‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 7 – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is coming up for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and we’re anxiously awaiting spoilers on not only who won the Veto, but who gets to play.

Update: Veto comp is underway as of 2:25 PM BBT… Feeds are back! Results pending…

Cody isn't amused by your games on Big Brother 19

Houseguests are betting their strategy on keeping Cody out of the competition in a hope to Backdoor him this week, but as we saw last week, there are plenty of possibilities for him to get in the game. Don’t forget that Christmas burned her Temptation power last week, so the draws this round will be final.

So the plan is obvious here with a typical Backdoor. Cody might be the target, but Alex didn’t put him up on the Block. She nominated Jason and Elena in the hopes that Cody doesn’t get drawn and someone will win the Veto and use it on one of her two noms so there’s an opening for her to renom Cody.

With Matthew taking the 3rd nominee spot that leaves just two spots for a player draw. Last week Cody still managed to be drawn, even though Christmas blocked his participation. This week if that happens then he’s in and playing to win.

Now say there’s a Houseguest choice and that option goes to Elena then we could get an interesting situation. Elena realized that with Mark safe from his Temptation Comp win, if Cody plays in the PoV and wins then he can save her making all three of them safe this week. Oh my, there’d be fireworks. Elena has suggested she might be willing to pick Cody for that reason, but I wouldn’t be surprised for her to chicken out instead.

If Cody isn’t drawn to play then I don’t see much of a shot of him not leaving this week. We’d have to see someone save Matthew in the 3rd spot to lock in the main nominees, Jason and Elena, for Thursday night. I can’t think of anyone willing to throw that big of a wrench in these plans, but it’d be exciting for Team Feeds.

Alex and Paul’s plan for the Veto use would be to save Jason instead of Elena. Elena asked that she be saved if she’s going up as a pawn, but Alex and Paul have a good point to do the opposite.

If Elena comes down then Mark is freed up to potentially vote to save Cody and so could Elena. Again, I don’t see where they’d get two more votes to sway the overall decision, but it’s in theory possible.

So, Cody needs to get in this Veto comp one way or the other to avoid a Backdoor. If he does play and wins then Elena could come down and the majority would have to start eating their own. If Elena picks Cody as HG’s choice then it’ll be a fun afternoon of Feeds between the draw and the comp.

Update: Players were picked and our potential for drama fell flat. Cody was not picked. Paul and Mark were drawn to play. They will join Alex, Jason, Matthew, and Elena in the comp. I’ll be curious to see if Elena picked Mark, which would be disappointing since she could have picked Cody as discussed above.

Veto comp is coming up later today so get ready to find out who won the power this week.

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  1. I wish Julie hadnt told them that there will be no jury battle back. That way there would be been speculation as to whether or not Cody will come back. Now it’s just simply, re-evict Cody, and he won’t come back this time.

    • Once the HG get rid of Cody what is next? Cody is not a threat and I take him to the end. All he gets by going to the jury is a vacation! The hotel is nice.

      • Paul is not forcing anything on anyone- he has a pretty good social game- something that Cody does not know exists- I think the HG for the most part just don’t want to hang out w/Cody any longer- some ppl you do not want to live with even if they are not a threat

      • Paul has no social game he didn’t win last year did he? What he has is practice from last year

      • so having a personal relationship with all HG’s and talking with anyone who is upset or seeking out HG’s that he has heard are upset is not social? ok….

      • Paul has 100 times the social game as crazy Cody. And he reached F2 last year. He’d have won if he hadn’t taken Nicole.

      • Uh wrong, he forces josh to go harass cody constantly because he’s a little chicken ___!

      • Paul “forces” Josh?- I must’ve missed that episode, I saw him ask Josh to try and annoy Cody and he (Josh) gladly did so…

      • When you’re telling someone go do this and go do that and turn it up to 30 that doesn’t sound like asking to me. Sounds like dictating. Paul doesn’t know how to ask.

      • Anyone watching the show can see that Paul has a good social game but they are all scared of him. He is Hoh every week. Name one time that he didn’t tell them who to put up. It’s actually a crappy season because not one of them thinks for themselves. And they will be embarrassed when they watch at home. Spineless

      • If they were intelligent , they would have rid themselves of Paul the first week that he wasn’t safe….his “social game ” is bullying-Even to his supposed allies.

      • well I think there is a difference of opinion on what a social game looks like as well as bullying – to me Jessica, with cody behind her went to the realm of being a bully (personal rude comments meant to hurt another) and no one else went that far … 2 cents.

      • Jessica and Cody were only reacting to the backstabbings, constant lies and bullying that were consistently orchestrated towards them by other hoseguests. Even now, Paul and his allies are still making sure nobody talks to Cody except for information to backstab him and hunt anyone they suspect to be in alliance with him. If I were Cody I won’t talk to anybody other than to make a big move that will stir the entire house once the opportunity arises. That was what they (Jody) missed on Ramses eviction.
        Now the best thing Mark should do if he wins the veto is to openly choose a side and make a bold move. Take Elena off the block and replace her with Paul. Team up with Cody and Elena to vote against Paul. Let his allies split among themselves. With 3 guaranteed votes against Paul, he is in danger and will certainly go out in DE. Mark and Elena should realise they are already house targets after Cody irrespective.

      • ok- I will make it short- don’t you have to talk to other people in order to be lied to and backstabbed? Isn’t that the name of the game?
        In Jessica’s exit interview everything that came out of her mouth was an excuse and she blamed everyone for her poor choices.
        I don’t think you have to worry about cody not talking to anyone!

      • Got to challenge you on that one. A shepherd cares about the sheep. To Paul, these people are tools to use as you need them and then toss them out. I liken him to the Pied Piper with all the mice following behind.

      • they can play pot ball, or they can sit around for a month and hand Paul $500,000. I’ll go with pot ball.

      • He is a huge threat in the comps. So, if you take him to the end, he’ll most likely win the last comps and choose who he wants to sit next to him in the finals. Then all he would have to say in the final is that he fought all season to stay in the game, even winning the Battling Back when he was evicted. And voila you lost 500k.

      • Idk…if cody took raven to the end, i don’t think they would give the money to her. Maybe one or two would vote for her out of spite, but the rest would give it to him because of what he had to do to make it to the end. Imo anyway.

      • I wish…but I think that these people are just like Raven….it will be interrsting to see Alex’ face when she realizes that Paul is not to be trusted. This is probably the most ignorant cast ever put together by Big Brother.

      • I can’t possibly see how he could win the final hoh. The last hoh is always the scales hoh. And in order to win the scales hoh, you need to actually get to know the jury members. Which means having a social game. Cody is so anti social, I cant see him getting a single question right, unless he had a lucky guess. The only one he would get correct for sure, would be a Jessica question, but she isn’t in the jury.

      • But you can’t trust him, if he wins HoH he has to nominate somebody and it could be you. His word carries no weight so get him out before he gets you.

      • You know I don’t like Cody but I must say I’m feeling a little sympathy this week for him playing chess by himself. I wish he’d try and join in if only to pass the time. SMH

      • I always thought the HGs were sequestered in a house… but they’re actually in a hotel?

      • They’re in a house if there’s no buy back. The hotel is only if they need to be sequestered.

