Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Sunday Highlights

Alex learned her definite Big Brother 19 fate from Paul Sunday while Josh continued to mope about the house most of the day before finally beginning to shake out of his funk. Alex isn’t happy and has isolated herself from the rest of the house.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 10, 2017:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs are starting to wake up.

11:30 AM BBT – Slow morning still as Big Brother is trying to get HGs out of bed.

12:00 PM BBT – Alex, Josh, Christmas, and Paul talk about the beginning of the season. They remember how Raven spent the first night in Cody’s HoH room then got the boot when Cody started hanging out with Jessica. The group doesn’t believe Raven’s story about her rejecting Cody.

12:54 PM BBT – Paul pulls Alex in to the Lounge and reveals he will not be using the Veto. Alex is sad but doesn’t get angry with Paul. Paul says he would lose if he kept her because he’d lose votes for doing it and she’s already got three votes in the Jury.

1:05 PM BBT – Alex continues to listen to Paul and responds a little. She’s frustrated that she trusted him and he’s leaving her in this spot.

1:10 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul to do what’s best for his game.

1:20 PM BBT – Alex says she would have saved Paul if their situation was reversed.

1:22 PM BBT – Josh is worried that Paul is yet again throwing them under the bus to protect his own game.

1:25 PM BBT – Alex reminds Paul that if he used it then they’d both be playing in the next HoH comp.

1:30 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul she would have taken him to the end, even if it meant she would have lost.

1:35 PM BBT – Paul says he will still try to convince Christmas and Josh to keep Alex. She points out they know they can beat Kevin and will want to keep him.

1:45 PM BBT – Paul continues to ramble but Alex says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because it’s making her feel worse.

1:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that he will have her vote and Jason’s vote if he gets to F2.

2:00 PM BBT – Paul goes upstairs and fake cries to Josh and Christmas that Alex was mean to him but that he managed to protect their secret from her.

2:10 PM BBT – Christmas asks if Paul told Alex that they (the three of them) discussed not using the Veto. Paul denies revealing anything.

2:20 PM BBT – Josh camtalking. He’s upset that Paul is working all of this to make him look good. Josh doesn’t like how Paul and Christmas are allowed to cover their bases, but when he does he’s in the wrong.

2:30 PM BBT – Paul checks in with Josh. Josh admits he’s struggling with all of this. Paul warns Josh not to flip out or he’s going to stress out Christmas even more.

2:45 PM BBT – Josh camtalks and asks himself why he didn’t keep Jason.

2:46 PM BBT – Josh tries to get Alex to talk with him but she says no.

3:05 PM BBT – Josh is upset again and says to the camera that Paul is making himself look clean while he and Christmas get all the blame.

3:25 PM BBT – Josh realizes that Christmas isn’t taking him to the F2. He’s upset. Josh is sure Christmas will take Paul over him and that’s why she’s letting Paul roll all over the two of them. Josh decides maybe he should get them to split the vote then flip it, send out Kevin, and keep Alex to mess with Paul.

3:28 PM BBT – Josh decides he’d take Christmas since he can beat her and Paul is planning to take him because he thinks he can beat Josh. He thinks Paul probably knows Christmas is taking him (P) instead.

4:20 PM BBT – Christmas checks in on Josh. She’s frustrated with him. Christmas wants Josh to stay away from Alex. He wants to talk with her.

4:25 PM BBT – Josh finally gets to talk with Alex. He says he didn’t want to go against Jason and he doesn’t want to go against her. Josh says he doesn’t know what she talked about with Paul, but he doesn’t feel good about this. Alex says she doesn’t want to talk game.

4:27 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh to stop crying and she’s the one who should get to cry. They want her out so she’s out.

4:30 PM BBT – Alex asks Josh to leave her alone. He says he wants to be her friend, but Alex says she doesn’t want that.

4:35 PM BBT – Christmas is worked up and tells Paul she might force Josh to be the tiebreaker and put this on him. She goes to find Josh and asks him for a moment. He says right now. She tells him to get in the Lounge. There she asks if he wants her to leave because if he does then she’ll work that out for him. Josh tells Christmas that Alex is going. Christmas gets mad that Josh interrupted her. She gives Josh his final choices that could lead her to leaving instead of Alex then walks out and shuts the door hard.

4:45 PM BBT – Alex and Paul talk again. She promises him her Jury vote.

4:45 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh to stay away from Alex. He points out that she and Paul are talking with Alex. Josh notes how Alex is okay with them but mad at him.

4:50 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas continue to bicker at each other. Josh says he’s never chosen anyone over her.

4:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul she’s upset that he and Christmas voted against Raven instead of Kevin and how they couldn’t even have her back then.

4:55 PM BBT – Paul talks with Josh and is upset that he’s not following his orders to stay away from Alex and making risky moves for their game. Paul tells Josh he (J) doesn’t need to be talking with Alex. Josh points out that Paul has been doing that though. Paul warns Josh there might be a tie for him to break now that he’s got Alex thinking she could convince Josh to keep her with a tiebreaker. Josh says that’s fine, and they can force a tie on him.

5:00 PM BBT – Paul says Josh’s emotions are screwing up his game. Josh again says to make it a tie and he’ll deal with it. Christmas sounds in agreement for that.

