Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

The big plan this week was to Backdoor Cody and make him the first member of the Big Brother Jury this season. First step in their plan, and really the most important, was to keep him out of the Veto comp. The chips were drawn and favored the majority. Cody didn’t make the cut.

Paul and Mark were pulled to play and joined Alex (HoH), Jason and Elena (noms), and Matthew (Temptation nom). They faced off in the backyard, but the pressure wasn’t exactly on for them to perform since Cody’s fate appeared sealed.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results:

  • Matthew won the Power of Veto!

Remember, Matthew is the 3rd nom from losing the Temptation Comp. The plan is to BD Cody this week so that means that Matthew can use the Veto, but just not on himself. Talk in the HoH room is that he’d save Jason and they’d renom Cody from there. But hang on.

As soon as Feeds returned Josh was already pushed hard for Elena to go. Others seemed to consider it. Now when Paul hears this idea I think he’ll squash it and Cody will be back to public enemy number one this week.

Update: Matthew has confirmed he’ll save Jason & keep himself on the Block so Cody can be Backdoor’d.

This was the prize swap comp and there were some good ones in there along with some punishments. Mark got 5th and a trip for 2 to Colorado for a week. Elena got $5,000. Paul got a punishment that he’ll have to share with Christmas. Alex got second place and a punishment for a week. Jason may have a unitard coming his way too.

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    • Yeah, let’s see what he says now, after complaining about how selfish Mark was for using the veto on himself last week.

      • It was a different situation last week than this week is. Their target last week was still on the block after Mark used it on himself. This week they need Matthew to use it so they can send their target out the door.

      • And like a good little boy, Matt will follow orders from Paul and use it on Jason to BD Cody.

        Yay!! what a great Big Brother move.

      • I think Cody has been hosed since he walked through the door. He did amazingly well to hold on this long.

      • That and getting stuck with making all those nominees as the first HOH. No one could have come through that unscathed.

      • Wing it was when he went rogue and didn’t tell anyone that he was going to put Paul up, then put one of his ally’s Christmas on the block

      • Cody made his own “bed” when he walked thru the door of BB! He refused to really talk to anyone, except for his bedmate/gf Jessica. Now he wants everyone to feel sorry for him….Not in my world!! Let him go to jury and wait for the weeks to slowly drag by…serves him right!! He may have gotten the first HOH, but he just used it to screw himself.

    • I honestly don’t think Matthew has the willpower to do that if Paul is in his ear, but we shall see

      • there’s no purpose for taking himself off the block. if he did that he’d become the target for not following the plan. nobody respects his game but nobody is after him, it would be suicidal to use it on himself.

      • If your alliance tells you to not use the veto on yourself that should be red flags for not working with that alliance. If Paul can’t get Cody this week getting Elena is pretty much just as good. Matthew can technically still veto Jason and let Cody get backdoored, but if he does not try to find new allies then there is no player within him

      • That’s true, if they were really an alliance they wouldn’t use him as a pawn and as a number every week.

      • Sadly, he doesn’t care AT ALL about that. It’s downright sickening to see him and others just lay down week after week and get kicked in the face. Where’s you backbone man??

      • The are all behind the big man on the block Paul, Cant stand him. Even if someone else wins HOH, he still owns the HOH room. And then tells them what to do and who to put up on the block. Paul back off. Let them make their own choice. Gag is the word for Paul. And meathead running after him like Paul is his pimp.

    • I hope he takes himself off, I think it would be interesting for Elena or Jason to leave instead of Cody because that’s what we would all expect.

    • Why would he even think of doing that? He said many times to Paul “i will do whatever you want”.
      But!!! I wish he would make a bold move and take himself off the block. That would piss off Paul and Matt would be the target.

  1. He is absolutely moronic if he doesn’t take himself off the block, but he was mad that Mark did take himself off last week. He will do what Paul tells him to. Boo!

    • No, it would be the smart move to stay. Nobody is going to vote evict him. But if he takes himself off, he will piss off a lot of people, and he will be the next target.

      • I agree with y’all. Why make yourself a target? He’s been so under the radar and actually pissing his alliance off for not pulling his weight. It’s in his best interest, especially with double eviction coming lol

    • I think he should also take himself off the block, he’s risking his own game if he doesn’t because everyone can tell him what to do then get rid of him later on when they don’t need him anymore.

      • Absolutely….It’s too bad that more people don’t see thru Paul and his tactics. For God’s sake they all watched BB last year…or were briefed about his game play. On the other hand…even if you didn’t watch the show last year…or had someone brief you on Paul….can’t the houseguests see that he is running everything? Can they not see that Paul doesn’t talk with the houseguests but rather Paul talks “to” them. And the worst thing is when Paul talks “to” the television audience about what is happening, should happen and will happen in every episode. Personally, a healthy competitor would rather play a game and actually compete and do their best to win competitions. Losing comps to please Paul or any other HG for that matter should be reason for disqualification. If there is any talk about throwing a comp….they should officially walk. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if Cody does indeed leave this week, Paul will make it to the finals. If jury members did see his ways and use that info to not vote for him in the final two would be good…but even 50K is a nice lump sum of money for three months work. Third place at best would be good so he can come off his throne. Why HGs consistently put someone else’s game play before their own drives me up the wall ! It makes for a lousy season and personally a waste of time watching something that I knew was going to happen the minute I saw his face reenter the BB house! Are CBS and BB under a spell and brought him back because of it?
        I really want to see the alliance members’ faces when they are thrown out by Paul and his excuse will be “in the name of friendship and the game of BB… had to be done! Don’t take it personally it is just a game” ! And for that exact reason….because it is just a game and for everyone in the house except Paul it is their first time and not their second….get the guy out of the house now. He had his chance! Clean up house now and there is still time to get others to play their own game and not King Paul’s.

      • Well said, I agree 100%. We shall see what happens after Cody leaves. If the HG’s don’t plan to take Paul out, I’m probably not going to watch the rest of the season.

