too. Alex and Jason are the ones I see as a wild card at this point. That said, that’s my expectation unless we just see an overly bitter jury. I know Cody hates Paul, but from comments he’s made I think he obviously believes Paul has played the best game and I think Mark and Elena will vote how he does.

      • I think it depends on what the jury has seen on the videos the evicted HGs bring with them and what they share about the exit comments. It all remains to be seen.

      • I just feel like the jury (minus Maven) already have a clearer picture of what is going on than she does.

      • Maven is going to know they weren’t his F3. Jason will fill them in and so will Alex. That’s one thing about jury they compare notes and realize what’s been going on.

    • The thing is…you can’t really fault Paul for the other houseguests having bad gameplay. Paul’s ability to feed off of that and take him this far…has been fantastic to watch so you can’t help but to vote for him.

      Alex could have won if she took out Paul. Josh can still win if he takes Paul out.

      • I can fault Big Brother for constantly giving Paul advantages that have nothing to do with “game play.” The purpose of the season was to set up Paul to win.

      • Disagree. You can say it was unfair to give 3 weeks of safety. But after that, Paul was on his own. And he played the other houseguests masterfully.

      • No. Masterful players don’t spend three months inciting personal attacks on other people. That is cruel, mean and uncalled for, not “masterful.”

      • “Masterful players” succeed within the context of the game. I’m sure Paul would have second thoughts if only he knew how many viewers ( who aren’t playing the game) are taking issue with the manner in which he is on his way to winning $500k. Or….maybe not?

      • Yep. Three weeks of safety for the only VETERAN player in the house was a huge, unfair, game altering advantage. You may certainly call Paul’s constant, dishonest character attacks on other players, their lives and families “masterful.” I find it reprehensible. CBS and the producers may have damaged this series beyond repair.

      • He actually had 5 weeks of safety. First week friendship bracelets, safety for next 3 weeks, save a friend the 5th week.

      • It would have been fantastic if he had been willing to do his own dirty work and owned up to it, but no, he had his minions do that. All that does is make Paul look like the obnoxious little-man coward he is.

      • Yes Grace, I would have a lot more respect for Paul if he owned up to his dirty game play and just said “yeah, I’m going to be a bad guy this season”. I could actually respect that b/c villains do win BB. However, Paul does not do that. He whines and snivels at being labeled a potty mouthed villain and says “it’s mean”. Well boo hoo princess, if you’re gonna play like a scum bag, own up to it & wear it proudly, like Will or Evel Dick! Don’t cry about it! That I can’t respect…at all.

      • anyone who takes out Paul can win….but no one will. I am not faulting Paul for the other’s players poor games, I am faulting him for being a nasty manipulator……it is one thing to get people to do what you want them to do, it is another to have the be so nasty to each other as part of the strategy.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about that after she sees Josh’s goodbye message. She’s also pissed at Paul now. And when Raven went to jury and found out the truth from Jason he may have lost Matt and Ravens vote.

  3. Alex will go to jury. Jason will be sad/happy to see her. They will be buddies again. I bet Jason is all calm now and having a blast in the jury house. He’s going to be a dad again and has a lot to be happy about. Alex will convince him to vote for Paul if Paul makes it to F2, and any doubts that might linger will be absolved during the Jury Round Table discussion, as the moderator will steer the HGs not to vote with a personal bias.

    • You take all the fun out of it!

      Can we not get Dr. Will for a moderator this time and get Evel Dick instead? I want it to be fun!

      • Then again, I can just picture them sitting around looking at each other and shrugging not even knowing what to talk about if Paul gets clipped at F3.

      • Lol, not my intention at all. I actually try to see the entertainment in it since it is not real life or “The Real World”(MTV). ED would not be able to do it without being biased himself.

      • Good morning my sista… ;) I have to say, you are far more forgiving than I am b/c I cannot find anything entertaining about the continued assaults on Kevin. They are still planning more of them now and I just don’t see a game strategy behind it. To me, these attacks are personal and Paul simply enjoys kicking someone when they’re down. I applaud your ability to draw a line here… I cannot seem to do that and I detest the behavior Paul, Josh, Alex & Xmas have exhibited over the last month towards Kevin.

      • Good morning, T. You are correct: Paul’s actions toward Kevin (and other HGs before him) are what makes his gameplay so insidious this season. Paul’s actions show him to be an unlikeable, mean, cruel human being. He’ll probably win, but he’s not worth a dime in my book.

      • Good morning to you too, Grace, my friend. Hope all is well for you & yours. :)

        Yes, I just can’t see my way clear of absolving Paul for how dirty he’s played. I just don’t think he had to instigate all the ugliness he has this season. Granted, these HG have full control of themselves and their actions, but Paul was the one pushing the weak willed to do his dirty work. Dan didn’t have to win that way. Derrick didn’t have to win that way. Heck, Steve Moses played against one of the craftiest HG in a while, Vanessa, and even Vanessa didn’t play this dirty; moreover, Steve didn’t have to get nasty to beat her… So, why did Paul choose this method? My conclusion is Paul likes picking on people. I just don’t see another answer since he is continuing the behavior long after it could be deemed necessary game play.