5:05 PM BBT – Josh is getting upset over being told he’s not allowed to have a conversation with Alex while they both can. He keeps telling them to just split the vote then. Paul sounds worried that Josh might not evict Alex. Josh asks him when he hasn’t followed the plan? Christmas and Paul agree that Josh is throwing them under the bus.

5:10 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh he made the rogue Raven vote and now talked with Alex. Josh is agitated. Paul blames Josh for the situation and says now they have to do the tiebreaker but says he doesn’t know if Josh would send her out or not. Josh again reminds him that’s not his style.

5:15 PM BBT – Paul complains that Josh ruined all his hard work today with talking to her earlier.

5:20 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh if he doesn’t get it together one of them goes next week. Josh says he is good and will snap out of it.

5:27 PM BBT – Paul goes to Alex and tells her that Josh could possibly save her if he has to break the tie. Alex says she’s done and says everyone is counterfeits.

5:30 PM BBT – Alex warns Paul that Josh might not take him to final 2. Paul says none of them would. Alex says Kevin would.

5:35 PM BBT – Christmas apologizes to Josh for being so aggressive with him.

5:36 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that the way she sees it is they are friends but Paul is F-ing her right now. Paul says that’s not what he’s doing. Paul says he gets boned again if he sits next to her in final 2.

5:43 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that Alex has checked out so they probably won’t have to split the vote.

5:44 PM BBT – Alex talking to herself. She says friendship was a lie.

6:10 PM BBT – Paul working on making Josh feel bad for talking to Alex again. Josh tells Paul for them to split the vote and he’ll send Alex out and take the heat.

6:13 PM BBT – Alex cam talks and says since she’s getting evicted everyone should vote for her to win America’s Favorite Player.

6:15 PM BBT – Christmas tells Alex she’ll vote her out because it’ll be easier to beat Kevin in competitions than her.

6:44 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul just to make sure he wins HOH because the others will evict him. She says she’s checking out and doesn’t even feel bad anymore. She tells Paul she’ll work on jury for him,  especially Jason. Paul asks Alex if she thinks his best bet at winning is with Josh. She says yes. Alex says she’s pretty sure Jason will vote how she votes and she’ll vote Paul to win.

7:06 PM BBT – Paul says as long as Raven doesn’t think he backstabbed her he’ll be fine with her and Matt. Alex said she’ll make sure Raven knows.

7:15 PM BBT – Alex warns Paul that she’s not going to hug anyone when she leaves.

7:36 PM BBT – Alex cam talks. She addresses Paul fans and says what Paul is doing is a coward move and Jason would have never done that.

8:25 PM BBT – Alex has isolated herself. Everyone else is outside hanging out.

9:05 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas and Paul he is proud of the way he’s played the game. He tells them he’s feeling better now.

9:15 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul and Christmas they can still split the vote for Alex if they want. They say no, that’ll just give Alex more false hope.

9:54 PM BBT – Josh checks on Alex. He asks for a hug and she says no.

10:02 PM BBT – Alex is cam talking again before bed. She says Paul lied to her about taking her to the end and says he is not the person she thought he was. She tells Paul fans not to worry, though, she’s still voting for him to win.

10:30 PM BBT – HGs got stuff for a unicorn milkshake party from POP (BBAD). Alex doesn’t take part in the fun. Paul asked Alex if she wanted some, but she said no. When he left the room she called him fake as f**k and said the word Satan (while reading the Bible).

10:50 PM BBT – HGs finishing up their milkshakes and already complaining about stomachaches as a results.

11:15 PM BBT – Alex gets called to the DR and grumbles about “counterfeits” just like Jason warned her.

11:30 PM BBT – Christmas, Josh, and Paul relaxing in the hammock and talking about life back home and what they’ll do next. Josh worries if they’re going to look bad after this season. Christmas says they haven’t done anything too mean.

11:45 PM BBT – Alex talking to herself and says she should have listened to Jason. She hopes to audition for Survivor after this. She continues to bash Paul in her frustration. Alex continues her camtalk for a long time and vents to Feedsters.

12:00 AM BBT – Kevin comes out and Alex shifts to ranting about him.

12:10 AM BBT – Paul is upset that he may be portrayed as a villain this season and doesn’t think that’s right. Paul tells Josh he has to attack Kevin again and Christmas will get the fight going.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul and Christmas are cuddled up in bed as she rubs his back and advises him on how best to argue his game to the Jury.

1:30 AM BBT – Christmas and Paul continue to tell stories. Alex is sitting alone in the HN room.

1:50 AM BBT – Alex continues to read the Bible while Christmas and Paul chat.

2:05 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are asleep.

Alex is bitter, but not so bitter that she wouldn’t vote for Paul. She blames Paul for her situation, but at least also admits she shouldn’t have listened to him and should have paid more attention to the warnings from her real ally, Jason. Too late now for that though.

The Veto meeting is coming up on Monday afternoon and that should end with Alex and Kevin remaining on the Block with the target squarely on Alex. She’s ready to go at this point and will get out two days early with the special eviction event coming up, so that’s a bonus for her.