  2. Fun fact: Elena placed first and decided to take the five grand instead of the veto. I have a gut feeling she is going to regret this decision very soon

      • Nope I think Matt and raven will vote Jason out with Cody and Mark and then the other side had taken control, I want a Cody fan until I watched night shift this week

      • Now, if Cody had a “game brain”, he might approach Matt with this fine idea. The next question is: would Raven grasp the concept AND be on board with getting another HG to vote with them? I think the ripple here is Raven – she doesn’t seem to have a grasp on anything.

      • I think Melanie’s hoping for some interesting game moves. We all are, because it’s boring …….

      • Raven? Who’s she? Is she a HG’s? JK
        She has no brain and no game. She’s just a puppet, Paul will cut her strings soon enough.

    • I am no Cody fan, but if he and Mark could go to work on Matt and Raven, they could MAYBE convince Christmas to vote out Jason, thus weakening Paul and Alex. I wish someone would flip the freaking house!

      • We need something to keep the game interesting going forward. Once Cody leaves, the drama fades.

      • Seriously! People on the bottom looking up need to band together and at least try to play to win.

      • I wish so, Jason leaving on an Alex HOH would be epic. But a lot would need to happen because Xmas and Josh really don’t want Elena in this house anymore…
        Then again, all this is just empty talk if Cody is backdoored

      • They need to figure out that Elena is kinda dead weight. They can get her out later, but use her as a number now.

      • Convince Christmas? Involving Christmas will be a mistake. You can think of Cody, Elena, Mark and maybe Kevin. Any addition corrupts the build up.

      • I don’t know why production left Christmas in the game. She can’t compete in most comps. I think it’s completely unfair to the other HG’s.

    • I agree, she’s a target and should have picked that up by now since she was on the block twice.

  3. I really want matt to save himself, keep noms the same, and vote out mark.
    But I know it won’t happen.

    • In the latter half of this conversation Cody said that she is basically already at rock bottom in terms of house positioning so Cody said whatever, good feeds!

  4. There we have it. Elena won the comp but choose the $5000 and left the veto to Matt.

    • Her argument NEEDS to be, “See how much of a team player I am? I’m on the block & didn’t take Veto – if that’s not unselfish, what is??

      • The only descriptive word that comes to mind for Elena and her reasoning is: Imbecile!

      • Yes, but Alex always goes on & on about everyone on the “team” doing things for said team when she’s HoH. Elena went up as a “pawn” this week for just that reason. Therefore, if she goes to Alex with my above argument, it should help her. Remember that NONE of them know what we do about what’s really going on.

      • Oh, yeah. She’s all about pushing the “go team” when she’s HoH. Most likely to leave as little blood on her hands as possible & keep people from bucking too much at being a pawn.

      • Actually, she needs to go to Paul. Paul is running the show right? So why waste your time and energy going to the HOH.

      • That is not being a team player. Someone from the team had to win to pull themselves off. Matt can’t pull himself off. If he does the plan fails.

      • But a true team player, being on the block, she should have taken the veto. That would have allowed for the “Backdoor Cody” plan to work naturally, and left $5K in Alex’s pocket. Instead, Matt gets to do the dirty work and Alex gets to be pi$$ed.

    • What an idiot … she’s next on the list to go after they BD Cody. Paul’s plan, Paul’s rules Paul’s Game.

    • I kind of think it was a good move on her part, she has no chance of winning, this way she at least has an extra $5,000. How many more weeks would she have to survive to make $5,000!

  5. If Matthew is smart, he won’t use the veto on himself. The last thing he needs is to be enemy #1. If he gets Cody out, he will be a hero.

    • You really think he’ll get credit for getting Cody out? Alex will take ALL of that.

    • Cody is never really safe. If he doesn’t go this week, he will go next week, or the week after that. Cody will always be the target. His game is toast. And he isn’t doing anything to help himself. He got lucky this week. Elena chose $5K over the veto. And that saved Cody. But Cody is making no effort to socialize with the house, so he will forever remain the target.

      • Who can he really trust to talk to. Every HG is a blind follower of Paul and he (Cody) has resort to fate. If Matt and Raven know what is going on in the alliance, it will be best for them to switch their game over and work with Cody. Mark and Elena are suppose to have done that this week.
        Again, the longer Cody stays further in the house, the likely it is for one or two of Paul’s followers to flip the house with Cody against Paul. Paul knows this, hence Cody’s presence remain a threat to him.

      • That’s exactly the way I feel. Cody’s a threat to Paul and if someone would wake up and see that, they might think of switching sides and align themselves with Cody specifically to get Paul out of the house.

        Now that’s a good game move.

      • Don’t forget, at first many of the house guests blindly followed Cody. What happened then? They were all blindsided when he decided to put Paul on the block. Cody had the first following here and when he went rogue he lost their trust.

      • Elena isn’t going home this week, Cody will be backdoored on Thursday, No one changes the plan other than Paul.

    • No, Matt will use the veto on Jason, and Cody goes up.
      Elana vs Cody vs Matt on the blcock

  6. Mr. Boyer, I need a bit more info.
    Alex- 7 Day Punishment
    What happened with Jason?

  7. Matt uses the veto on himself. Alex will be need to replace him with someone else ( Cody)? Or Jason and Elane will be the only 2 on the block?

    • Matt should use the veto on himself! Elaina or Jason gets evicted! He keeps himself safe. Cody stays for one more week and is the biggest target in the Big Brother House! Use Cody to evict Paul. If Cody wins HOH, puts Paul on the block, they can vote to evict him! One big threat eliminated! They can still evict Cody the week after!

  8. They still need to get out Cody before the next physical comp. Mark, Raven, Elena would be my preferred eviction order, especially if they make Elena a have-not again. I just hate to see this move rewarded by a jury house vacation. Either way, smh

  9. …why are they mad at Elana for taking $5000…and why does Elana think she is fighting for her life all of a sudden…everyone was so cool with her, and now she is losing it…

      • Everyone was not cool with Mark because he was playing both sides…but Elana freaking out and overreacting has made her a bigger target than he is

    • because she took it from Alex, I think, and gave her a punishment. Not smart punishing the HOH when you’re on the block.

