‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Veto Meeting Leads to Raven Rave’n

Raven Walton Raves On Big Brother 19

We knew this would likely be a busy afternoon on the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds and the Houseguests didn’t disappoint when the Veto Meeting was over and the Feeds returned to a several angry Houseguests.

Jason delivered on his promise to keep nominations the same, but that was a promise he made to his ally Kevin, not the two “pawns” who stayed up on the Block. Raven immediately took issue with Jason’s move and dug in to the Big Brother cowboy. It wasn’t until later that Matthew really picked up the pace and joined in Raven’s game.

If you want to watch the action play out then use Flashback to rewind your Feeds to 11:59 AM BBT 8/28 on all cams. The Veto meeting just ended and we’ve got Raven shouting that Jason betrayed her and lied. She’s furious and seeks him out in the Storage room where he’s talking with Alex.

Soon Raven and Matthew are back outside where he’s trying to calm her down. It doesn’t last for too long. She’s shouting that she’s about to go crazy on Jason. Paul joins them and acts like he had no idea what was going to happen. He claims that Alex and Jason are arguing in the Storage room. Nah, they’re not, but Alex wants to act like she was surprised too and Jason is letting her do this.

Raven is adamant that Jason whispered to her this morning that he’d save her. Jason strongly denies this repeatedly later and Raven keeps on claiming it since, as Jason points out, if she claims it was a whisper then no one else can say whether or not it happened.

Jump ahead to 12:10 PM BBT as Jason has emerged from Storage and gets confronted by a shouting Matthew and Raven duo. Raven makes more claims that Jason said he’d save her so now he’s a liar. Matthew rages that Jason was hiding after the Veto meeting. Jason reminds him that he had to return the medallion box to Storage, but Matthew isn’t interested in hearing it.

Matthew says he’s ready to go home and doesn’t care what Jason has to say, but he’s going to score some points first. He starts shouting that Jason had been throwing Kevin under the bus all week and then he goes and protects him.

Jason keeps his cool through this as Matthew and Raven continue to screech and shout at him. Eventually Jason points out that neither of them ever came and asked him what was going on this week. That doesn’t go over so well with them as the shouting resumes.

Eventually things calm down, but it lasts for more than thirty minutes of angry, riled up Live Feeds. Matthew wants to leave and Raven plans to stay. Raven promises not to campaign against Matthew and he promises to break all the rules he can so he can get extra penalty votes against himself to help her. Yep, he says he plans to eat regular food (read: cereal), shower with hot water, and sleep in a regular bed. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens or not.

The entire blowup was ridiculous but made for intense Feeds. Raven and Matthew came off looking like poor players and bitter losers in the situation. They lost the HoH, Jason got them on the Block, they lost the Veto, and Jason kept them there. Want things to go your way? Win something without having to beg for other HGs to throw a comp your way.

What’s your take on the Veto fallout? Should Jason have renom’d Kevin instead and avoided this messy situation or was it the right move to protect his allies and further alienating HGs who were already aiming at him?

We’ve got days to go here before Thursday’s eviction vote so buckle up and enjoy the show. I doubt things will flip to keeping Matthew, but you never know. We’ll keep watching to see what happens next!


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    • Ha ha he playing thier own game eh … Lmao was Paul pushing them to target each other … they are still playing Paul’s gam3s Paul is the man !

    • I think it was Paul who stated to put up matt and raven. Just like it was PAul who stated to put up Alex and Jason if Christmas and Josh wins. No, its all Paul

      • I think the alex/jason situation is different….theyre the only ones who by tagging with paul that can actually beat him, so they are using paul’s schemes as middle man to orchestrate something they really wanted anyways….they both have been talking about eliminating matt and raven for awhile, how annoying they are, and how they never talk to them…they actually do talk with josh and christmas and know they are better than josh and christmas, and know that they are more easily tricked and manipulated by paul anyways….they know jury wouldnt vote for christmas or josh—one sympathy floater and one annoying guy that caused drama with three guests already that hate him in jury (cody, elena, mark)…..they are also friendlier with kevin than matt or raven, or even christmas and josh, so they need kevin and know he wont win comps but is always a vote they have to do their bidding, even more than paul could swindle on kevin…paul thinks he is closer with alex than he really is, and alex knows that paul will be a diplomatic messenger–just like she told him to go tell raven and matt the plan so they believed him etc…alex is playing the best game for sure…

    • i think itd be more crushing if matt was evicted then leave an easy to beat raven all sad mumbling nonsense for a week before she inevitably goes home as well

  1. But Maven, it was hilarious when Cody/Jessica got blindsided with Ramses’ eviction, right?

  2. Love this but unfortunately they are too stupid to know the true mastermind behind it all.

    • Yeah, why can’t Alex and Jason see through him, watching him fake knowing about Kevin? Wake up, houseguests!

  3. Well, whoda thunk it?! Matthew and Raven woke up, got out of bed, and finally realized this is not summer camp. They’re both annoying, so maybe Raven should go first – she’s louder. Let Cody deal with her in the jury house. Heh.

  4. I just really want Raven to dig her own grave this week so the others decide it’s better to toss her ass out. But if Matt’s really going to break all the have not rules for the rest of the week, I dunno that it’d even matter?

  5. The hardest part is seeing how Xmas and Josh are bullying Kevin right now. Wow. Way to go, Paul. Instigate some more.

  6. The hardest part is not knowing why Paul’s name is never being thrown around for eviction – this would’ve been a perfect week

    • These house guests are sleep-walking to the edge of the cliff, clearing the path for Paul. What a piece of work he is.

  7. Raven never won anything, never earned a spot to stay or formed any alliances. She is not entitled to anything in the BB house. I hope she goes first.

  8. Sitting here waiting on the feeds to come back on after they went to fish with Kevin about to throw a cup at Josh… pins and needles come on feeds!!

  9. Boy those penalty points sound QUITE severe. To make them worth their weight, if Matt does indeed rack them up, they should toss him out before the vote, maybe not even let him go to jury. Then still have the eviction on Thursday with only Raven up, screw the next DE. Maybe the floaters will take heed it’s time to play, cuz the house has begun eating their own!

    • Matt does know he can self-evict, right? If you don’t to want to play to stay. . . . might as well self-evict.

      • He hasn’t all season so I don’t know why he’s start now. I wouldn’t be saying this about any other player except Matt.

  10. Paul’s puppets attacking their latest houseguest. All instigated by Paul. Seriously, the dumbest group of people ever assembled

    • In today’s society where your number of followers tells others how important you are, they all want to be “liked” by Paul.