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  1. Just now seeing last night’s episode, ooo and Victor looks delish! And where is Zach? He never comes around. I heard he said he’s said he’s not interested in returning to Big Brother, maybe it’s true. Also I thought the comics was going to be a competition, not a scripted show, it looks cheesy. And for goodness sakes, get Nicole a voice coach!

    • Better yet, get Nicole and her squawky voice OUTTA HERE once and for all and never invite her back to any future BB event. The same for the narcissistic musclehead Jesse “Mr. Pecker-Tacular;” über-annoying Frankie Grande; dead weight Jeff Schroeder; and the pious anti-gay bigot Dan Geezling (or however you spell it.) They’d none of them be missed.

      • Dan is anti-gay? I thought he was gay. I didn’t see his seasons, I take breaks because I think some of the show is rigged and I get frustrated.

      • O well that doesn’t mean he’s not gay. But anyway I don’t know anything about him, just looking at as a guest, I thought he was gay.

      • Oh, god no. In whatever season he was on, he started expounding on how terrible gay people were, that they were morally reprehensible, etc. It’s been a while, but I seem to remember he had some sort of roman catholic connection—he taught at a catholic high school or something. Since arcane beliefs are usually strongly rooted, I assume he still feels that way.

      • Well often men that exhibit extreme anti-gay behavior are closeted gays themselves and are deflecting. Without knowing anything about him I got gay vibes, but thanks for the bio.

      • Woah. Hold on there RexOfSB. Dan Gheesling is not a “pious anti-gay bigot”. What the hell is the matter with you spreading around fake information like that? Dan NEVER said anything bad about the gay community. In fact, how about you go rewatch season 10, where he opened up to the gay housemate (Steven) about how meeting someone from his community, which he said he really hadn’t before, really broadened his perspective. It was quite a touching moment, and you could tell Dan was genuine and really took it to heart. He was 100% nice about it, and Steven was his friend. Dan would never insult somebody like that. He might lie in the game, but that’s the game. He didn’t make personal attacks like so many of these houseguests do. And MG, Dan is not gay. He had a girlfriend on BOTH of his seasons and is now married (to a pretty good looking woman I might add. Get your facts straight. Just because Dan is a Catholic school teacher doesn’t mean he is a “bigot”. My goodness.

      • Also, MG, you should watch Dan’s seasons. He might be the best player of all time (next to Dr. Will). Season 10 is so much better than this utter trash. Renny, Keesha, Dan, Memphis, Jerry, Brian, Michelle, Jessie, April…that cast was amazing and full of people to both heavily root for and absolutely hate. It was also full of drama, humor, less scripted diary rooms, and great gameplay! Check it out.

  2. I said I weeks ago…..Alex will turn on Jason and it will be the end of Alex. Now she finally sees it. Never slight your ride or die. Paul for the two of them should have been cut off once Cody and Jessica left. No one has drawn a line in the sand, happily followed Paul. Still now even though Josh sees it, he continues to be one of Paul’s sheep….all the while being treated as a child by his “ride or die”.
    Josh is a cry baby who seems weak & has always been seen this was since coming into the game.
    Though I don’t like Kevin, my hopes are he is in final 2 and that he gets the 500K…won’t happen, it’ll be Paul and Christmas, maybe Paul and Josh . Either way unless people have done some real talk in the Jury, Paul is given he prize.

    • Kevin is of the most tricky nature in the house for Paul’s game. While he is the best option to take to F3 competitive wise, (hence he has been taken to this stage) he is the most dangerous to take to F2.
      I won’t be surprise to see Paul take him to F3 over Josh.

  3. “Paul goes upstairs and fake cries to Josh and Christmas that Alex was mean to him..”

    The real Paul. Not the tattooed, bearded, heavy metal version. That’s all a front. Paul is sheltered, rich and mamas good boy who developed his alter ego from watching MTVS The Real World as a kid.

    • Just read Joker’s posts. Paul bragging about how he likes to call “rude” women c&nts. Christmas thinks it’s awesome. No wonder he’s still living in mommy’s basement.

      • He lives with his parents because he has rude thoughts? Does everyone who has the occasional rude thought or comment live with their parents?

      • I agree, that logic is flawed. I assume the poster meant he doesn’t live with a woman since he calls “rude” ones the C word.

  4. These assholes amaze me in the way they think….”Potty Mouth” Paul has done nothing but spew crap all season..hence the moniker…I hope Kevins family tears into each and everyone of the low class scum that belittled and maligned him…Even Jason who made a really bad comment while trying to fit in with the cool kids….I hope that none of the BB19 cast ever grace the door of the house again…The excuse “Its just a game” don’t hold water when it becomes personal and u hurt people for no other reason than ur own enjoyment…That is Pauls and Christmas idea of how u play BB and win…then Josh agreeing to tag along and take the blame…Like I said no amount of money will buy any of these people self respect or class…

    • Josh is the kid who sees his classmates tagging buildings and tossing things at feral cats. he knows better but just wants to fit in so goes along with it. I agree that we should never see any of the cast but fully expect We haven’t seen the last of Josh.

    • If it were all in the name of being “just a game” they would stop the attacks when the person is evicted. All Paul. Christmas, and Alex do is sit around and continue to bash everyone who is gone. They are some of the most hateful people I have ever seen.

      • Alex got it right when she said Paul is playing a cowards game…she just forgot to add Bully to that too!