      • It is a big house, I think the HG see it as a mini paid resort. The house is always a luxury one, get your own room, free food, nice pool, Netflix and no bills.

    • 😢 I know……..
      save Cody! Save Cody! Save Cody!?

      Love that name. That was the name of our pet dog that passed away in April. Kodiak Bear. He was the best!! Kodi for short!
      My only dog I ever had…… wow is it hard putting them down. But imo he told us when it was time!

      Oops! Off topic!

      Save Cody! 🤗

  2. I love how they’re thinking beyond this week/Cody.

    Paul wants to be HoH at DE to evict Mark. He asked (was it) Alex if Xmas knew she wasnt making it to the end?

    Mark is talking about lines being drawn.
    Elena telling Mark she’ll evict him if she has to because she needs the money more than him.

    Paul planting seeds about Kevin.
    Kevin annoying Alex.
    Alex annoying Jason.

    Talking about evicting Matthew to draw in Raven.
    Everyone being over Raven.

    No more safety comps,
    No more temptations to use.
    Finesse and comp wins from here on out?

    I love this.

    • Very good comment. It seems Mark and Cody are the only ones, at this point, who seriously have Paul on their radar. Others I’m sure do for down the line, but right now, they seem to be protecting him and it is a strategy on their part. They are using Paul to further their game. He’s strategic and knowledgeable which has helped them immensely. Serves Paul’s purpose. Serves them well.

      • I agree, K. They’ll play along with him while he’s convenient for now, but they have it in their minds that he has to go before he becomes more dangerous than useful.

        Some have already said he’ll win if they let him get to the end.

        Like you said, they’re not ready to take him out yet but it’s in the back of their minds.

      • We’ll see in a week or so. I don’t think it will be much longer before the HGs come to the decision that they don’t need Paul’s advice any longer, especially if he keeps being obnoxiously overbearingly demanding at times. He needs to take it down a notch or two. He’s really a good player, though.

      • Big brother is set up look at every time they bring up a backdoorthat person name never gets picked would be surprised if Cody name was not even in the bag to be picked

      • I do think Paul’s time is limited, but there are other times when I genuinely feel like the HGs are scared to make the move. Time will tell, they don’t have long though! After Cody goes I think this DE is a time to take a shot at Alex/Paul. But we’ll see!
        Trying to take out Paul during a regular week is a horrible idea, like others have said, it has to be a quick eviction like a DE, otherwise he’ll campaign and easily sway them

      • If they take out Cody, Mark and Paul this week and next week (this includes the DE this week and the Live eviction next week), then the only true strong player left will be Alex. Alex will hold onto Jason and Kevin as long as she can before she cuts them lose to. Josh, like I said before, is the best one to take to F2 because no one would vote for him to win.

      • Although I have always thought of Kevin as being shady, after the HGs revealed some things I was unaware of in a discussion I read on Jokers, I’m not sure how much longer Kevin will be there. I can see almost anyone winning against Josh. Maybe not Raven, but I can’t see her making it to F2, ever.

      • I read it on Jokers yesterday so it had to have been from the previous night. That’ll give you a starting point. I really don’t want to reread it to find it but it’s there if you want to go back and look. :)

      • Alex will hold on to them if she uses her brain ….but she is already whining around about them. …so don’t count on it

    • It still is predictable, Paul plants a seed about 2-3 people & slowly over a few days they are a target. Paul has planted Mark, Elena, Kevin, Xmas, Matt. They will be the next to go , maybe in a slightly different order to do a veto win, but it still leaves Alex, Jason Paul in the end and Raven? Paul is sure pushing for her suddenly.

  3. Don’t forget it’s a double eviction week. Can’t imagine what a dud the first week in jury would be if it’s Cody and … anyone else! I feel sorry for any HG who is alone with “I don’t want to talk to you” Cody.

      • I’m sure Paul will love to win the POV, not only for the notch on his belt, but also the control and especially playing a direct role I evicting Cody.

        I figure Mark will throw it maybe, so he doesn’t have to choose and actively help evict Cody???

      • If Elena gives him a little more of that “special attention”, which she does when she needs Mark to do something for her, he will beast it and remove her for a kiss and a promise of more attention. Poor Mark. SMH

      • I wonder if Mark will ever realize how Elena is leading him around like a puppy on a leash.

      • Sadly, I doubt Mark gets it at all. From what I’ve observed (limited to the CBS television broadcasts), “Marlena” has always been one-sided. All I ever saw of that “relationship” was Mark hugging/holding Elena, and her sitting there receiving. When the show is over, Mark is in for a lot of pain when he realizes the truth about Elena. At least he’ll know that he did not foolishly use his PoV last week to save her.

      • I have watched Marlena the last week at night. While I think your assesment could be true, I’m not sure. Elena had a Bad childhood, her dad was really bad, she could really have an issue getting close to a guy? She also fior sure does not want the showmance target on them and wants it to go to Matt and Raven first.

      • I didn’t know that about Elena. If that information about her childhood is true, ok, I understand (and empathize with her), but it’s not an excuse for her to be reckless with the emotions of others. (BTW, I’m not saying you’re trying to excuse her.)

      • She talked about it maybe 5 nights ago in the HOH. It was very disturbing if true. She talked about him with porn in front of herself and friends when she was 9-10 years old and asking inappropriate things. I guess it has countinued with disturbing sexual stuff on her social media as an adult.

      • That would explain a lot. While at a friend’s place last week, I saw BBAD where everyone was in/at the hot tub and Elena was openly talking about baking (cookies etc) with a bodily fluid as an ingredient.

      • Then maybe flashing her boobs, flirting heavily, and leading Mark around by the nose aren’t what she needs to be doing in the house. But, that’s about all she *is* doing.

      • Sad to say, probably not until he is out of the house. And I do feel a bit bad for him because I think he is a nice guy.

      • He has a lot of pain ahead when reality hits. We should all remember that these house guests’ perspectives on everything are far different those on the outside looking in.

      • Gnat used him until she saw he was of no more benefit to her outside the house. That’s jmo. James deserved a little of that probably, though. I could see Elena keeping Mark on a string until she sees how popular he is outside the house and if she can gain anything from it. If not, he will be cast to the side fairly quickly.

  4. The only thing that could keep Cody from being evicted this time is if Mark wins and takes Matt off the block, just for the heck of it(which makes no sense I know, just one scenario) or refuses to use the veto period. If he refuses to ply the veto, he would be choosing Cody over Elena because Elena would be evicted. Another scenario would be if Matt got cold feet and won and removed himself from the block and there would be no renom. Let’s just get Cody out of the house so we can move on from this Jody nightmare.

    • Cody is the only individual in the game with a backbone and even an ounce of fortitude. You must be incredibly insecure. My guess is you would enter the house and participate as yet another do-nothing moron. Yawn. Grow up.

      • Good reply to AnonymousSkunk’s absurd comment, KSJB. For what it’s worth, I always agree with all of your posts :-)

      • TY, Lemur. I love discussing other’s different opinions as long as they can have a sense of humor doing so. Some posters aren’t capable of that unless things are going their way. :D

      • Exactly. That comment was immature LOL. I am totally fine with having a different opinion with others because this is a game and people pick their favorites. I want to see the game shake up and Paul lose his tight leash on everyone for entertainment and gameplay, others want to see Paul continue to dominate… which is fine! lol I have no problem with that. The BB fanbase is very toxic sometimes. (Both on the Paul’s fans side and the Jody’s fans side)

      • Eh, all fandoms can be like that. You should see some of the Marvel vs D.C. fandom arguements, or even the disagreements in the Harry Potter fandom over Cursed Child’s canonicity.