      • That’s true, but you’re playing a game and they all want to protect him but none of them can beat him in a final two. It just boggles my brain why you want to keep someone around that you cannot win against

      • I think you are right. Social Media is the death of good House guest game play.

  11. For those watching the live feeds now, I started watching right when josh butted into the argument Christmas and Kevin were having in the kitchen but how did this fight get started? I hate that they cut the live feeds, it’s stuff like that that makes it interesting lol

    • yah, isn’t this why it’s called Big Brother? Always someone watching everything that goes on???

  12. Matthew and Raven deserve nothing because they’ve done nothing. Good riddance to which one goes.

      • I hope Julie makes Matt look like an idiot when she questions him. And if it’s Raven I hope she does the same.

    • It looked like he was gonna…Josh deserves it. Actually xmas deserved it…geeesh

    • It cut out before anything happened but Kevin was going towards josh and it looked like he might hit him

      • thanks! Just another example of Paul instigating a fight. I hate josh. I can’t stand him and his wannabe Tony Montana Jr gibberish. Mi Familia, etc. Get him out after Paul.

      • yeah Paul instigated it. Told josh to get Kevin riled up. Told him to bring up the 25k Kevin won

      • Paul is a punk same stuff he pulled with telling Josh to bully Cody and Jessica. He’s pathetic.

  13. Someone on social media said there were 2 ambulances pulling into the lot where the BB house is.

      • I was about to be all offended that you’re in social media now and haven’t told me!!!!

      • That should have been the tell all. I still hunt and peck on my computer. Love you, gal! Kiss the toddler for me. :D

      • She’s putting wipes out as we speak ;)) Perfectly healthy, looks and acts just like me ;)

      • I thought the 2 year old would literally hate having another baby in the house let alone a sister but he literally adores her:.. maybe too much!! There’s times I’ve literally said “that’s a little too much love buddy!”

      • My 2 children were almost 11 months apart, so I know exactly what you mean about “too much love”. :)

      • Wow, Irish twins. I bet that was a lot of work.

      • Some say harder than twins because they are at such different stages. Try getting an 11 month old to understand why they can’t nurse anymore but they see the new baby nursing. I enjoyed every moment! But I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it. lol

      • You sound like a wonderful mother and an even more wonderful grandmother. You told a story, I believe on the other site about taking care of your grandkids that absolutely melted my cold beating heart. 💚

      • Grandparents are a different breed than parents; just there to love;pure love….”cold beating heart” pfft!!

  14. Hang in there Jason and don’t believe the crap Alex and paul are spreading about Kevin! I’m really disgusted by the major bullying and mean tricks being used by Paul and Alex and Xmas to make their game moves happen:( Horrible!

    • This truly is the most hateful cast I’ve ever seen on BB. I know it’s a game but they cross the line on good sportsmanship

  15. I dare say, I hope Raven”s pacemaker continues to work. Or she doesn’t upset her stomach too much so she vomits. And her knees stay strong as she jumps and bounces around. My God, we all have faults but this young lady is a total whack job.

  16. Matt calling Jason a pussy and a bitch?? You showed up to the game a little late didn’t you Matt? Suddenly you have opinions about something other than dinner?? Thanks for the laugh matt… that’s
    All I could do while watching you pitch a fit!! I’ll let my 2 year old give you lessons… he’s a much better fit thrower than you!! Ugh!

  17. At least Jason tried to play his own game however Paul and his minions have gone overboard now. I cannot believe what I am reading what is currently happening. Paul, Christmas, Josh and Alex have begun a full out attack on Kevin. They are crossing lines, bullying again and getting personal especially Josh who is so easily manipulated by Paul and now production has shut down the feeds. Does anybody know what is going on? I swear I have no respect left for most of them left in the house.

  18. Exactly! If you want things to go your way….FREAKIN WIN SOMETHING!! Don’t ride on coattails….week after week! Raven needs to go….she is a train wreck! Hell, they both need to go!

  19. On the Raven topic and I promise I’m NOT saying this to be mean… can someone please tell me how she passed a psych test? I want to SEE those papers!!!!!

    • They don’t do psych tests to see if you pass, they just want to see how crazy you are. You might think I’m joking, but I’m not.

      • Good Miss Fiddle, and you? What ya think about all of this? I’ve just been reading and laughing the entire time. Should I be taking it more seriously?

      • I’m good, amazing feeds today, golleeee! Now we are on cats, which usually means they are down for some time. There have been so many different fights todays, its all juicy!!

      • Juicy drama, just what was needed. Give Capt some props for saying it was going to get good. haha

      • Yep, I knew a Raven nom would bring out the drama!

      • I seriously am inclined to believe you at this point but with Raven, even all the shady things her mom and her have done… wouldn’t they want to stay away from this type of drama?? They as in CBS?

      • OK, serious. Did you hear the story about Make a Wish having something to do with her being cast? I have no idea if it is true. I haven’t heard anymore about it.

      • I’ve heard that too and I don’t believe it. I would think Make a Wish would do some serious vetting and you don’t have to dig too far to realize the whole family is a bunch of grifters. If you watch some of their youtube videos and buy what they are selling then you (them) are complete morons and deserved to be taken.

      • I’ve heard other stories about Make a Wish being fooled before though and while I didn’t hear they had anything to do with casting her I did hear that they totally fooled them

      • I read that she is a big supporter of the foundation and that she is a second runner up for Miss Arkansas. HA

      • No, no..I read it on a website just a minute ago. But, I can see her as a pageant contestant. She’s very adept at making things, em make up, up.

      • I find it very difficult to believe also, but these days there is a lot going on that I find difficult to believe.

      • How can you trust a network that allows a producer to say okay to a house guest walking toward the camera in the intro night show shirtless with ammo strapped to him and a gun in his hands. He’s not deployed. That is the image they gave us to introduce Cody.

      • Then what on earth about him being shirtless with guns makes u think u can’t trust the network? R u kidding me? Don’t buy into the crap about guns and people having them being bad!

      • After he got out of the Marines I sent him Texas with his brother’s AK47 and an old pistol I had. It looks like he upgraded to an AR and a better pistol.
        Cody’s dad.

      • Seriously? In all due respect, I think your perspective is off, Tom. Aren’t guns the American way?

      • Promise, I’m not making it up. I heard one of the HG’s say it on RHAP last year, I think it was Dan. At any rate it was a good and believable source. I think ED has said it a number of times as well.