    • Well said!!! I would love to see kevin make it to the end. He has put up with so much crap from these morons!

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Christmas and Paul are the most horrible people to ever play this game. Paul would’ve been gone week one if not for production. Josh is a joke and only a Lennie to Paul’s George. It makes me ill that the other cast members were so stupid as to award Paul with $500k.

    • This season has to be rigged. I’ve never seen a cast fight so hard for one person (paul) to win. This whole season is just bizarre. Paul should have been gone in week 1, Christmas should have been out of the house, josh wouldn’t have made it past week 5.

      • You know I like Paul but the other day I commented something almost identical. I’ve never seem anything like this. I didn’t watch about 7 or 8 seasons , but from what I’ve seen, this is bizarre.

      • Season 11 would have turned out like this if Jeff had fumbled the Coup d’etat. The problem here is that we (the audience,not me personally,) gave the most powerful temptation to Jessica.

  6. So Xmas is helping Paul with his F2 speech, thinking she’ll be sitting next to him. K.

    I’m glad Alex already gets it that Paul is the reason.. I’m glad Josh realizes Xmas isn’t taking him.

    If I’m Josh and Paul said I’m fixing to screw things up and get one of them evicted next, I’d just ask if that’s a threat.
    If he said no, I’d ask well then who’s going to evict us – Kevin, who can’t win a comp – unless “someone” throws it to him?
    Alright then.

    • Maybe he meant if Josh were to save Alex and Kevin out, one of the three of them (j,c,p) wouldn’t make f3.

    • And how do you know Paul & Christmas won’t be the Final 2? It’s sure looking like it the way they’re both playing!

      • Maybe they will. I’m sure Paul could beat either.

        I think he may cut her and go with Josh. I really don’t know.

  7. Pauls wish is coming true this holiday season. He is taking exactly who he wanted to the final 3. He can win against Christmas because she was injured and really was not able to fully play. He can win against Kevin because well Kevin did nothing but do what Paul told him to do. He thought he could also win against Josh but Josh had proved to be a better player than he anticipated so Josh will be cut after Alex for sure.

    • Yeah and Paul will look like the biggest idiot that ever played BB…Take Kevin who was no competition at all Christmas had one good leg or Josh who sits and barks on command None of the 3 were any competition or threat …the ants in the house were better competitors ….I would be embarrassed to say that I won against either of the 3…

      • That is not what I said…. I did not say that he should not take the money…I said he had no competition …I did not say that I would not take the money… I said I would be embarrassed to say that I won against 3 total losers….

      • Really Paul the biggest idiot?

        He played the game and got (according to YOU) himself and three of the worst players in Big Brother history as part of a final 4.

        And I’ll stop you before you get to the “but, but, but…these players are all stupid” line of attack. Because when you are a superior player in any game, what you do is ROUT the competition. And that’s just what Paul has done.

        And just a general observation, here in the middle of the let’s bash Paul fest.

        The prize is not a huge sum of money, but it is enough to be life changing. The game is all about deception and manipulation. In the end, only one person will be left standing.

        To me, inside the game, anything but physical harm to another is acceptable. These GROWN ADULTS were not blindsided going into this game. They all knew, or at least could have educated themselves, that they could be played.

        You all may now continue you’re bitch-fest.

    • More I think about it, more I think Kevin could win this thing if he could convince the jury that he figured out Paul’s game plan early on and decided to go along with it to further his own game. Would be good to have that come back and bite Paul. That is strategy too.

      • Kevin had no strategy, no game. He was fairly good socially until Paul put that on hiatus. If Kevin made it to F2 with Paul and won, that would definitely be the result of jurors voting with a personal bias, which is definitely their option.

      • on the one hand yes, but not if he could convince them, that all he was doing was using Paul’s strategy. No need to come up with his own, if he could benefit from Paul. Probably too much of a stretch, but would be nice tho.

      • Kevin would NEVER EVER convince anyone he had an iota of strategy. Any vote for him would be a personally biased vote.

      • I know. He’s definitely been clueless this whole time. Part of me hoping he’s only been acting, but I do feel you are right.

      • Nah, the Houseguests are too stupid to NOT give the money to the Bully…..Cody was the only one to really stand up to him….

      • Kevin could have a good argument with identifying his weakness in competition and strength in playing a good social game, go along with near harmony for all without getting blood on his hands to get himself to the final.

  8. Barely a mention of Kevin here. I wonder what he was doing during all this. Is he being ostracized, isolating himself, or who knows. As for Paul telling Christmas to pick a fight with Kevin, he’s trashy for saying that, and she is if she does it.

    • Well, they didn’t let him have any beer…(and Production went along with it)….so it is probably the same as every other week. They are awful people.

    • But what really is the fight for? Earlier in the season, one could excuse that it was to force the victims to self evict, get overboard with everyone (including friends) and loose votes. But Kevin is already on his own now since Jason left the house.

  9. Ok, I just come back to this… Kevin went along with Paul and threw HOH. Paul was mad when he thought Kevin didn’t trust him and was actually trying! God forbid anyone actually try to win an HOH when it is down to the final 5 in the BB house!!! SMH Never leave your safety in someone else’s hands if you don’t have to. You’ve seen how this whole season has played out!!! They’re all so stupid!!!!