      • I thought your comment was relevant, K. The HGs and Matt Boyer have postulated this “what if”, too! And it would bring in a lot of drama. (BTW: The commentor’ name says it all! )

      • You ever hit one of those on the highway? That odor lingers, especially if you put your car in the garage. Straight to the car wash! lol

      • I can think of many things to call you sis, but insecure, do nothing moron couldn’t be further from the truth. The skunk was probably describing himself

      • The skunks profile is public and trying to insult posters seems to be the norm for him. That’s why I block mine, so posters with that type of mindset don’t become stalkers.

      • May have a good backbone but you need a brain to go with that to do well on BB,if so..he would have realized early on that he needed to repair the damage and trust he LOST with that early bonehead move,instead he chose to go into exile with Jessica each day and night.

      • Hey did you watch Alex/Paul convo. It was probably the best convo I’ve seen on feed’s for weeks. It’s purely game talk. None of the bull crap some posters like to talk about here. Around 7:30 PM. It’s almost like a blue print of their plan. They are definitely working together. They talked about the pecking order. (it could be modified) Josh is definitely the goat, wild goat. I know you don’t like Paul, but they have to work together to get to where they want to.

      • I was watching it. I know she has to work with him until the end but do you think Paul will try to get rid of Alex? I hope not. Whenever they discuss pecking order Paul seems to switch it up very discretely. Alex wants Elena gone before Mark and Paul will agree with her then goes back and tells Kevin and others we need to get Mark out. That’s because Paul knows Mark is after him and with him gone he has Elena in his pocket. Paul is making Xmas, Josh think they’re F3. He’s making Matt/Raven think they’re F3 then Alex/Jason think they’re F3. If Cody and Mark go nobody will be after Paul. And I want Alex in F2. They trust each other but I think Alex will stick to their deal before Paul will. Everyone needs to get together and compare notes. Then Paul would be the target.

      • If you watch Paul’s demeanor when he’s talking with Alex it’s different. I could be wrong but he’s more serious. He had told Alex things that he hasn’t told any one. They also agree on what bs to tell the other alliance. I think Paul wants to be sitting with someone smart to win comps and some what likeable.

      • I hope so. But he’s covering his ass with everyone where Alex isn’t. That’s the part I don’t like. When it comes time for Alex to need Paul’s help that’s when we’ll see if he’s loyal or not. So far it’s been Alex winning which benefits Paul. Paul needs to win something. Alex was even his pawn but he wouldn’t do the same. He talked Jason into it.

      • Paul is more canny for sure. Touching all his bases. Which is how you should really play this game. He’s a protectionist and Alex..not much, but Alex also has Jason to protect her…we’ll see how this goes.

      • Of course he doesn’t want Alex with him at the end-she can win competitions and people like her in the house..When other people are in jury, they will talk about what a bully he was and vote for her.

    • For the love of God yes!,get rid of Cody..will never understand he and the Bride of Frankenstein,get picked to be on national t.v. and a chance to win 500,000 to boot but the moment they entered the BB house they treated the game like they had been cursed or sentence to the gallows,made no sense whatsoever..every week with this pair was nothing but pure misery

    • I liked Jody for a time because I liked back and forth power, when Jess won HOH though she really screwed up what could’ve been a game changing move and it’s now a one sided house. So yeah Cody needs to just go because I’m tired of a unified house against one person, it’s time for everyone to start playing and turning on each other!

  5. I hope they vote out the remaining floaters. I’m sick of the players who play losing to people who do nothing. Raven and Matt. Bye!

  6. I’m confused . The last paragraph says “if Elena picks Cody” as HG choice . The HG’s competing in the Veto have been chosen already …so Cody CAN’T be chosen , right ? Am I missing something ?

  7. Well, truth be told, it would have been exciting/entertaining if Cody was competing! As I read Matt’s write-up, I scrolled line-by-line, waiting for the suspense – was Cody’s name drawn, did Elena get HG choice, did …. well, the meal ended with a big fat, unsatisfying burp! The game is still afoot and I’m looking forward to the POV results. No matter who wins it, they’ll be more flacking and flapping going on in the House until the Veto Ceremony. So, onward to dessert! 😊

    • If Cody is evicted this week, it’s hard to imagine anything interesting left in the show. One does not have to like Cody to realize that he is the only counterbalance to Paul. To me, the rest of the house guests offer nothing intriguing.

  8. The only thing that could save this week would be if Josh was the second boot of the DE. I will laugh so hard if that happens.

  9. Useless minions! It is over. Cody is going to be evicted then, on with minions on the bottom getting chopped up one by one! That is going to be 6 boring weeks atleast, assuming that this week is a double eviction week! Maybe, Mark or Elaina would be next after Cody. Only thing left to see is if they evict Paul when it is down to 4!

  10. Worst season of BB thus far. The only players with a backbone have been picked off by Machiavellian Paul and his idiotic sycophants. This is absolutely pathetic. The players in the house are a joke, and must wander through life walking on eggshells, scared to death of having independent thoughts. Get this garbage out of the way and make room for next season. Hopefully better contestants are picked, and Paul goes back to his meaningless, wannabe adult life “designing clothes.” What a joke. Hahaha

    • maybe not the best season cast ever but BB is my annual summer guilty pleasure from season 1 and I just love it every year.

      • Me too,actually having a good time this season,so look forward to this and getting a whole new bunch every summer,great fun!

      • sure, everyone is second guessing the cast selection but it is what it is. so, i’m all in. that is all.

      • for people who don’t like this, go to youtube, you can watch whole seasons of everything and everybody plus bbcan, bbuk, bbau, I think I watched an episode in a foreign language in sweden or turkey(not sure). look up super star nikki graham from uk and Canada, she’s incredible!

  11. Can we just wrap up the season by having CBS go ahead and deposit the $500,000 in Paul’s bank account now?

    • hey, hey I’m with you on that one. Just give it to Paul and get it over with. BB19 has been the worst and nastiest house ever. The remaining houseguests are totally gutless and pure immature.

    • You forget if Paul wins he is giving some if not all the money to poor sick Raven. All he wants is the win, and to look like a hero. I can’t believe he doesn’t realize that Raven isn’t Americans favorite.

      • I wasn’t aware that Paul planned to do that…or are you assuming he will give money to Raven?

      • First Paul had talked about making a Raven shirt and giving her the profit. Xmas said she would do something similar with book sales or signings. Now Paul has said he will donate money to Raven charity account since I guess a winner can’t give money to another HG directly ( I think it was something about promising money is against rules). He could have been blowing smoke? But he was saying he wants the win, he is all about life, travel, experiences, money isn’t important( I guess that is what people that have money say) and Raven needs money.

      • But I think he feels differently now that he sees the true Raven. She’s got a different ailment everyday.

      • I don’t think he will once he finds out that she’s a scamming litre skank with Munchausen Syndrome. None of the House knows this yet but are catching on to her constant whining and injuries.