    • Page on this site: Big Brother 19 Cast First Impressions — So Far, So Good!

      She’s likely just sane enough to be functional and fool the behavioral health providers.

  20. why cant the minions see this happens every week when paul decides on a target. Bullying starts. Josh is a foaming at the mouth bully egged on by tree and paul.

  21. This is big brother not big baby….FYI feeds are down due to josh antagonizing Kevin I think Kevin was going to punch him.

    • It was Christmas that started all this nonsense. She was “appalled” that Kevin asked her if she was going swimming and it set her off and then Josh jump into the fray.

      • Yep, it was so damn petty. They had all cams on the HOH, Jason and Alex were talking and all of a sudden you could hear screaming and it was Christmas screaming at Kevin because he asked her that question and her little buddy (Josh) had to jump on the wagon and bring Kev’s kids into the equation, now the feeds are down.

      • Exactly right, what’s the big deal. I remember seeing her the other day and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out who it was because she didn’t have a cast/brace on. Kevin meant no harm, it was a question, the end. Good Lord, can’t stand her. Now they will harp about it for the next 3 days and how Kevin is going on the block next week. SMDH

      • Dayum girl you didn’t tell me Matt went off like THAT! I just saw the WHOLE fight. That’s the worst one this year! I thought he was gone slap the shi+ out of him!

      • I told you girl!! You gots to listen to me mama!!! LOL

      • Enjoy, there is plenty going on in the house today!

      • And he brought Kev’s kids into and BOOM, the feeds go down!

      • I was actually shocked at how fast Kevin went from 0 to 100… I dang near stood up and started cheering for him!!

      • I never once saw Kevin as a wimp or an “old guy.” I just think he is mature enough to control his emotions and not react. Lots of things have bothered him, he just doesn’t act out like Josh and start yelling.

      • Wish he had, but I prefer to see him win HOH and put the fear of God into those MF’ers.

      • Josh jumped in bc he’s been wanting to call Kevin out bc of things mainly Paul has been telling him

      • Josh told Kevin to fess up to the 25k and to swear on his daughters’ lives or something or rather. That made Kevin’s blood boil, he told Josh not to bring his children into this. Josh being Josh, Kevin wanted to clock him one. Live feeds shut down for 30 minutes.

    • I hope Kevin Clocked Josh’s Pumpkin Head and it came back up a Jack a Lantern.

  22. So, the floaters who get their $750 a week from Big Brother to eat cereal are mad they are going to jury? Hello! You didn’t play the game once all season! You are jokes! This is the worst big brother season cast and season ever. Nobody made any big moves and it’s very disappointing to watch. I hope CBS does not put any vets in next season and gets 16 strong players who actually are there to play, not just eat cereal and be attention seeking victims.

    • I don’t get why he (Matt) is having such a temper tantrum didn’t he say all summer he did not care if he won he just wanted to make it to jury so he could lay out and booze it up WTH is wrong with these idiots .

      • I think Matt is a full time boozer and he gets his sugar now from umpteen bowls of cereal.

      • No, he doesn’t look or act like a boozer at all. He showers too much for starters. He is a mystery, I don’t get him at all. I don’t understand his connection to Raven, because he does seem level-headed, so to speak.

  23. I’m glad he is making a move. Everyone else is afraid to do anything unless either Paul or everyone agrees.

      • No, everyone seems to be accounted for. Of course Alex, Josh and Jason are bashing on Kev in the bathroom.

      • Why do they cut the feeds, I don’t understand that. Hell I want to see! Yal pay for that luxury!

      • It’s annoying as hell. I’m convinced BB/CBS hates the feedsters. They have really cracked down on how people interact on feeds this year. No swearing, you have to be talking about BB, nothing else, it’s insane to me. You can’t even type the letter A, it’s a bad word to them, also crap. Wasn’t like this last year.

      • Really?? Thanks for telling me, I was gone get them next summer finally but I dont need nothing else working on my nerves from this show! Lol

      • It’s so cheap though. I still contend it’s the best money I spend all summer. I’ve made some good chat friends and have had some really fun times. I’ll still do it but I’ll still complain about it! LOL

      • Well you’re a sweetheart, you can make friends anywhere and make the best out of anything, I’m mean! Lol

      • Well, thank you for saying that MG. I’m sure there are many who don’t agree. LOL *mwah💋

      • Ok listen, I will only tell you and K this because you two understand where I’m coming from even if you don’t 100% agree. I looked at this argument again between Matt, Raven and Jason and I’ve come to this conclusion, Jason 1000% wrong here and I can’t root for him anymore, here’s why: As much I can’t stand Maven and won’t them both out, they made a lot of valid points. Jason had a laundry list of reasons he could have used to make Maven direct targets such as, you’re not pulling your weight, we don’t talk game with me and I don’t know where you stand, you’re the last showmance, you trash the house, your breath stinks etc….this blindside made absolutely no sense and I think ruined his chance winning. I can hate a person’s guts but still have the ability to see if there’s validity to their sideside of the story, I have to do it all the time at work. I can’t root him because when I like a player in the game, and they do something just INCOMPREHENSABLY stupid, it just turns me off girl. Smh This was like first month’s Jason when I hated him. Why?? Why?? Totally unnecessary! When you make someone like MATT mad, you’ve really done something to warrant that. He’s not bitter about going home, he’s bitter about unnecessary blindside. Matt and Raven are right here, sorry to say.

      • Okay. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that but we are talking about a grifting asshole and her asshole boyfriend whom is now disrespecting the game by ignoring allllll of the rules, this is in hindsight but I can’t get behind these 2 in anyway whatsoever. They aren’t guaranteed a fair journey through BB, NO ONE is. It’s part of the game to deceive your opponent, whether we like their logic or not, it’s just part and parcel of BB. If you believe Jason made a bonehead move, you have every right to believe that way. Maybe he didn’t forsee this happening, I don’t know but I’m not that bent out of shape about it. He made it, he has to deal with the consequences, it’s the game in all it’s glory. You make bad moves, they might come back to haunt you. At this point, I’m very iffy about Jason because of what he said about Kevin late yesterday afternoon. It’s going to take some time for me to get over that, screw what he did to those 2 assholes. IDGAF. What he said about his allies (Kevin) wife in the game pissed me off more than anything else. *mwah :)

      • Girl that’s a newer development for me, Matt “disrespecting the game” TG was telling me about that earlier. I don’t care about Matt and Raven’s position in the game, fck them.
        My problem is with Jason . I just have a pet peeve for blatant stupidity, I’m back to hating him and wanting him out. But anywho girl, what will be HILARIOUS, is if they announce Thurs night Matt, will be going home and not the jury house as a penalty. HA!