      • Who cares? It’s Big Brother. Punishments and rewards are a part of the game, and the whole house has the same goal this week. Elena is acting like she just pulled off some rebellious move…you’re suppose to be working with Alex!

      • Dude, it’s the BB19 house, and it’s Alex, you expect to reason with her?
        Plus, Elena would technically still be helping Alex if she takes the veto. Cuz Alex can then bd Cody

      • Alex is not mad about her taking the money. She’s mad because they made a deal not to give each other the curse and Elena went back on it and lied.

    • All Elena had to do was be a team player, and take the veto. If I was in the house, and someone who was on the block took money over guaranteed safety with the the veto, I would vote them out.

  10. By the way, Cody is my favorite person ever
    *Cody Yesterday* – “Don’t talk game to me, the game ended for me once Jessica left. I don’t talk game anymore”
    *Cody Now* – “Is there anyway they’d keep me here?”
    Make up your mind!

      • Outside of Paul, I’d keep him to the F2. Everyone in the house hates him. I think he’d lose 9-0 in a F2 vote. Paul wants him gone because he’s the only guy who will dare put Paul on the block.

      • if they vote with like or dislike but if they vote on game play and he makes there after being such a big target like David versus Goliath they might give him the win in a perfect world lol

      • Right, that’s why I wouldn’t keep him in F2. If it’s gameplay, I would vote for him to win because no matter how much they tried, he reached the end and deserve to win.

      • That’s what you would do because you have no skin in the game, or spent no time with them. This cast is a bunch of numbnuts, plus Josh would vote for ANYONE over Cody. He, Christmas, and Alex would rather eat nails for a week than ever vote for Cody. They will let personal issues affect their vote.

      • These people are numbnuts, they’ll vote for like/dislike, which is why they are all willing to come in 2nd to Paul. All they’d have to do is say is they kept Cody to the F2 because he played no social game.

        Now, if I’m Cody I sell the “I don’t have ANY chance to win in the F2” with everything I have. Then, if he makes it to the F2 I do you David vs Goliath spiel. The problem is Jess won’t be in the jury, Cody isn’t a great salesman, and everyone on the jury hates the guy. I mean, Josh would vote for anyone over Cody. Ditto for Christmas and Alex. They hate him with every fiber in their being.

      • If you are afraid of him in the F2 then you get rid of him now. He’s too strong in competition to let him get to the F5 or F4. Of course, I think he’s the perfect guy (with this jury) to take to the F2, especially with no Jess on the jury to influence votes.

        Paul is the guy you don’t want in the F2, he’ll win 9-0 against anyone in the F2.

      • Cody would have a good shot at winning if he’s the one to get Paul out. Gotta respect that.

    • He is starting to at least make an effort to play. Might be too late, but still gonna give him props for that…

      • Well he should have started playing once Jessica walked out instead of saying “my game is done. I’m not playing the game anymore so don’t talk Game to me”. Makes him look like a huge hypocrite

      • He’s got to make it look like he’s no longer a threat. He doesn’t care. He’s the perfect guy you want to be sitting next to in the F2.

    • That’s smart game play on his part. If I’m Cody, I go to every houseguest and tell them he has NO shot if he’s F2 with anyone because everyone hates him. I’d also tell all of them that none of them are his target, except Paul, so he’d do the dirty work to get rid of Paul and Alex (the 2 strongest comp players).

  11. Humph! I wonder if Mark should be upset that Matt may consider using it on himself? Wonder if Christmas and team would be upset if he use it on himself, since he is not the target. Let’s see all the pots and kettles….

      • On her. She is telling she need to stay in the house to maximize her exposure on TV, to help her find a new job.

      • She needs to let that go; everyone has a story. Plus, what is she doing to make her exposure on television so memorable?

      • If he really means that, he is a waste of a player. (Most of them are, always reach for the prize and if you made jury, okay, at least you walk away with something.)

      • Matts way of making jury is by listening to Paul and Alex because he wants them to like him, he needs to start playing his own game and protecting himself instead of them, they want to get rid of him anyway.

      • He’s got any easy out. All he has to do is say he didn’t want to piss of Elena and/or Jason by using the veto on the other person. Then they were going to vote off Elena next week anyway, so now they’ll just vote off Cody next week. It’s easy to spin if he has any game skills.

      • yeah. From week one. Still shots of her wrapping her towel.
        There was also a discussion of her flashing her crotch. She even re-enacted it claiming you couldn’t see anything, but all the guys told her, yes, you can.

    • What’s funny is she is also saying that she wants to get the exposure from people (entertainment industry) watching her on the show…DUDE, you just said 15 min ago to Mark that he “poked” you with his “peepee.” Is that….good??

  12. I think Matt should save himself, he doesn’t know that everyone is planning to get rid of him and raven sometime soon, but if he saves himself now it’ll show that he isn’t always gonna take one for the team in his words, and that he cares about his game.

  13. Maybe Raven should just go so she could stop getting hurt. Isn’t CBS afraid she may hurt something and sue? since she is so accident prone.

      • They know she will not be ok to play on the last 2 weeks competitions. So, when they are down to 6, Christmas won´t play on the final veto (normally a resistance competition) or into 1 part of the final hoh. So, they can keep her around, because only the other 4 can play in every competition.

    • LMAO….immediately the Stevie Wonder song started playing in my head.

      Was this pre- or post-tooth chip, hand injury, and getting hit by a car tonight?

      • Hahaha, me too. It’s still looping through my head, I think they call it an ear worm these days? This is her current look, as of right now on the feeds. Someone needs to do us a solid and throw that lipstick away, toot sweet!

      • Lol totally agree!!

        Someone also needs to hide all of those Daisy Dukes/ hot pants/ tiny little shorts. Has there been a day her bare butt cheeks have not been on the feeds?

        Think about this: everytime you sit somewhere, Raven’s naked butt was there….Between Raven’s butt and Matt’s creamy kitchen towel antics, the HGs have been exposed to a lot of Maven DNA

      • Hahaha, I was just watching her come into the room (a few minutes ago) with the guys and all we saw was her ass hanging out of her shorts. Paul immediately got up and left.