  10. 6:13 PM BBT – Alex cam talks and says since she’s getting evicted everyone should vote for her to win America’s Favorite Player. – Thanks for the advice, Alex, but I’m regretfully going to have to decline.

    • But… but… she should get AFP because she was such an awesome HG! Right? Oh, I so hope Kevin wins it if only to make her feel stupid. She’s been so mean about him. And I like Kevin.

      • I’m voting for Kevin just so I can see her head explode. I’m picturing her reaction being even better than Frankie’s when he realized he wasn’t AFP.

      • I hope Julie announces the top 3 again like she did Frankie’s season, so they’ll really get the picture that the ones they tormented the most were America’s favorites, Cody, Jessica, Kevin.

      • I totally agree… he got screwed. If anybody comes back from this season I hope it is him. He wasn’t even there long enough for anybody to hate him yet!

      • Good AM to you, too. Don’t you love all of these people, like Alex, who think they even have a chance at AFP!! I’m still not absolutely sure who I will vote for. But I do know it won’t be Alex.

      • I think I’m going to do Kevin because he kept laughing. I can listen to him talk for hours. As for Alex, chile please, the nerve of her! I figured she was aiming for AFP with her pranks trying to mimic James. Also, telling Paul’s fans she’s voting for Paul so she can get their AFP vote. Girl bye, have a seat.

      • I can’t put my finger on it, but you know I’ve had this negative intuition about Snitchy since the beginning, and it has evolved. No way I’d vote for Cody. Jezebel probably already has been ring hunting and has picked out that big diamond she is demanding. That’s why she is working so hard for Cody for AFP.

      • Very true. The funeral was one of those BB things that just shows that unlike a lot of HG’s this season, you should never, ever give up. It was a thing of beauty watching him flip the house.

    • Dan won Season 10 and was runner-up in 14. If you missed 14, you need to watch it. Dan planned his own funeral. I think it was one of the most memorable episodes of BB. I liked him and wanted him to win. I don’t really like Paul, but I know from game play aspect, he should win. Lots of people can’t see past the personal. When a fan views the game from the strategic and social aspect on which it is based, there is NO way that a true fan could not truthfully admit that Paul does not deserve to win. But like I said, the ones who can’t/won’t admit it are the ones who would be considered a bitter juror if they played the game.

      • Remember Paul thought for a split second that Derrick was returning. I’ve never heard of a rule that winners couldn’t return.

      • Jordan and Dr. Will also returned to the house after winning. Might be others too, but those are the first 2 that came to mind.

    • Dan Gheesling was disliked but, he was cunning like a fox. What he never allowed is anyone to put him on the block! That fact lost of these house guests putting themselves on the block as a pawn! He also, used his head which speaks volumes about the house guests the past 3 seasons atleast! I have not seen so many self absorb, clueless individuals. Sure they do not see what the viewers see but, have they completely lost common sense? All of us use common sense multiple times in our lives so, how can you miss things right in front of you? Personally, I liked Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie, Dr Will, Rachel Reilly, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Danielle Donato. They played the game and played to win! No mamby pamby, I just want to get to the jury house and collect my stipend BS!

  11. Alex has to be the dumbest house guest ever on Big Brother. I thought then, that James was pretty dumb but, James looks like a genius compared to her now! She is about to be evicted and she still has not figured out that Paul has been lying to her? She said she is going to join Survivor. I hope you get in! Hayden who was a decent competitor did not do so well in Survivor. Alex will be chewed up and spit out probably the very first day! Survivor players are way, way smarter than Big Brother house guests by a factor of 10 atleast!

  12. I’ve been meaning to ask this for longest time but keep forgetting; Are Victor and Paul still friends? I never hear Paul talk about Vic. I’ve heard him talk about other 18 houseguest more. There’s been a couple times I’ve heard other houseguest from 19 talk about Vic in the presence of Paul and he remained silent.

  13. The millennials all think they should each end up in the final and get a participation prize. Life doesn’t work like that. What exactly do they think they signed up for? They all see the error of their ways after the fact, then blame Paul because they followed his cookie crumbs. He played them all, and they were fine with it, as long as it benefited them. As soon as the little darlings have their feelings hurt, the crushed little egos bring on the tears and sob like the fragile, (the world owes us), people they are.

    • They should do a season of millennials vs. Gen X vs. Baby boomers, kinda like survivor did one season.

    • Well, I mean, they do get a stipend, which is essentially a participation prize… So they’re not really wrong.

  14. Gah!! These people drive me crazy. Alex realizes Paul was never with her, yet she promises her vote. Kevin wants a letter from home, yet he throws another competition for Paul. Josh is BERATED by Paul and Xmas for daring to talk to Alex without their permission, yet Josh sticks with them. And Christmas cuddles with Paul and advises him how to talk to jury. W.T.F !!!

    • Christmas is besotted with Paul. And Paul isn’t cuddling Christmas, he’s cuddling her jury vote. The realization that she got played by Caligula just like all the others in Paul’s supporting cast will come too little too late.

  15. I AM not good at rewind. Saturday morning Chrstmas and paul were spooning about 8am central time… I have not seen anyone talking about it.. I think there was more going on!!!