      • OMG, wouldn’t that be the best!! With a vote of 49 to 0, you have been evicted to…….your own home. You are no longer eligible to play the game and that means no more cold cereal fuckface!!! Hahahahahaha If only, we know BB will never do that. BB is like that bad teacher you had in school that could never control their own students and made it an awful experience for everyone because of their own inertia to step it up and do what is right.

      • Yep! Lol good analogy. It’s like that one friend or family member that have the bad ass kids at the holiday dinners and you be like, why won’t they slap the shi+ out of them and tell them to sit their azz down somewhere?? Smh lol

      • lol. Is that on the feeds chat. I feel the same way. Innocent words are always asterisks.

      • Yes, this is on the feeds. I have 2 suspensions thus far. I still have no idea what I said….LOL

      • This is the first time I have ever posted on BB threads — I never knew they existed before because I was always working late. I have seen BB before, but this is the first BB where I actually taped and watched the After Dark shows, and I became addicted. It’s so bizarre!

      • Why are the most non offensive house guests getting so much grief? What will happen when they finally turn on each other?

      • They will get their turn, can’t wait for Alex to be the one everyone is gunning for. Let’s all take her inventory, can hardly wait for that bash session.

      • That can happen sooner than later and I’ll be happy. Something very strange about a grown woman who hits a rodeo clown on the arm many times a day. I don’t know why, it’s a form of endearment? Sheesh

      • I am sure Paul is ready for one of his minions to harass her about the store bought breastesus.

      • Maybe because they seem to be the “weak” ones of the group. They might be in for a surprise. Look what happened with Mark, and today with Kevin and Josh. Growl when poked!

  24. I went back to the nom ceremony Sun night and didn’t hear Jason whisper anything into Raven’s ear like she said he did. Guess we’ll have to wait until Wed to see if that happened.

    • We rewatched as well. It appears as if Jason picks up the key box and walks off away from Raven.

  25. Way to go Jason! Vote Raven out, let the baby Matt stay. Then vote his add out next week😂

  26. This is the most classless group of house guests in the history of BB. The intentional ganging up on and bullying of one house guest at a time are mindf**k tactics used in Russian gulags and Chinese re-education camps under Mao. They’re gas-lighting Kevin now, and I hope he holds it together.

      • exactly! I just can’t wait for any of these HG’s to rewatch the seasona nd see how dumb they all were getting played by Paul.

      • I think that should be the last show of this season a 2 hours of them seeing highlights of the master and his very special kind of stupid puppets all in one room so they can see how bad they payed how mean they were plain and simple just how wrong they have been on so many levels and then Cbs needs to have them deprogrammed !!

      • Make that a special and the ratings would be fantastic. Call it, “You were Played!”.

    • It’s like they have to pick on Kevin for the slightest thing, so he will blow, so they feel justified in voting him out. How is this entertainment? Tough watching this afternoon’s feeds all the way around.

  27. Raven just said “Fuc* that old man (Kevin). He does not deserve to be here.” Wow, I can’t wait for reality to hit her once she’s out of the house.

      • Her true colors are coming out now. No way is she as weak as she’s played herself to be. She’s as healthy as an ox right now.

      • Remember her and mama are Mensa members (unregistered) and she has a GPA of dance!

      • She has an inverted spine, her mama got hit by lightning, but wasn’t wearing her pacemaker then, her mama might have cancer, then she finally did have cancer after all…blah, blah, blah

  28. Losers lose, and winners win. Matt and Raven have been lying around since the start relying on everyone else to move them forward in the game. I’d send Raven out the door instead of Matt. She does not deserve the pleasure of another week in the house. Matt can wait a week or two.

  29. Have Raven and Kevin ever had a conversation? Why does she want to toss out his food? Does that make her feel accomplished?

  30. I find it hilarious that Raven calls out Kevin for wanting to smash a glass on another human being then in the next breath says she will blow that mf’er out of the water. She is one delusional psycho who is probably now nearing the top of the Boston mob hit list. Now there’s a fatal disease for you. :)

    • She said she wanted to murder Mattress about…….3000 times last night, in front of everyone. The double standard is jaw dropping with these bozo’s.

      • How can you forget something like that? You’re supposed to remember everything she said and the timestamps of when she said it. This is all according to Ravish!

      • Hey Joni girl. LOL, people are always asking for timestamps on feeds, I can never remember them.

      • We have a room called Timestamps that we created on the feeds! So if you have feeds, by all means look for that room.

    • I’m loving all this drama…because why? Because it ain’t happenin in my house. I knew this was coming when they had to start eating their young.

  31. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship????????????????? Mark left the house in a classy way.

  32. Josh is a hot mess. Evict him now! Such a puppet. Please let Kevin win next hoh and I don’t even like Kevin.

    • probably follow that up with a bj and then Matt will need a towel and will grab it from kitchen then probably stick it back in the drawer or toss on table for someone else to use to dry the dishes.

    • The way I see it, Matt isn’t even a floater. He is just a float period. He does not “float” to the power in the house as a “floater” typically does.. He just floats period with no aim or desire to win this game. imo, Matt doesn’t even deserve the term floater b/c at least that is a legit BB strategy…Matt has simply been insignificant, and BB should never put a player like him in the game again.

    • I know, lady, he’s gonna need it. Did you see Christmas go off on him for asking her if she was …get this… “going swimming?” She blew up and lit into Kevin as if Kevin had asked her if she’d peed in the cheerios that morning!! It was ridiculously over-dramatic and unnecessary, but it led to Josh jumping in (as the baby meatball always does) and Kevin came close to hitting Josh! All because Kevin had the audacity to ask Xmas if the beyatch was going swimming.

      She apologized later, but I don’t care. So over her.

  33. It is like having children around throwing a temper tantrum.
    Did they honestly think they could just float to the end?
    If I was Jason, I would tell them that everyone knew.

  34. When they teamed up on Jody who i hated i understood. But teaming up and messing with Kevin is unnecessary and just cruel. I was team Paul, Alex, and Josh. But screw them.

    I wish Kevin could win some comps but he can’t. So I’m just team Jason now. Smh

    • There’s more where that came from. She and he will get penalized. I hope they are given a punishment like their votes not counting towards who gets the 500k.

    • She’s a piece of sh@t. I can’t stand any of them any more but she leads my hate list. Now Jason is saying he is gonna fuc@ Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters. WTF? I really feel like this is BB…The Insane Asylum Version.