  12. Let’s just fast forward to DE. One of them wins POV and Cody goes up and goes. Let’s move on. Zzzzzz

  13. Paul has managed to get all his threats out. I know he was helped by safety, but he still has a lot of HGs thinking that he is a good enough player to get them far instead of thinking we have to get the big threat out. That’s good gameplay despite the cast. Things will get more interesting once Cody and then likely Mark or Elena is out. Then the alliance will have to break up into groups.

    • too many meds and probably thinking that in truth she is kinda useless as a comp player that her time in the BB house may be ending..

  14. Today might have been Cody’s ‘Waterloo’ moment,not getting picked was a killer blow,so we might be down to our final week of death stares from Rambo!

  15. This year crapie game. Please BB dont ever bring Paul the Snake BACK !! FOR GODS SAKES…

    SO SICK OF HIM!!!!

  16. Now that Cody can’t compete for veto, this week is yet again as predictable as the last few weeks have been…I’m ready to finish this season and start BB20!

  17. Is there usually a veteran on each season of BB?

    If so, who is likely to be invited back AND who would want to return? Jessica or Cody are the only people I’d be interested in seeing again, only I doubt either would want to return.

    • 19 seasons of BB so far. S7 was all stars, S11 1 vet came back, S13 6 vets, S14 4 vets, 18 4 vets, this season 1 vet. So only 6 of 19 had returning players and 1 of those 6 was entire vet cast. I hoping we get all newbies next year or all stars 2.

  18. Paul came to Cody last nite, playing nice. Said he felt sorry for him. Bc he knows he’s defeated. Paul gave his ok to Mark n the others to talk to Cody. If I were Cody I would try n talk with Paul. Let him know he(Cody) is the most hated guy n the house and final two could be an option. I mean it’s worth a shot. Let Paul keep talking smack n playing it up to the other HG’s. Agree to less isolation. Since Paul has all the HGs scared to talk to Cody bc they are afraid there talking game. N see where it goes. Worse case Cody gets $50-thousand. 2nd place That’s more than jury. Would be some interesting game play for sure!! 🤔

    • I considered them possibly making a deal but too much water has run under the bridge I believe…they do not trust each other so I don’t see a truce or deal…Then again..it could happen…Look at Rachel & Jordon who were enemies but formed a friendship in the house and outside as well….u never know

      • late nite, paul realized a lot of the house was having trouble (kev and Jason cried) so he went around to lift everybody up.

  19. Cody may be a boring dude, but when he goes this game really goes in the toilet.
    Big Cowards 19

  20. /bye Cody

    Terrible player.

    I’m willing to bet that he’s going to walk out of the jury house and self evict so that he can go be with Jessica.

    • I doubt it. He’s really poor. He needs the money. I think he and Jessica may have made the agreement he needed money more than her. He doesn’t even have luggage. He uses a trash bag.

      • I wonder what type of sales he does. He doesn’t strike me as a “sales” type guy. He should have done better in this game.

      • Do you actually know him as a person for you to judge he is not a salesman and he is liar?

      • He would probably walk it even if he had a free ride. Oh to be young , in love , and in shape.

      • It made he think of myself years ago. I was going to school in NY and flying to CA. Got stuck in a snowstorm in Salt Lake City during a layover. There was someone I had liked a lot a few years earlier living in a suburb. Salt Lake City is a grid of blocks, so I compared it to NYC, and walked 123 blocks , 12.3 miles in the cold and snow to see if I could even find this person. Now when I visit SLC I see how crazy I was, I walked from downtown salty Lake to draper , today I wouldn’t even walk 5 blocks on that state street. I guessing the idea of love blinds all the stuff I walked past and through.

      • Yep. He Jessica discussed that. She would have to pay for it so she wants him to stay. Cody is really poor.

      • Did he say this? I was curious about his child support since he had a commission type job but never heard him say anything about it.

      • I don’t believe Cody had an actual job for some time. He says he’s in sale’s, which is pretty convenient and easy to fudge. That could mean anything from working at the local Dairy Queen to selling brooms door to door. First of all, Cody could never make it as a real salesman, the guy doesn’t have a personality and that stare would scare people to death.

      • The sales he talked about roofing door to door stinks. In my area it is college students that take these jobs, you walk all day, trying to sell people a new roof which is hard ( most people think about a new roof after a leak or after a set period of time, like 20 years). It is commission only usually so tough job. Not sure what job Cody would be good at? Maybe he should be a trainer, I could see him be tough on people who really wanted to lose weight.

      • I was wondering why he picked up a garbage bag when leaving the showmance bedroom after that argument with Jessica.

    • Got truck repairs waiting at home and that 10,000 for making the jury will go a long ways but most of all Jessica would kill him for throwing away good money,he’s actually a bit scared of her.

      • Boo hoo hoooo. Cody has himself to thank for the position he is in right now, no one else, him and him alone put himself there.

  21. I tape bb after dark so I can fast forward through all the petty Cody bashing, these wierdo’s really need to grow up.

    • Hahaha, as opposed to all the petty Paul bashing here?

  22. What was up with Kevin?? Wonder if he’s regretting how he will look with the fam all cuddled up to Christmas?? Maybe Im reading in between the lines a lil too much??

  23. Also do they have access to current events i.e. World news in jury house? Or complete isolation as well? Just curious?

  24. Very hard to watch someone like Raven,when she is sitting there talking nothing really happens,like talking to a ghost..

  25. Does Raven have implants in the rear-end , because something dosen’t look quite natural there?

    • I think she has gained weight in the house, all the eating and haven’t seen much dance? The jeans make it look bigger but maybe they are some padded lift type. I wondered about her boobs? I’m sure she didn’t have plastic surgery while terminal..

      • She won a never not pass in a competition. It was right in her lane so she grabbed it. The other HGs never had a chance. I’m sure production did it to help her out since she said she can only eat certain things. However, it looks like she eats everything in the house.

      • I read that “make a wish” got her in.
        rules are you need to be 100% in perfect health

      • That was preplanned. BB didn’t want to explain letting her be a have all year, other HG have gotten special slop choices per diet restrictions. Very interesting she plays in first veto and it is a prize and an easy prize to grab(just in case someone else was going to take it if they thought they were going to lose).

      • ok I was wondering. I couldn’t remember must have zoned out. Shes not relevant to me in this game. Even from the beginning. She erks me

    • I also brought that up because Matt is always making comments about her padded butt

  26. Here’s my gripe with Alex and maybe you guys can change my mind. But let’s say Mark wins HOH and he’s wanting to target Paul, and let’s say he nominates him and Alex. I feel like she has an equal chance of going home because she is basically his warrior by being a competitor, her relationships with the house aren’t as good as his, and so therefore she’s basically a shield for Paul. It’s great for him, bad for her. I just don’t feel like Alex is doing herself any favors here because those who target Paul are going to target her too, and those who follow Paul are going to vote for her

  27. I openly admit favoring Paul for the win this year for several reasons but having said that,will enjoy and accept any outcome on BB 19 long as Cody goes,I’m fine with what comes after.

    • Even Rervin and Matt? I would be pissed if either of them made it to the top 3 and/or won, especially the grifter Rervin.