      • I was talking to sangeron earlier about the towel thing and about watching the disgusting video on you tube. I told him that I asked my husband if he would ever do anything like that and he said only at his girlfriend’s house.

  14. I want Matt to use it on himself so Elena or Jason could leave, it would be more interesting since we all think Cody might leave.

    • Hmmm…if Matt used it on himself, it would definitely draw the lines. Elena would go, Matt would be cut out of the house majority (I know it’s annoying to talk about “the house,” agreed), and he would be forced to align with Cody and Mark (along with Raven).

      Matt and Raven can’t win comps, so as long as Jason and Paul don’t win the next HoH or the next, when Alex would be eligible, he could make it ok.

      • Yeah it would definitely make everything more interesting, Cody would have more numbers and Paul would end up leaving, which we wouldn’t think would happen, but that’s only if Matt uses the veto on himself.

      • With the DE this week, anything can happen. So they don’t get Cody out in the first eviction this week, they still have the second one for that.

      • He’s already cut out of the house majority, he just doesn’t realize it yet. It doesn’t change the fact that the next 3 to go are Cody, Elena, Matt. He and Raven would actually have a chance to go further if they aligned with Cody, Elena, Matt. But numbnuts will be numbnuts.

      • Totally agree – Matt just doesn’t KNOW, like you said. But trying to think from Matt’s standpoint if he’s thinking past his next bowl of cereal on what move to make in the game.

  15. Raven is telling Matt you’re a winner, you just won veto, and he answer, by default.

    • I’d vote him out just for his stupidity if he didn’t use it on himself. I wouldn’t trust anyone telling me not to use the veto to get myself off the block.

      • Remember that Matt said many times to Paul that he would do whatever Paul wants him to do. he actually trusts Paul…

    • He probably won’t use it on himself because he wants to be liked which I personally don’t agree with but if he wants to do that then he might as well just leave now.

    • I agree that I couldn’t ever imagine not using a veto on myself – BUT…it is part of gameplay and a show of good faith that you don’t to your “alliance” (granted Matt doesn’t know he and Raven aren’t in a solid place with Paul and his real allies.)

      • He would use it. They’re at the bottom of the totem pole, but not this week. Cody needs to go so they can breath and start playing the game…I think we’ll see some good stuff soon.

      • Really? No one’s playing the game, they are playing Paul’s game. I’d like to see Cody stay, Maven and Marlena join Cody and go against Paul. Now that would be fun to watch.

        Once Cody leaves. it’s gonna be like lining up ducks and picking one off one by one.

        Matt can be the game changer here, by taking himself off the block.
        Blow that freakin house up.

      • Nobody would hold it against him for taking himself off the block as every other person in his group would do the same thing. Does anyone think Paul wouldn’t do the same thing if the situation was reversed? Hell no. But Paul isn’t a dummy, and Matt is so Matt will do what the group (aka Paul) tells him to do.

  16. Matt will use the veto on Jason… I know that is impossible (maybe), but I hope Matt go home this week.

    • If he uses it on anyone other than himself he deserves to go to Jury. He would have accomplished Paul’s goal for him and everyone in the house. At the reunion he can then thank Paul for protecting him and bringing him far in the game.

      • If Matt doesn’t use the veto on himself it would be about as dumb a game move as Jess not using the veto to take Ramses off the block. You have to have more game awareness than everyone is using with the exception of Paul.

  17. Just like there was no doubt of the 7-0-1 vote last week, there is not doubt the vote this week is 7-0 against Cody. I just hope the next to go is either Paul or Josh.

  18. It took them all this time to realize Kevin is playing both sides of the house, and they still don’t even completely know he is, Kevin is playing an interesting game.

    • Respectfully disagree. She and Jason would have to contend with Cody and Mark being the next best competition. Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Maven (who maybe don’t care about her either way), can’t win anything.

      • We are in agreement on Maven. I truly believe Raven and Matt thought they where joining the cast of Love Island.

      • Lmao…Absolutely!

        ETA: I kind of feel like Maven are of the mindset that they aren’t even in BB. Matt said about 20 min ago to Elena – verbatim – “At this point in the game, I don’t really care. My goal coming into this house was to make it to jury. And then after week 2 it was to further Raven as far as I can”

    • She wouldn’t get the vote. Has to be during DE so he doesn’t have the time to talk to everybody.

  19. Kevin, Christmas ,Cody, Mark & Elena :: Paul ,Jason, Alex & Josh & Matt if this group didn’t push I’m away. 5::5 or 6::4 the first group would have the numbers to get Paul out.

  20. So the smart move for Matt, would be to save Jason. Plus he won’t have a target on his back. The other option is pretty risky for him, doubt he’d do it unless he was afraid they’d vote him out instead.

    • The smart move for Matt is to use the veto on himself. Anyone on the block who wins freedom and doesn’t use it to save themselves is too stupid to play this game.

      • Whatever Paul says … a smart person would at least consider doing the exact opposite.

      • So one’s goal on BB is not to win, but to get to jury? Um, duh …..Too late Matt will realize Paul is not playing for Matt, he’s playing for Paul. Simple as that. When are these HGs going to begin to think – what’s in this move for ME?

      • No wonder he’s spent his entire BB time doing nothing but flying beneath the radar. Wusssssss.

      • Nobody in their right mind would go on a show with a huge cash prize to play for somebody else. My bad….Jessica did and I think she’s sorry for the way she played. Hindsight is always 20/20.

      • Grace I was just about to say the same thing. I bet if Matt knew he was on the chopping block after Cody he would use it to save himself. I bet he would consider working with Cody.

      • I said this in another post. He’s the dream HG to take to the F2 but instead they want to take Paul to the F2, who they have no chance of beating. They are a bunch of numbnuts.

      • Matt and Cody together would be the perfect start of a movement to evict Paul. IDK … these HGs are – right now, at least – coming across as really dense.

    • When you’re up on the block, the smart move is ALWAYS to save yourself. The one person who didn’t went home and became the laughing stock of BB.

      • I agree! Its like getting sent home with the idol on Survivor. That’s how foolish this group is.


      • While I’m sure Cody’s going, it’s still a long time until Thursday, and he’s not even up on the block yet.