    • I believe Alex is the one that threw the slop away, but Kevin thinks that Raven did it. Alex and Raven, along with the rest of the HGs, are just childish, vindictive, and downright mean!

    • I’ve been saying the same thing! So every disease and condition she states is true is really true? Well, smack my knee, let’s get the shovel and a cemetery plot now. Time is of the essence for her don’t you know!

      • I now, Joni, right?! Yet, she’s sitting there (with a straight face mind you) saying “Oh my God, Kevin is such a liar!” And they’re talking about the votes (which Paul *asked* him to do) and speculating about other things like his kids and whatnot!! It is mind boggling. I have become a hater this season and I don’t like it. :(

    • yep this is really getting old and there is no point or reason to it….The harassment bullying and shunning of Kevin is not game play

      • yep…and if I am one of the I don’t wanna watch this anymore then its serious cause I am a BB fanatic…

      • I stopped watching my feeds a little while ago coz I just couldn’t watch anymore. Paul is conspiring with Raven & Matt to make Kevin’s week terrible… WHY?? Have you ever seen another HG do this? This is not game play. It is beyond BB it’s just disgusting.

        God, this is when I would love to see someone like Evel Dick come in that house and just make Paul cry like a little girl! I know that’s wrong, but I am getting so sick of this I want to see Paul punished right now!

      • There are no words to describe the situation.. I’m sitting here trying to figure out why Production is allowing the scenario to continue when it is actually more disturbing than racist remarks ..Its just to over the top….I’m sorry if I appear to be a wimp but intentionally hurting a person for no reason is not something I believe in or do..

      • Evil Dick would mop the floor with him.
        Paul is a punk that cannot fight his own battles so he has others do it for him.

      • I agree. They are just taking it past another low point. I have officially become a Paul hater! How did that happen??

  35. I just dont get it. I totally understand that there are going to be blow-ups, disagreements, even some name-calling and deliberately mean things said and done in the house. It happens in the real world, and it’s always been a part of this game. But things have *continuously* crossed a line this season. They pick one person and they attack them like a pack of rabid animals. There’s no legitimate or stragedic need for it, and the only purpose it serves is to tear someone down and try to humiliate them in front of millions of viewers, (and to make themselves feel better/please thier master). I do think that a few of them will rewatch and feel genuine remorse for what they did, but i think the majority will just turn the other cheek, refusing to acknowledge that they did anything wrong.

    • I think it is representation of the real world today as well as the kind of people out there today.

    • Hey YG. Have you been watching today? It’s another Cody/Jess situation, yet Kevin is now the target. And all of this is thanks to Paul. You know, I would respect him more if he did his own dirty work. If he wants to be a villain, just be one, but don’t try and excuse the behavior. At least Evel Dick called himself a villain and did his own bullying. Paul is nothing more than an Evel Dick-Lite!

      • Hey TGJ! Been busy all day, just sat down about an hour ago and Twitter was in shambles with the mess going on in the house. I’m pissed! I can understand the anger and hatred for Jody bc they gave just as good as they got… never agreed with their “gang up” mentality, but I understood. Kevin on the other hand has never been rude or ugly to any of them and this is how they treat him? Xmas tore him a new one for simply asking if she was going to get in the pool! Wtf is wrong with these ppl?!

      • Oh but it gets worse…check the feeds at 3:33 BBt… Jason tells Paul, Alex & Josh that after this season is over he is going to call Kevin out and F his wife and (I quote here) “tie all your daughters up and make them watch!!” end quote. I simply cannot say how disappointed I am in Jason for saying such a disgusting thing on the feeds. He has to know Kevin’s family has live feeds. WTF!!!!

        smdh. That’s just awful.

      • Check out the feeds Philly. It’s 3:33 and Jason, Paul, Alex & Josh are in the bathroom… I guess Jason is trying to make up points after not going with the flock this week. IDK, but this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard on BB!!!

      • I don’t have feeds but what in the actual f*ck is wrong with him?! Smh, and I was rooting for that idiot.. they should ALL be ashamed of themselves.. this has gotten disgusting and far passes “game play”

      • I’m almost ready to unsubscribe from the feeds. This is BS and just downright awful how they’re behaving.

      • Just reading about this is horrible, I don’t think I could stomach watching this crap!

      • Go to youtube and type in Jason making comments about Kevin’s wife and daughters…bet it comes up. It was pretty awful. I mean they were all bashing Kevin. Alex called him all kinds of names too, but then Jason jumped in with that and I was like whoa…STFU! What did he just say?? smdh. So-SO-SOOO disappointed in Jason.
        What if Kevin’s daughters see that? Ugh!

      • Yeah Joni, trust me you don’t want to see it. I can’t decide who I am madder at. Jason for saying such a terrible thing or Paul for getting this whole bullying session started today!

      • I blame Paul…because Paul knows there are cameras everywhere and that all of it, not just on the live shows, is on national t.v., something Raven and Matt obviously didn’t think went on 24/7…just when CBS aired it.

      • Not defending Jason’s words, but tell the context of that comment.

        If Kevin wins HOH and puts me(J) and Alex on the block, I’ll(J) tell him(K) “Poor choice of words inserted here”

    • It could be much worse folks, the above person in the photo could be one of the BB houseguests!

    • Oh mama nooooooooooooooooooooooo, lol, besides, she was on celebrity bb or something like a few years back, acting the dam fool that she is. It was the year David Bowie passed away because David’s ex-wife was on that show. They had called her to their version of the DR to let her know that David had passed away.

      • Mine too Joni. Did you hear what Jason said today too?? I am seriously beginning to smh at this season’s cast!

      • He told Paul, Alex & Josh that after thiis season he was going to F Kevin”s wife and then (I’m quoting verbatim here) “Tie up all your daughters and make them watch!!”.

        BBT: 3:33 pm I don’t understand that. WTF Jason? WHY??

      • Gaaawwwdddd…hope that helps him sleep at night. Kevin is going to be soooo damn mad when he watches this back.

      • What about Kevin’s daughters?? My gosh! You know those girls watch the feeds. I am just appalled. I think that is one of the worst things I have ever heard come from a HG and I am so-so-so disappointed it came from Jason, who, up until I read that I was rooting for!!

      • Why did he feel he had to go THERE? Geezus. It’s almost like an epidemic began to spread all of a sudden.