  28. Let’s show a little respect for Cody, he has served our country, and has probably seen, and been through a lot of stuff, that you could never even imagine!

  29. This is by far the worst season and I have watched every single season. Paul is running the house and none of the house guests are likable except Kevin. Just awful season.

  30. This is by far the worst season. Absolutely the worst most unlikeable cast except for Kevin.

  31. Raven just said she trusted Paul outside the house to Matt & made it sound like Paul and her knew each other in a way that was more than a fan event. Is this a Raven exaggeration story or truth?

  32. Quick (off-topic) question:

    Why does everyone hate BB18 so much? The cast was fantastic and there were fights breaking out constantly. The house flip against Paulie was one of the best moments in BB history. What gives?

    • And for the record: BB17 – BB19 are a huge step up from from BB15/BB16 in terms of casting and gameplay (IMO). I’ve enjoyed BB immensely the last few seasons.

    • One word, NICOLE. She sat in bed all summer long, jacking her boyfriend off. The feeds sucked big time. Most of the time people in chat were discussing themselves, politics, other topics because the house was so boring. I hated that they brought back 4 vets. It really threw the dynamic of the house off. The only saving grace about 18 was Paul. He single handedly made 18 worth watching…… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/290a2a69d425181dc4973c2594d09fdab4a799fc5c26114ff30fedb9bbaf15e6.gif

      • The winner is questionable (side eyes production) but otherwise feeds were lit (until F7) and the drama and constant house flips gave me life.

      • Huh, well I didn’t see it that way but to each their own. :)

      • I love it when you talk dirty. lol Nicole winning that season is the very reason why I think it would be hilarious for Paul to win this season. The only work Dingus did for the money was undercover work. Paul worked his patootie off, just like he is this season.

      • That was soooo much fun! “We have a runner!” Paul worked that like no one else ever could have, and Pablo was the perfect accessory for him.

      • I think it is one of my favorite memories of BB, Paul and his Secret Service “punishment”. He really worked it like no other and that’s when I went from full on hatred of Paul to full on love of how he played the game.

      • I couldn’t stand him either at the first of the season. That was probably about the same time my opinion of him changed. He and Victor were TV gold….Dingus and Doofus…TV mold.

      • I loved when they had their little “spats”, that schtick was hilarious!

      • I can’t imagine there ever being another Paul/Victor. If that’s what raving lunatic Raven is aiming for, she is WAY off base.

      • Lawdy, is that what that nonsense is? Rervin thinks that’s cute and fun to watch? I’d rather watch cats throwing up than watch her and Matt do their “thang”. It’s so bizarre to me. I think they get off on each other that way, Matt feeds into it and it gives Rervin the impetus to continue the stupidity. I wish they would cut it out, so skeevy and uncomfortable.

      • I don’t know what she is thinking, but they go too far with it. It is not in the least bit funny. I thought it was cute for about two seconds, then it became annoying fast. Raven is annoying, period.

      • If anybody shows up there with a better game, that’s perfectly fine with me, but for now he’s the only one that’s doing it…so good for Paul!

      • LOL, I was reading some posts above this and had my page positioned in such a way that every so often the top of Paul’s head would pop up and then disappear. ROFL

      • gifted not won. Paul winning because he is working hard and outwitting, fairly outlasting and outplaying will be great. Interference in the game by BB and gifting him the outlast part, not fun at all.

      • Jello, I’m with you on that, but after last season, I had to alter my mindset to enable enjoying BB. The manipulation is going to happen and we have to accept it. Question the heck out of it, understandable. Let it stress me out, never again. Like a good pal of mine once wrote( thank you, Cy), I don’t know these people. When BB is over, my life isn’t. :)

      • I did the same think K, had to alter the way I watch and see BB. Now I accept there is production interference and it makes it much easier to watch and enjoy. Wish I had that mind set a few years ago when I started watching the feeds.

      • I’ve never watched feeds and until 3 seasons ago, all I knew was what was shown on TV. You can imagine my utter shock when I accidentally stumbled upon BBN. I was so naive about the production manipulation. I still remember the moment when my BB world of naivety came crashing down. :( I’m ok now. lol

      • Yep, my first year of feeds was 16. What a snoozefest. I was so disappointed. Before I did the feeds I used to read a blog called BBDish, the best blog in the universe, not exaggerating. The woman, Carol whom wrote it was such an amazing writer. She would write 3-4 blogs a day, depending on what was going on in the house and her blogs read like a novel, she was able to make it so interesting and include everything, she caught every single nuance from every HG. I lived and breathed by those blogs, you didn’t even had to watch the show or have the feeds, she was that meticulous in her writing. She quit writing them Season 16, that was when I decided to really jump into BB full force, with feeds and wanting to comment on her blog and she quit!! LOL, I found BBN last year, thank goodness. I love to have the experience of discussing BB with others, no one in my real life watches BB.

      • No, she wasn’t using talk to text. She would write in a way that made it like a novel, not the normal…….. 7:15 Matt and Raven are eating in the HOH 8:33 Paul went into the kitchen kind of thing, she was able to weave it all into a seamless dialogue, it was truly brilliant.

      • Early this season, I read somewhere that it is as if there are two BB shows: The one with editing that CBS broadcasts on television, and the live feeds. I don’t have the feeds, but based on what I read and the clips I see posted in various places, there is a lot of truth to the assertion. There is so much that TV-only viewers do not get to see.

      • I’m sure that’s the case. Even now, reading the threads and Jokers, there is much more that goes on that we non-feeders will ever know. But BBN helps immensely.

      • Jello, Today you are very focused on the game of BB. I’m promoting you again today with a $1.00 raise

      • You know K that if he wins there are going to be numerous posts here saying that he was given the win cos ‘he’s a vet’ and ‘they gave him 3 weeks safety’ and the ‘minions let him have it’

      • Gird your loins for that one girl, you know it will be coming if Paul does win. I can already see it, production handed him the win, over and over again.

      • Production babied NicHole through the whole game, even giving her witless boyfriend ‘help’ when she needed it the most. I’ve watched prior seasons since BB18 ended, and see how other players had to win by outplaying and outsmarting everyone else, just like Paul is doing this season. I only wish we could have one more round of secret agent man :)

      • He’s controlling this game, you know. It is mind control. He’s been practicing with a mentalist. He even has CBS under his spell!

      • I’m surprised Paul hasn’t directed the production company to build him a penthouse above the HoH room so that he can be HoHoH (Head of Head of Household).

      • I’m starting to think that all of us Paul fans are in the minority. Lol, the CBS Big Brother FB page is loaded with Paul haters.

      • Paul’s lost a lot of fans with his antics. Plus, there are people who hate vets in general, doesn’t matter who it is.

      • No Ashley there are many Paul fans here, its’ just the same haters posting the same thing over and over again

      • I agree. I din’t like paul last season, but loved victor and they were a pair. Paul was hilarious last season. This season he is very focused.

      • I was really hoping that would happen. You know surely CBS has considered it. I wonder if one of them didn’t want to. Maybe in the near future.

      • I would start watching the show again if they were on it.

      • Can’t blame him for that. He has to be locked and loaded at all times if he’s going to make it to the end. He’s learned his lesson and learned it well.

      • Do you remember why he did that dance tr8? I’m trying to recall but i definitely remember the dance!