      • Confused…they got him out week 2. Then there was the battle back and Cody came back in. Now Cody is leaving again after “Paul and the minions” sent Jessica home last week.

    • There’s a brand new movie out this week called “nut job 2: nutty by nature.” Would be a perfect cross promotion for the show this week.

  22. Feeds going crazy with Jessica conversation. She is on Instagram watching feeds and answering questions.

  23. Isnt this going to be a double elim..?? SOOOO, better get ready to know what your votes are gonna be????? Ya think

    • He misses his family and is worried about so of the things he has said like….
      What do you do when you fall out of love with one woman and in love with another?

      I think I’m falling in love with Christmas.

      • & at this point Alex should be at the bottom because she has thrown away her HOH!
        Once again she handed it over to Paul. She has no reason to target Cody! Cody would not go after her! & Alex knows that or she should at least know that!
        EVERY season in BB history the HOH will talk to EVERY HG privately or somewhat privately at least! She should do that! But of course Paul will not allow her or anyone else for that matter to have any conversations as an HOH in the HOH room without him being present!
        Alex has lost so much respect from me! I’m so disappointed with her! What an idiot!!! She is just as bad as the rest of those mindless morons! SMH

      • Alex made first!? She’s dropping down the rankings! This is her HOH but she has once again handed it over to Paul. Alex should not be targeting Cody!
        Cody would protect her, he definitely would not be going after her anytime soon. I am so disappointed and Alex!

    • Alex made first? Why? Just curious!
      IMO she is dropping down the rankings. This is her HOH and she is completely throwing it away. Cody would never go after her! But of course it’s Paul’s HOH. So because of that, Alex has lost a huge amount of points in my opinion!

      • She’s young & that’s the in style. I don’t think that’s slutty.
        If you think this is slutty what do you think about Raven?
        Plus Elena hasn’t been “sleeping” with anyone. Flirting maybe….. big whoop!

      • Yeah, I agree. I don’t see how it’s slutty either. I guess because she has a huge chest, it makes it look more slutty!?
        It’s definitely not something I would wear, It’s not a good look LOL but she’s fully covered up.

      • I agree! Jessica dressed slutty and Raven tries to. Raven just has nothing to show!

      • But hang on…… Christmas wears those short shorts as well. And dressed just like Jess with most things.
        Jess had a nicer body maybe that made the clothes fit better, thus, to some might have made her look slutty. But imo I thought she was dressing as someone her age.
        Long socks & short shorts are in. She’s an LA girl & on trend. IMO
        Would I wear that? Hell NO!! But maybe back in the day…….
        I wore halter tops that could have been in question back then but they weren’t cuz it was the style. & I have to say…… I had a pretty nice bod then…… athletic & firm…… and today…… well lol no more commenting! Hahaha!

      • Not something I could pull off now but back in thec70’s this was the style & im sure I had a top of 2 like this. But smaller ta-taaas! Then…. in the 70’s. I’ve had 2 kids since…. lol

      • Its not a good look for her…She has on too much make up…The top is stripes..does not suit her..instead of a young in the know radio personality…She looks 45 trying to look 25…..Its all wrong….ty ur friendly neighborhood fashion police…

      • ahhhh is that what u call it these days “sleeping”….??? hmmm u musta missed a couple feed segments

      • I don’t know…… maybe ‘they’ don’t…. but I still do. But I’m 56. A very open minded 56 but what do you want to hear/read? That they are h#m#ing each other? Or $uc$ing?
        Sleeping sounds nicer…… making ❤️??

      • Mark got a lot of happy ending under the blanket. She’s not the pure thing you seem to describe.

      • Mark gave himself a happy ending. He asked her permission to do that.
        I think it’s silly that he had to ask her, but, who’s to judge that? Not sure.

        For all you ppl out there….. esp woman….. why are y’all hell bent on calling out the girls when they wear some clothes? The guys are walking around in just shorts….. short shorts as well. I don’t see neg comments on that? Plus I don’t see the guys being called out for being “sluts” either.

        Or when a guy jerks off….. don’t see guys getting blasted for that.

        I guess there’s still double standards. And it’s a shame that imo it’s coming from female commenters.

        I just think it’s never going to change until your viewpoint changes.

        Now, of course I’m not judging anyone & everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions.
        But I think as females need to acknowledge that it’s not just one sex having desires. Both sexes have sexual desires. These kids are young and horney!
        Big whoop!
        I certainly wasn’t a virgin when I got married……. were you??

        Ok ok I didn’t have sex on national TV & doubt if I had the opportunity I would have. I’m not an exhibitionist & never was…..

        Not everyone has hang ups about sex.

        We North Americans are too stuck up or tense about sex. It seems to me that everywhere else in the world ppl aren’t so freaked out about it.

        And that Matt thing still grosses me out when I think of him & Raven cleaning up after a session. Ewwwweee! Yuck!

      • Well I saw many comments of people annoyed by guys not wearing shirt. Cody and Mark especially when Mark did a live show shirtless.

        As well, many thread discuss Cody having sex on national tv where is daughter can see him.

        I think thighs are pretty much discussed equally.

      • I’ve seen no comments regarding shirtless guys……

        Go to the beach… the gym….. a park…… the streets……a pool….. guys go shirtless all over the place. How is that a topic of discussion for big brother?

        For real you’ve seen comments? And just as many?

        He may have had sex but how would his kid be watching when the network doesn’t air those scenarios? They might suggestively portrait it but I don’t think anyone in the real world has seen any ding dongs! On the show or after dark program.

      • American Ninja & several shows have shirtless dudes….. I dont get the what the big deal is??

    • If she only had the guts to do it, they all follow him around like a puppy dog, it’s nauseating!

    • Yup! She is completely wasting her HOH! I am super disappointed with her gameplay. I expected way more out of her! Alex is getting rid of someone that is not a threat in anyway to her game! Huge mistake!!!
      Unfortunately for whatever reason Paul is still the “Master” of that house!
      I don’t get it, I do not understand it!! How these “mindless morons” could possibly be so stupid as to listen to Paul and do everything he tells them to do STILL! It’s mind-boggling!