      • Paul got the ball rolling when he told Joshmas to aggravate Kevin today. Xmas then jumped on Kevin about the whole stupid swimming comment, then Josh jumped in and Kev & Josh nearly went to blows and now the entire house in on the bandwagon…what’s so crazy is Kevin isn’t even otb.

        Ya wanna know what I think Joni…and if I’m right, you will remember this conversation later. I think Paul is going to take Kevin to F2. Kevin has not won any comps. All he has is his social game and if Paul destroys that, then who will vote for Kevin if he’s sitting next to Paul?

        Just a thought… but it makes sense.

      • Oh I know exactly what Paul is trying to do. It’s unnecessary though. Most will see that Paul should win hands down if Kevin is next to him. Paul is setting up all his options now. He knows he’ll win if he has either Kevin, Josh or Christmas next to him. He’s got Alex ruining her game by starting other crap.

      • And it is unnecessary. I’m telling you, Joni. This stuff today had me almost in tears because Kevin does not deserve this kind of treatment. Yeah, he’s done some shady things…but let’s not forget, many of those he did after Paul *asked* him to! ALL the hinky votes…Paul asked him to vote that way. Some of his questions to other HG…Paul sent him on those missions and now Paul is using those things to ruin Kevin and it’s just ugly.

      • They were shady, but not to the detriment of hurting another’s family member like Josh suggested in doing.

      • I finally has someone to root for in Jason. Now I am back to zero.
        I think they need to actually shut this year down. They are all disgusting pigs and that is not something that CBS should want to promote.

      • They promoted Frankie…so can’t see them not promoting this. They did put a disclaimer out that CBS is not responsible for the behavior of the HGs.

      • True but what he said was just sick. I cannot express how the stuff being said and going down upsets me (without being kicked off the site).
        I understand gameplay yet things are going beyond that. He should actually be kicked off the air for what he said.

      • Season 15 had a lot of sick stuff on it. In Season 16, Frankie said he wanted to rape Victoria, who was still a HG then.

      • Jessica should have for grabbing a girl’s crotch and jamming her fingers into the guy’s buttock area. Oh wait…she’s gone now anyway.

      • Hey Cheryl just joining in here, are you saying this is something Jason said, Jason whose a father himself and about to be a daddy again to what might be a girl. JASON said this about Kevin?????

      • Sure did…I said the same as you. What if someone said that about his wife???

      • Jason would have self evict if that were said about his wife, with him finding out he’s going to be a daddy for the second time, he would have flipped and maybe literally hit someone in my opinion, you know with his wife being pregnant and all.

  36. What is happening. Did keven hit Josh. I watch after dark but don’t get the feeds

    • He tried to, but fish cut in for an hour..so guess production got involved. We didn’t get to see how it all unfolded.

  37. This season continues to give me the middle finger lol. It’s almost funny.

    Faves were : Cody, Jessica, Mark, Matt (I know that’s a controversial pick. He annoyed me several times as well)

    Last 5 weeks, including this one? All 4 out. 4 of 5 weeks, somebody I didn’t want to leave. Damn near one after the other. Jessica out, go Cody. Next week Cody out, ugh go Mark. One break with Elena, somebody I wanted to stay only because she’d help Mark, and then Mark goes. Very reluctantly, ok, go Matt… show says to me “Nope. We won’t stop until you give up”…

    Not trying to complain, I swear. I’ll still watch like I do every year. It’s just been crazy the way this season has gone for me personally and particularly the last little while not giving me a chance to come up for air.

      • What a biatch. Hope she goes on slop next and they do the same. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but why the heck not if that’s how they’re all deciding is okay to do?

      • Yeah and then they were all laughing at Kevin when he came out and asked what had happened to it. This has been a very bad day in the bB house. II have actually turned off my feds because i cannot watch the bullying anymore. I was starting to get upset…like cussing at my screen upset with tears in my eyes. My son said “Mom, turn it off now” so I did.

        This is hurting my heart. It is not game play.

      • He’ll be burned at the stake and his ashes used as kitty litter! LOLOL Did I say thaaaat?

      • I can’t wrap my head around all of the doom and gloom I’m reading, but I admittedly didn’t watch the feeds but was laughing as I read Jokers. BB stopped being this serious to me last season. I don’t know these people. They will never affect my personal life. Therefore, it’s like I’m watching characters on a show and they mean nothing to me.

      • Not when a grown man starts talking about f’ing another mans wife and tying up his daughters to make them watch. That’s beyond the pale… don’t you think, K?

      • T, to me, this is the sick world we live in and it’s just going to get sicker. We choose to watch this crap, expecting drama and paranoia, but the world is a violent misguided place full of self-absorbed arrogant entitled idiots. We can either except it for what it is or turn it off. I accepted it last year for what it was and look at it now as an idiotic unreal reality show. I don’t let it get to me at all. I try to find something to laugh about and when I can’t, I will turn it off for good. That’s just my mindset.

      • I can respect that. I haven’t gotten to where you are. Even with my psychology background, I am a Pisces, therefore, I’m a dreamer. I want people to be good to one another, even in a game like BB. And if you can’t be good, be good at being bad, but don’t make it personal. And if you do, admit you’re a villain and own your behavior. I can understand that too. But this…this bipolar insanity we’ve had to deal with this season…? This I don’t understand. I applaud your grasp on the show…most seasons I have not felt this way (BB15 & BB 6 were some exceptions) but generally…Love BB. Anyhow… I can appreciate your position my friend…my sister form another-mister! ;) And thanks for reminding me to take a step back and not let things get me so wound up! haha. *hugs* K. ;)

      • LOL! My mother is a Cancer, Joni…definitely the peace maker in our family. ;) Now, I know why I just connected with you right away… :)

      • We’re quite humorous too…but my children have never picked up on that…they will when they have teenagers some day!

      • Oh, last year, I was livid. Cy knows. It took me a while to get the right mentality to watch this year. That’s one reason I came in a little late…still deciding. I understand your anger and disgust but when I feel that way I tell myself that I don’t know these people, I’ll never meet these people, they all chose to be on this God forsaken show for fame/money and what happens…happens. It is not real life and they all can leave anytime they want to and they all have families out there when they leave.

      • See and last year I was fine. I don’t remember any huge blowouts, except Paulie being a misogynistic jerk, that were on par with this season. I’ve just been watching BB for so long…18 years now. Half of my life in fact and I honestly can’t imagine a summer without it. However, if BB keeps allowing things like this to happen…. I suppose I’ll have to learn, because I cannot stomach this type group thuglike bullying on a single HG.