      • I just assumed he was celebrating something, like a veto win or something like that.

      • The puppet show, my favorite!!! I laughed so hard at those shows.

      • He has a unique sense of humor I’ve never seen on the show before. I remember the dance but I can’t remember why he did it lol

      • I never saw it until after the show, a friend tweeted the gif to me. Where was I? LOL

      • It was on the show. I think when pauli fell off the wall in jury buy back. It had something to do with Pauli. Lol

      • I was Team Nicole as well. Maybe because I was pissed when Derrick evicted her after she complimented him. She acts like a dingy blonde, but she is actually pretty good at figuring things out.

      • She stayed in bed all day with corey much like jess did with cody. Thats not playing the game.

  33. Mark doesn’t have it in him, but it would be epic if he won PoV and then used it on Matt (effectively evicting Elena instead of Cody). Elena distanced herself from him when it was good for her game. At this point, Mark isn’t sticking around long even if Elena is on his side. It would be fun to go all in with Cody hoping they could win a string of HoH comps and shake things up. I know, it will never happen.

    • He won’t do it even after Elena told him last night she would vote him out if she had to.

  34. Did anyone see/ hear on the live feeds that Raven just opened Alex’s brand new eyeshadow from her HoH basket and put it on her eyes?? Gross and what a thoughtless classless b*itch. Get out of the HoH room, put on something that covers your a**, and find something to do other than f*cking Matt, scream-talking, and talking about all of your ailments. Sorry, but had to rant.

    • I hope Alex calls her out, we need a good fight on the feeds, especially if Rervin is the culprit!! It’s about time someone went after her. I wonder when it will come out that Rervin was the one to throw out the coke and hid the cat ears. Alex will flip her lid if she ever finds out. Those ears and her coke seem to represent life and all that she holds dear. LOL

    • She also opened 2 bags of chips & ate goldfish then told elana to take the kit kats out of joshs or pauls basket. I mean its not your hoh b!

      • I soooooo look forward to her and Matt being on the block for real, as a real target, and watching her REAL personality come out. I wanted to like her, but she just seems so fake (and inconsiderate).

        Why lie about “hiding” the cat ears, if it was actually an accident (like she told Matt yesterday or whenever)? Risky game move…If Alex had rapport with Jessica, she would have believed her and it would make Raven look like the shady B she is.

    • In addition to the “scream-talking” are her changing accents and the emphatic gestures. That 90-degree-angle-wrist motion is especially bothersome. It seems meant to make her look innocent and bubbly, but it’s not fooling me.

    • Raven and her unnamed diseases need to go after Cody. She’s been pampered and coddled her entire life and has a huge sense of entitlement. She was showing the house the scratch on her finger like her finger was falling off. If I was Alex I would freak out. I would be “OMG Raven, I never opened that makeup because I found out there is an unknown bacteria in it. You can lose your sight”.

  35. Dumb HGs only worried about Ally-less Cody, when he is a all alone. Everyone is against him, too. So, why not go after someone who is the obvious bottom of the totem pole, when you can get out someone who is really a threat to win? Really really stupid moves this season, making it harder and harder to watch.

    • Cody is a loose cannon and can knock anyone out of the game if he’s given the chance. He’s a lone wolf with an alliance to no one. He needs to go.

    • Very true. Not only is Cody not a threat, he’s not bothering anyone, right? This obsession with getting him out sounds quite personal, something everyone tried to tell Cody and Jessica to keep separate from the game!

  36. I think they should change the veto to make BB better. LISTEN UP CBS! Make whoever WINS the veto competition able to nominate who they want (instead of the HOH). Give that veto true power, it would make the game FAR less predictable, and really make a lot more twists and strategy come into play. You could do this all the time OR you can have a 50-50 chance “chip” drawn by the veto winner to see if the HOH picks the replacement, or if the veto winner picks the replacement. This would cause the boring one-side floggings that steamroll sometimes and make it get boring/frustrating.

    • Meant to say: *This would cause the one-sided floggings that steamroll sometimes and make it get boring/frustrating come to an end.

    • Maybe they will change it for a season…Just like they started doing Jury battle backs, and now this season they won’t have that.

      • They usually one have 1 battle back per season, either before jury or after jury. Last year was the oddball, as they had 2.

      • Victor definitely set a BB record. I actually do love and respect Victor as a BB player. I just couldn’t stand that the was aligned with Paul. Really wish that it would have been him that came back this year. Would have made it an entirely different game.

    • Supposedly, although it doesn’t happen as frequently as it should, imo, if someone breaks a rule, such as eating something else while on slop (just one example), if said person receiving the penalty is OTB, there is an extra vote cast to evict for each penalty received. I’m not sure if there is a limit to the number of penalties a person can receive and still remain in the game.

      • Jenny had one over evil dick season. She knew she was going to be evicted and she ate food and throw all evil dick cigarettes. That was a good week!!

      • Watching the whole fight (live feed version on YouTube) is insane…ED went as far as proclaiming to the whole house that she had a “crusty c*nt*” after seeing her bikini bottoms in the dirty laundry hamper.

        She must be a great nanny (I think that was her job) because of her patience when he said those things and poured iced tea on her head. She acted like she was taking a shower, didn’t even flinch or react lol

      • It’s funny you say that – the first time I watched the season, I didn’t really pay attention to the amount of influence that “America’s Player” had on the outcome of the game & ED winning.

        It is a little hilarious though that Eric had to vote for him, and influence the jury to vote for him. Watching the 2nd time through, I wondered if he might have won that season. Danielle was really good too though.

      • Pretty bad, happened this last April I think. She posted it on her Instagram….Basically, she was trying to blend heated butternut squash chunks in a VitaMix or Bullet (one of those things), and I believe the top popped off or it exploded, and the hot squash got all over 1/2 her face and chest. She had to be hospitalized, and had serious burns from it.

      • Oh, that’s terrible and scary. She’s a pretty girl, hope she is well on her way to recovery

      • She was great. I’ve never seen any player to be able to that that much crap as her.

        Just think if josh would be in the same situation. Lol.

      • Omg if Josh was in Jen’s place….I think BB would have taken him out of the house for his own mental health, not even joking.

        Big emotional teddy bear. He’s growing on me though

      • Audrey got one for eating pizza (I think it was pizza). That’s the last one I remember. Jess should have gotten a few for not wearing her costume, imo.

      • Agreed – I also think they should get them for singing too many times in the day. I want to smack Kevin for making the feeds go to Fish every 15 minutes…him and Jason – “PLEASE STOP SINGING!!’

  37. Humph! It would be interesting if Alex decide to put up Raven instead, to break up the showmances; it would be Matt, Elena, and Raven on the block. Get Cody out later, he’s already by himself.

    Cody was never after Alex so it is silly to do Paul’s job.

    • Cody was always supportive of Alex and had respect for her as a competitor. Odd that she lacked the character to appreciate that.

      • Agreed – it was Jessica (and the showmances) that really came between Cody and Alex bonding…I respect that he wanted to keep her in the game because she actually is a strong competitor. It isn’t usually like that in BB.

        And now he still says Kevin and Paul are his top targets (doesn’t even mention Alex). I wish he was a more likeable character/ didn’t seem so ego-maniacal so I could root for him.