  16. loved Nicole….but will not watch the revengers….wish there were better shows on Tv in the summer….other wise I would have never watched BB….please CBS find some people with IQs next season….

  17. One word sums up this season….DELUSION!! I cannot believe how Paul & Christmas don’t think they’ve been “too mean” smh! Atleast Josh owns it and knows how he’s acted. I actually feel bad for him and so done with how Paul & Xmas are treating him. The only outcome that would make me smile is if Josh won the final HOH and took Paul out and won against Xmas. That would be worth it! Can’t stand Paul. Please BB don’t EVER bring him back!

    • I really believe Paul will win the next HOH, and put up Josh and Kevin. Paul will win veto and Christmas will evict Josh.

      • I can’t fault him for not putting Paul up though. Josh understood what was going on… if he puts Paul up and Paul has F2 with Christmas, Alex and Kevin, who’s going to vote him out???? This is why they should have done it back when they were worried about getting Cody, Mark and Elena out of the house and there were people that would vote against him.

      • Well, maybe if he outed the plans to Alex and Kevin and blew up Paul’s game they would’ve voted him out. But, like I said, they are under Paul’s delusion, so who knows. And I agree, they should’ve taken out Paul WEEKS ago!

      • She has no respect for Josh. She’s telling Paul to take Josh to the end for the easy win. I think she’s actually a bit scared of Christmas

      • paul said yesterday that he wonders what josh says in his GB messages. although, these people are even too stupid to get it when josh spells out the plan.

      • That’s the thing, he goes to them to blow up Paul’s game and who’s the first person they talk to?


        He spins it and tells them a nice little story and the next thing you know, they’re drunk in Paul’s glory once again.

        I’m glad Josh sees what’s happening, but he’s waited so long that he’s just in a tough position. I think he realized his only shot is to win a Veto at F4 and win HOH at F3 and cut Paul.

      • When did Josh have the chance to take Paul out?

        You realize that just because YOU want Paul evicted, doesn’t mean that the players in the game want to evict Paul.

      • I”m saying they all had their chances to take Paul out in this game. My goodness, they could’ve taken him out in this past DE. Josh won POV, he could’ve then blown up Paul’s game to Alex and Kevin and voted his a$$ right out then and there. But NOOOOO! They are a bunch of sheep and NO I don’t like Paul! SO There!

      • Heck, they might as well just go ahead and right his check out right now. I don’t even see a point in playing the rest of the season.

      • Sorry, I’m a bit frustrated by this season LOL! If I EVER see Paul as a cast member on ANYTHING I will not watch it!

      • as much as i dislike him this season and dont want him to win, he did play this game more than anybody. his brain must be exhausted. he maneuvered every one in that house to do exactly what he wanted them to do and work out every single scenerio that could happen

      • Paul has covered his butt too well to make sure that there would never be enough votes against him. If ANY of these people had had a conversation without Paul around they would have figured it out. That’s why Paul has to keep the hate and fighting going

    • Sure, anyone can say that they know what they should do or should have done. So far, based on Josh’s actions (not his words) he won’t do what he wants. It’s comical to watch a man with short hair who sells hair care products spend the time to share his conversations in his mind out loud, make some conclusions, state will make the tough decisions, then doesn’t. Then goes to cry about it because he didn’t do what he was SO certain and proclaimed he would do..lather, rinse, repeat.

      He is treated in such a way because he allows them to!

  18. The more alex talks the more she hates paul and when he don’t use that POV that’s when he will loose a jury vote she is just to bitter and all that bitter will all go on paul.

    • If she would pull her hateful head out of her butt, she would go to Josh, try to get a split vote, Josh keeps her and she and he could go after Paul and Christmas.

      • Because of his sketchy behavior, Josh will not have the option to keep her. Christmas and Paul will both vote to evict Alex removing the tie breaker option from Josh.

      • If he staged one of the fights (with Alex)these people all seem to like Paul would jump on the chance to split the vote to insure Alex’s vote(in jury). Unfortunately, Alex is more interested in playing with Paul in the real world and trying out for survivor. It will never happen but it’s a viable option lol

  19. you know alex is really steaming when she turned down the ice cream last night.
    the girl’s an eating machine.

  20. 4:35 PM BBT – Christmas is worked up and tells Paul she might force Josh to be the tiebreaker and put this on him.

    So by deduction, she knows this will make a target on Josh. By extension, she also had to know that when she did it last week it put a target on her. So she actually knew that Paul would come out of last week clean but still did it anyway because…..???

    • Because she’s decided that she’s in love with him. She actually wanted to keep Alex over Kevin and cut josh next week. She’s an idiot

    • 12:40 AM BBT – Paul and Christmas are cuddled up in bed as she rubs his back and advises him on how best to argue his game to the Jury.


    • I’ve lost so much respect for Christmas now. She’s just so enamored by Paul that she will do anything to see him win. It’s ridiculous. It’s like none of them came to really play the game. BB is not what is used to be.

      • her and her broken foot should have gone long ago. she didnt compete most of the time and the things she won were handed to her

  21. 6:13 PM BBT – Alex cam talks and says since she’s getting evicted everyone should vote for her to win America’s Favorite Player.