      • ::::crawling like a puppy nobody else wants and sit before you, looking up with my sad eyes::: begging you don’t leave me yet. Please!

      • If I ever just decide to leave, there would be no notice. I’d do like Sharona, just pop in very infrequently to say hi to the old gang. This stuff just isn’t worth stressing me out and it isn’t yet. lol

      • I’m not stressed out. I’ve learned to tune things out by the next day. See my face doesn’t look stressed! LOL

      • You look lovely, Joni. Love these new avatars you’ve been putting out. Was it the super green look that created this soft, vibrant new you?? haha

      • I hope not!! Who would help me pull it all back together if you’re gone?? ;) I’m gonna tell mama Shar on you if you threaten to leave me again! hahaha :)

      • Jason said that. He said something to the effect of f’ing Kevin’s wife, and tying up his daughters and making them watch. Of course Paul, Matt and Alex laughed. Despicable. Joking or not, I don’t respect that at all! The sad thing is, Jason was the only one that I was starting to find slightly tolerable!

      • No, it was Alex. She is a real princess that one. Can’t believe she had the nerve to call Jessica a mean girl…guess it takes one to know one huh?

      • It takes me much longer than that to cook a meal. Are they complaining about not having anymore or having to make some?

      • Sounds petty, but what’s new. I thought Snitchy was a stay at home Dad. Does he never cook? Time to learn.

      • He may not do any cooking, either his wife or daughters might do that. But he is great at laundry.

      • He needs to learn. Why should anyone else be responsible to cook for him? Is there a mix or something. I’ve seen a few others do it. Kevin’s an independent man, make your own slop. That’s a bit self centered expecting the other HGs to mix up and cook his slop

      • Good, he needs to do it himself like everybody else does. It’s definitely not good for the oldest person in the house to be depending on the younger HGs to cook or do anything else for him in that house. It makes you weaker in a way.

      • Jason probably feels terrible for the awful things he said about kevin & hs family in an effort to stay a member of Paul’s crew.

      • I sure hope so. I think Kevin is going to put his slop in a baggie and store it where no one can mess with it again.

      • LOL!! Kevin needs to come out swinging next week! Let us all put our minds together and send this one thought out too the universe… Kevin for HOH!! :)

      • Not after what he said today. I don’t know if it was trying to appease the jerk crowd or not. Either way it was beyond reprehensible.

      • That’s not what the situation was about K. They hid it on purpose and then told him it was still there…they did it just to be jerks and watch him as he looked all over for it and then laughed as he kept asking “hey have you seen the food?” Why do that? I mean seriously…why? There’s no point to it except to be mean.
        I just don’t get that.

      • Alex is disgusting and seems to thrive on this kind of thing.
        What gets me is that they all have the nerve to complain about how mean Cody and Jessica were yet they all are just as bad.

      • I know right? Difference is Cody & Jessica could take it better than Kevin. Plus, they’d dished it out more than Kevin as well. Kevin has never-ever bullied anyone in that house. Not once. And what they are doing to him is wrong. It is not game play. It is just bad behavior.

      • Yes they are mean, foolish, selfish jerks. Kevin needs to be independent enough to make his own slop and not expect others to do things like that for him. The less he depends on them, the better off he is and the more they will respect him. Kevin hadn’t made that slop that was thrown away. It was a petty, malicious thing to do, but that’s the type of people we are dealing with, so pick yourself up by the bootstraps and go make you some slop. If anyone touches your slop, then DR will handle it.

      • He’s doing just that now! And going to hide his portion where they won’t find it. Raven cooks slop recipes for Matt.

  38. Jason helping Kevin make slop. If only Kevin knew what Jason had said earlier, I wouldn’t trust him to make slop or anything else for that matter.

    • That is because Matt said he was going to eat regular food all week to ensure he got enough penalty votes that Raven stayed and he went home. As I have said before…this guy is the most useless HG ever.

    • I hope you’re right and that Matt does it and gets second veto.

      But it won’t happen. They’ve already said it’s out of play for this week.

      • Matt will not be there on nom day, he will be watching a video with his original alliance.

  39. The announcement was live…said any HN caught eating regular food this week will get one penalty vote per each time they’re found guilty. Meeting is adjourned.

    • Yeh, that’s what it’s meant to be, but sometimes, it seems to be more than just a game.

  40. Watch out Christmas, Raven’s coming for you….that is to hang out with you and Paul when Matt’s gone.

  41. Love it! I hope raven is voted out I can’t stand her. Matthew next. Both such a waste of space.

  42. This group are some of the dumbest BB players in history. Paul has led them around like a bunch of sheep – when they get home and watch the season there are going to be some extremely embarrassed house guest. Eventually they are going turn on each other.

    • So makes Paul one of the smartest players . Not all are sheep , they like paul and he is honest w Xmas and josh and that’s who he wants at the end w him.

  43. All along I believe Matt and Raven felt safe until now. Matt seemed quiet, if not meek at times. Ha ha, lo and behold, the military brat comes alive! Did they really think they could possibly win the BB? I am beginning to think they really do deserve one another.

    • No, I don’t think they ever did think that , but did think they would last over Kevin who doesn’t do chit as well !!! It’s not gonna be good , next hoh is coming for him !

      • And , they could be beat in any game , would been easier to sit next to Raven , guaranteed win !

  44. Since “the couples” turned on Cody because he didn’t tell them he was going after Paul then Xmas in the first week, I SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN! And many Cody haters (a lot at the time) argued with me. I SAID that the couples made a HUGE mistake leaving Cody and Jess, that they would live to regret running to Paul. BINGO! They should have just talked to Cody, told him to let them know beforehand next time, and kept status quo as an alliance. Cody is a lot of things, but one thing he isn’t is disloyal, ala Cult Leader Paul. Those 6 could have run to the final 6.

    • 1000 % agree and I kept saying the same thing. Paul went after that alliance first. And Cody would have been loyal to the couples. They all deserve it Mark,Elena,Matt and Raven all losers.

      • But nobody liked Cody ! He was not social , hid behind jess and the few times he did speak it was threats or being mean . He deserves nothing !!! I hope raven goes to jury just to irritate him 😂

      • We will never know if Cody would have been loyal. He didn’t play long enough for us to find out.

    • Oh good grief , he is not a cult leader , everyone needs to get their panties outta of a bunch and just see the game for what it is . A game . Paul is trying to win !!! If these guys are that stupid then he deserves to win.