      • Omg…the same way Paul was able to save Josh by flipping the house and the Paul Haters wanted Josh to blindside him lol

      • He almost did, lol. But then he spilled the beans and blew that up.

        Mostly, though, I wanted to see Paul’s reaction to finding out one of his alliance members backstabbed him. That, and Josh would have become priority number 1 for Paul to get out, and then no more Josh, which would have been a big plus.

      • How is that bad? Didn’t Cody say he was going to destroy Josh outside of this show? And personally attack Josh’s weight and intelligence? I wouldn’t want my family to see me behaving like that. It would be embarrassing for them and for me.

      • But why bring his family into it at all? That’s just makes you look pathetic. But, like I said, Paul has said and done much worse, so this is barely a blip on the radar.

      • Paul has done things that I wouldn’t do (calling people out), but I chalk it up to immaturity (just turned 24) and he’s also a loud & direct person. Personally, I would try to not make any waves in the game and lay low. Not necessarily a floater game and definitely not like Raven who’s at “summer camp” but more like Alex.

        I don’t think the game should go to a personal level for anyone, but definitely think Cody and Jessica took it further and more hurtful than anyone else.

      • Paul telling Josh to “take it up to 30” and volunteer to be a HN this week so that he can continue to harass the guy, even as he’s about to be evicted, is also crossing the line. Cody and Jess were bad, I agree, and I don’t approve of what they did last week. There’s always another way to solve the problem. Elissa locked herself in the HOH room when Amanda went after her in BB15. She never rose to the bait. But Paul’s not exactly innocent here.

        I agree with your gameplay choice, though.

      • I couldn’t STAND Amanda’s antics against Elissa. I didn’t watch the live feeds back then (I wasn’t as obsessed as I am now lol), but I didn’t see that Elissa actually did anything to Amanda to get her to be such a psycho b*tch to her. I’m glad she (and pretty much all of the jerks on that show – Aaryn, Andy, others – lost their jobs after)

        Josh is being annoying too (on purpose)…but I feel like he doesn’t actually have hate in his heart. And Jody actually were personally insulting to him. Yes, I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right. On some level though, the Havenot choice and pot banging was still game play (aggressive, but still game play to throw off their focus).

        What was the purpose of Jessica asking him out of the blue (when not part of the conversation) whether he can spell Drought? Maybe my judgement is clouded because I really get the vibe and impression after watching Jessica in BB – how effortlessly she can say b*tchy things and have that condescending tone – that she is a 1000% jerk at heart. Throws away job applications? Talks about drowning Alex, poisoning the HGs, choking Raven (well ok – j/k lol)? Having been bullied myself as a kid (just for being shy), I can’t stand mean-spirited/ dark-hearted people.

        As for Paul’s choice to orchestrate that “circus”…I see WHY he did it (to get Cody to act the same aggressive way he did in Paul’s HoH room, and get Jessica see she needed to cut ties)…but I don’t agree with how he went about it, just because it pretty much put all of the blame on him (he did it so blatantly). And because it was clear that Jessica wasn’t going to turn on Cody.

      • Why did Cody bring his daughter into it??? That’s a better question…Can u answer that???

      • He only revealed it in a heart to heart with Kevin, along with his brother dying when he was in Afghanistan.

      • He brought it up to Kevin hoping to get sympathy votes. Do you thing he all of a sudden decided to try and be friendly and talk personal because wants to bond? Give me a break. Paul is absolutely right. The entire time Cody was laying up in bed screwing Jessica on a nightly basis I always wondered if his daughter was watching.

      • Oh – that would be embarrassing too. There are actually videos on the internet of mostly all the of BB past house guests that have had sex…that doesn’t go away!

      • Exactly. Cody Haters will do anything to make him look like a bad guy. He’s not a great HG or player, he’s made several mistakes while in this house, but these people take it to a whole new level. They praise Saint Paul for everything he does and bash Cody. Hypocritics. If they hate Cody’s behavior, then they should also hate Paul’s behavior because they’ve been equally spiteful towards each other.

      • Come on now, you know everything that happens in the house is Paul’s fault. You know what they say about secrets…..they are only secrets until you tell someone. That is on Cody and Cody alone. He needs to take some responsibility, for once in the house and own up to his own behavior. So sick of the eternal victim noises that emanate from him.

      • He was having a heart to heart with Kevin, a guy who’s also a father. Nothing wrong with that. HGs talk about their families all the time. It’s fairly common.

      • Ahhh I don’t think he was berating the ‘”child’ I think he was addressing Codys behavior.. And suggested if the child was watching it would not be good for her to see her father in bed with a girl she did not know or maybe cussing and arguing with strangers….Paul did not attack the child…

      • True, but I don’t like it when HGs drag people’s kids into their conversations. Children are innocent and should be kept off limits, regardless of what you’re saying. It should just be “Oh, cool, I didn’t know that” and let that be that.

      • Then why are u just Damming Paul.???…Kevin was in on the conversation but u conveniently left him and his words out…

      • When did I do that? Just when? I said that I didn’t approve of it being brought up, but that he didn’t say anything bad about her, so it didn’t matter! Seriously, learn to read!

      • Go back and read ur own post…U read that post on twitter and turned it into “Paul is dissing Codys kid…” when he was not…U didn’t get the facts….The sky is blue ..blame Paul…The ocean is deep ..blame Paul…Jessica was a slut Blame Paul.. Matt eats all the cereal Blame Paul All that goes wrong/happens in the BB house is not Pauls fault… Paul is good but not ‘Andy’ good…When the eclipse happens are u gonna blame that on Paul too???
        Paul is a jerk of the highest order He does and says things that I don’t agree with but he is a ‘player of the game”.. which is why I watch BB. .Its a game…Seriously before u go and berate a HG in a post get ur facts straight..

      • Actually, it’s YOU who needs to go reread Saturn’s post. That’s not what was said. You keep twisting her words.

      • If she had of got her words/facts right in the first place I would not have had to go back and explain it to her..I did not twist her words I untwisted what she posted

      • Cody told Kevin in confidence that he didn’t want the other HG using his daughter against him. Now look what happened.

      • He knew Kevin would blab. He was probably counting on it. He doesn’t trust anybody in that house.

      • For those of u that have read the above posting …I went to Jokers to find the conversation between Kevin and Paul discussing Codys child…The conversation differs from the above post.. And to be fair Kevin suggested/said that Cody may not have been a good Dad…not Paul….Yall should go read it..

      • Thanks. I actually went back and watched the conversation myself, as I hadn’t had the chance to get on the feeds yet today, but I follow that page on Twitter, so I knew that Cody’s daughter had been brought up by Paul. It’s not surprising that he doesn’t have custody, though as A judge will almost always award custody to the mother.

      • also u left out that Cody (supposedly) lost rights to his child and can only see her during the summer…..

      • Starting to say Cody is lying about having a kid or Cody should be so sexual on tv if he had a kid. His main plan is making Cody appear as if he lied about a kid, to make him seem like he was using it to get votes to stay.

      • I’m sure there are people who would defend Paul no matter what he says/does. My opinion: Houseguests should leave other houseguests’ kids/family alone.

      • Ahhhh noooo u are wrong…the conversation between Kevin and Paul is on Jokers..u should read it for the facts if nothing else..