      • And people continue to call him “masterful” or “excellent”. Gameplay, maybe. Respecting humanity in general and these HGs in particular, no. And Paul either doesn’t know how to separate the two, or he does and chooses not to. And that would be despicable.

      • I know. Someone even had the nerve to say he will surpass Dr. Will this season… Of course I LMAO at that, but still…the idea that a BB fan even thinks that is insulting to me. Will played BB when there was no POV to save his butt & he did so with a cunning wit & charm. He was not nice, but he owned his behavior & somehow still won his season.

      • When I turn my TV on and enter the world of BB, it isn’t reality to me. Some people can’t put their personal feelings and biases aside and watch the game. Those type players result in bitter jurors who are unable to use logical reasoning. Seasons of watching BB is all it takes to realize what the reality of the game of BB entails. You might not like the tactics but if the end product results in $500K, good for the gamer. If it bothered me to the point of yelling bullying constantly, I would absolutely not watch the show and draw the line. That would be the best thing for people to do that feel traumatized by the actions of the HGs. The nature of the game results in lying, back stabbing, purposeful annoying, manipulation, etc. It is not a MORAL game. Period. Some HGs take it further than others. Only you can decide if it is too much for you to handle. I don’t feel sorry for Kevin. There is an exit door if he wanted to leave. Obviously, he doesn’t.

      • Well, I’ve watched BB since season 2 & I’ve never felt like this, so I think I can disassociate myself pretty well. However, this season is the first for such a continuous amount of bad behavior directed to one HG. I don’t like it and that’s the way I feel about it. Will it stop me from watching? No, because I am a die hard BB fan that will not give up on my show for a bad season. You think this season is normal for BB and I don’t. That’s fine, K. We will simply have to agree to disagree here, my friend. :) No hard feelings I hope.

      • Kevin is the real adult here, as many have pointed out in one breath, and in the next breath, they feel sorry for him that all of these immature idiots, as the other HGs are referred to, are bullying him. I have to laugh at that. No way would I, being 61 EVER be treated like he has allowed himself to be, and he put himself in that position. He could have put a stop to it early on but he chose to follow Paul because Paul knows the game and Kevin has absolutely NO strategy. What price he accepted to pay as a result, and he did accept it. JMO

      • K if it were me in there, I’d have been expelled! There is no doubt about it in my mind. My temper would have shorted and I’d have taken those damned pots & pans out of Josh’s hands & possibly smacked the sh*t out of all of those Mother Fu**ers! Trust and believe it! So, I can see some of what you’re saying, he’s allowed it to continue, but he is trying to stay in the house too. The longer he stays the more money he makes… Anyhow, this is obviously a topic we’re not going to agree on. I respect your opinion, therefore, not trying to change your mind. My brother & I have to do this sometimes…we just agree to disagree b/c we’re both stubborn enough to argue a topic until it is beaten to death. let’s not do that. I love ya hon, but you’re not gonna change my mind here… Have a good one & no hard feelings on my end. :)

      • Believe me, I’m not trying to change your mind. I’ve made it very clear where I stand and I’m not wishy washy or hypocritical about it. What you believe has no affect on me one way or the other, so please don’t think that. No hard feelings for disagreeing. When someone replies to me unsolicited, it tends to make me think they want to have a conversation. My bad. You have a good one, too. :D

      • If there were two versions of BB, one for matured audience/rated R, no cencorship at all like what it is now., good and bad behavior allowed.and the other for General audience, rated G. more conservative, no sex, everything is censored. Bad behavior you have mentioned is not allowed. Which one do you like? Because I watch BB like I watch a movie. They’re all just characters to me. and I prefer R rated movies. Douche bag character, promiscuous, idiots, vile, etc.

      • LOL! Cy, you know I would prefer the R rated version. ;) And in past seasons of BB I have only been truly disgusted once before (BB 15) but this kind of crap that has gone on this season hits home personally for me, so I’m not a fan of it. I think Paul deserves the win, but no one is going to convince me that he absolutely needed to be such a scum bag to get that win. I am not threatening not to watch b/c I’ll still watch…die hard BB fan here and a couple of bad seasons won’t make me stop, but I will never agree that all this mob mentality and gang bashing of a single HG was necessary. No disrespect to any one who feels differently, it is my opinion and I’m entitled to it.
        Hope we can all still get along. ;) hehe

      • Hahaha! I’m actually *gasp* can’t believe I’m saying this…starting to root for your baby! So, yeah, he’s off my hit list. :)

    • Anybody sitting beside Paul/F2 will be asked..’Give me one big move/game changer that you are solely responsible’…aaahh….aahh NOTHING!..Josh can’t even claim ‘Pots and Pans’ lol…landslide is my prediction.