      • I agree! Who know how Cody would have played the game because he played so poorly he was voted out. Evey stupid thing the others do gets blamed on Paul. Paul isn’t forcing anyone to do anything. He suggests certain scenarios and they can either go for it or not. Paul is actually the only one playing this game.

      • AMEN ! Got blocked from a group for not following the crowd with their Cody love fest 🤢🤢 it is uncensored and do not delete or block ppl. I’m guessing somewhere in the tos. It has must love Cody and if u don’t … u get booted . Hahahaha .. all over opinions that you can have and for not following the thread or flooding thread with the I love Cody psychos ☺️😝

    • While something I would like to see, the entire house thinks Paul is their best friend. Until people start comparing notes and realize that they’re being played (which should be obvious, but that’s neither here nor there), putting Paul on the block will end with whoever is next to him going home in every situation.

  45. Mad props to Jason for playing “his” game. BB fans want to see players compete! It was interesting watching Matt complain about Jason competing with Alex in the hot dog bun competition.
    What a tool! I haven’t checked the fan popularity polls yet, but I bet Jason has moved into first place.

      • After who said what? I don’t watch the live feeds, and I briefly skimmed the article above.

      • From what I gather, Jason said that he would rape Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters and make them watch.

      • Ummm, ok, that is so over the top that I won’t comment on it without seeing it myself first.

      • Yes he did, but he said it in jest. No bad intention whatsoever. I mean, this is Jason we’re talking about! However, it is a very inappropriate thing to say, joking or otherwise.

      • He did. Who knows why he said it but words once spoken can’t be taken back.

  46. Matt was just a waste of space. Raven always assumes that she is one of the cool kids but she couldn’t win her way out of a paper bag. This season proves how stupid all of the showmances are. They were easy targets but if anyone wants to actually win it all, they are going to have to win something and get rid of the strong players.

  47. Matt and Raven crack me up. They don’t try to win anything, lie to people, believed the story that they were both going up as pawns to back door Kevin. Can’t wait for both of them to get evicted. I am hoping if they evict Raven that Matt does not get to play for HOH because he is not following the Have Not Rules. Alex is one mean bitch. She talks about being against violence and abuse but every time I watch she is punching or kicking Jason . Jason, Jason I was cheering for you but the disgusting comment you made about Kevin’s family….no excuse. I feel bad for your wife she seems like a wonderful person in the interview. I do not like the Paul (mainly because he is instigating or encouraging the bullying) but at this rate he will be in the final two or win because the stupid house guests are choosing to follow his directions. He is not forcing them to do anything. Hopefully next season they will have a better cast.

    • You summed up all this nonsense very well!

      It seems to me that “Maven” have been lazy all season, and yet Raven thinks she DESERVES to be saved. Amazing.

      If you feel inclined, please share what “disgusting comment [Jason] made about Kevin’s family”. (I don’t have the feeds.)

      • They haven’t done anything to prove that they are playing but neither has Kevin.. so all can go . It was just Jason that made a bad decision because they are questioning his loyalty , and seems to be Kevin, who does absolutely nothing also ! Glad to see maven go, but Jason can’t play in the hoh and whoever wins .. I’m betting then will put him and Alex up and want jason out

      • Very much so. A comment with no redemption and one for which I sincerely hope he spends the rest of his lifetime “withering on the vine”. Which would still be a better fate then the one on which he wished Kevin’s wife and daughters.

      • Yup . and his little girls . Jason should be the target w Alex or maybe Matt sent to jason, I just want him out , he can’t keep that allaiancr hiddne mug more

      • He sure did and it wasn’t only rude, it was vile and disgusting. If the same comment was said about Jason’s pregnant wife he would have flipped out.

  48. This would be a great week for a double eviction, Jack and Jill could bounce their butts right out that door together, that would be so sweet! 😄😜

  49. I think Jason is gonna be put up, especially when she finds out that Kevin is his ride or die , he keeps Kevin his game is going nowhere , he will have to continue to win to keep them both safe. Was A bad move , he could have put Kevin up as a pawn and all agree to vote Matt out or Raven .. just looks bad on him for throwing Kevin under the bus and then saving him. They will go after them next.

  50. Raven is an entitled little brat who is incapable of thinking of anyone other than herself. She is absolutely vile. Wish she would go and Matt would stay – cannot believe Matt is throwing his game away for a *cough* job.

  51. Matt keeps dissing production, instead of penalty votes I think he should be expelled from the game and Jury. If you need nine jury members make America the 9th like you did in season 11 with Chima.

  52. Way to go Jason! You’re the only one in that whole house who has balls enough to buck the “Paul system”! Thank You and I’m rooting for you to win! Cowboys Rule!

    • Even after the rape comments he made and you’re still rooting him on. They were so vile that his family is actually apologizing for the comments.

  53. I wish Jason had saved Raven, and put Paul on the block. I bet Matt wouldnt make penalty votes then. Raven would vote Paul out as would Alex, and Kevin. Jason played his own game. Bravo. He need to get rid of Alex. She is bad baggage.

    • After the disgusting, vile comments Jason made about Kevin’s wife and daughters he needs to go!

    • Lmao, especially since her GPA is dance! How does anyone not know what a GPA is?? Her lil ole mama is also an unregistered member in addition to being an “almost lawyer”.

  54. Paul has a deal with Xmas because she’s gimp right now – and with Josh because he has no game. He also has a deal with Alex because she’s the strongest player remaining behind Jason. Once Paul goes after Jason – Alex will turn on Paul.

  55. From what i have read here, combined with what i have read at jokersupdates, it seems like mathew is self-evicting via penalty votes earned by violating havenot rules. It seems to me that self-eviction via penalty votes versus self-eviction via walking out the door should possibly be treated the same, with the consequence for each being complete loss of stipend.

    • Precisely! They need to take from his stipend everytime he purposely breaks the rules. He WANTS the penalty votes. BB is doing him a favor by giving him what he wants. Either disqualify him and take all of the stipend away, or fine him! This will only encourage future HGs to go against the rules if there’s no repercussions!

  56. I think they should vote Raven out and then let production boot out Matt for not playing by the rules. That would be a 1-2 punch and out they go.

  57. Who ever gets HOH next week has to have a plan to back door Paul or he will win it all!! Are the house guest so stupid not to see Paul is going behind everyones back to win??

  58. Did you notice she was crying when she didn’t get hoh because she wanted a letter, I think everyone in there wants one and if she cries that doesn’t mean they’re going to let her have it.

  59. I’m so glad he did it! He’s the first one to go against ‘King Paul’s wishes! Good for him!

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