      • They are young & some immature….. on holiday or “jury house” mode. No thinking allowed!

      • I think production does a lot of brainwashing in the DR. At the end of the day they think they are doing what they want, but they are doing what production wants.

      • I agree! Production definitely plays a big role in all of this!
        There has always been speculation production manipulates certain situations but, never actual facts to back that up with until this season.……
        Day one or two, (I can’t remember exactly what day) but when they had that comp and Raven was the one to receive the “no have not/slop pass” for the entire season, that was clearly fixed!
        Raven is on a strict diet because of her disease, so she wouldn’t be able to eat slop and instead of BB being honest and saying Raven could NOT eat slop due to her strict diet, they just put out that “no have not pass for the entire season” in the comp and clearly told the HGs to not take it and to give it to Raven! It clearly showed us how there is manipulation within the game.
        BB should’ve just come out and said “listen, Raven is on a strict diet due to her disease therefore she cannot eat slop. We did not want Raven to be unable to play BB (because of her disease/ strict diet) so we will instead be giving her another punishment if/when she becomes a “have not!”
        That would’ve been a lot better to me personally instead of the clear “No have not all season!” & why not just no slaw, why didn’t she also not have to sleep in the have not room and have cold showers!?!
        Not impressed! BB could have dealt with it way better than clearly manipulating the situation in the game!
        It just opened up my eyes to clear manipulation and it being somewhat scripted! Boo 😒 BB BOO 😒

      • I agree but I think at this point production is probably thinking they made a mistake and didn’t think these HG’s would listen to them as much as they have LOL

    • What you guys don’t get is, she doesn’t want to work with Cody. They dont trust him. Game wise she could backdoor Paul but they are working TOGETHER! She’s against Cody.

  24. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought if the 3rd nom won Veto they could only use it on themselves!? Clearly not, I don’t know why I thought that! Duh 🙄

    That would’ve been super FUNNY though!! 😁 Dumbass Matt not thinking and winning it ruining their chances to back door Cody!

    I am soooooo disappointed with Alex! Initially I liked her before she won her first HOH but, she lost most of my respect when she let Paul take it over! & now! What is she thinking!?! Alex is not/will never be a target of Cody’s!
    Alex is completely throwing away HER HOH for Paul! So unless things have changed or I missed something AND Alex is trying to convince Paul etc. to target someone else then she is worse than I thought! Worse than Josh, and that’s bad! LOL

      • Why would she want him out! He is NOT a threat to her game, in fact he is the complete opposite. He is someone she could beat in the end! & Cody is someone that would take her to the end (although it’s highly unlikely Cody would last that long but not impossible!
        Kevin Martin from BB Canada played the entire half of the season completely on his own with the entire house trying to get him out! He won last season! so again it is possible but highly unlikely!)! anyway……

        Alex is not having one-on-one private conversations with each and everyone of the HGs to see where their heads are at! She’s just going with what Paul wants. I had high hopes for Alex, she is someone who could flip this game upside down!!

        Alex is completely wasting her HOH by getting rid of Cody for Paul!

        But Just like the rest of the “mindless morons,” she is not thinking for herself. Alex has no good reason to want Cody gone when it comes to her own personal game and future in this game. Alex would never win against Paul at the end so she needs to cut him loose at some point. Keep Cody around to do that. Talk the other HG’s into voting out someone who is a threat to her game. (Of course without telling them that!)
        That is how this game is played.

      • She wants him out because she doesn’t like him or trust him. I wouldn’t either. He wants to take out Paul and she knows she Could be next. It’s not about whether YOU think she trust Cody, Alex doesn’t trust him. What show are you ppl watc

      • hing? Let me attempt to make you understand this; they dont like Cody ! Cody is unreasonable, Cody is unpredictable, Cody is not logical, Cody is hateful, Cody is untrustworthy, Cody does not work will in a group etc. THIS is why no one wants to take a risk and work with him Tinalee. They would rather follow Paul than work with Cody, its just that simple. Cody brought this on himself! I said yesterday, trying reason with Cody is like bringing a wild bobcat in your house as pet. It won’t work! Tinalee

      • He even said he was going to pick the other house guests off one by one. Can things change by Thursday….absolutely! I still think that if Cody is evicted the game will actually begin. Unsure of how the sides will be drawn at this point because every one is so wishy washy. I have no pity for Cody because he was a stoned face zombie before he knew Paul was even coming into the house. Paul jumped at he chance to play again this season and is one of the only ones playing the game. Whether you like him or not he doesn’t have super powers that he’s using on the other players. All you Jess lovers want to see her back in the game. If she comes back in another season as a vet should they target her and send her home first??

      • Wow, its unbelievable how we’re all watching the same BB19 (or are we) ????? All Cody did was try to get out a Vet, plain & simple, and for that u list unpredictable, not logical, hateful, untrustworthy, etc etc etc…. this just blows my mind

      • Well if she took the time to talk to Cody instead of following Paul around like a lost puppy dog she would know he is no threat to her game therefore getting rid of Cody during her HOH is a waste in my opinion.

      • Correct….Cody is not a teamplayer..Cody can go rouge at the drop of Jessicas eyelash…He is totally untrustworthy..

      • Untrustworthy, (SERIOUSLY) wouldn’t u be if the entire house was against him after he tried to get Paul out. The reason he didn’t tell ppl is b/c he didn’t want it to leak out to Paul which he knew exactly that would have most definitely happened. So after that, he only had Jess. Exactly what would u have done in that situation ??? Any intelligent player should have been on board….

      • The problem this season is that even though they talk sh@@ behind Paul’s back they are afraid to do something. I like Paul a and he is playing a great game. Its really not his fault that the mindless morons follow him lime he is the pied piper. I didn’t like Cody from the get go. Something about his eyes reminded me of Charles Manson. No matter what I will watch till the finale knowing Survivor starts that night!

      • I don’t blame Paul either. He is playing the game for sure. But it is a super easy game for him to play. He is in the house with a bunch of mindless morons!