      • I thought so too, but he doesn’t deserve it. is he really, really as stupid as he lets on? I mean, he’s absolutely clueless about the game of BB

      • I don’t think he deserves it either, but I can’t think of ANY of them who do. This is the first season (and I’ve watched them all) that I could not find one person I like.

      • I liked kev at 1st, but now i realize he had a lot of nerve to even go on this show. the dude doesn’t even know the basics, shame on him for thinking so highly of himself. he can bluff in poker but not here.

      • He said on the live feeds that he went to an open casting when he went to pick up his daughter and she wasn’t ready to leave her class or something. She told him to go to the audition to kill time. He had no idea what it was when he tried out and then just happened to get picked.

      • This is what happens when casting recruits players and selects those who don’t watch the program and mixes them with retreads and fans. I seem to recall Jason saying he was told which past seasons to watch to learn the game. I’ll give him credit, he absorbed more insight than Kevin did.

      • I think kevin has more insight than hes given credit for. Problem is he followed paul,couldnt win comps & had no allies. Jason had some insight but followed alex who followed paul so…

      • right, even in the house kev still walks around as if he’s lost. damn dude, cook the house some eggs every once and a while.

      • maybe Jason, I know, he has a lot of faults but…
        he has a nice family, baby on the way.
        he really needs the money.
        at his age I don’t know how much longer he can do the bull thing.
        most of the time he was a decent man and loyal to alex.
        he kept me going for weeks when the house turned into a fresh hell every day.
        he had an open, honest charm about him.
        I ain’t gonna lie, he had a really nice body to look at.

      • I like jason as well but will probaly vote kevin just because he endured so much for no reason. He was mistreated all season.

      • I thought about cody, i wouldn’t mind seeing him get the money. but his game sucked. you can’t come too ridged, any house will take you down for that (just because).

      • i thought the same thing. i feel sorry for him and with him already winning the first comp of $25000, if he won more it would really piss the rest of them off

  22. alex can’t even wrap her head around just how many ways she was played.
    LOL. she told Jason weeks ago that she’s a long game player. LOL

  23. People in thus game get pissed when they realize they have been played. Get over it.. it’s Big Brother! Bad tactics and all.

  24. Alex on getting to know she is house target is isolating and talking to herself. That is what happens with lies and blindsides however sociable in a lock in. Not to mention unfriendliness, bullying, call outs and framed lies. Mark was the person who didn’t isolate himself in that scenario. Other HGs in such situation will socialise less and talk less about their personal life.

  25. again, paul tells josh he has to attack kev and xmas will get the fight going. I guess this is where xmas will “rape his soul”.
    of course, our mr sensitive will get right on this.

    • Alex mentioned that to Paul yesterday…She said Cody told her that Paul would backstab her…Not in those exact words did she say it but she did bring it to lite…

      • Alex also told Paul that Cody said Paul will take JOSH to F2. This was after Paul said he wants to take Josh to the F2.

  26. Alex is sooo darn kwute! We should vote for her for AFP! Yes, Alex, you were such a darling, we will get right on that.

  27. If Christmas and Paul were ever to have children, bless those poor kids. Bless those who would encounter those kids.

    So even with all the information, Alex just lay there and give up? Humph! Her karma is biting her sooner than later.

  28. I still find it amusing that house guests get so mad when they realize they’ve been had. They would do the same thing. Not one player would smile and tell the truth. There would never be back door moves, never any real competition, nothing but players who are soft as butter and the game/show would be boring.

  29. Earlier in the game I commented that I hated the way Christmas and Paul spoke to others, rather a Cody not talking to me at all than someone talking down to and demeaning me. I don’t see how Josh allows this and still remain “friends”/cordial with them.

    Regardless of who wins, things aren’t going to be as peachy for them when they leave the house. Yes, they said and did things that were “too mean”, so Christmas get ready. Paul, put your brave little big boys pants on, not too many you can hide behind in the real world. Yes, gameplay but not too many respect your gameplay.

    Where was Kevin? Why do they always run to the Bible when things start biting them in their booty? Never seek guidance when they are doing their dirt… humph!

  30. I hope and pray Josh blows up Paul again in his GBM to Alex. Hopefully she really listens to it and then gets the jury to start talking

    • I think Alex is a loss cause. She’s still voting for Paul and will try to make Jason do the same. She is too stupid to breathe.

  31. I don’t understand how Alex can call Jason her ride or die, but would have been happy to get to F2 with Paul over Jason.

    BTW, keep reading posts about how Alex was duped and is still voting for Paul. At the end of the day you have to take personal and emotions out of your vote. It’s a game, who played the best game? Paul. He’s responsible for all of those people in jury. It is what it is, Alex got duped and didn’t see it coming until Jason got evicted. She had a chance when she won HOH but again, got duped and fell into the “I must evict Kevin” game. She can only blame herself.

    • I didn’t think much of it until I heard her voice again last night. Victor, Victor, Victor, have you lost your mind AND your hearing?