  4. Its really painful to watch Josh, a 3 year old child in a body of a adult human. Cry and cry and whine and cry and fight. Seriously sickening…

  5. I don’t like paul, but it really was fascinating to watch him play the jury house more than the bb house. I bet he has been scheming this since he came in second.

    • The retreads generally know what to do once they get back in and know how to capitalize on the starstruck fans that get cast in the house…it’s brilliant and amusing how the cast of fans mostly go for it year after year wanting that ‘advice’ on what they should do.

    • Someone wrote way back that paul didn’t know he was coming to BB til just before it started.
      To put it this season’s terms, “Ole pellets!!! ( bu][ sh]t !!! )
      I’m sure paul has been planning since he didn’t hear his name about 11 1/2 months ago and heard the name “Nicole” instead. Bet is you checked his place and work, he probably has WALLS concentrated on charts and lists and diagrams as to what and how to ‘do it’ to everyone. No one can persuade me otherwise !!! !!! !!!.

  6. I Disagree 100% that Paul will have the Jury Votes to win… It will NOT happen. I don’t care what Doctor Will says, they are NOT going to give that money to the person behind every move in that house. No blood on his hands? He’s drowning in Blood!!!

  7. Okay, this is asinine,… Everyone is going nuts. I can’t believe how everyone is talking about Paul. and the rest of the HGS. I have watched BB since it started years ago and know that the back bitting, lieing , bulling etc. has been going on since it first begain!!!!?

    • I always watched the show on tv, this is my 1st year as a feeder. it’s a whole different game that the edited edition. I don’t think i’m alone on this point.

      • You’re not, lady. I’ve had the feeds off & on for a few years and while there has always been bad behavior on BB, I can only think of only one season where it was as bad as it is this season and that is BB 15. But, even in that season, the entire house did not gang up on one HG and bash that HG for a month straight! And let’s be clear here b/c that is what Paul, Alex, Josh & Xmas (and Jason too) have done this past month, they have ganged up on and kicked Kevin over & over again, even now, when he is absolutely no longer a threat to anyone’s game.

      • ty, I was never sure what to believe being a new feeder. I wondered, is this really what it’s like?
        maybe you’ve read my posts. where I’ve been heartsick, heartbroken, outraged, crying at the inhumanity, wondering if kids are still treated like this, pulling my hair out with emotion and some people said that’s bb.
        i’m glad to hear that maybe it’s not bb after all.

      • It shouldn’t be. And up until this season, it hasn’t been. With the possible exception of Season 15, watching BB has been an enjoyable way for feedsters to spend the summer. BB 19 has been difficult to watch. Hopefully BB 20 will be better.

      • I’m with you, Grace. I know Paul deserves the win b/c he has played better than any of these other Hg, but I simply won’t believe he had to be such a nasty piece of sh*t to do so. Dan G said it best when he put out a post on twitter saying how you can play BB hard without treating the other HG like sh*t! Paraphrasing here, but you get the gist of it, and he is absolutely correct imo.

      • as a 1st time feeder I was over joyed at the thought of checking out from America for a while. I needed a break from everything and thought this would be perfect. well, it somewhat turned into a fresh hell most of the time.
        i’m going back to the gym when this is over.

      • I’m sure you’re not alone. A lot of us feel that way. But please don’t judge BB the game by this season’s players. It was not representative of anything any of us have witnessed before.

      • Yes, it has struck my house hard b/c my son is gay & when he came out in HS he was bullied and picked on at first. Luckily for my son, he had a good group of friends (and us, his family) to rally around him & the bullies stopped when we made it stop. In fact, my son, who has watched BB for years without quitting, won’t watch anymore of this season b/c of the rampant and continuous bullying going on. It sucks b/c watching BB was something we both enjoyed so much until this year.

      • not to stereotype gay people but watching past seasons, they have been absolutely some of the most entertaining, likeable and most worthwhile hg’s to root for, and mostly show the humanity of the house. i’m so sorry your son had to face that, I consider that tragic. but as the gay community tells young people “IT GETS BETTER”.
        all my best to your family.
        I guess this is the time we all wind down.

      • I am so sorry your son had to go through that. I truly believe that most of us has gone through some things similar. But no child should never ever have to deal with this. He is a lucky Young man to have the love and to be excepted. Of a awesome family and friends. God bless ♥️

      • Grace Handy, Ladyofsjalott,, I know we are not going to see eye to eye. But, I’m not trying to argue with you and /or anyone else. I said what I witnessed on BB show. I am pretty sure I can have my own opinion, if you or anyone else find what I post unexceptable, then don’t….. Have a good day

      • No you aren’t alone.I think each person has to decide if they can watch or be apart of the feeds. I don’t think I could handle it. So what see is the TV show and BBAD😀.