        Yes, survivor! I wish it was three nights a week

      • I do wish one of them would get a backbone and actually play. Cody tried convincing Alex that she needs him to get further in the game. She played along but went back to Paul. Cody started trying a bit too late in the game and is overly confident that he can win every physical challenge. Its too bad he hooked up with Jess right away because they both could have done better without each other.

    • She’s ruining her chances of 1/2 a mil too; silly girl!
      Tricks are for Paul! But Matt eats them!!

    • I thought the same thing. I thought the temp comp nom could only use the veto to save themselves and no one can be put up in their place.

  25. It’s sad Cody is so crappy that no one wants to take a risk and work with him. Matthew could easily flip the house. He should go home and reflect on his terrible personality. They’d rather lead Paul closer to $500,000 than work with Cody.

    • LMAO Matt could easily flip the house!? You are kidding right? Maybe to the cereal boxes!

      This group can NOT easily be flip! Paul has them all securely wrapped around his finger! Easily done!
      If the house wanted to flip, they could easily flip! What difference does it make with or without Cody!? If they wanted to flip on Paul, they have the numbers so they could EASILY flip on Paul! Cody doesn’t matter! They don’t need to be working with him for that to happen.

      You are actually blaming Cody for the HG’s being mindless morons & NOT making moves? or flipping on Paul? It is Cody’s fault!? Seriously. Like you are being dead serious right now??
      The HGs don’t even realize they are leading Paul to the $500,000 & have been since week one! & they most definitely are not leading Paul to the money so Cody doesn’t get it! Too funny!

      They are all just happy to make it to the jury house! Dontcha know…..
      They could ALL easily flip the house without Cody but they’re still not even doing that!
      I’m not sure if your post is serious? When you lead out so “Matthew could easily flip the house,” there’s no possible way this post is a serious one!?
      Is it?? LOL 😂

      • This is big brother honey. There is a LOT of people still in the house. What I mean by “easy” is the a MASSIVE opportunity and if Matt knew half the stuff they say about him behind his back I’m sure he’d consider it at the least.

      • At this point it is not a Big Brother to me. It is a group of people who are just trying to get there 15 minutes of fame by making it to jury!
        It’s not a typical season where people want to win! These people are pathetic therefore this makes it very easy for Paul who is a vet. They are all leading him to the $500,000.
        I honestly just cannot see Matt doing anything, even if he knew what people were saying about him. He’s too busy “banging a con artist” and falling into her trap then having “his eye on the prize.”
        It’s just super disappointing to watch the season and no one is playing their own game, they have all been playing the game for Paul. I think BB needs to up the money for the winner.
        I truly hope next season is not this bad & it doesn’t turn into just a typical reality game so that people are on just to get there 15 minutes of Fan!
        Thankfully there is still BBC! So far so good!

      • The HGs not realizing they are leading Paul to the $500K since week 1 is what makes Paul’s game so good. The art of social game, manipulation, and working the different personalities — in other words: Big Brother. Cody doesn’t do any of these things which doesn’t bode well for him.

        Love the cereal box comment! Maybe throw in some orange sleeveless shirts too.

      • yeah I totally agree, Paul is playing a great game but, it’s an easy one for him is all I’m trying to say. These people are clueless and have openly admitted they just want to make it to jury. That’s pathetic! This is not the big brother I know and have loved. Watching these morons lead Paul to $500,000 is pathetic! It’s all about “their 15 minutes of fame!”
        so again, it’s just super easy for Paul. If people were fighting to win the $500,000 then it would not be easy for Paul and he would likely be a target if not gone already. He is playing a good game, just a super easy one! That’s all :-)

      • At this point Cody would need a special Diamond Power of Veto to keep him safe this week…Everyone of the HG are Paul’s Minions, because Paul has made F2 Deals with all of them, so all the HG are covering for him. Any time Cody talks to one of them, they run right back to Paul, & report the Info…So Stupid!

        The Game is about playing it for yourself, but they are bring Paul closer to the $500.000 Check every day he is still in the house! And What is up with Alex not caring about her Game, because she wants Jason to win it all?! Don’t worry Alex, Jason will be long gone, & Paul/Josh will be F2!!!

      • So true! Sadly so so true! I for the life of me I do not understand it! And some of the HGs are a little older than they usually are.
        How is 24-year-old? Paul able to control people who have way more life experience than he does!? It’s like he has them all brainwashed or hypnotized! Or he has something personal on every single one of them and if they do not listen to him then he will share their “personal secret” on national TV LMAO

  26. Again everything goes to plan, Paul’s plan. No one else has brain or a saying other than Paul. Matt will use the veto on Jason, that’s what he’s told to do, that’s what he will do. Double eviction, the plan will be Elena next to go.

    It’s the worse BB i’ve seen so far, No alliances, they are Paul’s slaves. Give the 500k to Paul and let’s move on.

    • It could very easily come to that. The good news is, Paul’s time with BB would be over – until another All Star season, that is.

  27. Here is how an EPIC game play would go down…. If Matt uses the veto on Jason, then Alex “should” put up Paul…… No one would see it coming, and I think everyone would see the blood in the water, and attack Paul sending him to Jury. Alex could easily Gain Cody, Mark, Jason, Kevin and Elainas trust and run this house! Leaving Xmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven dazed and confused. THAT WOULD SHAKE THE HOUSE!

    • Xmas, cant really play the comps, Matt and Raven can barley win anything, so Josh would have to be the first target after Paul. The rest would fall easily. Then Alex and Cody could focus on Mark, Elaina Kevin, and Jason ….. Leaving Alex and Cody for the final… Both deserving to win.

      • No way lol…she takes him to the finale would mean that she would have to backstab at least 6 people she has some kind of alliance with. It would be the bitterest jury since Dan got robbed in season 14

      • Raven hid Alex’s cat ears and poured out her coke (for no reason). The cat ear thing turned out to be unintentional but Raven still lied and blamed Jessica for it along with pouring out the coke.

    • Not Elena…She is on the worst side of Alex…no way will Alex partner with her..No way..