  32. These people aren’t just playing for Paul because they are awestruck, they are in fear of the fans! They are so silly! Fans aren’t die hard like say Beyoncé or Taylor Swift who’s career depend on fans. People are fans of BB and as a consequence people remember the house guest and enjoyed them…not die hard fans. So what if u upset Paul’s fans? They aren’t larger that BB fans combined! Many of Pauls fans would leave him anyway. Christmas is naturally a disgusting person…she is mean even when its not game play. Here is to her Twitter followers cutting by more than half. Also if u all are buttering up Paul’s fan for AFP…they are voting for him for AFP. I hope Josh knocks Paul out in F3, but Kevin needs to win HOH in F4 and knock Christmas out. His chances are equaled with Xmas and Kevin…but Xmas can sell her resume better.

  33. “Paul is upset that he may be portrayed as a villain this season and doesn’t think that’s right. Paul tells Josh he has to attack Kevin again and Christmas will get the fight going.”

    That has to be the funniest thing I’ve read all morning. Hey, I am not a villain, but I want Josh to attack Kevin and Christmas to accuse Kevin of trying to sleep with her. What is wrong with these people.

    • “What is wrong with these people.”

      Paul, Alex and Josh are immature and still living with their parents. Not sure what’s wrong with Christmas besides being sexually frustrated. Kevin is the most normal and He may or may not have killed people for the Mob.

  34. Paul says “Kevin is playing the house.” How can that be when no one speaks to him except to have him throw comps? Raven didn’t even offer to make him a sandwich!

  35. “Alex is cam talking again before bed. She says Paul lied to her about taking her to the end and says he is not the person she thought he was. She tells Paul fans not to worry, though, she’s still voting for him to win.”

    Dumbest. HGs. Ever.

    “Paul tells Josh he has to attack Kevin again and Christmas will get the fight going.”

    Will he give Josh and Christmas treats if they do a good job? Embarrassing.

    “Paul and Christmas are cuddled up in bed as she rubs his back and advises him on how best to argue his game to the Jury.”

    What a F-ing joke. Did any of these HGs come to play the game or just be groupies of the garden gnome? This is unbelievable. Great job CBS.

  36. Paul could literally tell Alex he murdered her family and she would say, “Well, I’m sure it was the best for your game and you still have my vote. Can I still be your friend?”

  37. What does Alex mean she should have listened to Jason? Even if she thought Jason was the target they didn’t have the votes to save him l anyway. Is she referring to the veto comp? I think she threw it to Paul

    • He kept warning her Paul was after them. She kept telling him he was crazy. Even after they were on the block, she blew him off.

    • Here’s what she heard ” Baa Baa Baa” and she followed. Multiple times Jason attempted to get her to see Paul for what he is/was doing but, Alex turned that sheep’s eye and refused to hear /believe it. * Same goes for Christmas* Next week I feel we’ll be seeing Christmas behaving the same way Alex is this week.

      • Jason started doubting Paul the first week Alex won HOH. He kept asking why does Paul get to tell them who to nom. Jason won POV and wanted to use it to put Raven on the block. Many times throughout the season Jason tried to get off the Paul train but Alex would shut him down saying they can trust Paul 100% because his brand is friendship.

      • Jason had HOH twice didn’t he? He could have made a big move but chose not to. He was playing for Alex who was playing for Paul

      • Jason never watched BB before and Alex kept telling him she’s a super fan so he allowed her to beat his instincts out of him. He’s not particularly intelligent but he did have good instincts.

  38. Too late senorita. Alex thought that she knew how to play and “Friendship” was her best friend. Now she is doing what she criticized when others did it. Isolating herself. I want Kevin to win, but if it was a tie and Josh votes out Kevin instead of Alex, then it’ll get a little exciting.

  39. Oh my gosh Alex . . . you are going to have a breakdown when you go home and read the viewers comments . . .about how awful and disgusting you were to Kevin,yet in some other plant you actually think you deserve AFP !!!!! How does it feel to be played and lied too . . .like you did to many of the other house guests and didn’t give it a seconds thought ???? And if you weren’t a fool enough to believe Paul . . now that you apparently see the light about him . . you are telling him you are still voting for him !!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see your face when you realize Paul played YOU and the entire house the entire game !!!

    • She will still claim that her and Paul ran the house. Then Raven will say no Paul and I ran the house. Then Christmas will say it was her. Meanwhile Cody will say “I still hate all these people. Can I just have some peace and quiet?”

  40. “Paul and Christmas are cuddled up in bed as she rubs his back and advises him on how best to argue his game to the Jury.”
    Well that about tops off this pathetic season.

  41. It still blows my mind (not really) that even though Alex realizes now (finally) that Paul played her, she still will talk to him and promises him her (and Jason’s) vote! Yet, she treats Kevin and Josh poorly still!
    WHY will Josh not stick up for himself more! Put his foot down! Christmas and Paul telling him not to talk to Alex yet they are! Unbelievable (not really!)
    I just continue to get more and more and more and more frustrated as the days go on! They are all delusional! And I am delusional thinking something will still change!

  42. Paul is worried about looking like a villain and in that same breath he orders Josh to attack Kevin!!
    How does that make any sense whatsoever?

  43. About 4 weeks I posted on here for the first time when I realized Alex was sheep and would just follow Paul (when Cody approached Jalex about flipping the house). All these people told me how wrong I was anout Alex and how she was just “waiting” for the right time to turn on Paul. TIck, Tock. Looks like she waited a little too long.

  44. “1:10 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul to do what’s best for his game.”

    Don’t worry Alex, Paul ALWAYS does what’s best for himself.

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