    • Lying, deception – sure. That’s the nature of the game. Inciting personal attacks on other HGs … no.

    • Not like this season, Nina. Kevin has been under personal attack & isolation for a month. A FULL MONTH! I’ve watched BB since season 2, and as far as I can recall, that is unheard of and has never-ever happened. However, I’d be more than willing to listen if you can give me one example in BB history where the entire house ganged up on one HG for a month…

      • And they’ve been doing it all season. Paul picks his major competitor, gets the group together, points at that person and commands, “Attack!” (Whatever it takes to make that person “crack”: bullying, harassing, personal attacks against their family members …) And they do it. Once that person’s gone, Paul determines his next threat and commands, “Attack!” And they do it. One after another after another. Who does that? And worse yet, who falls for it time after time after time?

      • Do you remember the one I think in the last 3-? years… It’s the one with a transgender.she was ostriazed in the HN room until she could leave. Now do condone this behavior, No this isn’t. But, Kevin will probably or most likely go home this Thursday.

      • I do not nor would I and that starts at home I am not going to argue with you or anyone….This is a game and if you have watched BB for as long as that. Then I am sure you know this is scripted

  8. Either Paul will win and go down as having played the most dominate game ever or come 2nd and with this year’s jury being the most bitter of all time.

    You can love,like, dislike, or hate Paul but the game he has played is better than anyone ever. Controlled who won what comp. Controlled who voted who. Controlled twists controlled who talked or fighted with who never sat on the block and got everyone else to take blame for him.

    Anything less then 1st will be tragic.

  9. I think it would be absolutely amazing if Paul finishes second again. They should ALL vote against him for getting played.

    • That’s defeating the purpose of big brother. What does Julie say? “Play or get played”. Paul played.

      • So true, he’s the only one who played 100% of the time. Others tried playing when it was too late. Its a disgrace if anyone but Paul wins.

  10. Paul is way too comfortable, so shouldnt he be on his way out the door? Thats how it usually goes. Just seems to good to be true for him to win.

  11. Clearly Paul has brainwashed the brainless this season and is going to win. But at the point I don’t want the brainless puppets, who were willing to harass and bully other players, even players who had befriended them, just because Paul told them to do so, to win a dime. I want Paul to complete his season of betrayal and take Kevin to the final 2. And have Kevin also win American Favorite. Have him, who never bullied or tried to hurt anyone on a personal level, walk out with $100,000+ ($25,000 to let Paul in, $50,000 for 2nd, and $25,000 for AFHG) and leave all the rest of those Big Brother EXPERTS with nothing but those played looks on their faces.

  12. Alex said last night she is still going to try ang get paul to use the veto on her and when he puts the veto back in the box that is when you will see the real alex come out and she will go after paul watch. Because he has not broking the deal until he puts the veto in the box and that is when it will sink in for her. It don’t say petty on her hat for know reason I think we could be in for some good feeds today.

    • she folded like a cheap suit. when he told her, she had a bobble head nod going.
      she’s a phony bad a@@

  13. I know it’s not going to happen but how nice (better than…) it would be for Josh and Kevin to be F2.

    Kevin surprises all of them and use his hidden superpowers and just wins everything here on out… Thanks Paul for “taking him this far” and pick Josh for F2.

    • Funny … Maybe Kevin’s superpower is hiding his superpowers ?
      Cause he’s done that really well, do not get me wrong I am not about to start judging people locked in a cage but Kevin hasn’t won anything and Paul has not been on the block so who would you say is playing better ?

    • Josh has to make it past the Thursday night evictions first. I doubt he will. He has gone slightly rogue and Paul and Christmas know it. If he told Alex he would take Christmas to F2 he is a goner for sure.

  14. Damn how fast did Cory dump Nicole. And I’m not taking too well to the news of Victor and Nicole dating. LoI knew it was coming because I kept seeing pictures of them surfacing at the beginning of the summer.

  15. On another thread, someone wrote that they had already cancelled their feed lines from cbs.
    I’m using my access to watch prior BB seasons. Watching BB8 now with EvelDick and daughter Daniele. And I remember thinking EvelDick’s rants and raves were bad.
    Whew!! Not even close to pussy paul.
    Ah, Ole Chips!!! (bu][ sh]t) hahaha

  16. Since big brother loves showmances so much, why don’t they have a battle of the showmances season. Reunite them whether they are still together or not. That may be some good drama. That’s the only way I can stomach them. CBS needs to do something because it’s getting boring.

    • Good idea. They’ve done that on another show, the Challenge, in the past. It was Battle of the Exes.

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