    • That would be great but they still wouldn’t get it especially Maven (duhhhhhhhh)
      Matt : what do we do
      Raven : Idn
      Matt : what do we do
      Raven : Idn
      Matt : where’s Paul
      Raven : idn

  28. Oh my, this will be stupid to backdoor Cody, he has no alliance. This is their BIG chance to bounce Paul right out the door. Let’s see if they are complete morons!

  29. Juicy feeds right now…Cody talking game with Alex and Jason! What’s their ride-or-die name? Jalex? :)

  30. I hope Alex believes Cody about Raven taking the ears and pouring out the coke. Not a Cody fan by any means, but if he’s going to start playing this game with a rational non-emotional/ personal mindset, I’ll give him props for that. Also, I want Raven exposed lol

      • Lol…I must have replied to someone else about this…There’s been this stupid bad blood over Alex’s cat ears being hidden and coke poured out early in the season. Raven did it, but blamed Jessica.

      • Ohhhhh that stupid hair Band?? Omg whoever took it keep it hidden.

        Doesn’t add anything to her…..

        And Raven will be gone soon…… hopefully right after Matt when he doesn’t take himself off the block! Idjit!

  31. LOL @ Mark saying it is a dud of a season…Hmmm Bro, maybe if you didn’t flip on your #1 ally as soon as you had the chance, weren’t obsessed with Elena, stopped flip-flopping in total and started winning comps and forming your own alliances (secure a final 4 with Maven or SOMEONE) early on rather than playing the wait-and-see/ “am I good with you?” game with Paul for the 1st half of the game (not even 1/2 but feels like it)….Things could have turned out differently

    Sucks for Elena too, since she had been playing a good social game…but it is also her fault for not winning any comps. I don’t think she should have thrown that endurance comp to Alex…It was early in the game, and she could have gotten out someone non-controversial at the time (like Josh, would Alex was pissed at…and who is now a clutch part of Paul & his allies’ game).

  32. It’s amazing all these Paul’s groupies are able to communicate with one another with Paul’s nuts bouncing off their chins.

  33. When Cody goes, with him will be the chance to get that idiot Paul out of the house! I can barely stomach this season now with all the butt kissing going on, these people are complete morons!

    • I have lost most of my friends that watch Big Brother with me now. They All stopped watching it now because of how Stupid these people are playing.

      These kiss Arse m0r0ns should just give Paul the money!

    • Yup and that is why Paul will win this season hands down cause all the other players said all they wanted to do was be on the jury !!! Lmao

  34. They dump on Cody constantly for going after Paul without their permission, and have made him the fall guy all season, It is amazing he hasn’t knocked Paul the ___ out!

    • Hopefully Cody is adult enough to put his ego aside and know this is just a game, and that there is also no reason to knock Paul the ___ out. Cody played himself.

      • Cody didn’t play himself at all, he tried to get out a Vet which on every season that’s a move that almost every good player tries to do. The thing is all the other HG’s don’t have enough intelligence to make a BIG MOVE cause their scared Paul will yell at them or make them stand in the corner. I had a little hope there for awhile thinking Mark or Kevin might turn the house around but no one else is on board. Now on Sunday’s episode I noticed Christmas calling out Mark for playing both sides of the game & yelling at him for talking with Cody. Seriously ????? Duhh isn’t that good game play Christmas to get farther in the game ?? Well looks like Christmas has joined the Bullying Club of BB19 !!!!! Cody & Jess had enough intelligence on day 1 to see exactly Paul’s agenda. Too bad they had to play with a clown (Matt) not Jason who is a rodeo clown. Did u ever catch Matt on LF all his does is laugh at Paul’s immature jokes which on all making fun of Jess & Cody. Paul couldn’t win last season cause everyone saw right through him so they paired him with these idiots so there’s your win Paul !!!! Easy as pie……

  35. “Matthew has confirmed he’ll save Jason & keep himself on the Block so Cody can be Backdoor’d.”
    Matt is the latest candidate for Dumbest HG. And that’s saying something, because (except for Paul) they are all fighting so hard to claim that honor.

  36. I’m so disappointed in Alex – I thought she was going to be a really good player but then she joined the Paul fan club. Not to hate on Paul – he is playing a great game – but no one is even challenging him!

    • They are ALL too Scared to go against Paul to make a Big Move…Big Brother might as well stop the Game, & just write Paul the Check now. Allison Grodner agave Paul a Veteran, huge advantages this Season to take control of these Minions Minds, & to Manipulate them.

    • Exactly!
      Playing a good game….. only competition with ca-hon-assss is Cody!
      That’s left in the house anyway…….

      Jason is a big disappointment. Tattle-tale!

  37. I loved Paul last season, & Iwas rooting for Paul & Victor…But I don’t like Paul this Season?! Paul’s Rule: Don’t Talk to Cody, or Jess, or get Shunned. Instructs Josh to Bully Jess & Cody…What is wrong with Paul, Ego, or what?!

    • SMS = Short Man Syndrome……

      The symptoms of SMS can vary but they always end up with small feet, hands & ummmmm…… hmmmmm…. can’t think right now!

      There’s no cure……

      Heh heh!

  38. Matt seems to be winning a lot ,and starting to look like a threat to me does he have it in him to flip house ,somebody will use power play soon but who

    • No one will b/ c their all morans under Paul’s bullying. Ppl think good game play but CBS disappointed me so badly how Josh & Paul get away with immature acts that let happen on live TV !!! Not a good example for children watching the show with their parents. There’s enough bullying going on in schools already. Shame on CBS !!! This USED TO BE one of my favorite shows. I heard their not having another season for a very long time. Geez I wondered why…

  39. Paul rules with an iron fist and he’s playing the best game so far. He keeps people in line, and is always checking up on them to see if anything has changed. People that don’t understand this game, or want somebody to just get lucky at the end, can’t understand why Paul is working so hard.

  40. It’s like they’ve all been brainwashed!
    Stepford wife syndrome…….
    Unreal season of stupid.
    What are they all afraid of??

    It’s freaking amazing!!!

    For real…!!! Bhaaaawhata?

  41. What a very sad season. Matt wont use his own Veto, because Paul is so desperate to get Cody out

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