  38. Well, here’s to another boring week in the BB House. Let’s hope the DE is at least entertaining and someone goes who absolutely can’t stand Cody so that they have to deal with being alone with him in the jury house for an entire week (like Raven or Josh – I’d take Paul going, but I think he’d be able to find ways to get alone with Cody).

  39. Any ideas why Paul was sleeping in the HoH bed when Josh was HoH?

    Why are several guys (Paul, Josh, Kevin) wearing nail polish?

    • Josh asked him to lol (he didn’t want to be alone)…As for the nail polish I think it’s a group thing; for the guys wearing it, each one has it on a different finger.

      • Hmm. Again proof that almost all these people are just followers and obsessed with their master’s approval.

    • I took the sleeping arrangements to imply that Paul doesn’t trust Josh at all and wanted to keep his eye on him every single second. I wonder what Josh thought of it? (He probably felt honored to have earned the presence of The Great One.)

      • It’s called playing the game. Paul is playing balls to the walls, covering all bases after last season. Why the hell shouldn’t he play full throttle. It’s like it’s become a sin this season. How dare Paul play BB, while living in the BB house, I’m lost with this reasoning. He’s there to win, not play house like the majority of them are, claiming victory if they make it to jury. Pffft

      • Are you saying that just about anything should be allowed? Why not allow a guy (especially a big guy like Josh) bang pots in the face of a much smaller girl? Should we say it would be ok for someone to come to another guest in the middle of the night while sleeping and scream in his/her ears? If you find out that a guest’s sibling or child is deformed, how about making jokes about that? How about a guest saying s/he hopes a female guest gets r***d after leaving the house?

        In all competitions there are boundaries of decency and fairness. I have no problem with people competing hard, but the everything-goes-is-fine philosophy is inconsistent with a civilized society.

  40. I really can’t wait until Paul gets evicted and everyone crying about this being the worst season ever goes “OMG BEST BIG BROTHER EVER! THIS IS SO GOOD!”. Seriously…this has been one of the most drama filled seasons in BB History. There are fights constantly, twists that make people lose their minds, and a fun cast to go along with it all…what else does it take? No Paul? Surely if there was no Paul, somebody else would be running the house, and everyone hating on Paul would be hating on that person instead. It’s Big Brother people…don’t get so outraged because some people are better players than others. This has been one of the best seasons of BB in a long time. And don’t try to say “people have more problems with it than just Paul”…Mark jumped up to the top 3 on the popularity poll on Thursday because he discussed targeting Paul…seriously…Mark?

    • Thank u…am in agreement…..but I am happy that the Cody & Jessica duo was broken up….I got tired of watching those 2 idiots on all 4 feed cameras for 30 minutes at a time….

      • That really annoyed me. People were like “It’s just the Paul show!”…the show I watched had Jessica and Cody in every single segment…

      • Not sure how people come to the conclusion that is was the Paul show. If you have feeds there were 2 cams dedicated to those 2 assholes at all times. They never did anything, rarely talked game and when they were talking it was boring as hell. I don’t want to hear about them getting an engagement ring or him moving in with her, I want some game moves. They were either in the bedroom, draped over each other, outside on the hammock or guarding each other while they went in the DR or used the bathroom. So glad that ish is over with, but…..now they have a dedicated Cody cam, again, who wants to watch this moron sitting in bed in a bedroom all by himself. Can’t wait until he leaves as well.

      • Nailed it! They couldn’t get through an entire sentence without kissing each other.
        I wonder who she is snuggling with tonight? 😜

      • Hahaha, rant, rant, rant. This is how I work out all of my frustrations! It’s good therapy.

      • It has less to do with who’s in front of the camera than it has to do with who’s running the house.

      • It was at first, but then production did change things up so that the episodes weren’t as Paul heavy.

      • There was an o!d porno Behind and the Green Door from the 70’s. The remake is Behind the Big Brother Door starring Cocky Cody and Juicy Jess.

    • It’s been drama-filled, but I’m not sure what to call it other than The Paul Show. Out of all the HGs this season, only two have chosen to not ask for Paul’s permission and blessing for every decision and move they’ve made. And now, the two who didn’t have paid with their BB lives. As of 10 p.m. (BBT) this Thursday night. Paul will officially become King of the BB House, and every one of his minions will be unworthy to breathe the same air he consumes. One can only hope a great DE takes place, because usually the viewers (us) expect great things from a DE, and we’re usually disappointed in the outcome. (P.S. I’m one of those who voted for Mark for exactly the reason you stated.)

    • I think people are just tired of vets coming back against newbies.
      Remember OTT with Jason?

      • I didn’t watch, but I remember being legitimately shocked to find out even someone like Jason could still make the F2 as a vet. Holy crap.

        Makes me wonder how Jozea would’ve done if America voted him in instead, lol.

      • To be fair, though, no one from OTT knew the results of 18. That might have had a bigger impact, with so many super fans playing the game.

    • Hey, I may not like Paul and hate the predictability, but this season has definitely been fun so far because of all the drama. That’s why I wanted Cody to stay – to keep up the Paul v. Cody element and keep the drama going. If it’s just Paul controlling things to the end, that’s when it’s going to get boring. Hopefully, Mark can hold out long enough to stand against Paul (because right now, he’s the only hope we have of evening out the odds once Cody goes).

  41. What a shame Cody can’t play in veto. Love that dude. He’s intense and ultra alpha, a counter balance to the mega beta half men that remain. The Paul element is a total buzz kill and I wish BB would do the unexpected and quit having BB veterens/losers come back in the house with a big advantage and experience and just let the fresh cast navigate the experience without the know it all “direction” of the previous loser. Would make for a better show… in my opinion.

    • Cody’s BD being almost a given is unfortunate, but he pretty much brought it on himself. He should have been playing the game with the rest of the HGs all this time instead of just playing with his girlfriend. I hope their “love” lasts longer than their chance at $500K did.

  42. Matt can NOT get evicted. Imagine him sequestered in a hotel, and raiding the hotel kitchen at night for cereal. At least in the BB house, production can keep an eye on him.

    Note to all: If Matt ever shows up needing a place to crash for the night, station your pit bull at the kitchen entrance.

  43. And if Cody goes this week,no doubt he drop some more his bomb lies in order to reek havoc on the house guests that is left,why anyone in the house would choose to believe anything that comes out of his mouth at the point in the game is lost on me,he hates everyone in the house except his partner in crime,the “Queen of the Damned”.

  44. I really liked jess and Cody because they did there own thing, even if they’re group from the beginning decided to follow Paul so he could use them as numbers then get rid of them later on, I personally think josh should go home.

  45. I like Paul, but I honestly feel like it was a mistake bringing him back.
    Yeah he’s a good player, but that’s the problem- HE’S THE ONLY ONE PLAYING A GOOD GAME!
    Seriously someobody step up their game… I’m looking at you Kevin and Mark and Jason and Alex.

    • It might be cool if BB did something like season 14, where they brought back vets (all-star vets) as coaches. It was fun seeing how the coaches described strategy to their teams, while kind of playing against the strategies of the other vets.

      Of course, they did come into the game later on, but I think it was an awesome season, lots of action, lots of game play all around. And I don’t really remember there being any showmances minus the one that got nipped in the bud in week 2